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Maybe it's still too early, but have there been any prominent works of literature or essays about last year's riots?

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merciless eyes on this slut

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that, that right there is a neanderthal

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Revolt of the Public is a worthwhile one.

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My horrifically bad self-published trash fiction was 100% inspired by 90+ days of watching AustinZone and seeing Portland burn while Canadian news didn't even cover it one bit, meanwhile, when January 6th happened the Canadian media made it look like the world was ending.

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Absolutely MADE for it.

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Im writing a sci fi novel about a near future US torn by a bloody civil war between left george floydists who view him as a victim of white supremacy and right george floydists who believe the black to have been a neo reactionary hero and want the catholic church to recognize him as a saint.

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Hahaha, I bet you could write that in a pretty funny way.

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I want to read this.

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