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It's good literature but it just hurts so much.

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Yup. Once I've realized what an utter fool I was to miss out on teenage romance and fucking, there's little incentive to look forward to anything.

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live your life
fucking cry babies

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LIVE :clap: LAUGH :clap: LOVE :clap:

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w2c long sleeve

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Stop with this r9k shit. It is very unhealthy.

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I had so much sex from 13-16, then 17 I had a year-long dry spell, then at 18 I got my own place and had my first 3 way with two hot 16 year olds

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I am 21 and have never even been on a Date with a girl, let alone kissed one.

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Same lol, in a dream tho

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Houellebecq isnt that good of a writer desu. He looks at what is hurting in French society, and then exposes it. It doesnt take much talent to say that the emperor has no clothes on, but it is nonetheless important.

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I was sexually active from 16-21 but it has been over 6 years since I touched a girl even though I am more fit and better looking than I have ever been.
It’s hopeless. I may rnd up living like Kant

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Jesus fuck you zoomers.
I was a 5 foot 120 pound manlet at 18 and I still managed to get laid.

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Try being a ginger.

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imagine being this much of a faggot. you don't have women because of whatever you cope about. you don't get women because of the cope itself.

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stop being a woman and putting so much importance on having sex. you talk like you're about to hit menopause. offer something valuable to your world and respect yourself. you're worth more than this shit.

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You are living in the worst time possible.
>t. born in 1978
When I was 21 in 1999, there were so many bars open and you could go drink and talk and meet women every single night of the week.

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Young men in 2021 have been conditioned to believe their value comes from having access to a few inches of flesh in a woman's body... in a time where getting access to that hole is more and more difficult and the bar is set higher and higher.

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Wrong, I don't even care about women anymore. Once the adolescence is over, women only see external value in you, what sort of assurances and comforts can you provide them for them. In their teens, they actually enjoy fucking you.

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what does that have to do with anything dumbass

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lmao the problem is that they're so secluded they think random periods of your life have a sacred, god-bestowed value, as opposed to your 20's or 30's.
The weird thing is that what they're missing is perspective, and precisely the one you have when you talk to girls, and enter into relationships and enjoy yourself in their company.

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That's bullshit. Women can become just as blindly adoring of you after your teens.

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Who cares? I mean, I understand that no one wants to be an incel completely but I have NEVER felt particularly burdened or occupied by not being the sole object of young female desire. Not only is it not necessary, it’s just simply not important.

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>Once the adolescence is over, women only see external value in you, what sort of assurances and comforts can you provide them for them. In their teens, they actually enjoy fucking you.
this is false, as it has been scientifically proven that female sex drive and the pleasure derived from sex grows as a woman ages into her twenties

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Yeah maybe a few autistic fatties who missed the teen cock carousel. Any decent looking girl has pair-bonding capability fucked out of her brain before she even turns 20.

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no, it's not more difficult than before and it's not a concept that magically appeared in 2021 either

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ew get off my board fucking boomer

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>scientifically proven

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The easy steps to getting a ton of women:
1. Have your own place and decorate it
2. Have a car you enjoy, something unique, and pick women up in it
3. Have a local bar with women 5-10ish years younger than you that hang out at it, become a regular
4. Make friends with a ton of men and women in your neighbourhood. Simply see and be seen. This builds trust.
5. Complete the four steps above and you will be able to have sex with as many women as you can handle.

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I've probably had more threeways than you've had girlfriends

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>here's a graph bro

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>dude I had so much sex as a teen, just one bad year for me dude, then when i was big boy i got my own place and kept banging more girls

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ok boomer

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just google it you stupid bitch. it's facts and everybody knows it, IT'S COMMON KNOWLEDGE. female sex drive grows differently compared to the male sex drive and female sex drive is significantly lower in the teenage years.

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Rent a nice place, get a ton of sex, not difficult

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and this gives you power over me?

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One of my best friend is a ginger sailor Chad who doesn't know he's a Chad. It's hilarious. Every girl I know thirst around him like crazy and he is completely oblivious. He's had 10/10 qt girls literally stalking him, I am not joking. I suspect I've had more sex than him (although admittedly everyone of his gf were beyond hot.)

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hey tranny janny (i say this affectionately <3) would you please do your job and kill this dumbass thread just like you did the incel containment thread yesterday, nobody is talking about literature here. sincerely, anon

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Good idea. These bros need to stop whining about not getting laid and actually do something about it.

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Which book is this? I enjoyed Elementary Particles. Should I read more hoolbek?

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Struck a nerve, incel?

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The irony is that
>tfw no gf
posting IS the male equivalent of Live Laugh Love

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>calls me an incel
kek, the fuck? i am saying this is an incel thread and it's shit, the incels need to go back to their containment boards instead of polluting this one, learn to read

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More like Seethe Hate Cope

The difference is that any 4/10 girl can acquire the illusion of happiness without any effort, while her male equivalent has to either work his ass off and purchse the same illussion, or waste away immersed in video games and porn.

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>while her male equivalent has to either work his ass off and purchse the same illussion, or waste away immersed in video games and porn.
or simply realize how fucking retarded and juvenile he is and fucking snap out of it

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Well, I have to correct myself then. Try being an ugly ginger manlet.

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Nah I'm defo getting incel vibes from your phrasing

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That would've worked just fine 30 years ago.

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>Have your own place
This is already impossible in this economy.

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I was banging new women constantly living here, even wrote my first book about it!

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>snap out of it
There's no "snapping out" of the realization that you're a genetic dead end, a reject, a sexual leper. All you can do is lose yourself in some intricate cope like religion or career.

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no anon
the inability to snap out of this juvenile mind set is what made you a genetic dead end

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When I moved into my Gastown loft in 2009, the rent was $1700 and included the parking spot

When I moved out in 2015 right before I had my kid, the rent was jacked up to $3400 a month... the parking spot was an extra $300 a month

I mean, if you live at home, have no money, you don't lift, and you're a white guy... like where do you think you are going to get women interested in you? How? What is interesting or exciting about you?

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The point being that Live Laugh Love is not fulfilling to girls. It is emulating fun things to do and signalling happiness, but life without a stable companion is inherently lacking. Male expression of loneliness is more explicit because men can choose to be invisible which is both a blessing and a curse. Women have to work out that their problem is loneliness all while being surrounded by constant attention they cannot escape from which is quite a mind fuck. The day to day experience of a man wallowing in invisibility and loneliness is more explicitly painful, but his problem is evident. The day to day experience of a woman may be less painful, but is still as damaging in the long run. Different problems for different situations.

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Look at this thread. Everyone is talking like teenage girls. Get a grip on yourselves lads for god's sake

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>prime years for youthful and passionate sex are gone, all the desirable girls already used up and jaded
>lol bro that's such a juvenile mindset, get back to your cubicle and pray to jesus, maybe get a hobby lol
Ignorant imbecile

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I live with my gf rn. Are you guys American? They are basically large entitled children. Not worth it guys. Even sex.

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Then go after Asian women shorter than you. Try Filipino women.
Many amongst them do not have the ability to tell good looking white males apart from ugly ones.
Also, get /fit/. Not mini-hulk fit, that's retarded, just have good shoulders. You can gain an inch or even two by training your upper body. For manlets everything matters.

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you fucking muppet. you absolute fucking embarrassment.

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Other anon, you are a retard if you don't take male sexuality seriously. You are the one that is copeing. Yes the doomer is repulsive, but he isn't wrong. Yes there are behavioral changes that he could make to change his situation, but that does not nullify the truth of his perception. You'll make no progress healing the sick if you deny the truth. No one will rightfully trust a word you have to say if you don't acknowledge the truth.

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Seething because exposed

>> No.18587904

are you american?
you're speaking like a retarded american

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Youthful sex is mostly a confused and guilty affair, speaking personally sex has only gotten better as I've aged

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How about do drugs like these cool guys?

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Retard, This IS THE AMERICAN thread

>> No.18587933

I can tell
only americans are this retarded

>> No.18587934

Nice take anon. Generally, I like women more than men but women are also disgusting in their own way. I just want the human race to die out.

>> No.18587935

>male sexuality
>There's no "snapping out" of the realization that you're a genetic dead end, a reject, a sexual leper
Bro, you have a very low estimation of men

>> No.18587939

because he's an underage retarded brainwashed amerimutt

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Don't care about sex, it's overrated, I just want companionship and for someone to give a shit, but I'm too fucked up to make that happen. That ship has sailed, my social skills have atrophied and I can't relate to anyone in my age bracket anymore

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>rent explodes
>proving my point
>wHaT iS InTErEsTIng AbOut YoU
Interesting is that I cannot afford anything despite working as a chemical engineer you retard. The housing market is fucked and if you don't own your own place you can say goodbye to getting a gf. Fucking Boomers I swear.

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No fucking way. Doesn't the UK try to be mini America? Those guys are way more retarded for thinking the US is something to emulate.

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/Lit/ is a place where no author is good and if you missed out on teen sex, you're fucked for life.

Imagine believing that in 2021 where women have been so incredibly mind-poisoned by the smart phone that if you went back in time to 2001 you'd think you're in a different dimension.

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Same but I am 32. It only get worse.

>> No.18587956

so in a way you're proving him right?
the fact that being born as an american is basically signing your own death warrant, guaranteeing your existence is nothing but an endless cycle of mindless consumption and self hate?

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You do not need much in the way of social skills if you have a decent career, hygiene, dress well, and have a hint of self-confidence.

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Do you rent right now? Chem engineer... that should be able to rent a decent place, no?

>> No.18587972

Red wine and weed is pure horniness pumped into a female's veins, yes.
It is also a big red flag tho, if you offer it to a girl she 100% knows you intend to bang her.

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The sound and rumble of a V8 gets them wet... your mom's Toyota Camry is drying out her pussy.

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If they weren't so fucking mentally atrophied
they might've been able to get themselves out of the cycle

>> No.18588003

I'm 36 mate, try again.

>> No.18588006

You could easily be getting 25 year old prime ass!

>> No.18588021

>guaranteeing your existence is nothing but an endless cycle of mindless consumption

That's the world. If you think consumer culture hasn't touched every corner of the planet, I'm not sure you can be helped. Go ahead and suggest that the global population should decline; consumerists recoil at the thought.

>> No.18588042

Americans are fucked, aren't they

>> No.18588055

>decent career
I'm on neetbux
Yes it's good but I have health issues that undermine my confidence
>dress well
>a hint of self-confidence

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Man I started dating my gf when I was working a deadend job, living in a rented room in a shitty slum house. We've been together for 5 years and are getting married next spring. I swear, this kind of attitude is infinitely more damaging than being poor or whatever else

>> No.18588067

Why haven't you worked on building or creating something? I understand being a NEET since the 9-5 world is incredibly brutal.

>> No.18588087

you disgust me

>> No.18588099

Because you know he's right, and he's poking holes in your cope bubble.

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I bet you are just tall and attractive.

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Imagine being THIS delusional.

>> No.18588138

There's nothing that really interests me aside from reading and most people don't care about my autistic ramblings on philosophy and religion.

>> No.18588150

But... I am?

>> No.18588167

How do you expect to get sex if you're not blazing your own path in life?

>> No.18588172

Yes, to a certain extent. But I also have a deformity that gave me a lot of trouble when I was a teenager

>> No.18588178

>high fives anon

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I’ve posted this other places but I used to be a textbook definition incel.
>obsessed with pop culture
>didn’t leave room for weeks at a time
>browse /v/ all day
>16 hour long video gaming sessions

I lost my virginity on my 25th birthday after dropping 130lbs doing crossfit and starving myself for 6 months. Never even held hands or kissed a girl before then. Keep in mind I was also working a humiliating, emasculating job making no money and I still managed to find money/time for my membership. You don’t even need to do CrossFit but I recommend it since it’s an excellent morale boosting, fun group environment and they teach you all the basics of exercise if you didn’t play high school sports or weight lift growing up. You can find a MUCH cheaper 24 hour gym membership somewhere with free weights, watch some YouTube videos about form and safety, nutrition, and fasting/bulking and you’ll be pretty much good. I went kind of crazy for a while on tinder and finished out that year with 8 more women.

Also, dating only gets easier the older you get. Men’s value rises as you get older.

You can change if you want to but I’m not going to bend over backwards to convince anyone. It’s totally possible to turn it around but some people legitimately enjoy living in complete misery I’ve discovered and are resistant to any kind of attempt at self improvement. Want to live in misery and suicidal ideation? Go ahead, I don’t fucking care. Incels are legitimately among the most evil people on earth in my opinion and they thrive on sinking to lower and lower depths of self destruction while baiting others into killing themselves before they eventually run out of steam and turn the gun on themselves.

Also what incels don’t know is that being in a relationship introduces you into a whole new slew of vulnerabilities you never considered. It’s hard work maintaining a relationship, even with someone you think you love - ESPECIALLY with someone you love. It won’t fix your depression, low self-esteem, sense of failure, existential despair, ennui, boredom etc etc either so don’t bother if you expect finding a gf will fix everything in your life overnight.

>> No.18588188

>Yes, to a certain extent
What's your height?

>> No.18588192

I don't care about sex as I said in my first post

>> No.18588194

i am 18years old virgin

>> No.18588204

Getting /fit/ only works if you are tall and attractive to begin with. You cannot change the game of a legit 2/10 genetic baseline.

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Hell yeah anon. Nice work bro!

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>> No.18588224

I'm 5 10 and it got me laid

>> No.18588247

Try being 5'6".

>> No.18588252

being a pessimistic defeatist little bitch is what disgusts me, you delusional incel. that you can't see that just makes me think you really are just that hopeless.

>> No.18588260

I'm 5 foot 2 inches tall. I've had sex with over 30 girls. I'm not rich, I can't grow a beard for the life of me, and I'm pretty much a lazy midwit.
Wtf is your excuse?

>> No.18588263

>Incels are legitimately among the most evil people on earth in my opinion and they thrive on sinking to lower and lower depths of self destruction while baiting others into killing themselves before they eventually run out of steam and turn the gun on themselves.
this, they are really are the bottom of the barrel and hardly any of it has to do with their sexlessness, so much as their outright malevolent personalities

>> No.18588274

Insecurity radiating from your post, the life-affirming façade crumbling with every letter.

>> No.18588277

Incelism is just the human species way of "self correcting' itself
modern amenities means that nature no longer culls the undesirable

>> No.18588294

STFU faggot, I’m 5’8”. Height is way overestimated. I was only rejected ONE time by a girl due to my height on tinder after we matched and she was fucking 6’3” so I can’t really blame her. We’d have looked ridiculous side by side. Never was it an issue anywhere else. I even dated a girl who said she was 5’9”. Do women prefer taller guys? I’m sure but it’s not as much of a handicap as you might think. Women say retarded shit all the time and then do the exact opposite of it. I can post my tinder matches rn if you think I’m doing “le Reddit feel good” type shit.

Formerly Chuck’s

>> No.18588299

okay, stay miserable then
>Incelism is just the human species way of "self correcting' itself
lookism forums are turning your brain into mush. seek help

>> No.18588315

I simply don't care for those who don't help themselves anymore
in fact, when I see people on /lit/ crying about not getting pussy as if their life is over
I want to fucking kill them for themselves

>> No.18588330

>Wtf is your excuse?
That this is a larp.

>> No.18588350

Yes, there is no snapping out of lost time. Are you retarded? I'm able to empathize with the doomers precisely because I experienced intense young love. I slept in the bed of my hs gf every night for 2 years. Every night. They aren't wrong. Even if you had something like that you know now that what made it (innocence between both partners) is a commodity that gets used up with experience. I'm not going to lie to their face and tell them that their perceptions that line up with my own lived experience is wrong. The best I can do is point out that that type of love is not the only type of love that exists nor is it without flaws. I won't trivialize it or denounce its existence though, that would be blasphemous. Living with other girls after my first for extended periods of time, one night stands, cucking other guys, these are all just different forms of relationships. None compare to virginal love. It is uniquely virile and also uniquely vapid because the participants are still sleepwalking through life.

If they want to just experience love, any love, there is hope for them. But can you not empathize that virgin love would seek virgin love? How do you reconcile virgin love with world weary love? Their sorrow that they are beyond the timeframe to experience virginal love to match their own is legitimate. Their own virginal love has gone sour and expired in the depths of their misery. Have some goddamn compassion man. These are men, not walking dildos.

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>she was fucking 6’3” so I can’t really blame her. We’d have looked ridiculous side by side.
I think you mean "cute and as Nature intended".

>> No.18588361

I'm 6'3 and one of the guys I know who got the most pussy was 5'3... an aussie who could crack jokes and had a very raspy voice.

>> No.18588370

they just need to go the fuck outside and learn how to interact with people properly and get some vitamin d. this "genetic failure" stuff is just one of their many self sabotaging mechanisms, one of which being that they seriously overthink everything. incels like their victimhood too much to improve. very common

>> No.18588375

Accents do wonders on the female mind.

>> No.18588385

There are many incel who improve themselves actively, just look at lookism forums. The problem is that getting a girlfriend is ultimately out of your control. The women pick the men and if they deem your best self still as undesirable then you are just fucked. They are victims to their genetics and circumstances.

>> No.18588387

is this your entire life?
pussy and sex and fucking and meat?

>> No.18588388

>t. woman

>> No.18588395

no one in this thread is actually over 20
anyone who claims otherwise is either lying, or just very... very pathetic

>> No.18588401

Incels view female sexuality through their male sexuality. Women can be strangely forgiving when it comes to looks I’ve discovered if its supplanted by personality. I work with an 8/10 who is dating this skinnyfat-bordering-on-fat Mexican guy with crooked fucked up teeth and minor acne scarring.

>> No.18588416
File: 835 KB, 500x280, 1598709128041.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>reddit: the post

>> No.18588426

You do realise there are more women than men in the western world right? Unless you’re in the Middle East or India or somewhere totally fucked socially then the odds are on your side if you’re at least putting in some effort to groom, exercise, and not be lazy. Social isolation has destroyed your view of how the world works. Go outside dude. It’s really not a world of blonde gigachads ruling over hordes of degenerative morlock manlets condemned to loneliness for eternity by cruel fate. Ugly fucked up weirdos score sex all the time. Do you live in some rural shithole?

>> No.18588431

>pussy and sex and fucking and meat?
Of course not but it's still tough to endure complete loneliness. I have legit never felt the warmth of a girl. Never kissed one. Never went on a Date.
Do you know how soul-crushing it is chilling with your friends and they all have girlfriends?

>> No.18588439

What should I have said instead?

>> No.18588441

How old are you and where do you live

>> No.18588448

Idk what you are talking about but here in Austria, there are more men than women. Also the birth rate is still 51,6 to 48,4 percent, so nothing will change in the future. Get your statistics right you retard.

>> No.18588452

Ok zoomer

>> No.18588460

so I guess you're the pathetic one then

>> No.18588465

I am 21 and live in Austria, why is that important?

>> No.18588466

That’s still almost 50/50 and there are other countries outside of Austria where women presumably live. Do you know how retarded and absurd you sound? Like… lmfao

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File: 527 KB, 1440x1920, IMG_5720 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Love is everywhere dude as long as you have the personality and heart to receive it...

What IS difficult, however, is to build the life that can receive what the women are attuned to around you.

Geographic location
Social life
Your fitness level
How funny you are
If you are a person that adds value to other lives

Mating and loving and every aspect of your human relationships is so incredibly complex when you actually sit down an analyze it.

The current political / social climate makes becoming that gregarious, carefree male that attracts many females much more difficult.(Or easier if you fakewoke!)

>> No.18588481

why are there so many normalfags on /lit/?

>> No.18588488

All my shortest and ugliest friends have the hottest gfs, it's strange. They're good guys and are fun to be around though, unlike incels, so that helps.

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>this thread
>What should I have said instead?
the opposite desu

>> No.18588491

most pseuds are underage
they think reading books makes them smarter than their friends

>> No.18588499

Men get BTFO’d hardcore in their early 20s. It’s the most suicide fuel period of their lives. Things typically get better if you’re working hard in university or have some kind of future planned. People in their early 20s are legitimately retarded and barely more mature than children.

>> No.18588504

4chan IS mainstream

>> No.18588507

So lie?

>> No.18588511

I don't even bother helping people anymore
let the dudes kill themselves, more for me

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If their friends are listening to music videos like this:


I would imagine someone reading, say, Julian Jaynes Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, would be more developed mentally and be seen as understanding more difficult concepts than someone who is listening to electronic shit music with black fat asses shaking everywhere.

>> No.18588520

what do you consider a normalfag

>> No.18588526

Many women past 25 stop caring about their partner's appearance, even the hottest and most superficial amongst them. My ex was an Asian bimbo and she could have dated anyone she wanted.

>> No.18588540
File: 463 KB, 650x487, 1625328213407.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Those types of women feel intense shame when they are out at social events and they have to introduce their fat, slobbish boyfriend when there are ripped dudes dressed well at the same event.

>> No.18588541

whether women are attracted to you or not is basically a measure of how much you are worth in life. women like men who are confident, driven, funny, attractive (ideally), and fearless, that is to say, women like men who are good and not worthless shit like incels. if incels want to be attractive, they need to become better men, not "chads" or whatever the fuck they think that means.

>> No.18588543

I am getting a degree in Computer Science and it will take me until 25 to graduate if I include a Masters. It will not get any better. Do you really think that a girl would want to date a 25 years old kissless virgin?

>> No.18588554

yes, anon
it's over for you
give up now

>> No.18588556

What a sad thread. Get a grip.

>> No.18588557
File: 213 KB, 1125x1281, 1615342162070.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Those types of women feel intense shame
> has never touched or hung out with a woman who wasn't blood related.
> "here's what these women I've never interacted with feel! I am very smart!"

>> No.18588568

I recently realized that when I turn 28 in a couple of months, I will have been depressed for half of my life.
Neet with no skills whatsoever, never had a gf, don't have friends. Probably going to kms on my birthday.

>> No.18588578

I mean, I am just giving up on dating. There are other things in life.

>> No.18588582

why is this ?

>> No.18588587

don't do it, anon. you're just going to fail and maim yourself.

>> No.18588594

there are no other things
time to kill yourself
you were right the first time, you really have nothing to live for anymore

>> No.18588598


>> No.18588602
File: 455 KB, 480x480, 1603329301227.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>So lie?
tell the truth*
keep in mind that you're also lying to yourself

>> No.18588621

Based anon putting genetic dead end crybabies in their place, they really should kill themselves

>> No.18588624
File: 485 KB, 1440x1920, IMG_5722 (1) (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I could post photos and memories of myself with women I've fucked all day long and still not run out... can you even post a single shot of you with an ex?

>> No.18588629

watch this guy
if he can get a gf and he doesn't even want one, so you can, just lower your standards

>> No.18588633

Fuck off, I’m not giving you the negative validation you crave. You want to be miserable? Then be miserable. If I say yes you can then you’ll accuse me of lying and being Reddit. I agree with you then you take it as a justification to give up and not even bother like you originally wanted. You’re 21, what do you know about literally anything besides masturbating? I wouldn’t task a 21 year old with cleaning my toilet because they’d probably fuck it up somehow.

Besides the laws of physics or whatever there are pretty much no rules in life except that you can die. It’s not a video game. You can have consensual sex and get married after 25, even if its your first time, even if you’re aspergic, even if you’re 5’6”, even if you’re in a wheel chair or prematurely balding or whatever. Or don’t try and just be an antisocial weirdo. Nobody cares about your life except you.

>> No.18588642

Thank you, but I believe
Nailed it.

>> No.18588646
File: 975 KB, 1125x957, 1625247317630.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is a complete bullshit statement. With personality and a sense of confidence, even the short, fat dudes can pick up women. Like... I knew this ugly bald dude growing up, he looked nasty at 23 and was already bald.

That mother fucker didn't care, he ended up doing helicopter logging or some extreme shit, got a bunch of tats, drove his 4x4 and camped, ended up meeting a hottie hippie chick in Nelson BC and now they have kids. He grew up the UGLIEST mother fucker and at a party once, he picked up a beer with a bunch of cigarette butts in it and drank it. Barfed everywhere on a bunch of people. The guy was so awkward at 23 but 20ish years later, he's doing awesome.

>> No.18588647

Dude, come on...
don't be like that
pass me the gun and I'll kill you for you you piece of shit

>> No.18588648

Mainly autism and agoraphobia.
Doesn't happen with hanging.

>> No.18588668
File: 71 KB, 564x704, 54fbe302ab7ad39b312cc6819a271299.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18588669
File: 80 KB, 1000x949, 1623873206616.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm getting too old for this website

>> No.18588678

time to put these fucking retards in their place
I finally understand why people tell other to go kill themselves, holy shit

>> No.18588681

Certainly feels that way when there are so many whiny entitled manbabies itt.

>> No.18588683

I've never seen an attractive black woman irl. Like 60% of them in Burgerstan are obese.

>> No.18588686

kek is this your first time on /lit/
but yeah i agree this board is cancer

>> No.18588687

Excellent post

>> No.18588691

Yeah they look pretty bad and even the “good looking” ones are usually only average…

>> No.18588692

It is a lot harder to be a gregarious, adventurous male in 2021 than it was only 10 years ago.

Rent of even the most basic place of your own is like $1500+ a month.

Having your own place is like 90% of getting laid, haha.

>> No.18588697
File: 2.00 MB, 3264x2448, 16254277742432938769777001118472.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Those fuggos.
Kek, I can smell the sweat from your frantic typing.

>> No.18588698
File: 510 KB, 470x770, 769644131441f57fcda010140e7536dc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18588704

>Rent of even the most basic place of your own is like $1500+ a month.

Only if you live in an overpriced coastal city.

>> No.18588710

>I finally understand why people tell other to go kill themselves
another one radicalized

>> No.18588716


>> No.18588722

>Only if you live in an overpriced coastal city
That's where most of the women are though. Sure, you can make good money as a tradesman at an oil-ring somewhere in nowhere but you will also not get a girlfriend.

>> No.18588729

Yes anon
let that hate flow through you
now you understand what women feel when they look at these incels

>> No.18588746

What a load of nonsense. Women are everywhere.

>> No.18588752
File: 393 KB, 688x664, asss.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I could sit here all day posting naked photos of my exes... while you couldn't even post a single one of yours. This is because you have never been with a single hot chick.

>> No.18588753

Don't remind me

>> No.18588762

Read the book "Date-onomics". It's a good depiction of how skewed gender ratios are between rural areas and cities.

>> No.18588797

You don't have to go out in the middle of nowhere to live affordably. In most major metro areas in the US you can have your own place for around half of your original $1500 claim. I'm in the Phoenix area, have my own place, surrounded by lots of young, good looking women and my total living expenses are under $2000/month.

>> No.18588801

Where do you think you are normalnigger?

>> No.18588805

not /r9k/

>> No.18588809


>> No.18588817

But on the literature subsection of an anonymous anime imageboard.

>> No.18588821

yes, which shouldn't be this fucking pathetic

>> No.18588827

Fuck off back to your networking cocktail parties then jabroni
This is autist territory.

>> No.18588831

autists don't care about pussy
this thread is the normal faggot pussy worshiping thread

>> No.18588832

Piss off to /r9k/ for your hugbox waaa I can't get laid shit.

>> No.18588833
File: 1016 KB, 2048x1536, scar7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine living through your 20's without driving a 700 horsepower Toyota Supra and having sex with a bunch of beautiful women while your culture isn't yet polluted with non-stop white guilt and social justice?

Oh... gas was cheap, no smart phones, and rent was very reasonable.

>> No.18588847

Remember he wrote that in the early 90s. At that time no one else had noticed the shift in the relationship between the sexes. At the time early critic thought it was unrealistic or science-fiction. Noticing trends this early takes real talent. Something similar happened with his latest book Soumission which was published just before the Bataclan attack and was also denounced as unrealistic by critics.

>> No.18588853

washed up old man bragging about what he did a decade ago
at least you got the memories

>> No.18588856

Attention attention:



>> No.18588859

women ain't shit
any men who can't see that deserves what ever they do to themselves

>> No.18588865
File: 2.29 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_5712.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

2nd book about to release... feels good anon!

>> No.18588868

I live in Silicon Valley. 5K for a mini apartment and no women. Fuck you. Studied Computer Engineering and cannot get a job anywhere else because everything is oversaturated.

>> No.18588873

Imagine being a 40 year old (supposedly) showing off to teenagers on a mongolian basket weaving forum.

>> No.18588881


>> No.18588885

based washed up boomer

>> No.18588886

>with a bunch of beautiful women
The girls from the pics you posted are fucking gross tho.

>> No.18588890

Also who allowed that culture to get so polluted and everything to be ruined? Wasnt it you and your generation?

>> No.18588897

imagine having a life so pathetic that it peaks in your teenage years
fucking kek

>> No.18588901
File: 404 KB, 800x627, The Fox and the Grapes.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18588907

The job market for junior engineers is the worst in the bay area. Start spamming applications to jobs outside of California.

>> No.18588909
File: 220 KB, 1632x1224, old camera pics 045.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel like the truth is closer to:

"The women you attract and chase are just a reflection of who you are"


When I released my 1st book, I was addicted to cocaine and completely surrounded by addicts, alcoholics, junkies, social climbers, social justice warriors were just ramping up... it was when the revolution just begin in the west. I was so demoralized and such a nihilist just chasing more coke and more easy poontang. It's easy to get on that path, but SO hard to get off it.

>> No.18588914

whats it about

>> No.18588919

Brother, I turn 30 in a couple of months and I am currently spending 90% of my min. wage salary on rent.

I would recommend questioning yourself sincerely as to why you don't have a job, a girlfriend etc. I've done this recently and learned that I have always been a pushover and that I have consistently self-sabotaged due to immense guilt over the idea of succeeding in any way. Life is a struggle and I'm not going to chadpost but you can turn it around.

>> No.18588921

I'd rather be here talking to you guys than be post on Reddit:
"Yay I got my vaccine who else cried in the parkinglot? 43M here... love you we can beat this!"
Like dude... I am an elder outcast who has made it in life, perhaps you could even learn from me...

>> No.18588923

>even wrote my first book about it!
Why do people read shit like this?

>> No.18588930

must be why i attract schizoautist women

>> No.18588932

They look decent - fuckable - wouldnt be bragging about them though.

>> No.18588936

To be fair I think he's bragging more about the quantity than the quality.

>> No.18588947

You have two first names and your book sounds like shit. I wish I could be as dumb as you because you seem legitimately happy.

>> No.18588950
File: 632 KB, 2000x1333, 1625364771653.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't blame me for the death of Canadian culture.. I was banned from social media over and over, completely banned everywhere for having my opinions. I continue to live and think freely, albeit surrounded by absolute fucking NPCs.

I mean... look at the mainstream culture in Canada. Check out the "who's who" of the local University newspaper.

Remember... these people are the new mainstream here in Vancouver.


>> No.18588963

i thought the pronoun stuff was a meme

>> No.18588977

Both Jaymee and Michelle are infinitely hotter than any of the hogs you've posted, boomer.

>> No.18588979
File: 322 KB, 968x700, tsk-wider.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mild-mannered, blue pilled cuck gets his bike stolen. Tries to move on in life. He goes through a series of unfortunate events and decides enough is enough. He strikes back against the bike thieves while recording it on his phone and uploads the video. His actions kick off a series of copycats and he soon finds himself caught up in a web of blackmail and a national terrorist hunt.

I'm super fucking happy that I control the whole process. I still have to learn to use the hot glue perfect binder machine better, the fucking thing is a little clunky.

>> No.18588991

>I am an elder outcast who has made it in life, perhaps you could even learn from me...
Unlearning the ability to cringe will set you free. It is the first step to enlightenment...

I live in the Balkans and incelism is a completely foreign concept. Nobody is so autistic here (yet) that they cant get laid by the time they turn 20. Im still in highschool btw.

>> No.18589008

Except for the Capital

>> No.18589032
File: 2.62 MB, 2336x3504, IMG_1008 (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't make me super saiyan and post the hottest ones I have! You know, a woman's looks aren't her entire value... there is one of my exes who has a roman nose, some people said it made her ugly, but her overwhelming femininity was soooooo much hotter than the most physically beautiful woman I have been with.

Someday I'm going to do a City of Singles: Second Date and examine the chaos of 2021ish dating. Our culture is so, so, so much worse than it was before and requires total ideological conformity.

>> No.18589035

"Nothing but our undertakings, when we vow to weep seas, live in fire, eat rocks, tame tigers; thinking it harder for our mistress to devise imposition enough than for us to undergo any difficulty impos’d. This is the monstruosity in love, lady, that the will is infinite and the execution confin’d, that the desire is boundless and the act a slave to limit."
"They say all lovers swear more performance than they are able, and yet reserve an ability that they never perform; vowing more than the perfection of ten, and discharging less than the tenth part of one. They that have the voice of lions and the act of hares, are they not monsters?"

Have sex, don't have sex. Won't change a thing, if your jelouse of people who have had lots of sex your a fool. Nothing can fill the cave of desire, people who stew in past pleasures are idle dreamers who haven't the creativity to strike up new realitys.

T. Have had sex.

Again for idiots

>will is infinite and the execution confin’d, that the desire is boundless and the act a slave to limit.

>> No.18589044

different anon; post manuscript pdf again, I forgot to save it.

>> No.18589046
File: 48 KB, 888x1185, 1588960072702.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18589051

mah mexican bro is 5'6" he worked construction for a while and pulled a cute latina shorty. Now he does engineering. He had ambition all along, you on the other hand sound like a deafeatist

>> No.18589052

in real life it would

>> No.18589078

>there is one of my exes who has a roman nose, some people said it made her ugly
How much Roman? Duchess nose is best nose, but Roman is patrician as fuck, your friends sounds like cunts.

>> No.18589093
File: 315 KB, 1280x1920, IMG_0802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes I agree! She was beautiful to me, but my social climber friends dissed her look. Fucking goofs. As soon as I dated a skihill nose woman again they were all like "oooh bro your girl is so hot" like fucking idiots.

I basically just bragged over this entire thread, but I really hope that young guys realize that they have the power to go out into the world and still meet women. Work at whatever you do, get your own place, lift, be a local at a pub... there is still living to be done.

The whole "use Tinder" culture has completely fucked over people's social skills, for sure.

>> No.18589098

>bragging about being banned from facebook

>> No.18589100

why do all your pics look straight out of the mid 2000s? Are you in your 50s? or are cameras that bad over there

>> No.18589113

Affirm deez nutz

>> No.18589114


>> No.18589128
File: 1.27 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_00000967_edit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This needs to be heard by more young men. Even if you're short, you're still powerful. There is so much work to be done to fix this utterly broken society, become a beacon and you will attract women no matter what.

People used to gather more... I mean, if I were younger in 2021 and I wanted to foster a community, I would get into film and make short films based on life in the 90's or some other nostalgia. I think people are going to ache for simpler times.(If they don't already.)

>> No.18589145

That photo was from 2010 from my iPhone if I recall correctly.

>> No.18589169
File: 2.45 MB, 3648x5472, pic3-min.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd rather be called cringe on 4chan than be accepted on Faceberg

>> No.18589244

Sorry for the delay anon, I was being self-indulgent



>> No.18589536

Book name?

>> No.18589681

Is this b8? If not, why would you post your manuscript publicly? Pretty sure publishers have rules against that.

>> No.18589950

He's a resident schizo. Read the pdf at your own peril (you will be bored to tears). He does nothing but post old photos, call other people faggots (despite admitting to doing gay porn himself), and claiming he is some kind of chad boomer. He won't accept any criticism of his absolute shit tier writing because...

>> No.18589963

He's a pseud?

>> No.18590014

I'm balding and 5'4". I think there's a threshold to be crossed when you're no longer viable to women. Most incels however are just supremely lazy fucks.

Been content with my life and self-improved quite a lot, lost over 80 pounds. Women still generally despise me but I've got a lot of bros now and I picked up mountain climbing.

>> No.18590018

He's past that. If he was in here it would have triggered him. He's over in his self pub thread with people fawning over his poorly constructed copies of his shit novel. He deflects all criticism because people haven't read the full thing to comprehend the plot. The essential plot of getting car insurance etc. It's the most "and then this happened" book you will ever read with the shittiest prose to boot.

>> No.18590056

>start working out
>not even a couple months in, start balding pretty badly
>am a 5'8 uggo
Damn. I just can't win.

>> No.18590058

My writing is absolute fucking trash, a dog shitting on a keyboard could write better. However, I am charming and can bullshit, which is 90% of what makes you successful in 2021.

Once I figure out how to make money with this method, I'll teach /Lit/ how I did it... what will you do to help your fellow outcasts, bro?

>> No.18590100

I obviously have multiple mental illnesses. I have never succeeded at anything I've done. My books suck big time... check out how schizo my filmmaking is:


I'll never be successful at anything and I might sell 1 or 2 books to people who feel sorry for me. I'll probably be broke and homeless before 2022. Well... at least I tried!

>> No.18590108

Fuck off faggot, I liked it.
The Aziz character was funny.

>> No.18590138

I think it's "Whatever"

>> No.18590156

She's running for Mayor of Vancouver in the sequel...

>> No.18590225

You've got to be fucking kidding me, right? I was always just happy that I didn't end up like one of those pathetic, disgusting "teenage parents" those fuckers always looked miserable as hell.

Besides, having sex with a rubber fucking SUCKS. I was just glad I got to be a teen and still have fun and shit.

Who wrote this Raphael trash?

>> No.18590232

>Things that never happened

>> No.18590243

>Spit roasting a chick with some other faggot

Dude, you're a cuck. You need help.

>> No.18590247


Literally couldn't give a fuck about girls friendship or any other gay faggot shit. The only thing I need for happiness is money

>> No.18590254

Uhhhh... every threesome I had was with two chicks faggot

>> No.18590255

Women are property.
Friends share their property.
Wtf are you, a bad friend?

>> No.18590267

I finally banged a Vegas escort with a 10/10 body. Was boring, couldn't cum.

Now I don't fucking care anymore, kind of a relief really, at least I got it before I turned 30.

Now I can just fucking die.

>> No.18590275

Lmfao, no it wasn't.

>> No.18590276

What the fuck dude... where is your self-value?

>> No.18590286

>at least I got it before I turned 30
Also, not being able to cum the first time isn't unnatural. The first time is either too short or too long, always. Took me 3h to blast my load the first time.

>> No.18590287

>Self value

Oh shut the fuck up.

>> No.18590295

No one believes you, faggot.

>> No.18590303

I feel like a lot of people do not love themselves at all.

>> No.18590310

I don't want to get laid.

>> No.18590318

Okay, that makes sense. I went for almost two hours and nothing. I thought it was the rubbers fault.

Was a nice confidence booster that I had to wear a large size condom though. Wasn't amazing but I don't regret it. Damn she had a fine ass body on her..

I just liked playing with her titties. Now I'm dating a fine ass British chick who's five years younger than me.

Can't believe my luck really.

>> No.18590326

I've posted so much ex-gf ass in several threads now and still have so much more content to spread... I mean... threesomes are not difficult to have once you know the formula of how they begin...

>> No.18590328

If anything I did it because I love myself. Being a virgin is turbo misery if you're a male.

>> No.18590332

I won't even fuck a chick if I have to use a condom... they completely ruin the experience

>> No.18590336

I want to have sex before the white race dies out.

>> No.18590337

why not

>> No.18590339

I feel like the reason virginity is turbo hell for men is because our entire society has focused a man's value on two things:

1. If he can fuck women
2. If he can own property

We have truly lost our way as a nation and the current malaise is a result of being adrift

>> No.18590361

Is it just me or does this girl have really short legs? She must be like 4 foot 10.

>> No.18590375

>Washed up middle aged man bragging about his sex life
I know that 4chan isn't an obscure website anymore but have we really fallen this far?

>> No.18590389

I'm not interested in casual sex. I'd like to wait until marriage, but if I never get married I'd rather just stay a virgin.

>> No.18590409

I'm an author of two books... how about you?

>> No.18590412

Hey, life sucks enough, I don't need it to burn every time I go to take a piss.

>> No.18590421

Exactly. Always been that way. Men are extremely expendable.

>> No.18590427

The clap ain't even that bad

>> No.18590430

Yeah? Bet you and your mother are the only people in existence that have read them.

>> No.18590445

It's just one more annoyance I'd be happier without. Go ahead and be a nigger if it floats your boat.

>> No.18590446

I attract borderlines half my age, so I must be pretty based

>> No.18590453

You are... do you have any creative projects released?

>> No.18590461

You little faggot bitch, I guarantee you have nothing to brag about and you have never accomplished anything. Faggot. I weep for you. Grab your balls and start living your life.

>> No.18590465

How do I attract hot scene girls for hot sex?

>> No.18590476

Do women legit find a guy more attractive if you talk to them like they're lower than shit?

I'm really starting to think that's how it works.

>> No.18590497

lolwut? Are you talking down to me because I'm smart enough to avoid contracting venereal disease?

Are you retarded? I can guarantee that no one but YOU thinks you've ever done anything even remotely noteworthy.

>> No.18590505

Shit taste

>> No.18590506

>that tummy
fugg bros it's not fair I NEED to kiss cute scene girl tummy right now

>> No.18590513

Women want to move up socially. If you can show them that you are above them, the will fuck you. Imagine being someone like Drake or Chris Brown. On a set filming a video, every single last female would be moist and be praying that you would notice them. Once the video shoot is over, if Drake or Chris Brown did not like them, they have to go back to escorting and fucking losers or back to waitressing and be known as "excuse me" rather than "I had Drake's baby"

>> No.18590516

>Bragging on 4chan

Is this the lowest of the low?

>> No.18590539

I guarantee you have never taken any risks in life you absolute pussy

>> No.18590540

Sometimes I hope my friends would share their girls with me

>> No.18590543

This is my gf. We can all make it anons! Just have to try!

>> No.18590548

>Incels are legitimately among the most evil people on earth in my opinion and they thrive on sinking to lower and lower depths of self destruction while baiting others into killing themselves before they eventually run out of steam and turn the gun on themselves.
this is how i know you were not a real incel
if you were an incel you would have compassion for us

>> No.18590557

I've taken plenty. Just not uber-retarded shit like getting STD.

I mean, how fucking braindead do you have to be?

>> No.18590578

It ain't the color of your hair holding you back. I know, I'm also a ginger.

>> No.18590581

I have fucked 100+ women and completely lost track. Thank God I have never had a herpes outbreak and only have got the clap like 4 times.

I was degenerate as fuck, I had a child, I matured, I fought through the toughest times to quit the adult industry and focus on writing.

There is a fine line of masculinity, risks are important to take but not TOO risky...

>> No.18590584

when you watch your friends eat do you wish they would spit out their food and let you eat the mush?

>> No.18590602

Nice LARP blogpost loser.

>> No.18590614

There is nothing more disgusting to me than the idea of sharing a woman sexually with another man.

I'd sooner kill myself desu

>> No.18590618


>> No.18590624

I think I contracted gonorrhea from a toilet seat.

>> No.18590629


This except I'm 30 and 100 % missed out socially and totally realise how hard my life is because I'm ugly. People treat me like shit

>> No.18590655

They should. You have bad friends.

>> No.18590659

Growing up in the 1990's was fucking KINO... that's how

>> No.18590665

>that should be able to rent a decent place, no?
I don't know why you would assume that when even people who make 100k a year qualify for section 8 everyone on the west coast.

>> No.18590668

Suck my dick you absolute faggot:


>> No.18590671

post body

>> No.18590672

My friends nasty ass obese wife tried to get me drunk and to fuck her, he was all passive and all like "go ahead dude" but refused.

God cucks are fucking disgusting.

>> No.18590683

I'm just too shy to ask desu

>> No.18590686

Hoo boy, look at all those negative reviews AHAHAHA

>> No.18590696

Why do you have friends with obese friends/wife to start with?

>> No.18590700

>All good reviews are verified purchases
>all bad reviews are not

>> No.18590701

Because I don't feel the need to fuck everything with a pulse.

>> No.18590713

Dude you're trying waaay too hard. No one here gives a shit about you.

Shut the fuck up already.

>> No.18590721

im not him

>> No.18590749

My best friend and roommate tried to get me to do it a couple of times after he heard I had had a mff. His gf was a bit weird so it never ended up happening. Cute, but really a Karen.

>> No.18590763

>there's no work anywhere outside where I currently live
Fuck, you're stupid.

>> No.18590766

Modern Homo Sapiens is fucking disgusting. Went from defending your mate from all contenders to letting all contenders fuck your mate and film it for all to see.

This species deserves extinction.

>> No.18590770

>When I released my 1st book
>falling for the self publishing meme

>> No.18590778

Ahhh ahhh ahhh help I'm having a bipolar episode

>> No.18590781

>a cute latina shorty
Doesn't count. Those girls' parents only let her date latino wastes, when she could easily pull better.

>> No.18590791

This is a meme propagated by the unsuccessful.

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