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>mum, I'm not unemployed, I'm writing a novel

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What's it about?

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my waifu

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get a job

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Yeesh... tough sell. Good luck though!

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>I'm an artist bro,I'm not unemployed but I don't work for anyone bro
>I'm independent from society bro

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being unemployed

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>want to work in a publishing house or something
>everyone's hiring people with more than 2 years of experience
>tfw 0 experience
It's over

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No money in that market sadly.

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Literally just draw furry porn for money. Instant Feudal Lord. I don't know why, but the furry community is loaded to the brim with minted comp-eng guys, those guys will blow everything they have for a furred titty or futa dick. It doesn't have to be high quality.

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Consider lying.

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You're unemployed until someone has paid you for writing a novel

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Seriously, how do you get experience? I get that employers don't want to hire retards that don't know what they are doing, but I'm not looking at jobs that require degrees. So how am I supposed to get experience in the first place?

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Any tips for faking CV?

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This ain't the 80s.

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>look for jobs where they require my degree
>they still ask for experience

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It's a Catch-22. Can't get hired without experience, can't get experience without getting hired.

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I guess that's what internships are for or getting some sort of connection in college, but if there was no opportunity you're shit out of luck.
And even worse, most jobs I've seen while searching for something more that actually require a degree are specialist/management jobs that want even more experience, 6+ years.

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- Be consistent
- Be believable
- Enlist help of friends and family when phone numbers are required.
- Things like self-employed IT consultant always sound good (though not related to publishing obviously).

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Take a job you actually did and greatly exaggerate your responsibilities and time at the company.

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It's not like I couldn't find any internships, I just had shit luck with my situation in my life at those very moment I was going through both my bachelors and masters. Made it difficult to make use of any of my free time. Now that's I'm done and my situation seems to have calmed down, it feels like I'm being thrown in the deep end of the pool.

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ever considered working for free to GET the experience?

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Ever considered slavery. Kek

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>working for free
NEVER do this. EVER. Even paid internships are a thing.

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I'm not a janny, so no

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Ngmi. Bite the bullet and go all in on your literary career, otherwise you'll end up as mediocre NPC wagecuck like everyone else.

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What's a wagecuck?

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>get a job
Not that easy, bro. Even being a dishwasher requires fucking experience nowadays seemly.

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Basic bitch employee. Rather self-explanatory, innit

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Someone employed.

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ask there. it's suited for you.

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This is me but I’m 28 so it’s extra pathetic.

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Not really, I'm not very familiar with d33p int3rn3t l1ng0.
Any kind of employee? really?

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You're either from facebook or 9gag

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>Any kind of employee? really?
Don't know exactly. I'd assume to NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training) though it's all the same.

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I don't know what the other thing is, and I never used facebook.
It took me to a page with porn on it.

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it's a term of abuse used by 4channers to designate people who are more successful than they are f.e. aren't 40 yo NEET virgins who are living with their mum or sucking their countries' welfare systems dry

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>It took me to a page with porn on it.
yes, and?

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Oh I see it's one of those terms hahaha it's so dumb.

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Seethe harder, wagie. Someone (You)has to keep the (((economy))) going while I casually finish my breakthrough piece.

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Serious question: how old are you?

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I will finish my breakthrough NEET piece first, before everybody else does
If you finish yours before me I am going to fucking kill you

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How are you going to write anything of value or anything people will be able to relate to when you haven't experienced anything considered to be formative in our culture (first job, first gf, first sex etc.)?

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51 why?

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your argueing against a NEET who has unlimitted time to seek out interests that individualize his person because he is not plotted by a course that has been set out before him.
whats so hard to understand wagie..?

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They let you browse 4chan? Must be a chic retirement home.

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Unfortunately my country doesn't have an overgrown welfare system so I won't be able to emulate your behaviour even if I wanted to :(

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That's the spirit
Had all of that and more before I even finished college, it's just a carrot dangling in front of gullible plebeians. You'll come to the same conclusion at 40, but by then you'll be firmly ensnared in the bugman lifetrap. Get out while you still can.

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You don’t actually need any experience. No one does. You just need to present like you have experience. Unless the job is highly technical, which almost no office jobs are, they don’t actually care if you have experience doing the job or not. It’s just a less repulsive indicator that you’re a good corporate wagie and will wear them wagie mask and say the right wagie things. They don’t like hiring people with no experience because they’re prone to quit, be “unprofessional”, or have a nervous breakdown when they realize how miserable it really is.

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Hahaha no I own my house, thankfully, and my kids visit pretty often.

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1. Get lucky and find an entry-level job that the company desperately needs to fill
2. You know someone who works in the area you want to and they help you get a job
3. Unpaid internship

Also, "2 years experience" is put on every single job description even when it's not required or doesn't make sense. Apply anyway and stretch the truth a little, but don't totally make stuff up. It's a common joke in IT and computer science you need 2 years experience with a system that hasn't existed that long.

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Actually one of the best pieces of writing advice I ever got. Jobs let you write in that experience into your characters

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I realized this within 2 years of working after college. I would NEET if I could. I just can’t.

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There’s just no alternative. My country doesn’t have NEETbux so you’re on your own. What I’d really like to do is quit and make a living off my writing, but I won’t even be able to pay my bills in the short term that way. I’m 28 so I can’t just live with my parents for very long and I have student loan debt. I lack the confidence to believe I could ever really make any money from writing anyway. I think I’m trapped.

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Exaggerate and tailor previous experience to what the job is asking. White lies go a long way on a CV, did you observe someone doing a certain task or only did it once yourself? Say you did that task as part of your job, it will imply competency even though you haven't said that. Any gaps under a year just say you were self-employed in an area related to what you're applying for. Don't be scared about references, most employers just want a reference to confirm you worked at a place, they will almost never pick up on the specifics of what you did.

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Kafka wrote all his masterpieces while working 10 hours a day in tedious insurance job. If you're extremely determined and don't fall for the consumerist copes like 99.9% do (Netflix binges with gf and so on), there's still a chance. Obviously, you'd have much better chance to make it as a writer if you found some way to go NEET though.

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No one read Kafka while he was alive and I just don’t want to be Kafka, don’t particularly admire Kafka. That’s not to say I can’t work and write. I can. I just don’t want to. At least, I don’t want to work like this. I’m not anti-work. I just find this to be really terrible.

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>tedious insurance job
t. never worked in administration. office work is tedious but it's hardly ever tiring, you basically sit on your ass doing nothing and it's not uncommon to meet people who honestly admit they haven't done anything other than watch some stupid cat videos on FB all day. abstract character of "work" in an office environment coupled with distributed responsibility makes it easy to go through a day of work without completing any task

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Unless you get unlucky like me. I work in a traditional bureaucrat setting but my boss is a huge bugman striver so he makes up shit to “innovate” and give us nonstop busy work. Our department is literally the only one in the entire organization that does the things that comprise 99% of my job and no one higher than him cares if they get done or not. I work so much. It’s hell.

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I have applied to 50 entry level jobs so far from retail to food service to internships and haven't heard back at all. This labor shortage thing is a lie.

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Of course it’s a lie. The whole thing is manufactured bullshit. In America, you see a news report on “all these good trade jobs they can’t fill and which pay well” every on the news every 6 months or so but of course getting into the good trade jobs is impossible and even if you’re foolish enough to shell out the cash to go to trade school or hell, even if you manage to get an apprenticeship, they pay $10/hr for 15 years. It’s all a lie.

>> No.18655813

>I just find this to be really terrible
It is

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I'm in the same situation as you (although I just finished my undergrad rather than masters), have no clue what the fuck to do, browse LinkedIn jobs for 15 minutes, feel incredibly disheartened over how despite having a first in a great degree from a top tier uni, no one fucking wants me kek. and even if i wanted to pursue something more artistically inclined (as I always have done), I am no where near the same level as all the other people that are doing so. to rope, or to cope, frens

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What's your degree?

>> No.18655956

Philosophy Politics and Economics

>> No.18655972

If you're not exactly going through shit as I did, you could do both masters and do internships/part time in your field. By the time you're done with your masters you'll have both experience and another degree.
Speaking of LinkedIn, I still can't make heads or tails of this site. Especially how they ask me for a job title.

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Where?? I’ve never seen this. Here in the US any good place is desperate for workers they’ll take just about anyone.

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Based boomer anon

>> No.18656298

Maybe some regions it’s like this but I’ve never experienced this. Every food service place I’ve worked at has been extremely desperate for workers

>> No.18656301

*food place

>> No.18656302

Where do you apply?

>> No.18656335

You walk in, desu. They hire literal teenagers or druggies that sit on their ass and quit 2 weeks later. At least in the context of fast food, the smile and firm handshake meme is real. Anyone who’s at least competent and reliable is a godsend.

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When I go to work it feels like my soul is being raped with hot irons. I just can't endure work, it's on the level of prolonged physical pain.
I tried several times. I am physically unable to get used to it. I can't be forced to do completely meaningless tasks or tasks I am morally against, over and over, in service of people's psychotic desires. I literally want to scream. I can't live outside of the system so death it is.

>> No.18656362

>tasks I am morally against, over and over, in service of people's psychotic desires.
Man, working at Dairy Queen sounds dark

>> No.18656392

> Man, working at Dairy Queen sounds dark

This but unironically

>> No.18656408

At the restaurant I worked at, they were more likely to hire ex-cons and the disabled to wash dishes than normal people.

>> No.18656423

Hey can I get a waffle cone?

>> No.18656426

Why is that


>> No.18656427

Working any type of retail in most American states is unironically dangerous as fuck.

>> No.18656461

I am aware, lost a homeboy when a big stack of khakis crushed him at old navy.
Miss you PP, :,(

>> No.18656463

I don’t know. I wonder if they were incentivized to by some sort of program. I suspect they may have just believed anyone who was normal would’ve just left. When I was applying for retail after I graduated from University, I made the mistake of putting my degree on my resume and application. So many people told me I wanted to go apply to corporate and never even considered me. Once I took it off, they started calling me back but I also had worked at a restaurant full time in college so I didn’t have a gap.

If people are desperate I would propose they look into unarmed security. The job is easy 99.99% of the time and they will hire just about anyone with a pulse but they actually can’t hire convicts, druggies, or people who won’t show up nor is there any incentive to.

>> No.18657204

>The job is easy 99.99% of the time and they will hire just about anyone with a pulse
This it's literal mindless sitting around.

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Why is it so fucking hard to write? It takes me forever to get psyched up to start writing, and then I can only write in short bursts. It really is frustrating as hell, man.

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The best writers were either aristocrats or patronised by one. Soldiers too. The only exceptions were perhaps Pessoa and Kafka.
Being a wagecuck nowadays won't provide any significant experience.

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>"Hey dad, I've been writing a novel in my spare time."

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I had that same problem.

Writing, for me, works when I:
>start by imagining the first and last pages of the book
>have a template with chapter numbers and write a single sentence or two about what happens in the chapter
>once you have the "skeleton" of the story you wake up early, have a black coffee, and jump into the work immediately after waking up
>the other thing that works is to get over-tired to the point where you can't sleep, this is a perfect time to write as you're too tired to get distracted but your mind is lubricated by annoying part of your brain that won't let you sleep

I really think I could remotely coach people on how to get writing done as my techniques work for me, and I'm a hopeless bipolar retarded schizo

>> No.18657296

Imagine thinking you will be >le successful writer and feeling the need to tell /lit/ about it

>> No.18657304

You need to come up with a coherent story idea before any of that, and that’s the hardest part. I don’t see how you have a solution for that.

>> No.18657309

Yeah. I did it for years. The one thing people should know that is that .01% of the time where you do have to do something, it can really, really suck.

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I'm 99% certain all of you niggers complaining about how you can't get jobs are lazy pieces of shit applying to comfortable inside-jobs right in your local urban area
Even retail jobs get houndreds, thousands if applicants sometimes now depending on where you are, because there are so many lazy pieces of shit who think discomfort is beneath them
Why don't you pieces of nigger shit call up some lumber mills in rural montana or some trashy piece of shit fishing boats

I dropped out of highschool and began working on bottom trawlers in the north sea which I've been doing for the past six years and have attained a level of compency now that ensures I'll probably never struggle with unemployment again

>> No.18657316

He doesn’t. He’s just another grifter trying to get people to buy his self-published trash, and now it looks like he wants to sell writing lessons, lol

>> No.18657317

Dude you don't understand how easy it is to find a job and will be for the next 6 months.
Post covid companies are desperate for jobs, you can get a waiter job just by walking into any restaurant.

>> No.18657323

A furry let us in on their secret of commission dominance: they're mentally ill. Despite high income they blow all of it and live paycheck to paycheck. Even the poor furries. Furries cannot into planning for the future because of their illness.

>> No.18657328

>Why don't you pieces of nigger shit call up some lumber mills in rural montana or some trashy piece of shit fishing boats
You’re delusional and you certainly don’t live in rural Montana. Glad it worked out for you though.

t. Lived in up in the mountains.

>> No.18657354

>"Hey dad, I've been writing a novel in my spare time."
>"I miss you dad. I hope you're in a beautiful place right now."

>> No.18657363

Advice for this if I am living in an urban area?
I'll work my fingers to the bone over working as a fast food worker or mall employee.

>> No.18657372

I mean
couldn't you use all that money to sleep with escorts and shit? surely that's a more sexually gratifying experiencing than ordering digital images of sexy cartoon animals.

>> No.18657378

*Being unemployed as a Queer Wymon of Color

>> No.18657392

I've given you plenty of shit across multiple threads (often without knowing it was you immediately). I'll vouch for you in this arena. If nothing else this gen xer has the work ethic of writing figured out and you would be wise to at least entertain his suggestions and methods for productivity.

>> No.18657396

You gotta up the ante
>Being Unemployed as a Disabled Queer Latinx Womxn: Deprived by White Patriarchy
Instant best seller. ALL the awards. Several adaptations.

>> No.18657410

Jason, give it a rest. Shouldn’t you be taking care of your kid rn?

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Well, let's see what happens in The Shitkickers:
>mc has his bike stolen
>mc goes for a drink to calm down
>mc gets a tip where his bike is and goes to ask nicely for it back and gets beat up
>mc decides to move on and forget about it, goes out for a night and gets roofied(happens often in Vancouver)
>mc witnesses a business looted and the useless cops do nothing, decides to become a vigilante and records himself assaulting thieves
>mc uploads the video of his strike back against the lawlessness
>mc shocked he is so popular and gov't announces it was a terror attack
>mc buys new shoes as the ones he was wearing during the attack were ruined
>mc gets blackmailed by the woman who sold him new shoes
act 2:
>6 weeks later mc is glued to the progress of the cops in trying to catch him, his alcoholism and anxiety are getting out of control
>blackmail woman is now profiting from underground videos of assaults as the defund the police movement grows
>mc's life gets more and more complicated and he regrets everything
>mc blackmailed into sending a message to s nosey reporter, ends up committing a second vigilante act
>mc tricked into being lured into committing even more acts of violence
>mc is drugged up and hypnotized into a serious act
>mc loses his girlfriend as his lies and lifestyle impact her life terribly
>mc gives up resisting the blackmail lady and helps raid a tent city and a bunch of children are freed from captivity
act 3:
>blackmail lady reveals her scheme to gain social / political power
>blackmail lady is so rich from donations and underground fight videos, she thanks mc who is a full blown manic depressive alcoholic now
>blackmail lady puts her plans in motion and mc is again tasked with violence in support of her
>mc takes out the lead investigator who pulls a false flag to disrupt blackmail lady's plans
>mc is in the hospital for a month while blackmail lady ties up loose ends for him, mc is free from her blackmail finally
>mc tries to put his life back together and is feeling optimistic. he regrets everything and just wants his old life back. he is so sorry
>mc goes through his darkest point
>mc has an ending that shows how he has changed

So far, all of the liquor store workers and bud-tenders I've given copies to love the book. If midwits like it, I'm super happy. It was so much fun to write!

>> No.18657425

That's what a woman is for?

>> No.18657432

Damn it I miss him hope he's enjoying the jazz in heaven.

>> No.18657440

It's like you took Kick-Ass and mixed it with Fight Club.

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So far, the sequel is based on off-grid tribal crackheads burrowing into a cave in Stanley Park and creating a sort of "pirate's cove" of stolen stuff along with a drug lab. Stanley Park becomes too dangerous for the public and nobody does anything to fix it, while the tribal leader has his minions venture into the city and order chems from the darknet that allow them to breed bigger and meaner coyotes.

They feed off the plentiful supply of Canadian geese and use geese fat as fuel, eventually taking over the entire park and building chariots out of hacked-up dumpsters with teams of like 8-12 meth-and-steroid fueled coyotes to tow the chariots. Of course, they use the chariots to venture into the city and raid and rob people and generally cause chaos.

There are a couple of sub-plots interwoven in the story and the mc does his best to resist his alcoholism and keep his anxiety/bipolar disorder under control as he is still suffering from what happens in The Shitkickers

>> No.18657463

Literally no one asked.
How have mods not come up with an auto filter for you?

>> No.18657469

Hey man, writers supporting and sharing with writers... what have you been working on, anon? I'd be glad to help you!

>> No.18657477

Thank you sir, I appreciate it. I really hope other people on /Lit/ are inspired by my delusional belief that I can even sell 1 shitty self-printed and bound book!

>> No.18657482

this. What am I going to write about, huh?
"Drove to the office today, traffic was horrible. Experienced nothing. Drove back, went to bed.
Drove to the office today, traffic was horrible. Experienced nothing. Drove back, went to bed.
Ad infinitum."
That doesn't make a very good story, imo.

>> No.18657516

Lucky me to have a mom who buys that excuse.

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>>Being Unemployed as a Disabled Queer Latinx Womxn: Deprived by White Patriarchy
T-that's impossible... How did they/them reach this level of oppression? Only a quadriplegic figurative dancer could win the awards at this stage...

>> No.18657559

>You have to suffer ALL the oppression
>Why are you doing this?

>> No.18657598
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>I admit you are more oppressed than I am. But there's something I have to tell you... I'm trans btw

>> No.18657605

>turansu-sama.....I kneel

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Be thankful you don't understand, but if you dare to try start with pic related.

>> No.18658164

furries do not care in the slightest about redwall
maybe in the 80s

>> No.18658332

Aristotelian slaves

>> No.18658402

Yeah but the NEET life isn’t all that different is it?

>> No.18658508

I've been living it for 6 months, because I've had to defer my master's (which I would be studying abroad) over the meme virus, and I can honestly say it's some of the greatest time I've experienced. Sure, I've been living exclusively on vegetables, cheap supplements, bread and cheese, but my living expenses are so low I could honestly do this for another 80 years and not run out of money.

I'm not very successful with women, and I believe I've missed the boat in that regard, so I might as well throw myself into pursuits like writing, which I certainly wouldn't be able to do as efficiently with a job.

I've also been questioning the whole point of a job for me in the first place, given I don't want to subject a child to this life, and that I'll likely not marry.

>> No.18658513

Get a better job

>> No.18658516

If you have money, it is a non-stop adventure.

>> No.18658517

'better job' signifies more responsibility, increased working hours, for slightly increased pay, unless you're lucky enough that nepotism can slot you into an actual 'better job'

>> No.18658550

Well, I’m jealous then.

>> No.18658560

Hardly anyone's wealth goes up in Canada due to a wage, it is all from asset inflation.

My high-school ex is a whale of a woman now, single, no kids, but she owns two houses and is a multi-millionaire 300 lbs woman who watches TV and eats doritos all weekend long.

>> No.18658565

well there's the crocodile

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