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There is no consciousness without the discrimination of opposites. This is the paternal principle, the Logos"

Understanding and working on the tension of opposites within ourselves is the path forward lit.

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First reply. I just broke this thread's hymen. Anyone else who posts after me is getting my sloppy seconds, my leftovers. Just remember that the first reply is the most special reply of the thread, it’s what gives the thread its pace, and you'll never experience this thread the way I did. This thread will never feel the way it felt about me, about you. It's over, you might as well just go post on Reddit and talk about how much of a "man" you are for replying on a thread that I pump and dumped.

Have fun with my scraps, /lit/cucks.

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>This is the paternal principle, the Logos
what's the maternal principle? the pathos?
what does that make ethos?

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why does retarded shit like this keep getting shilled on here? is it discord groomers?

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What do you mean by “work on the tension of opposites?” Do you think we should reconcile the opposites and this destroy our consciousness and enter a state of wu-wei? Or do you mean that we need to identify them and understand them so as to eliminate the anxiety they cause, thus transcending struggle and entering the realm of passionate challenge? Or do you mean that we must accept them as reality and move on, simply letting the anxiety wash over us as a required due for having consciousness? Or maybe something else?

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Eros, I think, at least according to Jung
Nice quads. Read the Red Book, that’s his fullest attempt at elucidating the problem of and working out the path between the opposites

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imagine taking jung as your guru lmao i feel pity

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Imagine taking on a guru.

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is that you're only argument? how about you imagine taking my cock up your ass and out your throat?

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Christcucks, orthokeks, evolafags, and other scum that only exists on the internet

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Lol loser

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So you post a discussion on a forum talk about an idea so that, once someone asks the most basic question about said idea, you can tell them to read the book?

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