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tolkien bros i don't feel so good...

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based basedman btfoing lotrfags

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That’s all well and good. However, you look like the soi meme unironically, so your opinion is not valid. Try again later.

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not even controversial apart from the "chosen one" bit

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The one about LOTR isn’t even an opinion

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i've never read lord of the rings and i never will
life's too short
i'd rather read proust

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Orcs are also a tired trope, come up with something original, Tolkien.

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Chuck Wendig is such a stereotypical soiboy that it almost circles around into being charming how predictable and shitty his takes are. He is an Orc. A member of a once proud race, tortured and misshapen by modernity into becoming a parody of everything his civilization represents.

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I agree worldbuilding isn't plot. But by fantasy standards I don't think Tolkien was so explicit.

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There is a variant of soiboy that is almost masculine in the sheer shamelessness of their soi endeavors. These guys sometimes transmogrify into a kind of deranged version of based as they develop and the culture war passes them by. You can see that Chuck here actually has a kind of strong physiognomy in his way, a pronounced chin and his eyes are not round and fearful like the true soi. He belongs to the general ranks of faggotry but you could imagine a healthy society making use of him in another manner. These types have been warped into what they are by a very unnatural culture which eats away at their base instincts. He is making gay statements about Tolkien because he feels like being a dick in a non serious way but he cant quite come out the based side due to his environment.

Also I have zero clue who this guy and just made all this up based on that image

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There is no chosen one in LOTR.

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>Cuck Windbag
This guy's such a meme it's hard to feel anything about his retardation. He's just got no personality. He has the exact takes and talents (as in, lack thereof) of any oversocialized Nietzschean last-man. It's like getting upset over the randomized musings written by a computer program. How can you feel anything to such a man anymore than you feel to a strong wind? It has no fate, no destiny, and no agency. Mere incident.

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I agree. He feels more like a phenomena than a person. He exemplifies everything wrong with modernity it's hard to think of him as an actual agent with a will of his own, such is his slavery to his consumerist technocratic drives.

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I just heckin LOVE the mystery and intrigue of a heckin good PLOT!

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proust? thats not literature

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Based baasedfag !!!????

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Sounds and looks like a left wing faggot

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But there is no Chosen One in LotR. The quest to destroy the ring was thrusted on Frodo just because he had it, and Bilbo met Gollum by mere chance.

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That's not just any left wing faggot, that's the avatar of soi incarnate.

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I don't get it. What RPG manuals has he been reading? Who's the chosen one?

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There is a spectre haunting terminally online Gen-X men, the spectre of The Oatmeal

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What an idiot. I'm not even a LOTR fan but it's not a "Chosen One" themed series. Neither could it be "tired" because LOTR was one of the first landmark fantasy series which set the tone for the genre.

First of all Frodo isn't some a homeric epic hero in top form and with complete mastery of his prowess. He has no special powers and is not chosen by fate. In fact, the ring falls into his hands entirely by chance. He's a fragile and skittish midget who needs help and encouragement from his friends to get anywhere. It's a team effort hence "the fellowship." What a shit take.

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>He has no special powers and is not chosen by fate. In fact, the ring falls into his hands entirely by chance. He's a fragile and skittish midget who needs help and encouragement from his friends to get anywhere. It's a team effort hence "the fellowship."
No one would read this if it were released today. "A story about a useless halfling? No thanks".

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I mean Frodo is "chosen", nobody else could have accomplished the task other than him. Old soibeard is just missing the point that it's because of historical circumstance and the providence of God that this is so. Frodo isn't "chosen" because of his own prowess, or skill, or anything intrinsic to him as a person. He's graced by God with a special role in the history of the world, one he didn't ask for but must accomplish none the less.

Furthermore it's precisely because Frodo is so average and unassuming that he's able to do what is asked of him. It's the triumph of someone poor in spirit over the material evils of the world.

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>the chosen one
There was no chosen one. Whilst a cut above his peers, Frodo was still a hayseed from the shires; and he remained so. Aragorn was a mere ranger and a vagrant for the vast majority of his life. He actively denied whatever status was afforded to him and, when he does finally accept it, Aragorn only uses this status to aid the protagonist. I don't think "being next in the line of succession in a society that resembles the middle ages" really qualifies as being the chosen one anyway. The story isn't about Aragorn or his struggles. His coronation is secondary at best.

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> Chuck
You know what sort of operation basedboy Chuck used to run, don'tcha?

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And, yes, Frodo ends up traumatised by his experiences (most of which involved fleeing, hiding and being terrified). This is hardly the typical arc of the chosen one.

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What's wrong with owning a feed and seed business?

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I think he means Aragorn, not Frodo.

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fck u talking retard, in the book Frodo tried to get rid of the ring countless times and was never the chosen one.

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Aragorn is only singled out in that he happens to be the leader of his family/clan when the ring was found, or rather found to be THE ring. Had Gandalf discovered it 70 years earlier, Aragorn would not have been part of the story, and Bilbo would have been the one to carry it rather than Frodo.

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>cuck wendig

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>spending some effeminate weakling go on and on about how he thinks the female anus is gross when you could be reading about a christ substitute doing cool fantasy things

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Their white ships with white sails

Tolkien is the king of world building and if you cant appreciate it on that leval alone, maybe genre fiction just isnt for you.

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He was chosen as a tool to fulfil Gods providential will. Did you miss the fact that the history of Arda was already set by the Song of the Valar? Frodo was destined to do what he did, things could never have happened any other way.

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Outside of the PROLOGUE in which Tolkien goes over the history of the Shire, he never assaults the reader with world-building. It's all introduced gradually, as it should be, and often through broken references that aren't elaborated on in paragraph after paragraph of peripheral exposition. It's the opinion of a poor reader.

That firm deterministic view makes every single person, animal and insect a chosen one anyway, so it doesn't matter. Frodo is not singled out by anything but chance, or what appears to be chance to the inhabitants of Middle-Earth.

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Right. And I explicitly said there is nothing intrinsically special about Frodo that makes him any more worthy to fulfil this task than any other person. He was graced by God.

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I hadn't read your previous post. I'm not the anon you were replying to.

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Sorry, I was agreeing with you. Just making the point to this retard >>19596100 who mouthed off.

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>life's too short
imagine the irony if spending time to post this phrase on a Tibetan yak-herding forum

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It's funny because whenever I contemplate on the brevity of life, it motivates me to complete the Tolkien Legendarium

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I don't care about what some blue checkmark thinks and neither should you.

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what a fag

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This guy was such a faggot that even the hardcore libtards at Disney thought he was over the line.

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>current release is based around a family's return to their spooky house
>whines about tired tropes
The ironing.

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Anyways, having the Chosen One be a supporting character isn't really that common.

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>This 100 year old book is tiiiirreeedd.

Of course he looks like that.

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I dont think Aragorn qualifies as a chosen one. He is the descendent of the kings of Numenor, and as such he is, by the laws of men, the rightful king. There is nothing mystical or chosen about that. Hes just the lawful king.

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Isn't that the guy who tried to take down archive.org?

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Had the ring been found 100 years earlier it would have probably been Aragorn's father who was advised by Gandalf to return to Gondor.

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Imagine being filtered by Tolkien...

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Oh my God this fucking generation? Who is this CHUCKLEFUCK? who does he think he is? A child in diapers presenting his disgusting opinion.

If you have any decency and normalcy left in you you will knock at his house and literally beat his ass with the LOTR book.
Spoiled brat, I bet his books are complete shit or worse he didn't even write anything.

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this is satire

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>loads unpopular opinion shotgun

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Wasn't he kicked out from Star Wars because of some Trump rant on Twitter, which was embarrassing even from Disney standards?

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It's funny because the Prime Evil in LOTR isn't destroyed by Good, but rather Evil itself - and there's no Chosen One in the book, although some might argue that Aragorn is one.

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i can never tell if everyone is actually retarded or they're just pretending to be retarded for attentionjhhyr

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>Spoiled brat, I bet his books are complete shit or worse he didn't even write anything.
He is, unfortunately, a 'writer'. See >>19596106

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But it wasnt, because things are done according to the "prophecy" of the Song of Valar. You silly goose.

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This, if you are fat and weak your opinions are invalid.

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>Tolkien's writing looks like an RPG manual
allium-sipping retard exposes himself to be ignorant american scum who knows wotc better than literature

bet he's an atheist too, and the son of protestants to boot, of course he doesn't understand Tolkien

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based he's an uruk hai of the baby-soft white hand

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How the fuck does LotR have a "The chosen one" trope?
Also if you start a tweet with *loads unpopular opinion shotgun* you should fucking die

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This is about the average level of quality for Sci-fi / fantasy people will deny it because they hate the author especially but schlock like this is everywhere

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i agree with him on world building not equating plot
I've read several fantasy stories where they have autistically dense and mapped out worlds and then the plot is about some literally me self insert who wants to marry the princess or some other generic bullshit.
i want to be entertained by the world you crafted not study it for my PhD thesis

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>*loads unpopular opinion shotgun*
This is unironically based. From now on I plan to write this before copy pasting my ragebait from twitter.

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>how he thinks the female anus is gross
he says that?

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Literature on long term effects of sitcom jew brain?

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Its not, and you are a kike.

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Is it weird if i thought this tweet was kind of cute

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it's not weird, it's terrible

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Nothing. I'm saying that the Twitter fag owned the business before the feed and seed shop.

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it would be cute if it was a teenage girl posting this, but its a full grown adult man

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>the fag who inserted his BRAPing fetish into an official Star Wars novel has awful opinions on actual literature
Color me surprised

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frodo wasn't chosen to do anything. he chose to do it and got fucked in mind and body because of it.

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>the Chosen One is a tiiiiiired narcissistic trope
oy vey! enough with the anti-Semitism

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Why is this whore writing in present tense

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frodo wasn't even the chosen one. the ring picked him (temporarily) as an owner but the fellowship realistically could have sent anyone, they just picked him because he was a hobbit and already had the ring, what else do you need.

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Aragorn most definitely is something of a subversion of "chosen one" plots. Even Sauron basically treats him as such, and indeed the ruse they play on him relies on Sauron treating Aragorn as a type of "chosen one" character: guy whose destiny is foreseen in song, fulfills said destiny and defeats the evil overlord through his specialness.

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Gandalf does suggest that Frodo was "meant to have" the Ring, and "not by its maker". Basically Eru pulled strings to make the ring arrive to Bilbo and subsequently to Frodo.

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soibois...we can't stop winning...

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There is very little "worldbuilding" in LotR specifically. Tolkien does take his time describing the environment around him, but outside of the prologue and appendices we get very little insight about the actual cultures of middle-earth. Much is maybe hinted at or referenced, but Tolkien does not waste much time dwelling on things that aren't plot or theme relevant (and the descriptions of environments to some degree are theme relevant as LotR is also a novel that praises nature).

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Chuck's Feed and Seed?

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reminder sauron was canonically a conlanger

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I hate this fag so much, and everybody like him. Genuine hate, disgust. Repulsion. In a perfect world he'd end up brutally tortured.

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must be hard for NPCs to build a mental cenario
don't blame him

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>world building is not plot
false and midwit tier.

>the chosen one is a tired narcissistic trope
true, has been for centuries yet normies keep eating it up so probably won't go away.