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recommend me some bloggers, preferably on topics of philosophy and modern politics

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epicurus today

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so is it about epicureanism as the name suggests?

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Capitalism Realism is probably the most overrated book I can think of.

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It is cool and all (to someone who comes across it or its ideas foe the first time), but now every other video online is about CR.

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>preferably on topics of philosophy

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Anything that is worth being read has already been written.
Anything that is worth listening to has already been transcribed.
You are wasting valuable time for listening to people alive today.

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i just like reading what people think of things. idc if its worthwhile

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problem is, to have an unbiased view, you literally would have to listen to close to everyone, otherwise you only listen to the ones you like and become a camp a or camp b guy. it's like how you can't watch all the videos that pop up in the results page that is related to your keywords, just about 1~3 of the videos listed.

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