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Is it true that he didn't write his plays?

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Uhh I think you mean SHE, chud? And yes, you are correct, SHE didn't write them, because women can't write anything good

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Partially true. "he" didn't exist at all. William Shakespeare was created by King Chad Smith VI of the United Kingdom because the original creator of the plays was a Ethiopian woman named Willianiqua Shakespariquisha and Britain would never accept any plays written by a black woman.

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Sheik Pir

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Define "is," "it," "true," "he," "write," "his," and "plays."

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more like william FAKEspeare (LOLE!!) Epic Fortnite win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Bard??????? More like the Fard (DOUBLE LOLE DOUBLE LOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
btw i am the real authro of shakespeare's plays, ama

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