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Seriously, I see this one short incel constantly posting pictures on social media about what he's reading, making cringe ass philosopher jokes, etc. Meanwhile all my female friends and I read, but we don't feel the need to constantly inform everyone that we read. Is it just in the nature of scrotes to act like this?

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I'm willing to bet you don't look like the girl in that picture

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There is no such thing as marital rape, your body is not your choice, you are a bad person for having many sexual partners, and you do not deserve maternity leave.


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I have a question, what is the point of browsing /lit/ specifically, as opposed to other reading communities? I notice that /lit/ tends to be really the only online literature community that is right wing. And as such, you are bound to encounter this kind of stuff. Is it for idealogical diversity? Like you just get tired of hearing left wing stuff and you want a different perspective?

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if bitches wouldn't automatically assume they're worthy of Chad cock, I wouldn't have a problem with dating

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yes, women get attention, men have to seek it out
if he doesn't care for himself, who'd care for him?
You? I doubt it considering your attitude.

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Some people feel like talking about what they read? As in they post such things in the hope that someone will talk to them about it. That is the basic idea of social media, OP. And the point of this board.

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I don't even understand the point of OPs thread, he's literally seething because a dude dared speak about his interest on fucking social media

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Good bait, dude. Our friends here are retarded

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Is a half ressentimental quirk spawned by the fact fraternities and male bonds structure themselves in large part around rivalry and competition. Grandstanding is a natural though degenerate condition of the general male psychic structure. Which you probably exhibit yourself to some degree, just not in the context of hobby reading. Can for my part say it's at least one reason you might tripfag on a literature board.

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Yeah bro posting a picture of the cover of a new Dostoyevsky book on your snap story every day really gets pussys wet

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Really exquisite bait
I call this Doubleplusbait

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Yeah shocker but most people aren't concerned with getting "pussies wet" on social media

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There is no reason to have a Snapchat except to make yourself seem more neurotypical for girls.

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i save all the snapstories of girls i used to like in school

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Girl in photo unironically looks like the mother of my child.

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>eally gets pussys wet
>pussy pussy pussy
It is literally a hole which blood and babies come out of. It's a very important organ, sure, but not everything in life is about sex anon

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uh oh COPE ALERT!!!

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I only think of impressing my boys since impressing girls is out of my reach desu

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>Yeah bro posting a picture of the cover of a new Dostoyevsky book on your snap story every day really gets pussys wet

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As if people read hoping to score pussy, anon. FFS, if you want that, this is among the worst things you could do. Learn how to play an instrument, start dancing, or any other artistic shit that involves showing off yourself.

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Writing books can directly lead to a ton of pussy if you choose the right topic.

Notice I said pussy and not sales, hahaha...

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Ah no? Anon, seriously, reading/writing are activities for weird people. Writers are all fucking weird, people who read them are even more weird. There are no 'star' authors, anon.

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Personally I feel right wing chuds should be left as little space as possible online. 2016 elections showed that you can't just simply be left alone and let you prosper in your echo chambers because there is always the risk your backwards ideas end up gaining traction in the mainstream (there are a lot a lot of incels out there)
Now /tv/ is not worth fighting for at this point, but /lit/ is a different matter. If we let you have this too there's the risk you feel legitimized to hold your beliefs because you read them in a book rather than from some cringe YouTuber lamenting over the fact that there are too many women in movies, and that should not be permitted. Also it is funny to see how easy it is to get under your skin the moment you feel challenged.

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You are unironically better off if you start lifting and posting monthly photos of your gains. Not even joking. That is even a good thing if you don't abuse any steroids, you will get even healthier.

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>nooo i don't want to be middle-class, I want marry into the veblen leisure class of the new aristocracy
t. fishmongers daughter

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>rent free

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Go back to twitter

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Dunno why people think this is a right wing board. There are literally fucking commies in here. Butterfly is openly fucking anarchist. Are you a fucking retard?

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I mean, seriously, are people pretending to be fucking blind or are they fucking retards? Because this is not the first time I see someone saying such things.

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Nah don't know a thing about that OP, but I know whose a faggot now.

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If anything this board is filled with retards. I think we can all agree on that one.

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Anyone who postures about what they read, especially philosophy, is vapid. Has nothing to do with being an incel though. I've seen women do it. As philosophy grad students most of us tend to avoid bringing up philosophy outside the classroom, if it comes up in conversation it does, but we don't bring it up as like a weird social thing. But there's a segment of grad students who will just follow philosophy meme pages on Facebook or try to make philosophy posts and it's so lame because it feels insincere and weirdly attention-seeking, "This is my identity" sort of a thing. It's like fandom kids, but they're trying to do it with books. Nobody should be a fandom kid about ANYTHING.

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Ah it's not problematic. Just get your booster shots for the variants and we'll talk. I'm voting for Joe....

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>the moment you feel challenged
Who the fuck are you talkin to now? Your just as schizophrenic as the right wing conspiracy theorists.

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U 2 (:

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/lit is not right wing

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I'm fucking modern Socrates, anon. All I know is that I'm a retard. There is no need to remember that.

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>Also it is funny to see how easy it is to get under your skin the moment you feel challenged.
>2016 elections showed that you can't just simply be left alone and let you prosper in your echo chambers because there is always the risk your backwards ideas end up gaining traction in the mainstream
A note for the future, you probably shouldn't include these two statements in the same post

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you won't be allowed inside college or restaurants without a monthly booster. Go get your booster! The variants! Yeah the var- just fucking die already poor pleb useless eater

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Garbage bait. Jannies clean it up.

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I have never met anyone into philosophy who got pussy regularly.

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From my experience the easiest way to get laid by a bunch of hot chicks is to simply have a cool place and become a regular at local bars / clubs. You can rise to a mid-level or upper-level in the local social scene and overdose on the pussy that comes your way.

Trouble is, the more women that like you and the more sex you get, the more shortsighted you(I) become(became)

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*blocks your path*

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I'm not sure that's true anymore, I guess we'll see when I roll out the next couple of turd books I've written!

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Funny you mention being shortsighted

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Who is that? I can't zoom in on the title!

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Yes, there is that too. My point was that reading isn't exactly a social activity. OP's post somewhat demonstrates it, because you can't write shit with your name without sounding like a pretentious fuck.

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When are you getting the booster? How's the college life? Are you happy?

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You wrote a book called the shitkickers. You are definitely a weirdo. That is ok, Ray Bradbury also thinks that.


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Well... when you throw a party on the weekend and have sex with a beautiful chick then spend Sunday with her at brunch and fuck her again, then Monday you have a photoshoot and meet a cutie who wants to go for happy hour, then you make out with her and THEN you go to a Leonard Cohen impersonator that evening at a swank little bar and then meet a persian babe who invites you to her birthday party on the next Friday... what do you do? Well, you accept, and then what does the girl on the weekend you fuck think? What does the blonde you kissed Monday think? Your life becomes complicated and you end up burning bridges while just plowing through life in the moment and it is no wonder you become addicted to instant-gratification and cocaine.

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I am so fucked up I cannot believe I'm still alive at 43. I pray to God every day for the strength and guidance to not fuck up and to be a better person.

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Amazing link. Thank you. I hope I meet some insane people on /lit/ I can be friends with.

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Goddamn that's a fucking amazing link. I felt The Shitkickers so hard I had to write it. Damn. Damn. I've never heard Ray speak before. Thank you so much!

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/lit/ has anything from ancaps to commies; fascists to ancoms, the apolitical, overtonfags, atheist, and believers of every major religious subsect (and many obscure ones). /lit/, funny enough, is the most diverse literay forum since there's no account or updoot system to encourage groupthink.

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Yes, he is cool. There are plenty of good content on youtube about him.

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You will never be a woman.

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I will check it out for sure. Do you have any favourite links to share? How did you discover Ray and how much influence did he have?

Finding it odd that he never wanted to drive, but I agree 100% with planes. I have to be completely wasted and on lorazepram (ativan) to fly on a plane. I fucking hate flying.

Once, when leaving Costa Rica, the 737 I was on was taking off and we were on the runway trying to escape an incoming storm. We were delayed and the pilot gunned the aircraft on take off and we were caught in the middle of a hail and lightning storm. A few seconds after take off the plane hit a downdraft or something and we lost like 500-1000 feet (I'm guessing) of altitude in a few seconds... the plane was in free-fall and everyone including the flight attendants screamed. Probably the most terrifying moment of my life. The plane felt like it was falling for 3-4 seconds easily and looking out the window it looked like we were falling in a stall backwards. The captain came on later and apologized and the flight was completely silent all the way back to Vancouver. I didn't even drink after that the entire flight.

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I dunno the reason behind it, but I used to visit some fb groups related to literature. And whenever I was shitting/praising some book it sounded too fucking affected. I definitely feel more comfortable talking about such things in an anonymous environment.

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Yes, this lecture is great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_W-r7ABrMYU

I drive, but it is not like one of my favorite things. You don't get to enjoy the trip because you have to pay attention to the road. After I started driving, this whole driving at high speeds started to make a lot of sense. I think it is definitely understandable to not ever feel like doing it, specially if you have people to do it for you.

I took a flight only once on my entire life, it was a short one of an hour or something. It was somewhat ok, I bought a magazine and read a bit of it and whatever. Never experienced this turbulence thing or any kind of shit like that. I don't know how I would react to it, because it is not like I care about dying, but the adrenaline rush wouldn't be bad, I love that kind of thing that makes my blood boil.

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Women don't have aspirations of their own. They are completely unable to live by their own means by thinking for themselves, they live through other and the validation they get from other people.

That's why you see modern women on places such as Twitter smugly advocating men to go to therapy. They even need other people to tell them how to be happy.

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Imagine being so utterly pathetic that you can't get laid while having a vagina, so you copycat a subculture of loser beta males with zero effort to change the labels to sound original
This is what a "femcel" is, her wits as barren as the hole she possesses

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This. Seeing lit as anything else belies the fact that you're a seething ideologue who doesn't like different ideas being discussed.

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>her wits as barren as the hole she possesses

>> No.18679499

the worst part is they've somehow lack the introspection to realize that they're literally the same as incels and somehow deemed themselves inherently superior to "incel moids".
Honestly I pity them, male or female, how do you obsess over sex to the point of falling this low.

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Anon, this is amazing! I am listening and smiling throughout. Thank you so much.


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based and true

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People should be fined for not having sex at least once a month. Look how pathetic and useless people become when they never get laid

>> No.18679560

Retard, this kind of obsession is exactly why they become this pathetic

>> No.18679561

>they're literally the same as incels
Incels fail at a challenge, one that should be trivial for women.

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There is so much inner peace to be cultivated when you have no women calling you or bugging you about their emotions, needs, wants, fears, desires, drama, bills, etc etc etc etc

The hotter the girlfriend you have, the higher the level of vigilance you need to be at with so many influences on her mind. Love is war.

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which is why you want a plain gf. plain girls suck dick the best anyway

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>sex sex sex pussy incels femoid roastie based cringe cope go back to x
another day in /lit/, huh

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um cope harder incel fr ahahahaha

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americans really did a number on this board

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Build a family, help others!

Godspeed anon

>> No.18679636

Why would any woman want a stressfull office job, instaid of raising children.

The fact you dont understand this makes you brainwashed.

>> No.18679641

yup, americans, /pol/ and reddit (which is the same)

>> No.18679651

>makes a fool of himself
>thinks he's made a point

>> No.18679695

>pray to god
Why not just stop and think when you are in a situation you recognize as one of the old ones you wish you would’ve acted differently in? Don’t fucking blame god for this and avoid responsibility. You have the control of things but you’re just avoiding being responsible.

>> No.18679777

Are you enjoying this thread fucking moron. I bet you aren’t even a female

>> No.18679907

Yeah but throughout my life God has answered my prayers in the most wild coincidences. I can't deny a divide influence on my life.

>> No.18679912

Do you honestly believe someone as creative as I can possibly fit into the 9-5 normie shell? Hahaha...

>> No.18679924

>/lit/ has a bunch of ideologues whom read literature though their own niche ideological lens' and some how attempt to always politicise everything they touch
Yeah, and to it's detriment.

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/Lit/ is beautiful.

>> No.18679933

it's beautiful in its deterioration

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you will never..

>> No.18680136

God that sounds great

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>I see this one short incel constantly posting pictures on social media about what he's reading, making cringe ass philosopher jokes, etc.
why do you follow him then? Is he your unrequited love or something? Leave manlets alone you filthy hole.

>> No.18680168

the same reason you replied to this thread

>> No.18680178

This is not exclusive to /lit/ though. And 4chan, at large, is still the only really "open forum" you can find on the surface web. You can't get banned her for an opinion or belief, etc. Ideology replaced religion for most people, and GAFAM promotes balkanization of human beings because it's easier to control them and sell them products, etc while at the same time pushing an internationalist narrative to dominate human thought, consumption, and behavior. I have no doubt in 10 years if GAFAM continues to amass power that 4chan will be shut down and there will never be a place again to communicate openly without risk of personal harm to your being.

>> No.18680186

>You can't get banned her for an opinion or belief, etc.
might've been true some years ago, but now saying slurs can get you banned for unknown reasons

>> No.18680192

That's true, it's starting to trickle into here. As I said, this place won't exist with the current trajectory of GAFAM controlled surface web for much longer. Enjoy it while it lasts I guess.

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I doubt that considering I've frequented /lit/ for years and have never seen such a roastie thread. Meanwhile whatever "social media" you are referring to (facebook, twitter, tumbler, reddit) you can always block the guy. I can't block anons and I can only hidr their threads.

>> No.18680201

point is, you didn't need to reply to this thread, in fact, you didn't even need to reply to my previous post

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Stop sapping my energy you succubus last (you) from me ima go enjoy my morning coffee.

>> No.18680218

Burns a lot of bridges.

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what >>18679176 said. chan culture is just exoterically politically incorrect and right-wing, and this naturally bleeds into /lit/. but this place still has relative diversity. only thing worth mentioning is that over the years the board has been overrun with /pol/fags spamming their autism. lefty/pol/, although just as cringe, doesnt seem to be as vocal vis a vis autistic shilling (doesnt mean theyre arent here though). you just dont see constant threads of "why hitler was such an idiot" or "please recommend me books that disprove fascism" as often as you see threads of "why marx was such an idiot" or "please recommend be books that disprove communism". pic related.

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What "aspiration" does a foid actually have? Curing cancer? Doubt.jpeg.

>> No.18680315

Yes, it's well known that women are naturally solipsistic

>> No.18680321

Ive cheated on every gf Ive had. Most dont care if you are discreet and you asure them you arent gonna leave them for the other girl. I dont mean actually telling them you are cheating but its just for extra sex btw, women pick up on subtext.

>> No.18680323

what even compels a man to cheat...

>> No.18680328


>> No.18680334

I am a massive coomer. And I distrust all women, I expect each one to cheat on me at some point anyways. My first gf in Highschool (I was 16, she was 17) cheated on me.

>> No.18680337

And women treat you better when you mistreat them a little. They dont want you to put them in a coma of course, but they love a tyrant.

>> No.18680341

really? virgins cheat a lot?

>> No.18680365

Baiting aside, OP is right that it is mainly men who feel the need to act this way.
They feel inadequate and attach themselves to things to feel powerful as so insecure.

Men can be really dumb!
Why is it that woman do this less? they attach themselves to groups as well but it is not as pronounced.

>> No.18680386

>they're literally the same as incels
No they're not the same. The involuntary part is missing from female "incels". It is statistically impossible to fail at losing your virginity as a female and this is especially true in 2021 with the body positivity movement and apps like Tinder. A female "incel" is a volcel

>> No.18680390


You are clearly reading moronic femtard shit if you don't want to reproduce and whore yourself around. Re-evaluate your pathetic, shallow life and be better.

>> No.18680397

Why can't we just love one another

>> No.18680401

No one ever responds to your kind of post because there is no answer yet

>> No.18680403

I hate this world
it wasn't like this before, when did it became a war between sexes...

>> No.18680407

why even be in a relationship then? if you sincerely love your partner then you wouldnt feel the urge to do that. i hope you manage to find someone who makes you feel good enough to refuse mindless pussychasing.

>> No.18680419

Its always been a struggle nigger, women have been kept in their place for several millennia with an iron grip and suddenly gained freedoms that go far beyond those boundaries. this has happened several times over, especially during civilizational decay

>> No.18680430

this is why I support dictators and fascism
only under an iron fist can true harmony be achieved

>> No.18680431

Not him but point to few examples of women gaining the upper hand coinciding with civilizational decline (other than modernity of course)

>> No.18680432

I wish we could stop using the word femcel as it validates the idea of incels.
Femcels are unable to find anyone to be loved by as men will just use them.

>> No.18680439

>constantly posting pictures on social media about what he's reading
>implying 90% of goodreads userbase isn't women

>> No.18680441

You probably shouldn’t judge women based on an experience with a 17 year old because they all cheat without regrets at that age, but the ugly truth is that women rarely mature past their adolescence and are just as likely to cuck you at 27 if an attractive male appears in their social circle.

All women are whores.

>> No.18680483

(((You know why)))

>> No.18680484


This website is such trash

>> No.18680495

Why are you reading his posts if they don't interest you? In social media you're not forced to see content you don't like, you actually go out of your way to see what he posts.

>> No.18680500

>wasn't like this before
Don't be stupid, the world was worse before, you were too young to know about the shit that was happening. Women were being oppressed by men for the longest time and now they're done pretending to be nice. Yeah, we're not nice but we've always hated you.

>> No.18680507

you hate me for sins I haven't committed, despite all my good will for a better world
I guess humanity really is destined for hell.

>> No.18680512

>this enrages but also arouses the incel

>> No.18680519

>where do you get your ideas

>> No.18680523

>B-But I'm innocent
You identify as a man, power is given to you by virtue of being a man, therefore you are not innocent.

>> No.18680574

it's disheartening seeing your post, serious or not
nobody is perfect in this world, me or you, doesn't mean we aren't trying, hatred is easy, love and compassion, peace from understanding and acceptance, that takes effort, and I'll forever strive for that over simple hatred.

>> No.18680627

Nobody needs your love and compassion.
Shove it up your ass.

>> No.18680646

I love you despite your hate
you cannot deter me from spreading this love

>> No.18680693

Don't see how following a meme page is attention seeking.

>> No.18680790

Ook ook ook

>> No.18681014

You won in life king. Show bookshelf?

>> No.18681036

why are there so many women bait threads today and why do they get so many replies? jesus christ is really this easy to troll /lit/?

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Wow, this is real.
Someone typed this out, and then thought it be a good idea to post.
I'm legitimately speechless

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File: 432 KB, 1800x1800, 3202f508dece2e21b351049ff8bbbe7d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know lots of shemen with testicles that aren't like that.

>> No.18681340

absolutely based madman who was redpilled on cars. fantastic link anon thank you for sharing

>> No.18681458

how fucking sheltered do you have to be to pretend this place isn't right wing? like is your only frame of reference /pol/? do you realize that mild "racism" or "transphobia" is getting you permabanned at virtually any other site?

>> No.18681490

I have several dost, and other classics on my shelf I have not finished despite having for years. I read more in college. I think I need to just stick to reading a set amount every day and not be so obsessed with fast progress. I just started Moby dick. I just want to be well read and cultured.

>> No.18681499 [DELETED] 

You're right. The highest IQ literature forum in existence may be more right than left wing. How insecure does that make you feel?

>> No.18681520

>do you realize that mild "racism" or "transphobia" is getting you permabanned at virtually any other site?

Terrifying state of society

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>> No.18681580

Verily, the highest IQ literature forum in existence is right wing because its members tend not to be insecure sciolists.

>> No.18681651

astute observation, my good sir

>> No.18681668

it's a uniquely deranged subculture. I struggle to comprehend how a woman ends up on rfemaledatingstrategy or whatever.

>> No.18681685


>> No.18681763

Men are show offs.
Im a man, and I am a show off. When I was weak, I used to use big words and talk about things that I didn't understand as if I did. Now that I am stronger, I don't have to pretend in order to impress people.
Some girls understand this, but most don't.

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Butterfly is a psyop

>> No.18681991

Butterfly is cringe and also a transwoman.

>> No.18682001

Butterfly is not trans. Please do not insult trans women by grouping her with them.
Thank you.

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>> No.18682060

>a woman messages me with "hey"
Hot, I wish it was me...

>> No.18682126

What happened to all the proper men who would take that as a challenge?

>> No.18682227
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You can spend 200$ and get a happy ending or spend 200$ on dinner and get a kiss on the cheek followed by being ghosted. Some challenges ain't worth it.

>> No.18682286

You're supposed to split the check to honor her independence. Also ask her why she didn't hold the door for you, and if she complains tell her you aren't interested in a relationship with somone that doesn't want to interact as equals then leave and let her find her way home. My grandfather did this and got my grandmother to leave her fiance for him.

>> No.18682291

weak bait, stopped reading after "2016 election"

>> No.18682314

A nice example of it is people making reviews of Atlas Shrugged. There is a lot of people who hate for stupid reasons and those who like it usually praise it for dumb reasons too. What is it that I'm supposed to do? Act like a fucking hysterical chud on youtube and shit on everyone? That is why I mainly stick to 4chan and whatever. No one is really going to get bothered by my opinions because I'm just an anon talking shit in a basket weaving forum.

>> No.18682335

>normies genuinely think fucking /pol/ was responsible for Trump's election
When will this meme die. 4chan is so irrelevant the Chinese don't even bother blocking us in their firewall lmao

>> No.18682435



>> No.18682444

Keep it up, anon. Don't listen to the shrieks of those drowning in non-virtue and arrogance. I hope we will one day see all this negativity for what it is and collectively reject it, but that day is clearly far off.

>> No.18682458

Your definition of innocent is absurd and is not the definition anyone else uses. If I give someone money as a gift, are they suddenly guilty of something? Guilty of holding power? That is not a crime by itself and never will be. Power alone is neutral, no matter what Marxists say.

You were likely born able-bodied. Does that mean you are guilty in comparison to innocent disabled people? That is absurd.

>> No.18682525
File: 170 KB, 467x362, q.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how do we stop them?

>> No.18682786

Clearly /lit/ has a problem getting laid. 2021 sex and socializing is definitely a much different landscape than only a few years ago.

Growing up in the 90's and 00's it was super easy to get laid even as a fat nerd!

>> No.18682791

What is the difference? Just get into social media and out of anonymous image boards.

>> No.18682805

Overshare was not a thing in the 90's

>> No.18682810

Well for starters I wouldn't date a woman who took the vaxx...

>> No.18682817

And how that makes things more complicated?

>> No.18682821

>Implying the west wouldn't already have collapsed already before that happens.
>Implying that if it doesn't, they wouldn't want to keep their online containment cell up and running
Anon, I...

>> No.18682829

Why? And there are people who didn't took it out there.

>> No.18682840

Not OP but,
>There is no such thing as marital rape
No, you are retarded
>your body is not your choice
I agree, there is a thing called respectability and responsability that many people seem to lack
>you are a bad person for having many sexual partners
>and you do not deserve maternity leave.
You are retarded

>> No.18682845
File: 44 KB, 680x673, voter fraud.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>conspiracy theorists
You shouted about imaginary Russian interference for 4 years.

>> No.18682855

More complicated in that nobody wants to get to know anybody anymore because confiding in your friend or partner is a red flag now.

>> No.18682902

Kek. Frankly I like the guy but he isn't even close to being an intellectual nor does he claim to be

>> No.18682908

go back to crystal cafe and more importantly kill yourself op you will never be a woman tranny scum

>> No.18682964
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>Meanwhile all my female friends and I read, but we don't feel the need to constantly inform everyone that we read
One can easily find instagram photos of women sharing the books they 'read'.