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Why is everything dead? There hasn’t been a fresh concept in years, all the twitter accounts are played out and boring, nobody makes new charts anymore it’s all old shit etc. It’s like the internet just stopped producing

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He was right all along

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You're not helping kys

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The never ending suffocating march of neo-liberal consumerism, my friend.
It has now creeped into the internet, as the corporations, in their never ending pursuit of profit has streamlined and dumbed down the content here.
Welcome to hell.

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To grow older is to see everything and everyone you love die.

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My shit is a fresh concept. Contact me and I'll mail you a copy for review.

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>twitter accounts are played out and boring
>nobody makes new charts
Did you bother to read the books on those charts? Don't be another early 20s loser.

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Said every apocalyptic nutjob for the last six thousand years or so.

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WRONG. You still have 426,878 years left of the Kali Yuga

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Because you died.

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Humanity peaked, everything important has already been written, and on top of that we're in societies that don't value classical culture anymore.
You can't expect generations raised by Twitter and Jordan Peterson to produce anything more than trash.
Now we have self-help books inspired by stoicism I guess.

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The internet sucks.

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tfw no soviet larper gf

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we are at the event horizon of the social singularity, speed is the sole aspect of society and we are soon to reach the complete acceleration of society

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Buzzword. Privatization and less NEETbux didn't do this.

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Information technology really doesn’t help the feeling.

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Because Guenon was right. We live in an age characterized by sheer quantity and by the vary nature of ever increasing quantity of things, especially people, we see a sinking towards the lowest common denominator, which in turn, also sinks lower and lower as quantity increases. The laws of gravity which keep us trapped on the lower bound are the same as they’ve always been. It’s the bound that’s gotten lower.

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It feels as though experience is now detached from local context, meaning there is no particularly "unique" experience a Frenchman has that an Englishman doesn't. There is no country with a unique culture, it is all a blue of vague office work, supermarkets, rental apartments, online dating, posting on some kind of forum. Furthermore, while Zola or Orwell could visit a poor area and give voice to the voiceless, portraying their lives with empathy and acute observational skills, these voiceless people now express themselves online rendering their representation by an outsider irrelevant. It is no coincidence that women now dominate the list of newly published books (something like 95% of new novels are published by females), considering that the topic of sex is now the only means to captive a jaded, weary, atomised audience, ideally if the sex is nominally taboo (e.g., BDSM) which is particularly of interest to superficially edgy young women who want to self-insert as the awkward, frumpy girl who nonetheless attracts Chad ("w-what could he see in little old me?") and experiences Serious Emotional Turmoil in her feelings towards him. All but the most aesthetically pleasing, extroverted, marketable (to females) male Chad writers are now cast aside much in the same way most men are now cast aside in the job market or in dating. For every Knausgaard who makes it (with the help of female publishers and marketing assistants etc, who would all love to fuck him) there are two hundred depressed, solitary, resentful beta males who can't hope to publish their historically intriguing, or otherwise distinct (if somewhat autistic) novels. What does the modern man even experience any more? Definitely not sex, likely just living with his parents or in a rented room, going to some soul-crushing job where he is forced to act meekly and subserviently to his female manager (who treats him like a pitiful, naive younger brother), and sperging out over the internet in his free time in the hope that some form of societal collapse is imminent. That is, the white male author. There are of course plenty of non-white authors who on the one hand strike a pose as being masculine and having nothing to do with those boring old white guys in ivory towers, but on the other hand write copiously about the tragedy of walking into a town which has been 99% white for millenia and being looked at a bit funny (which wouldn't happen should a white man take a trip through Tanzania, of course). The novel is dead. Culture is dead. Society is dead. The best you can do is isolate yourself, hoard money, and watch with bitterness as everything collapses around you.

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Damn, that's brutal.
I would suggest you to post your paragraph here. For posterity: >>18612108

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all false

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Give pdf

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you should really use all this mental energy to kill yourself instead of using it to post your schizo ramblings here

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That's not nice.

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written by a beta male

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What 80 he work week does to a MF

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lmao at the people who are coping in this thread because this is 100% true

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>diversity and multiculturalism
Pick any combination. Feel free to add more.

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Isolate yourself
Hoard shonen blades
And run like Naruto into the darkness singing Linkin Park and anime lyrics

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Imagine forgetting the worst offender

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Closest to truth in this thread

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drain gang is still making music though
bladee even making art

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Where are my efforts well accepted? They simply are not.
I can be one of the great professors of our age in a given academic subject but for what? I'd hate my school, peers, and students. I can't do anything to undo the contaminating forces turning everyone into mask wearing resentful goblins. I could be a great laborer trading time for just enough money to keep working. At least I get muscle that way. But I am fed shit and junk food every step of the way.
I never have time to draw anymore.
I never have my own time anymore.
At this point I'm jealous of the extravagantly new and custom pepe posters on the late derelict ruins of new 4chan. I wish I had the time to cite sources on arguments here and draw cool Pepes. Here I dream of doing great things. Oh if a year I get an hour a week it's nothing. Boomers fucked me terribly.

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you really want to think this because it's the perfect excuse for you being an underachiever bitch, but all i see is cope. don't drink the kool-aid

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They should publish for each other online and dip into lower brow mediums, like comics. Seriously.

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Have sex, please

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delet this!!!!!

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>all the twitter accounts are played out and boring
Holy shit, fucking leave

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You’ve died too.

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How come externalities are real and imminently present for everyone but white males?

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>Sit on your ass browsing twitter
>"Culture is dead!"
This is a truly pathetic outlook on the world.

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Privatization absolutely strangled the creativity out of the internet

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nice projection dumb cunt, where have i said this, or mentioned race and gender at all for that matter? the schizophrenic voices in your head aren't mine by the way. a victim complex is a victim complex, whatever its shape and form

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>depressed, solitary, resentful beta males who can't hope to publish their historically intriguing, or otherwise distinct (if somewhat autistic) novels
Lol you gotta be kidding me

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kek, right. the bitches itt have brain worms

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Personally, I think it's climate change. People know society is going to collapse within 2-3 decades, and so aren't motivated to create anymore.

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>society is going to collapse within 2-3 decades
people have said this every hundred years or so throughout the entire history of humanity

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Yeah, but this time, it's really happening.

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I’m not projecting I’m simply mimicking what is expressed in society currently verbally and soon to be materially

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This always happens because numbskulls insist on states. These things are inherently unstable and murderous.

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You are depressed and possibly have anhedonia. I've been there too please take care of yourself anon

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based drainer

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so projecting

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damn you got any proof for this wild statement?

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post excerpt

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100 times more SOVL than this consumerism bullshit

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>I'm sad because of twitter and people not making charts

Just kill yourself. Seriously.

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Yeah, that's about right.
The seethe ITT only reaffirms your point

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Im going to order akatsuki robes off amazon and always wear them in public from now on

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this guy, and there's always one of them, and i can't tell them the fuck apart, there used to be REI, and then the other fuckers all worthless tripfags, is the equivalent of the moron screaming on the streetcorner.

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We're living in the golden age of gigachad posting and twitter has never been better, yet OP uses gay doomer wojak.png and whines about muh dead culture.

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they've been around since 2013 though. there are not many new interesting musicians rn

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Nothing is, in fact, dead. It only seems that way through 4chan's sardonic lens.

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He really was. May his soul rest in peace

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Did you watch that shitty video about the dead internet theory and then went here to shitpost about it?

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>that diaperbulge

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Its about the change in identity formation. Authenticity was the basis for forming your identity for maybe the last 300 years. This one was that your outside mask, needed to fit your inside mask. And then you'd go about the process of creating your outside mask, that construction would require you to innovate in order to more accurately show your insides. The one we have now is profilicity identity formation. Which requires you to conform your inside mask to the outside mask you display to the world, or your profile. Think about why rock has been redoing the old subgenres in rock for the last 20 years. Instead of creating a new style to show your inner self. You take an old style and conform yourself to that genre.

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At this point, what should be done?

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>go on /Lit/
>non-stop defeatist, demoralization threads
Gee, why aren't so few authors or writers posting here

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This — there are so many interesting books being released and authors improving their craft all of the time, but because most fear the snide reactions they might receive on here, they don't post about them, and so they never become a part of the board culture & conversation, resulting in: "Why is everything dead? There hasn’t been a fresh concept in years."

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This is precisely what is happening.

Being a narcissist myself, I'm impervious to being emotionally wounded by criticism. After reviewing both the good and the bad, I took /Lit/'s advice and fixed the tense-switching, will soon be shilling my shit all over this place and trying to link up with other authors.

Trouble is, not every author is a bipolar maniac who can shrug off unkind words from bad-faith reviewers. Imagine being some dude who has worked on a book for years, doesn't really have anyone to show it to other than mom and his family. They like it. He wants more opinions and posts it on Reddit, but he's a 4channer, so maybe his book offends a blue hair on /r/writing and he's banned.

So he comes here thinking he could get a more accepting environment, but instead people rip his shit apart. Bro is never escaping his wagie cagie, he'll put the draft back on the shelf and forget about it.

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I don't know I'm taking this from HG Moeller's new book, he essentially says we should roll with it because it's dynamic and is best suited for such an accelerated form of capitalism. But I'm not sold desu, its not a creative form of identity and furthermore I think it's why people get depressed and anxious from social media, because it puts pressure on you to conform even though it's impossible to ever truly conform perfectly.

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>impossible to ever truly conform perfectly.
This is how dead internet began. People stopped interacting with others because the pressure is not worth it. So they don't participate.

Think of how many authors or writers lurk here every once-in-a-while and see a thread ripping into someone like Waldun with people dropping sexual comments about him, violent comments, I mean, most people wouldn't want to take the chance to put themselves out there like that for blind hatred.

There is a big gap between the two most common internet-brain types... Reddit and 4Channers... there is nothing in the middle for those who are positive-minded but also based in a reality that thrives when truly free speech is allowed.

Instead, you have Reddit(Echochamber) and then 4Chan(Battleground), neither good for an emerging non-globohomo author to thrive on.

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4chan is just a different kind of echochamber

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I agree, mostly, but it is a battleground as well... since both sides can speak here. Reddit is so completely locked down that posting in one of the Canadian city subs has to follow the narrative to the fucking letter or you'll be shadowbanned. It is truly shocking to see how filtered /r/Vancouver is, for example.

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Maybe it's related to the decline in quality of ideas IRL. The internet is just a tool that operates by the Garbage In, Garbage Out principle.

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It has to do with the profile aspect of each I think, every other social media has a username at least and that makes your username the identity inside of the social network which then forces the pressure on the subject to make themselves try and fit that identity. On here there's no identity or ego being filtered through the social network so then it's nothing but the id talking. Probably the best way to castrate the online social profile network is to detach yourself from your online identity.

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Hard to live an adventurous life as a young man in 2021 when everything is so incredibly expensive... Those doing a YouTube channel, or who bought real estate a decade ago, or perhaps mooned on crypto, they have the finances to adventure... but who of them are writing?

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Very based and true

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All western creativity has been depleted

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Great post.

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There's this aspect — about aspiring authors on /lit/, which is unfortunate and relevant — but there's also just the general conditions for discussing new works on here.
The lack of any serious discussion of books released post- 2008 is a causality of the same reticence by anons to deal with 4chan's hyper cynicism. How many times can the same modern or postmodern or classic texts be discussed here before anons yearn for fresh meat? It makes sense to want more, to want to dive in and explore what's new, but who wants to suffer irreverent, hyper-critical slings and arrows to do so? How will that ever feel like it's worth the trouble? It's exhausting and demoralizing and hinders learning and growth.

You know what's interesting and (relatively) new, OP? Autofiction. After decades of postmodernism and its increasingly meta tone, contemporary authors are going down a new path where, instead of authors or the text referencing themselves and meta-textually interacting with others, they're exploring a serious blend between fiction and nonfiction. Formally, this is really cool, and hasn't been explored hardly at all compared to the shticks of modernism/postmodernism. (To be clear, I'm not heralding autofiction as the second coming of Christ or anything, just using it as an example.)

So, why aren't authors like Rachel Cusk or Ben Lerner being deified on here, like Wallace and Pynchon before them? Nobody feels like putting their enthusiasm out there and getting rekt for it. Threads discussing autofiction or autofictional authors on here don't even get far enough to debate its formal progression or artistic merit. From what I've seen (when it's even mentioned), its lampooned for being narcissistic or derivative, as if labelling it these things is a substitute for a real conversation about it. (These cynical anons also seem totally oblivious to how narcissistic postmodernism seemed in its day. No self-awareness whatsoever.)

TL; DR: locking actual discussions behind the gate and key of cynicism and hyper-criticism stagnates discussion and growth.
This is what's happening in politics.
This is what's happening on the internet.
This is what's happened to/lit/.

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mfs will seethe, but you're right my man

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midwits took over the world I blame them

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The "unique" experience of life is just a story that hasn't been told yet, due to the reasons you listed.

If you looked around this place, you wouldn't believe anyone is living life by the seat of their pants anymore. It's all so stale.

I literally sold porn online from like 21-22 and made 10k a month living like a degenerate the entire time. Fast cars, living in cool places, banging so many girlfriends.

After I wrote my 1st book, I managed to get out of the lifestyle of doing cocaine. This lead to having my 1st child, which then I decided to quit porn and write my 2nd book.

Fucking 8 years later I'm finally finishing my 2nd book, so there are definitely some people who do not believe society is dead yet. There is still a counter-culture and people keeping the dream alive.

Just need more bros to actually believe in themselves and produce more works of art.

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I will check out the autofiction. The way you have eloquently stated the ebb and flow of the discourse on here is amazing. How many Infinite Jest posts can we have?

For an author like myself, the only way I feel I will get readers is through buying ads places. Like you wrote, spending your time on here... is it worth the vitriol and hyper-critical remarks about your work? While the free speech is beautiful to have, the userbase of the website is so demoralized and blackpilled that their default state is to suffocate and choke the creativity out of this place.

So far, the only answer I have, is to just be more positive and encourage people on here more. I try, but very, very few authors openly admit to posting here.

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prime example, dudes literally jacking his own dick on a taiwanese dog trainer forum for writing a shit book that his neighbour is already using for wiping shit off his hairy ass , the image of being muh quirky weird cigarette smoking halfhomeless walking at 4am artist overtook producing worthwile art quite a while ago due to retarded midwits like anon here

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Based an authentically true. Everyone else replying to this post is coping, trying their best to plug their ears and shout "im not listening" as the reality around them crumbles into the digital milieu.

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43 and still living the dream... how about you?

You don't even have the balls to post a photo.

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It's another episode of narcissist grotesquely claims to be a victim because he cannot into humility. We told you why your novel was shit, nobody said we had to deliver the truth in a nice way to not hurt your feelings. The tense switching was just the tip of the iceberg and merely cleaning that up will not solve the problem of your novel being unengaging. But this is a "bad faith" categorized review, right? You need to follow the most basic beginner advice and throw out the majority of your pointless intro. A visit to the car insurance agency is not a full fledged dialogue worthy event, it is 2-4 sentences. You should condense the mundane expository interactions that are non essential. Reading about insurance is just as boring in 2-4 sentences as it is for a whole bloated dialogue. Better yet, just axe them entirely.

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because a brown age is comming


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Look at this complete faggot trying to tear down an author when they have never even created themselves.

>> No.18613789

wouldn’t be lit without them

>> No.18613804

Maybe if you'd allow yourself to be torn down you could build yourself up as someone who can write a better novel

>> No.18613818

you are not an author, create this thought in your head pls

>> No.18613819

People would have said that to Stephen King if he posted his novels here.

What you are is a bad faith actor.

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Two books finished now... how about you?

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>A lazy blue haze hangs in the air. Smells like an Indian temple in here.
>Never been to India, but I've eaten a lot of curry.

And thus, there was an addition made to the canon of greatest opening lines in history.

>> No.18613879

Let's see anything creative you've ever done?

>> No.18613887

Bro no he wouldn't he would of accepted the critiques, learned from them, and grown past them. Litterally like all successful artist who aren't entirely up there own ass, know this. I'm not a bad faith actor, we've argued here before I want you to succeed.

>> No.18613894

Just a joke, anon. I'll download it to my kindle momentarily — I'll give it a shot.

>> No.18613915

I'll send out some full paperback copies of my work to people, if they'd be willing to give me an address to mail them a book, that's enough proof to know they are acting in good faith.

>> No.18613933

ofmoss2168@gmail.com I'll give it to you there

>> No.18613945


Will email you shortly.

>> No.18613946

this guy shitting up another thread with his incoherent mental illness posting

>> No.18613958

I'm author type 2. A quiet 800,000 words written in journals that I know are all shit. An additional 1.5-2 million words shitposted into the wind online. You missed me 5 years ago when I was 50-100k words in and floated my early writings. I received a ton of negativity but also a ton of productive advice. It made me aware of how far I had to go on my writing journey to produce something that wasn't crap. It didn't stop me from writing, it made me a better writer.

The other vital ingredient is life experience. Even if I was a more technically proficient writer I did not possess the life experience to write an engaging novel. Hell, I think I barely qualify now. There's a reason most novels are written after 30 and it is not for a lack of skill, but a lack of perspective.

I'm only hard on this spammer because of the naked reality of the quality of his novel. It does him no favors to not have someone honestly point out its flaws. It's mostly pissing into the wind though. He doesn't have the temperament for character driven novel writing, but he is a unique dude himself. I'm trying to put him off this specific venture because he is so ill suited for it. But, he is certainly not ill suited for another form of writing. I tried to suggest to him the megpill. He seems like the perfect fit for stream of consciousness ranting rather than the structure of a character novel. I don't know, his energy belongs somewhere and I really am rooting for him to find where it clicks, but my fiction standards outweigh my sympathy.

I hate propping up meme artists on the merit of their facade over their work. I left this board for 3 months after the very first waldun thread in disgust. When you promote artists for all reasons other than the content of their work you end up in a darkness of your own creation.

>> No.18613969

How's this for interaction?


>> No.18613988

At least I create... you're a total normie and you cannot even show off one thing you've accomplished.

Not one.

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Hard to live an adventurous life? What a load of shit.

Get up off your couch and go outside. Literally go and do whatever takes your fancy. Go talk to someone, anyone, in any capacity. If you're scared of being rejected, then go talk to a bum. They'd be happy to talk to someone, even a weird freak like you. Listen to them. Invite them out for a drink. Get drunk. Smoke crack. Or don't. Just do something, else you'll die without doing anything.

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LMAO faggot you didn't even get into any of the plot of my book. You are a total pseud with ZERO self-confidence... born out of your total lack of life experience.

Don't let your memes be dreams...

>> No.18614007

Harder than 2001 when the internet was still more of a wild, wild west!

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Everything died in 2016. I’m a NEET and have been on these sites every day for 15 years. All the bloggers, youtubers, tweeters, 4channers, all very conveniently stopped producing original content. All at the same time. Don’t you anons find this a little odd?

>> No.18614017

Self confidence isn't utter delusion, seriously though please leave this thread was dope without you.

>> No.18614029

So... a guy who writes book is "delusional" when he says he's an author...

A guy puts on a dress and says he's a woman... he's a woman!

Hahahahahaha... okay nerd.

>> No.18614041

Who’s this guy

>> No.18614052

i swear this thread was started by the canadian boomer faggot to shill his shitty book

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I have lived in cooler places than you
I have fucked more and hotter women than you
I have produced more of my own shitty writing than you

What is your excuse for being less happy than a delusional boomer who thinks he's an author?

>> No.18614063

>blind hatred
the minute you got criticism you called everyone trannies and faggots

>> No.18614077

Bad faith criticism. I have yet to have a single person who has finished all 3 acts say it is bad.

The only people who have attacked me are from /Lit/, even one of my most critical friends IRL thought it was good, and they hated my first book.(It has no linear plot.)

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Almost forgot to share another pic of a hot ex's ass.

>> No.18614116

This is my last attempt to explain to you that there are problems that prevent anyone from wanting to read all three acts. I'm trying to help you see those problems and potentially fix them. That is all.

>> No.18614141
File: 1.22 MB, 3217x2079, fun-house.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can you explain how I haven't had anyone else tell me this? You are the only one who has said the book is unreadable. Perhaps you are simply too intelligent and you are used to reading more erudite authors?

I'm working class bro, I've got a grade 9 education. I've been a complete autodidact. I suggest you go back to the classics because my shit is like the McDonald's of literature and I'm okay with that.

>> No.18614147

>I have lived in cooler places than you
canada? wow lol
>I have fucked more and hotter women than you
if your pics are anything to go by i doubt it
>I have produced more of my own shitty writing than you
that's probably true, though it's like being proud that you pissed your jeans harder than anyone on a night out

>> No.18614188

>Why is everything dead
>Is alive

>Hasn't been a fresh thought in ages
>Makes a shitty post with the same rehashed thought and image of the doomer

Perhaps being attuned to one's mediocrity is the best way to stand out. Not many people like the idea of being mediocre, but you are, and you need to realise that. You're not special, you don't deserve your own thread on 4chan. If everyone on this site could understand that, the quality of posts would improve. They would have enough structure to actually guide conversation in a meaningful way. Instead you get thirstbait, wojaks, and "Thoughts on ______" posts which any retard can make. You get retards following the path of least resistance, but they wouldn't take such a path if they had a different destination. Instead of thinking "I'm gonna make a difference with this 4chan post, this will be the one, I'm gonna fix the board by criticising it", you could think "you know what, I'm a piece of shit. I'm just not gonna post". And then you don't post. You save it for when you have a truly meaningful idea. It's not that there aren't new ideas, it's that the old ones oversaturate the ideas market and give no voice to the new ones. I'm pulling this all out of my ass but someone else has probably said it before.

I think the internet would be better without women, they add nothing of value and ruin discourse between men.

>> No.18614201

My 2nd book has some great ideas in it, bordering on believable, it is tongue-in-cheek, a parody that tries to not be a parody.

>> No.18614212

Stop bragging about your edgy life, shill. And stop posting your gross apartment/porno set/whatever that is

>> No.18614227

that's cool but ideas aren't worth shit until they're fully realized and thrown into the thunderdome

i have a zillion great ideas for screenplays i'll never write, brimming with nothing in the attics of my mind

>> No.18614234
File: 2.30 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_5672.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can I send you a copy?

>> No.18614242

former porn merchant, social outcast, casual misogyny/boilerplate /pol/tardism... getting rapist vibes from this guy desu lol

>> No.18614262


>> No.18614264

hi jason

>> No.18614294

can I have one of your ideas, kind sir?

>> No.18614306

these shills are killing /lit/

>> No.18614311

That's what happens with leftism plaguing society.

>> No.18614331


>> No.18614337

Not enough authors shilling their shit here you absolute faggot.

>> No.18614357

What book are you guys talking about?

>> No.18614525

They're shit and so is this

There's a few 4chan /mu/tants making good music but there's so much shit posted there too it's easy to miss
>Kyle John Kenowski - Need Disease
>Watergun watergun Sky Attack - Glow City
>Wagon Lord - Jove's Cove
>Neopoliten - Shapeshifter Assembly

I recommend browsing https://deko.fm/list if you're looking for something obscure but good

>> No.18614608

im really partial to q's music; the sword of michael, empty handed and taming sound just really do it for me

>> No.18614618

this one >>18610945

>> No.18614668

Hmm, not bad. Sword of Michael is really good.

>> No.18614697

i taught myself that song on guitar; i was always wondering whether there was any demand for a tutorial(?)

>> No.18615277

Wondha Mountain has only been making music in the last few years.

All absolute trash. Garbage obscurity does not equal good. Then again what to expect from someone who posts on /mu/.

>> No.18615334

>All absolute trash
You've listened to them all, then?

>Garbage obscurity does not equal good.
Never said that, in fact the opposite was implied - a lot of obscure shit there is trash. Learn to detect nuance, retard.

>> No.18615359


>> No.18615363

Its /mu/ so of course its garbage

>> No.18615368

You're dead.

>> No.18615398

Didn't read but true.

>> No.18615419

The internet is a fundamentally limited and derivative medium. It can only reproduce what is already injected into it. It has no meaning or application in other media that are doing just fine. Like literature. Not one page of worthwhile literature has come from the internet and the amount of worthwhile literature that is even about the internet could fit into a backpack.

>> No.18615445

I agreed with what the other anon said here >>18612800
I just hope we don't just stagnate quietly

>> No.18615989

excellent debate as always, I look forward to the next

>> No.18615997

we are waiting for war

>> No.18616046

There are fresh concepts out there, but the issue is that people are so terrified of thinking outside the box due to psychos canceling people with different ideas.

>> No.18616417

That’s pussy, you turbo virgin

>> No.18616721

conformity, (global) uniformity, politicisation and corporatisation (heavily restricted environment streamlined for outrage production and consumerism).

>> No.18617171

Ffs. Read a book.
>8All things are wearisome, more than one can say. The eye never has enough of seeing, nor the ear its fill of hearing. 9What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.10Is there anything of which one can say, "Look! This is something new"? It was here already, long ago; it was here before our time.
Ecclesiastes chapter 1. Everything runs it cycles bc the world is eternal. This is just a smaller cycle within a larger one.
Besides imagine being so absorbed in mainstream culture that you care. Think and create for yourself.

>> No.18617204

How could anyone disagree with this?

>> No.18617635

I don't mind downvotes on Reddit, idc if people disagree with me I have something to say and I'm going to say it, but the bans really suck. I just stopped browsing any mainstream subreddits because any time I spoke my mind on certain issues I would get banned.

>> No.18617864

I guarantee the amount of potentially good books that weren’t published because of the author browsing a fucking 4chan thread isn’t above zero.

>> No.18617914
File: 89 KB, 635x776, 1625066334774.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you’re born poor, there is no good reason to keep living. Life for anyone who isn’t rich in the post-God world is nothing but incessant struggle without any purpose. You can’t even enjoy the journey towards nothingness because you’re too concerned with survival. You’re deprived of the great sensory pleasures derived from travelling the world with no concerns or living in a highly comfortable house. All you have is sex, and if you’re unattractive, then you have nothing. Intellectual pursuits may fill your time if you’re a NEET who lives with your poor parents, but only for some time until life becomes unbearable again

>> No.18617949

Yet as soon as some lefty comes along advocating against wealth inequality, that person is called a commie and is ignored. ID pol has truly ruined this country.

>> No.18618139

this kek
race and gender war is a psyop class war is the only thing that's real

>> No.18618208

And the proles are losing, as usual

>> No.18618213

Life for anyone who is rich would be a struggle with no purpose too, retard.

>> No.18619047
File: 230 KB, 244x531, twine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We were fresher & brighter then; we are newer & hollower now; the phœnecian, supernovæl substance of the soul continuously rolls out & returns in abundance.

>> No.18619172

i don't see how it's consumerist
all the largest neoliberal foundations are totally unproductive (tides, OSF, rockefeller, ford), nobody can consume what they produce. the only thing they produce is left-wing propaganda orgs/projects (refuse fascism, BLMGNF, landback).
the issue isn't consumption, the issue is evil
larper, tripfag, redditor
what's funny about all those charts is that they're way way too complete. nobody is gonna read 15 guenon books, that's absurd. not unless they're reading nothing else.
much like stoicism, which came right after Plato's academy and Aristotle's lyceum became gay and cringe, modern academic phil is pretty much a plateau. this happens every 4-8 centuries.
you overdosed on continentals
neoliberalism has less to do with privatization now. read Foundations of the American Century, "neoliberalism" became "globalism" around the late eighties. but nothing changed. all the same groups are in power.
"neoliberalism" is effectively a lefty cope that their ideas are being expressed through the elites, and that expression sucks shit.
quidditas is asymptoting away into pure haeccitas.
kantbot isn't invited to this thread
daasssssssss rite
atheological eschaton
i do see a lot of tension between these two antipodes in gen z people; we definitely value authenticity higher than other generations, but also value the detached sigma grindset. gio talks a lot abt this on BTR
it's the most evil conceivable system.
>you have Reddit(Echochamber) and then 4Chan(Battleground), neither good for an emerging non-globohomo author to thrive on.
but of course battleground > echochamber for that, even if both suck
no, it's not. maybe some threads are, but there's no bee bee sea poasting on reddit. the only similarity is how shit the moderation is.
even spengler didn't think this, he knew that culturally-minded people would be born during a civilizational era, and they'll (we'll?) never stop being born. they'll just represent a further and further thinning influence on elite structures.
there was a psychic/demonic culmination during our lives which made it more difficult now. but, of course, still possible.

>> No.18619485


>> No.18619486
File: 4 KB, 295x171, dsas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>everyone subverts art and the creative to further agendas and ideas
>any ideas not adhering to some sort of status quo is immediately ostracized to the furthest degree
>the practice of making ideas not adhering to a very limited set of ideas immediatly brands you as an outcast
>society stagnates
>pic related

no this post is not in favor or against a specific political ideal. Everyone is equally as bad.

>> No.18619512

No, because it’s in your head. All 2016 did was focus whatever pathetic attempts at making noise (because that’s all it really was, whether talking, vlogging, tweeting, YouTubing, writing, music, whatever it was all just constant fucking noise) just turned and focused on politics instead. Politics is what you do when if you don’t, you’re going to start fighting. Since everything is political all the time it means everyone is always on the verge of fighting and what’s worse is it’s been marketized into a system which produces interest and then reinvests its interest in itself. The tumor expands until every waking moment is focused on the size and inconvenience of this god damn tumor.

>> No.18620407

kill yourself black pill charlatan

>> No.18620409


>> No.18621311

I have fresh concepts in the shower where I imagine dialogue with people I disagree with. I usually lose though so maybe my ideas aren't that great.

>> No.18621405

And they've all been right.

>> No.18621461

What is some art that doesn't further an "idea?"


>> No.18621530


>> No.18621577

that's more or less the point.

>> No.18621630
File: 563 KB, 899x900, intel-4004-cpu-silicon-wafer-computer-chip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>There hasn’t been a fresh concept in years, all the twitter accounts are played out and boring
i too feel we're a bit stuck but i have recently found accs that might bring on the next golden age, miya-adjacents i think

>> No.18621724

you're 43 and posting on 4chan, are you sure you're living the dream?

>> No.18621792

You are replying to REI moron

>> No.18622103


>> No.18622484

God is not dead.
Your soul is dead.
Get off the internet and pray and you will be reborn. Better yet actually read and seek. Start with the upanishads bc you can stop there also.

Fucking plebs around here seriously make me smfh.

>> No.18622500

read shakespeare do not read the upanishads

>> No.18623847
File: 9 KB, 225x224, images (3).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18623906

Digital clocks were a mistake.

>> No.18623931

This is what everyone gets for politicizing everything and kicking out aesthetics and the Western canon from academia.
Now you will have to read some nigress book about welfare and shitting niglets, and you will be happy.

>> No.18624030

>If you’re born poor, there is no good reason to keep living.
If you're born poor but you have a good family, you have a reason. If you're born poor in a family of psychopath hoarders there's no good reason. All I have is my cat.

>> No.18624056

Why should I? Accommodating normies functions in the same fundamental way as muh transcendental content but it is easier and faster produced. If I would act out my culturally relative intuition and become the next Goethe or Wagner only a small minority would feel the same way, and then what? It's just perception, humans are input output machines, that's it. I have access to all these aesthetics and ideas, but almost nobody will get it. It could be used as some sort of marker. Whoever will like the content (given that he has the same culturally relative set of aesthetic intuition) has some sort of genes that should be protected. I get that, but AI will replace that anyway

>> No.18624059

boomer check

>> No.18624084

I just doubt the usefulness and meaning of it, so I will just continue posting on my somewhat funny popular opinion accs

>> No.18624249

It's even worse to realize this while you struggle to remove a piece of food beneath your teeth that is stuck there since lunch and stubbornly refuses to loosen and drop.

>> No.18624308

mega brainlet

>> No.18624315


>> No.18624420

>Being a narcissist myself, I'm impervious to being emotionally wounded by criticism.
But its completely the opposite. Lol

>> No.18624488

this thread is so retarded

if you cant find new writing that excites you, look harder

if you still cant (feel this isnt possible with any reasonable effort) just write the thing you feel is missing since youre so fucking smart

>> No.18624668

>It feels as though experience is now detached from local context, meaning there is no particularly "unique" experience a Frenchman has that an Englishman doesn't

Wrong, even things as seemingly insignificant as infrastructural objects and traffic signs vary a bit in their designs across nations. And often times if someone is rhetorically gifted and talks in your native languge chances are that this speaks more intimate to you, because after all that's your most authentic way of being, whether you like it or not. Just look into so-called liminal spaces on youtube, all these things speak to a western and primarily north American nostalgia, while russian liminal spaces contain these commie blocks which then trigger their nostalgia.

It would be GREAT if you were right because finally everyone would understand your art in the most intimate way possible

>> No.18624708


>> No.18624724
File: 8 KB, 235x215, F62F6F34-27E3-45EB-BA30-2797CA4ECC17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It me, I killed them.
You know I had to do it to them, they had it coming for a long time.

>> No.18624769
File: 48 KB, 828x365, dqh6t5mxm1i61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is unquestionably the truth. And the incels were right the whole time.

>> No.18624778

Great for outing pseuds though

>> No.18624786

Yep it's cringe time.

>> No.18624830

Mike Ma

>> No.18624895

last year you had sawayama break out which is great
carti is somewhat new (in terms of current style) and is pretty good
dont really know too many other new people

>> No.18624922

>why is everything stale?
>posts a wojak
i make drawn from scratch OC all the time and it gets archived with 0 replies. the free market simply demands stale memes

>> No.18624940
File: 62 KB, 200x360, 1618067866819.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is the one
there's a huge amount of great writing out there
even if it's only old stuff you like, there's a huge amount of books
you haven't read through every perfect book, you haven't read through every good book
if you had, you probably wouldn't be here

>> No.18624997

>Yet as soon as some lefty comes along advocating against wealth inequality
lefties don't exist, they're all upper class American yuppies who think only American niggers and American tranny gays and women are oppressed, not even anyone outside of America or the West, they literally just think Western women are oppressed because someone may still feel disgust when they tell you that they can't date you Thursday because they're fucking someone else, so we can make it Friday.

>> No.18625040
File: 81 KB, 570x712, marinetti_360x450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How I wish that were true

>> No.18625047

>social singularity
the correct term is "behavioral sink"

>> No.18625056
File: 31 KB, 474x632, napoleon-bonaparte.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>If you’re born poor, there is no good reason to keep living
pic related was born poor

>> No.18625072

which is why the restauration guys send him on an island. twice.

>> No.18625089

this kind of social mobility is 100% impossible now
there aren't even any musical bands coming out in the mainstream because they're too difficult to coordinate lol

>> No.18625116

>go to military
>use chaos in the state
>take power
>crown yourself an emperor
am I missing the impossible part?

>> No.18625121

everything after "go to military"

>> No.18625161

Napoleon’s social mobility is in a tier of his own that can’t be matched by anyone at any other point in history, fucker was the exiled and washed up former conqueror of Europe AND RETURNED TO POWER after that.

>> No.18625198

Ever seen the photo of Marx making his Napoleonic pose (a la Jacques-Louis David)?

>> No.18626463
File: 538 KB, 2560x1707, 1606093967213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18626520
File: 155 KB, 1015x514, howbadtheyfuckedup.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you kidding me?
The "left" has been dead for years, being nothing more then a puppet for the same corporations and governments that enslave you.
Your ideology died at Occupy. /pol/ wasn't even around then. You have no one to blame but yourselves

>> No.18627138

There is something to Dawkins' theory of memes. Isolation promotes speciation and adaptation, and this was true of cultural communities before the internet. That's why you had very distinct subcultures, literary currents, etc. The internet was a kind of ecological catastrophe for memes, a free for all of ideas that led to a more or less stable, but very stale meme landscape. Think about it, trends get old and die in a matter of weeks, and you can find modern "homages" to just about anything with a click, and those old, venereated ideas, stiffle evolution and innovation. The only ideas that do well in this environment are predatory ones like extremism of any flavor.

>> No.18627159

would love to hammer xir sicle

>> No.18628387


>> No.18628589

>in the hope that some form of societal collapse is imminent

Why would society collapse just because young men are being enslaved? Slavery is happening for thousands of years, the only difference is that ancient slaves were locked by chains and modern ones are locked in their bedrooms playing video games. Actually since modern slaves have illusion of freedom and access to almost unlimited bread and circus, society is much less likely to collapse, being more stable.

>> No.18628790

The time I get more creative for ideas is when I masturbate. It is like masturbation was a way to keep the the fire of life lit, like with bonfires in Dark Souls.

>> No.18628991

and, per usual
>no one offers any actual answers

>> No.18628999


>> No.18629327
File: 91 KB, 220x220, trollge.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw the pic is of a neighbouring community housing complex across the road from my home

>> No.18629336

what kind of cope is this?

>> No.18629364

get off the internet
go do some physical labor

>> No.18629527

I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and hear me out.
The party mechanisms of the Democratic Party have demonstrably proven that they are the party of the elites within America. I don't mean in some sort of /pol/ "lefties are the /real/ racists" sense, I mean that the structure of the Democratic Party makes it impossible for a far left candidate like Bernie Sanders to run for president. Winning within the Democratic Party is impossible without the informed consent of the people who run the Democratic Party, which is a wealthy business class no matter how many brown billionaires are a part of them.

At the same time, Donald Trump has conclusively demonstrated that the Republican Party, structurally speaking, can provide a platform even for a black swan demagogue who spends the entire primary shitting on everything the Republican Party nominally holds dear. This is because running for president as a Republican is based purely on popular vote.

So any serious left-wing candidate, one that actually wants half a chance at a platform, should run Republican. It doesn't matter if you're an outright communist who wants to push to create a Maoist state, you still have significantly better chances at the presidency as a Republican candidate than as a Democrat.

I know Americans aren't going to realize this for a while, because they're slow and tribalistic like that, but what happened in the last election, with the business classes unifying behind Biden, has completely changed the structure of American politics. It's no longer that the Republican Party is "right wing", the Democrats are "left wing", it's that now the Republican Party represents the party of the people, the Democrats the party of the elites.

Any serious left wingers (assuming anyone important browses /lit/) should start planning ahead now to field an unapologetic Socialist in the Republican Primaries. Even if it isn't successful, it would completely shift the overtone window of politics within the USA.

>> No.18629647

it's because iq and testosterone has declined not because of the internet persay but mostly due to high iq and healthy people not breeding enough and the toxic chemicals around us that affect men's testosterone.yes environment does play a role(if u consume lead u're brain is going to get damaged ) but i don't think it's the internet that is making us dumb.Infact smart people do smart things with it and dumb people do dumb things with it.


the only solution to this shitshow is creating ethnostates.different races simply do not get along with each other and some races end up being a burden on others(like blacks and hispanics burdening the white population )

u're a retard.explain the low iq of niggers in africa.the internet is a boon for smart people and a burden for dumb people.

>> No.18629785

>the only solution to this shitshow is creating ethnostates.different races simply do not get along with each other and some races end up being a burden on others(like blacks and hispanics burdening the white population )
Unlikely. The issue with America is that those races (whites and blacks in particular) form an exploited part of the national psyche.

My impression, and I'm not American but I've worked and lived there for some years, is that white people are extremely restricted by a complicated set of social rules. They don't feel themselves permitted to fight, cuss, fuck, or do anything fun really, and usually live miserable lives of petty social status competition. This leads them to project a lot of their insecurities and inadequacies on a kind of cartoonish black caricature thats become the main figure of their national mythology. Whites are socialized to think that hitting on women is sexist, for example, and if they step out of line you have movements like #metoo which brutally force them back into the puritanical line. As a result they project these repressed desires on blacks, who are portrayed as hyper-sexual. Whites are socialized to constantly work and chase status symbols (car, house, school, and so on), and the whites who refuse to participate are treated quite harshly (called white trash, genetic failures, lazy, stupid, etc.), so as a result many whites fetishize black poverty as somehow special, soulful, "cool", or something like that. In Freudian terms I often think of America as a single consciousness, where puritanical white people play the role of super-ego and blacks the role of the id, and individual Americans will often act out one of these rolls in their day-to-day life (something I noticed is many middle class white people will adopt """black""" slang when they go clubbing or "cut loose" as a way of psychologically allowing themselves to participate in R&R). America likes to think of itself as many different cultures, but really its a totalizing state of psychosis which has turned every one of its citizens into a mad-man.

>> No.18629790

But what especially tipped me off is how if you ever hang out around Americans, and I invite my fellow humans in the old world to observe this for themselves, they'll literally adopt an entire different vocabulary, posture, and persona when they go out to clubs or parties. Give a white american a couple of beers and they'll start throwing around "black people slang" and calling things "bomb" or "fire" and "hollering" at "them hoes", and the girls will start "twerking" with their "baes" and clicking their tongues. Observe how an American texts, if they want to express sass they'll literally send a gif of a fat black woman being sassy because that's how engrained it is in their psychology. Once their fetishistic carnival of negroid imitation (and how similar it is to the primitive shamanism of many ancient cultures who will don a totemic mask before engaging in orgiestic frenzy) has worn off they'll be right back to their old bland sociopathic selves.

It's like hell itself spawned some sort of soulless automation that isn't actually capable of real depth of feeling or soul, so it just blindly imitates what it perceives as human behaviour without any understanding of why. Romance becomes a sexual numbers game. Status becomes a competition in gaudy flashiness. Sports are about raw physical prowess and violence over virtuosity of movement and technique. Incapable of spiritual understanding American churches are fixated on emotional hysteria and feel-good platitudes. There is no easy way out of this uniquely American dilemma.

>> No.18629792

>Everything died in 2016. I’m a NEET and have been on these sites every day for 15 years. All the bloggers, youtubers, tweeters, 4channers, all very conveniently stopped producing original content. All at the same time. Don’t you anons find this a little odd?
The last bastions of the Internet were finally Integrated into ARPANET Social Engineering Feedback Loops.

>> No.18629818

What's the solution then?

>> No.18629842

have u ever been to white only neighbourhoods?i think u were only in places infested with SJWs.try paying a visit to wyoming or the dakotas when u pay a visit again.

>> No.18629926
File: 876 KB, 1267x3795, Chan Culture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Take Board Culture towards Real Life.
Or Die trying.
>pic related.

>> No.18629978

>muh SJW
>muh white ethnostates, muh filthy niggers
>ad hominem
>poor attempt to own the liburuls

Welp, looks like it’s chud time.

>> No.18629982

what misspelling?

>> No.18630000

>have u ever been to white only neighbourhoods?i think u were only in places infested with SJWs.try paying a visit to wyoming or the dakotas when u pay a visit again.

>> No.18630004

Probs an Amerilard what thinks u put a superfluous U in neighbourhood

>> No.18630015

Great posts.

>There is a better hypothesis to explain the peculiarities of the American temperament. It is the fact that the states are pervaded by the negro, that most striking and suggestive figure. Some states are particularly black, a fact that may astonish the naive European, who thinks of America as a white nation. It is not wholly white if you please, but piebald. It cannot be helped, it just is so. What is more contagious than to live side by side with a rather primitive people? Go to Africa and see what happens. When it is so obvious that you stumble over it, you call it going black. But when it is not so obvious it is explained as ‘the sun’ … It is much easier for us Europeans to be a trifle immoral, or at least a bit lax, because we do not have to maintain the moral standard against the heavy downward pull of primitive life. The inferior man has a tremendous pull because he fascinates the inferior layers of our psyche, which has lived through untold ages of similar conditions…. He reminds us not so much our conscious as our unconscious mind - not only of childhood but of prehistory, which would take us back not more than about twelve hundred years so far as the Germanic races are concerned…. (Collected Works, Vol. 10, p. 507)

>Well, the White American, because he lives with the Negro, must really repress his ‘primitive’ instincts, much more so than the European, and this makes the American more unconscious than the European …

>We often discover with Americans that they are tremendously unconscious of themselves. Sometimes they suddenly grow aware of themselves, and then you get these interesting stories of decent young girls eloping with Chinamen or with Negroes, because in the American that primitive layer, which with us is a bit difficult, with themis decidedly disagreeable, as it is much lower down.
(Collected Works, Vol. 18, p. 148)

>> No.18630025

>We often discover with Americans that they are tremendously unconscious of themselves. Sometimes they suddenly grow aware of themselves, and then you get these interesting stories of decent young girls eloping with Chinamen or with Negroes, because in the American that primitive layer, which with us is a bit difficult, with themis decidedly disagreeable, as it is much lower down.
Kek,something like that is truly rare especially the eloping part with chinks.

>> No.18630041

Disagree. I think this temperament has been consciously stroked and encouraged by the eternal Jew, who conspicuously (despite being the unarguable ruling class of America) is never mentioned in an otherwise race-obsessed society.

Without this malignant influence on America's public psyche, both blacks and whites would probably recognize themselves as a common ethnos. There is very little genetic or behavioral difference between the two anyways. What difference I have observed seems entirely effected and performative.

>> No.18630055

lol what??




>> No.18630102
File: 317 KB, 1154x524, mimetic race.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Kek,something like that is truly rare especially the eloping part with chinks.
>Disagree. I think this temperament has been consciously stroked and encouraged by the eternal Jew, who conspicuously (despite being the unarguable ruling class of America) is never mentioned in an otherwise race-obsessed society.
>pic related
Have you lurked the other Boards?
Have you seen the Sadism?
the Narcissism?
The Madness?

It all sticks to you.
Social Dynamics, Gustavo LeBon; Tavistock; Ogilvy, Kurt Lewin......

>> No.18630123

Human Emotional Social Emulation
>Conversely, since the human and chimpanzee lineages diverged, our species has acquired more refined capacities for both higher fidelity imitation and cumulative cultural learning.
> more refined capacities for both higher fidelity imitation and cumulative cultural learning.

>Turning to imitative development, an intriguing picture is emerging in which children exhibit quite surprising susceptibility to over-copying of others in the face of apparently obvious perceptual evidence of causal irrelevance.

>Finally, there is the question of control of imitation. As the prior paragraph indicates, one new and interesting set of issues here concerns ontogenetic changes—a lessening of control, towards more ‘mindless’ blanket copying as children develop. However, in both human infants and apes, other studies are mapping a widening range of conditions in which individuals express selectivity in their social learning strategies. These include social factors such as the intentions of, and constraints on, the model and physical factors such as principles of causality. In addition, our preliminary results suggest that chimpanzees may be restricted in their capacity to modify and upgrade the first approaches to a task they learn, in contexts where children show a readiness to upgrade, facilitating a process of cumulative cultural change.

> However, we note that the latter findings concern infants and, again perhaps surprisingly, it is in the older and more cognitively mature children (and even adults) that we find more ‘blanket’ copying. These intriguing, apparent paradoxes should drive further research to resolve them in coming years.
>perhaps surprisingly, it is in the older and more cognitively mature children (and even adults) that we find more ‘blanket’ copying

>> No.18630136
File: 473 KB, 1200x1527, 1611037553511.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Heidegger basically said at the end of his life that philosophy and all meaningful human creation were at an end and that:

>Only a god can still save us. I think the only possibility of salvation left to us is to prepare readiness, through thinking and poetry, for the appearance of the god or for the absence of the god during the decline; so that we do not, simply put, die meaningless deaths, but that when we decline, we decline in the face of the absent god.

Good luck anons, cybernetics and technology have to get a lot worse before there's any hope of salvation.

>> No.18630152
File: 154 KB, 698x900, crucifixion-gabriel-metsu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Only a god can save us.

A God already did.

>> No.18630157

>Another thing that struck me was the great influence of the Negro, a psychological influence naturally (naturally), not due to the mixture ofblood. The emotional way of American expresses himself, especially theway he laughs, can best be studied in the the illustrated supplements of the papers; the inimitable Teddy Roosevelt laugh is found in its primordial formin the American Negro. The peculiar walk with loose joints, or the swinging of the hips so frequently observed in Americans, also comes from the Negro.American music draws its main inspiration from the Negro, and so does the dance…. The vivacity of the average American which shows itself… in his extraordinary love of talking - the ceaseless gabble of American papers is an eloquent example of this - is scarcely to be derived from his Germanic forefathers, but is far more like the chattering of a Negro village. The almost total lack of privacy and the all-devouring mass sociability remind one of primitive life in open huts, where there is complete identity with all members of the tribe….
>This infection by the primitive can, of course, be observed just as well in other countries, though not to the same degree and not in this form. In Africa, for example, the white man is a diminishing minority and must therefore protect himself fromthe Negro by observing the most rigorous social forms, otherwise herisks ‘going black’. If he succumbs to the primitive influence he is lost. But in America the Negro just because he is in a minority is not a degenerative influence, but rather onewhich, peculiar though it is, cannot be termedun favourable -unless one happens to have a Jazz phobia.
(Collected Works,Vol. 10, p. 45)

>> No.18630167
File: 1.46 MB, 1432x1060, 1625470047766 dont try too hard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

but what did jesus actually do
try not to use sophistry

>> No.18630185

Literally rose from the dead after three days?

>> No.18630206

did anybody see it happen?

>> No.18630228

the internet got filled with more and more sponges, and it drove the people who were actually creative away.

now all that remains is the endless regurgitation of what is left among those who can't create anything of value.

>> No.18630238

Reactionary drivel.

>> No.18630241

There was a brilliant work done by a Jungian...I have been searching for it but cant find it;

This Man decided to experience America as a Black Man , he himself a White, and so adopted all the Social behaviours Black Folk had ( this was in the 50's or 60s) and he starts seeing things from the Black perspertive, how insane the behaviours of both Black and White were in relation to each other, how meticulouse Blacks had to be, how they lived in a state of psychic terror and he realized how Unconscious,violent and sexual Whites were becoming but suppresed it; with this experience he had a wider and complete picture of what he himself was suppresing and not paying attention too.

And just look at America now....

>> No.18630248

>And just look at America now....
In the shadow of Trump's America, dark days. If only we listened to the Jungians.

>> No.18630257

>All the bloggers, youtubers, tweeters, 4channers, all very conveniently stopped producing original content. All at the same time. Don’t you anons find this a little odd?
Not really that odd in the conspiratorial sense. It's a mix of 1) platforms making sweeping changes that deterred people from making content that wasn't in the millions of views. A bunch of people quit because it simply wasn't worth it to make content if they could not monetize. The truth is that making quality content (well-edited things with good ideas and high effort) takes a lot of time and in many cases money, so as absurd as it may seem to the guy enjoying the content, spending all this time making content and getting a bunch of comments by 14 year olds in return isn't that great of a deal.
2) There was definitely a push by the companies to turn their platforms into advertising platforms, so this is where it gets "conspiratorial" except there's nothing convoluted about it. Most YTers are paid shills now because this is where they're useful. All the semi-famous or famous people holding up a product at any point in their video are being paid to do that. Under the table of course.
3) People have changed. A whole generation of people have jumped online and these people see others as content to consume and nothing else. Millennials grew up buying physical albums and physical shit, so they still had some form of understanding that if you want to enjoy something you're supposed to pay for it. If a millennial pirates something, he's - in his mind - refusing to pay for it. The zoomer defaults to having shit for free. He's just that entitled. So when you're making content today not only you are guaranteed to get 0 money, you might also get assaulted by entitled children who want to tell you how you should change your content so that they enjoy it more - for free of course.
4) Zoomers and well-adapted millennials, it's established by now, will only pay for things with a greater pull than just "content", which boils down to addictive or dysfunctional shit. Pornography, gambling, politically (rage) induced purchases, parasocial relationships (literally paying people on Patreon so they talk to you) and so on.
You can imagine that while if you had a good idea in 2002 the Internet was like a digital golden age America: a land of opportunity. If you have a good idea in 2021 and you look at what's selling, how the internet works, what you need to do to "market yourself" despite an allegedly extensive framework that is structured to offer people EXACTLY what they're looking for, you give up. And it's objectively the right, most sensible thing to do.

>> No.18630293

I didn't see World War II happen, why should I believe that it did?

>> No.18630300

Say that about the holocaust now hahahaha

>> No.18630313

Absurd. Buddhism is deeply rooted in empathy. Theories like this, comparing the "primitive" and the "European" are almost always rooted in some sort of projection on the authors part. We look at the world around us, but we can only ever see ourselves.

I've spent plenty of time around different races, lived in many different countries, spent time trying to come to grasps with non-western ontologies... its true there are differences between the European mind and non-European mind, but these are social differences and rooted in a broader history and linguistic basis. Often the same 'types' of people appear in every society in varying degrees, and a White or a Black Frenchman is both mentally and physiologically different from a White or Black Anglo. Within a country, the differences between them are rooted in history, not innate in any sense I can discern. Race is, 95% at least, a social construct.

>> No.18630318

Where is this image from? I am looking into making my own anonymous community and this image seems very intresting and informative, any other pics/info like it?

>> No.18630326
File: 154 KB, 1483x677, Asian Thought.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Absurd. Buddhism is deeply rooted in empathy. Theories like this, comparing the "primitive" and the "European" are almost always rooted in some sort of projection on the authors part. We look at the world around us, but we can only ever see ourselves.
Go research it.

>> No.18630332
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>> No.18630339

>Absurd. Buddhism is deeply rooted in empathy.
>Find dog on the street that's been tortured to death, they've sawed off all its paws
>Sorry good boy, I cannot put you out of your misery because that's bad karma :^)

>> No.18630342

to near death, my bad
Buddhism is a joke. It's a giant institution built on the sane principle that the only escape is killing yourself, but no wait just give money to the monks and you can do whatever. Same as any other religion.

>> No.18630344
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I can't be the only one who wants mass death and ruin, can I?

Maybe if everything is stagnated, if everything is dried up and wasted... a little spilling of blood would be the thing to lubricate the gears of history, eh?

Would it be so wrong to wish for a major war? I'm talking something that would alter the global order. Like a war between the European Union and Turkey, or even the big daddy of them all: a war between the United States and China. A war that, no matter who won and who lost, the status quo of the planet would be inevitably altered. Something that you couldn't just walk away from with business as it was before. Something that would permanently alter the nature of the world.

Is it so wrong to wish for a war like that?

>> No.18630360

I don't want a war because a war will result in a victor. I want a good old fashioned meteor.

>> No.18630373

A second disease, like covid, except next time it's not orchestrated by the yellow jews, or the white jews, or the black jews, or the sandy jews, or the blue jews, or the joobloos, or the bonguloj's, or the atch oos, or the church pews, or the

>> No.18630374
File: 59 KB, 680x383, E50Kn_jWQAclb_e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18630391


>> No.18630413

There's a few problems with that plan.
>The Republican primaires are only open to registered Republicans in most states
There goes 80% of people who would actually vote for a socialist.
>The candidate would have to beat the rest of the Republicans in a popular vote
Not happening because of above. The only socialist getting any votes in a Republican primary is one who is also a Christian nationalist, which is contrary to leftist goals anyways.
>You shift the Overton window
Not if the media and elites have a say. Anyone associated with the Republicans is already painted as racist to try to drive leftists into the arms of the Democrats. A socialist would cause them to go full frenzy mode. They'd be labeled as a Nazi, even more than Trump was, and their supporters would be endlessly mocked on Tik Tok and Reddit to prevent anyone young from openly supporting them.
>The Democrats are the party of the elites now
This is true, but they've capitalized on BLM, anti-billionaire rhetoric, anti-gun rhetoric and covid (through their near-total domination of the media) to portray themselves as the protectors of the weak and helpless. That propaganda isn't letting up among normie millennials and zoomers any time soon.
It's a good plan, but it'd never work.

>> No.18630443
File: 161 KB, 1280x720, 1623427817790.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18630484

Again, I'm not saying that there aren't differences between the East and West, or that these doesn't manifest in physical characteristics, but I think its more fluid than it is an immutable characteristic. Europeans are naively trusting (and hubristically moralistic), which is why they are so often fooled by moral grandstanding. Chinese are more intelligent and pragmatic than that (cunnings even), but this is the result of centuries of civilization and philosophy, not some innate sociopathy. You should read 'The Book of Tea' by Kakuzo Okakura to better understand the Oriental perspective on this issue. Americans, in particular, are a very stupid and sheepish sort of people, but I find it hard to believe that it's some innate aspect of their DNA and not the result of growing up in a democratic culture that demands strict observance of moral posturing and is constantly propagandized to by manipulative Jews acting in bad faith. I'm a white man, of pure European stock, but even I find Americans incomprehensibly naive in their knee-jerk assumptions about people's innermost characteristics. How is it that I have the same blood as these Yankees, but have such a different perspective? I don't doubt that blood has some effect on the mind, but I think that culture, language, and geography themselves have an effect on molding the race which makes itself felt over generations. For example, I can generally tell the difference between a first generation Asian and a third generation Asian just by observing how they smile and how they laugh. If it was purely biological such a thing would be impossible.
In the case of white vs black Americans, the constant proximity to each other, the shared language, geography, and culture, and the natural mixing of blood should all contribute to shaping them into a common nomos. This is observable in most other colonial countries, Brazil is an obvious example, but in America there is a schizophrenic division which is conscientiously acted out by both Whites and Blacks. Ergo, it must be a psychological feature of the social super-structure, and not the innate effect of blood.

>> No.18630485

Damn you Sound incredibly pathetic and narcissistic at the same time. Get yourself together and just do something instead of blaming others (boomers or the availability of fast food) for your problems

>> No.18630505

You can't know unless you try. American politics are formulaic, if a hard-left candidate ran on a socialist, non-interventionist policy with the Republican Party it would be a hard enough shock to the system that they might be able to exploit a brief window of confusion while the ruling classes scramble for a solution. Thats how Trump won, and ultimately, its the only way any outsider candidate will be able to win. No matter what used to be the case, the Democrats are now clearly the party of the elite class, and the Republicans are structurally the only voice the people really have in a democratic system. Ignore all previous party history, political posturing, etc. and just look at how the structure of the party works. Republican candidates are fielded through popular vote, Democratic candidates are fielded through elite consensus. This structural difference, moreso than ideological history, will determine the future of American politics.

>> No.18630669

None of them come even close to Miya's writings. Twitter has been downhill ever since "she" left, and her acolytes are either regurgitating her, or post midwit reinterpretations of her.

>> No.18630685

I get the jist post, similar sentiment here. Sadly I did my best but I was too naive to do things the way they have to be done.

>> No.18630929

Great posts ITT. The only thing that gives me a few glimmers of hope about all the horrendous potential shit we see in future neo-fuedalism for the US, the dollar going full retard, sudden balkanization, or a solar flare wiping out all tech aside, is the repolarization of the Democrat and Republic parties into what you have outlined; oligarchical technocrats and nationalistic populists.
I would kill to see the chaos an actual dirigist or corporatist, kept safe by the ideological obscurity, getting the Republican nomination would cause
All cynicism aside, it's one of the most realistic scenarios for things becoming a bit better

>> No.18630963

its on tiktok dude

>> No.18630968

Your corners of the internet are dying and you're getting old.
All the youngsters are making new shit and new memes on tiktok

>> No.18630983
File: 38 KB, 600x568, 35A3675F-11FD-4F57-8C6B-2B4C5683FC0B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I can't be the only one who wants mass death and ruin, can I?

>> No.18631076
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>outsider candidate
I don't know where you people find your optimism from when the only options are careerists and filthy rich businessman

>> No.18631095


Voting is pointless now.

>> No.18632357

>If it was purely biological such a thing would be impossible.
It is purely biological.
>Human Emotional Social Emulation
I mean, the changes go both ways, and some things bnd and others don't.

See how Indians scalp'd their defeated enemies and how Americans online will "teabag" you if you are defeated on a FPS.

>> No.18632382

>In the case of white vs black Americans, the constant proximity to each other, the shared language, geography, and culture, and the natural mixing of blood should all contribute to shaping them into a common nomos.
ok nigger lover

>> No.18633113

Thats always been the case. Elites can still be enthusiastic reformers. Take Caesar, for instance.

>> No.18633140

SO why are Americans, who generally don't share common ancestors, all so alike in spiritual and physical characteristics?

>> No.18633164


I can see a "Left" wing candidate arising among the Republicans, if they play their cards right -- which is actually harder than you'd think. However, if they make a strong rallying cry for workers, I think they could win over Republican voters; but, it really cannot come with even a glimmer of higher taxation.

One thing that I constantly see people get wrong, with regards to taxation -- specifically raising it in any regard -- is that it's pretty much agreed upon that the US govt. is inept and inefficient. It wastes billions of taxpayer money; often even losing it, i.e. it's unaccounted for, just vanishing. And people's suggestion to fixing an inefficient govt. is... more money.

Whatever the case, I suppose it can be done, but a Left candidate will have to make capitulations.

>> No.18633220

>Implying their is a political solution left in the West

>> No.18633283
File: 99 KB, 1304x848, asians genes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>SO why are Americans, who generally don't share common ancestors, all so alike in spiritual and physical characteristics?
We aren't in disagreement.

USA is going to be a Mexico-Brazil tier Carnivale where the 3 mindsets all mix together, like the rest of Latin America ( additionally of all the regional behaviours that are unique to those places ) I have provided evidence as to what is this process and what things are affecting people.

>> No.18633541

I agree. If a socialist candidate came to power (from either side) in the USA, they couldn't be a Jacobin-tier far leftist, but I also see that there's enough discontentment among the white working class in America that they'll vote for a candidate that backs their interests over voting for a candidate because of something Adam Smith said a hundred years ago.

Imagine an isolationist candidate who openly talks about the opiate crises and white deaths of despair, one who says that illegal immigration is being used to undermine the working class and that he wants to nationalize the healthcare industry. The problem with most leftists right now isn't that they want more government control in the economy, or that they want to nationalize certain sectors, it's that they actively push for policies that are harmful to working class workers while treating any criticism of these policies with distain. If a substantial portion of Republicans can be convinced to believe in Q-Anon, I'm sure they can be convinced that nationalizing oil and gas and using the profits to rebuild America's infrastructure is a good idea.

Another idea would be pulling US soldiers out of all foreign wars and bringing them home to work on national revitalization projects, building roads, dams, airports, etc. I don't think any American would oppose this, and the American empire has almost entirely been the project of Washington policy sharks and backroom deals. The issue is that this hypothetical candidate would have to be both very left wing and moderately right wing, too much talk about reparations or free college tuition, for example, and the Republican base is alienated. Too much talk about the suffering of America's white working class, isolationism, and the need to rebuild industry and they will be painted as a Trumpist-NAZI by establishment media. They would need to be unconventional enough that all the normal tricks of American media won't work. They'd also have to be angry, I think, because the one common trend that unites all Americans is a contempt for the people who rule them.

You're right about taxation by the way. Any talk about increasing taxation is absolutely stupid when you have the insane levels of institutionalized corruption that exist in America today. Crack down on corruption and corporate welfare first, don't just pass another bill to the taxpayers. It's a shame this isn't talked about more.

>> No.18634013
File: 362 KB, 1080x1351, 1623210770391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Defeatists outnumber creators here 100:1

To the defeatists... are you even trying to work on your goals? Did you do anything today to self-express?

If you don't even try, you'll never have a chance at becoming an artist.

>> No.18634027

maybe you just got older and consequently more jaded

the rose-colored lenses of youth don't last forever

>> No.18634035

>Did you do anything today to self-express?
yeah, some of us have standards tho

>> No.18634090
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Dude it's fine, LET THEM MENTALLY ROT while I work on developing new concepts of visual literature and write the epic I've always wanted to write about theatre and dance, IT'S LESS COMPETITION FOR ME

>> No.18634237
File: 94 KB, 600x800, 00t0t_nFrnpWfcxbz_09G0cU_1200x900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Encouraging others is important. This place has some great moments, it just needs an overall raising of the energy. When you have so many disaffected people who feed off the blackpills, it is hard to get the positive momentum going.

I was feeling pretty shitty today as some motorcycles ripped by my place at 3 AM and woke up the entire block. Rattled the windows it was so loud. I barely slept and then I was out of coffee when finally getting out of bed.

Walking to McD's in the hot sun was nice, and when I got inside, seeing the crazy people around me was reassuring. It's not that nuts to sit indoors and write all day, because there is a guy who was sitting in the McDonald's pouring drops of shake onto his arm and eating fries he lined up along his forearm in a I I I I I pattern. Fuck, that guy was fucking weird.

Oh, and why does it take 10 minutes to get a single cup of coffee filled now? McDonald's stupid number system is so shit.

>> No.18634522

Even Dr. Seuss is dead.

>> No.18634554

>twitter accounts
What the hell would you expect? It intentionally limits what can be said and not just due to censorship obviously.

>> No.18634570

The internet was just a bunch of bored people sitting around back then shooting crap and trying to entertain each other, like a schools toilet wall.
Nowadays it is:
1. Tryhard, from self-important e-celebs
2. Bloated, from constantly providing content through recommendation algorithms and never being a shared social spacs.
3. Controlled, from political interests and again recommendation algorithms.

Basically twitter/IG/tiktok/facebook which is what people mostly use nowadays is fundamentally cursed.

>> No.18634649
File: 47 KB, 1280x720, 054425AA-F04A-4FA7-A305-346DA02BDF72.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck all demoralizing faggots, eat clean and start lifting you DYELs

>> No.18634654

You think social media is a public forum or a space you share with other people, but you can just decide whomever you want to hear from and whomever not so it's more like you are completely alone with a pipe going into your brain that has been designed to feed you with whatever results in the most dopamine elicited. It never has or will produce anything new.

>> No.18634785
File: 31 KB, 293x165, kyle-schwartz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I totally would but I have a severe injury in both of my legs as well as chronic fatigue syndrome. You'll have to fight for the white race for me, bro.

>> No.18634874

Remember that the internet is just a medium. Like the television, sooner or later you might realize it's not for you, or that the content makes you sick, and you turn it off. You don't need to be here.

They're just little apps on your phone. They're for goofing off.

The turning point should be when you realize that you feel bad after using it. Why use something that makes your life worse? That's stupid.

>> No.18634928


And so it begins, with theory, thanks-very-much, and nought else - ok, so what? Unique culture: ah, this here is key - samey wamey offices, naughty neolibwalisms (ouchy). Wouldn't life be just grand if we all didn't enjoy such luxuries? That aside, you're not quite there yet. Ain't leisure time where all the fun's at? Well I suppose you're right then. If we all work the 9-to-5, then we're all the same. Or at least you are. The Little People: Oh so you're a fucking Marxist, eh? Poor people are online so there's no chance for you to misrepresent them. Women: naturally women must be mentioned by the blackpiller. Sex, sex sex, sex, sex, sex, sex - just some of the things you don't have. If SOCIETY was less SEX and more MORALS then good literature would exist. Oh, and fuck the publishers - didn't you just appeal to the 'online'? Seems like this is a *you* problem, sweetheart. (I feel sick at this point, reading your post). Chad, White, Tanzania... Are you OK? Must have been on your mind a lot lately? Bubbling away; festering. Try the 'going outside' lifestyle, with the 'do something' DLC - don't forget! Isolation: the solution to social atomisation? Money, bitterness, etc - checks out.

It seems you had the time to write this post. Yet, where is *your* contribution? Who else could have written what you wrote? Everyone in your bubble could have done so. And you're not the only one like you. Just as you aren't the only type of person. You seem to be rationally aware of this fact, but still it's not yet 'hit home'. I can assume you don't meet new people often, and the majority, if not all of your social interactions, excluding passive pseudo-social experiences in online echo chambers, are with people you already know. Were this not the case, then you would have surely been aware that there's more to life than your back garden. You've got neighbours living next door; people living in streets you've passed through, and in places you've never been or known existed.

>> No.18634937
File: 197 KB, 418x396, 1625031015261.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18635011

>self-important e-celebs
Always funny on here when you see someone on here talk about some random nobody with <100k followers like they are an actual celebrity when there are thousands of people that are just the same.

>> No.18635135

The chaos may come one day. Hopefully the right person steps up.

>> No.18635210

Pretty heavy, but at the same time, we're talking practically and generally. You offer as many useful solutions as the guy you're replying to.

>> No.18635222

everyone realized they ain't getting paid. why effortpost on 4chan when all the money goes to hiroshimoot?

>> No.18635226

>most sincere response in the thread has virtually no responses

>> No.18635249

Evergreen material is prized for it's aged proof of quality. No one but you managed to filter the works you have and thank you for advocating for these works when no one has the attention span nor free time left to hone in on novelty through noise.
That's why the Greek posters catch steam.

>> No.18635256

How does /lit/ beat anhedonia?

>> No.18635266

>Guilt tripping a thread full of doomers

>> No.18635268

There is so much good, inspiring writing out there, from various eras and genres, that it would be an insult to claim anhedonia for those already intrinsically interested in literature.

>> No.18635463

>*Le Division de Practicalicus et Generalicus*
Of which aspect are 'go outside' & do something' not PRACTICAL or GENERAL? Of course, you are too dim to notice as well that my talk of a literal neighbourhood was merely an analogy. That OP should 'go outside' is not solely a literal command. To 'do something' is to do anything, hopefully something productive, something considerate, thoughtful, productive perhaps. From these two directions one may produce.

>$olutions, $olutions, $olutions!
Moron that you are, I can offer you an extra special solution for that post and for you especially: Read books. Read long books! Read small books! Books on Books! Read them! Read the Books! Read OLD Books! NEW BOOKS! Read the Books! All of -- Read them! BOOKS! The Books!

I say this, knowingly, given the rank illiteracy of you mid-/lit/-twit-wits that are a scourge of this board, wherein your silly posts, full of pride and empty of substance, offer nothing - contribute nothing. You are a bad reader as I have demonstrated, QED, now do as your teacher says and pick up a book and read it. Do not return to this place with another twee little trite-post of yours until you can read better.

>> No.18635619


>> No.18635636

Experienced this today heh. Frustrating indeed.

>> No.18635673

Maybe someone should invent the concept of big food particles so that this never happens again. That would certainly alleviate the dearth of fresh ideas. Books on "what if food and molecules was really big and shit?"

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>productive again
>still makes fun of the "solution" buzzword
>reddit tier satire
the hypocrisy is palpable Christ

>> No.18635777

Based Hinduism. Was reading about this literally yesterday

>> No.18635804

>productive again
Canst one repeat words, or doth thine eyes see not my commas and thusly fail to comprehend my line and its general idea communicated?

>Why is everything dead? There hasn’t been a fresh concept in years, all the twitter accounts are played out and boring, nobody makes new charts anymore it’s all old shit etc. It’s like the internet just stopped producing
>producing -> productive

Are you truly illiterate, sir?
OP talks of Twitter and /lit/ charts, comprising the bubble he occupies. For seeking novelty, he must 'go outside'. And I say also that OP produce, themselves, rather than rely on the insubstantial leavings of others. And to think that production can be only $practical$... *I scoff* Consider the LILIES! I refer you to my instruction given earlier: Read books. It's quite simple really. You are a bad reader, and your mind lays bare, but for the mocking catchphrase of "le reddit". You might as well be saying "bing bong banana, bazingo bazongo" - *"heh, I sure bazinga-ed the hell outta that chumbucket"*.

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>500000 years
a mere blink of an eye. mountains flow like waves before me. suns move like fireflies.

>> No.18635877

we just have to restart the whole world either by genocide or apocalypse, one way or another

>> No.18636208

>unironically using twitter
>"Buhuuuu my oneliners aren't funny anymore and this is somehow important."
Like do you even read the post you wrote before you submit it or hear the words you type in your head?

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