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What is the point of studying philosophy? What do you get out of it?

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Thousand copes for getting no pussy

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Sound bites I can use to let people know I’m a pseud

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An examined life.

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i bet you're under 30
so no response for you, sorry

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Nothing if you're a woman. Women can't understand metaphysics or why someone would care about it.

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Not sure what Im getting out of it but i keep doing it

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nothing it’s retarded

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General knowledge of almost everything important that lead to Modernity. Will definately increase your IQ even if you learn to agrument systems that obviously bullshit

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general knowledge. Thought structure

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What's the point of coming here, posting frogs and asking dumb questions? None, you might as well rope.

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Nothing but do it anyway.

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To become better at arguing. Also why I come to 4chan

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What does one go to the gym?

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a retarded inner monologue

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allows you to cope with your mediocre life by thinking in abstraction, also depending on the philosopher you may gain a better understanding of psychology and politics

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Brain gains
Its like steroids for mathematicians

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Why do you need a book to do that? Can't you just think on your own?

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Honestly not much. Time would be better spent learning a language.

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books save a lot of time by letting you stand on the shoulders of giants

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it's fun

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reading the greatest thoughts of the smartest people of mankind and grappling with continental philosophy while having unwavering religious principles is ideal

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