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Not mine. Foucault is based, and filters most on /lit/ for a reason.

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I hate this faggot so much.

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I hate this nigga like you wouldn't belive

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cioran's hilarious, what are you talking about

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>I hate this faggot so much.

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>Anti cancel culture
>Anti sjw
>Anti Psychiatry
No wonder /lit/troons hate him

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this is my arch nemesis desu, not because he is wrong but because I want him to be wrong

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Nietzsche for me. Relativism does not make sense and we have known this for thousands of years. You cannot make the statement "everything is an opinion; there are no facts" mean anything no matter how you try to weasel about with language. The only actual meaning it has is that peoples beliefs are biased by their self interest among other things, which everyone already knew.

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are you 5

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So why is Foucault hated again?

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conservative backlash?

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Most of his detractors haven't read him and are instead expressing their dislike of his admirers.

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>writes one book which happens to be the peak of analytic philosophy
>The world is everything that is the case
Name a bigger autist than this. Continental philosophy will always be superior.

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Like him or not, Foucault DID help establish the modern anti-vax movement, and he took doctors (and especially psychiatrists) down a few pegs in terms of their reputations.

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correct me if i’m wrong but is his take on rape that it is about power and not a sexual impulse? why can’t these things go hand in hand? if it were merely about power than why not just physically assault a woman?

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Start with the Pyrrhonists and Academics

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Not really. Remember, he was obsessed with SYSTEMS of power and control. Any individual rape might be motivated by any number of things, but he tried to look at 'rape' in the systematic sense (mass-rapes during wartime, for example) in terms of a broader scheme of state control.

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I don’t think Foucault is responsible for that feminist dogmatism

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you don't care about truth though. you don't care about actual insight. you only care about impressing thots and other pseuds.

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Many such cases. I wonder how his ideas would be received poltards if they came from someone like Evola. Foucault is definitely one of the most interesting philosophers (sociologist?) for current times

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Isn’t it funny Foucault gets accused of being a commie by the right and a cryptofascist by the left? A great troll through and through, he will always have a soft spot in my heart for putting this absolute liberal shit heap in his place

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no way anyone on /pol/ would be able to read fookaw

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Pyrrho is fine but if you want to go with him you cannot make statements like the ones nietzsche makes.

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it’s not feminist to say most rape is motivated by an internal insecurity of power as a continuation of state violence, it’s a blatant observation of reality. If rape did not carry those connotations they would just be coomers who watched anime. Feminism came far after this basic fact…

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True, true, but Nietzsche is hyperbolic. He is not dogmatic. And besides, I’ve seen two similar quotes attributed to him. One is “there are no moral facts, only moral interpretations of facts” (which seems unobjectionable) and “there are no facts, only interpretations” (less sound), but I feel like the second is a misguided truncation of the first. Anyway, I may be wrong

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Its motivated by the desire to stick your dick in something. Most animals rape sometimes

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Not really an arch nemesis, but I do hate how a subgroup of /lit/ keeps sucking his dick like he's the next plato or something.

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Yes, 5 inches inside your mooom!!!

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Literally who?

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if we’re talking about violent penetrative rape and not “she was drunk / didn’t say no / I want horny” etc etc. Than it absolutely is more than that, see the anon above citing war time rape as a form of control.

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It can be more than that but it can also just be a sexual impulse. Again, rape is a common phenomenon in the animal world

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it stems from a sexual fetish that includes domination. power is certainly involved, but it begins and ends with a sexual desire.

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Some failed Canadian progressive author, who failed at making genre fiction, who also failed at getting his PhD in philosophy.

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Are you gonna quote Bronze Age pervert at me

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He was a pedophile allegedly

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sure that’s a lot more contextual and developed of a thought than “it’s not about power” though. Rapes are either from an objectification (sex doll etc) or a place of anger

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Yes and?

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Do you think we didnt evolve?

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Libtards just deny evolutionary psychology altogether

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Yes, human beings evolved to be social animals. Evopsych is phrenology tier social Darwinist pseudoscience

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>evolved to be social animals
This is a statement of evolutionary psychology, you are aware of that right lol

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you are actually retarded

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Lol go listen to your joe rogan podcast about activating Keto almonds retard

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Ok, but phrenology is literally correct, and AI will prove it

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>evolutionary ps(o)ychology
Read this. Not a field worth paying attention to.

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The prevalence of rape in humans is a sign that it is one evolutionary strategy used, though it has obvious dangers.

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Gonna cry?

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It's Jason Segel

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he doesn't give a fuck about petty power dinamics, he talks about systemic and institutional power

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>systemic and institutional power
not really, he explicitly ignores structuralist critiques of legal systems and government for the real "below the surface" dynamics of power, for example

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it actually lines up v well with lenin's assertion that the state and its institutions are just instruments of real class power, and BTFOs orthodox anarchist moralism over the state as the ultimate evil

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Can someone refute this?

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>Judith Butler
Refuted itself.

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This. I hate him too.

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This gay retard
Sadly he's already dead

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I hate this subhuman. I have bipolar and in mania this cunt makes too sense. I hate it as a Philosophical Pessimist because only suffering is real. The overwhelming sense of beauty in mania is an illusion.

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how so. there's nothing about foucault vaccines on wikipedia or from a brave search.

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So gay. I have bp I and mania is fun and you haven’t treated your depression.

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It's just the logical end product of philosophical idealism, and more specifically postmodern philosophy. Since language is regarded as an arbitrary ascription overlaying an absence, there being no real essential self, we can use words whichever way we please. The issue with Butler's argument is that words may be arbitrary and we can change which words we use but there still are underlying biological realities which are not necessarily neatly separable from the social categories. By making words and language arbitrary they have ironically elevated words and identity categories to the level of Godhood.

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>we can use words whichever way we please.
jesus no. read derrida

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I like my misery.

How does the mania episode feel?

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How can you claim to be a pessimist if your suffering is self-imposed. You’re just a retard. And it’s like being high and you have sudden enthusiasm for the world like you’re experiencing everything for the first time again. There’s also tunnel vision that keeps you going from one thing to the next like you’re living stream of consciousness. Also lots of synchronicity and people acting weird around you like women peacocking directly at you and talking about what you’re thinking. Idk if you can have a bad high like shrooms.


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Lacan is a huge pseud. But it's probably Jung

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>How can you claim to be a pessimist if your suffering is self-imposed. You’re just a retard
I not too keen on telling my stories. And by philosophy pessimism I mean metaphysics of suffering. It's not just about my personal life or psychology.

>And it’s like being high and you have sudden enthusiasm for the world like you’re experiencing everything for the first time again. There’s also tunnel vision that keeps you going from one thing to the next like you’re living stream of consciousness.
I exactly experience this. Not too sure about synchronicity.

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>It's not just about my personal life or psychology.
Uhh, your mood determines your interests and affects your memory. If you’re mildly depressed all the time you can have trouble concentrating which can fuck your whole life up and you can’t socialize like normal. Thinking you’re into deep philosophy when you actually don’t have fulfilling relationships is max cringe.

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They deleted the criticism section.

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Absolute retard

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Feminists abandoned it when migrants started coordinating sexual assaults. The implications would have been too much for them.

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>The world is everything that is the case
it makes sense in German

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stop projecting your creepy interracial fetish /pol/tard

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Not really, liberal white feminists are pretty openly racist

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literal pedarast and fr*nch also

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I'm not wrong. I'm not saying words themselves have meaning. It's the fact that words and letters have no meaning in themselves but only endlessly defer towards other signs which makes it so it doesn't matter how we use them. I can for example make up a word like Differance.... Our use of words of course will never reveal anything true about things in themselves, following Derrida, but since they are arbitrary well now I can just say whatever. It won't be True, of course, but neither will anything expressed via language. And so one can see how this leads to Butler's formulation. Linguistic binaries, like gender, have no real meaning in themselves and no reference to real nature but obscure the true diversity contained within these linguistic categories. So we're free to change them as we like. Read more Derrida.

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It's gotta be butterfly

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Dr Seuss

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hahah buddy, you're abusing the meaning of 'arbitrary'. words themselves are arbitrary but the interior content is not. derrida points out the functioning of this metaphysics of language - that words are arbitrary because they efface themselves before a fully present and accessible intelligible content (meaning). his argument about presence of meaning being deferred doesn't suddenly permit everyone to make shit up because it still borrows from a shared language. it's just a functional view of that shared system that must remain within that system because there would be no ability for me to even converse with you without it.
for 'differance' it is a fortuitous pun because it combines the two meanings he wants to convey in a single arbitrary signifier. it is complicated by the fact that it functions as a non-concept because it does not immediately restore the presence of an unfolding logic as this exploitation is not proper to Logic but still resembles it in function. it's not just simply a freely changed content.

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A lot of unfortunate damage to 20th century English philosophy. Just his book on the History of Philosophy alone has possibly led loads of people astray.

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Not sure. Derrida's not exactly clear. You may be right. From what I remember it's not clear to me that the interior content, whatever that is, of a word isn't also deferred. You wold acknowledge though that Butler is drawing from Derrida?

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I used to think Foucault was my enemy based on things I had read about him but then I read The Order of Things and understood he's undeniably based and frequently mischaracterized.

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The suffering is just as illusory (or real, if you prefer) as the mania, both being products of the mind.

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>Yes, human beings evolved to be social animals.
>Evopsych is phrenology tier social Darwinist pseudoscience
>Yes, human beings evolved to be social animals.


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Why do people think this is an own against Foucalt when it just makes him look incredibly based

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Him and Hume

Her too

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Mania? You mean enjoying life?

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You fell for shrinkoid lies.
Sad, honestly

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Her self-insert was an entitled, uppity cunt and if I knew her in real life I would want to be nowhere near her. I'd rather hang out with Holden Caulfield.
Luckily she couldn't even stand herself and we didn't get a dozen more shitty novels. Although had she lived to be 80, she wouldn't have been famous.

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Fuck forgot the pic

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The worst part about the internet is how easy it is to judge someone without being able to sit at the bar and have a conversation to get to know them first

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Idiot she was already famous before her death. You're stupid.

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You're mean!

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You're ugly!

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To be fair, Esther IS Sylvia. It's called an autobiographical novel. Hating the character is akin to hating the author. Of course, Esther was simply an average woman of her time without the Hollywood gloss.
Jesus Christ I hate Friday nights. Go to bed.

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You're stupid too. Idiot.

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Have banged 100+ chicks nice try

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Aren't you homeless lmao?

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Ultra based. This asshat's evaluation of the History of Western philosophy was more of his opinion piece rather than a compelling narrative over the development of European thought as time progressed.

>Le "medieval don't have a clear concept of Infinity"
His takes on Thomas Aquinas are especially midwit tier.

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Metaphorically or physically?

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is the state the ultimate evil?
or is it orthodox anarchist moralism?
your statement is confusing

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would you trust a guy who goes to establishments to have strangers stick their fists up his asshole to change the oil on your car ? i don't think i would

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>Derrida's not exactly clear. You may be right. From what I remember it's not clear to me that the interior content, whatever that is, of a word isn't also deferred

It is deferred, and that's the peril of communication we an never know if our words are gonna be understood. But the fact that we don't know that doesn't legitimize a pretense of intellegibility for anything, the contrary is true we're always at risk of inintellegibility because the're no outside of language to wich we can point to.

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Max Frisch. I hate Homo "how to fuck your own daughter" Faber so much.

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>because the're no outside of language to wich we can point to.
Body language.

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After careful consideration, it's probably him.

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Was Foucalt a top?

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That's still a language.

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>Since language is regarded as an arbitrary ascription overlaying an absence, there being no real essential self, we can use words whichever way we please.
This is not at all what Butler argues. In fact, it's exactly the opposite. She's basically arguing a very bizarre form of Platonism.

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Idk maybe you know better. I haven't read all of Gender Trouble. Only selections and it seemed to me very similar to some postmodern philosophers I've read. I'm interested to hear more about this idea of her theory as a form of platonism. Never heard that before.

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Can't believe I'm the only one who posted this:

This conman, absolute charlatan, disgusting.
>Extremely telling of the human race that he is held in such high esteem.

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>pic VERY related

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Look up Foucault with the search words "biopower" or "biopolitics". He's especially relevant these days.

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>Simping over dead whores

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I mean this rather loosely, of course. The problem is that people see Jews like Butler attacking "Western [insert thing here]" and then take it as a philosophical attack rather than a racial one. It's racial. It is fundamentally racial. As a Jew, Butler wants gentiles to be reduce to subhuman slave status. Gentiles are below Jews, and every second that this belief isn't reflected in reality is a grievous offense to them. Thus, as she interprets all of her works through this lens, we shall too. "Masculinity" and "femininity" are very real things. Butler isn't trying to deconstruct them. Rather, she's simply denying the subhumans something that they should not have. "Gender" and "sexuality" are things for humans (re: Jews). They're very real things with a concrete existence (and thus, she reifies a form of idealism, something that you actually point out), it's just a crime that gentiles are involved in them.

Butler, likewise, absolutely does not deny the essential self. She very much does. This is in comparison to, say, Foucault, or Deleuze and Guattari, who reject such a thing, and are proponents of system that CAN be used to justify absolutely heinous degeneracy, but they also CAN be used to justify things like Giga-based National Socialism. Rather, Butler requires an essential self to be present when the Shiksa Goddess is reduced to a mere economic unit. Butler is, fundamentally, attacking gentile women by reducing them from women to mere female laborers.

All things can be deconstructed; all things can be constructed. If you aren't deconstructing and constructing yourself, someone else is. Yes, you are correct, Butler is trying to deconstruct White society. The question is, what does she want to construct in its place?

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>Simping over dead artists
Damn right

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I hated this mental adolescent so goddamn much. I'll always regret not getting the opportunity to beat him with a lead pipe.

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my life improved so much when I gave away all the books in my library that were written by Danish hunchbacks

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It makes sense in English too though

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