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>umm hi!
>s-sorry for being so upfront!
>but i noticed you checking out that book.
>that author is actually one of my favourites!
>would you maybe like to get a cup of coffee sometime haha

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why do you taunt me like that OP?

>> No.19463478

what the fuck is this shit op?

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I feel personally attacked

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This happened to me twice in college. Both times it was an incredibly ugly girl with greasy hair and Snape-face. I was really mean to her. I regret it now.

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This happened to me only she was lying about knowing the book and was a hot 16 year old

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It's because you've matured and realized that the incel snaps at the ugly girl while true chads are smooth with all women even if they have no intention of fucking them.

"If, after I depart this vale, you ever remember me and have thought to please my ghost, forgive some sinner and wink your eye at some homely girl." -H.L. Mencken, epitaph

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Does this really happen? I haven't been to a library many times...
My face always looks so serious/upset + wide so both men and women are afraid to approach me I feel like.

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Entertained that idea once. girl got obsessed with me and i had to bend over backwards to get out of that. would not recommend.

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"Oh, so you like Mein Kampf too? Well, Sieg Heil then! Would you fancy some schnapps rather than coffee?"

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>not inviting her to have some strudel and cream
(also would that be in a library anywhere? lole)

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Hey babe I'm doing a rally later, wanna shoot a documentary film about it?

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*rips stupid nose ring out of her face* sorry bitch i only have tea with debtfree tattooless virgins without piercings

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>Why yes, I've never been on a date and never will be. How could you tell?

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This. Just be blunt but not needlessly mean. Women will take offence regardless but that's normal, you're always in the wrong in their mind.

Bad advice. Indulgent and irresponsible advice. Minus points for the retarded INCEL VS CHAD rhetoric too. Can't you just convey your view normally?

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Yeah sure, although I have a pretty busy schedule I can try to make room for it. What's your number?

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why? she was ugly

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>>would you maybe like to get a cup of coffee sometime haha
No, fuck off.
God, i hate women.

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This. I had a chance once with an autistic girl in Amsterdam. Just the two of us walking around the city. We both had things we wanted to do there, so we decided to go together. It was really nice, great even, but I never "took the plunge" to make it anything more than a nice night. I wasnt scared, I was actually pretty comfortable around her, just not sure If I wanted something more with someone else, the intimacy and all.

We were still acquaintances after, nothing bad really happened, just nothing came out of that one night. kinda regret it ngl.

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sorry, I only date brown girls. good luck!

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I don't drink coffee.

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Yeah I actually know a good place right down the street. I love Dostoyevsky, I was just looking for a copy of demons, have you read it? Its some kind of satire of extremeist political views. Dostoyevsky actually got sent to siberia for reading an essay at one of his secret society meetings, crazy. Im Nick btw.

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>that author is actually one of my favourites
The LORD God Almighty? "one of"?

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No I dont drink caffeine you slag of a drug addict

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You shit post but I legit went on a date with a girl because she brought a copy of Plato's Republic to work and I said I wasn't used to running into people who read past college.

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Did you seal the deal?

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nah but we can fuck, im emotionally stunted from being force fed the blackpill so i don't really get anything from relationships anymore. i dont like most people to begin with so the chances of you keeping my attention past the infatuation phase are really low and you'll most likely end up being burned, we can try if you want but don't waste my time with tears when it ends up bad for you

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We fucked a couple times but didn't end up dating.

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>to work
what do you do for work?

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be a fucking man and ask a girl out, for god's sake, a girl should NEVER initiate a relationship

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>wow cool, ur pretty based for a foid
>i know a great place, follow me
>stop on the way to open my backpack
>pull out my squirtgun
>get on your knees and open your mouth slut
>spray OJ all over her face and in her throat

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>you can only do one or the other
Must suck to never have girls come up to you, bro.

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>Umm hi!
>S-Sorry for being so upfront!
>I just happened to notice you checking out that book..
>That author is actually one of my favorites!
>Give me the book now or I'll kill you!

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this has never fucking happened, don't kid yourself op.

here's how a normal day of book browsing goes

>go in store
>go immediately to music section
>find ntohing
>sneak around manga section
>snicker at teens openly reading my hero academia
>go to philosphy section and buy the book I came into the store for.
>qt girl at counter
>"hi will that be all?"
>"yep" I reply

THATS FUCKING IT. encounters like this don't fucking happen in real life you fucking shallow ingrate. fuck you!

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You are getting played if you go along with a girl initiating. Women know they can get a better guy by making it easy, that's the only reason why extroverted girls do this.

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>No thanks, I have a coffee maker at home.

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i see. i am one too. Do you think your situation was just pure luck? I might want to try the same when i am back in the office. Also did you already know her before this

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No incentive, no parity, final destination.

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>be a fucking man and ask a girl out


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the two times i bought a book at the local independent bookstore the counter girl made a sarcastic remark. i now order from amazon without a second though.

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Nah one time i went to a used bookstore looking for anytning shakespeare. I had a really nice engaging convo with the owner llof the store, he turned out to be a Shakespearean actor too. He sold me a copy of the riverside shakespeare. The other guy who worked tbere joined the convo too. We talked about what I should start with, we decided on the temptest. He said it not necesacrry to see them preformed live if you have an imagination. No chicks involved i guess but it was a nice talk. They closed down during the pandemic. It was red lettter books in boulder, RIP.

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They told you to read Shakespeare's most meta and self-referential play first? Why?

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No, she was a new hire, never met her before.
>Do you think your situation was just pure luck
There's no such thing as luck. Just consequences. She was just out of a relationship and looking for intimacy + I'm at least average attractiveness + we had something in common + I took initiative to ask her about herself. Makes it very easy. Wasn't even interested in fucking her until she brought it up.
That said, running into a woman in engineering who also reads Plato for fun is pretty fucking rare, so if you call that "luck", that would be reasonable.

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Idk man i took their word for it. They said maybe hamlet and to save Macbeth for halloween time. This was last summer. I liked macbeth the most. I memorized the Tomorrow soliloquy. The point is i actually has a real conversation in a bookstore and it was good.

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Kill you are self.

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Why of course m'lady.

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Because men have the active role in sex, relationships and parenting.

I am not a stupid traditionalist or chauvinist, I think relationships should be cooperative and formed on a sense of total equality. Equality need not and should not nullify complementary sexuality.

Practically speaking, no woman wants a man who is more interested in protecting his own ego and maintaining comfort than on having her. Not a one.

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>cow ring
I am disgusted and I do not hide it.

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>Arthur Schopenhauer is one of your favorite authors?

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>eating strudel and cream with cute base gf

i want

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you dont say "have a good day" when leaving the cashier ?

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A 16 years old once approached me in a library, cute emo girl, somehow taller than me already (I was 21) I kept hanging out there and her mom was the head librarian.
A while later she asked me to be her Valentine's day date. She was cool and I knew no one so I kinda wanted to despite not wanting to do anything with her, so I asked her mom, who told me she wasn't really comfortable with that.

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i genuinely don't understand this statement. elaborate.

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>Buncha incel faggots implying chads don't drink coffee
Nigga please

>> No.19464654

should i go to the library/branes&nobles so i have a chance of this happening?

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Hundreds of mllions of women the world over are the descendents many times over of mutants, i.e. what we now consider the height of beauty, collected by kings, emperors, and sheiks, and warehoused in royal harems and seraglios, wherein they gave the ruling dynasts hundreds or even thousands of children. This pattern was repeated for thousands of years contributing to the literal breeding of ever more beautiful women, but also to certain corresponding psychological traits among them: vanity, emphasis on physical beauty, emotional superficiality and susceptibility to psychological manipulation (easily brainwashed), intolerance to non-superficial feelings, etc. The whole mindset of my "little girl is a princess" is an extension of this age old royal seraglio mentality, and, in effect, is a form of psychological and emotional grooming.

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not a fan of nose rings, sorry

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>most men back in the day never reproduced, only the richest and most powerful did!
>No, it's not extremely weird that I'm incapable of getting any female attention, mom!

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Metal Gear Solid fanfiction be like:

>> No.19464720

>Nose piercing so whore
>Shovel chin
>Five head
>Plus you're asking me out so again...whore
>Yeah no thanks. Also I really doubt you could understand Christopher Langan like I do.

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>endless sperging and coping because lifelong virgins can not conceive of the idea of a woman simply being attracted to a man and initiating an interaction

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i am not prepared

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You ever think about how this girl is a real person who probably had a friend take this picture of her and then some weirdo who uses 4chan found it and then saved it to his computer and then used it to create a completely fictitious scenario where a girl comes up to (I presume) the person reading this while he is at a boom store and then people responded to it both ironically and unironically with a few commenting on her nose piercing? She’s probably alive and doing something right now. Maybe she’s sleeping or waking up or in the middle of her day, no one here knows. This is the kind of thing that doesn’t ruin one’s life (“this” being your picture being used in this way) , doesn’t even come close, but if this girl saw this she would be at the least made uncomfortable and at the most she would be terrified and freak the fuck out. But she will never know about this, that a handful of complete strangers anonymously and collectively used her exact image in a sad fantasy in the internet, and it is only a matter of time before this thread is deleted and we all forget about this. Very, very strange.

>> No.19464770

this is just a proto "sneakpeak" of what the constructed basilisk of a future internet will do with infinite time and infinite knowledge of our lives. An endless picking apart of our every word and image, maybe for entertainment, maybe out of sheer mechanism.

>> No.19464782

She also poops too, and probably very big solid ones, because she looks healthy and regular. But we will never see them, which is a terrible shame!

>> No.19464796

Every time I see a picture like this, these thoughts flash through my head. It’s fleeting though so I don’t ponder it too deeply like your post.

>> No.19464800

the sheer terror that every word I have ever thought will be tied back to me by means most sophisticated is only sublimated by the equal truth that is every word unearthed and every man unmasked no particular man will hardly stand more guilty then the other in thie vast sea of recorded history.

>> No.19464808

You are showing yourself to be unable to parse the difference between the old incel chad meme and the current gigachad meme

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See that book on the top left called Clockers? After I've done cumming in her I'm going to scoop out some of the nut and use it as whiteout to remove the L and make it say COCKERS because I fucked her In the bagina :-DDDDDD

>> No.19464817

I’d say no because of that nose ring, but I’m a simp for redheads.

>> No.19464819

The problem here is that such scenarios of two even good looking people meeting in place and circumstance are far and few between. I see people mostly over 40 in my daily life and the amount of people from my actual age group that I run into at random are seldom, perhaps am in the same room as someone in their 20s about 5 times a year aside from people I already know.

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>would you maybe like to get a cup of coffee sometime haha
Thanks for the date offer, but my only interest in women is fucking them. Here's my address.

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"You know what, I think I'd enjoy that a lot. Not to be presumptuous but I think we could enjoy coffee and literature better back at my place, where we can cozy up to some exquisite Kup Luwak in my personal library, home of the entire body of work of this particular author."

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>BASED! Amazing!

>> No.19465162

The reality is that almost all women except for those that got constant positive reinforcement in their lives will not approach you. They'll just look a lot and the moment you try to make eye contact they either stare back uncomfortably or their eyes go wide and they break it immediately. The girls that come up are usually whores, cute girls that sort of loiter around you because they are cowards are the ones to go for.

>> No.19465325

>she doesn't know I've never seen a woman before
>shivering rapidly and go into fight or flight
>bludgeon her with the entire diary of a wimpy kid collection I was going to buy

>> No.19465396

how are you still human op?

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i have no words. why are you..?

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>fuck off whore
>pretty women like you shouldn't be reading

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>Of course! It's always nice meeting a fellow Nationalist Socialist! :)

>> No.19465441

>"If, after I depart this vale, you ever remember me and have thought to please my ghost, forgive some sinner and wink your eye at some homely girl." -H.L. Mencken

Writers really are, without exception, the cringiest faggots to ever live on planet earth. Even the ones with genius will never be anything more than dorks. Yes, that includes Hemingway, Bukowski, and all other scribblers who spent their lives trying to play Manhood Simulator.

Writers fucking suck.

>> No.19465460

based marquisposter

>> No.19465593

I eat ass and lick pussy. With enthusiasm. I don't even ask for a bj in return I just do it no strings attached. You know I'm a keeper.

>> No.19465693

lose the piercing and i'll consider it, whore

>> No.19465697

I wish

>> No.19465699

In college it did happen, not sure today since everyone is fucking batshit insane.

>> No.19465853

>that author is actually one of my favourites!
i reply this book fucking sucks and the author is a hack, even if i am a big fan of the author.

greetings from kazakhstan

>> No.19465863

Begone whore
*punches her in the teeth*

>> No.19465902

>umm hi!
>s-sorry for being so upfront!
"I don't have any money, sorry"

>> No.19465906

This is not how people talk in real life

>> No.19465912

I can smell Chad's cock on your breath, woman
*kisses her*

>> No.19465919

>Thanks, I really like his stories. Did you know that he had a cat named Niggerman?

>> No.19466147


>> No.19466152

Based Kazak bro.
Greetings from the UK

>> No.19466175

Women don’t talk like that dumbass

Stop watching anime

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“Sure! I don’t really drink coffee so you’ll have to help me pick out something, maybe you can finally explain what a ‘latte’ is haha.”

It’s that easy.

>> No.19466200

>Entertained that idea once. girl got obsessed with me and i had to bend over backwards to get out of that. would not recommend.
Correct. Femcels are every bit as creepy and autistic as Redditors, but with the added negative no one will sympathize with you or beat her up when she shows up at your house 30 days straight or posts online about how you raped her.

>> No.19466211

Cobra-sama! I kneel

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>this thread again
why do I enjoy them so much

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File: 1.28 MB, 1440x1316, pikacool.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she speaks english to me
>instant puke

>> No.19466501

I'd hypnotize the lass then right then and there command her to drop her knickers so that I could see what kind of Jackson Pollock-like stains she had there, then I'd inspect her vanilla nubile ass before all the gawking bibliophilic customers.

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just fuck her bruh

>> No.19466537

I am not sure I perceive any logical causality in your query

>> No.19466545

she's not attractive

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>any piercing except earrings
Major red flag. Begone from my sight, woman.

>> No.19466580

Cynicism is for teenagers, get over yourself.

>> No.19466638

I'm in love.

>> No.19466655

You're favorite book is "The Jews and Their Lies"?
Sorry, I don't talk to anti-semites

>> No.19466669

Kek you are clearly a beta the opposite to us gigachads and sigma males

>> No.19466680

Yes, she is.

>> No.19466699

Similiar thing happened to me once and I asked "Why?"

>> No.19466700

What's that shit in your nose?

>> No.19466727

Sylphs not being familiar with caffeine…

>> No.19466734

>god was the author of the bible

>> No.19466755

I don’t drink coffee

>> No.19466764

You got that right. Not the other anon but I've also flirted with some gals I didn't particularly like. I've dodged some mighty sniper bullets. One girl was pretty ugly and clingy as all fuck but managed to avoid her enough at the start for her to lose interest. Other girl was cute and slutty but a raging feminist. Would've probably accused me of rape 3 years later, desu

>> No.19467066

>not knowing that the Bible is God's Divine-Word given to man through inspiration and revelation

>> No.19467082

I would immediately suspect she's trying to take advantage of me in some way

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File: 10 KB, 480x360, EA15B441-0B83-436D-B07D-CBE8908EC274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19467153

Who cares?

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File: 19 KB, 339x382, Christopher Langan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

CTMU is the way.

>> No.19467311

>dressed in muslim garb while obviously being white power
i don't get it

>> No.19467339

She is, it's a woman

>> No.19467342

>nose piercing
I politely turn her down. Shame, I was reading Fanged Noumena.

>> No.19467350

>Reproducing pleasure and happiness is taking advantage of people

>> No.19467367

She'll give you a week of pleasure and then drain all the happiness you've ever had out of you.

Are you new to women?

>> No.19467380

Sigh, I swear this is the most pathetic, underage board there is. When will you pathetic simps figure it out?


Women almost EXCLUSIVELY read young adult fiction. Twilight, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, whatever. THEY ARE NOT INTELLIGENT ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND REAL WORKS OF LITERATURE. If a woman claims to have read one of the classics, she did not understand it. She only read it so she "isn't like those other girls". Women claim to read books to enhance their sexual market value, NOTHING MORE.

>> No.19467393

It's a strange free for all where we all know the premise (pretty girl talks to you and you have a "chance," this being out of the ordinary for most guys) and can riff on it in different, partially valid ways (hostility, disdain, frustration, desire) which are all weirdly honest in and of themselves

Everybody is represented: incels, incel haters, chad who can't understand why this is interesting, wannabe chads who want to appear like chad and fail miserably, honestly sad and vulnerable guys, perverts.

>> No.19467396
File: 2.88 MB, 1800x2400, 1637303020484.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What involuntary celibacy does to a mf

>> No.19467409

whoah, a picture of a roastie LITERALLY reading Harry Potter lol. Really disproved me my guy.

>> No.19467415


>> No.19467425
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>not having any grasp of how the Holy Spirit holds the plummet through Zerubbabel
>calling others smoothbrain

>> No.19467440

Your problem is that you’re still new to women.
You describe a prostitute or an airheaded fling. This is your fault. Don’t fall in love/lust with a short term party girl.
And for the millionth time. Women aren’t monolithic carbon copies of one another. We’re more diverse than males, I do suspect.

>> No.19467443

my wife reads three times as much as i do. she's a medieval christianity scholar. i'm sorry the girl bangs laughed at you or whatever

>> No.19467456

>my wife is in an insanely rare fraction of a percent minority of the female population, therefore, all women read more than all men

After I'm done fucking your fictional wife in the ass, you should get her to teach you some critical thinking skills

>> No.19467475
File: 22 KB, 753x960, 1583927110565.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Women aren’t monolithic
Laffed audibly and stopped reading there

>> No.19467479

>my wife reads three times as much as i do. and she was still stupid enough to marry a faggot like you, so how smart is she really, my guy?

>she's a medieval christianity scholar.
Academics are midwits, my guy.

>the girl bangs
what does that even mean, ESLbro? Maybe you're just one of the rare men who is even stupider than a woman, so you think your wife is smart.

>> No.19467484


>> No.19467485

begone foid. I am already in love with someone named Sophia

>> No.19467492

>We’re more diverse than males, I do suspect.
For instance, you have a penis and a 5 o'clock shadow. Now fuck off, you tranny freak.

>> No.19467494

bro if you replaced "women" with "people" i'd agree with you, but i disagree with the insinuation that men in general read more or read more intellectually valuable material because i haven't seen it to be true.

your problem isn't with women -- it's with people.

>> No.19467511

Nick Land?

>> No.19467515

>friday night
>only posters left are the most r9k
>only posters left are the most severely incel
>only posters left are the most posturing
Just fucking lol. I'm gonna go have a few drinks with the girl i'm seeing and stay at hers for the weekend, be back on monday when the board is hopefully less shit.
Enjoy the weekend fellas, lmao!

>> No.19467516

>but i disagree with the insinuation that men in general read more or read more intellectually valuable material because i haven't seen it to be true.
don't be a little weasel, if women read more AND read more intellectual works, they'd STILL be dumber than males. WHY? Because ultimately it comes down to UNDERSTANDING. If you don't UNDERSTAND what you're reading, what's the fucking point lol. What does a dumb roastie take away from reading War and Peace? She might as well wipe her ass with the pages ffs.

>> No.19467523


>> No.19467528

>doesn't quote anyone
>passive aggressively tries to own other people by saying "i-i have sex"
>seethes hard and ragequits
you sound like a huge fag, did you mean to say you're getting fucked in the ass by your boyfriend this weekend? kys pussy

>> No.19467571

Anon. Women post here. They read a lot and come to the literature frequently.

>> No.19467591

We only have one menopausal lesbian tripfag here, the rest are "women" (male). If you're a genuine vaginoid, straying here for whatever reason, you'll soon find out there's no social or sexual capital to be gained here and fuck off.

>> No.19467597

>im delusional and think i'm smarter than everyone

>> No.19467628

The only correct correct response to this is "Fuck off, fed"

>> No.19467629

I'd be afraid more that she would try and spike my drink to sell my organs, accuse me of something for social points or at the very least just try and get a free meal. Women approaching me out of genuine interest would be so unreal I don't think I could immediately accept that she would be genuinely interested and I'd be paranoid constantly.

>> No.19467634
File: 586 KB, 1080x1598, youwillneverbeawoman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Anon. Women post here.

>> No.19468141
File: 19 KB, 491x488, 1632062118862.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19468172

go in for a kiss then rip that silly nose ring out of her face

>> No.19468186

> n-n-n-n-noooo, not THAT honest
> you WILL go through inauthentic social rituals to get into my pants

>> No.19468219

This is good advice.
Interacting with women is like feeding the chickens.
Cast your niceness widely and they will gobble it up.

>> No.19468222

>would you maybe like to get a cup of coffee sometime haha
Only if she actually says "haha."

>> No.19468231

That goth guy smells good.

>> No.19468241


"You're not Japanese."

>> No.19468255


I've had some friendly interactions with clerks, both women and men.
Once, this qt girl at the Laredo, TX Booksamillion made some funny comments about the books I wanted to buy and tried to initiate polite conversation

>Oh, Inherent Vice! it's really good, you'll like it. Can't wait for the movie
>You like Lovecraft, uh? You should try Bulgakov
>grabs a piece of receipt paper with her "Employees name" on it and writes down "Master and Margarita"
I just reacted with, "Yeah"s and autism smiles
Look her up on IG and sigh at a missed chance
It's been 7 years and I still remember her every detail

>> No.19468329


>> No.19468349

I'm getting this for my niece's sixth birthday.
Open bobs and vagine.

>> No.19468352

>winged eyeliner
>nose piercing
She does anal on the first date

>> No.19468359

>knowing what winged eyeliner is
So do (You) faggot.

>> No.19468368

>girls making a move
stop living in fantasy

>> No.19468376

If I could see this little cutie put her hand down the back of her panties, rub her butthole, and then stick that same finger up her nose, I'd be so so happy.

>> No.19468447

Lmao have you never spoken to a woman?

>> No.19468500

I'm easily smarter than you, my guy

>> No.19468523

leans in for a kiss then bite into her nose and tear out that piercing

>> No.19468525

*stick that same finger in my mouth, I'd be so so happy.

>> No.19468569
File: 50 KB, 512x330, unironically.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where I come from we discuss fishin', huntin', and the LORD God Almighty with our women.

>> No.19468650

top kek

>> No.19468872

You can just make a girl like what you like most of the time they're weak

>> No.19468917

Yes I love me some coffee

>> No.19469061

So fucking true, go look at the goodreads reviews for War and Peace. Tens of thousands of women saying they wish Tolstoy had removed all the political, philosophical and theological section in favour of more Andrew-Natasha ball scenes. Some of them even complain about the battle scenes being too boring and every single one, without exception, HATES the chapters on Tolstoy's theory of history which is really the entire point of the book. 99.98% of women who read the book probably did so on their morning transit with the sole intention of either reading a love novel or just to claim that they read a big book.

>> No.19469483

She's already fucked 1000 chad/tyrone cocks. The nice, innocent woman you portray in your shitty post only exists in the realm of fiction, not in reality.

>> No.19469497
File: 76 KB, 960x948, CC158063-A293-4E49-90EA-172AEEC6E0BE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Praise Him!
Praise Him!

>> No.19469505

>oh, sure! I'm in a hurry right now, so I don't have much time to talk, but you can have my number. See ya!
It's always nice to befriend people with the same literary taste as yours!

>> No.19469532
File: 177 KB, 1080x1440, A48E79F3-B6E3-4F96-9A3D-9944ABACC83D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19469546

>just to claim that they read a big book.
women just LOVE being that girl who read war and peace. they'll add it to the fun facts about themselves on their bumble profile for that extra bit of quirkiness.

>> No.19469734

This happened to me recently. I wasn't at the bookstore but writing shitty poetry on my phone. Poetry actually about a recently failed relationship. An art-hoe looking girl walks up to me and asks if she can sit. I'm too fixated on what I am doing that I get up and leave. I go for a walk and come back 15 minutes later and she is still there. She has a waterbottle with "Oregon" on it; I am also from Oregon. We talk about Oregon and other things. She gives me her number. I texted her once and she texted back, but I haven't made any attempt at texting her again. Idk I get jazzed up whenever I think about tying to get with her but have none of the attraction I do/did to people I have actually been crushing on. Meanwhile I'm not upset with my gf prospects at the moment

Why am I like this?

>> No.19469791

I've never had a woman be forward with me like this.

>> No.19469809

>Poetry actually about a recently failed relationship
faggot detected

>> No.19469829

Holy shit. You’re right. /lit/ is sometimes so psychologically in tune it’s scary. Dead on m8.

>> No.19469834

Hearty Kek.

>> No.19469844 [DELETED] 

Alright nigger, for the last time ywnbaw

>> No.19469849

How the fuck do you even recover from this. Absolutely btfo.

>> No.19469868

by exiting the board
god do you fucking little nelsons really take these internet battles that seriously?

>> No.19469873

yeah go run away with your tail between your legs, fag. you got exposed for being a bitch and now you're running away like one

>> No.19469877

ITT: Cope

>> No.19469878

i'm not him retard
i've never had a girlfriend

>> No.19470042

You’re the only one taking this seriously at face value. Lmfao.

>> No.19470104


>> No.19470109

>That's nice of you
>but you're young enough to be my daughter
>I'm sure you'd rather have coffee with someone your own age
>That said, if you really want to talk about Spengler, I'd be happy to discuss him with you
>I just want to be clear up front that this will remain a chaste relationship.

>> No.19470502

>nose ring
fucking disgusting go take up lodging at a slaughterhouse since you think yourself to be cattle

>> No.19470518

>lowering your standards this low for pussy

>> No.19470571
File: 3.38 MB, 310x310, 1592382325056.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, that's a fed.

>> No.19470591

Same. Ugly weeb girl in my genetics class a few years ago latched onto me like a plant burr and pulled all sorts of shit to forcibly spend more time with me outside of class (got dropped off at school and needed a ride back, for example). I don’t remember how or why I let her add me on Steam, but she messaged me a lot until I finally was blunt with her and she left me alone.

She bought me a copy of Alice: Madness Returns, though, so at least all of that humiliation wasn’t a total bust.

>> No.19470615

You shouldn't have let her buy you shit, that's the kind of evil awful shit women do to simps. Using them and their naivete.

>> No.19470636

You are right, but I definitely didn’t have the moral backbone to refuse. Also it was only $10 so even now I probably would have ended up rationalizing it as “no big deal” and accepted nonetheless. Also, this was before she started acting so clingy; at that point I was just reveling in the ego-inflating attention.

>> No.19470648

My college library had it, in a quite conspicuous shelf. Granted I'm not from the west. Is it not usually found in public libraries?

>> No.19470658

Racism is haram

>> No.19470661

Just want to let the thread know that I finally pissed out my last weird piss that made me keep feeling like I had to piss more but the last piss finally made me feel normal like I don't have to piss anymore.

>> No.19470666

If it was a book that I knew was very popular and everyone had already read I'd sneer at her because who does she think she is, thinking that this normie book connects us in any relevant way and then be unable to respond in anyway beyond a 'uhhhhhhhhhh sorry' because other people terrify me
If it was a book that I knew was quite niche and not something I expected other people to have read I'd get excited and start imagining us going on a date together and her falling for me and her becoming my girlfriend and I'd feel so happy imagining this and then I'd get insecure cause I probably don't know as much about the author as I think I do and would make a fool out of myself and have my so called 'love' for the author exposed and then I'd try to force a 'uuuuuh cool' because other people terrify me and then I'd never read books from that author ever again
I'm ugly so no one will ever approach me like this luckily, headphones always in helps too

>> No.19470856

what do girls smell like

>> No.19470871

really, really nice
this one girl smelled so nice i almost put up with her

>> No.19470898

Perfume, weed, stale sweat and Chad’s cum

>> No.19470936

Great when they're getting ready to go out and interact with people who aren't you

Like shit when you live together in the same hovel and have to see what they're really like pre-makeup and pre-perfume

>> No.19471566

Imagine walking down the street tryna get yo schmeat schnacked on and then a massive WHEEL full of EYES rolls up and says I BEAR THE WEIGHT OF THE FULLEST GLORY MAKE WAY FOR ETERNITY'S APOGEE and you're like ay yo if'n I pray real hard to that eternity fella can I get sum bitches up on apogeez nuts hahaha and it says YOUR BARGAIN HAS IMPRESSED ME WITH THE COURAGE OF MAN and it dissapears and you keep walking and you turn the corner and there's some hot bitches that aren't even asking for money and you're like dang you a real one mr oraphim. Wouldn't that be crazy?

>> No.19471814

I respect that you think women all are stupid, but it is just not the case. There are a few I would call genuinely intelligent, my sisters are some of them.

>> No.19471832

I actually take that back lol. They're genuinely sweet but they only read for pleasure, Austen, Tolkien, Dickens. It's not quite the same thing is it. Sometimes I try to talk to them about something deep (I know that sounds gay, but I don't know how else to say it) but they just want both parties to agree and be right.

>> No.19471939

I don't date but if you want an application to be my future wife that would be fine

>> No.19472101

Precisely my point, glad you figured that one out on your own. Women can be intelligent in the same way that a dog can be really good at catching frisbees. You go "aww, look at her go!" But just like a dog, she doesn't know actually know jack shit about anything lol. For women, intelligence amounts to nothing more than a parlor trick.

Women don't have the capacity to think logically and reason like a man. A lot of this is biological. Women were not built for thinking because they're meant to be nurturers and empaths. That's why women in stem/tech always look like such a farce-- because it is lol. Same reason we mock male nurses. Men and women have different strengths, it's not "le sexist" to admit that.

>> No.19472111
File: 793 KB, 1010x1200, 1613075953138.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

away from me you vile harlot! I shan't be beguiled by your whoredom

>> No.19472112
File: 33 KB, 657x527, 1620243302808.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>talking to somebody in real life and not on 4chan
ngmi my friend

>> No.19472136
File: 76 KB, 500x500, 1_MKu9DWSS8zLHewNT-J3g1Q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry, I am a feminist.

>> No.19472214

You're talking to yourself again anon...

>> No.19472218

It's not about cynicism, it's about them being cornball try-hard faggots. Sincerity is great when the person is cool and bearable.

>> No.19472224

Holy cringe. It’s like you’re all so completely removed from any wider perspective on women or relationships at large and are all stuck in this narrow, spiteful, isolated tunnel vision.
>it’s all ironic! we’re only pretending to be socially retarded because it’s funny!
Have some respect for yourselves. The less you post or think in this dehumanising way the better.

>> No.19472236

go back to your simp shed you worthless piece of shit

>> No.19472237
File: 31 KB, 280x305, 1583926642625.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>>19465912 (You)
>Holy cringe. It’s like you’re all so completely removed from any wider perspective on women or relationships at large and are all stuck in this narrow, spiteful, isolated tunnel vision.
>>it’s all ironic! we’re only pretending to be socially retarded because it’s funny!
>Have some respect for yourselves. The less you post or think in this dehumanising way the better.

>> No.19472311

Boulder anon that book shop was so great. Have you been to the book worm?

>> No.19472376

I hate when that happens but you should jerk off less

>> No.19472848

You need to go back to your board or learn to shut up and lurk more, newfag.

>> No.19473603

Kek. That would be funny.

>> No.19473617

>>>>19465912 (You)

>> No.19473626

The true face of basedjack posters.

>> No.19473661

After hanging her tiny head over the edge of the bed I'd swab my hard pecker around the inside of her mouth before shoving it deep into her neck bulging it out like someone stuffed a apple into it, when my rod was good and slick, covered in her ropey throat saliva I'd pull it out and start beating her pretty face with it, only stopping after her cute little mug was covered in deep purple and blue bruising.

>> No.19473673

I just want a gf bros...

>> No.19473927

this, but unironically.
Chad doesn't become a woman's book-buddy Instagram prop having pseud convos over coffee so she can tick off that item on her bucket list. nor does he 'spread' his mind for intellectual stimulation before a woman spreads her legs.

>> No.19473958 [DELETED] 

What is wrong with you, seriously? Have you ever actually interacted with anything other than your hand?

>> No.19473983

I'd lure this little chickadee to the back of the stacks, taze her, and then pull out my handy thermometer and take her temp the backway, as it's the most precise.

>> No.19474026

You post on 4chan, you're a freak

>> No.19474067

read nietzsche

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