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How do you reconcile that all the great modern storytellers has left literature behind and chosen cinema as their primary mode of expression?

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Doesn't matter. Storytelling is dying. The future is procedurally generated trans-narrative content, both personal and communal, via your Neuralink's connection to the Metaverse.

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>posts Trier
reddit boomer moment

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Ahem, can you say that again?

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The only movies that make money now are giant pieces of dung from the Fast & Furious or MCU franchises, and cheap & violent horror pics. Pretty soon those will be the only things that get made.

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Agreed. Although for the record /lit/ is a Fast and Furious board.

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Lmao you almost had it. Cinema is already dead, too, you doofus. Shoulda said games instead.

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Cinema is not the new place for the great story. The medium is about as old as the mass market paperback Grandpa.It's limitations in terms of grand or in depth narratives are well know. And the microplatforms like TikTok and Twitter have the opposite problem. Television, with the advent of streaming, should be running a victory lap right about now but for whatever reason they just can't put out the high volume of elite content that literature or film did. You've got about a handful of truly great tv shows.

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Games is also dying, silly. Should just said music instead

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Video games, particulary story-driven games, have a problem of demographics. They skew male and young. And with the time investment required and the active participation factor, it's unlikely to change much.

All of the takes about the novel losing it's place as the central hub of great stories are true, but when they suggest that there's some new alternative they miss the point. The "event" be it film, television, novel, is going to become a much rarer thing because of the saturation of entertainment. You aren't competing with the other serials occupying the primetime slot, you're competing with every TV show ever made being one click away. Seinfeld was probably one of Netflix's five biggest premieres.

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Music is also dying, silly. Should just said tiktok instead

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>it's unlikely to change much.
I disagree, I feel like an increasing amount of people share this guy's sentiment: https://youtu.be/qRsqAmuxjNk

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All cinematographic art, including video games, is just the cope of aphantasists, who can't use their own imagination to produce majestic inner visions right at the seat of their soul. Poetry and music will always be the heights of human expression. Those who disagree are simply not fully human

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How do you reconcile making grand statements about latterday literature and being largely ignorant of it?
Yes, the big, still-living authors are not that great, and yes, the overdomination of the market by genreshit and ya is terrible, but anyone on /lit/ who acts like this is *all there is*, usually is just betraying his own unfamiliarity with what there is-is.

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It's not dead, it's just that quality is getting bloated out of view by the endless and excessive amounts of garbage.

Also literature can only be good if you're willing to have freedom of speech, we do not currently have that in Western world. Hell Jannies keep deleting every anti-woke thread and it doesn't even matter if you're a leftist yourself - Woke people are not left they're traitors btw.

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Actually, video games are for the 21st century what films have been for the 20th century, and what novels were for the 19th century. Also, literature isn't dead and there's plenty of good authors currently, you just have to be competent at finding them instead of relying on /lit/ to spoonfeed you the good stuff.

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Video Games had like one highlight, and that was Planescape, which btw filtered 80% of losers which in the end caused the industry to forsake storytelling in favor of zombie mechanics.

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Usually the two given are Planescape and Deus Ex. There's a lot of stuff in the indie sphere these days (e.g. Disco Elysium or Kentucky Route Zero) but as far as non-indie games go I think those two are viewed as the narrative peak of the medium. If I'm being honest I think Planescape is a little overrated though, it has problems people seem to rarely acknowledge (e.g. Annah being a poorly written character).

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Oh and I would add MGS2 as a third. Although it might be too flawed to be viewed as part of the "peak", with Kojimbo weirdness and all that.

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>in Western world

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This focus on telling stories is the problem. Good films and books do not need good stories.

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Formalism is a hell of a drug

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>discounting the pynchonian epic that is Final Fantasy 7

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>it has problems people seem to rarely acknowledge (e.g. Annah being a poorly written character).
People often mention that when talking about the game, as well as clunky combat and gameplay overall and the rushed final third of the game, but they're still small enough flaws in an otherwise outstanding work that's truly unique and will never get repeated again.

Also, games like the Legacy of Kain series, MGS 2, From Soft titles, Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, Arcanum, Pathologic HD and 2, Fallout 1, 2 and New Vegas, etc., are all great choices to argue in favor of video games being art and how this medium lends itself to unique ways of storytelling and experiences that literature and film simply cannot provide.

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Wrong. The only games with good story are Pathologic 1 and 2

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A game that was one of the bigger influences on Planescape: Torment, actually.

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I haven't played LoK, Arcanum, or either Pathalogic (I intend to, I hear great things about them), but I have played the others you list. While I like all the games you listed, frankly, with the possible exception of MGS2 (which I mention at >>19784487), none of them are too narratively complex. Fallout 1 is one of my favorite video games but it ultimately is simply a very well-executed piece of genre fiction. I think its satirical content as well as the complexity behind certain characters like the Master put it above something like Mad Max, but it ultimately isn't aimed at more than giving people a cool atmospheric experience. Which is okay but just know that literary/film snobs won't be impressed by it, unlike Planescape or Deus Ex.
You are right that all the games you listed, at least out of the ones I played, show that video game form can be used to tell worthwhile stories that other mediums can't though. I'm just saying I don't think any of them would be what a lot of gatekeepers would consider a "great work of art".

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