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I was scrolling through the archives and found one anon's beautiful picture book that got cucked from publication by BLM last summer. Are you still here, anon? Please don't tell me you've given up on it.

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that anon here.
I made it bro :) and guess what? so can you!

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How did he get cucked? What happened?

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You don't sound like him :(

As I understand it he was just about to get it published and then BLM summer happened and they shelved his book in favor of racebait shit. Guy seemed so defeated. He wrote it and his wife did the drawings.

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That’s very sweet

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Send archive link

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Yeah, we gave up.
I made a video:
I also had plans to develop a data mining or web scraping algorithm to use on websites like QueryManager and more in order to determine the proportion of literary agents pushing leftist nonsense. I got burned out and decided not to.
That's not me.

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Not OP but have a bump, more people should see this

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I'm sorry anon. Sadly this is a terrible time for creative endeavors.

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Best of luck if you try again anon.

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Thanks for the encouragement. Here's a nice clip and song from Postman Pat to relax with:


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I'm sorry, anon.

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no better way to stop the politicization of art than to have an esl stumble his way word for word through a ten-minute hand-cranked powerpoint about leftist agendas and victimization narratives

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video got pretty based in the second half

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I have dysprosody. I don't even have the same accent as my parents.

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Link to the thread? I’d like to see more of the art.

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That's not my artwork. We did use it as reference among many others such as those shown in my video. That particular one is concept art for Bambi by Tyrus Wong. He has a nice sense of colors.

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is this a joke? either way i had a hearty laugh! "islam is unable to secularize." AS IF its not controversial to state openly. Thumbs up for the comfy drawings! made my day anon

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Idk man, based off of that PowerPoint pres you kind of seem like a weird dude. Not everything that doesn’t work out for you is because you’re white, you like let make people feel a bit uncomfortable.

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Idk man, based off of that PowerPoint pres you kind of seem like a weird dude. Not everything that doesn’t work out for you is because you’re white, you likely make people feel a bit uncomfortable. I imagine that that plays a lot more into people not wanting to work with you then the lack of racial themes in your book.

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I'm not him but he says in the description he has dysprosody. What about it is weird? It seems well-organized and doesn't really have a crank vibe to me.

I may be wrong about this but I have a hard time not identifying your post with a pattern I've come to notice in online "leftists" (borderline meaningless term, but fashionable, politically correct left-liberal types), specifically a reliance on subtle social ostracism verging on gaslighting when someone doesn't fit into your worldview. Rather than attacking head-on, a lot of young "leftists" will say things like "I don't know man, honestly you just seem a little weird lol no offense, like maybe people are just uncomfortable around you? Maybe you have issues? Have you thought maybe it's you?" as a way of making the person doubt themselves while saying nothing substantial and ignoring entirely the actual complaints they were making. It's never really substantiated, it's just a blanket thing said with an eerie veneer of "I'm just trying to help you out bud haha." I've also noticed this kind of talk coming from people who would justify the most outlandish "weirdness" if it came from someone it wasn't convenient to isolate and ostracize politically, the kinds of people who talk about "normalizing mental illness" and never shaming anyone for being different.

It's just hard not to see it as gaslighting. The guy posted a 12 minute video with slides and seemingly with examples of the phenomena he's describing. Do you have anything to say about the video content?

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Stop larping as a normalfag on a Mongolian throat singing forum

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I mean you are right. He does sound like he has down syndrome and that may be the issue. Especially since women are probably calling the shots on the publishing decision

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Absolutely agree! I've made lots of varied posts on 4chan and other sites and always their first criticism is "have sex incel" , "you wont get a woman like this", its always stupid shit thats totally unrelated to the content

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Very good post. It's respectability politics, and the left has tried to make it look as if only the right ever do it, when they do it more.
I've noticed it from liberal friends who hide their power level.

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I made clear in my video that I am against both favoritism and animosity towards artists based on ethnicity. Their work should speak for itself.
You can infer from my goddamn video that I am against literary agents, who are the gatekeepers of this industry, prioritizing political agendas over judging creative work based on the classics.
Additionally, I never refer to race in my query letters. My picture book explores the importance of solitude in nature and celebrates wildlife. I am not interested in writing or illustrating works on inclusive diversity or LGBTQ+ themes.
Rather than considering how a story relates to the classics, agents are looking for diversity and pandering to political movements. Imagine if a story of Poe's quality was turned away because of this factor.
Also, I am not white.
Slit your goddamn throat.

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>Slit your goddamn throat.
Ok now I'll play the respectability shill, you probably shouldn't say things like that if it's apparent who you are and you're trying to be an author.

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I’m not a leftist and I don’t really have any criticisms to his content, that’s why I didn’t mention any. It does however seem like I’m hitting on something quite touchy here. Like it or not, you cannot separate your body of work from yourself when you are attempting to get that work published for a wide audience. You are selling your work and yourself, I’m sorry to break it to you guys, but making people feel at ease and comfortable is an immeasurably important quality that is 100 percent needed to get your works published. Call that feminine, call it unfair but it’s the world we live in. Publishers are dominated by women who largely are led by intuition. If you trigger a negative intuitive response these publishing types aren’t going to want to move forward in a (business) relationship with you.

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This is a pretty good article about it.

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He insulted me without any good reason, so he deserved a remark like that.

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>in order to determine the proportion of literary agents pushing leftist nonsense.

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Shut up, you god-forsaken pseud. My query letters were written in a professional manner, and I never bring up politics. You're just spouting vacuous bullshit.

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Furthermore, we had approximately 15,000 to 20,000 followers for an illustrated webcomic series we created. We even made an Etsy store, but hardly any merchandise sold. We did this to be more persuasive to the demonic literary agents, but it didn't work.
We spent so much money on promoting our webcomic series because we learned social media following would be helpful when querying agents, but it didn't help in our case.
Despite us writing new stories, illustrating more samples for our portfolio, accumulating a large fan base, etc., the agents largely seem interested in garbage that serves their agendas at this time.
I know what the fuck I am talking about.

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I wasn’t there for the old thread, what was your story about ?

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In the absence of any evidence to the contrary I am going to assume publishers don't want it because it's crap

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And this best seller about a non-binary hamster is great because publishers accepted it? Kys, ingrate.
I've studied countless classic picture books, and I can say our work was very good. We had a social media following of 15-20k people for a reason. I won't share the book or webcomic for fear of being doxxed.

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Also, during my process of querying agents with my picture book, my idea may have been stolen, and many pages of this book resemble our own story:
Also, my artwork was much better. Much like how Bob Dylan's agent rejected queries but shared it with him, I believe the same thing occurs with literary agents.
Don't bother with literary agents anymore. Also, be careful who you share your artwork with (e.g., Jason Jorjani stole my ideas regarding the Faustian element in Zurvanism after I shared a story with him).

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What are your favourite picture books or at least those you would recommend to someone who hasn’t looked at a picture book since they were a child

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>you likely make people feel a bit uncomfortable
as opposed to the deranged trannies and the niggers yelling in ebonics that they wanna kill all the crackaz?

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I'm not the book/video author to be clear, I just find this shit so aggravating. "You're a weird guy because your speech isn't YouTube personality tier" is such a shitty thing to say, malicious actors on this site are so slimy and obvious it makes me retch.

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is it available online? in excerpts at least? it sparked my curiosity

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I"ve been in the art scene for a while before giving up and outside of certain environments like porn it's basically 100% down to marketing which today means politics and being part of a clique. I think there was a literal psyop going on at a certain point where a whole lot of zero effort LGBT webcomics were given a random boost in funding to kickstart this trend because otherwise I cannot explain it. It cannot be that badly drawn garbage about trannies that never updated would automatically get a livable income. It couldn't possibly be organic. I think this was how they killed off Western webcomics and self-published comics. It was so demoralizing to see that if you did not have LGBT bait in mind you'd be automatically damned to stay in obscurity. Literally all the networking happens on the basis of politics, if you are not a minority you're a pariah because nobody wants to promote another artist they can't milk for brownie points. You can really see this at work. The only area of interest that is free of this bullshit is obviously porn but that's just because porn is a drug dealing biz and as with all criminal activities it wins over everything else.

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Wait, zoroschizo is that you?

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I also don't like the politicisation of childrens books, but your video makes your own political views abundantly clear despite you claiming to want political neutrality for the industry. You would get more traction by being less polemical.

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>guy makes a presentation criticizing the increasing and discriminatory emphasis on the author's race and sexuality over their actual art
>"Ah, but you see, person I totally agree with, your PowerPoint was also a political work of art, so, uh... just stay quiet and keep letting us do what we're doing :^)"
Does this gaslighting ever actually work on anybody? I'm genuinely curious.

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>your video makes your own political views abundantly clear
Oh no, he disagrees with the globohomo pozzery that is ruling the industry! He's an evil heckin' Nazi y'all!
It's obvious that he doesn't give a shit about traction anymore, just like I don't give a shit about it either. It's obvious that when you experience this shit you become bitter, it's literal institutionalized racism. These people just want all straight white males out of the picture, it simply isn't possible not to feel hostility going both ways.
But you are perfectly aware of this, you just pretend you don't because you're a slimy tranny.

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>Like it or not, you cannot separate your body of work from yourself when you are attempting to get that work published for a wide audience
Thats more of a leftist thing, they can't separate what they write from what mental illness or color of the skin they have.

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with the tools that are on this computer. This
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that problem if you trust another Anonymous
enough to download a text file from the ' interwebs' I will not save the file, so if somebody else saves it, it will be conserved.

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lmao at the slimy bunkertrannies ITT
Bookanon, give me an email or some shit, once my financial situation is better I might subside you slightly so you self publish

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Really solid point, especially with the stuff regarding mental illness. Feels like the only ones they think of when talking about that are art hoes who used to cut themselves in highschool and loud teenagers with bad grades who get diagnosed AD(H)D. I'm pretty sure some of the people talking about how important mental health awareness is are also the type to say "take your meds" and feel there's no contradicton there.

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not even by disabling my adblocker entirely I can download whatever this is. Why don't people use a less gay file upload service?

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The 2011 hipster. Nice dude.

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If someone made a video criticising politicisation in a certain industry and kept injecting leftist talking points about "intersectionality", "problematic", "privilege", etc. I would say the same. Pushing your own politics undermines the central point that a certain political view is being pushed in childrens lit which is worrying.

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>I would say the same.
No you wouldn't, you fucking slime.

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Explain to me how him proving the existence of propaganda in the industry with a PowerPoint presentation undermines his point that there is propaganda in the industry.

I'll ask you again: does this routine ever actually work on anyone? It's incomprehensible. Literally "You're right and you proved it, therefore you're wrong." I genuinely cannot fathom how stupid or disingenuous you would have to be to try something like this. It is utterly beyond me.

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I don't think you actually read my post. I agree with him about political bias in the industry. But he says the industry should be politically neutral while grinding his own political axe at the same time.

>> No.19454142

>talks about political influence in a negative tone
>"he's grinding his axe"
it's literally impossible to be completely neutral when you're actually addressing politics, especially when the politics say that you SHOULD, in fact, publish minorities over straight white males because it's right to do so. It's literally impossible to do what you ask, do you understand?

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>But he says the industry should be politically neutral while grinding his own political axe at the same time.
...and he's doing so from outside the industry. In a PowerPoint. Not a children's book. You literally have no argument here. I will ask you for the third time: does this ever work on anyone?

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I guess you didn't watch his video either, he goes out of his way to complain about blacks, jews, etc. etc., it's very clear where he stands. All I said was that he would make his point better without that polemic, because the issue he rightly highlights is quality non-political childrens books being pushed aside in favour of political propaganda. He doesn't need to push his own views to make that point and in fact harms the point because it's relevant for everyone, not just those with his political position.

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>he goes out of his way to complain about blacks, jews, etc. etc.
He doesn't go "out of his way to complain", he illustrates a factual reality of the publishing industry with statistics, and illustrates what kind of political disagreement gets one labelled as an "anti", and shows cases of this kind of thing happening. Holy shit you truly are a fucking bunkertranny.

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If I had to pick only ten illustrators off the top of my head:

1) Inga Moore
2) Sven Nordqvist
3) Molly Brett
4) Maxfield Parrish
5) Kay Nielsen
6) Fritz Baumgarten
7) Jim LaMarche
8) Jill Barklem
9) Beatrix Potte
10) Fleur Cowles

I have a big library with many of their works.
>he goes out of his way to complain about blacks, jews, etc. etc.
As I stated in my video, white preferentialism is not the answer. Currently, the industry is driven by a liberal agenda. Jews do indeed dominate the industry as literary agents, and there is a big push for revering victim consciousness and praising "marginalized identities".

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Have a think about why you're not a member of a marginalized community. You're a cishet white, a void without culture. Master's tools don't belong to you any more. Just move on.

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>Kay Nielsen
Astonishingly good, amazing.
>Jill Barklem
Reminds me of Carl Larsson but with mice. Great.
Either way there's no point dying on this hill anon. In the end, art has always been in service of the establishment. I've realized that art has always been trailing behind the Zeitgeist, and never established it, or managed to fight back against it. It is the Zeitgeist that determines art's purpose, and if in the past quality was the meter adopted, it was only because the Zeitgeist was interested in concepts such as merit. Right now it's not. I've concluded that art has deceived me for many years, and I have pledged myself to this deception. It still hurts that I've sealed it in the past sometimes, but right now I have nothing to give to it. Art exists in function what you can provide to the establishment and the people subject to it, it hurts but that's what it is. If you agree with the establishment then you will have a wonderful time as an artist, if you disagree with the needs of the establishment you will not survive. Art, any form of it, is directed to the world, and if the world is corrupt you can only give it what is corrupt.

>> No.19454357

>Jews do indeed dominate the industry as literary agents, and there is a big push for revering victim consciousness and praising "marginalized identities".
Sorry Anon, but this stuff is why you can't get published. Not anything with the publishing industry. You sound like a Nazi.

>> No.19454358

I've already mentioned I'm not white.
Is it beyond your comprehension these issues can negatively impact non-whites too?
I'm not interested in making artwork about inclusive diversity or LGBTQ+ themes. My approach is more traditional, you dumb faggot.
I've listed my top ten favorite illustrators. You can get an idea of my style by looking at all of them.

>> No.19454372

I never mention Jews in my query letters. How many times do I have to repeat myself?
My picture book was about the importance of solitude in nature and celebrates wildlife.
I write query letters in the orthodox and professional manner. I've studied this shit, dumbass.

>> No.19454390

Also, I've already mentioned that this book is suspiciously too much like my own, which came out shortly after my period of endlessly querying agents. It's possible an agent took my idea and shared my manuscript with her client. There is no way to prove this, but this book does pretty much cover the same themes I was exploring in my own:
Some pages do resemble my own a little too much.

>> No.19454398

Anon, I admire your work and sympathize with your problem but you need to understand that I posted that Branagh pic immediately after seeing that fag's post to show you specifically that it was clear bait that should not be responded to. Don't waste your time with demoralizing idiots on here.

>> No.19454401

It seems like others also stole your idea. In the recommendations section there are two other books like that. I wouldn't be surprised one iota if they reject but steal from the rejected works.

>> No.19454431

I agree with you. That's why I gave up.
However, it's possible the zeitgeist may change again in 10-20 years. The 90s didn't have this problem. Also, there were oddly enough some decent Jewish children's book artists at that time like David Wiesner and Chris van Allsburg. The 90s was more of a time of magical realism.
>reject but steal from the rejected works
Yeah, that's how Bob Dylan became famous. His agent would share rejected works with him.

>> No.19454441

>All I said was that he would make his point better without that polemic
No, that's not all you said.

>"Pushing your own politics undermines the central point that a certain political view is being pushed in childrens lit which is worrying."

>"he says the industry should be politically neutral while grinding his own political axe at the same time."

You spent half the thread implying he was some sort of hypocrite for getting political outside the industry while complaining about politics inside the industry. Then when enough people called you out on it you're now trying to pretend like it never happened when there's a literal record of your own words just a mousescroll away. You need to get a new routine, bro. You're terrible at this one.

>> No.19454451

I support your cause wholeheartedly anon.

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Just the truth. Whites don't have a cultural identity, so they commoditize what they're incapable of parasitizing. The only commonality unifying whites is their implicit racism (as demonstrated in this thread).
Whatever you say, silkworm. In reality, you're a provincial peddler that other anons have rightly chided as creepy.
No, you're just a weird racist with a penchant for victimization. The industry doesn't have time for you because you mask your perfidious bigotry with gilded heuristics.
It's not bait.

>> No.19454487

Well, I have a hunch you let these things through in some way. But let's say you didn't; regardless, the whole world now sees you have views like this. A sensible person would just complain about the publishing industry without invoking some kind of Jewish plot, or pinning everything on "progressive agendas". If you really need to complain about "progressive agendas" you should have just cited Harold Bloom on the school of ressentiment or something, maybe even some anti-affirmative-action literature. You could have cited Adorno on the culture industry, where art becomes a business and catering to trends is prioritized over creativity or quality. Lots of literature people would have been sympathetic to an invokation of Adorno, he is widely read in literary studies. Instead you look like a Nazi. This is revealing of your character and an indication that you're not telling (maybe not even cognizant of) the full story about why you didn't get published.

>> No.19454500

>Whites don't have a cultural identity
'Whites' in the US don't, but Europeans do have a cultural identity.

>> No.19454518

I wouldn't hope that things will change, I doubt the pendulum will swing back. It's being hammered in place right now, and this narrative will never change I'm afraid. The reason why I believe so is that I disagree that, say, the 90s didn't have a problem with agendas. The truth is that after the Industrial Revolution a narrative slowly formed and it just metastasized exponentially as technology and mass media improved their reach.
At the root of it all there's this need to generate entertainment for consumption, at a faster and faster pace for a smaller and smaller price so people can consume it continuously. But art below a certain price simply isn't sustainable for whoever is making the art, and so the only way the public can have entertainment that is basically free, at a constant rate, is to have propaganda as entertainment. Let's be honest, without the political funding (because the arts are definitely being astroturfed right now, revenue is not even close to organic) most of the smaller industries would fold. Academia would fold. Our system cannot afford this kind of thing, so this will be the new role of culture now and ever after: establishing the system in place. It's all turned into a perpetually rolling marketing campaign for the industrial system itself.
In any case I make (a little) art for myself and only myself, but you'll probably understand that art without a destination makes very little sense, like preparing a gift when there's nobody to give it to. It's a communicative thing, and today is the wrong time for communication, and in the end, perhaps the worst part about this, I think people at large are not interested at all in art that is edifying. Street level politics have a way of clutching at people's gut and they have a strong emotional appeal. Edifying art is something that is meant to go back to over time. It used to be possible because the world was different and the needs of society were different. People wanted stability in times of uncertainty, they wanted a reason to hold onto God, and so on. This kind of art is the opposite of what people want, and the opposite of what they're used to see as art, I'd say since the end of the war.

>> No.19454519

I never mention Jews or race in my query letters.
Jews are known for practices such as nepotism and monopolizing various sectors of the entertainment industry. It's not wrong to criticize these practices in particular ethnic groups.

>> No.19454552

It is bait. You're insincere.

>> No.19454563

White Skin = Void
No white has ever had an actual cultural identity because so much of white history is simple whiggish revisionism - stolen components that they mix-and-match from a colonial jumble in a series of invented traditions (read Hobsbawm). Every white is generic.

>> No.19454570

>Well, I have a hunch you let these things through in some way.
God what a disgusting snake you are.

>> No.19454588

hm, the epic man of facts and logic can only reply with seething. interesting!

>> No.19454594

It's almost as if this massive civilizational shift is facilitating speciation. I believe that the "vaccine" plays a part in all of this. MRNA vaccines were shown to contain unusual compounds like graphene oxide and even strange parasites.
I believe the vaccine is being enforced due a mass surveillance system connected with 5G which interacts with these compounds.
It is pretty much complete control, but in a way that was very difficult to predict a few decades ago. They are pacifying the peoples with an odd culture of oversocialized tendencies through weaponizing the victim narratives of "marginalized minorities". People who wake up to this may be targeted in the future.

>> No.19454612

No. It's the Americans the ones who tried to make 'white' an identity. Europeans have culture. I'm not sure how they don't.

>> No.19454628

To what am I even replying? "I feel that you sort of let through that you're a bad person in your formal letters". What else should I reply?
This is naive, they don't need to put a microchip in your bloodstream or control your brain through 5G. All you need is conformity and peer pressure. People are animals, you don't need very much to control a herd of cattle and direct it to slaughter without a fight, you just need some basic conditioning and even a lion won't fight back. It's very naive to think that you need this much effort and technology to make people compliant, you just need mass media.

>> No.19454680

>The reason that you don't get published is because you act like how I made up that you act inside my head.
>...no, I don't act like that.
>Hmm... but I imagined that you do, so you must.
>I don't. You're an idiot.
This kind of comical stupidity is why I keep coming back here.

>> No.19454684

There's more to it than just mass media propaganda. While I am in agreement with your analysis, I think they want to own our bodies, by making people sick and dependent on the modern medical system, and by robbing them of their independence. Black Rock and Vanguard are buying up many businesses and farmland while promoting woke culture during this "pandemic". The government is doing all of this while taking away people's rights and enforcing a toxic vaccine, yet people continue to be distracted by woke culture. In a sense, the entire world is moving towards global communism.

"No matter what industry you look at, the top shareholders, and therefore decision makers, are the same: Vanguard, Blackrock, State Street and/or Berkshire Hathaway. In virtually every major company, you find these names among the top 10 institutional investors."

Here's a quote from someone who describes the situation:
>You really shouldn't underestimate what the abolition of small businesses would do to a country.
>Black Rock and Vanguard are buying up farmland too...
>When you only have quasi-government agencies both controlling industry and farming is that really all that different from communism?
>There is a heavy push for marxism in the mainstream, especially in the US.
>The fact that average people already have little to no property will just make the transition easier...
>Ergo, the end goal of unregulated globalized capitalism is the same as Communism. This is what Klaus Schwab refers to as "stakeholder capitalism".

>> No.19454712

No, this is naive. They don't "need" to build thermonuclear bombs and fighter jets and experimental thermo-optic armor and weaponized viruses, either. Yet they do all the time. Because it'll make their job even easier and more efficient.

>> No.19454764

>making people sick and dependent on the modern medical system
People get sick and die on their own, you don't need to do that to make them dependent on the medical system. People will naturally flock to the medical system because every advancement in the field becomes entitlement. You would never be able to convince people to give up, say, anesthesia. Imagine having your teeth drilled without anesthesia, or a primitive method for it.
The conspiratorial covid vaccine narrative is sort of stupid, because all the attrition that came up for this specific vaccine creates a lot of unnecessary problems. If they really wanted to push some sort of toxic formula into people, they'd do it with one of the many routine vaccines (hepatitis, etc.), food, or something else. But I don't believe in any of this wholesale. I think it's actually a very stupid way of seeing things. People aren't that hard to control at all, all you have to do is establish truth via propaganda and depict opposers as crazy. All you need is media. All these conspiratorial things exists in the first place so if you are against the covid vaccine you can be placed in the same category as the flat earthers and other retards. Just like they have conveniently made the crazy retarded vegans the poster children for all ethical environmentalism, and so on. All you have to do is propagandize all the time, give people a phone so they can get hooked on propaganda 24/7 and you're done.
Anyway, yes, the world is moving toward some kind of 1984 tier dystopia and will likely remain so forever. One way this totalitarianism will use medicine is through the concept of mental illness, where if you are at odds with life in the system you will be classified as a potential criminal (depressed = potential shooter or something) and through peer pressure and fear you will be forced to take SSRIs which are basically an emotional lobotomy. But it's not SSRIs that will coerce people, it will be the idea that being depressed makes you a shooter that will coerce people. The SSRIs could be an actual lobotomy or a bullet in the head, it wouldn't matter. The 1984 concept of acting constantly in front of a telescreen that is actually able to recognize your "microexpressions" is going to take place too. So maybe you slip and let some hint of sadness in your eyes while you're at work and the next hour you're called to management and told that you need to take SSRIs and antipsychotics just in case, or you will be reported to the authorities for potential radical terrorism. Because who would want to be accountable for an employee going nuts?

>> No.19454768

>They don't "need" to build thermonuclear bombs
Why not? They're probably the reason why we will never have another full-scale war.

>> No.19454795

Holy fuck, dude. Open a textbook.
>SSRI = Emotional Lobotomy
No. Prozac =/= Haldol =/= Lobotomy.
Any undergrad pharmacology text (try nursing) would benefit you immensely.

>> No.19454810

Anyway this post was wildly off-topic but basically, the jist of it all is that art died a very long time ago, which I will arbitrarily set around the end of WW2, perhaps earlier. The industrial revolution was the reason why art died, and mass media was how it was killed. But it wasn't intentional, the arts simply collapsed through economy. As I said, newer and newer things, produced faster and faster, meant that you couldn't produce quality work that would stand the test of time. So you had to lower standards, and by lowering prices you couldn't satisfy the economy of this industry through direct sales but also through some other form of lobby funding. Completely on its own art turned into propaganda for the industrial system itself. It wasn't a bunch of suits who actually decided this, it sort of happened on its own. In a sense the industrial system is some kind of evil machine-God with a mind of its own. Yes there are human names involved, but these humans are just proxies. You can probably see this on a smaller scale by looking at corporations, who aren't human entities but are made of humans. No CEO is greater than the corporation. CEOs are expendable no matter how important you think they are. The corporation is a macro-organism and every human element of it is irrelevant, like a cell is irrelevant to the body.

>> No.19454824

I have done SSRIs for 2 years, I know what they feel like.

>> No.19454855

>Because who would want to be accountable for an employee going nuts?
Yes, Internet of Things is connected to the global surveillance system. Your analysis of manipulating standards of mental illness and utilizing peer pressure to maintain control is apt too.
Look up how Azure and Amazon AWS databases are spreading. These are huge databases that store a lot of information in the cloud, and they are replacing traditional IT. By using big data analytics, they will have more predictive capacity in regards to sustaining control.
Granted, your analysis is missing several important factors.
>they'd do it with one of the many routine vaccines (hepatitis, etc.), food, or something else
I believe they are presently moving in that direction, yes. The end goal is from an Internet of Things to an Internet of Bodies.
>People aren't that hard to control at all, all you have to do is establish truth via propaganda and depict opposers as crazy.
They want *complete* control. They are not satisfied with past and archaic systems of control.
>All these conspiratorial things exists in the first place so if you are against the covid vaccine you can be placed in the same category as the flat earthers and other retards.
Many conspiracies are turning out true. For example, we now have peer-reviewed sources that show fluoride does, indeed, have adverse health effects. We also have reports of how the Rockefellers pushed for feminism and even modern petroleum-based medicine.
>All you have to do is propagandize all the time, give people a phone so they can get hooked on propaganda 24/7 and you're done.
I'm not disagreeing with you, but I am claiming there is something more insidious behind the curtain. Pizza Gate was true, for example. These elites follow the Occult such as the Kaballah, Frankist-Sabbatean antinomian nonsense, and so forth. Freemasonry is connected to it also.
I repeat: Their end-goal doesn't just stop at mass surveillance by using the cloud and Internet of Things. They want an Internet of Bodies too.
And yes, this is extremely creepy.

>> No.19454872

And? You think you're a proxy for the generalized efficacy of a medication? N=1 isn't a meaningful sample-size, anon. This is why you're supposed to talk with your PCP (honestly, hard for the likes of you, I know) - dosage, titration, diet, interactions - all things the prescriber can adjust and provide education on. Seriously, don't be some Szaszian asshole. Maybe meds didn't help you, but trust me (actual medical professional that works with real, suicidal kids and violent adults), they help others. A lot.

>> No.19454897

Holy fuck this thread went apeshit. I’m sorry about your book dude. Start a patron or a kickstarter, id contribute.

>> No.19454910

>Maybe meds didn't help you, but trust me (actual medical professional that works with real, suicidal kids and violent adults), they help others. A lot.
Why are more and more white males killing themselves then?

>> No.19454916

>Holy fuck this thread went apeshit.
It really did not, it just follows the line along which art has become propaganda.

>> No.19454948

who gives a fuck about other children or what's in schools...just stay away from them. homeschool, find like-minded parents, etc. etc. let the n*ggers and s*y-white faggots fall by the wayside

>> No.19454954

Medical establishments promote drugs that make people sick, unhealthy, and more dependent on them. The truth is that most mental illness can be treated through proper nutrition, supplementation, and exercise.
Diet and nutrition are much more complex than most people realize. Cutting out processed carbs and grains, supplementing with vitamin D3+K2+zinc+copper, switching from grain-fed to grass-fed meat, taking krill or cod liver oil, and so forth can improve mood way more than SSRIs, which have adverse effects on health.
Many traditional remedies are also more effective than antibiotics. These include green black walnut tincture, colloidal silver (in very small amounts), unpasteurized sauerkraut, and so on.
Medical establishments promote drugs to make people sick, unhealthy, and dependent. Proper diet, nutrition, supplements, and exercise can heal most mental illnesses.
I recommend Dr. Mercola and Dr. Berg. The latter is on Youtube. Dr. Mercola has recently been getting unjustly attacked by the media.

>> No.19454957

Every study shows that ssris are almost less efficient than placebo. They're a scam.
There are way better chemicals to treat depressions, and no I'm not talking about hallucinogens (although they also do work better than ssris for their intended use)

>> No.19455003

Are they?
I'm not a statistician. You can probably dredge up stats I'm unfamiliar with. Anecdotally (notice that I'm specifying), I see ~400 new pts/year in acute care, of those 1/3 are prescribed SSRIs or anxiolytics for simple depressive disorders following real suicide attempts (overdose, self-mutilation, hanging, etc), 1/2 of those follow-up outpatient for therapy and med-management. Another 1/3 either refuse meds (pt or parent) or can make it with therapy alone. The last 1/3 are hyperviolent or sexually maladaptive, and require antipsychotic/estrogenic intervention to minimize the harm they do to peers or parents (I've seen a 12 y/o boy throttle his mother nearly to death because he didn't like the way she blew her nose).

>> No.19455031

I don't care about your anecdotes since you're a hostile agent. Statistically speaking, white male suicides have been growing steadily for the past decade.

>> No.19455040

You're also a retard and your post is just veering far off topic. Nutrition may be a problem for retarded burgers but your insistence on blaming every problem on nutrition is fucking dense.

>> No.19455041 [DELETED] 

show more hate babybaby :*

>> No.19455063 [DELETED] 
File: 23 KB, 250x342, total metabolism.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>artlets on suicide watch

>> No.19455074

I am not reducing all problems to nutrition. I agree we live in a sick society, but diet and nutrition are more complex than you think.

>> No.19455126
File: 239 KB, 1024x637, 1628626297722 1584238554827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19455168

Anyway I would like to point out that it is consumers who want this. This is not a problem with the establishment. Consumers do not want to pay for culture/art/whatever. It's because of this that we're in this situation. It's because consumers see a thing for $10 made in China vs. the same thing for $15 made locally and will buy without a single thought the thing made in China that we are in this situation. Cattle have money and only value money and they do not think about what money means, except they have to spend as little as possible of it at all times. This is why you have discount grocery marts selling bread laced with silicone. It's always because of the normies, the 99%. The 99% is your enemy, they're the enemy of everything good. They are hopeless, there is no chance to turn them to good, as history has shown us, it is impossible to turn normalfags into anything good, so all you can hope for is to treat them like literal sheep and control them. Everything the establishment is doing is right. You're just getting caught in this, which is unfortunate, but the problem with cattle is pretty much this. They are stupid and they make everything worse for everyone and everything, and they need to be collectively castrated through totalitarian action, even at the cost of sacrificing better people, or people who would like to adopt another set of ethics, which if they happened to function would immediately be invaded by the normalfags and destroyed anyway. There is no way out, normalfags are just hollow people who suck and suck and suck and cannot produce anything, cannot give back.

>> No.19455284

You are only half-right.
There is an elite class of people tied to organizations such as the Trilateral Commission, Rockefeller Foundation, World Economic Forum, and so on. They socially engineered the normalfags to remain stupid via mass media and academia, which they have immense influence over. Most people are their conditioning. If news media, for example, promoted the Truth, excellence, good values, and more, then normalfags would gradually become better.
This problem is also due to the lack of ethics from the elite upper class who are now destroying small businesses and communal stability for the purposes of having Black Rock and Vanguard expand their sphere of control and power.
>they need to be collectively castrated through totalitarian action, even at the cost of sacrificing better people, or people who would like to adopt another set of ethics, which if they happened to function would immediately be invaded by the normalfags and destroyed anyway
I refuse to be sacrificed for your humanist nonsense. Yes, you are a humanist even though you hate 99% of humanity. You ultimately suck up to the Satanic elite. They are involved in truly vile activities such as human trafficking, illegal organ trade, exotic animal trade, destroying communal integrity, promoting mass migrations, endless war, and so forth. They are the true instigators. They want to keep mankind stupid and docile all for the sake of the blackness of their ambition. They do this by creating and fostering false dialectics.
I would not be surprised if you were a Freemason yourself.

>> No.19455330

No I'm not positive toward the elite, I know they're vile and I hate them, but at this point I have lost all hope in normies, they are factually unmanageable, so if the establishment will end up with a well-functioning hive of eunuchs in a glass dome surrounded by nature, it will be better. I am not a humanist actually, humanism was a gigantic failure. I only hope that humanity will end up castrated by its own actions, which I know are suggested by the elites but I also recognize that said suggestions are met with absolutely no resistance. If kids grow up in front of a TV and get their heads filled with bullshit it's because of their parents. It's not the establishment that does this. People are simply stupid and they allow themselves to be controlled in the name of a fabricated consensus. If someone sticks his head out it will be other cattle who'll strike him first, not the establishment. I'm just being a lapsing misanthrope here, I truly want humanity to be destroyed sometimes.

>> No.19455378

Well, I can sympathize with that sentiment.
I would have preferred to have been born a corvid. After mankind goes extinct, they will most likely take over this world. We already see the beginnings of technological evolution with New Caledonian crows.
Nevertheless, I do not want to be sacrificed. I have personally made a decision to be child-free, and I want to live my life in relative peace. Yes, I am a bit selfish, but at least I can admit to that.
I share Schopenhauer's misanthropy, but keep in mind, he found reprieve in the aesthetic dimension.

>> No.19455415

>Nevertheless, I do not want to be sacrificed. I have personally made a decision to be child-free, and I want to live my life in relative peace. Yes, I am a bit selfish, but at least I can admit to that.
Same here, but I know that I will be sacrificed eventually. I doubt I will be able to enjoy that kind of life.

>> No.19455445

Why not just pick up some enchanting passions that don't involve other human beings? You can learn scuba diving, bird-watching, nature photography, painting, or any other craft. Human beings are not necessarily social creatures given the immense plasticity of the brain.
While I don't consider myself a Buddhist, don't you think it's interesting how some sutras say enlightened people transcend their humanity? In a sense, you start viewing humanity in a more distant manner.
I only do my best to be honest during intellectual discourse since that's a part of my deeply held values, but it doesn't matter to me if mankind continues the path of self-destruction so long as it doesn't kill me. I gave my 2 cents and don't have much more to add.

>> No.19455501

I used to paint. I don't see much of a point in it anymore. Places have become increasingly ugly, and the only areas that are not made ugly by modernity are, so to speak, coated in plastic so they can serve as touristy spots. Generally I just don't like the world anymore.

>> No.19455505

Can't you self-pub or crowdfund?

>> No.19455539

Our internal mental worlds are not necessarily cut off from the external world. Both the unreal and real are a part of this world.
"Truth becomes fiction when the fiction's true;
Real becomes not-real where the unreal's real."
-- Story of the Stone
Granted, it's true that many places have become ugly. For example, I've read stories of how many spots in the ocean have become dead-zones, deplete of biodiversity where it once thrived, and how much old-growth forests have been cut down (e.g., red tree forests in USA, the Boreal forests of Canada, many tropical forests of South America due to moving Canadian beavers for fur trade which became invasive, and so forth). Modernity and the post-industrial globalized order are obvious to blame to a large extent.
You remind me of the main character from Robert Bresson's The Devil, Probably. I think the solution is to cherish the small things in life and use that as creative fuel to craft other more benign worlds.
Moominvalley is real but so is Ligotti's carnival towns. One is closer to Spenta Mainyu, the other is closer to Angra Mainyu. Obviously, the present state of this world is closer to Angra Mainyu, but that doesn't mean you can't find sparks of Spenta Mainyu here and there.

>> No.19455586

> Who cares what happens to the rest of society and our civilization? Just homeschool bro.

>> No.19455611

The art in the first book really isn't all that bad desu.

>> No.19455675

You mean the guy who talked about bringing back scaphism to ritually execute negroes while chanting from the Zend Avesta?

>> No.19455756

Are you Asian or autistic?

>> No.19456245

Who the fuck cares?

>> No.19456257

>enters thread
>to type this
>on an online anonymous forum

>> No.19456415

you have a retarded view of art I must say.

>> No.19456482

I am so full of hate at the state of the world it’s unreal

>> No.19456494

here's a hot tip for ya: have sex

>> No.19456529

You have a shit mind I must say.
Sage. Enough has been said on this topic.

>> No.19456838
File: 69 KB, 306x331, 1565969049409.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>What at first appeared to be an accent reveals itself to be the hurt voice of an autist whose innocence has been chipped away.Opining his love for childrens books, the video slowly descends into a rambling /pol/tard mess about Jews and White Guilt
That wasn't what i was expecting.

>> No.19456971
File: 6 KB, 256x197, 1637094830703.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A pharmaceutical shill tries to justify lobotomizing children for illnesses that don't exist. I sincerely hope you never have any of your own.

>> No.19457288

The world will only get better once someone wrests power away from the liberal and leftist whites. These morons are going to get us all killed while they are in the throes of acting out their masochist fantasies.

>> No.19457302

I too was surprised he went for the Jew thing. That one can't be handled delicately enough to not have your life destroyed. Like, literally, no amount of "I'm not antisemitic, but" is ever going to save you, empirically. Even pointing at a graph that shows Jewish nepotism irrefutably will just get you fired.

If authoranon is going to go there, he should know that he's playing with fire and he will get burned no matter how just his cause.

>> No.19457306

I was careful not to put my name.

>> No.19457311

>Powerful enough to destroy anyone who even hints at disrespecting them
I wish I was Jewish, I'd be a god on earth

>> No.19457802

I just watched your video and full, and while I am sad that someone so clearly passionate about his art has been scorned in such a way, I think your argument is misplaced.
I specifically refer to the idea that Jews and white females literary agents are pushing an agenda, and that the agenda is some bastardisation of art to the detriment of white artists. At the end of the day, literary agents are free to take on the works they feel will sell, and the works they feel will sell will do so on the back of social trends. There can be no doubt that a large portion of the community is pushing for media that deals with these issues, and that is the trend these people are responding to.
I agree that the overpoliticisation of art is detrimental, and it would be nice to let art lie on its own merits, but I don't think there has ever been a time in history where that is the case. Time is a resource, and agents won't publish something that doesn't give them a return on their time or money spent pushing for it to be published. It's much easier to sell race and gender based shit in a world where that's all Twitter talks about. In 10 years maybe they'll be talking about something else, and when they do that will be what the Jewish and white female publishing elite will want from their books. Don't take it personally is what I'm saying, the general population just doesn't want art.

>> No.19457961

>Are you Asian or autistic?
Yes to both

>> No.19457982

>Are you Asian or autistic?
He sounds like such a fucking autisitic robotic creep. White women publishers see this shit the second they meet him, he just creeps them out and they don't want to engage in a partnership with him. Making people feel at ease is a skill and this man just does not have it I'm sorry to say,

>> No.19458124

Slit your throat and eat shit in hell.
All of my queries were over email.
I never mention any political or sensitive topics during my goddamn queries.
I would genuinely kill you on the spot if you spoke to me like this in real life. To be clear, I would only do so if I knew I could dispose of your body without being traced.

>> No.19458129

There are too many fucking white women in publishing. I'm so fucking tired of pandering to fat shitty fucking white women. White women should be beaten more often, they've gotten too uppity.

>> No.19458146
File: 404 KB, 410x410, 1637468810379.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anon don't let hate overtake you, people like you and your wife are supposed to create beauty in the world and keep the flame of goodness alive

>> No.19458372

>You're a cishet white, a void without culture.
That is only true to the extent that it has been replaced by an industrialized culture in which a great deal is rooted in African American music. If I were to ask you to define culture you would say, mass produced popular music made to appeal to the lowest common denominator and sexualized dancing. Everything you believe to be culture are the forces that degrade the spirit

>> No.19458458

Blackness is the distilled form of the consumption element found in all successful popular culture, and as such it is the single greatest homogenizing force in all of human history. I really do not think that it is a coincidence that it was developed among groups of people that existed as literal commodities for centuries.
Every people that engage with it are happy to sacrifice all that is unique and dear to them in order achieve the new possibilities of materialism, consumerism, and hyper-sexuality offered by it. Blackness is the closest thing there is to the platonic ideal of the generic, and if you believe otherwise, you've been duped by marketers and hack cultural "critics."

>> No.19458461

>explain that this guy gives off an unsettling vibe
>makes multiple posts threatening to slit people’s throats who disagree with him

>> No.19458487

You are an evil scumbag. Not only he's reading some kind of dry presentation, he even said he has a speech impediment. But a disgusting deranged tranny is OK, right? Have you seen what the people who get published act like? I've seen published authors literally screech "kill all men", "kill all white people" but that is not creepy. You people are actually a bunch of sexist, racist pieces of shit. I hope the Chinese exterminate you all when they take over.

>> No.19458505

>It's much easier to sell race and gender based shit in a world where that's all Twitter talks about.
Not him but the LGBT mafia was like 4% of the population before the propaganda started, not only that but a fraction of Americans specifucally consistute all of Twitter's user base, and only a tiny percentage of that ate active users, and only a tiny percentage of those create 90% of the "content". It's all astroturfed as fuck, this is not an organic choice "because it's easier to sell".

>> No.19458570

Just self-publish the book dude. Post it on youtube, get someone to read it for you (heck I'll provide a voice over for free if you want) and just synchronize the pages to the voice over. You live in the age of digital media, it may end up getting flagged as a kids' video, but it gets your work out there. If you can accrue millions of views, then book publishers may well give you a second chance. You've already done the hard work, stop being a whiny bitch and just put it up for free.

>> No.19458587

Just said it like it is. Based.

>> No.19458589
File: 5 KB, 250x248, 1609990273523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I agree with this Anon. OP the illustrations seem beautiful. I'm sorry for everything that's happened to you. It's cruel that such a wonderful story seems to have had such bad luck. I'd be happy to volunteer my services as well; I have a decent social media presence and I'd be happy to promote it once it's out in the world. OP you have to take a chance. You've been let down by the publishing industry, but we all support you. You need to do something. You and your wife's book is too good to go unseen.

>> No.19458606

>just put it up for free
God I fucking hate consoomers. At this point he can't publish anything because he'd be outed in a second by the trannies ITT. But he should not publish shit anyway. Putting your shit up for free is an even greater defeat than giving up. Not only you get cucked by the establishment but you also disrespect your own time and effort just so that consoomers can say "hey look no matter how pozzed things get, true artists like this faggot here will post their work for free, if you don't do this you're not a real artist LOL Van Gogh blah blah" unironically kys. Fuck the public.

>> No.19458623

Twitter is free marketing, you market to the people who will talk about it, not to the people who will read and enjoy it silently.

>> No.19458625

>I hope the Chinese exterminate you all when they take over.
Chinese children's books are probably all something like "we will achieve true communism little comrades, all hail comrade Xi!" I'm not getting my hopes up if they take over.

>> No.19458631

I've put up my works for free, it's served me relatively well. I don't give a fuck about being a 'true artist', for me it's that I've made something, and I want to share my ideas. I've gotten some money, not much at all, but some, for what I've made. It's not about money though, it's about putting out an idea.

I'd like to see what you've ever done lol. Just posted on 4chan with your CIA psyops about how it's... (cucked?)... to post things for free, when you freely give your own opinion. Why would you give your opinion for free if this is what it is? Either you don't value it very much, or your opinion is of poor quality. Hmm, much to ponder...

>> No.19458640

>Literally naming the Jew
>While working in as a writer
What were you thinking?

>> No.19458641

I don’t think one can embrace the the Marxist worldview or any that is derivative of it and make great, enduring art. Brecht is a hack and Eisenstein is a talented propagandist whose only value is in his technical achievements. I don’t have much hope for the future of the arts either.

>> No.19458682

>I'd like to see what you've ever done lol.
Pay me lol

>> No.19458687

>Pay me lol
The American population already does it with their taxes.

>> No.19458712

More seriously speaking, you are entitled to giving away your pornographic Sonic fanfiction but not to requiring that of others. At the end of the day you have immediately turned hostile when I implied that an artist should get paid for his work, as if that were an evil capitalist thing. I know what kind of person you are, I think you should fuck off. Working for free goes to the detriment of the arts, it devalues human work, it promotes this twisted starving artist mindset where you're supposed to throw away your life for a bunch of faggy consoomers after you come home ftom your day job, and generally promotes the idea that the only people who ought to make any money from art are hustlers. This kind of mindset should not be rewarded. OP should just care about his own life and people directly close to him instead of rewarding a disgraceful bunch of cattle morons.

>> No.19458717

I'm not American and I'm not on welfare. You will never have anything of worth again. I hope you will learm to enjoy your completely dead culture.

>> No.19458749

Lol, such a cynical outlook. You say I've turned hostile, yet you were the first one to say "God I fucking hate consoomers", then went on to imply I was one of these consoomers you 'fucking hate'. You're playing CIA psyop mind tactics, you know that you're propogating this idea because it's harmful to the narrative.

The early days of the internet were beautiful. So many cool sites existed that just don't anymore. Those sites existed for free, because people loved playing around with it, because people wanted to share what they had to say. Those who did it well and consistently were eventually payed for it, it came back around in their favour and they made a loyal following for it.

My ultimate view is that it is the artists responsibility to create demand. Unique, beautiful art, sparks demand for more, people want to see that artist continue to propser, and will pay to see it happen. Van Gogh was payed plenty, btw. Art is not a hustle, it's a by-product of existence. If you're not born an aristocrat, you need to change your approach, hence why I'm thinking you're CIA, or part of some psyop, since you're actively discouraging him from pursuing his dreams and putting his work out there. It's as if you're scared he could actually make something of himself. You have literally made nothing your entire life, prove me wrong by linking to me what you've made, even a link to buy it, please, I entreat you. Otherwise fuck off.

>> No.19458756

>it's harmful to the narrative.
What I meant by "it" was "the idea that you should release your work for free to be judged on the free market", because there's nothing these nepotistic swine despise more than a truly free market, wherein they must compete with people who have more than connections via mummy and daddy (I'm lookin at YOU Sally Trooney)

>> No.19458885

>My ultimate view is that it is the artists responsibility to create demand
You should not "create" demand if there is none. The public does not look into "alternatives", I don't understand this cuck mindset of treating the public like a bunch of babies that you need to force-feed "culture" to. You fit right into this weird propagandist commie mindset, in the end you commies all speak the same. You tell people that are kept out of the market to put their work out for free. I tell them to work for their own sake. I don't mean this example to be about money, but after years of trying to sell my art and making ZERO fucking money I tried an advertising gig as a freelance, and I got paid about $1000. A thousand dollars, for like, a week of very easy work. What struck me wasn't the fact that I earned money, but the idea that the people who wanted me to work actually did put a lot of value into my work, which they expressed with money. Do you understand? The public doesn't pay you a dime, it doesn't give you anything else either, they're just there to consume. You're basically something that comes with their internet bill or their Twitter account. Why the absolute FUCK would you work for the public, for free? They're ungrateful, they're entitled, they're stupid, they eagerly give money to porn. Why would I keep enduring a market where I spend one week on something, sweating blood over it, I publish it and nobody gives a shit and in the same moment some porn thing that steals a proprietary IP and that took 1/10000 of the effort gets 10230123909259712 likes and the artist gets paid? Why the fuck would I do this? What did the public ever do for me in exchange for my work? They do not even, literally, take the effort to search for this, they care so little that even though you have platforms which technically allow easy categorization of work, they will still rely on trends and astroturfing to become aware of new media to consoom. I swear to God, publishing shit for free is even more cucked than caring for a single mother's mulatto daughter. Get a solid career in something that pays. Not only you get paid but you will realize what it means to be valued by the people who request your work. The public can suck my cock.

>> No.19458896

Nobody tell this anon about open source software

>> No.19458902

I always love to reply to this that github is owned by Microsoft and Linux wouldn't exist without government and industry funding.

>> No.19458911

BTW Mozilla who fancies itself a competitor to Google gets like 90% of its funding by corporate interests. The amount of contribution offered by the public is completely irrelevant, and yes the people programming this shit get paid, or they wouldn't work on it. Open source software is also getting destroyed by the same propagandism that has destroyed the arts. It is a completely irreleant argument. Just because a few cucks work on your faovrite open source phone app for keeping track of your wife's infidelity this is not an indicator that this communal gift economy is worth a damn, because the whole infrastructure stands squarely on a corporate foundation.

>> No.19458912

>but after years of trying to sell my art and making ZERO fucking money
Your art sucked. The reason why you haven't posted a link or any kind of guide to how I can acquire it indicates that it either
a) doesn't exist
b) sucks and you're ashamed of it.

You've proven me right, you're just babbling on and on now. Artists create change. Good artists, anyway.

It's not about 'force-feeding' culture, it's about creating new culture, exposing the public to your ideas. How don't you get this? The artist is a unique individual, he has ideas, unlike the NPCs around him. Releasing art to be consoomed by many and have your ideas spread out is almost akin to cumming in as many vajooters as possible to have your seed spread out.

>> No.19458917

Sour grapes. Cope harder and dilate.

>> No.19458984

Post your work. I've asked you several times, you can prove me entirely wrong, you can win the argument, all you need to do is point somewhere and go "I made this". You can't you're a phonie, a fake artist, because you don't really understand. Sneed.

>> No.19459024

>disclose your identity on an anonymous forum or I win
Dilate your stinking axe wound. I know what my work is worth, and so did the people who paid me and called me back for more work afterwards. You can screech all you want, I know you'll just keep screeching this because you have no real argument against me. He who has ears, let him hear.

>> No.19459032

We live in a post-artistic world so trying to make anything of value or beauty is disallowed. You need to throw paint on a canvas with disjointed lines and then talk about how it represents intersectional transgender BROWN BODIES. Modern people can't even design good looking buildings anymore and you expect them to be able to handle looking at a painting that isnt complete shit?

>> No.19459064

Humanity has about 15 more years of existence left. The Singularity was predicted +/- 2036, this also explains the New Normal propaganda being pushed where people are herded into homes like cattle and forced into ridiculous medical regimens regardless of their personal decision making process. It's all preparing for a great kill off of human life. The Chosen will be connected to VR headsets with masturbation machines etc and live eternally in a delusional fantasy. All others will be used as a slave caste until no longer needed and exterminated.

>> No.19459066

>The early days of the internet were beautiful. So many cool sites existed that just don't anymore. Those sites existed for free, because people loved playing around with it, because people wanted to share what they had to say. Those who did it well and consistently were eventually payed for it
Those sites were low effort trash and none remain because none were worth keeping. Early internet was 99% derivative work, just like today. You're high on rose-tinted glasses. Actual good shit that came up online in the pre-social media era was happening squarely outside of the web, and people simply talked about it. These things happened in spite of the web, not thanks to it, and the people making them were getting paid. Unless you think that shit like Homestuck is a contribution to the arts, in that case you have brain damage. Sorry pal.

>> No.19459078

I do miss the literary roleplays that people hosted on websites. I remember being a kid and my first taste of real fictional writing was some roleplay taking place around a High School. It wasn't smutty or anything, and most of the writing was pretty good quality and helped develop my own skills. I don't even think people do that kind of such anymore. Hell, even the whole forum culture that existed in the early 2000s seems to be more or less gone. I used to be heavily involved on the roleplays at killermovies for awhile, was a really nice time.

>> No.19459145

>I remember being a kid
>The writing was of pretty good quality
Yeah. What is your point? Can you tell me which masterpieces have emerged from that golden age of the internet? What do we have as a testimony of the power of grassroots hobbyist culture except a few novelty projects that went on out of sheer inertia? What do we have? Worm, a capeshit YA novel that rode upon the wave of the MCU? Oh, wait, wait, One Punch Man! Right? This is where people bring up One Punch Man, the literary masterpiece (of course not the version redrawn by a popular, established artist).
And who came up after the social media boom? Would you argue that there are fewer people putting work online today? Corporate interests aren't forbidding people from making their own shitty 90s website. You can go on Neocities and cook one up right now for free. Is it your duty to convince people to give it a look, as if the same people who made those sites in the 90s didn't immediately hop on Myspace or Facebook as they became available? I don't understand where you're getting, it was never an infrastructural problem or a problem with democracy, the problem was always that you cannot have any decent art if you put it in the hands of hobbyists. This narrative means only one thing: that only corporate-marketed "content" is allowed to make money, and everything else isn't because it's supposed to be hobby shit and being hobby shit it's not supposed to make money, unless, of course, it leans on political or sexual grounds, turning into addiction or propaganda. Your view is entirely consistent with what is going on right now, and this is why I assume that you're a filthy tranny who supports these agendas.

>> No.19459176

>I know what my work is worth
$0 unless you're propagating someone else's ideas. You literally told us this in your previous post.

The fact of the matter is you've never had an original thought in your life. It makes you seethe. You have all this skill, all this ability, yet no drive, no inner spirit. It's killing you and it shows.

I also find it funny you call me a commie, my argument was from a capitalist perspective, originally. I believe that if you provide a service for people, and it's a good one, they'll eventually pay. If anon put his art up for free, the people would ultimately decide for themselves if it's worth anything. A lot of youtubers started off this way; there was no incentive, it was kind of just people doing what they were passionate about, and eventually the market provided for them.

There were a bunch of sites that were essentially cool mathematics demonstrations and animations. Some of them were simple, some pointless, and some imaginative. It was entirely new at the time, and they were also some of the best (better than what we have now). They're almost all gone now, I've watched one by one, my notepad of urls slowly but surely died off over time. The ones that still exist developed a big enough consumer-base to last, they continued to put out stuff and they allowed for people to contribute. I don't know what an Homestuck is.

>> No.19459192

what a whining culture war baiter. kill yourself

>> No.19459226

>The fact of the matter is you've never had an original thought in your life
Oh trust me, I have many stories to tell, unlike the one narrative built on wild assumptions and gaslighting I hear from every single tranny agent of entropy I've talked to about this subject. You disingenuous fucks use the same script word by word. I won't identify myself, so you can keep screeching all you want. As I said, he who has ears, let him hear.
>They're almost all gone now
Maybe you should've given them a reason to keep existing. You can see how well it works because all that's left of that era was largely semi-pornographic, plagiaristic work that has no claim to its existence other than novelty.
How did these things make it to this day, other than the fact they got paid? And they didn't get paid because of their quality, but largely because they figured out very early that marketing oneself, and riding trends as they came (find me one of these people who didn't embrace all the pozzery right off the bat) was more important than quality. Who are you blaming when you say "ohh those nice sites are gone!" other than the public? The public makes a choice. The public decides to pay for pornographic or political shit, the public passively consumes because they demand that marketing comes to them, instead of being proactive in searching for content. The public says "fuck artists" and pirates. The public is entitled. The public decides everything you
might want to complain about, including the fact that I'd rather work for money than work for free.
Anyway it's getting tiring to reply to this thread, since we're at the broken record stage. Remember to dilate.

And to everyone else, remember that you have one life, and wasting one's life to provide a bunch of retarded children with entertainment does not equal martyrdom for a higher cause. If you want to be a martyr, take a plane to Congo and work as a volunteer or some other thing. At least someone will be thankful.

>> No.19459479

>a pattern I've come to notice in online "leftists" (borderline meaningless term, but fashionable, politically correct left-liberal types), specifically a reliance on subtle social ostracism verging on gaslighting when someone doesn't fit into your worldview. Rather than attacking head-on, a lot of young "leftists" will say things like "I don't know man, honestly you just seem a little weird lol no offense, like maybe people are just uncomfortable around you? Maybe you have issues? Have you thought maybe it's you?" as a way of making the person doubt themselves while saying nothing substantial and ignoring entirely the actual complaints they were making. It's never really substantiated, it's just a blanket thing said with an eerie veneer of "I'm just trying to help you out bud haha."

I've seen that, too. Direct attacks encourage a rhetorically violent rebuttal, especially in a place like 4chan. This seems calculated to avoid that, and has something of an astroturf, top-down feel, rather that something organic bubbling up from the bottom. Have some further thoughts, but I'll leave it at that.

>> No.19459497

>Despite us writing new stories, illustrating more samples for our portfolio, accumulating a large fan base, etc., the agents largely seem interested in garbage that serves their agendas at this time.

I dunno, man. If you keep pushing that, developing your base, you could reach a tipping point in your favor. Not all children's books are in sjw mode. Does Mo Willems fit that paradigm? (Otoh, do I correctly recall reading that he may have had connections to the biz through his family?) (In retrospect, it might have been interesting to have approached the project using a pseudonym that pushed the needful buttons.)

Also, along the developing your base lines, there's the whole patreon thing, and related approaches, that allows creators with micro-appeal (for lack of a better term) to make more income from their creativity than they necessarily would with straight sales. More than one way to skin a cat (who came up with that horrible phrase, anyway?).

>> No.19459552

4chan is filled with bunkertrannies and they are so accustomed with this style of discourse that you can use it to check for their presence. Say in any way that culture and the arts are pozzed and you failed in some way because of the state of things and you can be certain there will be a tranny who'll go
>the problem doesn't exist, everything runs on meritocracy, you are probably just a creep
>ok the problem exists but your work probably sucked
>ok so why don't you put things online for free lol
the more literal trannies there are on a site the more aggressive this discourse will be. If a board has LGBT+ threads every reply with be this. It can only come from people who are absolutely on board with how things work, under the guise of this retarded pseudo-anarchist mindset, including the citation of open source. It's fucking pathetic.

>> No.19459555

>there's the whole patreon thing
do you realize how patreon works? there are people who have 100 thousand followers and make minimum wage or less. I know that you think porn numbers apply to art, but porn is not art, and because it's parasitic by nature it sells itself. If you open a Patreon without a massive online presence, which you can only gain through marketing, "networking" with the mafia, and so on, you will not make a fucking dime.

>> No.19459676

This, I don't have much. But I'd like to help if possible

>> No.19459994

This is also true. Publicly rambling about Jewish conspiracies is a great way to scare people unless you’re black and making hip hop.

>> No.19461326

Well, my wife has given up. I think the tipping point was going to a SCBWI online meeting. My wife's art was heavily praised by many of the agents moreso than the other prospective artists, and they suggested we query them. Things seemed hopeful, but when we finally queried them, they stopped responding.
After dealing with all of these shenanigans, my wife also became more misogynistic. Most women do not have a concept of integrity or taking what they do seriously.
My wife was creating more popular webcomics but stopped one year ago after we had a home break-in from a black man. I shot him too in self-defense, and it caused a lot of drama of having to move in with my stupid and controlling dad for some time. What's funny is the home break-in from the black guy happened shortly after I had watched this advertisement, which made me angry:
My area was a white stronghold until blacks recently moved in. I think I have bad karma to have been born in this lifetime. I am generally unlucky in many regards, so I gave up with my artistic aspirations and just became a burned-out data scientist who has secret homicidal tendencies.

My throwaway email is [email protected]
I can use referrals to agents to try querying again. I'm done querying random agents because it's stressful. We queried about 80 of them.

>> No.19462334

This is either insane bait or you are genuinely unwell.

>> No.19462456

My query letter is written professionally. It begins with an introduction, pitch, URL to portfolio, and the illustrated dummy manuscript. I have studied this stuff a lot.
I made sure grammar was perfect too in the query letter and dummy manuscript.

>> No.19462487

You have to follow a specific formula with query letters, and agents ask for different things (e.g., samples embedded into email or complete complete dummy manuscript).
> It begins with an introduction, pitch, URL to portfolio, and the illustrated dummy manuscript
It has an introduction, pitch, experience, URL to portfolio, and the illustrated dummy manuscript*

>> No.19462510

Anon, I'm going to assume you're being serious so I tell you: think about your wife because so far she seems like a person worth caring about. Let go of all the resentment. Not in the sense of "lol stop caring about what's around you and drone on", by all means keep fighting against the current, but resort your priorities so that you and your wife come first, even if that means giving up something. I'm not going to tell you what to do, like "move to another place" because I don't know your finances and life situation. What I'm saying is that there's a certain breed of bitter resentment that is capable of eating you alive and you should never let it into your life. Also immediately stop doing what you are doing here right now, let the thread die. You're exposing yourself to very evil people who are very active on this site and might make their personal mission to ruin your life over internet drama.

>> No.19463818

How can we live in a world where people genuinely believe things like >>19454563, >>19454486, >>19454315, and not feel at least a little unwell. These people have reduced to shitty pop music, shitty dancing, and slang while using hackneyed academic language to make these positions official, and we’re just expected think a decent existence is possible in this environment? I agree that it would be in his best interest to calm down and move on, but I can’t hold feelings like his against him.

>> No.19464339

>4chan user crying about minorities and muh leftism
>sounds exactly how I imagined


>> No.19464532

The guy made a video about discrimination and nepotism in the literary industry and all you can do is mock his voice? You people are literal children.

>> No.19464547

I'm genuinely mad at OP. He has a beautiful book with excellent art and he nuked his chances of making it with this stunt. You do not insult Jews if you want a career in the arts. Why did he do this

>> No.19464560

>making fun of a speech impediment when it's convenient
>crucifying people when they misuse a pronoun when it's convenient
go off your aids meds and die from it faggot

>> No.19464564

Kek fucking loser

>> No.19464609

It's career suicide for sure, but
1) why make fun of his voice? He's told you he has dysprosody and it's just a dick move.
2) if talking about discrimination and racial nepotism in the industry gets him blacklisted from it, that's not doing much to disprove his claim.

>> No.19464631 [DELETED] 

>why make fun of his voice?
I wasn't that anon
> that's not doing much to disprove his claim.
Because he's right. But you can just say that. You have to try to make it work somehow. Maybe that means finding some fringe publisher, maybe it means self-publishing. But not this. Saying anything remotely negative about Jews will ruin your life, don't do it.

>> No.19464634

>why make fun of his voice?
I wasn't that anon
> that's not doing much to disprove his claim.
Because he's right. But you can't just say that. You have to try to make it work somehow. Maybe that means finding some fringe publisher, maybe it means self-publishing. But not this. Saying anything remotely negative about Jews will ruin your life, don't do it.

>> No.19464680

>the proportion of literary agents pushing leftist nonsense
I can save you the trouble and tell you it's in excess of 95%.

>> No.19464785

>He does sound like he has down syndrome and that may be the issue.
more racist leftist hypocrisy. he sounds like he has foreigner parents, probably hispanic. so as soon as leftists need a quick jab against their political adversary they immediately resort to racism.
good for you anon. you could use your race as an in-card to get credits with leftard agents. but you aren't abusing it that way because it's morally wrong. thank you. you're an upstanding person with a sense of integrity, increasingly rare in this world.

i'm frustrated as hell with the foaming at the mouth radical leftism from every single literary agent. i'm also not a white male, but it's a massive turn off to see all this political agenda shoved to the forefront, and the implication certainly is that all else equal they'll take the submissions that cater to their personal political views, that is, if they aren't entirely sidelining anything that doesn't pander to them to begin with. this diversity sjw bullshit is low effort garbage. i wouldn't hate it, if it were actually GOOD. I loved the disney mulan movie, remember in those days when disney made movies set in different countries and people liked them because they were genuinely good? racism was already over before sjw pushed anti-white hatred to this extent. now i get a ptsd level jolt when i see brown people being pushed to the forefront because i'm about to receive an ideological brow-beating from a rabid leftist over my skin color being a problem. i'm so fucking tired of it. i'm tired of reading sjw shit, i'm tired of being asked to write it, i'm tired of the only works being published being those positioning a one-note uniform rad-left viewpoint.

they have diversity in every way except the only that could have mattered--diversity of ideas. you either agree with this week's far leftism dogma or you get canceled or stonewalled. fuck this shit.

i'd really like if we could coordinate and document some of the worst shit we're seeing. can a thread be made on kiwifarms and content added there? under the communities heading. we have no power when we're just posting dispersed commentary on /lit/.

>> No.19464795

I was with you until "let's just document everything". What will that accomplish?

>> No.19464849

if you can nail down beyond reasonable doubt that your work was stolen you can sue them. contact a lawyer.
hateful loxist rat. queries should be race-blind. instead mentioning your skin color gets you a leg up so long as you're brown. it's disgusting. agents trip over themselves to publish you if you push leftist agendas. if you are apolitical you get back-burnered.
based if true
please say "wine aunts" or "blue haired agents" instead of using a racial epithet. the majority of white women voted for trump. they aren't causing this--liberals and the wokeism mafia are.
there are screencaps of bunkertrannies confessing their plans to "le epic raid" boards on 4chan to "convert" them to leftism and they mentioned /lit/ by name. they're permanently online losers who cant get laid with or without their penis.
i'm sorry anon. please keep your chin up. the insanity will burn itself out eventually. this sjw cultural marxism insanity is similar to bolshevism and the weimar republic. humanity has been here before. stay optimistic and keep producing work, keep it on your hard drive to publish when this trend dies out.

i know it feels awful to have great work sitting there and be unable to publish it, but just stay strong and keep writing. things will clear up eventually.

>> No.19464861

making people aware of the general trend. most people do not read manuscript wishlist and aren't aware of the extent of the problem. by having a thread to document such trends and examples we have more credibility and could get people to understand and notice it. having a thread would give our complaints concreteness.

also some of it is lulzy if you aren't crying, and it's nice to know others have the same frustrations as you.

>> No.19465006

>Most women do not have a concept of integrity or taking what they do seriously.
> My area was a white stronghold until blacks recently moved in.
You are the platonic ideal of a 4chan poster. It’s like if a redditor made a post about his new epic bacon Baby Yoda dildo that’s in the shape of George Floyd’s penis that he can’t wait to use on his wife.

>> No.19465149

>you are a good artist married to a loving and supportive wife
Damn bro you got him what a burn.

>> No.19465219

Remember to always keep your self healthy mentally, spiritually, physically, financially, socially and intellectually.
Make yourself too valuable to replace wherever or in what whatever you do.
Keep an eye for those you can redpill, and slowly throw out feelers that don't reveal your hand (this requires you to not be autistic, which I know is asking a lot). Always look for ways to further your cause and keep a look out for the man when he begins his ascension.

>> No.19465389

>You disingenuous fucks use the same script word by word
Several people in this thread have hurled around the "tranny" and "dilate" calling cards several times. A bit hypocritical to accuse me of repeating a script.

I've literally typed this out from my head, it's not the same script word for word by definition of what "word for word" means. You've just told a lie, and it's the basis of your argument. And you call me disingenuous.

I was a kid when those sites existed lol, couldn't afford to support it. Now I can, and sometimes do. I do genuinely believe in making things freely available, it's a classic business model. The nice baker man puts out free samples, you do the looney tunes hover after the delicious smell hits your nostrils, you take a delicious bite, and then if (or when, in the case of the competent baker) you enjoy the taste, you simply must purchase a full loaf of his sweet treats. Same goes for art, and I've seen many youtube channels and other creators become successful this way. You're being a pessimistic faggot, and that's the reason you never sold your art, because you gave up and became obstinate. In today's economy, the hardest thing to buy is someone's attention; if you want to create art, that's all well and good, but it's hard enough to force art onto someone, let alone get them to pay for it (especially if you don't have a name for yourself and you're not going to let people even see your art for free). From your view of things, I can kinda tell you're not a real artist. You might have some kind of skill (though you're too shy to even say what skill that is, let alone show an example of your work), but you're not innovative like an artist is; you don't have ideas to convey and a viewpoint to sell, all you're selling is a material good. Art is not the material it's made of, it's not even the labour that's gone into it. When I read and appreciate a truly great book, I'm not being moved by the pieces of paper, nor am I being moved by the fact that the author spent hours putting pen to paper. I'm being moved by the story, but the intangible aspect of the art. You've got this disgusting "gimme gimme gimme" aspect about you, like you deserve something for nothing. You're as bad as the hoi polloi you criticise.

>> No.19465519
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Don't give up anon: if you do then jews, faggots and niggers will have won. Just keep your book stored in your safe, then when times will get better try publishing it again, hopefully the political climate will have changed by then.
>things won't get better
They will. Even WW2 ended at some point.
Also! Try publishing your book in another anglophone country perhaps.

"Though things may look very dark,
Your dream is not invain,
For when do you find the rainbow,
Only after rain"

>> No.19465520

This post was made by me and after watching your vid again I actually think you are BASED however there was no need for 2 "I'm not antisemitic" slides.

>> No.19465715

Did not read, dilate

>> No.19466656

got his ass

>> No.19468126

why bother saying you aren't antisemitic?
in fact, yes, indeed, i am antisemitic.
t. not op

>> No.19469816


>> No.19470649

Good posts. I think this one's a tie, gentlemen.

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