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What is the greatest work of fiction?

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unironically Slaughterhouse Five

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Finnegan's Wake

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The entirety of Wikipedia, at this point

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trump lost

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Just how will it ever recover its credibility?

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haha epic very funny
you do stand-up, anon? you should dos tand-up

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i have been known to write material

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post some

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F Gardner is not white

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There are several in the running, I think each nation has one
>Anna Karenina (Russia)
>In Search of Lost Time (France)
>Moby-Dick (North America—the USA)
>Ulysses (Ireland)
> ... (England)
>One Hundred Years of Solitude (South America—yes, I know technically it would be Colombian but for brevity)

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The United States Constitution

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What race is this?

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What's sore, red, and groans at night?

What looks like a fish and tastes like a dead one?

What do you get if you cross a bowl of raw meat with a fur coat?

What's old, dry, and full of brown people?

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Ascended bugman

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cmon dude cien anos de culo is not in the same league as those others

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okay that last one got me

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you gardner burgered my sister?

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I can't believe this guy memed himself into being an author. And that it actually worked.

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The dying Earth series

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>Moby Dick
I've never seen someone successfuly argue why this is better than Pierre or The Confidence Man, other than more people have exposure towards it. Also, I disagree with almost all of your picks. I presume you mean novel and are discounting epic poems, so:

Have very little exposure, Probably Virgin Soil

IDK something from Balzac or Flaubert, maybe Hugo or Stendhal. Or Rabelais if that counts. Maybe Rousseau. Celine is worth mentioning.

Confidence Man, maybe Marble Faun. My top 10 would be those 2s novels. I'll exclude Henry James. Cooper, London, Burroughs, late Faulkner, Chandler, Nabokov, Lovecraft, and oddly Kerouac worth mentioning I guess.

1. Confidence Man
2. Pierre
3. Marble Faun
4. Blithedale
5. Moby Dick
6. Green Gables
7. Israel Potter
8. Scarlet Letter
9. Mardi
10. White Jacket

Probably one of the Stoker ones

Arcadia from Sidney, I am guessing doesn't count.
Probably a Thackeray one. Henry James, the Swinburne novel, Walter Scott, Fielding, maybe Conrad, maybe Wells, Ford Madox Ford, John Henry Newman, Dickens, Defoe, MP Shiel, Carlyle, Thomas Hardy, Carroll, Lord Dunsany, Disraeli, Burgess.
I'd probably pick the Swinburne one in all honesty.

Definitely Goethe: Wilhelm Meister 1 and 2, Elective Affinities.

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>6. Green Gables
House of Seven Gables**

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Good point desu.

It is literally humanities knowledge funnel desu

be it written by autists and subject to personal opinion and full of wrong info buts lets be honest this is nothing new

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Sherlock Holmes

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Blood Meridian

Bonus points for working autists into a shoot

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oh I get it

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based /pw/ poster

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if any anons are for some reason interested in wasting their time reading gardener's dogshit, at least don't also waste your money - it's available for free here:

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Pretty sure everyone here already has read Call of the Crocodile by now. And we heckin love it!

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all the stories in the bible.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFXwA2Ute6Y&t=102s guys, watch that

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Not even a competition tbdesu.

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the bible

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