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The most heinous crime committed against my generation, is the denial of the possibility to die in a war.

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Asians are a weird bunch of people but its his life not mine

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I am talking about the current western Zoomer, Gen X and Millenials.

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You can enlist right now and be deployed to the middle east you fucking retard. If you don't like that there are a myriad of organizations wanting hot headed kids to blow themselves up.

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The most heinous crime committed against this imageboard, is OP reposting this thread.

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>posts picture of a draft dodger
Anyway there is nothing more cucked than dying in war. Read some WWI memoirs. A lot of the fascist writers became such because of that retarded war. They were often pacifists too. I think of Celine and La Rochelle.

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I said a war.

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>there are no wars going on

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zoomers kill people and die everyday in their video gays

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There are wars going on in the middle east nigger. You need to be 18 to post here.

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Seppukku after a self-waged war against anything you have an enmity against is always an option anon. Let's see if you have the balls to do it.

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Casapound helps karen people in myanmar why not go there

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What do you think they do in ME, they fight with squirt guns and water balloons?
Retarded /pol/ zoomer.

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He dodged his enlistment and enlisted only after the Japanese empire lost.

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>You can enlist right now and be deployed to the middle east you fucking retard.
You are severely misinformed.

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Hell yeah dude. That's what i'm sayin.

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Absolute retard

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Not everyone is from a samurai lineage, Memeshima

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European men who died in WWII were the most cucked group of people in the entire history of our planet.
Proof me wrong protip you can't MPBP fuck jannies.

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You can still go die for Israel if you really want to.

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Pussy. Too afraid to see your body rot slowly away and your friends all die. True cowardice.

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Do they still? I remember hearing about this, but it was more than 10 years ago, for sure. I think they're more involved in Ukraine right now

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Have you seen that video of those two mexican-american sureños who went to syria to join isis just to fuck around in war? Whats stopping you from doing that?

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Fucking enlist right now then you fucktard or if your countrys not really active learn french and join the french fucking foreign legion.

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European men who died in WW1 were immensely more cucked.
At least WW2 had some semblance of good guys vs bad guys and due to some kind of nationalistic distress.
What was WW1 again? Nothing, a bunch of failed monarchs going to war and accomplishing absolutely nothing. The warfare itself was absolutely dehumanizing and without any shred of even supposed glory.

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You can go die in a war right now you fucking retard, there is plenty of conflict.

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I don’t think he or anyone in his ideological milieu ever claimed that was exclusive to the samurai class or it’s equivalents. I think the idea is that war was the domain and responsibility of the warrior, but was a fundamental aspect of life and to be a hero in war, or die a hero’s death, something that can be aspired to and attained by people outside that class as well should it be agreeable to them.

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t. Moralistic moderns

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The only thing presented as an option to die for is the corporate bottom line, no sane man would give himself to something so external and frivolous to himself

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Plenty of leftist militias out there bruh

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>The only thing presented as an option to die for is the corporate bottom line

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The reality is that you wouldn’t be happy with any war and you know it. You’d forever critique it as not-for-just-cause and therefore not worthy in engaging in. Your want your utopian ideal to die for or nothing.

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I've been in the army, there is no glory, you're not above mediocrity in many ways I would actually say that you're beneath it.
Most of the time we were just marching, freezing, waiting and marching. It's the most uneventful thing ever.
Isn't Rojava in shambles now that the US isn't providing them any military aid like air support and the fact that Turkey has gone on the offensive? Long time since I paid attention to Syrian war politics.

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I was expecting this
Not the same anon btw

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There’s a difference between being in the Army, and being in war. There’s even a difference between being in war and the momentary awakenings within modern warfare which are talked about. The former is closer to a worker than the latter. You know this as well as I.

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>good guys
both sides did hedious things dear G.I.Joe wannabe

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Gilbert Frau would like a word.

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And? The point is war over money is war over money (or wealth), no matter who it's fought for. Leftists pretend they have higher ideals, when in the end it's all just about redistribution of wealth. I've thought about forming my own militia which isn't based on material concerns but the resources (mainly manpower) just aren't there or even possible for it to be anything.
Wrong. You're just stubbornly stuck to your own belief that life is meaningless. I'm already past my nihilism phase.

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Twit thread
/lit/ thread

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Very hard to get active duty combat roles

>> No.18827278

But dying for a king, that's a good reason

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>I am so glad I didnt die in glorious charge with my comrads. Dying alone with ass cancer visited by negro nurse once a week is vastly superior

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>Wrong. You're just stubbornly stuck to your own belief that life is meaningless. I'm already past my nihilism phase.
But not your idealist phase. You give yourself away entirely. You want war, but only just war. What’s a just war? Well, it’s what you say it is. No doubt, you would never concede that this or that war is just, and justified by explicitly materialistic notions, I’d wager. The truth is you don’t actually aspire for war and any aspect of war for what it is, but rather your utopian notions of what war should be, but never was. The sort of war that Mishima is invoking is the sort engaged (presumably) by samurai ancestors, who engaged in warfare less out of a sense that war was just on the basis of subjective authority, but instead both responsibility and opportunity regardless of whether they agree with its ends or it’s methods. You depart from him almost more than the modern who rejects war entirely.

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>I've thought about forming my own militia which isn't based on material concerns

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Imagine not having healthcare.
Sad, many such muricanz

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You can die anytime you want. But instead you sit on twitter complaining that you can't

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>I've thought about forming my own militia

>> No.18827329

But I am clearly doing that on 4chan though?

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He can’t go to war. His nation would have to be actively waging war and even as an American enlisted, your chances of going anywhere and seeing combat at this time is effectively zero.

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it's not a real war until a city gets firebombed

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I would join your militia depending on it's ideology

>> No.18827428

It's easy to laugh at someone with a gun before they arrive

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>What’s a just war?
War that is fought for the sake of war, and nothing else. And no, this doesn't really depart much from Mishima, or the Samurai's (speaking in essence, ignoring individual deviations), conception of the value of war. You probably have a limited understanding of both if you think so.
>you would never concede that this or that war is just
There is no perfect war just as there is no perfect octave. There are plenty of examples in history which came close.
>muh idealism
call me whatever names you want, so long as we understand that I am not a nihilist. If the knowledge that there are ideal forms makes me an idealist, so be it.
It wouldn't have an ideology. It would either be based on religious or Platonic principles of authority, justice, discipline, etc. At least, that would be the ideal it is modelled upon.

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That's an ideology, dumbshit

>> No.18827478

Nope. Ideologies are products of modernism.

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Why? Is that dependent on physical ability?

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Well, I am interested in killing certain things, but not others, so I will decline to join.

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Holy fucking cringe. LARP elsewhere. This is a literature board.

Captcha: ANDPP

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wahhhh why cant i die for the enrichment of powerful people wahhhh

>> No.18827537

On what grounds do you believe that?

>> No.18827540

>just about redistribution of wealth
Yes, exactly that, because peoples material conditions do in fact impact them and their societies

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This is kind of what I mean. If you want to form a militia group, it's practically impossible to find people who don't have personal motives like murder, which basically defeats the principle it was meant to be founded upon. The other option naturally is the left wing types who want to more or less be opposing the system, and so it attracts the rebellious and unprincipled types, which are the same as the murderous type in lack of principle. Not to mention a movement based upon opposition is fundamentally without principle or solid grounding.

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maybe if you win a few battles you will get recruits seeking the eternal glory. to do that, you need to enlist; nobody will fight for an abstract if you haven't demonstrated genius, they will simply fight for survival

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In WWI men fought for their king and country. In WWII, men fought for flawed political ideologies like fascism and communism.

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>War that is fought for the sake of war, and nothing else. And no, this doesn't really depart much from Mishima, or the Samurai's (speaking in essence, ignoring individual deviations), conception of the value of war. You probably have a limited understanding of both if you think so.
Not only are you delusional, but offering the exact antithesis of what you described. But then, you’re just going to resort to “you just don’t understand” regardless. You are actually worst than a nihilist. You are a humanist pretending to don the armor of Achilles.

>> No.18827581

>“you just don’t understand”
Correct, because you haven't understood Bushido for starters.
>Not only are you delusional
no u

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just epic, pure awesomeness

>> No.18827601

he ignored my post because I told him why his goal was retarded. what he wants is Napoleonic glory, stuff like the grande armee and imperial guard, but he fails to realize that all of these great people were in the army before they did anything of note. napoleon, washington, wellington; everyone except kings were officers first

>> No.18827612

Yes I'm sure the conscripts dying of infection in some muddy hole felt it was a noble way to go out

>> No.18827614

On the grounds by which philosophy, principle, religion and ideology are all distinguished from one another. Ideologies are entirely lacking in anything more than mere emotional content.

>> No.18827618

Especially if you don't try.

>> No.18827620

You could join a PMC and get all the war action you want. You may quickly realize war sucks though

>> No.18827622

Nice made-up definition, I'll be sure to take that into account

>> No.18827636

But homosexual asian man said it was CoOl!!!

>> No.18827637

in ww1 men fought because of propaganda and the rich, ww2 too. A very small minority of men like Jack Churchill or Junger fought "just for fun and the insanity of it" and no you not Junger or Jack.

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The most heinous crime committed against my generation, is the denial of tight teen pussy

>> No.18827642

Can confirm, I am basically a walking corpse

>> No.18827646

I don’t even think he has to join the Army, although it would not doubt be a positive first step. Mishima himself enlisted in the army, the post-war Army, the one he thought so little of, and his devoted fans in America and elsewhere conveniently ignore this just as they ignore the other writers in his milieu who wrote about the virtues of Army membership, yes even modern Army membership. Still, I only point it out to shine light to the elaborate ploy. There’s always a proposal why the ideal can’t be achieved for this or that reason and it’s extrapolated to the plane of individual action. “It’s not ‘just’ so don’t even try” is the battle cry, while they preach about the virtues of war, for war’s sake. There’s something deceptive in that. What I would ask is they either walk the walk, or propose something more real and justified, rather than such a hoax. It’s really the heroic equivalent of the guy on the construction crew that has a beer gut “but could’ve gone pro if he hadn’t busted his knee”. Uh sure. Sure, you could have.

>> No.18827669

>Correct, because you haven't understood Bushido for starters.
Stop it. You are becoming embarrassing.

>> No.18827687

They were Armenians. Sureños just talk like that regardless of whether they're Mexican.

>> No.18827696

Also they were fighting Isis they didn't join lol

>> No.18827701

Let me guess, you're one of the frauds who believe the thoroughly disproven assertion that Bushido was a fabrication by Imperial Japan? Not even sure why you replied to my post, you're better off just stopping here.

>> No.18827714

>tfw no holy war

>> No.18827726

That's just the reality of war. A lot of casualties in any war were from disease, infection, famine and weather conditions such as extreme cold. It doesn't really make them less noble because they were doing their duty for the king and country.

The use of propaganda in WWI made sense. Its primary goal was to convince cowards to fight for their king and country. A brave man wouldn't need to be convinced in the first place because he already knew what his duty was.
The use of propaganda in WWII, on the other hand, was different. No longer it made sense to join that war given its pure ideological nature. You weren't fighting for your king, an representative of God on earth but rather fighting for man made bullshit (fascism, communism and democracy) and helping to spread and enforce that man made bullshit onto others. The fact that WWII propaganda was designed to convince people to do that is what makes it so despicable.
The only brave men in that war were the Japs who at least fought for their emperor and never gave up until 2 bombs were dropped on them.

>> No.18827855

I’m the guy who thinks you continue to affirm my allegation against you.

>> No.18827893

It will be glorious.

>> No.18827903

Theres plenty of wars available to you. Take some initiative

>> No.18827912

Isnt israel firebombing Lebanon

>> No.18827915

Some of the American propaganda during WWII was "let's just go clean up this big giant mess so we don't have to do it again."


>> No.18827933

ULTRABASED, Angelina Jolie is the Goddess.

>> No.18827941

>You weren't fighting for your king, an representative of God on earth

>> No.18827943

Clearly self defense. Some Lebanese spit on a sidewalk over there. Order must be retained.

>> No.18827951

He was a hopeless romantic. It is interesting to see someone like that, but I would rather survive a war, then get old.

>> No.18827981

Lebanon is in ruins as it is

>> No.18828058

>read some WWI memoirs
>reads Ernst Junger
>still want to experience war

>> No.18828105

>>still want to experience war
Just go.
What's stopping you?

>> No.18828116

Discover what it is that you want to die for and go die for it

>> No.18828128

Guys who actually want to get into war were doing it when they were 17 years old. If you're well past that age and harboring some kind of romantic fantasy about being a warrior, while still rationalizing your inaction towards that role, then you don't understand who you actually are. You've been oversocialized into valor-worship and you long for the status that you perceive in being something that you are not. Just be yourself instead lol

>> No.18828130

implying that there is a war going on that is worth fighting, pluss my country is never at war

>> No.18828145

umm, sweaty? stop larping, you're just a gravy seal with big rifles and a tiny dick.

>> No.18828150

I think the only time I wanted to go to war was when I was 19, I cringe at that moment.

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>> No.18828152

This a way of rationalizing your unwillingness to be a warfighter by posturing as too noble for the cause, like if only the cause was a better one you'd be a heroic participant. Delusional. There are heroes actually fighting in every side of every war; the nobility of it is within the person, not the cause. That's just not who you are. You aren't a fighter. Come to grips with it.

>> No.18828174

Holy fucking faggot. People like you are why eugenics is necessary. The death cult will be forcibly removed like a cancer

>> No.18828177

Both on the same page if you think about it.

>> No.18828189

>implying that there is a war going on that is worth fighting,
So you don't have a single value in your moral code?
Not one?
I don't know what to say dude

>> No.18828193

Your mom birthed a cancer.

>> No.18828221

>You aren't a fighter
Im not OP if that is what you think lol, i never said or implied that i was in some way a warfighter or some shit. All im saying is that, reading some literature makes you want to experience battle, but im not going out of my way do to experience combat - especially when there is nothing to die for anyway.

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>> No.18828241

You are the only one preventing yourself from doing something in life. Fucking walk to Egypt or something

>> No.18828245

Not what I said or implied, absolutely filtered.
Be sure you know what you're talking about before answering, you are making an embarrassment of yourself.

>> No.18828247

b-but muh turbuculosous

>> No.18828255

Don't be a retard

>> No.18828260

Then do something? Do you need us to hold your hand through it?

>> No.18828261

i forgot i was talking to someone so enlightened and smart, my bad.

>> No.18828268

Dulce bellum inexpertis

>> No.18828273

You are making excuses, Junger ran away to join the FFL. And after two world wars, he deigned to live a peaceful life surrounded by friends. You like the idea of yourself as a solider, you're not willing to commit to it. Kill yourself

>> No.18828275

Mishima was a LARP who only pretended to be some hard samurai because he fetishized military men. Dude literally lived in a western style house, wrote western inspired literature and dated trans people, a far cry from the tradchud people pretend he is here.

>> No.18828305

>Your mom
IQ <= 100

>> No.18828337

I am neither of those, and you still provided no rebuttal.

>> No.18828338

This is true, but i must admit i like the idea as im still a young man - but it is indeed all over-romanticization of valor, brotherhood, hardship and something Junger himself called a 'mans job', something masculine. I can 100% understand why young men like this, and his books are some of my favorite.

fun fact (if i recall correctly) he only ran away to the FFL in order to 'explore' africa, and not necessarilyto be at war - im sure the soldiering part helped him join, after all he did deserted and his father had to get him out of it

>> No.18828350

>I am neither of those
i know that, and no there is no need for a rebuttal lmao

>> No.18828417

>I have no argument, and that's a good thing
Have a nice day

>> No.18828468

Same delusional worldview that thinks of you weren’t a poet at 15, you don’t have the divine spark of a poet. It’s complete bull, derived from fantasy exclusively.

>> No.18828477

There are no heroes fighting on any side of any war today, but to your point, the “I would fight but I don’t like the cause” excuse is as you describe.

>> No.18828489

I think you’re pretty clueless reading your posts actually. I’m certain you don’t speak from experience. You have very romantic notions of what a man or man isn’t, and what awakens in him and when, that are perhaps more delusion, many times more delusional, then the sort of delusion you’re positioning yourself against.

>> No.18828495

I served In "combat" In idf and it's not that fun, unless you're a meathead.

>> No.18828499

Mishima walked the walk in the end and that much is indisputable fact.

>> No.18828503

The modern weightlifter and the modern soldier have more in common than the modern soldier and the warrior of antiquity, or the weightlifter for that matter. So this rings true.

>> No.18828541

If you wish to commit suicide, you may do so at your own discretion. You're not dragging me into it.

>> No.18828584

Mishima embarrassed himself so badly that he would rather die to save face than live on and accept his shame. I fail to see the honor in suicidal mortification.

>> No.18828598

Yeah, you can read into it whatever you want but in the end he died in alignment with the ideal he preached and believed in. He didn’t shrink to the occasion.

>> No.18828631

Exactly this. Mishima certainly had his faults, but in the end he actually took action and embodied his principles. That cannot be said about a lot of people. For that, Mishima merits some respect in my opinion.

>> No.18828691

Sunk cost fallacy. It's easy to follow a path of sheer fantasy like he did, harder to admit when one is wrong.

Mishima didn't do it because he felt it was the honorable thing for a samurai to do, he did it because he was afraid of the humiliation that would come with not following through with it. The honorable thing is to bare such humiliations rather than escape them. His melodramatics accomplished nothing except to leave behind an image of a juvenile and anachronistic fantasy, squandering his real chance to make a concrete sociopolitical change to his nation.

>> No.18828730

nice captcha

>> No.18828738

they get obliterated by drones and gunships

>> No.18828786

>A brave man wouldn't need to be convinced in the first place because he already knew what his duty was
his duty was to die in a war only so that the 0.1% of the country could maintain their balance of power ideology and imperial powers? Wilhelm started the war because he was autistic, the Brits caused the war because the balance of power in europe was growing out of their favor. Your duty is to die for your country when you are defending your right to existence, on behalf of both the King and the people. this was only the case for Austria-Hungary

>> No.18828805

Blah blah blah, one giant COPE from you because you like the romantic idea of being in a war but it's not in your actual character to go into one. I have no illusions about what I am, which is an epic poster. I'm not some tier one special operator, couldnt be one, and dont care to be. You are in denial

>> No.18828874

>die of organ failure while old pollack or mudhsit nurse wipes your ass
so much better

>> No.18828880

No, you just have illusions about what a man is and should be and again, you don’t speak from experience.

>> No.18828890

> it doesn’t count because he might’ve been embarrassed in my speculative imaginary world that never happened
That’s not even a what sunk cost fallacy is either by the way.

>> No.18828897

When they can’t find meaning in life, some try to find meaning in death. Just write a tortured suicide note if you must.

>> No.18828905

join a militia you faggot its not even that hard

>> No.18828912

You're just projecting bucko. You didn't go to war, and since the culture around you has socialized you with the idea that violence is what generates heroism and constitutes masculinity, you feel emasculated and cowardly for not engaging with it. That's why you fetishize it now. Everyone can see it, that's what this whole thread is about. Wake up

>> No.18828914

He did it because he idealised a beautiful death, "life written with a dash of blood". His final act was in no way a serious call for coup, and he never delivered an impressive performance, stuttering and struggling to raise his voice over the jeers and laughter. It was theatre to the lead up up to his beheading. Which is fine, it was great theatre, but it wasn't a action of a soldier.

Also he was a receiver

>> No.18828968

In WW1 many defected and fought their empire so they could have national independence, how is that cucked?

>> No.18828979

I did go to war but that’s the besides the point because what’s the issue here is your delusional view of who and what a man is, which seems to me such a childish view that it’s ironic you’d endorse it while disparaging the others voiced here as immature.

>> No.18829113

>not killing yourself before age 60

>> No.18829300

please link some RW militias that do more than larp aka fight at all in any nation

>> No.18829362

If you wanted to die in a war, just shoot yourself on base. Lmao easy

>> No.18829425


>> No.18829444

can I join if I speak English? otherwise we run into the issue of the FFL

>> No.18829552

His suicide was the biggest LARP of all. He literally planned it out in advance

>> No.18829557

Is it really a larp if you actually die?

>> No.18829715

>fascism, communism and democracy, man-made bullshit
>king and country, not man-made bullshit
i have no one-liner rebuttal, because you yourself are the joke

>> No.18829742

I don't know, nobody spoke English

>> No.18829743

The most cucked thing I've ever heard.

>> No.18829751

Chuckling the idea of being the bridegroom at a Libyan wedding & the principal emotion rolling across your mind being "god I wish I could get dronestriked right now"

>> No.18829761

>> No.18829770

Hahaha look at this retard

>> No.18830762

what would your dad think

>> No.18830821

Do you think they will ask you for language certification?

>> No.18830838

Filthy golem. Couldn't get an exception to study Torah?

>> No.18832391

arguments to cynicism have been retroactively refuted anon

>> No.18832397


>> No.18832411

Read sun wu's texts
>the point of war is to die in glory
Fuckin' zoomer I spit on you and your parents who have failed to raise you

>> No.18832521

The French Foreign Legion will take literally anyone (so long as they're not wanted criminals in their home countries) and send you to fight in some of the worst places on Earth.

>> No.18832527

I'm not really a front-line kind of guy, more of an "ideas" man you could say, a strategist... and I've played a lot of computer war games with actual hexes and so I think I know a few things about warfare.

Maybe I could sit back in the command post and give orders to the rest of you guys who want to get down and dirty with modern warfare to take different hills with funny names that we'll give them, like Porkchop Mountain.

Who wants to join my army? I'm counting on YOU.

>> No.18832531

imagine wanting to die in a pointless war. what an idiot!

he was gay wasn't he? it's no wonder he liked that war and all that masculinity crap

>> No.18832536

How many of you fuckers unironically want war with China? Because that will be the big dog. War between the United States and China would be a REAL war, not these little popgun skirmishes with inferior powers.

What you all seem to want is Great Power war. War between the mighty nations of the Earth. Your best bet for that is the United States going to war with China, so I suppose that's what you all want.

If you're lucky, you might get to massacre civilians in the bombed out ruins of Shanghai. Assuming it just gets bombed, rather than nuked.

>> No.18832564

That would be the big one but ehh, I don't know about the Battlefield 2 scenario or whichever one of those games have you parachuting out of skyscrapers in Shanghai as they collapse while bullet dodging the PLA, when it might end up being on Kadena air base working on maintenance for fighter jets and then eating the shockwave from a ballistic missile. Those things pack a punch! Or being on carrier escort duty for the USS Ronald Reagan and then seeing its superstructure get blown off by a DF-21D. That'd be a helluva way to go out, though.


>> No.18832585

Why is Chinese so ugly sounding?

>> No.18832601

The whole concept of the french foreign legion sounds like a cool writing prompt. Do other countries even do this???

>> No.18832734


imagine having a mindset this fucking retarded.
imagine being proud of a territorial body/political entity that you were born in by pure coincidence and wanting to risk your own life for it.
imagine being worse than lobotomized.

>> No.18832763

>they get obliterated by drones and gunships
Taliban won both times.

>> No.18832776

Imagine having principles
Imagine being a conscious entity

>> No.18832777


>> No.18832791

>they get obliterated by drones and gunships
Lol, yes, in war people die horribly to new technologies. That's what war is, it's not your gay fantasy where you get to do hand to hand combat with enemy combatants and feel like a big macho man afterwards.

>> No.18832799


imagine being a conscious entity whose principles dictate exposing yourself willingly to situations that yield a high probability of death.

sounds very much like an F code diagnosis.

>> No.18832890

Read the aphorism on the Noble and Ignoble in Nietzsche's Gay Science book 1. You might learn something about yourself.

>> No.18832924

Hell you dont even need to learn French to join. Theyll teach you. Enjoy fighting alongside some rapefugees and nigs who just learned to wipe

>> No.18833250

there is nothing to rebuttal, so yes i am going to have a good day

>> No.18833287

Mishima literally dodged the draft.

>> No.18833306

>I want to die as a slave!
Legitimately baffling how many people live like sheep in the free world when they can do anything they want and be free. It's sad, makes me lower my opinion of humanity in general.

>> No.18833373

>live like sheep
They live like humans, and humans are shit.
>free world

>> No.18833386

You can enlist right now and be deployed to the middle east you fucking retard.
The middle east isn't a real war. I was there. I never fired a gun and the only time I was in danger was during mortar strikes. It was very boring.

>> No.18833394

>You can enlist right now and be deployed to the middle east you fucking retard.

The middle east isn't a real warzone. I was there. I never fired a gun and the only time I was in danger was during mortar strikes. It was very boring.

>> No.18833413

In WWI men fought for German financial interests or Anglo-American financial interests
In WWII men fought for German financial interests or Anglo-American financial interests.

>> No.18833420

Fuck off you, disgusting war-glorifier. Go fight ISIS or some shit, you can actually do that

>> No.18833429

You know you could be deployed to some of the worst warzones in WW2, be only a couple km behind the most frantic and terrifying frontlines you can imagine and still not experience anything more exciting than hunger and disease? Stop watching shitty Hollywood war-movies, they're not real-life

>> No.18833442

Most likely, you'd get injured and crippled at the age of 23, and some negro nurse would have to wipe your ass every day for the rest of your life

>> No.18833460

No, monarchy is part of a higher hierarchical system. Nature is composed of hierarchical systems, even the solar system is one. Why? Because God, who's at the top of the hierarchy, designed it and his vision is the universal truth therefore the concept of hierarchical systems cannot be challenged. Universal truths cannot be man made concepts therefore democracy, fascism and communism are not universal truths and not worth fighting for.

No, his duty was to fight, kill and sacrifice. Death is a consequence and only cowards are afraid of it.
Wilhelm started the war to support Austria-Hungary against the Russians and their slavoid minions. That is called honouring an alliance.
Britain did the most rational thing available to them, to fight in order to maintain their power. Might makes right.

>> No.18833603

It's weird. I'll come to these conclusions myself and feel fine. But when I read it here it upsets me. True though.

>> No.18833692

Read Céline

>> No.18833850

>(so long as they're not wanted criminals in their home countries)
I thought that was the main reason to join, though

>> No.18833857

>hierarchical systems, even the solar system is one

>> No.18833865

He could just be referring to size.
He’s an idiot

>> No.18833899

>He could just be referring to size.
I know, but I want to hear from him

>> No.18833916

Russia, and various paramilitary groups all over the world, but they don’t call you a foreign legion. They just throw you in with the standard rank and file.

>> No.18834352

>Might makes right
sure, but you do understand Britain as a nation didn't benefit from the war at all? neither did any other european country. so in the end it was just a giant scam, europeans weren't fighting to retain their global hegemony, they all died because of a political scheme. The next time, Germany grew to a point where they could utterly obliterate the mainland british and french armies. the bongs wrought that upon themselves. and now because of this pointless drivel, there is only one left in the world who is mighty and dominant

>> No.18834443

>G.I.Joe wannabe
ya got me, stah

>> No.18834466

what would you be prepared to die for OP? not memeing i actually want to know

>> No.18834595

what about taking up martial arts? same thing, but instead of dying and being dumped in a common grave you just get your ass beat and your ego bruised after being defeated in front of your peers.

>> No.18834889

Can't you deduce it for yourself? There's the sun at the center, planets around the sun and moons around the planets. Everything dances in harmony and in their pre-destined paths established by God.
If you break the hierarchy then you are essentially disrupting order which is necessary for life and beauty. For instance, rogue planets are free from any hierarchy but devoid of any beauty and life. That's what a society free of hierarchy devolves into.
Luckily God has planted in us a primordial instinct for a hierarchical system so even if one hierarchy ends, another shall take its place. That's why communism cannot possibly work.

>> No.18834939

Soldiers aren't slaves, you unbelievably retarded woman.

>> No.18834946

These people don't understand. You fought in another israeli thunderdome, that's all modern militaries do now anon.

>> No.18834982

t. never been a soldier

>> No.18834986

t. never been a slave

>> No.18835019

you got me there

>> No.18835028

>Can't you deduce it for yourself?
I want to hear it from (You)
>There's the sun at the center
It's not at the center, it's in one of the two focal points of the various elliptical orbits (approximately).
>planets around the sun and moons around the planets.
You do know that the strenght with which body A attracts body B is the same with which B attracts A, right?
>Everything dances in harmony
Not what harmony means
>in their pre-destined paths
Orbits can indeed change. Ever asked yourself why the Earth is tilted?
>established by God.
It seems>>18833865 was right all along. You didn't get one single fact straight.

>> No.18835132

You all are fucking pathetic.
Just join the army of your country and if you still like the military life go and join the French Foreing Legion so you can go get blown up in Mali or whatever. You will even get to kill some nogs if that's what you're into.
And stop talking about values and purpose like a retard 99% of the armed conflicts in history were to steal some cows or get some lands to produce wheat, that's literally it, exactly as meaningful as dying for whatever corporate interest behind your deployment.
You all are just insufferable faggots.

>> No.18835156

All these retards wasting their time on the military. If you want death in combat just grab your gun and shoot it into walls until the cops come. Kill enough cops and the military may even come in super mario. For practical purposes I don’t endorse such behaviour but just saying.

>> No.18835281

thread theme

>> No.18835295

>be american
>join the army because wanted to die "romantically" in war and be remembered forever
>combat medic
>never deploy to combat zone and just go to Poland to sit in a tent a bunch of times
I just got out after my contract and went to college. Probably just gonna kill myself anyway

>> No.18835319

Seems someone ended up on the loser side of the border.

>> No.18835680

>>combat medic
>I just got out after my contract and went to college
You were a medic without having a degree?

>> No.18836209

>I am so glad I didn't die

>> No.18836277

Have you even read the Bible? God hates man made kings and people who claim to fight for him when they're really just inflating their own pride.

>> No.18836313

if you can be a soldier without having a functional brain then why not

>> No.18836354

Didn't he fuck up and not do it right so that he lingered in agony instead of dying right away? lol

>> No.18837384

Most people only like the idea of war because they're imagining their life after the war.

They're imagining the relief of getting home, the social validation of having measured up and proven yourself, never again having to think about bravery as an attribute you probably don't have. They're imagining how much better it would feel to do exactly what they're doing now in their free time, but with the appreciative memory of how bad it was before and the sense that you've more than earned it.

It's all based on the possibility that you won't just die. Nobody gets to enjoy dying a hero. You're in too much pain to enjoy dying and then you're gone and you have nothing. All you are is fodder for other people's day dreams where they do what you did but except they survive so they have a nicer life afterwards.

And not only does it all depend on you not dying, but you're too removed from the actual psychological effects of war, which you have no personal experience of, that you don't really believe you could ever have PTSD and shit. You're sort of in the back of your mind not believing that the mental effects of the war may make your life after the war worse than if you hadn't gone, more than negating the pride and self assurance you imagine, and may not get at all.

And then there's the possibility of injury. I bet that after even a year, needing someone else to wipe your ass starts to make you feel more disempowed than the fading memory of the war makes you feel empowered.

>> No.18838626

The most heinous crime committed against my generation, is the denial of the possibility to commit war crimes

>> No.18839160

Shame this died.

>> No.18839580

>It's not at the center, it's in one of the two focal points of the various elliptical orbits (approximately)
Yes, it's at the center of our solar system. It's even confirmed by NASA: https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/solar-system/sun/overview/

>You do know that the strenght with which body A attracts body B is the same with which B attracts A, right?
Lol no, equality doesn't exist in nature. It's all about mass. The body with less mass orbits the body with more mass.

>Not what harmony means
Yes, it is. It means a 'consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts'. The Greeks observed this fact thousands of years ago but you can't?

>Orbits can indeed change. Ever asked yourself why the Earth is tilted?
God made it that way so we can have seasons.

The Bible is not the word of God. It's just the word of uneducated men who lacked reason.
By studying the universe and nature, we learn more about the real God and his reasoning. He is akin to an artisan, philosopher, engineer, mathematician, etc. Plato and Aristotle were the ones who were mostly right about God from what it seems, not some barbaric desert dwellers.

>> No.18839609

I couldn’t tell you but I don’t really see how that matters in this context.

>> No.18840292

There is plenty of wars going on now. What stops you from dying there?

>> No.18840307

You can commit war crimes without even leaving the office now. It's the prime time for war crime

>> No.18840339

Jfc you are so retarded

>> No.18840904

to be a medic you get an EMT certification and then do a bunch of field medical training for combat injuries.
you aren't doctors, you're basically battlefield paramedics

>> No.18841527

Waaah why won't you wageslave for the enrichment of wealthy people waah.

>> No.18841787

Did you mean school shootings?

>> No.18841993

>citing NASA
But anon, NASA are communists who believe in (((Newton's Third Law)))

>> No.18842061

It's not a just war and not my battle. It just wouldn't be the same dying as a mercenary.

>> No.18842159

>Nature is composed of hierarchical systems
Okay Peterson.

>> No.18842351

not him or a bederzin fan but this is pretty indisputable

>> No.18843550


>> No.18843552

Name a single thing Hitler did wrong aside from losing

>> No.18843562

that's exactly why they were cucks in WW1 but not WW2, you faggot.

>> No.18843583

If he that happened it would have been his second's fault. The other guy is supposed to decapitate you shortly after you stab yourself.

>> No.18843591

>The honorable thing is to bare such humiliations rather than escape them.
According to your perception of "honor", not according to Mishima's.

>> No.18843631

I'm not who you replied to, but I think similarly to him. I don't have a war to join. My country is completely at peace and joining the FFL just isn't an option right now. (and I'd probably not see combat anyway)

It's not cowardice though, I tried to join the officer's school in my country but was denied due to a spine deformity. Maybe if we ever get into a real war and need to call the enlisted they'll ignore it, but I doubt it.

>> No.18843652


>> No.18843699

You know that being afraid of humiliation is the same as wanting to do the honorable thing, right? (or rather the same of not wanting to be dishonorable)

Humiliation is a stain on someone's honor.

>> No.18843743

Imagine thinking that a group that easily comprises >90% of all the people you ever met and cared about doesn't matter. That the balance of power of the political structures that rule over you don't matter. That's what you're saying. Being a patriot/nationalist/whatever is doing your duty to some of the most important institutions to your life.

But I hate my country so I'm anti-nation when it comes to it. Not a coward like you, I'd go to war just to destroy it and kill every fucking shitskin that inhabits this God's forsaken place.

>> No.18843754

When you are denied the possibility of dying in war, it's time to make your own.

>> No.18843773

This is the dumbest fucking thread, I wish you good luck with your "war".

Sheltered kids.

>> No.18843799

desu is there anything more meaningful and noble than agriculture and raising animals? Yes, killing people so you can do it

>> No.18843813

t. doesn't know what OP is talking about, never read Mishima, has no noble impulses and no deadly dedication to aesthetics.

>> No.18843830

>> No.18843975

You are literally posting on 4chan.

>> No.18844010

Shut up larper. You didnt go to war. You did nothing. Kill yourself dickless cunt.

>> No.18844014

Mishima is worthless. His suicide made that certain.

>> No.18844030

I mean, sure that sucks but you ever consider how the world is dying around around us and only the top 1% will survive yet nobody bats an eye?

>> No.18844147

"noooooo suicide and death are bad :'("

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