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What will the memebook man write next?

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hopefully nothing I've had enough of him

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I take this back. I cannot get enough of him and love everything he has written.

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Forced meme. Sage

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Nobody is reading your books

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Gay Erotica

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We should give him ideas.
Since we know he just copies manga and vns I want him to copy Kara no Shoujo this time.

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You're just mad that you aren't the meme.

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I know about the similarities to Ever17. What are the others?

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I finally looked up one of his books today and found that he posted the third in his series on Reddit with no replies. Is this a meme? I haven't read anything of it

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It became a meme eventually. He bought 4chan ads here and the rest is history.

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if any anons are for some reason interested in wasting their time reading gardener's dogshit, at least don't also waste your money - it's available for free here:

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I think you mean inspiration

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>Dearest /lit/
>Did you know my name is Frank Edward Gardner Jr? I am [REDACTED FOR JANNIES] years old, a registered [REDACTED FOR JANNIES] and a derp faced faggot who calls myself an author and spams my YA trash on 4chan. I am named after my father Frank Edward Gardner Sr. who was a former environmental attorney before becoming the [REDACTED FOR JANNIES] commisioner of [REDACTED FOR JANNIES]. He even tried to sue Fox32 TV station once! I tried to run for the same position as my nepotist daddy when I was 27. My mother's name is [REDACTED FOR JANNIES] (Her maiden name was [REDACTED FOR JANNIES]) before she gave it up to marry my rich city government lawyer daddy). I live in [REDACTED FOR JANNIES], Illinois. My location information is readily available online and unredacted in the archives for all of those anons out there who have finally gotten fed up with my incessant shill campaign over the last few months.

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why is this the only meme that has to constantly remind everyone that it's a meme?

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Jigoku is a SMT1 ripoff.

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>He bought 4chan ads here and the rest is history.
He was shilling on /x/ way before the ads.

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Call of the Craddle is clearly inspired by Shadows House

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F Gardner is too boring to hate.

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Go on?

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He is a Flat Earther who fucks trannies.

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Is this the famed waldun I hear about?

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Gardener just does meta stuff a lot. That's like saying he rip's off the Truman Show.

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Gardner is a gentleman. /lit/ should aspire to write, be kind, and support others like Gardner does.

We are blessed by his company.

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That's a lie. Gardner is a hero to struggling writers. He is proof that you can produce even when you're not mainstream approved.

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Seek help.

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>He bought 4chan ads here and the rest is history.
I won't forgive him for that.
I want his adress.

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6969 Crocodile street

>> No.19010651

123 Arcade Avenue

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I prefer a more elegant forced meme for a more civilized age.

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This is fucking slander. F Gardner exclusively dates black men.

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ok this made me kek

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Gardner threads are /cozy/
Waldun threads are a cruel and vicious fight.

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He lives in Chicago. It’s entirely possible that Gardener is no stranger to the BBC

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Damnit boner....

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