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That's right. In a week or so, Waldun will announce his latest literary endeavour. Will he have learned from his past two literary debacles?

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>will a talentless hack not be a talentless hack, guys?

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literally who?

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F Gardner RC Waldun collab coming soon??

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Who is she

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Need it or keep it?

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I don't get it, he doesn't look like a nature enthusiast. How did he manage to build a cabin in the woods and survive for 2 years?

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that's butterfly irl

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Friends in the know say this dude is slaying chicks left and right!

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he wrote his last novel just one year ago

No novel written in less than a year will ever be good

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I wish I had even a brief period in my life where I wasn't so insecure and self-conscious that I never wanted to be in photos.

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Call of F. Gardner by F. Gardner

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will he ever learn to disguise himself as part of l'academie ?

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Har har.

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Unfortunately there's no way The Don Wal will be releasing his next book so soon. It will probably be an announcement for his gay little pseud group The L'grave Circle

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Literary kino

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Australians are saving literature.

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would be better if the man said "Hello everyone, I have an announcement to make"

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Fuck off Waldun, you aren't a writer

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What a shit prose

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Okay, so I know that Waldun is as much of a litchad as Gardner unironically, also that he’s a chinese ESL in Australia with a youtube channel where he tries to present himself as an intellectual with a bit of d a r k academia vibe mixed in. What university does he even attend? I usually find the people in the lower grade schools cope by creating this image of „I am a big university boy doing serious things”. Like a baby in a suit

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i believe that he goes to the university of melbourne. whether thats a big boy school i have no idea, but thats where he goes i think.

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its pretty decent, one of the better unis in Aus. I didn't go their though so make of that what you wish

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The countdown to L’Academie threads were comfy, glad there will be a sequel

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>In a future dystopia...
>where there's no Bluetooth...

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Rank 'em Waldunchads! Did Our Man make the right choice?

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Fuck you Zoomer.

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id fuck her

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>wired headphones
Did I fucking stutter?

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what exactly is wrong with the prose?

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Bros… Waldun’s latest video was two weeks ago… His latest batch of videos have all been so shit. I don’t think I can take any produced, skit-filled, cringy video. I miss the old Waldun making unedited DFW imitating rants about reading difficult books. I miss writer’s Saturday. I miss his insight and ponderous discussions on the works of Foucault. FUCK his new videos are so fucking shit lads. His last really good video was How To Write Humor From Misfortune in which Waldun read out his godawful story he thought was comedy gold to his uninterested friend. So much of his new stuff, like that shitty booknotes series where he just regurgitates some essay he read for uni, is soulless shite I assume is just him trying to appeal to the likes of his DeGraves Circle group of friends. This isn’t the Don Wal we all know and love. Waldun is a loveable pretentious kid who to some degree feigns interest in books and literature. On that point, there is literally no fucking way that someone who claims to have read all these great books like Ulysses (Oxen of the Sun is one of the entertaining chapters Waldun has ever read see: Why We Struggle To Finish Books) and Gravity’s Rainbow but is so fucking awfully shit at writing. Seriously, go read the second most recent gay little story on his medium How & Why I Avoid Early Mornings. It’s horrendous. The amount of times he just simply uses the wrong tense is baffling. It’s not even complicated grammar, the prose, or even the merit of the story itself, it’s just fucking tenses this cunt can’t get right. Another example, one of Waldun’s videos is titled “Writing Advice From Hemingway”. This video, for an entire year was titled “A Writing Advice From Hemingway” (check waybackmachine if you think I’m lying) A writing advice from Hemingway. A writing advice. A. No one who has even a decent grasp of the English language would title a video like that. Another one still on his channel is “I’ve Something For You Guys”. I’ve. I’ve. It’s easy to understand why Waldun has titled the video as such, I’ve is short for I have. I Have Something For You Guys would be fine but I’ve is fucking wrong. Good god. THIS CUNT HAS READ ALL THESE BOOKS AND CAN’T FUCKING WRITE FOR SHIT. Waldun the polymath renaissance hero multipotentialite was a loveable retard drowning in such dense pretentiousness it made him an endearing protagonist. Now Waldun feigns anti-pretentiousness in the most pretentious way possible. He now pretends he’s really down to earth, just a normal guy observing life. He so desperately wants to come across as his chill relaxed individual, not like those other stuck up youtubers. Go watch The Dangers of Being A Perfect Person, in which Waldun claims that there are people who look down on those who go to McDonalds, yes fucking McDonalds. But Waldun? He’s not like those stuck up self-help gurus. No no no, waldun is down to earth. Waldun is a normal lad, waldun goes to McDonalds. He literally makes out like going to fucking mcdona

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Waldvn I fvcking kneel...oh my Favci this novel will be spectacvlar

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lds is some virtuous act. He does the same thing when talking about people who look down on those who don't just read classic literature (can't remember the video but he's said it multiple times fuck me). But Waldun? He actually reads other books :) he's not a pretentious twat (like he was 2 months ago), he's a normal guy who reads David Sedaris and Fran Lebowitz (two people he painfully tries to imitate with every chubby bone in his body, forgetting he is the least funny cunt in existence). So Waldun spouts his bullshit about living le normla metropolitan life telling his audience how to live their lives. Oh wait, everyone now and then waldun will say "don't listen to me haha i'm just a confused 20 year old don't take my advice". fuck off waldun we all know waht you're dfoing is telling people how to live. go on his channel and ctrl+f the words "how" and "why". half his vidoes start with one of those words. he is instructing people how to live usually through some gay shit litke "wake up late so that wehn you go t othe coffee shop it is quiet XD" whilst pretending that he' just "documenting hios life" waldun normla peopel don't feel the nbeed to tell a camera every gay litlte quirk you have your channel is a vehicle to convince yourself you are interesting.so waldun wil fade off. into irrelegancy along with the 10k viewrewss who watch his channel (waldun mate we all see that viewership falling it's painful mate you need to make another "school is le bad!" video to pump those numbesr up). will he release another book? of course not. every now and then he will upload another gay little essay to his medium or his website. he'll probably start posting poetry on his instagram within a month. new waldun is a complete product of youtube, he is a manufactured body created to appeal to 17 year old who have read crime and punishment and think they're geniuses. at least that was what waldun used to be. but that waldun is gone. and will never return.

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>where there's no Bluetooth...
That made me laugh my ass off

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disgustingly based. waldun utterly exposed.

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Nope. Won't allow it. He's WalDONE.

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This is surely the saddest Waldun arc.

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>I’ve Something For You Guys”. I’ve. I’ve. It’s easy to understand why Waldun has titled the video as such, I’ve is short for I have. I Have Something For You Guys would be fine but I’ve is fucking wrong.
it used to be used this way so maybe he's being extra pretentious

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Honestly, all the covers look great by today's standarts. A, B, C especially could be used for so many other books.

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I've is fine you absolute beaner. I swear it's always the ESLs chimping about grammar while getting it wrong themselves.

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Nah it just sounds wrong. I swear it's always the ESLs calling everyone ESLs.

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>announcing your announcements
I fucking hate social media

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I've is fine but "I've something" is antiquated at best.

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I swear Asians are somehow worse than jews and niggers combined

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I could write that and I’m french. Is this an accurate representation of the level of young contemporary anglophones?

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This thread was posted by Waldun

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>t. brainlet

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Call of the Call Of
"F. Gardiner? I've heard of him. He's that 4chan guy--'The Learned Disguise.'"
"You're thinking of R.C. Waldun. F. Gardner is the one who bought ads for those 'Call of the' this and that books."
The lights go down. Darkness.
"Same difference, both memes. Ooo, real writers because they go by initials. Ha. Speaking of 4chan, did you hear that Chris Chan f--"
"Hush up Luke," Isabella whispers. "The shows starting--we can sneak out once everyone gets distracted."
The floor lights hum; a dull orange illuminates a giant frog wearing a tailored suit. It hops with steady rhythm toward the center of the stage, each landing producing a loud bang that vibrates the auditorium.
"What the fuck is this? Izzy?"
"I-I don't know. It's supposed to be--"
It clears its throat and, using its tongue, delivers two sharp taps to the microphone it grips in its slimy webbed hand; raising it to its mouth--
>"Good evening everyone!" It smiles.
"Praise Kek," the crowd responds as one.
>"It is my utmost and sincerest pleasure to welcome you here: L'AcadémieTheatre. I remind you that all tripfags, as well as anonymous guests, are to remain seated throughout the program."
"It's looking at us," Isabella murmured.
>"I will also remind everyone to remain quiet. The kino will now begin."

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"F. Gardiner? I've heard of him. He's that 4chan guy--'The Learned Disguise.'"
"You're thinking of R.C. Waldun. F. Gardner is the one who bought ads for those 'Call of the' this and that books."
The lights go down. Darkness.
"Same difference, both memes. Ooo, real writers because they go by initials. Ha. Speaking of 4chan, did you hear that Chris Chan f--"
"Hush up Luke," Isabella whispers. "The shows starting--we can sneak out once everyone gets distracted."
The floor lights hum; a dull orange illuminates a giant frog wearing a tailored suit. It hops with steady rhythm toward the center of the stage, each landing producing a loud bang that vibrates the auditorium.
"What the fuck is this? Izzy?"
"I-I don't know. It's supposed to be--"
It clears its throat and, using its tongue, delivers two sharp taps to the microphone it grips in its slimy webbed hand; raising it to its mouth--
>"Good evening everyone!" It smiles.
"Praise Kek," the crowd responds as one.
>"It is my utmost and sincerest pleasure to welcome you here: L'Académie Theatre. I remind you that all tripfags, as well as anonymous guests, are to remain seated throughout the program."
"It's looking at us," Isabella murmured.
>"I will also remind everyone to remain quiet. The kino will now begin."

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I like C, but B looks the most commercially viable, like a Penguin paperback.

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Not far off from the rest of the plot

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I love this man so much.

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He actually attends Monash university, I saw he has the uni app on a close up of his phone in a video. He provably wants to appear as going to Melbourne uni as Monash is one rung down.

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People at Melbourne on 4chan have claimed to have classes with him.

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>"He slaps her cheeks with the back of his hand."
>"...back of his hand."
>w/ knuckles

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No he wrote it in high school, dusted it off, didn't proof read it, and published it. I am excited for Wally's new masterpiece
I miss the L'Académie threads so much. The Welsh's review live, finding all of the typos, ruining his release plans. The public apology was pathetic. He admitted the book sucked but didn't even have the decency to take it down like he did with learned disguise. I'm shadowbanned from commenting on his channel

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And Alexander looked upon the breadth of his domain, and he wept, for there were no more pseuds to conquer.

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I hope his next book will be as thrilling and captivating as his last two. God I can't wait.

>> No.19772239

You are so right it hurts

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Was Ed meant to come off as uncaring and autistic here? This dialogue is unnatural, and if Waldun wanted this exact dialogue there must be a better way to execute it.

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The dialogue is horrible. There is a character named Joe who is supposed to have an accent and says things like "p'ants"
The girl (who has the same name as walduns sister) is a based retard though look at this

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>In the modern French psyche
What book is this supposed to be? I tried googling it and got no results for a "famous first line".

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I believe it was either Nausea by Sartre or this French Revolution textbook that anons figured out based on his description of the cover. Here's the cover description, I never saved it when they figured it out.

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It is meant to be unnatural. Students at L'ACADEMIE basically just regurgitate facts at one another. Eddington is just starting to see Nicholas Cage as an actual person here, and not just the Man of History.

>> No.19774047

>It is meant...
Is Waldun's intellect really capable of this narrative technique?

>> No.19774074

Dead wrong, he's preparing to announce his transition.

>> No.19774084

Transition to what?

>> No.19774138

>It's supposed to be bad!
The famous crutch of all mediocre artists who'll fellate themselves over their "skill" in creating uncanny and ugly art. It's easy to create, and it circumvents all fundamentals and practice because all you have to do is continue to poorly ape real art (or life) in your own brand that always falls short and produces it's own misshapen simulacra. It's a disgusting plateau where an author (or etc.) can't actually produce something beautiful or artistic. I'd bet money the Waldun can't do any better if your excuse is true.

>> No.19774640

I think there's difference between writing bad dialogue and writing a character with poor social skills.

>> No.19774683

I see now....he truly is a genius

>> No.19774809

the man of history!

>> No.19774820

The Man of History never told you what happened to your father, Eddington…

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File: 123 KB, 1024x768, lacademie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can you see it?

>> No.19775093

is this what marvelfags feel when they see Spiderman and Ironman together?

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>So in short: society? No … we live in an educational dystopia. L'académie is not some scary futuristic vision of a world gone wrong. You're attending class in your underwear. It's already here. Look around you. Don't wear the mask. Don't take the vaccine. Resist. This is R.C. Waldun and I'll see *you* in the next one.

ngl he was lowkey based for this one

>> No.19775189

Yeah unfortunately Gardner himself appears very little in the novel, and I don't believe either Waldun or Butterfly are mentioned again after that passage.

>> No.19775808

i still can't figure out what sort of accent joe was supposed to have

>> No.19775860

When Waldun uses apostrophes with eliding letters from the word, is he suggesting something like "p-ant" or "puh ant" when he writes "p'ant"?

>> No.19775867

>with eliding
Sorry that should be without eliding.

>> No.19775875

it's clearly "peh ant"

>> No.19775934

I don't know this guy but rent free for sure

>> No.19775996

You wouldn't say the nerd the jock bullies lives rent free in the jock's head.

Learn English Waldun. You look stupid every time you open your insect, colonizer mouth.

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Nick Cage is the man of history but yeah Timothee chalamet

>> No.19776088

There is, but it takes skill to actually do it well. Writing shit dialogue "because that's how the characters would talk!" is a crutch. For a better analogy, it's easier to draw creepy/grotesque people than it is to draw beautiful/realistic ones (and an artist capable of the latter will do a much better job of the former).

>> No.19776116

i don't know if tom's age is ever revealed in the book but i feel like nic cage is too fucking old; i picture the man of history as a 35-ish PMC weasel, just slightly 'ahead' of eddington career-wise

>> No.19776568

Sorry man Nick Cage is the man of history. There isn't any room for discussion on this one unfortunately

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fine. we'll go with this then

>> No.19776676

he did science at monash for a year, then transferred to arts Melbourne.

>> No.19776726

Love it

>> No.19776733

literally who cares
I thought his books were terrible
stop memeing him just because its funny

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>just because its funny
No. Not until he comes out and confirms the HH.

>> No.19777212

Soundstage Cockney. But in all seriousness, I somewhat enjoyed the parts where he describes the rise of The Regime and his little cottagecore romance with the girl from the bakery. If Waldun was more interested in entertaining his audience than in making a reputation for himself, he would be writing fey little Dark Academia novelettes set in some bizarre cottagepunk english boarding school.

>> No.19777229

thought that was virgil texas

>> No.19777262

Which Waldun kino has the most unintended homosexual subtext?

>> No.19777321

>“A Writing Advice From Hemingway”
>“I’ve Something For You Guys”
he does this because its oh so casually eccentric. i had a "writer" friend that would do the same shit, like make sort-of defensible and questionable grammatical choices, and i think he thought it made him mysterious or unique. His entire style was basically odd choices made for no real reason.
>your channel is a vehicle to convince yourself you are interesting

>> No.19777649

please be a new book. watch it be literally sections of his 'writers diary' or his pseudo-wannabeschizo ramblings or another ""collection of vignettes of the city""" and it just be conversations with homeless people.

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File: 123 KB, 1414x814, there's a tale.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone have a PDF of this kino?

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File: 114 KB, 736x716, chunky.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jaidyn is getting chunky bros...

>> No.19777760
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What did he mean by this?

>> No.19778725

jaidyn might actually be the worst poet of all time

>> No.19778736


>> No.19778738

Jaidyn's twitter feed full of libtard seethe is my favorite neobeat content.

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File: 71 KB, 499x499, 7C271153701_3977954222307103_5779292139629978632_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anyone insecure about approaching women: witness here waldo and retard picking up two hoes each with nothing but promises of being included in the lads' latest attempt at an art collective. chicks love anything that even remotely resembles a cult

>> No.19779036

We should all start out own Circles and report back in 6 months time to compare art hoes.

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File: 63 KB, 500x517, 1635461514708.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>jay's self-blurb

>> No.19779071

speaking of jay, does anyone have the jazz prose video

>> No.19779143

>second from right: MtF tranny
>far right: either a FtM tranny or some sententiously moral nonbinary female
Yeah...it's not looking so good. The only good female in that photo is the rabbit-faced one, and that's only because YOU JUST KNOW she would do anything. The homely fake catholic is not a catch.

>> No.19779148

Also, why did he remove almost all his recent videos?
>Greece travel videos: REMOVED
>Frank the evil typewriter: REMOVED
>post Waldun videos: REMOVED
Something is going on with Jay :(

>> No.19779154

B looks kino

>> No.19779158

well aren't we picky today...and on 4chan of all places!

>> No.19780138

If we're making requests I'd also like to inquire again if anyone has waldun's l'academie release video. there's no way that nobody here downloaded it before he took it down.

>> No.19780622

In a couple months his poems will all be food related

>> No.19780647

What I'm most confussed about is how after the boming off his last book he said he was going to write monthly essays of past memories, but then he never did...

>> No.19780671


>> No.19780676

Adding onto this, he did upload a new installment today... It took him 4 months to write down his morning routine

>> No.19780714

(as alluded to by >>19780676)

>> No.19780733

Based Gardner

>> No.19780782

His writing is just so dogshit. The subject matter is pathetically lazy, it's the exact same schtick as his medium article - he acts like some social outlaw because he wakes up late. he acts like going to a cafe is his life's purpose. he's utterly unfunny. he changes tenses for no reason all the time. I'm now convinced waldun has no idea how to use the word "I've". waldun just fucking sucks.

>> No.19780810

bless you anon

>> No.19780822
File: 21 KB, 950x416, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's so fucking obvious that he's a homosexual. Matt is his new object of desire since Jay left.

>> No.19780846

LOL was just reminded that Waldun called his publishing company Literary Publication

>> No.19780881

>a guy with nice skin
>male friends: "..."
>female friends: "You have such great skin. I'm jealous--you don't even do anything."
>homo gays: "OMG, your skin is amazing! What do you use?"
Checks out.

>> No.19781026
File: 28 KB, 428x600, 1629654502044.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I've something really exciting to announce in a week's time.

>> No.19781031

>An imprint

>> No.19781033

It’s the same with all the /lit/ celebs.
F. Gardner
Even oldfag choices like James Joyce. All VERY obvious homos.

>> No.19781038

I wouldn’t group Joyce in with the other 3 memey ecelebs.

>> No.19781075

ahem, it's

LITERARY. Publication

>> No.19781110

Would take out in a date the girl on the left. Waldun, if you're reading this (and you are), hook me up with her.

>> No.19781116

Tbh given his description from the story, I think Matt is asian or hapa, idk Waldun is just giving off loathing jealousy vibes, as if Matt is the son his father would have wanted

Like a weird version of how some gay people are attracted to guys that are who they wish they were

>> No.19781129
File: 57 KB, 388x525, 5633094.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are you talking about? F. Gardner's understanding of women is clearly well-developed; most likely via serial monogamy and an overly active and rewarding sex life: >>19770612 >>19770825.

>> No.19781135

I still don't get why this nigga gave his novel a french tittle. What was he thinking?

>> No.19781146

>5.15-5.45 a.m. – Morning run + workout
Waldun is seriously a fat retard.

>> No.19781147

nothing else here is worth reading. Dark academia should stay on /fa/

>> No.19781159

This is actually pretty good.

>> No.19781175

stop posting about gardner. he's not funny, never has been

>> No.19781193

Is this a chapter in a longer story or this is the whole thing? Because as a stand alone story is godawful.

>> No.19781198


>> No.19781212

Did he take that down because Americans got offended or because woke Americans thought he was doing an offensive "black" voice, when really it seemed to be a Forrest Gump type Southern thing?

>> No.19781219

Holy shit what a retard. He made a 20 minute video talking about how waking up in the morning is stupid and he meets 1 sexy stud and his life mindset is completely shifted. Waldun needs a backbone

>> No.19781228

i don't think anyone cares enough to be offended. it's more likely he took it down because it was shit. even jay has his limits, believe it or not, and probably came to the conclusion that the video slipped onto the web when he was under the groove monster's spell

>> No.19781235

How does he shift tenses so deftly within a single paragraph? Father above, 'tis otherwordly...

>> No.19781240

I hate his hair. I hate looking at his stupid hair. It's like he's going for a casually disheveled professor look, but he just looks gross and embarrassing.

>> No.19781261

“I’ve” indicates the present perfect “I have” not the possessive “I have”

>> No.19781280

It can be both, you absolute pseud. Have you ever opened a book in your life? All the apostrophe does is replace letter(s). How you use it is up to your pretentious self.

>> No.19781290

I’ve a dog

>> No.19781303

Oh you've a dog? Do you?

>> No.19781311

He've a dog >>19781290

>> No.19781318

>All the apostrophe does is replace letter(s)
esl detected

>> No.19781329

I know you're being a cunt, but it's not "He have".

>> No.19781332

Oh, so it’s he’s a dog?

>> No.19781341


>> No.19781350

It is the same dumb ass logic. If you want it to be possessive you say “I’ve got something.” Learn English, fucking idiot

>> No.19781355


>> No.19781357

Oh, really now? You've must've a lot of knowledge about this have'ven't you?

>> No.19781361

It was singled out in the L'Academie threads and anons probably made fun of it by commenting on his channel as well. My guess is he realized it was embarrassing and tried to scrub it--but some anon had already saved the video and posted the link in those same threads (I found it on warosu). They were obviously aware of what was happening on 4chan and even though they didn't directly address it they reacted to it.

>> No.19781372 [SPOILER] 
File: 395 KB, 3072x1678, 1642718341404.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19781382

Hahaha holyshit

>> No.19781392


>> No.19781397

look at the fucking head on the cunt

>> No.19781399
File: 390 KB, 400x547, C22F764B-596D-4DFE-911A-EBF23564A2BE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i love gardnerposting as much as I love waldunposting

>> No.19781421

Its a standalone, he said hes working on smaller short stories before jumping into another novel

>> No.19781436

This lad is gay for sure, right?

>> No.19781451

Yeah he is the bottom for the MtF tranny in this picture >>19779015. After we took this photo everyone left the bathroom but them. They were in there for quite a while...

>> No.19781465

But it's godawful, man.

>> No.19781470

Why didn't you join them?

>> No.19781486

I thought it wasn't too bad. The American Psycho reference is amusing and the punchline is clever and subvert the expectations. You think he may become a Chad like his friend, but instead he's just happy he's spending less money because now he cooks his own breakfast. It's very relatable.
>So far, I’m no longer easily irritable because I saved $16 every morning by cooking at home.

>> No.19781497

"short story". M-hm. He's just typing mundane garbage. Really. Waldun's blog is the kind of refuse I'd actually delete from my own journal. Like not even I would wanna read that again. It's just so boring. Everything Waldun writes is like the first 2-3 pages you pump out when you're trying to get some writing done, you know, before you have any rhythm or anything interesting to say. He's just a vapid larping cunt.

>> No.19781511

piss off jason

>> No.19781539

>$16 for a breakfast
First worlder are so fucking rich, man. How can you even complain about being poor when a breakfast costs what I make for a full day of work?

>> No.19781554

Because that's the smallest purchase made in the day, and then rent is coming up which is $1200 for a studio apartment in a bad neighborhood.

>> No.19781557

Poverty is relative.

>> No.19781567

>then rent is coming up which is $1200 for a studio apartment in a bad neighborhood
Man, what the fuck. It takes me like 6 months to make that money. First worlder are so spoiled it's insane. You have no clue what poverty is. How aren't you ashamed to complain so much about muh economy?

>> No.19781579

See >>19781557

>> No.19781599

>he doesn't understand what cost of living is

>> No.19781600

This. As a matter of fact, first world countries are as poor or even poorer than third world shit holes, because we may have more money, but everything is more expensive.

>> No.19781616
File: 72 KB, 472x639, Call of the Dead Memes1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Zombie memes

>> No.19781627

I always find bittersweet but also hilarious when spics risk their lives to come here. Don't they understand they are going to be even poorer here because the cost of living is so much higher? With a few hundreds dollars they could live easily as kings in their countries, but here that's not even enough to have a dinner at McDonald's.

>> No.19781648

waldun drives this opinion i've always had which is that this sort of like... tacky, peacoat, typewriter alcoholism as a quirk personality types are basically just weaboos for literature. the peacoat is the naruto headband of the torso

>> No.19781649


>> No.19781652

A big chunk of the economies of several countries is based around people sending money they make in the US back home. Also, there are more Filipinos living outside of the Philippines than inside of it.

>> No.19781673

Australian here. If this gook faggot grew up here we would have bullied this pseudofaggotry right out of him.

>> No.19781692

Nigga, the difference is that after you pay all your bills, you still have hundreds if not thousands of dollars left to invest. Just stop buying breakfast for a month and you have a decent capital already. How the fuck aren't all of you rich?

>> No.19781705

Is this real

>> No.19781712

My neighbor crossed the desert to get here, and he shared a bedroom with two other men. He worked in the same factory for 20 years, sent most of his money back, built a three-story house in his hometown, and then moved back with an American fiancée. Seems pretty based.

>> No.19781744
File: 3.12 MB, 2304x1142, Screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

well put. pic related is a random screenshot from the instagram of the other melbourne booktuber that gets posted here, who is like the female porn parody version of waldun. they're all so banal in their imagined transgression. "dark academia" was a mistake

>> No.19781747

Poorfags like you always complain how rich were are in comparison, yet at the same time we can't even afford to buy houses or start families.

>> No.19781762

>there are more Filipinos living outside of the Philippines than inside of it
That can't be true

>> No.19781770

The problem is that zoomers like Waldun grew up on Tumblr, idealizing lifestyle aesthetics. It's hard to grasp, but I think if you grow up socializing on the internet, you forgot to have a personality. You don't need one. It's just pictures. Waldun lives as if he is a picture of somebody else. Think about it. Developing a personality and a sincere interest in the arts takes time and lots of solitude. The internet is the antithesis of this. And, to their dopamine-addled minds, all it amounts to is pictures anyway, so why not just skip to the pictures? Hence the larp.

>> No.19781771

well they *are* after all the most powerful race

>> No.19781780
File: 9 KB, 275x183, download (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lel, I grew up in the Valley in LA, and there were more flips at my high school than in the Philippines.

>> No.19781790


>> No.19781800

Holy fuck and I thought my ig story was cringe. Do some people lack self-awareness of acting like a cliche?

>> No.19781808

i like his hair.

what is the ethnic background of this gentleman? what kind of name is Waldun? Is it made up?

>> No.19781817

just read:>>19767394, chinko

>> No.19781875
File: 478 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_p2b5sye64y1wgbpcao1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You ever see "mood boards"? They're really popular among zoomer girls, and they "wear" them like clothing. Since you don't actually meet or spend time with your online friends, you communicate your "mood", "vibe", i.e. character via image collages. It's like some sort of advanced hieroglyphics for virtual beings.

Funny, because my cousin posts shit just like this, but there's this giant incongruity because she's just some slob that's never read a book in her life besides that hack Rupi Kaur (sp?). I'm just glad I didn't grow up with this cognitive dissonance, this glaring gap between my crude self and my fucking "mood board".

>> No.19781885 [DELETED] 

>the peacoat is the naruto headband of the torso
Like a baby in a suit
lmfao, i love these threads.

>> No.19781913

Yeah as a 2001 idiot I kinda heard of them but never delved into it. Literally the only way to have a credible aesthetic is to do shit, in my case be a lowlife with some aspirations. But this shit is so infuriating lmao

>> No.19781914

>the peacoat is the naruto headband of the torso
>Like a baby in a suit
lmfao, i love these threads.

>> No.19781924

I mean, you cannot deny it - can you?

>> No.19781929

you're absolutely right anon. i see this trend in music as well: zoomers and younger millennials have so far completely failed to spawn a single memorable artist. they even seem to react negatively to things like colorful personalities and having opinions that veer outside of the accepted norms, deeming such qualities cancel-worthy. nothing must upset the 'vibe'

>> No.19781947

This is the single most hatable thing I've seen on /lit/

>> No.19781960

>who is Olivia Rodrigo?

>> No.19781972


Not that anon, guy, but let's talk about her again in 2 years

>> No.19781980

>who is Charli XCX

>> No.19782024

What about Charli XCX fits that criteria

>> No.19782033

>/mu/ invades.
I'll bite. Fontaines D.C. could be considered a Zoomer band. They're all born around '96 and THEY will be BIG after Skinty Fia drops. They're already big in the "post-punk"/UK music scene, but it's their third album that's going to push them into the mainstream.

Hell even to some extent Shame breached the mainstream a tiny bit with their last album. YouTube featured them for a while when they releases the music video for "Water in the Well". Half the comments were something like, "Woah YouTube music recommended something good for once" or "Glad this got recommended otherwise I never would've heard of Shame." Shame is also a Zoomer band.

>> No.19782045

a nonentity, exactly the type of "artist" a young spoiled girl -- telling her rich dad "i want to be a sing-ah" yet having nothing but a collection of "iconic" moments and images in her head in lieu of real creativity -- would become, a glib facisimile of former greats, a series of poses. a fembot like britney is fran lebowitz in comparison

>> No.19782065

Maybe a tangent, but I see a comparable conundrum happen with people with too much money, as they try to "break into" certain hobbies. I've seen this a lot with extreme extraverts and yuppie types.
>oh cycling to work, that seems cool and progressive
>dopamine rush as i drop 5-10 grand on a decked out bike, safety gear, bike rack for your car, bike insurance, bells and whistles literally
>dopamine rush fades
>hmmm im not "vibing" with this, i should spend more money
>doesnt work
>sell their unused shit on ebay
>rinse and repeat, now with learning to play the vibraphone or whatever quirky shit that catches their attention next

I only see this shit actually work with 1) introverts, and 2) middle class people. Being too rich and being too centered on external validation just instantly kill hobbies.

I feel like there's probably a Huxley novel about this. Did this motif appear in Brave New World? Feels Brave New World-esque. Hopeless attempts to purchase one's personality. Hopelessly wasteful.

>> No.19782084

>I feel like there's probably a Huxley novel about this. Did this motif appear in Brave New World? Feels Brave New World-esque. Hopeless attempts to purchase one's personality. Hopelessly wasteful.
American Psycho, Less than Zero, Rules of Attraction, The Informers...basically all of Bret Easton Ellis' work deals with "anhedonia" in the WASP elite.

>> No.19782085

Well said, and ties in what I said about rich people here >>19782065
Reminds me of plenty of young people in Pasadena. They have artsy parents, uppermiddle class means, but they just don't have grit, nor have any idea what being a human is like. Pasadena is great, but every person I know that grew up there is a big weenie.

>> No.19782099

Goddamn he looks so fucking gay. You can not convince me that he doesn't get his shit-box done in on a friday night.

>> No.19782126

You're right. I read American Psycho like 15 years ago, though, and I only remember being sickened. The satire, if I can call it that, is just far too close and dry. I feel like Huxley would have had a more classy take on that lifestyle, whereas I feel like Ellis is just molesting me.

>> No.19782224

this was not a question of whether zoomers could make music or not, but if there are actual people behind all the songs and charity shop gear and elaborate photoshoots. the UK music scene in the '90s was awash with characters (john harris' last party is an incredible read); i doubt any of the fops you posted are bald enough to shine mark e smith's orthopedic shoes

of course, the blame cannot be put entirely on the kids. they only grew up in this world

>> No.19782236

When does he write?

>> No.19782247

I'm 100% certain Shame met Mark E. Smith and he tacitly approved of them. They talk about it in their KEXP performance.
Also the fact that you're trying to use Mark E. Smith as a yardstick for what makes good music shows you're only about image.

>> No.19782264

in the few minutes when he's done with everything else -- instagram uploads, youtube vids, selecting his outfit. the writing is an afterthought

>> No.19782301

i'm 100% certain that MES will endure longer in the popular imagination than "shame". which was sorta my point all along

>> No.19782304
File: 6 KB, 259x194, download (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Will somebody please, for the love of God, pull a picrel and mimic every post and youtube vid Waldun puts out, only to prove that even in parody form he's incredibly easy to outdo?

>> No.19782337

No one knows who Mark E Smith is outside of Britain, and "post punk" fans. Both are tiny subsets. I also doubt anyone who says they are a fan of The Fall has listened to a significant portion of the band's discography. The dude just shat out shitty record after shitty record. He was all talk and bravado because in every interview he would say inflammatory shit like "All music is SHITE. THE WORLD NEEEEEEEDS THE FALL."

>> No.19782340
File: 37 KB, 500x393, chopsueyspecs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Liquid Waldun arc by some anon wearing these.

>> No.19782362

>in every interview he would say inflammatory shit like "All music is SHITE. THE WORLD NEEEEEEEDS THE FALL."
if only today's acts had one tenth of his marbles

>> No.19782366
File: 5 KB, 256x197, download (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

herro everybody!

>> No.19782410
File: 134 KB, 1080x1080, 272042310_1310958146035107_6387173056426068332_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's over neobeatbros...jay is a yuppie now

>> No.19783040

It works perfectly fine as slang, but yeah, in formal writing it's just sloppy. Especially outside of dialogue.

>> No.19783064


>> No.19783099

This was fine. Why are y'all hating on it so much?

>> No.19783107

beats were always shitty writers in the first place

>> No.19783506

Yeah rc waldun is a made up name in reference to a literary writer, his real name is Robin Wu

>> No.19783511

Exactly. Just like how F. Gardner’s real name is Faggot Gardner.

>> No.19783525

Honestly tho, I work in animation and I saw this all the time in animation school, rich kids who wanted to be Disney artists had their parents buy them all types of tablets that would easily soar past the 1000 dollar mark and their work would look like shit, meanwhile the kids who used pencil and paper or crappy knock off tablets would blow them out of the water because they actually had the passion and the drive to get where they wanted

>> No.19783529

I came here to post this

>> No.19783532


>> No.19783597

>he doesn't add line/indent for every different character speaking dialogue
into the trash it goes

>> No.19783642

Man, I don't know how to explain this rubbing me the wrong way. Firstly, how is he paying rent? He lives in Melbourne right? In the city? He must be paying easily $500 a week rent.

Being Australian probably gives me a special kind of dislike of him. I feel like I can picture this exact kind of person in my mind. I went to Uni with people like him. They are just empty shallow people that are desperate to have an 'identity' so this guy calls himself a writer.

Does anyone else know what I mean?

>> No.19783687


>> No.19784288

My sides

>> No.19785075

Instagram is blocking me from viewing his page because I don't have an account. What's the caption or story here? Last I knew he was back in Yorkshire living with his Grandad, who sounded very based when Jay described him.

>> No.19785230

he's staying in belgravia for 5 months while working as a film grip

>> No.19785415

TBF this McDonald’s thing NEEDED to be addressed. Nobody should be looked down upon for enjoying their nuggies and fries or their scrumptious burgers. And personally, I am thankful Waldun put his credibility as an intellectual on the line to try to correct such an injustice. Walden will FOREVER have my respect and appreciation.

>> No.19786741


>> No.19786860

There really isn't anything to bump until Waldun reveals "what he has in the pipeline", to use his favorite phrase.

>> No.19786874

I just checked his instagram...Turns out the big announcement was another scam course on skillshare.

>> No.19787398

the proses will never flow again

>> No.19787570

I honestly have no idea why Waldun got into skillshare. He doesn't get directly paid from what I was able to understand. Waldun only gets paid if across all his "classes" users spent a combined minimum of 30 minutes taking his "lessons". Then at the point Waldun is eligible for payment from skillshare. But skillshare pays its teachers by distributing 30% of their overall revenue for the month between all teachers. The share you receive is determined by your view counts basically.

So Waldun doesn't get a direct payment for someone watching his class. His first class had 271 or 217 students, and his second class now has 17 students. From what I can tell these are just "extended" YouTube videos. So Waldun has convinced a bunch of retards to subscribe to skillshare which costs $32 a month (once your 1 month free trial runs out) just so these idiots can access a YouTube video he would've posted for free.

>> No.19787617

I would add that Waldun would probably end up making more money off of YouTube than skillshare, based on viewcounts alone.

Waldun can you confirm if you made a decent profit off of your first skillshare video, or would you have been better off uploading it to YouTube?

>> No.19788095

He literally chose the worst. What the fuck is wrong with his artistic and creative sensibilities?

>> No.19788468

Its why they have huge floating heads on movie posters. Human bodies and faces draw the eye even when the composition is awful.

>> No.19788782

Do you honestly think he took that into account? It was probably more like
>The colors are so dark academia and the headphones remind me of my first iPhone.

>> No.19788810

Echo is probably making him grow up.

>> No.19788815

No, I just think he fell victim to that same phenomenon. You are right the colours are very much dark academia though.

>> No.19788818

I think so. Call of F. Gardner is literally the biggest crossover event we have. And the Big Bad in it is the talking kangaroo from another Gardner book. Not making this shit up. Yes I read it and it’s fucking ridiculous. Except it’s clearly not supposed to be. It’s supposed to be a serious horror novel. But it’s filled with increasingly baffling plot points. There’s more this one part in it where the characters spend a chapter drinking cough syrup and smoking weed to solve a puzzle. It’s too retarded to explain why they do this.

>> No.19788821

This puts you to sleep and it's just two paragraphs

>> No.19788822

Sounds kino

>> No.19788866

Call of the Crocodile had moments like that. Like the part where the dad gets drunk in public and drinks a beer with a single gulp. While his kids just watched in confusion. Then it continues on with its grimdark narrative.

>> No.19788876

A kangaroo? Yea sounds autistic enough for gardener. In Jigoku the villain was an angsty shota who wanted to use a magic wish to make everyone in the world have cancer.

>> No.19788998

i saw shame in like 2018 with me and my friends and literally one other guy. this other guy was an actual fan (we went in completely blind) and was singing every song word for word right up front. the lead singer ended the set by spitting on him lol.

>> No.19789116

>It’s too retarded to explain why they do this.
They do it because so-and-so found the door to the Ouroboros Cult's lair by smoking DMT, so they take a shitload of cough medicine and smoke a shitload of joints in order to recreate the effects. And the pacing is similar to the whole beer chug from CotC, so it comes across like they manage to chain smoke dozens of joints in like half a minute. And later in the novel the guy tries to slap some sense into his girlfriend and the pacing is the same, so it's like one of those extended Family Guy bits, he's relentlessly slapping the shit out of her for half a page.

What I didn't fucking understand was the two computer brains interlinking the mandela universes. How did they get to the conclusion that they were supposed to pour soda on them?

>> No.19789423

present tense > past tense > present tense

>> No.19789483

Fuck you Gardner.

>> No.19789587

That’s a good point. I guess I got filtered. I just don’t think it’s as good as some of his other stuff like Jigoku and Ouroboros. I don’t agree that Croc is the best of the bunch but that seems to be the /lit/ favorite.

>> No.19789594

As I was saying >>19789587
I think that one’s one of the stronger Horror’s call books. My only real complaint is that it seemed kind of removed from the rest of the universe the books establish other than the tournament part

>> No.19790128

She is definitely no longer with him lol. I think that is why he removed the Greece travel videos. I think she left him in Greece.

>> No.19790724

are all students who are into shit like literature this cringe?
t. too stupid for uni so wouldn't know

>> No.19790728

>literally who?
>1200 likes on the gram
you are a crab in a bucket. kys

>> No.19790789

No. In a Literature class you will typically see one person like this. Unfortunately, due to them being a minority among their classmates, this fuels their narcissism, causing them to believe they are truly destined for greatness. I will also add you will typically see one, maybe two, extremely liberal SJWs, one DFW type guy, and then everyone else is a normal human being.

>> No.19790853

i really, really like burroughs desu
but hes more of a greatest generation late bloomer psychotic aristocrat

>> No.19791257

How has he not yet realised how embarrassing he is? Does he really think great writers spend their time posing for photographs in $200 cardigans before putting them up on instagram? How does he not see this is silly?

>> No.19791270

Because he's making YouTube money now and can live le flaneur lifestyle lit wagies can only dream up. Keep seething

>> No.19791297

Walden hired a ghost writer for his 3rd book.

>> No.19791309

He is delusional and will never produce anything of value. All the YouTube money in the world will not change that.

>> No.19791340

thats probably the best decision honestly he just wants the attention anyways and he cant keep up the facade of being muh eccentric writer if he keeps writing dogshit

>> No.19791373

>making youtube money
>average of about 9-15k views a video
Bro's making like 10k off of youtube at most c'mon

>> No.19791388

Everything teenagers/college students do is cringe. The purpose of teenage garage bands or activist groups or street gangs isn't to make music or to affect actual political change or whatever. It's to gather up a group of people who won't dispute the self-image you're trying to cultivate, which you probably got from watching a movie or something. Everyone outside of the group knows you're all fake as shit, the leaders of the group know they're fake as shit, but there's a few hangers-on who will never be able to tell the difference so they go along with it.

I think Waldun does legitimately like literature, but his efforts point out the main issue with "creative writing" as a topic of instruction in schools. Creativity is sharpened by necessity, and nobody who lives a life guided by necessity is going to spend four years studying literature. They're going to be working to lessen the urgency of their lives. Hence why the Nobel prize winners and NYT bestsellers are so hollow and vapid. Eighteen years of privileged childhood followed by four years of college does not lead to a person who can relate to the common man. It leads to an overgrown child, a sophomore in the school of life who believes they're a graduate. On page 61 of this link (https://cdn-cms.f-static.com/uploads/1608183/normal_5bdc589c32323.pdf) is the story which made me cancel my subscription to Esquire magazine.

Like I can picture some effete college graduate scraping their bloated, overstuffed brain for some nugget of genuine life experience, and coming up with absolutely nothing. And then they see a news report about Black Friday and the lightbulb turns on. They write something like "The Friday Black" and then sit back to clap themselves on the shoulder, thinking they really fucking nailed the problem with society these days. Maybe next they will try to encapsulate the millennial experience by droning on about Baudrillard. And afterwards: what if Twitter was real life?

>> No.19791393

What's the source for this?

>> No.19791440

>a man walks out onto the stage
>he was holding a microphone
>he taps the microphone
are you fucking kidding me, what are these tenses

>> No.19791467


>> No.19791505

The indie lit scene in aus knows

>> No.19791551

Got any evidence for that beyond hearsay?

>> No.19791740

Nice try, robin

>> No.19791741

What’s with the crab in bucket mentality against writers here? I see shitposters in threads about Waldun, F Gardner and Jason Bryan every now and then. Jealousy? I don’t see an issue with supporting books from here.

>> No.19791754

It’s one guy who hates them. So yea. You can tell this because the posts are always the same.

>> No.19791770

It's also one guy who posts about them in a positive light as well. You can tell for the same reason you gave. The posts are always the same.

>> No.19791775

You don't find his pretentiousness annoying? He is more in love with what he perceives to be the aesthetic of writing than he is the writing itself. How does this not irk you in some way as someone who, presumably, genuinely enjoys reading? People have a natural eversion towards fakes, and it makes sense to call them out.

>> No.19792494

Waldun just seems like a Youtuber who enjoys talking about literature. F Gardner just seems like someone who enjoys writing. I assume so since he has so many books. Same with The Shitkickers guy. Why put people down for doing something they love?

>> No.19792541

Didn't his self-insert character read Nausea then immediately start feeling nauseous? Or am I mixing that up with something else? I wouldn't know, I never read it.

>> No.19792549

>I thought his books were terrible

>> No.19792569

>waldun just fucking sucks.
He writes like a 10th grader doing the bare minimum writing really gayly to try to cheese his English teacher into giving him a good grade, except Waldun's doing it 100% unironically, and even worse, he thinks he's a literary god for it.

>> No.19792581

Excuse me sir, but do you've the time? You've it? Either you've or you'ven't.

>> No.19792597

stop advertising your garbage here holy shit lmao

>> No.19792973
File: 32 KB, 851x174, waldun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let's end the thread with this kino from a couple of hours ago.

>> No.19793004

because they're not doing it well. that includes you, jason

>> No.19793019

that quote is awesome!!! :)) where can I buy that on a block cutout to put in the kitchen next to live laugh love

>> No.19793036
File: 446 KB, 854x429, img.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Waldun is an empty husk, there's nothing beyond the thin veneer of sophistication. I can't stand listening to him for more than 5 minutes because not only are all his ideas the kind of things high school kids think is deep, but also he has such a poor understanding of the English language he consistently misuses figures of speech and has a very strange speaking pattern.

He loves the idea of being a writer, the aesthetics, cardigans, black coffee, typewriters, and photography --- but he doesn't like writing.

In essence, Waldun's essence is captured by the way he dresses. A very intentionally disheveled yet sophisticated look. So much effort put into making it seems like he just doesn't care, but it screams of "Pay attention to me!" in a very sad way.

Waldun, I know you browse 4chan. If you want to write, that's great. But please focus on improving your craft. Realize that you are a novice writer, no different from Joe Schmoe in a dirty t-shirt and jeans from Walmart. No amount of blazers will change that. You're not an academic and that's fine. Your aesthetics are fine, that's the entire reason for what semblance of success you have. Realize the emptiness of it though. You're, as the kids say, a poser.

>> No.19793041

who/what decides who you're supposed to be and what you're supposed to create? god? family? society? i'd wager that most of the writers, to pick something topical, who have endured have been people who toiled under various rigid structures and managed to make great work anyhow

>> No.19793065

At least "live, love, laugh" hangs together. Yeah, it's vapid but Waldun just creates the idea of an idea with improper grammar.

>> No.19793072

Why didn't he just write Joe as an ESL chinaman? He has a real talent for capturing that accent.

>> No.19793079

Part of having an accent is not realizing you have an accent. Waldun definitely thinks he speaks with 100% correct grammar, erudition, and eloquent elocution.

>> No.19793138

Gardner's writing is pretty good.

>> No.19793164

Fuck off Gardner. This is a Waldun thread.

>> No.19793165

Yeah, maybe in bizarro /lit/, but not on planet Earth.

>> No.19793225


Walden is an afflicted freak with a speech impediment. Can you not see or hear correctly?

>> No.19793508

Its because they aren't very good and any attempt to promote them comes across as insincere and hollow. Waldun hasn't done much to rile up /lit/, because he doesn't post or advertise here at all, we just don't like him because he's pretentious and popular and reflects a growing trend of literature which is utterly divorced from the day-to-day life of most readers, and furthermore lacking in talent or substance.

If Jason Bryan and F Gardner had just purchased ads and made a couple threads they probably wouldn't get so much hate. But instead they both clogged up the catalog and any thread remotely related to writing with desperate pleas for us to spend money on their shit. They tend to meet criticism by shoving their fingers in their ears. After a while, we stopped asking ourselves "what can this guy do to improve?" and started asking ourselves "how can we make this guy shut up?"

>> No.19793535

You're right, Anon.

>> No.19793560
File: 288 KB, 1750x2500, adult-banana-costume.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He hired me, AMA.

>> No.19793566

I'm something of an autist on /lit/ shill authors, and I've determined a hierarchy of quality based on which prime author the shill author looks up to:
>References or compares themselves to RC Waldun
Means the author is borderline delusional and utterly lacking in talent. Exceptionally peculiar in that Waldun, in regards to /lit/, is something of a borrowed meme. This includes Jason Bryan and F Gardner.
>References or compares themselves to F Gardner
Severely lacking in talent and fully delusional about not just their work but their general reception on the board, sometimes attempting to convince us that we love their work. Includes John David Card and Stephen Rush
>References or compares themselves to Eric Baker
Fully delusional about their talent but highly receptive to mockery, typically engaging with each poster at length in an attempt to "debunk" their criticism. Includes Horia Belcea and Thomas Thompson.

>> No.19793596

waldun is funny because he's apparently unaware of his own deficiencies, as we saw with the long hype cycle and subsequent massacring of l'academie, which was eventually withdrawn before its street date. waldun would never post on 4chan, he probably thinks you get flooded with malware and gore just by visiting (but *if* waldun threads are in fact made by him, then he's truly a master of self-shilling, though i don't know what brand he would be building -- retarded chink booktuber? -- or what he would gain from all this. nobody bought his books and hatewatched youtube monies can't amount to much)

gardner is not and has never been funny because he was inextricably linked to 4chan from the very beginning, with the ads, which makes all gardnerposting reek of meme forcing attempts. him incorporating /lit/ into his "books" is just another tired and desperate move

tl;dr reverse midas falling ass-first into his own diaper will always be funnier than meta-ironic snickering

>> No.19793599

He's a pretentious zoomer who is also vapid. He wants to be taken seriously but he's the epitome of style of substance. Reading his stuff is actually a pretty fun part of the culture on this board. Also, he's gay; noticing the subtext in his writing and the way he conducts himself is pretty hilarious. He's a near-perfect representation of the vapidity and shallowness that goes along with pretentious pseuds.
>F. Gardner
This guy literally asks for it. He openly asks people to give him a cum tribute (he's upset it hasn't happened yet) and loves having memes made of him. He's also (overly) aggressive when it comes to defending creative output (no matter how bad it is) to the point where he'll get angry and stubbornly refuse to hear even positive/constructive criticism.
>Jason Bryan
I wouldn't be surprised if he's the one I'm actually replying to here. He pimps himself out on random threads that have nothing to do with him which is a social faux pas so obvious that even the most autistic people on this board can spot it. He seems like a nice enough guy but if you read his stuff you instantly recognize it as midwit tier observations from a normie who thinks he's edgy. In other words--it's obvious he's from Vancouver.

Is paying attention to any of this healthy? Probably not. We could be reading or spending time on other threads. However, if you find following this type of shit fun and can get a laugh out of it, why not? The threads will attract all types just like most other threads on this board. Decide who you want to communicate with and go from there or just don't go into them. Writing it all off as jealousy towards these people (a guy with a dwindling YouTube fanbase that are growing up and out of his bullshit faster than he is doing, a guy whose main literary influence is R.L. Stine who can't tell the difference between positive/negative attention, and a guy who wants to be taken seriously but comes off as a normie douche) misses out on why it's fun to watch. Even the pathetic people who are actually jealous of them are interesting. If you aren't entertained just go read.

>> No.19793644

Good analysis. Jason Bryan seems to have had a mid-life crisis after his divorce, which focused on writing the next great novel. His explanation of his opening paragraph made it seem like there is some artistry in his writing, or at least an attempt at artistry, but honestly I don't want to read some Canadian's version of Kick-Ass with right-leaning social commentary.

>> No.19793691

I should have added that a big part of Waldun is his apparently complete lack of self-awareness. Wondering if he'll ever catch on. It's sheer hubris.

>> No.19793713
File: 556 KB, 928x2772, Creative Boring.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uh oh. Is he depressed?

>> No.19793735

>Even the pathetic people who are actually jealous of them are interesting.
It's people like John David Card and Stephen Rush who really fascinate me. How can a person look at any discussion surrounding Call of the Crocodile and think there is a possibility of riding Gardner's coattails?

I've been following this trend from the beginning and its an interesting weird little subculture. There has so far been no real reward for achieving 4chan fame and yet people are tripping over themselves in a constant race of self-abasement to try and snatch the prize. It reminds me of before Vice got cucked.

>> No.19793742

i'd be depressed too if i was such a wet fart of a person

>> No.19793751

I have mutuals with her and the amount of money she has made from her book is fucked lmao.

>> No.19793757

Say what you will about Waldun, but I would say this is pretty sound advice. That little epiphany at the end is evidence that he might start putting out some decent work soon.

Writing is an activity, not a lifestyle. Maybe he'll drop the "student of life" stuff soon.

>> No.19793765
File: 357 KB, 729x724, 1630348605447.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>“On Sun Swallowing is a sweet and bloody collection of poetry, prose and journal extracts, dancing in the spaces between skinned knees and red wine, satin and switchblades, rosaries and Dionysian ecstasy. Her writings are haunted by the ghosts of girlhood, god/s, lovers and the landscape of childhood, but Warren is unflinching - she haunts her ghosts in return, with sharp lyricism and cutthroat vulnerability.

>On Sun Swallowing explores shadowy emotion, at times in a whisper, at times in a scream. Think: cheap cigarettes, even cheaper wine, and an oath to reach hell by midnight and be home in time for work in the morning.”

i hate normalfags

>> No.19793843

>wavered me away
>Rueben sandwich
I see his is still the supreme ESL we all know and love.
>Sitting a bar wishing I was home reading
Surprised he didn't also say how his feet hurt.
I also wouldn't be surprised if this post was motivated by this thread.

>> No.19793850

>call someone an ESL
>typed his instead of he
Waldun...I kneel

>> No.19793854

F. Gardner...I kneel

>> No.19794011

>That little epiphany at the end
But then you remember he probably spends 5% of his day organizing his dark academia outfits

>> No.19794113

Because Call of the Crocodile is the most well known piece of literature that has ever come out of this shithole. Notice how no one mentions other F. Gardner books? He’s a one hit wonder.

>> No.19794128

>gardner openly asks for a cum tribute

Excuse me...........What?

>> No.19794184

Asian bussy is the most grateful and acquiescent bussy.

>> No.19794410

great thread lads. see you all in the next one.

>> No.19794666

I've bought L'Academie knowing nothing about this guy but the stuff you spout here. What am I in for? Will I get the memes?I don't read that much.

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