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Imagine being butterfly, a person who's spent a decade here. Every time you post, someone insults you. Yet you still post.

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It's absolutely pathetic and it's why trip/namefags are despised: they tend to be fucking weirdos

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Is it true a picture of her ass got posted?

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Imagine being OP. A woman. Letting Butterfly live in her head rent free. Dedicating a thread to her when she could be reading.

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Oh also I'll add that Butterfly likes forestanon so she automatically gets my respect for that. And unlike half the people here she actually reads.

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butterfly rocks. election tourists blow

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We just need to gangbang her

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I call her an ugly dyke every time she posts

Because she’s an ugly dyke. What a loser

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That's the mean old lady who hates frogs.

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>she actually reads
Doesnt count when what she reads is shit

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Everyone on 4chan is at some level a masochist. Butterfly simply moreso than others.

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What does she look like?

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What's the psychopathology at play? Daddy issues? Histrionic?

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I think we all have daddy or mommy issues on 4chan

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I've been here since 2012.

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A tranny

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I don't.

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Bullshit. Why would anyone be here for any other reason? Your parents were shit and failed you in some manner.

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definitely daddy issues for me
or more like "why the fuck did we move here" issues

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My parents were lovely and I love them. I'm here because I'm interested in literature

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lol nerd, take a hike

hope you're an ironic nazi at least

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Prayers on visits /lit/ apparently, seems he actually reads though and doesn't tripfag about it

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Fair enough but I think there's way better places to discuss literature

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such as...?

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>Prayers on

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>Imagine being a person who's spent a decade here.
Haha wow that sure would be bad huh haha imagine all the things you could have done with your life if you hadn't haha

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Posting on 4chan is not based, using a trip it's even worse. Lurking it's the only way

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No idea bro

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very based

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I like hiking too but never felt compelled to browse /out/ tho
I'm fine with Nazis for the most part
No there are not. Sure, majority of threads here are off topic political bait but you can find genuinely interesting recs and every now and then a good discussion pops up
Board probably would benefit from more moderation like on /a/ to weed out the lowest quality off topic threads but contrary to /a/ there is no strong board identity here to defend so every stricter moderation would probably be worse than just leave things as they are. At the very least the relatively niche interest already serves as a filter

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Prayeranon* fuck phoneposting

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Friendly reminder, when you respond to tripfags, you're part of the problem.

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I'm sure reddit has better discussions desu but the format is just eh

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Redditors are insufferable cunts and treat every Reddit post like they're writing a fucking essay.

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I seriously don't like you guys and when I find a better place I'm out of here.

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Oh you sweet naive soul

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he will never be woman

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dilate nigger faggot tranny. reminder YWNBAW!

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the ol cunt is dried up and can only get attention on 4chan, otherwise she'd be out scissoring zoomer pussy errday

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Negative attention is still attention. Attention is basically crack to every women dyke or not

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>who's spent a decade here
Not even. You people stuck to your chairs or something?

Björk’s plainer cousin

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This is true strength. I don't think any of you could possibly handle being insulted in this way for any length of time, while she handles it every single day. She is stronger than you. She is better than you.

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I’ve been a woman longer than you’ve been alive.

Oh, nice. Takk.

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