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>tfw only read 10 books this year
How's your year going, /lit/?

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I've also only read 10 books this year but 7 of them were 700 pages or more

>> No.19195174

i've read 108 books this year so far, hoping to crack 120, I think i can do it

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It's been a slow year, but a few days ago I got fired and I plan to to work two or three days a week in a factory until March. I'll have more free time.

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I haven't even read one book this year, so you're good, anon.

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Same feeling bro. Constant mood swings fuck me up. Some days I read completely fine other days I literally throw my book across the room.

>> No.19195479

I've read 4 books this year: Foucault's Pendulum, Cloud Atlas, Blood Meridian and The Wasp Factory

>> No.19195482

ive only read 2 books this year

>> No.19195568

53 so far.

>> No.19195576

0 books. It's really bad

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12 books so far this year

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Isn't the Ruba'iyat less than a hundred pages? More like you read 9 books.

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literal election tourist

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dont throw book you juvenile wank pheasant

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>read 40 pages today
>spent the next 6 hours on 4chan

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I've read a lot but it was all non fiction (selfhelp, writing manuals, psychology, philosophy. mathematics, grammars).

I tried getting back into fiction for the nth time this summer with an Agatha Christie's book on the beach and I couldn't get past half of it. I always feel like I'm wasting my time while I could be learning some new skills from nonfiction. The only narrative I'm getting at this point is reading in the foreign languages I'm learning. I would post that improover meme but I can't find it.

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>spending the time to make this shitty bait image
No (you) for you faggot.

>> No.19195792

>worried about wasting time
>reads psychology books
>and self-help
Your life is a waste anon, don't let that detract from reading fiction.

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90% of self help books are drivel, but a few were really useful to fix something in my life. With time I've also become much better at recognizing the good stuff, and extracting the few good bits from the "one good idea with 200 pages of filler" stuff. The last self help books I read were all responsible for some objective, measurable positive change.

Philosophy and mathematics are probably a waste, but I can't help the need to understand more.

>> No.19195878

My property. Hence why I throw my women around.

>> No.19195892

I've read 42 books so far. Plan to read around 70 maybe?

>> No.19196056

A lot of genre this year. I started and dropped a lot of my literary picks. It’s weird because I’ve been spending way more time indoors this year than usual because of the pandemic
I’ve just been so lazy and unmotivated this year.

>> No.19196061

Based. Libtards BTFO'd.

>> No.19196079

Just finished book 74. Cracking 100 is beginning to look like a genuine possibility.

>> No.19196245

> 90% of self help books are drivel
I wish we had some list to point these fuckers and duplicators. God dammit

>> No.19196251

Here's what I've read this year. Currently getting back into Hell's Angel's by Hunter S. Thompson. Also have Neuromancer midway through, and have Fear and Loathing and Atrocity Exhibition in my "read soon" pile on my nightstand.

>> No.19196485

read 36 books this year (some were short stories though)
reading Mythology and The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories right now (also Sandman 15# if comics count)

>> No.19196498

did you enjoy Dash & Lily's Book of Daisies?

>> No.19196505

How do you make these gallery images with all your books?

>> No.19196509

Only 26 so far.

>> No.19196514

goodreads. books read are listed in your challenge of the year.

>> No.19197113

F Annie Frankerz.

>> No.19197367

Idc about your views but if you read fucking mainstream pundits then you're a certified moutbhreather. No exceptions.

>> No.19197380

Reading challenges are retarded, I only did one so I could post all books.

>> No.19197946

I've been a genre fag this year , but i'm trying to read more lit stuff
i've got bleeding edge , savage detectives , borthers karmazov , Faust opened but still in that phase where i don't know with what i'm gonna commit

>> No.19197953

going pretty good :)

>> No.19197960

How'd you like heart of a dog? I'm reading it soon. How similar did it feel to M&M?

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>> No.19198085

i started off similar pace but fell off around mid year probably end around 80 books

>> No.19198128

That's ten more than me.

>> No.19198155

I've gotten to 16/18 which is a new high for me since high school. I cycle between phil essays and literature but for the purposes of improving my skill as a writer I need to read more lit.

>> No.19198359

I pray this is bait

>> No.19198949

I enjoyed the TV show more, but yeah I enjoyed the book. Only read it if you like the idea of pretentious teens falling in love.

>> No.19199004

I haven't read Master and the Margherita. Heart of a Dog was good, funny at some parts. It was short too.

>> No.19199009

i read 20 and hit my challenge. I had significantly less free time during the period i read those 20 and now that i do have free time i barely read. Kinda wacky

>> No.19199034

hey i also read dune and dune messiah and red mars this year. are you intending to keep up with either series?
i personally have done children of dune too amd am gonna do god emperor but can't be arsed with the other mars books, red mars was getting less interesting to me towards the end of the book anyway

>> No.19199049

I'm reading god emperor right now actually. I do want to continue the mars series but i'm kinda sad that the american died at the end i really started to like him

Anyhow here's my goodreads if you're interested:

>> No.19199065

oh i missed that you also read children, it's different art to mine for some reason! nice, i probably won't add you because i only have people i know on my goodreads but nice to encounter you this little interaction

>> No.19199074

cool cool no problem. see you around anon

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