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Almost done with my first novel. No intention of submitting it to literary gatekeepers. Anyone have any experience with self-publishing? In particular, anyone have any advice on how to promote my book?

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you could buy an ad...

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if you have decent feet, get ready to leverage them for publicity

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Don’t have much money. What’s the best platform to get the most bang for my buck?

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Buying ads is the easiest way.

Don't go print-on-demand, get all the equipment, including the binder, and make them yourself!

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What’s the advantage of doing this instead of POD? And doesn’t it become unfeasible at a certain point if the book actually sells a lot of copies?

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if it is poetry then you are getting scammed LMAO as an entire industry exists for self publishing idiots.
if it is a novel then maybe some ads on 4chan?
pay some savy internet users to make memes that get your work popular

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Jason, you aren't a writer, you're a mentally Ill man, Seek help.

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Fuck off.

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1. Instant ability to change your cover, font, anything and see it printed and assembled in minutes.
2. Far cheaper. Cost per book around $1 USD
3. Ability to sign them and leave personal messages in them
Lets say you become the hero of /lit/ and your book actually really sells:
1. You should be able to manufacture 10 books an hour pretty easily using this method.
2. Hire a worker for $25 an hour
3. Effective books per hour: 9
4. 9x8 -2 or 3 low quality books to remove from outgoing pile
5. 72 x $25 per book = $1800 gross a day
6. Minus shipping at, let's say, $5 and change per book, -$500 shipping
7. Still $1300, minus the $1 it costs you per book, $1200ish profit per day.

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Must kill you inside that a mentally ill boomer has lived a more fun life and continues to enjoy life more than you, all while encouraging other /lit/ posters to chase their dreams. I feel sorry for you, having chose the blackpill over optimism and cultivating your own inner strength.

Hope you find some inner peace, friend!

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imagine spending time making boosk that won't sell.
why niot just post it online for free and ask for a donation?

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Have you ever sold things online?

It isn't as hard as you think. If you buy a few ads and have some interesting images, people buy that shit. I'm going to advertise it on cycling / biking forums first as a joke, see if those readers will buy a book written about a guy who takes revenge for having his bike stolen. Who knows what will happen? That's what makes the journey as an artist just as enjoyable to some ambiguous destination of having "succeeded" at it.

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Seek Help Jason, if not for you, then for your imaginary child you conjure in your schizoid mind.

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based Jason. we're all gonna make it

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I believe you can change, anon. You'll someday read a Jason Bryan paperback and think:
"You know, for a bipolar schizo maniac, this guy ain't half bad."

Have a nice day, anon!

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Damn right we are. /Lit/ is going to produce, /lit/ is going to release, /lit/ is going to write some more.

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I have a somewhat decent social media following. I have several thousand followers between all three platforms, and some of my mutuals have thousands of followers themselves. Is this a good thing, where self-publishing is concerned?

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How many of them know you have a novel for sale coming?

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Yes. Audiobook or gtfo.

Thats all you need to know

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None of them. A lot of them are this or that thing, but I'm really the only prominent writer/poet among them.

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Real talk: if the prospect of having your work published and nationally recognized (even if it was through a very small outlet like a regional magazine or one of those “X Review of Books” rags, would anybody admit to posting on 4chan?

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Or you could go through a pod publisher, set your own price, and have them take care of that bullshit without paying an employee and have your book auto-populate to every online store. This is terrible advice

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To be published in the mainstream in 2021 you must have the right IDpol, the correct political views, and definitely not explore certain ideas within your literature that goes against the current narrative.

All you have to do is look at the books being awarded in the mainstream and you would know that anyone with a mind free enough to handle this place would never make it in the mainstream publishing world.

Hell, go look at Penguin's twitter feed, might as well be a BLM rally.

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POD publisher = Your book is $25 but Lulu.com takes $15 or more per sale. Retail sales net you a whole $2.

Go look up the rates on Lulu.com yourself!

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Yeah that's why I don't use Lulu. Literally half the feedback on Lulu that I read was negative. The service I use charges flat rate for publishing cost and the online store cuts are included. You're also ignoring the cost of material and time needed to bind all that shit yourself. If your book is successful enough to justify that cost then a POD publisher is just as good if not better.

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How many books have you sold so far? Numerically.
I really want to know. There's nothing I want more than someone shattering the conclusions I've arrived to in the past few years about doing anything on the Internet, which is that sure you can self-publish all you want but your sales will be zero unless you bend yourself backwards doing social media pyrotechnics and licking all the boots available to get "promoted". And even then you're still almost guaranteed to fail.

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He's playing book publishing while his illegitimate son is raised by a single mother. SAD!

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If you read my post you are incorrect. I have done the math and a book will be about $1 USD in materials to produce.

If you print 10 books out an hour for sale, you're making like $150-200 an hour after costs.

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This is some anime porn thing isn't it

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Yeah but you have to buy the equipment and put in the labor time you retard, you're starting your cost structure after you already have all the supplies. On top of that you have to sell in order for it to make sense, whereas the starting price for a book that sells nothing is like 25 dollars on ingramspark.

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> If you sell 10 books an hour, you'll make $100 an hour
Ironclad logic

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oh look, crickets at this post. big surprise

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Seek help.

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That guy hasn't finished writing his book yet. He posted the first 3 chapters on /wg/ and they were riddled with spelling and grammar errors

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My 1st book I sold 100-200 copies while sitting at bars. I made a trailer for it but did not promote it with any purchased ads or anything because I will still struggling with getting out of selling porn for a living and still doing cocaine all the time.


Overall, the process of writing the book and releasing it was incredible and did amazing things for my life.

2nd book is finished and being polished as I wait for my order of hot glue pellets to show up. In Vancouver, it was over 40c for 3+ days and my glue seems to have gone bad. I should have stored it in my car in the underground parking!

All I need to do is figure out how to sell 2 or 3 books a day and I can survive with a part-time job while writing more. I did a job driving trucks at night awhile back, drove a 5 ton from 11 PM to 3 AM and made enough to writer during the day and not be too poor. It was actually a really enjoyable lifestyle and I actually miss the peace of driving at night. Was very /cozy/

I think your conclusions are put in your mind by someone else. It is completely illogical to deny yourself the pursuit of your art.


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I already own all the equipment, cost me less than 2k.

Labour time? That's easy, takes a couple minutes to put together a book and sign it.
Once you have all the equipment, it is a long term investment. You keep writing, you keep putting out work, you keep trying new ads.

What exactly are you afraid of?

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> the process of writing the book and releasing it was incredible and did amazing things for my life
was abandoning your son amazing too?

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Have you ever ran a business?

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Whole lot of nothing. Seek help.

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>All I need to do is figure out how to sell 2 or 3 books a day
It’s crazy because, to everyone else in this thread and probably on planet earth this goal is obviously, laughably impossible, yet you fail to see anything strange or daunting about hawking 2-3 self printed books about nothing interesting at $25 a pop. The disconnect from reality is palpable here, but I guess it’s no big loss anyway.

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My kid is super happy and starting private school soon, do you think men who dare to create art should be hamstrung by being forced to split raising a child 50/50 with the mother?

Kind of silly since the madness and drive to write isn't very compatible with being a good beta male dad.

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Seek Help.

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Ha! That's the way my software exports it. The text is white on a white background!


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> do you think men who dare to create art should be hamstrung by being forced to split raising a child 50/50 with the mother, a beta male dad
It's called being married and raising your children in a 2 parent family. And yes

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Seek help.

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Well, I've lived an extraordinary life and had many wild experiences that the majority of introverted nerds could never even imagine let alone believe some 43 year old boomer on a Maori Abstinence Forum could have achieved, so, to me, the impossible seems routine.

I've got buyers waiting for printed copies already, I just can't print them yet because my glue supply went bad during the heatwave. I have some more coming.

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How many of the best artists have managed to live the normal 2-parent household life while producing?
I seek more of my life of adventure. The next chapter of life is just about to start...

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>I seek more of my life of adventure.
Seek help, you're a delusional sick man who attention whores.

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How would selling 2-3 books a day be impossible when you can buy targeted ads on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instragram... and the topics of bike theft, drugs, and crime in Vancouver are all pretty popular.

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I appreciate you bumping all these threads that focus on topics that I like. I'll send you a free signed paperback if you hit me up on my website. Have a great day anon!

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build hype by shilling yourself on /lit/

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>the impossible seems routine.
but this is just more cognitive dissonance to wash away the last serving. you haven't done anything incredible with your life, you've had the same bland 'formative experiences' most white, single/divorced gen-xers have had. all of your success is just you telling yourself stories. you posted in another thread that trudeaus gov actually pays rent for people like you, so in all sense of the word you are unaccompoished, useless, lazy, ineffectual, etc. but it is so essential to your life that you lie to yourself about all of this.

again: no big loss. you're writing is absolutely abysmal, and you are clearly a horrid little prick with the attitude of a spoiled child. the whole reason people read and enjoy art is to forget people like you are allowed to thrive in this miserable world of ours, but alas here we are.
honestly I just hope someone eventually calls Vancouver child protective services and explains how shit of a father you are and try to immerse your own kid in a world of sex and drugs be cause you think it's cool.

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God bless you anon, I hope you find whatever peace you need!

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because who the hell is going to buy your book at that rate, for that price, just because they feel bad for you?
we're telling you straight up your book is uninteresting garbage. how are you going to sell that? actually wait, let me guess, some drunk at a liquor store said the first chapter was good, so you're going to turn that into a Pulitzer?
oh well, at least watching you fail is kind of interesting.

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>the topics of bike theft, drugs, and crime in Vancouver are all pretty popular.
lol, based on what? the convenience store clerk you buy smokes from?
how does one simultaneously hold the ideas that they are (1) worldly and accomplished and (2) actually believe this delusion to be true?

Jason, I don't think the anon saying "seek help" is actually too far off from the mark. you really might want to consider some therapy or something. your narcissistic delusions are on the verge of becoming physically dangerous

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After I quit the adult industry to pursue writing, I took a number of jobs to support myself.
First job, was repairing pallets. That was a tough life lesson.
Second job, I drove trucks at night.
Third job, I took disabled senior citizens for walks, to the pub, for garage sales, just talked to them and spent time with them.
You call me so many names and you lack any empathy towards me, but maybe someday you'll learn to understand other people a bit better.

Have a nice day anon!

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People keep telling me they want a copy, I just can't deliver it yet because I'm still waiting on the glue, and I need to practice a bit more to get the process just right and the quality consistent enough.

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unless you were a performer/producer you were not in the adult industry, so stop saying that. cashing in off ads on porn sites is not work, it's a shitty grift.
pallet repair-- i mean this just really emphasizes your lack of world experience, doesn't it? this isn't back-breaking manual labor, it's the kind of job you give to the site managers retarded kid to make sure he doesn't fuck up anything important.

we can only understand anything by accepting truth-- especially the parts of it that go against our preconceived notions. I like empathy with you because I haven't been this level of irresponsible narcisist in 20+ years, since I was about 15.

really reflect on your choices and your life Jason.

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/r/vancouver threads on these subjects are wildly popular and often moderated as fuck because there are such strong opinions about them:


Anything to do with cops and lawlessness is hugely popular as Vancouver has seen a ton more open crime, thuggery in the last view years.

Another recent and very popular thread on vigilantism in Vancouver:

If you live in Vancouver, you'd know the crime and blight has truly spiraled out-of-control.

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I literally filmed porn in Costa Rica and sold it and other sites as an affiliate from 2003-2016.

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>People keep telling me they want a copy,
you are not listening: remember when I said "at that rate"?

let's make 2-3 people 2.5 for convenience. in one month you need to have ~75 people, all willing to PAY for the book, and then the next month you have to find ~75 MORE people. do you even know that many people personally? have the people online saying they 'want a copy' expressed the same interest in PAYING you for it
ffs, I can't believe I'm having this conversation with an adult, let alone someone with kids and responsibilities. how does one remain so stupid and actually not just die in the streets?

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I did reflect on my life and choices, hence why I have a finished book to show off and you don't:


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A lot of people on this site have never even had sex with one single woman and I had fucked like 50+ by the time I was 20 years old, so when people like you deem things "impossible" I have to laugh.

Life isn't as hard as you guys have made it up in your head to be. Just go with the flow dude, literally just be yourself.

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ah, so you preyed on impoverished women in a third-world country? admittedly that's CLOSE to being in the adult industry, but in a technical sense it really isn't. either way you're fucking revolting human filth to have done something like that and walk away proud. lol, you're a real worthless fuck, my dog.
>i reflected and stuff, go ahead and read about it in my book! for sale now!
absolute peak soulless, socipathic grifter tier. honestly you should kys, lol

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the story is all coming together now: these 50+ women you've fucked (which, iirc last thread it was 100, so I guess we're slowly coming to terms with reality) were all just poor costa rican women in need of money, huh?
honestly man. you are fucking lower than scum. someone should fucking beat the shit out of you in jail.

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Hey anon, have you ever ruined a hammock by fucking a hot chick right through it? Quite a funny memory...

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50+ by the time I was 20, anon.
>be me
>be 19
>get A+ certified
>get $17.50 an hour full time job at 2nd and Main
>rent studio apartment for $400 a month at 8th and Main
>go to bars 3-4 nights a night
>go on clubvibes.com and become one of the most popular guys on the entire site
>bang new woman every week for like a year

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50+ by the time I was 20, anon.
>be me
>be 19
>get A+ certified
>get $17.50 an hour full time job at 2nd and Main
>rent studio apartment for $400 a month at 8th and Main
>go to bars 3-4 nights a night
>go on clubvibes.com and become one of the most popular guys on the entire site
>bang new woman every week for like a year

Be outgoing, be funny, try to not take life too seriously and you will attract women. It's that simple.

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Seek help.

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You’re a ducking sex-trafficker and a serial rapist, dude.
This isn’t about books, or writing, or even you being a loser— you’re an actual, subhuman monster preying on the young and desperate. This is just horrifying.

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>some pua dude is shilling for his book
What is this, 2014? First of all, who cares? Secondly, women don't even exist anymore. Half your 2003 playbook would get you arrested, and the other half would get you misgendered "girls" you'd only detect when it was too late to go back.

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God bless you anon, I hope you find some inner peace. Lord knows I have suffered due to the lack of moral direction in my early life. It was tough, my mother killed herself not long after my 19th birthday. The gaping hole in my sense of belonging and family that her death left was a perfect place to start filling with all sorts of pleasure-chasing distractions. She didn't even get a funeral.

Perhaps someday, maybe if you write more, you can develop some empathy for your fellow man.

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>white text on white background
Unfathomably based. There is a very profitable industry of printing such books.

>> No.18683950

not joking, I'm going to be calling the authorities in your area.

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God bless you anon, I hope it helps you find some inner peace.

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>some empathy for your fellow man.
>He types while preying on the young and desperate

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>>go on clubvibes.com and become one of the most popular guys on the entire site

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The question is... if you publish such a book, would people put the effort in to find out if there is white ink on the white page, or could you get away with just printing completely blank pages?

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It was the "instagram" of the time. It was great!

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whatever you do, don't use lulu


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im deleting my instagram asap