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>Wrote a book.
>Go to find a literary agent to represent me.
>"This agent only represents manuscripts with LGBTQ Characters"
>"This agent only represents manuscripts with Black protagonists."
>"This agent only represents manuscripts with strong women protagonists."

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That's what happens when w*men take control of literary world

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Does anyone still buy new books?
The quality has gone down, partly due to current political trends.

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So learn to queer-code them and start taking in the big bucks anon. Doesn't have to be relevant for the story, just has to check the right boxes

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I refuse to betray my art so I can make money. I'm a retard with strong moral values.

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It doesn't have to be betrayal. Just a couple throwaway lines that signal homosexuality (yours or the characters)

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because sucking dicks is very important when it comes to crafting stories. why arent you sucking dicks anon? its good for your writing abilities

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I will lose the white supremacy clients then. Which one holds the biggest market share?

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My guy, pander to them both and make it look like you're mocking the other side. Dialectics

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This did not happen.

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He's obviously shitposting but this is one of the first things that pops up if you Google literary agents

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Self publish you faggot

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And the third person on that list says nothing about POC/idpol shit. Case closed I guess: you don’t have to be a minority to get an agent.

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This is true and not even an exaggeration. I have had a bad time publishing poems for this reason. Not exaggerating, well over half of magazines are on some in-your-face wokeshit--publishing a black trannies only edition, stating preferences for women or minority writers, etc.

It sucks

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The solution is to print and sell your own books.
>you get all the profit
>you control everything

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Just throw in one faggot tranny nigger character as a comic relief element, it can't be that hard

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>publishing poems
Well there’s your problem: poetry is largely trash, written for pompous morons. Identify as a woman and your problem is solved, but then you still have to deal with having an audience of fucking poetry readers.

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Ok, but your marketing plan can get wrecked by one angry jannie, Jay.

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How can my marketing get wrecked if I'm buying ads online?

I might be banned off social media but I can still setup accounts and buy ads.

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I can only suggest what's worked for me.
Find a small indie publisher, there are heaps around nowadays so do your homework and find one that suits your kind of work.
Get published with the small indie. Do the hard yards promoting your books, mail out copies to reviewers, giveaways on Goodreads, shilling here on /lit/ , it all adds up little bit by little bit.
Maybe, just maybe, if you have a little success that way then someone in the literary establishment might notice you.
But please, whatever you do, don't suck the establishment cock and sprinkle in unneccesary diversity just to please the dickheads in the industry.
This fad will end sooner or later and then your book will look dated and stupid.

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I don't want to just give up on the primordial western tradition, but yeah the current state of poetry is a sorry one, and we've been in decline for long while

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That's good advice anon, thanks.

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Why would you want a small indie publisher when you can BECOME the small indie publisher and keep all your own profits?!

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How much did all your equipment cost you, Jason?
Not trying to be a dick, I admire your efforts, but do you really think your sales are going to generate profits after all the time and money you invest into the production?

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Just say you are bisexual

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I'd blow it all on weed and booze anyways?

This is fun for me, and my kid loves putting together books with daddy. I could wagie cagie for a steady cheque but how enjoyable is life as an NPC?

The whole setup was about $1200 or so I'm guessing, that is only 50 books or so to sell. Black guy at the nearby liquor store says he's on page 215 and it's the craziest shit he's read in years, loves it!

Not trying to be Shakespeare here, if I can sell enough books to survive, life will be even better than when I was making fat cash in porn!

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>LGBTQ (a love story that progresses over time, no triangles)
WTF, literally every romance plot ever has a triangle of some sort.

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>TFW Slavic
>TFW no agents, you send directly to publishers
>nobody cares about this LGBT shit or niggers, all they want are good stories
Lmao sucks to be you anons

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I've been to several years of "writer's fest" in Vancouver and it might as well be a BLM protest or a pride parade, that is how woke / globohomo the entire event is.

The local university creative writing profs attended and they act so snobby it is almost a parody of itself. The cliques that form in the event are funny to witness. I only met ONE BRO at the entire event and he was the bartender.

Zero bros.

It was like going to a Toyota Prius meetup.

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I was just reading Analyze Cervantes seeking list. She said "LGBTQ (a love story that progresses over time, no triangles)." This got me to thinking. A story that she wouldn't like would be a guy tries to have sex with his step-mom. She leads him on but has little interest in doing it. She basically is a BDSM dom that forces him gay, much to the ruin of her step-son. It would be a story that discusses the predatory nature of powerful women and homosexual men, something to give the reader pause in this world of wanting "more rights" for women, LCDBBQ, and biopic crowd.

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My next book has a transgender super soldier in it, they became trans after a roadside bomb in Afghanistan blew off their junk. They have flashbacks and are re-traumatized when the USA pulls out and all the blood of the trans person's friends, and their own injury and transformation, they feel is for nothing. This makes them go AWOL on a mission and fall in love with their assassination target instead of killing them. Once the USA pulls out of Afghanistan, the trans character no longer believes in serving.

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Is it legal to lie to a literary agent about a character in your proposed book series being revealed as gay later on, only to never follow through with it?
Asking for a friend.

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I guess that as long you don't sign anything saying "This character will become gay" (and why would your agent make you sign such a thing in the first place), you should be cool

But I know nothing about law, so...

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Just make a black futa dragon with a white soul the protagonist. Problem solved.

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Just say your character is a tranny. It doesn't have to be true. For example make a completely normal female character. If he tries to tell you to emphasize she's trans, just say why? She's a woman! She was born a man but she's a woman now and she will always be, she was always a woman inside! I don't have to tell her story to some transphobes, you aren't trying to say she's not a woman right???

It's not really a tranny but in his mind it will be. Tell him there's big foreshadowing she's a tranny and develop random retarded words that don't really foreshadow it but he will think they do lol

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Is it kind of weird that people are so desperate to get traditionally published that they're willing to jump through hoop after hoop just to be allowed to self-express?

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>For example make a completely normal female character.
The other anon is writing fantasy or sci-fi?

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I think what people are looking for is for their self-expression to reach enough people that they aren’t just self-expressing into the void

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If you change your self-expression so that you can be heard, it's not self-expression anymore.

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Uh, yes it is, lol
There is nothing wrong with self-modulation, especially in the name of connecting with others.
Refusing to do so at all just sounds arrogant, and ultimately you reap what you sew and express your ideas only to yourself.

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>poetry is largely trash
Go back to sffg you neckbearded gape-mouthed sissy boy. Poetry is the canon's foundation

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If my message is "I hate faggots" and I change it to "I love faggots" so that I can sell my message to faggots then its not self expression anymore faggot.

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lol, make me gay-boy.

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I find myself agreeing with both of your points. The more you self-censor, the less authentic your art becomes. Is authenticity important to anyone here as artists? Well... authenticity does not keep food on your plate or the bills paid, making book sales does!

A fine balance, indeed.

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Nice false binary, retard. Take your smug self-satisfaction and go fuck yourself with it. If you need to be told that you need to develop and modify yourself in réponse to the real world you need way more life lessons than I can include in a single 4chan post.

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>I refuse to betray my art
Is this the new cope? Your art is shit and not worth anything.

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Why is everyone on /Lit/ so mean to each other?

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I've said it before and I'll say it again:

If you can not appreciate poetry then you need to gtfo /lit/

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you already betrayed it the moment you tried to get it published

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Why are anons here delusional of their own artistic merit?

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I’m not gonna bother saying it again, just refer back to this >>18651877 gay-boy

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You need to get a thicker skin; you’re anonymous here, everything mean people say will be gone in a few hours, think of that as a gift.
The world is cruel. Embrace it or fall behind.

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>Why is everyone on /Lit/ so mean to each other?

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The false binary was a simplistic baby level example so that your mentally deficient brain could understand it. Modifying my behaviour and my art so that I can fit in the world is pussy business. Individuals that have free will rebel against any system that tells them what to do. The only free action an agent can take is to rebel. You take life ass up and ashole spread wide open? I recognize its absurdity and I stick my dick in her eye socket.

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Well lucky me, because my protag is a repressed homosexual, who realizes he is not a fag when he actually gets together with his crush (male).

my diary btw

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Was I supposed to keep it hidden in a dusty drawer or something? The point of art is to communicate it with the world, to immortalise yourself, to trick yourself that you matter in the grand scheme of things.

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damn that made you fucking MAD.
Anyways, no one cares. Your writing is probably trash anyway, lol

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Yeah human retardation from retards like you make me mad. And yes my writing is probably trash but at least I have a functioning prefrontal cortex.

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first time you mention your main character just add "(who is bisexual)" afterwards

>> No.18651997

and you chose the only way to publicize it in a way that can get you paid
anyway, don't care anymore, you're delusional

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lol, respond to this one too

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Hmm, as a hapa heterosexual biromantic trans woman, maybe I should start writing and see where it goes
Is it really like this?

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What's wrong with wanting to get paid doing something you love? Am I supposed to survive doing manual labor and gift my art for free? The whole point of this thread is that I don't want to put faggots in my art so I can make money and you accuse me of only wanting to make money out of my art? Hold your breath until it is gone man, you are embarrassing yourself.

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he doesn't get it, he's incapable of getting it

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You have to be trolling because I don't know how you made it on this board, your autism shouldn't have left you get out of bed in the mornings.

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This crackhead started picking cans up with one cart.
He now has 5.
Was he delusional when he starting picking up cans?
My point is, nobody here is delusional about their quality of art. You are simply trying to be mean for your own joy.

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Write, print, bind, and sell the copies yourself!

Then you can self-express yourself with complete control.

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No, he's desperate for money that he toils away collecting cans.

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Anon is just narcissistic, hard for people to come to terms that their thoughts are shit and their books are worthless
I mean, he wants people to pay to read his thoughts, lmao

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I send my shit straight to Gallimard lol.

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I guarantee you have never self-expressed.

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I am expressing myself right now, for free, on 4chan

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He has complete freedom and, if he so chose, he could return to society, work a job, and have no more freedom.

Imagine being able to write books and make a living off it. That would be paradise. For nearly 15 years I made around 8k-10k a month USD selling porn online for like an hour a day. That much freedom is fucking incredible.

What do you do for a living right now, anon?

Why aren't you writing?

>> No.18652260

I mean through a product you've created or built. Are you a craftsman of any type?

>> No.18652269

> if he so chose, he could return to society, work a job,
You really are now just being intentionally delusional. That man probably had drug problems or severe mental health issues; his life on the streets is not the realization of some artistic dream, that only exists in your childish brain.
You’ve gone from advocating self expression to espousing completely tone deaf platitudes and deriding anyone who challenges you.
Stop complaining about how mean people are here if all you really come here for is validation.

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I like to play music, but I play purely for my own creative pleasure, no delusions about my skill level, nor do I really care about that
it feels good to have an outlet, but to go a step above that and try to monetize that outlet seems meaningless

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No, post it online dummy

>> No.18652360

You use the word "delusion" so much that I have to wonder, is that you just coping with how shy you are?

What instrument do you play?


There are a ton of people who are not -that- skilled who make it as artists, while there are also many people who are talented, yet never make it in life.

"Delusion" seems like your own personal issue. Like since you aren't confident in your own musical ability, you project that everyone else who even tries to write and posts on here must be "delusional" because there is no way anyone with talent would be on /Lit/.

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Have you ever been around people who are homeless or live alternative lives?

There are some people who enjoy the freedom and solitude more than you could imagine. I'm pretty sure you are quite young and have done very little adventuring or living yet yourself. What have you done or accomplished in life? What was the biggest risk you took?

I sold everything I had in like 2002 and moved to Costa Rica, didn't know any spanish, had no job lined up, just showed up in the country and made my way. Ended up meeting some dutch guys at a bar and they taught me how to sell porn on the internet...


Hell, search "van life" and you'll find a lot of people who enjoy it. Calling people "delusional" is not being very nice nor constructive.

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I could do that but then I would still need a job. The point is that I am a lazy piece of shit and I want to get paid to do the thing I like, I don't want a soul crushing job 8 hours a day so I can survive enough to write the remaining hours of my day.

>> No.18652416

yes, plenty. you are not the only one who lives in a major city. their existence doesn't change the fact that homelessness is not categorically an issue of freedom, and is often not a choice.

fuck you, you self-righteous ass. I'm fucking 30 and expecting a child. get off your god damned high horse, you sound like a fucking bratty child.

great for you. hate to break it to you but some people have legitimate reasons for not being able to fuck off to some other country and just chill for a year. that hardly makes you any wiser than any random douchebag sitting in an office working on an excel sheet.

you act like everything outside of your convenient little misinterpretation of the world doesn't exist. I actually felt bad for you here >>18651007 and wanted to let you have your cozy little worldview, but you're clearly just a self-obsessed prick whos never hard to work hard for shit in their life, and thinks their loophole on life is worth a few actual life lessons. further, I've actually read your work and it's god awful. if you think people are gonna pay $24 bucks a pop for something that sounds like a bad kevin smith movie, you're not only an ass but a retard, fuck off jason.

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Print the books yourself. Put effort into the entire process. Sell your books locally and from your own website and keep 100% of the profits.

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Yeah dude, you couldn't even handle a single day of pallet repair. Don't talk to me about "never had to work hard" when I've written two books. If you'd have finished any of your own projects or work, you'd know finishing a book is a difficult task.

If writing a book were easy, you'd see a lot more anons posting their shit here and shilling. They don't because it is a long process to finish a novel, and you must believe in yourself as an artist to ACTUALLY finish it.

If you don't believe in yourself, you will never finish a project. You will be that guy sitting at the excel spreadsheet at a wagie cagie job. You may dislike my work but every single liquor store employee I've given a book to has really enjoyed it. One dude even gave me $20 from his wallet without even asking!

When you align your actions with your mindset, you can achieve almost anything.

>> No.18652452

While there are still some decent books that emerge from the sewage dump that is the modern literary world, one wonders why to use all that effort going through a goliath of shit such as "The Midnight Library", or "Simmer Down", when a treasure trove of fantastic books from generations past already exist.

>> No.18652476

>written two books
I'm trying to get my work PUBLISHED, which means I work with editors, other professionals, and people who know what they're talking about to realize my vision. I do that because I'm willing to work, not because I'm a narciistic child who would rather just put together my own piles of crap and mock anyone who has advice to offer.
your worldview, your ways of 'working' towards goals, they al just scream bratty teen. it's pretty fucked you say you have a kid. think about that next time your ruminting on your succes in some third world shithole, completely oblivious to the people ACTUALLY busting their ass all around you. fucking christ you spoiled gen-x faggots who think you're enlightened because you cant pay rent have all just got to go.
tell yourself whatever you have to to sleep at night though, faggot.

>> No.18652485

also, for the record, "pallet repair"? I hope that's some euphemism for making fires out of pallets while living on the streets as. in your pic, because if you honestly subbed out to one of my old jobs as a 'pallet repairman' we'd hire you for the day just to laugh your ass off the site.
another childish trademark: manual labor = good/fulfilling because it's outside. I did my time with that shit for ten years, I grew up, sorry you didn't. keep the pride if it helps your body from breaking down by 50

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Book #1
I never promoted it. I sold a bunch of copies at bars for $20. I also slept with a bunch of women who read the book and contacted me afterwards. The real benefit to the first book is how it got me out of the drug / party / hedonistic lifestyle and lead me to my current stable life and my wonderful kid. It was a shock to the system to go from making 8k-10k a month in a Gastown loft to making like 1k a month repairing pallets and living in fucking Ladysmith B.C.

Book #2 I will promote the shit out of it and I will make sales. I've already had people give me money for it and that is just through giving copies to dudes and ladies working at liquor stores.

Where is your sense of adventure anon?

It's exciting to think about how much this 2nd book will change my life too, and I'm stoked to write the 3rd book, which will be a sequel to the 2nd. The coyote-chariots and tribal underground-dwelling crackheads who feed the Stanley Park coyotes steroids and growth hormones is fun to envision and write about! The cavalry charge when they face off against the eco-warriors that are incensed by how much of Stanely Park gets destroyed is hilarious to imagine. I love writing this dystopian comedy.

When you keep talking about "editors, other professionals" you have to keep in mind that so much of what you work is will no longer be in your hands. I designed my own cover and will do so for the rest of my books, it's fun and feels good to do!

>busting their ass all around you

Would you rather bust your ass working 9-5 for someone else, or yourself? You make that choice every single day, anon.

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It was actually not that bad, it was tough and taught me a lot about the type of people who do those jobs. One of the dudes I worked with was so fucking hardcore he would work in any weather condition as long as he could keep a cigarette lit in his mouth. He would smoke two packs a day while repairing something insane like 300 pallets a day.

Hope you have a nice day anon!

>> No.18652583

>posts this unironically
you seem to be really taking the advice of telling yourself whatever you need to, so good on you for that I guess.

I know you truly cannot be reached, as anyone who stopped maturing at 12 cannot be, but your tiny worldview is really only limiting you. I don't choose between a 9-5 and adventure, I have them both because I have the freedom an adult who handles their responsibilities does. I appreciate the input of editors and other professionals because I know I'm not the only smart person in a given room, and it's not an insult to be helped but a... well, a help.

>You make that choice every day
I again must refer you to the poor third worlders who probably will never make as much in their lives as you did selling your shitty furniture. You have absolutely zero world perspective-- homeless people to you are all just doing playtime-- I mean, this is just fucking ridiculous. no wonder your writing is terrible.

anyways, I guess I'll be seeing you around here quite a bit unfortunately.

>> No.18652601

>taught me a lot about the type of people who do those jobs
wow, how fun for you. I bet all those guys who will work their until they die were so happy to give you such an informative experience.

sincerely, grow the fuck up. have a couple hard days, if that's what it takes.

>> No.18652623

Why are you?

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I'm 43 and I've lived a very "dynamic" life and I was homeless myself when I was 16. I went to 11 different high schools and dropped out in grade 9. I'm 100% self-taught.

In my life I've lived in a foreign country for a year and thrived, screwed 100+ beautiful women, written books, driven and owned nearly every fast car I've wanted, rags to riches, back to rags, and still stoked for more!

I'm here because I'm squeezing every last drop of adventure I can out of this life. Maybe you hate me today, but hopefully, over time, you'll learn to appreciate someone like me that lives in the moment and encourages others to worry less, do more.

p.s. for your kid, get a rocking chair, the first Christmas I had my kid, my most favourite memory was sitting in front of the fireplace sometime early in the morning. It was blue hour and it had freshly snowed, so it was incredibly quiet. Feeding my kid a bottle, slowly rocking the infant back to sleep, the fireplace crackling away, it was extremely cozy and I remember praying afterwards to God to offer my thanks in getting me out of the party life and towards more meaningful living.

Writing books is meaningful, anon, hope you can see that. :)

>> No.18652663

One of the gentlemen I worked with, he had a skin condition that required a $200 steroid cream to heal. His ex wife was after him for child support and he was sleeping in his brother's closet in a cot. He barely got $40 a day for pallet picking from the shitty boss we all worked for.

I "lent" him money all the time that I never got back, and I even paid for his $200 steroid cream once. I got shit on so hard by my girlfriend for giving away $200 to some random old man when, she said, I should be saving for a house for my family. She didn't understand that $200 in compassion towards my fellow man was more important than saving money for a "house" that would be certainly $500,000 or more and require a 100k downpayment or some shit. I have to laugh that you tell me to "have a couple hard days" when I never bought real estate, which means if you're Canadian that you will probably never own. Who knows, maybe I'll put out a hit book someday.

You never know unless you try! :)

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File: 248 KB, 1920x1080, modern literary agents.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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How did you do it anon? Give advice please.

>> No.18652705

where can I buy this

>> No.18652783

I'm trying to decide how to launch the book with some momentum, so currently I'm practicing with the book binding machine and chopper so I can have a consistently good book to sell.

Right now, I suspect that the glue I have has somehow "gone bad" as it was over 40c for several days here and the glue states to be stored at 20c-40c, and it was above that. The spines of my latest books seem to be falling apart. Not yet ready for mass-production!

I have ordered some new glue pellets. If you want to send me your email through my website at jason-bryan.com I will keep you posted. I'd like to launch the book August 1st or something, and have at least 100 copies printed up and ready to ship out. That way, I'll have some momentum and be able to fulfill any orders right away and give away books to my favourite YouTubers.

The VERY FIRST quality book I send out will go to my buddy Savage Audits! Love that guy. When he got stabbed LIVE ON STREAM the other week, I fucking nearly lost it!


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File: 2.24 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_5908.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you looking for advice on how to come up with ideas, or how to follow through on them?

Don't be afraid to fail. You'll fall and get hurt so many times in life, but the true measure of a man is how many times you can get kicked in the balls and still keep a smile on your face and plug away at life. Also, I pray, it helps.

I think of all the times I have flirted with women and been rejected, I even remember one time my date to a party LITERALLY DODGED MY KISS at midnight on New Year's Eve back like 12 years ago, hahaha... but then you have to remember the times where you went on a first date and you went for the kiss and it worked!

2021 is tougher than nails, I feel like life 20 years ago was so much simpler. I guess now you really have to stay focused on the positive and not let the self-doubt that has overwhelmed most people get you too!

Also: try and drink less. I'm down to about two blackout-drunk events per month.

>> No.18652889

Thanks anon.
Great advice.
But I’m looking more on how to handle the printing your own book and selling it yourself.

>> No.18652904

I told you guys about the blue haired agents.

>> No.18652907

Oh yes! Go to my website and send me an email and I'll give you a full list.

Basically, you need to export your work as a PDF, use Sejda.com or whatever it is called to edit / rearrange / add your index and dedication pages, etc. Then you use a piece of software to build your PDF in a specific order so you can just chop your printed book once and everything stacks neatly and organized.

Same printer that prints my pages also does the cover!

Once you've chopped your book, you can use a hot glue binder and voila, you've got a book!

Email me on my website and I'll hook you up. Maybe I should do a video guide or online lessons or something? Would that interest people? I can show you guys every single step I took. Would be awesome to see more self-published people find success, even better if I can help!

>> No.18652921

You should do a video, also you can do videos on other topics.
I’ll send you an email.

>> No.18652924

Is there a reason you have your own printer and binder? Why not use a print on demand service?

>> No.18652951

Being in complete control makes shit soooooo much easier in life, in my opinion.

Also, my method, each book costs about $1 or so to make, using a service like lulu for example, if you sell a book for $25 you only get $10!!!!!!

Another thing with print on demand is, you had better make LARGE orders otherwise the shipping to your door will kill you. When I used to sell my 1st book at bars, I would make orders of 50 to 100 books at a time and the shipping was insane, like $100+ just to ship 100 books to my door to sell. Not only that, but I had to pay CreateSpace like $5 or $7 per book back in like 2013. I wonder if the price has gone up now?

By having your own printer and binder, you solve so many issues and have direct control. It also seems fun, so far, to learn to use the machines and I'm getting better at building the books.

>> No.18652968

take it somewhere else you faggot this is a thread to discuss WOKEism in the publishing industry and why it is ruining literature

>> No.18652971

The International Femoid: The World's Foremost Problem by Henry "Sigma Grindset" Ford
>Just build your own bank bro
>Just code your own crypto currency bro
>Just pave your own road bro
>Just suck your own cock bro
>Just use your own cocksucking fund to raise capital to turn your iron ore bought from all your selfsucking to a machining factory to build your own motors and printing press
>Just build your own compiler bro
>Just solder your own quad-core microprocessors with rare earth minerals bro
>Just write your own programming language bro
>Just bro
>Just buy your own books bro

>> No.18652983

I am literally providing a solution while you cry on a Hungarian quilting forum.

>> No.18652992

so it seems like you've made most of your sales physically rather than online. In that case it makes sense printing them yourself. Do you have any online sales, like on amazon or your own website? Did you file for your own LLC so all your printing and materials can be tax deductibles?

>> No.18652996

I'm not becoming to a hobo to work as my own marketing agent and I shouldn't have to kneel and wash black feet and sacrifice to Saint George Floyd while wearing a dress and wig just to get a novel published.

>> No.18652997

How do you approach people to sell your book?

>> No.18653006

how did you end up sleeping with them?

>> No.18653011

>Send story to publisher
>They say ok
>They say I have to advertise it
Uh oh

>> No.18653015

Gradually, you began to hate them

>> No.18653023

I would sit at the bar or on a patio somewhere and naturally conversations would flow. When appropriate, generally when people ask "oh what do you do?" then you mention the book. Oh and you just happen to have a copy in your jacket pocket. (When you sell a book then you go get another copy from your car/nearby house, I sometimes sold 4-5 in a couple hours like this.

Or someone talks about being single, or trying to date, or wanting to meet some babes, that's when you mention "Oh I wrote a book about that..."

>> No.18653028
File: 281 KB, 864x764, shitkick.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How hard is it to buy a few Faceberg, Twatter, Instascam and Le plebbit ads?

>> No.18653034

Do you have a website they can order from?

>> No.18653037

That’s great. I’m guessing you become really good at talking to people. Do you have any crazy stories when u were out selling?

>> No.18653038

The book was about getting too much sex and having no idea how to build relationships and find love. A lot of women who were equally as broken as I was found it super attractive to sleep with a man who openly showed he was fucked up and trying to deal with it.

One time, this really hot local actress read my book and arranged to meet me and come to my place for a coffee. I had a really nice view from my window. Pic related.

She then made out with me for like 5 minutes and when she got naked she had the wettest snatch I have ever felt in my life. She told me she had read my book and found me to be even more fucked up than she was, and it turned her on incredibly. Of course none of these relationships went anywhere and I specifically wrote the book to find a way to move beyond that. A big part of WHY I stopped trying to sell the book was because the book was leading to more of the same thing I tried to get away from by writing the fucking book...

>> No.18653044

If I had the Terry Davis IQ and time to I would. But by then I was supposed to own nothing and be happy. Steanographed ink extortion pages it is.

>> No.18653049

I used to have cityofsingl.es but I stopped trying to sell the book completely like a couple months after release. A couple reasons for that, one being I was still just hooking up and I hated it, the other being I was making 10k a month selling porn still.

Filming the trailer was also fun!


>> No.18653063

When you are a bipolar half-retarded schizoid like me, you have to get a lot of practice in banter to fit in. Ironically the bar I sold books from is called The Blarneystone.

>> No.18653068

If I can do this, anybody can. I'll make some videos once my glue situation is sorted out. I think 3+ days at over 40c somehow fucked up my glue. I should have stored it in my underground parking in my car or something.

>> No.18653099

What’s more important a publisher or an editor?

>> No.18653203

editors are memes the agent assigns you one
and if your manuscript isn't edited to hell and back before you query you can go fuck yourself off the bat.

>> No.18653219

Sending out a query to publishers in 2021?
You had better have:
>the correct social media opinions
>a built-in following
>the right IDpol

>> No.18653233

No it's what happens when jews take over.

>> No.18653265

OP what is your book about?

>> No.18653294

The metaphorical battle between good and evil. The entity that created the universe, the one we call God is unhappy with the amount of Evil in his creation, so with the help of a few humans, he will try to use his immense cosmic powers to fix things. He unknowingly messes with the balance of good and evil however, and another entity is created, one with identical powers with him. This new entity however realize that evil is an undefeatable foe, and wants to destroy the universe to save humanity from it, a mercy kill. And so begins the war, a game between two Gods, one trying to save humanity, the other trying to destroy it. Its really philosophical, it talks about ethics and physics, do we have free will, does it even matter, what's the point battling an unbeatable enemy etc etc. Boring.

>> No.18653305

this, but unfortunately...
this is the state of modern publishing

>> No.18653320

Sounds interesting anon! What's it called?

>> No.18653323

Post it here bro it sounds like it could be decent.

>> No.18653330

A Game of Evil
How do I post it here?

>> No.18653339
File: 133 KB, 800x1057, 2005-2-1417729075.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

gotta eat toes if you aint got the prose

>> No.18653358

Great premise but shit title. You can do better.

>> No.18653365

Fuck you :(

>> No.18653371

Come up with a few more titles?

>> No.18653386

I'm just giving you the tough love m8. If you put that much work into your story, it deserves a title that is fitting. "Game of Evil" sounds like some shitty YA fantasy. You're better than this.

>> No.18653398

I can't think of any. The book is about a game, it's about fighting evil through that game, idk man. It seems cool to me. Am I biased?

>> No.18653401

High T

>> No.18653402

It sounded good until a fucking second ago, now I'm in my head and I'm having self doubts

>> No.18653413

Think of the themes you are working with. Think of what you are trying to say. What you want people to get out of it.
The title should be the distillation of your entire book. Yes it is a game of evil on the surface, but go a bit deeper anon.

>> No.18653427

Gambling Gods
Evil Match
Wicked Wager
Diabolical Tourney

>> No.18653429

Stop the self-doubts.

Remember one of the biggest franchises of all time is called... Star Wars.

>> No.18653440

It's about powerlessness in the face of the universe. It's about not fighting a war you can't win. It's about not destroying your life, getting depressed about the state of the world when it's not even your fault. It's about accepting your limitations and living a good life regardless of what you can and can't do.

>> No.18653441

When in doubt, go with a Bible verse. Makes you look sophisticated and midwits love that shit. Also especially appropriate considering your book's subject matter.

>> No.18653470

How do I upload it here though?

>> No.18653471

Divine Pawns?

>> No.18653487

Do you have a website yet?

>> No.18653496

That's pretty fucking good actually >>18653487

>> No.18653500
File: 1.14 MB, 1279x678, pewdiepie-youtube-2-c648.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just get him to read and shill your book, bro

>> No.18653506

It probably did.

>> No.18653521

I'll just share the file through Google drive

>> No.18653523

No cap, janny sub-contractors

>> No.18653559

>pewdiepie reviews your book
>gives you some weird nick name like "boggle noggle man person"
>you become a meme

>> No.18653568

Does he do book reviews?!?!

>> No.18653575


>> No.18653585

Yes, and unironically, that's why Youtube tried to shut him down. They didn't care that he said the N word or he's toxic, they are just buttmad that someone who is in a position of influence is telling young people to read and get educated, and they can't fucking stand that.

>> No.18653587

Holy shit I am going to send him a copy of The Shitkickers as soon as my glue issue is sorted out. For reviews I could give reviewers an affiliate link of sorts so they can track how many purchases they've sent and their cut. ($10 a book would work I think)

>> No.18653595

why are you claiming to be a trans man?

>> No.18653603

Dangerously truth-pilled.

>> No.18653620

Do you need a publisher if all you want is one or two copies? When I finish my book I want to have a nice hardcover version of it, not just a PDF

>> No.18653648


All right this is the book. There is an e-mail on the first page if anyone wants to read and then let me know what he thought.