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is this berserk?

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Fix your fucking font.

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typical wahman.

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Manga is not literature. Sorry.

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Stop being such a fucking pseud. Name one western book that can make you feel the same about Krillin's death at Frieza's hand.

You can't. Western Books are devoid of emotion and soul.

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>book that can make you feel the same about Krillin's death at Frieza's hand

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>not being able to detect emotion and soul in western literature
>needs exaggerated facial expressions, caps lock written sound effects and speed lines in the background to actually get the feel of what's going on
>i'm not autistic!

yeah, at least admit it's on you.

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>Not being able to name one
Welp. It looks like that anon has you guys beat. Dragon Ball is such a Kino series that no western novel can’t compete.

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>Dragon Ball is such a Kino series that no western novel can’t compete

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Has to be ironic.

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This thread gave me good laughs

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I'd kill this person if I ever got the chance

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What a sad person. Why is she worried about birth control? With that personality, she’ll end up having to fuck her chocolate Labrador.

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Best.review of.all of.time
Fuck off tryhard pseuds

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This is quite based though

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>Fuck off tryhard pseuds
Please do not use profanity, it is needlessly aggressive. Thank you.

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It seems that there are avant-teens in the Middle East too.

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I hope she gets raped by refugees. It would be a fitting end.

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>She types in her middle class home with her glass of meme wine
I hate women so much.

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I've not read that book but I'm sure she proves him right in some way

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>Men only think about sex!
Also women:

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The average woman is significantly more sexual than regular men.

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It really, like everything else in life, just depends :3

I think it's safe to assume most human beings like sex, otherwise most of you would not be here.

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They're all valid points though. Statistical generalizations are only valid if they have some applicability. Women being 'more sexual' is incredibly vague, and if you mean, 'having more sex', the question would obviously be 'with whom?'. Since, the only people women can have sex with... are... men... :3

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1. They're thinking about sex more frequently than men
2. Single women are, without a doubt, having more sex than single men. They're gladly sharing a small portion of men on top of sexual hierarchy.

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>Kant review:
>Have sex, incel!

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Fucking kekked

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>a proper shag by a woman with enormous tracts of land
Is that a euphemism for a girl with skidders in her knickers?

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