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Goblin Slaying edition

Previous Thread:>>19840315

>Recommended reading charts (Look here before asking for vague recs)



>A link to the ultimate colossal science fiction and fantasy collection torrent

Never going to be created.

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King of /sffg/.

Simple as

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After researching dozens of different fantasy novels, The Black Company is the only one that really interests me

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File: 3.18 MB, 3500x3500, Isekai and Gamelit Recs V2 SFFG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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What science fiction or fantasy discusses pic related?

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>MFW when Ben has to stake Susan to death in Salems Lot
What are your favorite deaths in SFF

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>The postmachine
Isn't that some jewish visual representation of some religious thing? Why post such garbage on /sffg/ and 4 chan?

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I'll eventually go through making derogatory comments about them as I did with your previous charts.

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That looks like some pseudo religious shit, but it also looks hard science fiction, which I would never accuse religion of trying to be, so I am confused.

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Bakker bros, I just finished the warrior prophet when does this series get good? There was some good parts like the trapper with Kellhus at the beginning but the majority of it is just the consult fucking esmenet or kellhus fucking esmenet or akka fucking esmenet. Does this shit do a 180 in the last book? I don’t want to read another 600 pages about some whore. For all the talk of misogyny the first two books felt like it was mostly about esmenet and her feelings.

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>when does this series get good?
It gets really good when it gets to the gay sex scenes, such graphic buttfucking, bakker must've been full mast writing that shit.

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This got so boring so fast.
The damn thing isn't goal driven at all, it's just lets keep on going until the author stops writing.
The second he splits with the ice girl there's nothing going on at all.

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Is this a joke list or a real thing? The names i recognize and read were all trash. If the rest of the real books are grouped with them they must all be garbage.

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Might want to scrap the Magicians after the TV series has come out. People who have seen it will instantly discredit the list.

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The book is better than the show though. And the show wasn't bad.

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>the thotness that cooms before

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Post passage.

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>People who have seen it will instantly discredit the list.
Judging a book by it's cover is already pretty bad, but judging a book by it's film adaptation? Anyone that retarded probably can't read the books anyway.

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Always judge a book by its cover.

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Judge it.

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Do you read science fiction magazines? What are some good science fiction magazines?

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HOW THE FUCK do I make elven races interesting without deviating from a Black and White thematic? I often find myself delineating into contemporary Gray-on-Gray moral faggotry whenever I add nuance or context. I don't want a tolkien-esque depiction, but there are few inspirations for elves that still manage to capture a sense of nobility without being debased in purity.

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Fuck off to /wg/ >>19841034

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looks quaint

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I read 17 about novel-length books in January. That's a lot more than I thought I would. I have no doubt that it'll be far less this month.

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but say, _ out of 10?

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Fuck off

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Remember when Orson Scott Card wrote a book about a weaponized autistic Chinese princess who would follow the grain in wood floors?

The fuck was that about?

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I see a wizard hat silhouette so it's at least 6/10
But if that was a town in America it's a 2/10.

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no hedging your bets, you said judge a book by it's cover, put your foot down on it and own it.

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Where Thomas Covenant?

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It's a 6/10.
I'm merely saying if those silhouettes weren't there and all I saw was fields and houses in that paint style I would guarantee I'd be in for a fucking boring growing up story that some jerkoff thought was special.

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Nah, the claim that "the book is completely different" is a disingenuous lie nearly 100% of the time. Quite frankly I'm surprised you're literate.
There could be nothing more accurate to judge a book upon besides the book itself.

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This is why we don't judge books based on their covers

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>There could be nothing more accurate to judge a book upon besides the book itself.
Starship Troopers.
>drops mic

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It's hard not to. I think it's obvious but writers need to be careful for their book art.
LotR would be better off with no art at all. Even any still from the movie would make it look bad and campy.
Sci-fi works better. You just draw a cool spaceship. The Hyperion alien is great on the cover. But when you draw the land you're supposed to be imagining, it's hard to turn off that image that's on the cover.

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But you covered 40% of the cover

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>LotR would be better off with no art at all.
One of the niche things I actually like about the lord of the rings is that it's one of those series that has seen so many printings that you can track down one that suits your own tastes.
So my argument is that a wide variety in printings is best, no single standard.
for people that like slipcovers on their hardcovers that's a way to have both worlds or just multiple arts, but I cannot stand slip covers and remove them all so I have a lot of no art monocolor covers with embossed metallic lettering.

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I covered the title only, the title covers 40% of the cover.
You're just put off by the contrast difference of a bold black square vs the subtler gold, cream and red of what's there.

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The title is part of the cover

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If you don't understand what I was doing there, I am content to laugh as it flies over your head.

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You're hiding selective parts of the cover.

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>jokes on you I'm retarded

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I agree. That would be better. In an ideal place if you wanted someone to see the book that you love, you'd have all covers there.
Literally 50 LotR:TFotR lined up side by side so you see them all and go, "Wow!" and pick your favorite.
But with little resale stores, libraries, mass printings, grandpa's books, Barnes & Noble, etc, it's impossible to do that. Obviously not all versions were made in the same years.

For me though, as long as it's not THAT version with that style of painting. I don't know what you call it, but I hate the washed out colors, round trees, modern looking houses, it's in a claustrophobic valley even though we're zoomed way the hell back.
I'm looking at a lot of the early ones and I don't like them. It's too simplistic and childish.

tl;dr Just don't use fucking watercolor for your epic fantasy novel cover art.

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I don't remember my copies of LOTR having any pictures on the cover. The Hobbit I read was from my elementary school library and was iirc big and gold.

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>I agree. That would be better. In an ideal place if you wanted someone to see the book that you love, you'd have all covers there.
>Literally 50 LotR:TFotR lined up side by side so you see them all and go, "Wow!" and pick your favorite.
I fucking WISH such a bookstore existed, but..
>But with little resale stores, libraries, mass printings, grandpa's books, Barnes & Noble, etc, it's impossible to do that. Obviously not all versions were made in the same years.
I enjoy the hunt and I enjoy the randomness, discovering an art I hadn't seen before on a chance stroll through a secondhand, etc...
>For me though, as long as it's not THAT version with that style of painting. I don't know what you call it, but I hate the washed out colors, round trees, modern looking houses, it's in a claustrophobic valley even though we're zoomed way the hell back.
I'm looking at a lot of the early ones and I don't like them. It's too simplistic and childish.
What drew me to this box collection of the hobbit and lotr was that it was an older printing in poor condition, very well handled, the two towers has become unglued from the spine and all the pages scatter if you pick it up loosely.
It gave this copy a character that I just like a lot, it's ragged and battered but still complete and with it's box in great condition, a survivor with it's own story to tell.

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I'm glad you enjoy it. And you clearly do this as a sort of hobby. As for me I can't get appearances out of my head. If some bastard at Penguin makes the cover art some self portrait by an artist and the book is "The Count of Monte Cristo" then by god that's Edmund Dantes.
Leonardo DiCaprio is Jay Gatsby and the like.

>> No.19853257

>If some bastard at Penguin makes the cover art some self portrait by an artist and the book is "The Count of Monte Cristo" then by god that's Edmund Dantes.
!!! I get this one like you would probably believe with ease.

>> No.19853260

>And you clearly do this as a sort of hobby
I've never really thought of it that way, just that when I want a physical copy of a book I know there tends to be options and I look around at them.

>> No.19853281

Ah. If I ever get the spare cash to get physical copies then I too would look for the covers that I liked best.
I'd even do what you did if I like how it looks. I don't mind wear if it adds the right character. I can't even help but grab the milk that's been dropped on it's side and you can't really fit your fingers in the handle anymore.

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That would be r/whoosh to you, kind sir!

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Do those even exist anymore? For that matter, do any pulp magazines exist? I always figured serialized novels went extinct decades ago.

>> No.19853380

Don't know but the old magazines still exist. It's also short stories.

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So i watched the foundation series on apple tv plus
How close are they to the books?

>> No.19853531

I'm reading it now and enjoying it well enough. I've also read the first two books of Mask of the Template ages ago and didn't realize it was the same author. That one isn't very good.

>> No.19853541

Knowledge is unseen.
Ignorance demands attention.

>> No.19853543

not very

>> No.19853568

The Alan Lee illustrations are absolutely kino and based. Had a huge hardcover edition of the The Hobbit by him and always regretted never getting the LOTR with his illustrations. I think Peter Jackson used a lot of them for reference, such as how Minas Tirith looks in the films

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if you didn't like the warrior prophet just drop the series

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King of /sffg/.

Simple as

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I've been reading a bunch of the little science fiction paperbacks that Penguin is releasing and I love them. Is there a fantasy equivalent?

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How do Wheel of Time fans doing now that the show was an abomination and they will never get a real adaptation?

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You are awesome guys

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Why isn't Three Hearts and Three Lions on this?

>> No.19854024

Adaptations don't matter for readers

>> No.19854041

you are right anon I should have sticked to my 2/10 prediction

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Could also work as a thread on /tg/ if you mask it as: "I'm trying to build a setting and HOW THE FUCK..."

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It still captured the overarching theme of the novel, just expressed through a postmodern lens for an audience of a different time and genre (and even then half of them misinterpreted it).

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Aillas chucking Father Umphred into the Atlantic put a smile on my face

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>open pic
>just some vapid whore with her tits out

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Still reading this after seeing review anon sugguest it and quite enjoying it. Setting seems southeast asian inspired, magic is mystical and characters feel very grounded. Feels like mystical ancient Thai Intrigue.

>> No.19854411

>It still captured the overarching theme of the novel
>(and even then half of them misinterpreted it).
So it DIDN'T

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Put a effing plastic jacket arounds your book, anons. It prevents 90% of your paperbacks from looking a beat as this.

>> No.19854777

>plastic jacket
You know those don't go together, right?
You have held physical books in your life, right?

>> No.19854799

Your shit opinion is why we have shit covers today I suppose because that cover is kino

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>whore with her tits out
ew I hate tits

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>Comfy adventure between a fellowship composed of a wizard, an archer, 2 men and 4 halflings in a pseudo-Swiss Valley

10/10 book
10/10 movie

>> No.19854945

>village visited by woke sjw nomads that will sissfy them and make them suck orc cock


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>The progenitors called it the Illumination. The age that saw the Tekne become their faith, the idol they raised above all others. They turned their back on their old Gods, their old temples, and raised new ones, great houses dedicated to unravelling the wellsprings of existence. Cause became their one and only God. For through it, they believed they could overcome the darkness preceding all things, and so become Gods.

>The Tekne so transformed the problems faced by the progenitors that all the old ways became impossible. It raised them from their traditions, struck the shackles of custom from their intellects, until only their common animality constrained them. They worshipped themselves as the measure of all significance, gave themselves over to wanton gluttony. Nothing was forbidden them, short the obstruction of others and their desires. Justice became the calculation of competing appetites. Logos became the principle of their entire civilization.

>By imperceptible increments, the Tekne unfettered their desires, allowed them to plumb ever deeper perversions. They began moulding themselves the way potters mould clay.

>They stood upon the very brink of the Absolute. It pricked their fingers, it was so near!
>There was only one riddle they could not solve, one ancient enigma the Tekne could not fathom … The soul.

>It became their Mystery of Mysteries, the focus of their most cunning intellects. And when the soul at last yielded its secrets to their scrutiny … They discovered their entire race damned.

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is Titus Groan good? I'm on the mood for something a little strange and depressing; but not "in your face".

>> No.19854988

I read The Demolished Man. It was good. Now reading Rite Of Passage. Going to read either Kindred or Neuromancer next. Just getting into scifi

>> No.19854998

Time Enough for Love: is it worth a read?

>> No.19855024

Recommend good short stories or novelettes.
I just read X Marks The Pedwalk, a weird story about a war between pedestrians and motorists.

>> No.19855193

Anyone got that little graph of "four ways to defeat the heat death/end of the universe"? Like one of them was extend (perception of) time to infinity, another was carrying on information to the next universe, etc.

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File: 373 KB, 719x1096, Screenshot_20220202-174741_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not much feedback on magazines. Anyway I think I'll read a few.

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File: 851 KB, 200x200, 1609353248532.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are those books at least entertaining in a shit way? Will I feel like a loser reading some of them? Can I read them for fun as a guilty pleasure?
What's the deal with those books?

>> No.19855492
File: 49 KB, 480x478, 9c1de5ec2040c52c5672b1e434ef2a69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are those books at least entertaining in a based way? Will I feel like an SJW reading some of them? Can I read them for reigning as a non-pozzed supreme?
What's the deal with those books?

>> No.19855591

Are there any good fantasy books with no magic at all? Like a medieval world, with no magic. I want to see if it can work.

>> No.19855628

I don't remember any magic in Titus Groan.

>> No.19855660

It can be macabre but it is also quite funny.

>> No.19855749

Any radiation creatures in fiction? Looking for concepts.

>> No.19855781

I just watched this. Was planning to maybe read the short story it's based on. But I don't think I will. Some science fiction is thought-provoking but some is just dumb. This seemed just dumb to me.

>> No.19855912

But it is, after the split his blessed land gets damaged and therefore he has to go north to get the special gu.

>> No.19855964

Where the FUCK is Mushoku Tensei? It's unironically one of the best Isekai novels and yet you don't even have it on the chart. How can a novel with fantastic worldbuilding, memorable characters, and fantastic foreshadowing + payoff not even make the list?

>> No.19855998

If it's anything like anime then it is garbage

>> No.19856209

That's because it's the opinions of a single person who mostly reads self-published Western works.

>> No.19856537

It's shit. Even the most shit book on that list is better than Thomas Covenant the repeater ad nauseam.

>> No.19856567

That book is shit though. So a shit cover for a shit book. I don't see the problem here.

>> No.19856577

Did you read his Mountain King series?

>> No.19856623

Yes there are fantasy books without magic, they are all shit.

>> No.19856646

Why not just read historical fiction? What emotion/reader reaction are tou looking for?

>> No.19856781

Any recommendations for books set in the ruins of older/alien civilisations where finding out what happened to those civilisations is part of the plot?

>> No.19856836

Kind of something like that in Foundation by Asimov. Scientists sent into outer space where barbaric civilizations exist or whatever.

>> No.19856872

Maybe the sequels to A Talent For War? I never read them, but the first book is about a guy reading books in libraries.

>> No.19856877

Stormlight Archive has some of that, it is by Brandon Sanderson though, you've been warned. Also, isn't it like one of the biggest fantasy tropes?

>> No.19856885

Bloodstone by Karl Edward Wagner.

>> No.19856894

Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds

>> No.19856913


>> No.19856945

i think something like it plays a role in lots of works but very few are centered around it

>> No.19856961


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Which of the popular modern fantasy series do you think are very overrated and don't deserve to be read unless you're desperate?
For example Wheel of Time, Stormlight Archive, Kingkiller, Discworld, A Song of Ice and Fire, Black Company, Malazan, etc
Which of series like these should I absolutely read? Which should I try and which should I avoid?

>> No.19857065

I think Discworld is overrated.

>> No.19857109

Reposting my questions from >>19845304

Can anyone recommend me a book that's similar to TV show Sense8?

I watched that and I really liked the premise of 8 people connected mentally, sharing skills an knowledge, supporting each other (maybe even sharing magic?). I think this has so much potential, and I want to see it explored more. But the show didn't handle it too well, and of course, Netflix canned it.

The only book that I found that seemed similar was More Than Human by Theodore Sturgeon, but that book is weird as fuck, and really shows it's age, and I couldn't really get into it.

If there isn't one out there, I'm seriously tempted to try my hand at writing this book...

>> No.19857118

>my opinion
Follow the comment chain you total fucking retard.

>> No.19857120

Thanks anons, I’ll have a look

>> No.19857128

No. Now fuck off.

>> No.19857440

>Kerry C. Byrne is the digital-marketing, speculative fiction-writing Publisher of Augur Magazine. They are non-binary genderfluid, queer, and autistic. In pub life, they have worked the literary agency, small publisher, and literary festival circuit, and now spends their daytime hours working SAAS marketing. They love nothing better than finding gorgeous new stories to share with the world.

>> No.19857469

Discworld is lighthearted funny stories with quirky characters. It delivers exactly that, it's not high literature.

Abeecrombie's First Law series too.

>> No.19857472

>They are non-binary genderfluid, queer, and autistic

>> No.19857481

Yeah that's one I forgot
I'm confused though, are you saying it's a popular series that I should have added to my list or are you saying it's a popular series and that it's also overrated in your opinion?

>> No.19857490

Bakker is... Bakker.... he's a homosexual, isn't he?

>> No.19857491
File: 12 KB, 225x225, kellhus-kellhus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bakkerchad Thread


>> No.19857494

why are you stuttering like a woke sjw who ran out of soi?

>> No.19857496

Gateway or "The Heechee Saga" is exactly what you're looking for

>> No.19857505

>Responds with ad-hominum-nums

Like pottery. Ebin, simply ebin.

>> No.19857522

Yeah! This board absolutely needs a homo-erotic containment thread!

>> No.19857535

The former. I liked it, it's an easy read. His most recent trilogy is creeping toward commie ideas but maybe it'll get better.

>> No.19857550

I second this

>> No.19857593


>> No.19857644

Soon all threads will be Bakker, this is a Bakker Board

>> No.19857667
File: 16 KB, 450x675, rA1nEAzu2tkL._SX450_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love how Bakker works is not only epic and grim, but it Blasphemes all the trash by other woke writers like Sanderson, sandersoi fans couldn't handle reading Bakker because its so blasphemous to them.

>> No.19857673


>> No.19857689

But only if the jannies move all bakker posts to it.

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File: 400 KB, 882x1117, 1641239012728.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Matthew Peed

>> No.19857722

Bucket head?

>> No.19857812

>Kingkiller, Discworld, Malazan
Decent, but fatfuck will never finish it and it doesn't broadly diverge from the TV series until about book 3.
The Way of Kings was decent, but I have no desire to continue the series.
>Black Company
Good if you can deal with Glen Cook's slapdash writing style. I'm a huge fan and can't be objective.

Since we're calling 80s 'modern' you may as well throw Lyonesse in the pile, because it's the best book in this post by a large margin. Abercrombie's First Law and Bakker's 2nd Apocalypse are pretty good too.

>> No.19857894
File: 130 KB, 900x1350, 29 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are there any good books that are like Goblin Slayer? I need some wholesome genocidal fantasy adventure

>> No.19857900

>Are there any good books that are like Goblin Slayer?
What do you mean, the first episode, or the anime that came after it I had already seen a hundred times over?

>> No.19857927

2/2 In the first case I suggest R.A.Salvatore, specfifically "The Two Swords", "The Lone Drow" and "The Thousand Orcs".
For the second case I suggest his "Icewind Dale Trilogy".

>> No.19858127

Are they a hive mind?

>> No.19858197

None of those are really worth reading. I guess maybe ASoIaF, but its been so long since I read them I can't really remember. I've read all or at least some of each of the others, and you aren't losing anything by ignoring them.

>> No.19858213
File: 32 KB, 299x445, quantum cultivation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It's a "guy has sex with an alien while explaining daoism to his two students" chapter
well all right then

>> No.19858241

What do you think is worth reading?

>> No.19858244

>One of the best isekais
Dropped it chapter 5

>> No.19858366

Uh, yeah they do anon. I put clear plastic covers on my paperbacks for years. They've held out so well because of it.

>> No.19858434

>I put clear plastic covers on my paperbacks for years. They've held out so well because of it.
I find that entirely unnecessary, paperbacks I buy in good condition have remained all but perfect for decades, I've never heard of anyone doing this, do you mean you laminate them? Or do you mean cellophane like comic books?
Also, perhaps you missed that I purchased this one as pre-damaged goods?

>> No.19858463
File: 309 KB, 293x485, Neuromancer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Uppers bad
>Ganja good

>> No.19858477

Everything in moderation. That's the secret.

>> No.19858584

Haven't read the rest of them but Gateway is barely about ancient ayys. And that's a good thing

>> No.19858597

Galen getting btfod by Verity

>> No.19859119

that cover is SOUL

>> No.19859246

This guy’s review of the Dragon Crown elf statue also includes an excellent analysis on what makes eves unique.

>> No.19859279

Do you read short stories?

>> No.19859298

Ace Publishing (who is actually owned by Penguin) released some fun fantasy books like Thieve’s World. My personal favorite is the Red Sonja series.
Comfy reading anon, I love an easy paperback.
That’s similar to Darkness Weaves as well.
I think that’s a great cover anon.

>> No.19859329

All of them are worth reading. If you read regularly, you'll blast through that list in a couple months.

>> No.19859663

>Ace Publishing (who is actually owned by Penguin)
Like most of the publishing industry it seems. I'll check them out, thanks.

>> No.19859716
File: 173 KB, 258x387, Eragon_book_cover.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Eragon is listed as Shit Tier in one of the charts
I haven't read it in a good few years, I vaguely remember the ending though (BBEG was given super powers by hundreds of dragon eggs?)
Has anyone read it recently or at least remember enough of it to share their thoughts?

>> No.19859734

It's a hyper-basic hero's journey arc, which honestly after years of reading neckbeards trying to subvert expectations in fantasy reads like a breath of fresh air.

Speaking of which, I need more fresh air. What are some good hero's journey stories written in the past 15 years?

>> No.19859751

Does anyone here have any good examples of Sinic world inspired fantasy?
I remember reading some book a decade ago that was maybe by Raymond E Feist which took inspiration from Japan and it was awful
I wish I could be the Chinese Tolkien or at least he existed

>> No.19859756
File: 1.09 MB, 1522x2338, Inkheart-2020-reissue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I should give it a read again then, if I still remember it after all these years then obviously I liked something about it.
I guess I'm just having a craving for books I've read many years ago in general, I really want to read Inkheart again too, and the Percy Jackson series for funsies maybe.
I would definitely recommend you give Inkheart a shot if you haven't already.

>> No.19859799

>It's a hyper-basic hero's journey arc,
Didn't a 15 year old write it or something?

>> No.19859818

Bakker is Kang

>> No.19859861

>after years of reading neckbeards trying to subvert expectations in fantasy reads like a breath of fresh air.
I know how you feel, this is why I like the wheel of time

>> No.19859975
File: 94 KB, 842x1039, 20220107_100623.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>reading reviews of fantasy books on Goodreads
>one star reviews mention Harry Potter
>immediately stop reading

>> No.19860011

He first published at 19. Early 30s when he finished the series.

>> No.19860060
File: 152 KB, 646x1000, 719H6rdY5ML.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this what passes for good SF these days?

>> No.19860157

if you think about it it's perfectly representative - soft sf where author doesn't know much about science, but rather focuses on how characters feel. dumb ending really got me, though.

>> No.19860176


>> No.19860234

I had a wierd experience with Kingkiller, loved the first one, read some other stuff, then when I got around to the second I couldn't stand knowitall skillmonkey Kvothe or is dumb lute anymore for some reason. Dudes got good prose but the fact he was in college for 12 years tells you all you need to know about that series ever finishing.
My recommendation would be read Name, then pretend the inn burns to the ground after Kote sweeps up.

>> No.19860612

No, because it sounds like LitRPG garbage.

>> No.19860783

The question is always, "for whom?".

>> No.19860947

Depends on what you're into. The books I've enjoyed most are lotr, three musketeers, sharpe, flashman, and most recently Bakker's stuff.

>> No.19861051

>Wheel of Time
First 3 or so books are solid but it turns into shit, it kills me to say it but I can't recommend it in good faith to anyone
>Stormlight Archive
Unreadable. 4 fucking prologues and it just felt very YA to me, and I found nothing intriguing about the setting
>A Song of Ice and Fire
The meteoric rise and fall of GRRMs popularity has been staggering. They're great books and each is satisfying on its own, but go in knowing you'll likely get an ending in about 10 years ghost written by Brando Sando after Martin is found facedown dead in his sauna.

TL;DR I think epic fantasy might be a meme pushed my publishers/marketing that I fell for.

>> No.19861080

At least you know now how gullible you are.

>> No.19861165

I agree, but I am also objectively aware that (currently at least) the popular opinion of art of this sort is "meh" at best. It's not photoshooped, it has no booba, there are no bold flashy colors and sharp distinct contrasts, etc...
It's "boring" to the average media consoomer.

>> No.19861229
File: 17 KB, 200x320, bakker y caitlin sweet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bakker is Kang
The based one sang

>> No.19861235
File: 949 KB, 1260x2066, 91pbvnDj5FL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fucking Kino. This book is brilliant.

>> No.19861236

>when he is so much of a closet fag he has to hire craigslist tier hookers to take pictures with him.

>> No.19861297

>Author of the third book in this very series.
Also agree, probably my favorite modern fantasy novel. I like that it's self contained so even if Scott never gets over his goddamn muh anxiety and muh depression that book can stand alone.

>> No.19861358

It's hard to believe that a writer so talented would drop off. I'm almost done with the first book. Not sure if I'll continue a series that is incomplete but what a joy and inspiration to read this one so far. The dude knows a lot about history and has a very very good vocabulary. His prose are beautiful and roll off the tongue in a very romantic language tree sort of way.

>> No.19861390

Also I was wondering, do you think this book was a competitor to Mistborn in 2006? They both have similar settings. This is a far superior book that blows the fuck out of mistborn even though they shape up to be drastically different stories. In terms of setting and a heist being a focal point of the plot, I wonder if Sanderson watched this one as a competitor?

>> No.19861423

You should, they both cold open some months after the events of the previous one and while there is overarching plot stuff each book is in a new city so again they're rather self sufficient on their own if you're familiar with Locke and Jean. Neither quite captures the lightning in a bottle like Lies did but I thoroughly enjoyed them.
The Eldren and their constructs are probably my favorite "mysterious forerunner race that left wonders and peaced the fuck out" race in fantasy.

>> No.19861448

Havent touched Mistborn, I'm not really a huge fan of Sando and thanks to the Fat Men (Martin and Rothfuss) I'll rarely ever start a series that isn't finished. Except in cases where the author actually works at putting books out regularly and doesn't bloat his series with a dozen books before the shit actually goes down. I thought Locke was a trilogy when I started it.

>> No.19861563

That sounds good anon, I'll need a new book for work by tomorrow anyway. Glad that they are somewhat self contained. I think overarching plots ultimately ruin fantasy unless someone can keep it as well contained as Tolkien within an appropriate amount of books and words.
You should read Mistborn 1. It will be hard to stop there but book 1 can be decent a stand alone. By book 3 Sanderson even tries build up this canal city with Venice vibes as well. In book 1 you have a the the thieving crews. I aware both authors played final fantasy 9 and wanted to do a fantasy heist.

>> No.19861577

I hate how much I judge a book by its cover. How do I get past that, since SFF covers still leave a lot to be desired?

>> No.19861601

when you hate a front cover maybe read the back cover to make sure you are not missing out

>> No.19861716

Anyone else like to watch TV series episodes and then read the short story it was based on? I'm doing this with The Twilight Zone. Right now I'm reading Shatterday by Harlan Ellison after having watched the episode by the same name. I also watched To See the Invisible Man and Nightcrawlers and read a few pages of the short stories they are based on, To See the Invisible Man by Robert Silverberg, and Nightcrawlers by Robert McCammon.

>> No.19861728
File: 188 KB, 1153x1320, 1642453474248.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think I have my list of books for the next few months picked out based on my own tastes and a couple recommendations from this thread.
>The Lies of Locke Lamora
>The Cold Dish (Walt Longmire)
>The Book of the New Sun
>The Eye of the World
And I might just pick up the first couple Percy Jackson books to reread for fun.

>> No.19861749
File: 463 KB, 840x859, 7639058-thumbs-up-anime-meme-11562884198juifsev5cv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll check out the first few based on your recommendation, thanks anon. I needed some new books to listen to at work.

>> No.19862508
File: 91 KB, 640x932, 1642731514493.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>my dad dropped bakker
Only read two-thirds of the first book too. What a faggot.

>> No.19862520

Literally my hairline desu

>> No.19862560

Well he's your father so he obviously slept with a woman at some point (not hardgay) so I can see why Bakker may not be to his taste.

>how gullible you are
I was as a teen, but no longer. Now I have zero author loyalty and it's freeing to just drop anything after a 2 chapter grace period.

>> No.19862924

Shadow of the Torturer made me not want to read the next book. Filtered. From my backlog.

>> No.19862950

The books one third slapstick comedy, one third poetry, one third gothic horror

>> No.19862971
File: 50 KB, 406x640, 1629298353804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The writing quality's all over the place and the Ongent plot twist is too obvious. Not sure I even want to read the rest of the trilogy.

>> No.19862994


>> No.19863024

Can't be objective about a lot of things, it seems

>> No.19863053
File: 48 KB, 375x500, 1619591312073.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>oh nice a bunch of necromancy/ghoul themed short stories
>almost all of them are softcore corpse fucking

>> No.19863178

ewww what a sicko
You wouldn't happen to know where they are available by chance? So I can avoid them, won't support places that sell this. Do you know if their is an ebook available?

>> No.19863346

Another book I single-handedly introduced to this awful general.

>> No.19863381

>The Lies of Locke Lamora
Based. Top tier fantasy, just don't have high hopes for the sequels
>And I might just pick up the first couple Percy Jackson books to reread for fun.
I was planning on doing the same, though because I wanted to watch the musical

>> No.19863394


>> No.19863466
File: 432 KB, 759x677, 1643244286345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can I use the term "lasgun" to describe laser guns in my book without Herbert or worse, games workshop, breathing down my neck in the 1% chance anyone reads it? I have thought of alternatives and but I sort of like the homage. I can't think of a better made up word to describe something that is, in fact, a laser gun.

>> No.19863485

Call it a lazgun

>> No.19863532

In the book Driving Ms Daisy, does Hoke poke Miss Daisy's Artichoke when no one's home?

Nothing hotter than grannies getting dicked.

>> No.19863534

Why don't you just call it a laser gun or laser weapon? I mean it is just a description, you will describe the general concept once or twice, after that just use simple generic gun/rifle/cannon or invent or use current brands and makes (my trusty and reliable beretta 9000 or something like that) depending on what the character is carrying or using that moment

>> No.19863567
File: 411 KB, 1280x738, 1577558979716.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've just finished The Fall of Hyperion and tomorrow I'm starting Endymion. I have SEVERAL questions about the tombs, the Shrike, Moneta and the UI war. Am I just retarded or those topics will get addressed in a clear manner in Endymion?

>> No.19863575

>protag gets a new ability
>tests it on a towering tree that's grown in place for centuries and sheltered generations of disciples

Fuck off authors

>> No.19863607

Why is 2+5 meters of diving described to be such a near death effort? I used to do 40 meters as a kid.

>> No.19863612

Can I get some fucking replies. Shit thread.

>> No.19863618

No. Now fuck off.

>> No.19863619


>> No.19863623

I read short stories, yes

>> No.19863629

I didn't see you for a few years, tree anon, you doing okay?

>> No.19863669

thanks anons.

>> No.19863676

Yes they are called /lit/ threads

>> No.19863734

>Gareth Hanrahan
any relation to Peter?

>> No.19863737

Well I did it. I finished the Malazan series. At least the main Book of The Fallen. Dunno how to feel about it. I don't regret reading it, but I'd be hard pressed to say it ended in a satisfactory manner. Unless I missed an explanation, I'm still not sure why The Crippled God was chained and what makes him foreign relative to the myriad other gods populating the setting. Nor why what happened was supposed to fix things. Was he meant to be freed, then chained of his own volition? Did he die when Cotillion stabbed him? Was he meant to chain Korabas? The whole thing didn't seem clear to me. I feel like Erikson needs to release a cliff notes version of the series.

>> No.19863748

Do yourself a favor and just stop at Fall. Endymion and Rise explain a few things, but it's wrapped in so much shit it's not worth it.

>> No.19863760

just skip Endymion anon, unless you want to read the story of a man grooming a child mary sue. it's pretty awful

>> No.19863764

Yeah I had the same impression on finishing Malazan. I feel like things got a bit too convoluted as the books progressed and I'd rather not read the side works after finishing 10 books

>> No.19863772

Any scifi with silmilar athmosphere to hyperion or blindsight?

>> No.19863831

I mean I don't necessarily mind diving into the side stuff, but I definitely need a break from the setting. Especially since, speaking of side stuff, it felt like Erikson kept introducing plot points and characters with the expressed purpose of creating spinoffs. There were those Crimson Blade characters or whatever hanging out in Lether that just kinda show up, then disappear. Those necromancers back in Memories of Ice. The whole thing with The Shake defending against Lightfall and the Tiste Civil War. Karsa's subplot. Icarium's fate. Just too much stuff kinda left hanging almost to the point of feeling like sequel bait.

>> No.19863835

Yeah, everyone tells me to stop at Fall, but it hurts to leave so much things unaddressed. I think I'm gonna struggle through the last two books, and then probably stop at Fall in future re-reads.

>> No.19863884
File: 248 KB, 1200x1697, garen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As I'm reading Gardens of the Moon I'm imagining Ganoes Paran as Garen from League of Legends. Is this incorrect?

>> No.19863946

It's fun sure. But the whole setting felt thin and was just one fantastical description taped onto the next. It never felt well-grounded.

>> No.19863958

I don't know anything about the character to verify if the comparison is apt, but lookswise it fits enough. Aside from the giant pauldrons.

>> No.19863965

Garen spins to win.

>> No.19864017

Is lies of locke lamora pozzed?

>> No.19864028

Revelation space maybe?

>> No.19864045

Recommend short stories, or good sites for short stories. I found this site which has a lot of magazines which have short stories in them. Don't know if they're good.

>> No.19864061

I have already read it. Now that I think about it it did kind a have that omnious mysterious feel to it.

>> No.19864166

Does it have to be a light laser? Call it a graser if it's plausible that gamma ray lasers can function as weapons in your world, that way you avoid the issue entirely.

>> No.19864190
File: 58 KB, 397x403, 1433734389369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, the more google about the mysteries of Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion, the more questions and inconsistencies I find. It's a mess, it's all a huge mess...

>> No.19864195

I'm curious too. I loved Blindsight's hostile atmosphere, where the protagonists were completely outclassed and knew almost nothing about their enemy. Revelation Space was decent as well.

>> No.19864244

In the end they didn't even have Silenus reunite with Sad King Billy. They just suggest that the people that suffered in the Tree of Pain were transported to Old Earth for some reason. When Silenus is asked if he wished to go there, he basically answers: nah, fuck Old Earth.

>> No.19864261

Not in the slightest

>> No.19864316

>Percy Jackson has a musical
Pretty neat, although I'm skeptical of the execution being good

>> No.19864327

I know precisely one song from it, and the song sounds neat, so I'm curious.

>> No.19864374

No, I just cut out clear plastic, measure them to be slightly larger than the book and wrap them around it. Simple as.

>> No.19864375

Orion's Arm is horrible and the vast majority of its content is as far from hard-sf as can be.

>> No.19864486

I dont understand this shit. Garen has the body of a titan and fists the size of cars and the tiniest fucking head. Only neckbeards play garen btw

>> No.19864520

Just finished Shatterday by Harlan Ellison

>> No.19864524
File: 74 KB, 1024x1024, 1641292054873.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine playing League of Legends

>> No.19864535

Emoji alert

>> No.19864632

Kek, you’re right about Penguin anon. Hope you like them if you check them out, my favorite Sword and Sorcery outside of Howard.
I do but it’s mostly Robert E. Howard. I, generally, prefer novels.

>> No.19864678

I mean... the MC is somewhat of a cuck. But he does smash, so it cancels out?

>> No.19864709

The MC is not a cuck you clearly have not read this book.

>> No.19864723

He's literally unable to fuck other woman because of how much he loves Sabetha, who is out in the world fucking other guys, as stated in the 3rd book
That seems pretty cuckish to me, and makes me question if YOU read the books anon

>> No.19864750

In Book of the the New Sun when Severian slaps that bitch Typhon to death in The Sword of the Lictor.
I felt the same way and kept reading and ended up loving it. I can’t promise you’ll feel the same way but it was worth it for me.

>> No.19864791
File: 32 KB, 300x424, imajica.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How is this the novel.

>> No.19864817

Read it and find out.

>> No.19864820

If you don't know just say so.

>> No.19864824

The time you could be wasting on these posts could have been better wasted on reading the first few chapters of the book.

>> No.19864830

Are they like 2 pages long?
Why are you upset about someone asking for opinions on a discussion thread, anyway? What's the general for, facts you could google?

>> No.19864833

On behalf of the rest of the board, I would again like to thank you people for reliably keeping your childish genre trash confined to this thread so that it can safely be avoided by us thinking men who shitpost about French philosophers without actually reading them. Kind regards, The Rest of /lit/

>> No.19864842

Have only read the first book, thanks alot anon.

>> No.19864846

Catalog is full of low-effort threads though?

>> No.19864856

I'm mostly joking though, he's not that much of a cuck. After all, he does smash Sabetha, both past and future, so he's not just simping over someone who doesn't give a shit about him. And sabetha is less "fucking around" and more "using her body as a tool in her own scams". So it's less bad?
I do recommend you keep reading if you really enjoyed the first book, even if the following books are worse. I even found the thrid book to be good, just not as good as the first one. Second book is harder to defend, but it isn't THAT bad really

>> No.19864860

He was unironically being ironic. no cap.

>> No.19864871

I'm going to dodge that spoiler text, but it's all good anon. I did some image searches and saw some gay anime fan art and I got a little bit nervous. I really like the first book and I got defensive because for once a book that is comfy without any of that garbage.

>> No.19864892

>I'm going to dodge that spoiler text
Np, hope that means you're reading the books then.
> I did some image searches and saw some gay anime fan art and I got a little bit nervous.
I didn't see that, but I don't recall anything in books 2 or 3 that would warrant that, so it's probably just anime fans being anime fans (aka brain damaged)
> I got defensive because for once a book that is comfy without any of that garbage.
Completely understandable. I also really like the book (probably my favorite single fantasy book) so I'd also be defensive if I saw someone shitposting

>> No.19864938

Imagine investing your personal identity in a book to where you feel personally offended if anyone criticizes it.

>> No.19864958

Read Cradle.

>> No.19864968
File: 93 KB, 1200x412, 1640637416443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

literature is very personal anon

>> No.19864990
File: 98 KB, 615x800, mw56725.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Be honest. Does his Catholicism and generally shallow, antiquated morality (like what GRRM talks about) drag down the work and make them impenetrable for modern readers?

>> No.19865028

The simple good and evil morality is not an issue for me. I consider the time period in which a book is written and it's audience. Also he stated he did not wish to tell that kind of a story. He went for a campy feel good optimistic approach like anyone from that generation in the aftermath of the war. What brings it down for me is how simple it is. I've seen the story done so many times. That's the problem when you are famously one of the first of your kind. Everything else to follow will remind you of it.

>> No.19865176

Just ignore the shitposter.

>> No.19865282

What the fuck are you on about? Just enjoy his stories. Who gives a fuck what other people thinks.

>> No.19865326

>Who gives a fuck what other people thinks.
Zoomers are the type of people who need validation from other people. It's why he ask such a question to begin with.

>> No.19865329

Do recommend Shirtaloons' He Who Fights with Monsters. Good fun read, for me anyway. Also highly recommend Beware of Chicken by Casual Farmer.

>> No.19865338

>Beware of Chicken by Casual Farmer.
I keep seeing this here. Isn’t that just western Xianxia but with a slice of life bent to it?

>> No.19865375

Not him, but yes. It’s a nice change of pace compared to other stories. Give it a try.

>> No.19865405

I tried, it was awful
Only royalroad shit I liked was chrysalis and tree of aeons

>> No.19865408

When we’re talking about change of pace, it isn’t one of those subversive stories? Because I’m just tired of reading them.

>> No.19865437

What made it awful in your opinion?

>> No.19865456

I changed my identity to australian to get reaper early and finished it before it was out in america

what now

>> No.19865474

Everything was cringe and his cheat was overpowered.

>> No.19865489
File: 50 KB, 290x290, face help.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw genre literature in 2020+
I'm afraid to click that link.

>> No.19865492

>start reading Great Ordeal
>instantly hit by high velocity kino
There is a head on a pole behind you.
A single page mogs Tolkien's entire existence, it's crazy

>> No.19865501

I checked it. Just basic bitch modern recommendations.

>> No.19865514

Reading sff nonfiction is basic? Intriguing. Though no doubt you'd say the same of it all, with your cursory glance of a few seconds, which was unneeded because you had already pre-decided before opening the link.

>> No.19865527

Ah yes, how could we forget Jewish Science Fiction and Fantasy Through 1945: Immigrants in the Golden Age, or Chinese Science Fiction during the Post-Mao Cultural Thaw.

>> No.19865592

>open link
>female names, nonwhite names
>close tab

>> No.19865632
File: 29 KB, 480x360, Depressed cat smoking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Try getting better bait, or better yet, just fuck off already. It’s getting tiresome.

>> No.19865672

I accept your concession.

>> No.19865693

Jesus Christ, I hate zoomers so fucking much.

>> No.19865711

>Low effort response.
Didn’t expect much from you zoomers but I’m still disappointed.

>> No.19865764

Most of the list seems to be from Amazon self-publish.

>> No.19865768

*Most of the books

>> No.19865790

Just ignore him, he was just trying to stir up shit.

>> No.19865798

shouldn't you measure before cutting

>> No.19865822

It's what he did. Read his post.

>> No.19865837

>Plays LoL
>Calls other Zoomers
Some jokes write themselves.

>> No.19865841

Sound based. What author.

>> No.19865842

Paying any attention to the perspective of someone like GRRM, a man that spouses the most bland, flimsy atheistic humanism, that reinforces the worst stereotypes about an historical period throught his works, whose literally value can be summarized to shock value in the form of gore and tits, and whose idea of criticism is attacking a work for something that it didn't tried to be in the first place (urr urr orc babies), is both funny and offensive in equal measure.

>> No.19865863
File: 30 KB, 294x475, 3437309.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

About to start this. Thoughts?

>> No.19865871

Read it and find out.

>> No.19865884

Is there anything comparable in terms of narrative structure to Gaunt's Ghosts from Abnett? What I mean is, sort of a series with a unit of soldiers/whatever and over time they take attrition and faces actually die as opposed to Goku resurrection bullshit? One thing I'm loving about the Ghosts series is that people die, even dudes I thought he'd keep in out of fan factor

>> No.19865888

Black company by Glen cook.

>> No.19865900

I've read "Elder Race" by him:
it wasn't bad but all the characters but the mage and the princess (only at the beginning, and before she went to fight) felt like completely empty shells, only being there to have more characters. All the places except the "tower" of the cover felt completely soulless, I don't remember anything about them.
A decent read in the end, brought down by wanting to make it a single contained story.

>> No.19865904

Black Company and, to a lesser extent, Malazan.

>> No.19865912

I liked em, haven't read the last three yet as I got distracted by other stuff but I dig the bug people world. Industrial revolution vs. Old ways is kind of played out at this point but they're decent fun reads even if a couple of characters act retarded occasionally because plot.

>> No.19865917

That's Tchaikovsky in a nutshell. No idea why so many people like him.

>> No.19865926

Anyone have thoughts on Abercrombie's Age of Madness trilogy as far as how they hold up to the First Law and the three standalone books? I basically just want to see what Glokta is up to while running shit for Big B.

>> No.19865937

Checked. This is something that's been mentioned before and something I've been told about. You rate it as pretty good?
Never heard of Malazan, whats your take?

>> No.19865943

Check the archives for reviews.

>> No.19865946

New thread

>> No.19866012

OP here, not sure what you mean by subversive but basically in Xianxia a guy gets the shit kicked out of him and dies, the second he does a guy from our world gets shoved in, he retains his memories and later is able to talk with him. He quits the sect hes in and becomes a farmer. Then somehow becomes uber powerful but doesn't use it/think hes overpowered. Majority of it is slice of life and wholesome (gets married)

>> No.19866364

read illium instead
you will be disappointed at endymion

>> No.19866517


>> No.19866916

>adaptations dont matter for readers
I smell some “Copium” here!

>> No.19866922

>mystical ancient Thai intrigue
>covers shows a random Greek statue
They could’ve at least made the cover more Asian themed.

>> No.19866931

Damn, you’re reading comprehension is quite low, anon.

>> No.19866935

**your. Curses!

>> No.19867342
File: 24 KB, 220x330, Encounter_with_Tiber.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anyone read this shit, I can't understand it

>> No.19867887

Malazan is for people who look at GRRM's books and go: fucking amateur

Reading Malazan is genuine work, but not because it's bad but because Erikons gives absolutely zero shit about his readers and whether they can keep all the threads straight in their head. There is absolutely no hand holding in Malazan books.

There are two kinds of people in this world. Chads who have read Malazan Book of the Fallen and filthy subhumans who don't know who Anomander Rake is.