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suicide is on my mind

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I've been having things to do for a while, and I've been getting away with not really doing them as I should for that same while. What is on my mind is a flurry of currently popular tiktok sounds and the desire for my posts on this board to gain traction because I lust after the interaction

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Legit, what happens to us when we die? Been thinking of that recently, and for whatever reason, I've become terrified of my own morality.

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Green Tea and Shennong

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i was just talking the other day about how i dont know what the fuck im doing about anything and i basically walk around in a permanat daze and everyone seems like the same person and i need to keep moving or ill die but then he said just stop and take a seat and i said no ill die and he said no just take a seat and then i said no like why do people act like that when they know you're not okay and then i walked to a park with my dog but the grass was shaved and wokmen were painting fences then i left and read a book about men from old time greece that said just be happy and i though wtf why not im happy now

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I need to stop posting about mental illness so much, it really kills the vibe

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I think what happens is what you most believe in. Someone convinced of the christian afterlife will be judged accordingly, and someone convinced that nothing happens basically gets deleted.

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I love reading. It takes me somewhere where I don't have to be lonely anymore.

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Whites make me so mad it’s unreal. They spent 400 years kicking our asses, and now that the table has turned they are just bending over and taking it. Absolutely pathetic. We did not deny you fuckers the glory of victory in India or over the Boxers or in the conquest of the the New World, Africa, etc. How DARE you guys deny us that feeling in Europe today. It’s the most Pyrrhic victory feeling ever. At least the Turks got to have the glory of conquering Istanbul. We are denied even that, our opponent just gave up.

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I mostly only think about tfw no gf
It's bordering on monomania

What does it mean when the girl who works at the gym smiles at you

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>Pyrrhic victory
You don't know what that means

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It just means she's being friendly. Most people (at least we're I'm from) smile at strangers because it's considered polite. Doubly so for customers.

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I'm a for real schizo and I can sense the energy people give off, and I feel like she's being more than polite
How do I confirm

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Talk to her I guess. Say something like 'how was your day' or 'busy day today?'.

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/x/ has a /divination general/

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Isn’t this a scifi and fantasy thread?

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Jesus Christ, you’re such a attention-whore. Just fuck off already.

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they said "Pyrrhic victory feeling"
there's no glory in "conquest" btw

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now tfw no wife.... I feel that

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The real reason I'm not in a relationship is that I am legitimately terrified that somebody might cut off my penis in my sleep.

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U can't go from stranger to wife
Gotta have gf first
BTW, when did you all get your first gfs?

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>when did you all get your first gfs?
In grade 6, I wrote her some stupid letter about how I thought she was cute and smart and got one of her friends to give it to her.

And it worked!

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Submit to Allah and recognize your mortality once and for all

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13, i was born pretty and tall so when i was in school there was no shortage of girls

>Gotta have gf first
I don't touch a woman until I've been seeing her for a few months. Not interested in having sex or binding myself to someone I'm not going to have kids with.

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Could /lit/ recommend me a film with great artistic ambitions similar to literature? I'm up for anything

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>He was known for his indifference and for wearing a monocle.

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I'm addicted to masturbating. It's a lifestyle. I don't just rub my penis and waste my seed. No, I distance myself from reality with fruitless tasks and wasted days, too.
It's gotten to the point anon, that I find it very difficult to connect on an emotional level with my loved ones. Including myself.
Look at today for instance. I spent it alone, at my desk, staring at a screen, too afraid to do anything that I wanted to do. See, I thought that if I had a quick wank, then I could get to work. But what work is there to do? I have a job, a career even. I procrastinate but always get my school work done. The only work I have, is *the work*. The kind of infinitely-approaching task that seems to shrink away from the light. Maybe it's better explained as the berried treasure of my soul. I know roughly where it is, but it would take a lot of false holes to find it.
So maybe my masturbation is that digging. Maybe my stillness is an eagerness of my soul, cringing in the depths, waiting to be found.
All I know is that tomorrow will be different, I know it, I don't believe it, but I know it.

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Sometimes you gotta get your dick sucked

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I'm finna boutta read some hard logic shit HYPE ME UP HYPE ME UP

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Stanley Kubrick almost exclusively adapted books into films and usually made them better

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three colours trilogy
anything by peter greenaway

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Slept only a few hours last night and as a result everything feels quite bleak. As soon as I woke up all my dreams and aspirations lay before me as worthless vanity. The only other times I've felt this were when I smoked marijuana and my defense mechanisms got stripped away and I was hit with a ballistic onslaught of self-awareness—not the good kind but the scathing, critical orientation of my thoughts toward my flaws. Which leads me to believe that I've got some kind of depression or unresolved trauma under wraps.

I am trying to orient my thoughts in the opposite direction—I have talent, I just need to improve my work ethic, I will inspire people with what I leave behind, it doesn't have to be masturbatory and even if it is I will be remembered as someone who contributed something worthwhile.

Maybe I just want to feel like this. For a long time I've found romanticism in hopelessness, maintained a melancholy in the face of the tragedy which seems to define the world, and have a perverse and solipsistic self-satisfaction at being someone who has at times had an intimate knowledge of pain and sadness. The truth is that life gave me an inch of difficulty and I made out it a mile of misery. I fell for the tortured artist schtick. Most of the time I just do the same thing over and over again.

Okay, no more flaccid bitching. This week I do everything I told myself to do to develop as an artist and let's see if the object of my hopelessness is my aspirations or my subpar effort levels.

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The Duelists.

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>critical orientation of my thoughts toward my flaws
>Which leads me to believe that I've got some kind of depression or unresolved trauma under wraps.

>i-it's a mental illness or something I'm just broken or something, it's definitely not my fault or anything, I'm not going to suck up and take responsibility for my faults I'm just going to call myself sad and retarded

You don't have some complex or mental illness. The mark of a man is the zeal he can extract out from his own soul just HYPE UP HYPE UP HYPE UP YEEEEAAHHHHH

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I saw a butterfly icon in the trash taste podcast comment section yesterday. It's expanding its platforms for attention whoring.

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I saw 2001. How's A Clockwork Orange?

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Yi Yi by Edward Yang

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When I was little my nurse told me there are certain spirits that are most active in the afternoon and can influence your dreams. Woke up today from my afternoon nap with these eerie unpleasant feelings and suddenly remembered that

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been reading gorgias lately and thinking about schopenhauer and whether i should isolate and find permanent solitude.

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Every time you think /lit/ is bad go to /v/, /tv/ or /a/ to remind yourself of how much worse it’s out there.

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The Color of Pomegranates
The Spirit of the Hive

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Current /mu/ feels like it's filled with people old /mu/ used to make fun of

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Saw that movie, absolutely blew me away with how visually beautiful it was. Every frame was beautiful.

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No man is in control of his own life. We are born into the "care" of a government that will do anything in its power to strip you of your rights, restrict your movement, and drain you of your vitality. Try to live off the land when every acre is claimed by some entity or other. Sail away and find yourself ensnared by innumerable regulations before deportation back to your home country. Even trying to leave your country is a far flung dream when one looks at the associated rules or financial requirements for citizenship elsewhere. Escape is impossible. We are merely told we can do anything to keep us placid, to allow us the unfounded hope that one day, maybe you, yes you! could accrue enough capital to escape the clutches of this system. The same capital that must be tithed to our lords, our protectors, to pay for social services you will never be able to avail yourself of should you need them. Remember, the state owes you nothing, and you owe it everything - nevermind the pressures the state imposes that would cause one to need assistance. We are systematically separated and divided to remove even the small amount of agency we could take back as a collective, told that only as an individual can we truly succeed. Despite all this, the one method of egress we have available as individuals - suicide - is illegal and so socially repugnant that it doesn't register as a possibility in the minds of most.

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I'm having an existential crisis, my life feels empty, and it's really fucking annoying me, bought books though and will start meditating.
If any of you know of helpful books please tell me of them.

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I have the feeling that my mind has deteriorated from childhood trauma. I can't tolerate people yet I long for them, and I'm incredibly proud yet self conscious. I should see a psychologist but I won't. If anything I just hope that the quality of my writing is better in this timeline where I was abused. I expect anyone who reads this to be embarrassed that I've displayed my emotions shamelessly but I do not regret writing or posting it.

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As i walked in the empty streets, the sounds of people leaving and coming in was the dome that surrounded the cold wind climaxing in my eardrums. I wanted to piss so i remembered a spot were i barely saw someone elses penis. I got there and saw the pool of piss all arround the garbage bin, the smell was like the smell of anus i used to smell when i was 3 years old. So a deep nostalgia of smelling my own farts was also in continuation as i typed this text.

Pssssss, i peed and a rat the size of a normal rat scrambled away. I felt so epic in that moment. And i feel like a loser now.

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Those boards are better than /lit/. Hell, /a/ and /v/ actually reads books.

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I feel like I've emotionally recessed about 10 years recently. I'm just about to turn 25, but I feel like my old misanthropic, reclusive, disgusted and bitter 15 year old self again. Possibly I was spoiled by working from home during the pandemic that I just need to build my tolerance for human interaction back up again. Or maybe I'm right to feel that way.
If you think your mind has deteriorated, it's probably due to repression rather than the trauma itself. What you've described isn't that uncommon I don't think. Stop thinking about your life as a "timeline", the past doesn't exist.

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i remember i was deeply afraid of my previous gf doing something like this. Or killing me or hurting me in some way. I guess that could be also one of the reasons i refused to have sex with her.

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Some serious digits in this thread

>> No.19200105

Nice quints. The fairie folk are still messing with you

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that movie sucked. Student film tier. Dishonest and manipulative.

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Yeah well i didn't write it out as an expository essay faggot. I began writing in one state of mind and leave in another. I take responsibility at the end. I'm not depressed, just too weak. If you're gonna read my navel gazing monologue at least read it on its own terms.

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Wasn’t me. Never even heard of the thing.

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Are u a boy or a girl

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Too weak right now. Which is my responsibility to fix.

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I think I might never get over this girl. When I finish my tour of Europe that may be it for me; if I can't live with her I can't live. Viva love

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Give it a listen

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A woman, and yes, I’ve always been.

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holy cringe

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Sorry to hear that

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Every decision you have made in your life has led up to reading this post.

I hope you make better decisions in the future!

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Giga dubs! 200 200
Good decision making too you too fine sire

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There is just something about this Repin painting that entrances me.

>> No.19200233

Yeah yeah, a few pints will do that but the point stands

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>despondent young man reading books

i mean, it's pretty relatable to the average person here

>> No.19200260

Even if I made all the right choices I probably wouldn't be any better off right now

>> No.19200263

Yeah, the way Repin captures human expression is just absolutely flawless. No Russian realist compares. Just look at the face of the servant holding the door.

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Where to go, what to do.

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Lake Mungo

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I think everyone deserves a big break. But taking advantage of that big break is upto the individual.

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I would love to go to Japan to find a friend I had twenty years ago. But my parents lost all of his contact information and I don't even know where to start looking for him. I don't even know if he would remember me.

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Im scared bros

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I think that being an artistic genius and being a normalfag are mutually exclusive.

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It's a mystery, along with the fact that you're alive, and something exists at all.

>> No.19200599

What's up with mental illness and creativity? It's not even a stereotype, just about every truly great artist is neurodivergent in some way

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Being an incel sucks.
I wish my bad skin didn't mess with my self esteem so much. I'm a cute enough guy besides that. I really just want a cute boyfriend to hold hands with as we walk through autumnal forests.

>> No.19200605

I'm going to cheat on my girlfriend because I don't like her

>> No.19200616

You respawn

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As far as we can tell, worms and stuff eat your hide away. The Big Sleep.

But, oh yeah, wouldn’t it be neat of there was some kind of afterlife? Like what? No reason to believe it would hinge on some sort of moral imperatives. Live well Now. There is only Now.

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The best way I can describe it is that once you die, there is no "you" anymore, so it's impossible for anything to happen to you. Therefore you experience nothing, or more accurately nothing is experienced.

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I didn't even read any of the replies. I spend all day at the beach, but one thought about work randomly crosses my mind and I can't help but scowl. It's like it haunts me. Part of that is my drive to do well, the other part is worry that I won't. When I catch myself doing this, it just gets worse as I worry about the worry. If I let myself be at the beach, and just enjoy being with nature, it all goes away pretty quick... not to be rectified, but to be forgotten. Until I remember again.

I've been searching all my life for the balance, but if I ever find it I'm not sure I could bring myself to concede. The struggle that I have always wanted has become me.

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It turned out that this anime and manga left an aesthetic impression on me greater than any book I’ve ever read. I’m not sure what to do with that now…

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Back when I still had feelings I was just chilling in a video streaming chatroom with some people one night and they threw on The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and I wasn't keen on seeing a movie but stayed for the hell of it. I was totally floored by it, more than probably any other film, and I just thought how crazy it is the most impactful experiences we have can come out of nowhere.

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How many of you were bullied in high school?

be honest

>> No.19200876

High school? No. Middle school? Yeah, for the better part of one year.

>> No.19200877

should I drop all my CS courses and do philosophy instead? i'm in my junior year at a low-tier state school in the US, I don't have the will to learn any more CS, I just want to read philosophy

>> No.19200885

Not bullied, just ignored.

>> No.19200888

that's a form of bullying 2bh imo

>> No.19200893

This is bigger than you.

A bunch of threads on /x/, /sci/, /his/, /pol/, here, redditors are talking about it. Its a legit phenomena. I've seen more people worried about death on the internet lately than in my entire career. Must be covid and vax fear or something.

Why are we doing this? Why does the void seem less and less likely? Why do we breed if we don't know if we're damning people?

I know I myself am in the midst of a fine existential crisis. I'm rolling for nothing.

>> No.19200906

the idea that it's just nothing is untenable. given infinite time after death, whatever circumstances allowed "you" to be born will inevitably repeat themselves.

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Im convinced you’ll be reborn as another person or yourself. Time is not perceptible when unconscious, and anyone familiar with being unconscious knows that there is no lapse of time between knocking out and regaining consciousness. Time is a flat circle. You might end up living your life over eternally or everyone’s life sequentially

>> No.19200930

It’s great though one of his more inaccessible films

>> No.19200933

Every time I was bullied it was an isolated incident where someone gave me shit for being fat and then apologized for it later
One time a girl in music class actually apologized for making fun of me behind my back, it was surreal

>> No.19200947

Never once but I was my full height of 6'2" back then.
I'm an ogre.

>> No.19201005

Only in middle school by this one guy who was twice my size. For some inexplicable reason he hated my guts. Later on, he met a mutual friend of mine and said to her that we were apparently 'good friends'. I don't know what to make of it.
Didn't get bullied in high school though. Everyone had their own cliques to hang out with, so no one really cared outside their circle. I was surprisingly considered one of the 'cool kids'. Probably because I abused my power as the art committee president to bunk classes whenever I felt like.

>> No.19201023

Same, but instead of Japan, mine was in Bhutan. I remember I even had crush back then. She was the class president and smartest amongst us. I used to compete with her. She's probably married by now.

>> No.19201112

I also believe this. I cannot imagine anything but life. Nothingness is an abstraction and an afterlife is untenable. Death seems like just as much of a finite process to me as living. If you think about it, you are dying and being reborn every second. Never the same and never different. Perhaps once we understand ourselves we will understand the whole.

>> No.19201125

>its another "vapid woman shows up and tries to make the whole thread about her" episode

>> No.19201128

godspeed anon

>> No.19201130

is this correct?

>> No.19201131

>sit back, relax; enjoy the show

>> No.19201159

>It’s another delusional male with zero self esteem trying to make himself look virtuous in front of the boys.

>> No.19201173

It does that. It even made parallel threads and early threads just to be the OP of this general.

>> No.19201178

Oh, hey dragon ball. You finish your homework yet?

>> No.19201183

Yeah, pretty based of the mods to prune it’s thread that one time.

>> No.19201186

The best part of Good Old Neon is the trigger that finally convinces the protag to end things. No one would ever think to write that unless they've been there, but everyone who's been that low understands. It's some dumb little thing that assures you of the triviality of all you've been suffering, how blasé it is, that confirms these idle thoughts you've been having, and with the careless indifference of a totally disinterested and honest party.

>> No.19201190

>Ignoring me to respond to himself

>> No.19201194

How do you personally fill the black hole left in your life by the Death of God, anons? For me it's a mix of radical politics and stoicism.

>> No.19201197

>shows up and tries to make the whole thread about her" episode
So I’m not the only one who notice? I don’t know who anyone likes that vapid cunt.

>> No.19201198 [SPOILER] 

fantasizing about pic rel

>> No.19201206

literally nothing you could possibly say can compensate for the fact that you are still a vapid attention whoring tripfag who pretty much embodies all the worst misogynistic stereotypes. no matter what you post, your post will always come directly paired with this fact, its always there front and center as actual real evidence that this isn't just some dime a dozen internet insult but an actual fact of the nature of your behavior. anyway i hope you realize that all of your posts are marred in this way, its like the old trope where someone is trying to be super serious in front of others, but there is some glaring comical defect of some sort, or someone standing behind them doing something silly, that draws the eye and prevents anyone from taking the person seriously

>> No.19201214

By becoming familiarized with the underlying spiritual realities which every religion worthy of the label is an attempt to express.

>> No.19201215

It’s how normal conversations go.
You’re not liking it because you want it to be all in the dark. Some kid was just talking to himself.
Don’t want to talk to, don’t even want to acknowledge my existence? Do that. Stop bellyaching.

>> No.19201223

>dont like it when i virtually scream in your face for attention and spam the thread like the vapid attention staved post-wall woman i am? just ignore it lol

>> No.19201229

How do I forgive someone for unintentionally hurting me? I know they didn't mean it, but it aches.

Just filter her already good lord

>> No.19201234

>Just filter her already good lord
Meant for >>19201223

>> No.19201237

the truth is they like attacking butterfly just as much as she likes receiving the attention

>> No.19201242

We need more people alive. More people to disregard all sanctity. More! More!!!

>> No.19201243

Just delete it.

>> No.19201250

I don’t like it
I’m just unfazed by the whining

>> No.19201253

How do I forgive someone for unintentionally hurting me? I know they didn't mean it, but it aches.

Just filter her already good lord

very well

>> No.19201256

tell them about it? sit down with them, talk, and hug?

>> No.19201259

>How do I forgive someone for unintentionally hurting me?
By maturing and getting over it.
Would you like to give more details?

>> No.19201260

>tee hee i do this thing that exists solely to garner attention and spam the thread..but i totally dont do it for attention, silly boys

why even bother posting such a blatant transparent lie? what exatly were you aiming for here lmao?

>> No.19201263

>It’s how normal conversations go
Read it again.

>> No.19201270

why are you afraid to answer the question? what exactly were you looking to do by posting such an overtly transparent lie?

>> No.19201272

how does one mature and get over the need to work for a living when I would rather die than work for a living?

>> No.19201280

I don’t understand the details here.

Your argument is disingenuous. I answered you already. There is no lie.

>> No.19201295

of course it is a lie, there is literally no possible reason to do what you do beyond your innate need for attention and recognition to feed your ego, which is either massively inflated by narcissism or desperately malnourished

so what did you think posting a lie like that would accomplish? you couldn't have actually believed such a statement would be taken seriously when you are literally in the middle of proving that it is false and actually bringing attention to that fact

>> No.19201298

>which is either massively inflated by narcissism or desperately malnourished
Both, likely

>> No.19201310

Disingenuous would be spamming every thread, going out of your way to make your own duplicate threads, and trying to take over this general for your own personal entertainment then pretending to be innocent . Honestly, are you even capable of thinking about other people? Of feeling empathy? its all "ME ME ME" with you.

>> No.19201311

Nope. It’s literally
> …how normal conversations go

Can you talk about ANYTHING else now?

>> No.19201315

>Would you like to give more details?
Very well.
>Be me, recent college grad
>Wagin' it at a software job
>Father always wanted me to be a doctor
>Back in college I tried to juggle pre-med and CS and almost failed Organic Chem, ending the med school dream
>Anyway, graduate, find a job, etc.
>Have cousin in college
>He fails basic chem, decides to switch into another major
>Dad loses his shit, calls him
>I'm chilling and then when he's on the phone, he walks into my room and says
>"I want him to hear this too. You kids are the most lazy, unambitious losers I know"
>Says I make shit money compared to a doctor and that I barely managed to get a job, how I squandered my opportunities, how I fucked my future up, etc.
It makes me mad. I took a workload back in college that was way more than I was comfortable with so I could fit in the classes he wanted me to take, while not being able to take courses that interested me. When I didn't get an A in orgo, I was working 25 hours a week and taking 5 other classes on a quarter system schedule (I had to get permission to take that many courses from my advisor). I legitimately tried to please him and succeed in his dream and I lost. I acknowledge that my father helped me greatly: he paid for my first year of college and helped introduce me to people who I would later work for (sue me, networking may be nepotistic but literally everyone in the industry does it). But there was no need to go after me like that, least of all while another family member was listening on the home. I'm not happy that I didn't succeed in his dream but it is what it is.

I want him to be proud of me. My mother says the way to achieve that is to become rich af. Honestly, this is speaking from a place of economic privilege (I am very much a member of the middle class/bourgeoisie) but I am not obsessed with becoming wealthy. I would like to have enough money to own a home in a nice area, send my future kids to college, have a little to spend on hobbies, and retire in comfort. Money is not the most valuable thing to me (health and happiness first), and I hate that it's become the way my father apparently ranks my success. Maybe I'm a spoiled kid whining, but it hurts.

>> No.19201324

lets talk about how "…how normal conversations go" explains why you need to tripfag for attention and recognition on an anonymous image board

>> No.19201339

So which is it then? Ego inflated by narcissism, or ego in crisis and needing validation? it must be one of them, if its not both.

>> No.19201360

That’s a real shit move, anon. Fuck making people like that proud.
Do try to move out asap and make yourself proud
Money ruins everything, even well off families.

>> No.19201364

I say ego in crisis and needing validation

>> No.19201366

>So which is it then?

>> No.19201368


Its OBVIOUSLY both. The narcissistic vapid ego of a youthful feminist boomer woman combined with the boost that all leftists get when they believe that they are geniuses and the end all be all of human intellectualism makes for a ticking time bomb that went off when she passed her prime and found herself alone with nothing to show for her life lived, leaving her inflated ego ravenous like a starved man willing to kill to eat.

>> No.19201379

Current /mu/ is absolutely worthless, quite unfortunate

>> No.19201387

so you DO like it then? you enjoy all the attention it brings you. its pleasurable. why did you feel the need to lie and say you didn't like it earlier?

>> No.19201416

Do any of you guys get sometimes irrationally scared of a shooting going on in a certain place where you are? My GF says it has to do with us growing up in a very violent period in my city but I only really remember hearing about one case of narcoterrorism when I was a kid, so I'm not conviced. I feel being terminally online growing and getting many news of national and US shootings also has to do with it.

>> No.19201437

>Fuck making people like that proud.
>Do try to move out asap
It's not so simple. We have a good relationship, but I feel like things which needed to be addressed weren't and they festered and now there's an undercurrent of tension to many of our conversations and interactions. I'd like to fix that but I don't know how.

>> No.19201444

Yeah. Sometimes when I go into a temple or church the thought crosses my mind. It's happened across the US, several times in the past.

>> No.19201451

Have you tried telling him everything you told us in the other post?

>> No.19201473

That's probably what it's going to take, isn't it. I dunno. I feel like as long as things keep going on as they are (good but troubled), there isn't really a way to bring it up without risking causing an argument or hurting his feelings.

>> No.19201498

Is Front Man from Squid Game /lit/?

>> No.19201507

>Its a legit phenomena. I've seen more people worried about death on the internet lately than in my entire career. Must be covid and vax fear or something.
It's probably these people having more time alone with themselves. Existential dread can only happen when there's nothing to distract you from it. There're some nice poets who make their poetry from not running from the dread but confronting it.

>> No.19201514

in middle school it was weird. The guys that would tease and bully other kids would do it to me too but to a lesser degree. Still, at the same time they would invite me to their houses to hang out and I really got along well with some of them.

>> No.19201515

>another villainous Lacanian

>> No.19201550

If for any reason you get to read this somehow, I've been enjoying Dune a lot so far. The 3rd book arrived just this morning and I'll start reading it next week.
I hope we can talk about it some day. I have this fantasy where we send each other books, with little highlighted or commented upon parts, like we once planned we'd do, even if they sucked. I am still hopeful and that will never change as long as I'm breathing.
Miss you with all my heart and soul and everything in between and back. You are my soulmate.
- Max

>> No.19201560

Sucks for people who weren't there. It was like a utopia of cultivated patricians compared to current moo

>> No.19201563


My theory is that spotify killed that board. It certainly killed share threads, which was probably the best of /mu/

>> No.19201597

do you think soem people are just meant to be degenrates? like its fate? natural selection?
or do you think its a choice?

>> No.19201616

Man, do you really think people owe you attention? Friendships are earned aren't they? You can't make friends or be liked by merely existing.

>> No.19201622

We are all degenerates, it's just a matter of how much you give into those urges.

>> No.19201626

yes you can

>> No.19201627

Here's the better version

>> No.19201652

I think it depends on what your parents teach you growing up. Shitty parents create more of the same, while wealthy or intelligent parents give their children an immense advantage in life.

>> No.19201658

Nta but what does it even mean if someone refrains from acting on such urges? Just that they have more self control? Or is there something deeper?

>> No.19201665

Maybe for some people it's purely self control, but for most I think there's something more valuable. Actually, for everyone there's something more valuable than giving in to pure hedonism.

>> No.19201670

mandarin isn't that hard

>> No.19201675

Maybe. I think music culture as a whole got worse. Indie losing to hip hop really killed off anything interesting happening in music. Trap music is mostly bad and western pop/kpop are just shit so I think /mu/ going to shit as well reflects this pretty nicely.

>> No.19201682

I want to write, but I have nothing to say

>> No.19201701

I have no dreams or interests. It feels like i keep them deep down in subconsciousness. I want for them to naturally emerge into my cognition. Am i asking too much?

>> No.19201706

Take the postrock/stoner rock pill, good music is still being made.

>> No.19201753

I miss the Death Grips ARG days

>> No.19201760

This thread was a blast. nevar4get

>> No.19201781

https://youtu.be/5V6kqd-jWKg huh this actually good

>> No.19201785

I was taking a shit at uni and some zoomer autist bursts in the door, thinking no one was there, and starts muttering to himself about being a vampire, splashing water everywhere, stamping his feet and doing weird shit. I let him do it for a while and then I open the door before he can leave to humiliate him, he had these little fake vampire fangs on and literally jumped like a cartoon character and started stuttering something about halloween

>> No.19201792

It’s those bewitching slavic eyes

>> No.19201828

I live my life in two different modes of being, In one mode I am always thinking, words and thoughts are always being passed around in my head and ideas are abundant. this is the mode In witch i feel the most alive in but this is also the mode in witch I tend to get suicidal urges, it's as if my consciousness is suddenly brought back to life, looks around, takes in information about the world and then decides that its not worth living. However I am much more creative in this mode and am able to write much better material than when Im not in this mode of thinking. The second mode is almost the complete opposite, In this mode I am much better at maintaining relationships, keeping to a schedule, and consistently doing the things witch i know are going to make my life supposedly better, But it never does. sure the suicidal urges go away but theres always a feeling of constant anxiety. The anxiety feels like something terrible is going to happen soon and no matter how hard I try nothing I do is going to be able stop it from destroying everything I have worked towards, so i am constantly on edge
also In this mode I have constant brain fog and am unable to wright more then two sentences before I want to stop.

I know that "mode" probably isn't the best word for what Im trying to describe but its the only word I can think of

>> No.19201841

Had that happen to me when I used to take shits in the tard area of high school since it was less populated. After 10 minutes of no movement the lights would go off while I was shitting, then some tard came in and they went back on. From the sounds they produced you'd imagine they're doing some sort of tribal ritual in there

>> No.19201850

live in cognizance of your incognizance

>> No.19201872

I ended my 3 years NEET phase only to become a literal street sweeper for a minimal wage. This is so degrading.

>> No.19201882

then unionize and fight for better wages

>> No.19201887

who are you, Puyi?

>> No.19201890

No one cares about it here (in EE).

>> No.19201892


>> No.19201900


>> No.19201903

oh eastern europe lol
hmm idk. why don't they care?

>> No.19201906

I fear I'm falling out of love with my wife.
I fear she's already fallen out of love with me.

>> No.19201912

I wish i could say the exact reason. Maybe afraid of losing a job.

>> No.19201917

I went to this wedding today, and it was great and nice, and I got to see so much friends, and I'm so happy for the two, but it depressed me too. Those two's parents love their kid's so much. They love them so much they set them on this path of non-stop success. They love them so much they nurtured their children's hopes and dreams. They love them so much they didn't once complain about having to plan the wedding and serve cake. They loved them so much they made sure the drinks were watered down do no trailer trash mom would get so drunk that she'd yell at her son in front of all the guests. They loved them so much they didn't make it so they had to elope, because they hated the bride, and then spent the next four years complaining that they'd been robbed of a wedding. They loved them so much more than anyone deserves, and I'm so happy for the two, but it depressed me too.

>> No.19201920

bruh all the more reason. early labour movementers were working against probably even harsher capitalists

>> No.19201940

ESL here. What does 'least water efficient' crop mean? That the crop requires more water or less?

>> No.19201947

I am the anon that wrote about how I almost lost my entry into wizardhood last thread. Just don't read this blog if you don't want to, I'll warn you here so you can't complain. Just need to say some things off my chest.

Usually I hate talking about myself this much braggingly but it needs to be understood that my whole life I never had any contact to women and my whole life consists of escapism and desperate distraction only to not think about this reality which I thought I would never experience. In school it was like girls didn't exist, or at least I acted like that, there was no interest and no crush. Retrospectively I see that something must have been wrong with me for completely dismissing the female pupils all around me, but at the time being I only saw how my friends developed an interest in them but I never understood. Also my anxiety and low self esteem was so strong that I thought I would never have any chance anyway so I didn't even allow myself just to think of girls. In university it was different, I was fully aware of what I was missing out on and my outsider position became increasingly aware and used to make me go insane. I resorted to drugs and a shitty lifestyle just to cope, and it was all hopeless. Of course, at the time the lacking contact to girls was only one problem of many, me living alone and being forced to meet people made psychotic or at least gave me derealization. The drugs only made it worse, it was all in all a bad and painful, lonely time. I found wizchan and started to identify with that, it was a refugium that made sense. Well, after 8 years of living like that, somehow finishing my useless social science degree, I moved back to my parents because at the time working was impossible and rent too expensive. So I started the NEET life. Gave up on drugs, started to entertain the idea that this is how my life will end, NEET hermit for life and developing serious agoraphobia. It was a different kind of despair than in college. In college the pain was sharp, thinking was quick, and I was in constant panic. Then as NEET I started to accept my fate in life. Didn't need drugs anymore. Things got both more peaceful and more seriously suicidal. But women were not a part of it anymore. I accepted my path of wizardry and it felt good or at least I didn't care. My biggest strength right now is the knowledge that I probably should have been dead years ago due to suicide, yet I'm here and now I have nothing to lose in life. Well, then this year I started a job a few months ago, my parents pushed me and I was like whatever. The first 2 months were pure hell, the mental and physical adaptions were brutal, any NEET out there who started a job again will understand. And now this party happened and now this women is inviting me for next week as she has holidays. This is almost too much for me, feels like years of loneliness find an odd conclusion here. It feels like years of existing concentrate on these days, emptiness vanishes.

>> No.19201953

fight anon. find a way to fight.

>> No.19201955

Yes, a crop that requires more water.

>> No.19202022

Have your ever thought about seeking help or dismissed that thought?

>> No.19202146

I thought about it a lot but sitting there isolated and mentally deprived in my lonely college room my anxiety spiked so much that I could not even make a call. Or rather, the feeling of complete alienation was too intense, I couldn't even imagine how someone would help me. I was too much caught up in my own world of thoughts and philosophical ideas. Later I took SSRIs prescribed from my family doctor but to this day I don't know what those pills actually do. Maybe I should still consider to start therapy, I have no idea what's going on in the moment. Things feel somewhat okay but I still am connected to my alienated self.

If you can I'd recommend looking for help asap if needed. Drugs are the worst alternative. I didn't solve anything with my thinking and self observing. Well, I have some life philosophy now.

>> No.19202192

I tried atleast 5 different brands of antidepressants but it didnt do anything noticeable. Later i tried therapy and it helped me a bit more but i felt like we barely scratched the surface of my problems. Im the walking wasted potential. We're the same age.

>> No.19202212

if you want to delve into philosophy, i feel like getting the basic CS courses like thinking algorithmatically and abstractly is atleast good exercise. because logic is not just truth and deduction, philosophy definition of logic is wide. it includes algorithmic thinking, categorical thinking, homotopy type kind of thinking. if you went analytic, it is better if you exercise math theorem proving. acquintance yourself with formal logic. only to dispel it all when you get to hegel.


>> No.19202232

whatever you desire from incessant masturbation is only objet petit a. whenever you read porn it induces your desire for it. whatever you attain there is not there, it only causes you to have desire. meditation might help it made you concentrate, but if it induces your anxiety for the world at hand. it can't. you will gonna cope back to porn and you might help professional help for it.

>> No.19202471

I can't stop hating people who have no curiosity. If someone talks to me about something I don't actively, morally hate, with any degree of enthusiasm, I become curious about it and naturally want to know more. It could be everything, from growing potatoes to making industrial steel pipes. Even if the subject is beyond my comprehension I'll try to understand it, I felt like a retard for asking about string theory to an astrophysics guy I knew but I would have felt worse missing out. I generally prefer to look like a retard than to miss out on gaining new knowledge. I just cannot understand not becoming curious about something that someone is excited about. If that person is excited about it and you know nothing about it, maybe it's interesting? But when I talk about things I love, that are rather simple things, people just go "oh wow uhm really?" and just look at me with this blank expression like "yeah I don't give a fuck". Of course I drop the subject but I fucking hate normies so much. It's so difficult not to feel disgusted by the fact that the vast majority of people are literally piggybacking on civilization and breaking it under their dead weight.

>> No.19202506

I say this not without some hesitation, but reading old threads in the archives where Frater posted is like witnessing a Socratic dialogue in action. It often starts by a psychically inflated anon making grand claims about religion, esotericism, philosophy or art. Then Frater shows up, pretending to be an ignorant fool, questions the anon. A long debate ensues, the anon is outed as not knowing what he was talking about, and you learn things you wouldn't have learned anywhere else.

>> No.19202512

based and saganpilled

>> No.19202532

Who's Frater?

>> No.19202536

My dick physically hurts which forces me to fap. Anyone feel like this? Should I see a urologist?

>> No.19202545

I'm not gonna have a job when I graduate
either I get a cuck diploma and become a wagie or I go to postgrad and become an underpaid researcher forever

>> No.19202562

>wake up
>try to do something
>think about suicide for the rest of the day
>cry myself to sleep
Any books that will help me with this? I thought stoicism would help but it didn't.

>> No.19202573

I watched All About Lily Chou-Chou recently, it was great

>> No.19202576

A tripfag, new friend. Go search his username in warosu.

>> No.19202607

My high school was pretty good, everyone liked each other and no one got bullied. I was bullied in elementary and middle school though, by almost every male in my classes. The girls were nice to me, one time they all grouped up and protected me from the boys but that made them jealous and they started bullying me even more after that.

>> No.19202610

Hope it gets better, man. I'm not going to bore you with platitudes about how you can still make it, but remember that when you're still going there must be something that makes you still cling to life. Something is still waiting in the future.

>> No.19202613

I am nominally characterised as "gay" or "bisexual" but really everyone less masculine than me is female. I'm simply more sexually powerful than most

>> No.19202636

Hi Yujiro

>> No.19202759

>there must be something that makes you still cling to life.
Honestly, i have no idea why im still clinging to life. I've been thinking (and still think) about suicide for years but i cant seem to go from thought to action. I guess my whole life has this theme of either impulsive action or impotent thought, cant seem to plan my action in any meaningful way as i dont see how this make sense in a broader way. I want to believe that i've been trying to get to know myself better but perhaps one could say that by doing so i've been avoiding the most obvious things or patting myself on the shoulder and living in the ignorance. I just want for desire to grow in me naturally and not just choose between worse and worst as i've had to do since the early life. Sorry for all the verbal dump.

>> No.19202789

left and right: cringe
napoleon: based

>> No.19202816

I fucking hate "science". 99% of it is just garbage produced by silly students who are looking for validation and that little piece of paper that states they are big boy's/gorl's now.

shut the fuck up.

>> No.19202820

I have this story in my head for years and I dont have the motivation nor the tools and the writing capabilities to make it real.

>> No.19202905

Writing and drawing are my only passions but I suck at both of them even though I'm trying to improve myself every day. I still can't write a decent short story and I still can't draw anything that looks good. In fact, when I look at the previous stuff I wrote and drew, I think I'm getting worse every day. It made me feel so bad that I threw them away. How do you guys cope with being a talentless loser?

>> No.19203004


>> No.19203008

I wonder if dealing with bureaucracy is bad in every country.

>> No.19203106

To be honest with you, it doesn’t really matter. I did both and I know I work in civil service. It’s all the same. Personally, I only wish I had skipped the corporate phase. What I did was graduate, do a short stint as a corporate office worker, return to my Alma Mater and enrolled in a graduate program and worked as a researcher, quit the graduate program, worked on administration, now the government. In order of what I disliked the most it was 1) corporate office job and 2) Uni administration. So if I had to recommend you follow a path, it would be mine but just avoid those two and I say all of this attributing it mostly to my own personal temperament. Your results may vary.

>> No.19203118

Then find another job. Personally, I admire farm work, even unskilled low wage farm work. Many jobs can be degraded like you mentioned, but farming will always have at least some degree of dignity in it, even while you’re mucking stalls.

>> No.19203123

When you teach yourself something you take on two roles, the student and the teacher. If you’re not careful the critical teacher voice in your head will paralyze you while you work (although some people have the opposite problem). Just draw/write without judgement - do it even with the understanding that you will likely fail, and only after that’s done, stand back and judge your work

>> No.19203172

Want to move but can’t decide where to.

>> No.19203221

Come to Brazil

>> No.19203224

Do you retards realize that you can't just pick up and move places anymore? This isn't the 19th century. You need visas.

>> No.19203229

I really want to stop working in academia, but I really don’t want to work for corporate.

>> No.19203575

long days

>> No.19203616

Getting angrier with each passing day.

>> No.19203645

I don't know if it's just me but it seems like this board has deteriorated more so in just a couple of short months than since 2016.

>> No.19203665

How can I work in religion if I’m not sure I’m cut out to enter a monastery?

>> No.19203684

Perhaps you're not on 4chan enough? I'm sure increasing the time you spend here will quell that anger.

>> No.19203744


>> No.19203747

Same. Not that I’ll ever commit an act of violence, but I’d like to.

>> No.19203748

I noticed it too. I suspect this general is the cause of it

>> No.19203756

I went through that. It got to a pretty bad point actually. I think in the long term it was good though. All the anger burned away my negative personality traits, and a certain point the anger ceased and everything just became absurd and funny

>> No.19203770

never trust fat people

>> No.19203820

>> No.19203845

I’m going to do it.

>> No.19203860

Birth of a Nation and Intolerance

>> No.19203866

yes, i was bullied

>> No.19203883

I was the bully. I'm an anti-bully nowadays though. Whenever I see it at work I stop it.

>> No.19203890

u okay anon? good album tho

>> No.19203905

Nobody bothered me because my older brother was a scary drug dealer and everyone suspected I would become a school shooter

>> No.19203917

just don't

>> No.19203951

there is nothing to do and nowhere to go, there is nothing to be and no one to know

>> No.19203962

This is how I feel all the time

>> No.19204023

I honestly cannot bear to live this life anymore.

>> No.19204060

I don’t normally have any kind of opinion on language stuff but Arabic and semitic languages in general are so fucking ugly to me.
I’m not one of those Varg /pol/ types either.

>> No.19204113

It's 9:30PM and I want to go out but this city is empty and I don't know where to go (alone).

>> No.19204124

most people aren't as cool as me and people think i lie about my hobbies because of it

>> No.19204130

lol like what?

>> No.19204132

Hanging out in this thread and reading you queers endlessly complain and whine is really unhealthy

>> No.19204134

when you start seeing the flow of the grammar arabic becomes very beautiful. there are a lot of suffixes that mix in a subtle, poetic way. a bit like russian, but softer

>> No.19204145

It might be more pathetic than the whining to be honest with you.

>> No.19204152

not him but i honestly thought this thread was for creative writing

>> No.19204155

Youre all just circle jerking yourselves into mutual misery

>> No.19204169

Its barely above min wage here.

>> No.19204188

I was a regular at this gay bar in the Bay a few years back. Used to see a guy with a Nazi uniform fetish in there every week who dressed in leather and tried to cosplay as gay SS. He would sometimes go off about jews and stuff while wasted but the owner tolerated him since he was regular business. Once we sent him a ticket to the holocaust museum as a joke, told him it was to a Jamiroquai concert, then he read it later and got pissed. In hindsight it was somewhat funny, but in hindsight the guy was acutally terrifying and pretty creepy. I remember him coming over to me and saying "let's make a plan to kill all the jews". That was pretty bad. The place was mostly twinks and he was quite a bit older than us, was on meth a few times and was pretty clearly insane, and the kind of dude who has to say "fuck you" to everybody.

>> No.19204202

If existence is a function, then the set of all moments is the domain, all events the codomain, and what occurs in actuality the range.

>> No.19204212

My mother used to say things like "There's so many people who are different than you, you're not allowed to dislike them" and "What's the point of hating someone who you'll never meet and can't hurt?". I don't know, I've always hated my mother for being a hippy dippy head in the clouds cunt and the first one is really not an excuse to not hate people in general. Hate is just as natural as love, if not more so. No need to suppress natural human emotions.

>> No.19204218

what a fucked up family you got there

>> No.19204220

gays are truly repulsive creatures

>> No.19204228

Why are there so many queers on /lit/

>> No.19204239


>> No.19204248

"books are gay" - oscar wilde

>> No.19204265

it's good I have an appointment with a psychologist tomorrow. I feel like I could be going crazy again. I just gotta make it until I can sleep without writing any more mega kooky shit on social media. it accumulates and builds the stress. I've been here before. All I have to do is not post shit and make it until tomorrow.

>> No.19204268

Being a wagecuck sucks so much. I don't have energy to do anything at the weekends, I just lay in bed dreading the next monday.

>> No.19204274

>Hate is just as natural as love, if not more so.
this is not so. reality is polar. things are not comparable, some things are better.

>> No.19204279

I for the life of me cannot find this book/theory. It is about how culture consumes itself and culture from here on forward is essentially carrying the ghost of past cultures that have developed naturally. It something along those lines.

>> No.19204300

What the actual fuck?

>> No.19204383

It is shocking how little Western civ has produced, even in terms of pop culture, in the past 20-30 years. Hollywood...music...literature...visual arts...architecture...technology...fashion... The only thing that seems to accelerate is radical political ideas, which I believe is some sort of desperate panic reaction borne of the lack of progress in other areas.
Zoomers are truly living in some sort of insane limbo where they cycle their retro trends ever 3-4 months. Their epileptic culture consists of tiktok trends and memes which have lifespans of two weeks maximum.

>> No.19204393

I only took the vax because I hoped to drop dead from it.

>> No.19204488

My mother ruined her own life by making her brother's death about herself. Granted, it devastated her, and she coped by demanding comfort and attention, but she went about it in the wrong way. She was just that, demanding, and she quickly turned the whole thing into guilt tripping my father. It's not like my father and my uncle weren't old friend -- so my mother just made everyone say, "Okay, fuck this woman, she's making all this 100x worse."
She brought up old shit, accused my dad of cheating, and started spending time at her sisters. She clearly should have gone to therapy. Instead she hastily divorced my father. My father, seeing that his wife was hellbent on tormenting him for no reason, just said whatever.
25 years later and my mother never met anyone else. Every time I see her she brings up my dad, shares for memories of him, tells stories, says how talented he is, and regrets that he eventually remarried and moved away.
She fucked up, and it's far too late for her to admit that to herself. She's far too narcissistic to have ever apologized. For 25 years she's held onto to her faux resentment of him, when she clearly knows he was innocent.
My father had a lot of money, was very committed to his family, and knew how to run a household.
I guess my mother never thought, gee, what's gonna happen when I cut this guy off and try to live on my own when I'm clearly emotionally unstable.

To this day, I think they are a great match

>> No.19204510

my life sucks, how do I take revenge on society?

>> No.19204515

Many such cases. women are fucking psycho

>> No.19204518

This is such a perfect statement to understand the depraved mind. Not that I wish you luck, but if anyone wants to understand how this works, read Cain and Abel.

>> No.19204520

I would say the increasing political insanity is the cause for cultural stagnation in other areas

>> No.19204569

The reason I added "they are a great match" is because I really believe crazed women like my mother are not unmarriable, they just need to be contained and not offered a way out. She was clearly happy when she was being taken care of. The family death simple momentarily shattered that sense of comfort (which was guaranteed anyway) -- and she had to be willful. I swear to God, it's Eve from the Bible. Couldn't leave well enough alone.

I think there's a play called Doll's House which is exactly about this (although, fittingly, women will tell you it's about feminism).
It's about a woman who is guaranteed security for her entire life by her prominent husband, but simply finds the one thing to moan about (not having the legal right to sign some contract she does not even understand nor has any need to), and she gives everyone hell. She moans about her "freedom" (yet what would she do with that freedom?).

She ends up going behind her husband's back and conspiring with some cuck to hide her family's money. In the end of the play, she gets into a pointless argument with her husband, and when he says, "Okay, whatever", she packs her bags and walks out the front door, abandoning her children, with no place to go. Of course, women find this story inspiring. It's a fucking horror story. If you wanna know where that woman went, look at my mother.

>> No.19204579

I fucking hate when people say mAnY sUcH CaSeS
Learn to speak without using meme monkey language in every sentence

>> No.19204594

>anons ITT shilling Repin over Serov
It is fucking over

>> No.19204602

The Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler

>> No.19204603

its a fucking trump twitter reference. shit is lame as fuck t bh

>> No.19204606

They declared that history ended in 1991. There’s your explanation.

>> No.19204610

I’m with you. I hate my job so much, but I have no idea what the alternative is, if there’s one at all. Things have gotten so specialized. It’s like you could change your work place, even change your physical place by moving to a new town, but what you can’t do is change what you actually do and who you actually do it with. Not really anyway. If you’re at a loss, I pretty much am too.

>> No.19204614

im gonna try fasting today

>> No.19204632

Imagine still living but without your sense organs, it'll be a loong, continuous inwardness til you get back on earth.

>> No.19204690

>I'm way too smart and cool to use colloquials
Lel fucking pseud. Nobody cares

>> No.19204702

I just learned that my fears were correct and I may have truly made an ass of myself and fucked up in a way that I find unacceptable while black out drunk the other day. I think it may be time to seriously reconsider my relationship with alcohol. I didn't intend to get so drunk, and it's not something I've done in a long time, but still, I am quite upset with myself right now.

>> No.19204707

thats very good of you to be critical about your habits, but dont blue ball us, anon

>> No.19204732

The only good tripfag.

>> No.19204743

have you been diagnosed with something?

>> No.19204765

it has been a thing since 2015, retard

>> No.19204778

You didn't uphold what you said. We agreed to heal and you said you needed to learn to be alone, but you still went through with them. I'm not going to hurt anyone. I invested so much. I'm taking my time now. I'm so excited to forget.

There's already another exam in 5 days. I don't know how I'm going to pull myself together in time, but it usually works out somehow.

>> No.19204812

yea a couple of things I guess. but it calmed down. thanks for asking

>> No.19204822

Specialization is part of it, but it’s also initiative. At least in my experience, such a job as a 9 to 5, the job where you work because you have to work, not because you want to work and especially not because you are just super passionate about the job and the organization scarcely exists anymore. In the 90s, you used to be able to get jobs as a Sys Admin or a Programmer with no experience and actually no skills. If you took the time to learn the job, do it, and do it well from 9 to 5 you were good. Such a thing is almost unimaginable now. That last frontier is now populated with jobs that not only demand you be passionate and work excruciatingly long hours, but also that you be both deeply experienced (and credentialed) prior to employment, and be constantly skilling up while employed. The system has gotten so complex and the competition within it so steep that appears as if almost unbearable and with nowhere else to go.

>> No.19204834

i think i know that guy. his name is mike

>> No.19204855

Am I crazy for thinking my ex has a rat or something on my computer? I've scanned my pc many times, I'm almost definetely being paranoid but I 'm wondering how I can scan it more thoroughly

>> No.19204856

Its official, I'm slowly developing shakes from my alcoholism. This is unironically the beginning of the end of me.
It was fun while it lasted I guess. Cheers.

>> No.19204861

I also sincerely wish we never met. I gave you everything and promised a haven, but I'll never be worthy enough. I guess they are though. I need to sit and feel this. I'm affected but glad you're not

>> No.19204867

I also sincerely wish we never met. I gave you everything and promised a haven, but I'll never be worthy enough. I guess they are though. I need to sit and feel this. I'm affected but glad you're not

>> No.19204889

There was a big lawsuit against a guy who worked at my office for groping one of the secretaries. Apparently she got $10k out of it.

>> No.19204895

not even a good story or anything, just pathetic. apparently I ranted "about life" whatever that means in front of my 9 year old niece and nephew and it upset them. my sister just laughed about it but im really fucking angry that I would play the drunk idiot in front of the kids and upset them saying dumb shit, when they look up to me and I try to be the best role model I can be. I would have rather learned of any shameful deed than that I had been an idiot in front of the kids and upset them. completely unacceptable as far as im concerned

>> No.19204928

that sucks, anon. i think a good place to start would be to talk to them and be honest about what happened, and use the whole ordeal as a warning for them to stay away from alcohol. kids really do appreciate it when youre upfront with them. but dont make it seem like a huge deal, because if they arent as upset about the situation as you are (and i promise they arent), then they might get scared and confused, because theyll think something REALLY bad happened and they dont understand it. try to be somewhat lighthearted, being grave and gloom will make it worse.

>> No.19204957


>> No.19204967

Went into work today, guy that was alive yesterday was dead in his bed.
Dove on the door, taking a rip down the river Styx

Didn't feel anything but i think thats normal, I didn't know him, didn't even know he existed till that day.
His family came in to say goodbye. That made me feel sad, made me think of my own family.

Was told it was TB
Just hoped they'd get the body out in time for me to go in and work before my shift ended.

>> No.19204984

Take it to a shop.

>> No.19204988

I live in a 3rd world shit hole and according to your pathetic western law "sexually abuse" my staff all the time

>> No.19204997

Not our fault you live in canada.

>> No.19205006

Just stop drinking?

>> No.19205011

What compelled him to grope her?

>> No.19205016

I want to just throw away my career and travel around the countryside working odd jobs. I really feel as though this will be quite difficult to accomplish though. I almost don’t even know how to go about it in my case.

>> No.19205017

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