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Write what you are thinking

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thinkign bout those beans

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Get out of my head zoomer.

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I avoid women like the plague (unironically ignored several cuties hitting on me back in college) because deep down I'm aware of my simp nature a know that these whores would eventually ruin my life.

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Thetis wrote a treatise noting wheat is silver like the sea;

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I read extremely slowly and all of my time is consumed with school. It has taken me an entire year to try and get through one single book. Other times I have read entire books in just a few days.

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The Sigma male spat. He rode on. Redness filled the sky in the shape of a big red phallus, the size of a Sigma male’s. The gang were on their grindset, on the move to acquire scalps and profits.

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I have strong urge to shit BUT ALSO strong urge to piss, right now, coinciding at this very moment

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Yo, I am both shitting and pissing right this second.
R U jealous?

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I wish I was u right now

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shit in your pants ;)

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I just wish I knew what to do. I'm about to graduate college with a degree in something I don't care about. There's so much more I wish I'd learned.

I spend all my time pretending to work at my remote internship. I wish I was reading books but I don't know what to read. Nothing in the giant stack of books I bought at the used bookstore interests me.

I just wish I was outside experiencing something instead of sitting at home on my computer all day. I'm waiting for the day to come when I'm settled down and know what I'm gonna do with my life and have time for everything, but in the back of my mind I know I'll still just waste most of my time

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I saw Ficciones at my used bookstore for 1$ today. I flipped through it and chose not to buy it.

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It's a pitty, you would love it.

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why would I love it?
sell me on it.

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I just tried to befriend normies out of loneliness, it was tiring to change personality to match their level of shit thinking goddamnit you are just irreplaceable why would you introduce me to literature and then leave? Now I'm stuck on this website shitposting

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If you are on a board dedicated to the human art of literature I assume you like books and have an interest in the history of writing in general. Borges is one of the authors with the greatest general knowledge of literature, a man who said he was more proud of the books he had read than of those he wrote. Actually he had more than knowledge, something perhaps even more important: a great love for language, for poetry, for storytelling, for diffetent philosophies and religious schools. He absorbed thousands of sources and knowledge and then built a work that resembles something like the psalm a library would sing if it had a throat.

His tales are marked above all by metaphysical ideas and philosophical analyses. Some readers describe his literature as "cold", but it actually resembles a kind of algebra where thought and storytelling are fused together. It is as if algebra were fertilized by poetry and became another entity.

Even if Borges' narratives and the mysteries with a perfume of infinity and eternity he weaves together aren't interesting to you, there is still the language in which he writes his tales. It is a kind of clean classical poetry dissolved in prose. There is something of the beauty of the marble in a Greek temple under the moonlight, or a kind of taste that diamonds would have if they were a fruit.

There is a sonnet by Borges dedicated to the philosopher Baruch de Spinoza who, in a way, also speaks of Borges' own work. There's also something of his writing style focused on this sonnet:


[Original poem in Spanish]

Las traslúcidas manos del judío
Labran en la penumbra los cristales
Y la tarde que muere es miedo y frío.
(Las tardes a las tardes son iguales.)
Las manos y el espacio de jacinto
Que palidece en el confín del Ghetto
Casi no existen para el hombre quieto
Que está soñando un claro laberinto.
No lo turba la fama, ese reflejo
De sueños en el sueño de otro espejo,
Ni el temeroso amor de las doncellas.
Libre de la metáfora y del mito
Labra un arduo cristal: el infinito
Mapa de Aquél que es todas Sus estrellas.

[Translated into English by Willis Barnstone]

Here in the twilight the translucent hands
Of the Jew polishing the crystal glass.
The dying afternoon is cold with bands
Of fear. Each day the afternoons all pass
The same. The hands and space of hyacinth
Paling in the confines of the ghetto walls
Barely exists for the quiet man who stalls
There, dreaming up a brilliant labyrinth.
Fame doesn’t trouble him (that reflection of
Dreams in the dream of another mirror), nor love,
The timid love women. Gone the bars,
He’s free, from metaphor and myth, to sit
Polishing a stubborn lens: the infinite
Map of the One who now is all His stars.

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how to cure ADHD or lack of focus or lack of motivation or lack of energy????????????????
should i take testosterone pills???????????

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I want to feel the warmth of another human

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Great poem

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Penis, banana, mauuuuu

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Sometimes I put my finger in my belly-button and smell it because I like that smell for some weird reason. I do the same thing with my balls when I haven't washed them for a few days, which is most days. I hope my food gets here soon, I'm hungry.

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A Note on the Permeability of the Races:

It can be stated as a general rule that - regarding miscegenation - only hierarchically adjacent races penetrate one another. The hierarchy, in its most broad sense, can be expressed chromatically from lightness to darkness, or from white to black, with Caucasians at the helm (simply put, White > Brown > Black). This explains why the Boers seldom interbred with the Africans, and why the Spaniards interbred with the indigenous South Americans. Further refining this rule, we can state that the populations lowest on the internal hierarchy of a superior race are more likely to interbreed with the populations higher on the internal hierarchy of the lower race, as opposed to the lower populations within the lower race. (Simply put, the lowest Whites interbreed with the highest Browns.) These rules are general, recall - and exceptions to rules always occur (namely, in which a high White mates with a high Brown - but, also, occasionally, in which a White mates with a Black). The mechanisms working on these outliers, however, must be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. Generally, however, we can assume that a high White breeding with anyone other than a White must have a defective sense of self-worth.

Seeing that women are the more hypergamous sex, it is natural that one, low on the transracial-heirarchy, yet high in their race's own hierarchy, will mate up rather than mate adjacent. (Simply put, a hierarchically high Brown woman will mate with a hierarchically low White man before she does a Brown man of equal footing.) The rule, then, that the lowest Browns interbreed with the highest Blacks, applies mainly in the context of the racially inferior woman mating up the racial hierarchy. This is evident when one considers that Asian women living in the West (Asians, on the racial hierarchy, being mostly beneath Whites but, on occasion, adjacent to them) date White men exclusively at a rate of 40% (Simply put, 4 out of every 10 westernized Asian women date White men exclusively).

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I want nothing more than to be held and cuddled yet am simultaneously terrified of human contact

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every day I become more jokerfied

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