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>Refutes Hegel

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>checks dubs

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He did not immediately take over England and then the world so no I don't think so. Being PM doesn't count and certainly not when he didn't even do a particularly good job of it

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Sorry m8, I pinched your digits

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Digits, witnessed.
Faggot (>>18766219), BTFOd.
Yeah, I'm thinking: BASED.

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If you can’t show your accusation, it didn’t really happen

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>If you can’t show your accusation, it didn’t really happen
(You) don't get it butters and that's okay :^)

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Hegel refutes refutation in the preface to the phenomenology. You were over before you were born.

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>emancipates the irish
What was his problem?

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Charlatan exposed.

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Hegel does not refute the for-the-consciousness in itself refutation rather the refutation which leaves nothing but the void in its wake. OP's post falls into the latter category since he provides no alternative and is wholly absorbed in his ego.

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