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reading is gay
Having said that, I want to get into it. What are some books?

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Call of the crocodile

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Start with the greeks.

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Start with the crocodiles

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boku no pico

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Llamada del Cocodrilo

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How to read a book

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Stephen King's Carrie is pretty good desu

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Lolita is often regarded as a book

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picrel. got me into rading again. Read 4 other books after this one in 3 weeks

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first book I read as well

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I'm just getting into reading too and I started off with shorter books. I read Lewis Carroll - Alice in Wonderland, then Paulo Coelho - The Archer, and now I am half way through Frankenstein. If you start with a large book, you might lose interest.

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How to not be a faggot, by OP.

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Call of the Crocodile

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Definitely start with the Crocodile. Your lucky you have so many people pointing you in the right direction. It wasn't that long ago when I read the Crocodile Chronicles.

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gardner going ape ITT

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Start with Call of the Crocodile

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Call of the Crocodile

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Infinite Jest

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Why isn't this man banned yet?

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definitely the cult classic and inspiring novel that you are searching for is Call of the crocodile

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i sgguest that if u wannalikebooks...buy
1a prtauyer mat
2worrriking men*communist tobacoo

happy 'etterra kindling

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This desu

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Why are you spamming this all over the board? No one wants your shitty book

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>25 replies
>21 posters

CotC has gone full meme.

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Crime and Punishment is the /lit/ approved first book

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Yep. It got memed so hard from gardnerposters that normalfags have picked up on it. There’s even YouTube videos and shit about these books now. Funniest thing this board has ever accomplished

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I'm going to do a video on these as a class project. Will post it on Youtube but only after my class presentation. I don't want my classmates and professor finding out I go on here.

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No. Reading is not gay.

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Crocodile of the Call

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Haven't been to lit for a while. What is this call of the crocodile meme?

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Ride The Tiger

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Sounds like gay manga is what would fit you best

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Faggots by Larry Kramer

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

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read stirner he has good ghost stories

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Schizo book

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reading is hetero

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Is he gay or straight

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Who cares? It's 2021. Who gives a shit about someones sexuality anymore?

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Looking forward to it.

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>read is gay
ahyeh :D

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Source? Please I fucking need it

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The Bible is pretty good

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if your book was as popular as these manufactured threads make it out to be, there would be a pdf floating around.

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That book was incredibly boring. I don't understand why people like it.

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I got my copy off libgen

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Cope. These books have been on all the pirating websites for months.

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nice try gardner but you're too fucking dumb to play these games.

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I am not Faggot Gardner. And you are not very good at searching dude.

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>Deleting your own post
>Blaming it on Gardner.

What is this supposed to accomplish lmao.

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>not libgen
nevertheless, it's good to see there is a free copy available for any anons that are interested in reading your dogshit. I will be sure to share this link in any and every one of your threads

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Anyone with basic knowledge of MS Paint could do that.

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Sounds like you really hate the guy.

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This. Everyone should read The Bible.

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Blessed thread

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I saw this in /wg/ when it was posted. Very accurate. I think the people who don't like f gardener are all jealous redditors.

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