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If only i had chance to attend /lit/ meet up, i would likely meet the muslim bros, the pessimistic bros, and the poems enjoyers.

They are the proper people to talk about literature, i think.

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Coincidentally, also the only ones that read books on this board.

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where was it?

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I'm not as cool as you guys, better if we stick to anonymous numbers behind the keyboard

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These are the people that call you a nigger faggot on /lit/

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I'm not pictured

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>Ever agreeing to meet a group of people from a 4chan post.

This is how kidneys are stolen.

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UuUUuUHhh ScAry 4ChAN

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There's some folks in NYC who stay in touch from that one. I think that's in Germany

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You're right. It's more likely you'd face the terror of awkward conversations with smelly autists who are afraid to voice their opinions without the shield anonymity.

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>muslim bros
These people are dumb as rocks. I've never seen them respond to a challenge without sperging out and embarrassing themselves. There is that one Shia poster whose alright; he might be worthwhile to speak to.
>the pessimistic bros
Would be okay for a short time, but you can't talk to them for an extended period without getting tried of them.
>the poems enjoyers.
This could nice.

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>Liturgy shirt
Would befriend

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Damn they look like decent people. At my uni there were basically no social circles with that vibe. Just bland normies and weird, ugly nerds.

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>didn’t attend
>makes a claim that they are proper people

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>weird ugly nerds
Anon...that's what picrel is depicting.

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edgy autistic hipster virgin loser with punchable face

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>is at the meetup

What would you say to him?

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I would French kiss him.

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I want to irl Guenonpost

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"you saved my life"

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NYC meetup 2 electric boogaloo when?

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Any eastern WA/north IDabros on here? Anyone?

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you guys did a second meeting?
I remember reading a threat with pics from you guys at the central park. would love to join one day

greetings from germany

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I would kiss his forehead

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>all of these twinks
/lit/ is qt

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God they all look so awkward, the guy in the denim jacket is such a tool.

Still could be worse, atleast it's not an /x/ or /co/ meeting

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those sorts of people don't go to meet ups. 4chan is a mainstream site with millions of users. it's more dangerous to do these things on social media or places like reddit because there's less anonymity and more dodgy people floating around with a lot more options.

also, don't mistake website norms for how people are irl. unless those people don't have an irl. which to be fair is increasingly common.

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They don't look like sportsball chads, but no they look conventionally handsome. At least compared to your average American

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I would deposit my seed in a couple of em

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from spokane, I'll be back in the summer
let's try to set something up in june

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I'm going to call the police on the next /lit/ meet up and advise them to intercept a dangerous white supremacist meeting

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At least this batch has some decent looking twinks in it.

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Imagine the smell

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This is the gayest post on this board currently. I bet you had a very intimate relationship with your high school teacher.

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There was a bit on pedophilia prevention groups on the telly recently. The chaps there looked exactly like the ones in OP's pic.

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There was a bit on pedophilia prevention therapy groups on the telly recently. The chaps there looked exactly like the ones in OP's pic.

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As an American (sorry), these are uggos - the only one that's bangable is the cigarette/Napoleonic nigga. Everybody else has weird facial structure.

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don't downvotepost, tourist

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what? they look like the average chump showing up on dads against predators:

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dap sucks. anxiety war mogs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lix5TuZNJE8&t=1150s
what nigga

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You must live in a high income area in Cali or something. Most Americans look like pig beasts>>19769407

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This was a /mu/ meetup in Amsterdam, not /lit/ in Germany (though I'd welcome one because I live in Germany)

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Forgot pic

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Würde mich niemals mit einem von euch Missgeburten treffen wollen uezs.

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actual meetup

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No one in this pic can legally buy booze. I can't fathom the pretentiousness of their lit conversation

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Aber wir könnte Händchen halten und zusammen Arno Schmidt lesen.

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holy shit nigga ur probably smart as fuck. what is ur iq

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I have a fantasy where I organize a /lit/ meetup for my shitty city, but no one shows up except for one cute /lit/ girl (female). It's awkward at first because it's just me and her but we talk and it turns into a date and she gives me her number and we date and fall in love and get married and have many children.

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imagine me creeping up on her from behind and pushkicking her in the spine so she ends up in the wheelchair

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nice I'll use this one for my pre-sleep daydream tonight.

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sounds hotter than it should desu

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and scrotes wonder why we hate them...

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This is what white supremacists look like

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you wish, scrote. please kys :)

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Dich Huso hat allerdings auch niemand gefragt.

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That blessed smile...

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I do not trust America opinions on beauty at all especially since the whole Trevor Lawrence thing proved to be unironic.

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Ich zögere immer noch aus Angst, von einem Kannibalen gefressen zu werden, deutsche Leute aus dem Internet zu treffen

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/lit/ Meet up in Melbourne where we gangstalk Waldun.

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IQ has nothing to do with maturity nigga. If you could buy booze you might know that

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This might well be the least embarrassing 4chan meetup i've ever seen. Impressive.

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>also, don't mistake website norms for how people are irl.

Everybody I've met who I discovered uses 4chan was surprisingly normal. Well, on the exterior anyway. They might fap to loli porn or keep Hitler souvenirs but that's none of my business.

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I'd ask for an autograph

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>go to meetup
>have the pleasure of reading /lit/ make fun of you for the following half-decade

Not even worth it for an insecure person like me. I guess I could volunteer to take the picture.

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Kill all scrotes.

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This: >>19772462, that’d be pretty hilarious

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vollkommen nachvollziehbar bernd


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You're not gonna find a good husband with a mouth like that.

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yeah i married her

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Shut the fuck up, scrote. I'll fist your hole until your intestines fall out of your ass.

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You really have nothing to worry about. I used to go to a poetry reading group at university, and the normies there were about as lame as any of the anons you see in these /lit/ meetup photos. Plus some of them had BO. As long as you remember to shower, you're doing ok.

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