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Antinatalism is irrefutably the endgame of philosophy. The fact that abortion rates are skyrocketing and birth rates are plummeting just shows us that antinatalism is a natural course for the human race. We are collectively waking up. Soon we will all sleep.

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Babies are based

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Antinatalism will finalize the destruction of the West if adopted by the general public, since only white Europeans are capable of understand the argument.
In short, blacks and mudslimes will keep having babies, regardless of any philosophical argument. Therefore, we need to reject antinatalism on the surface level.

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Yeah tell that to the 14 year old Mexican living 3 trailers down from me. I swear they have a higher growth constant than jack rabbits.

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If we continue to let our population decline, become a minority as predicted, then go on to become extinct, we will be altogether free from our people being nuisanced by blacks and mudslimes.

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Do you live in an unironic trailer park, anon?

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Or, you know, we could send them back right now, while we still have the necessary power... Until that happens: Have white children, if only to buy us some time.

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Antinatalism is literally anti-human and therefore should never be discussed seriously. The idea that everyone should stop having children will never be carried out by the species, so it's also ineffective.

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>The fact that things are going a certain way right now just shows us that it is the natural course for the human race.

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>the conclusion becomes crystal clear: the inevitable consequence of what we call progress (at all levels, economic, political, scientific, technological) is self-destruction.

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Lived Antinatalism is a clear sign of declining and weak culture. The western will be bred away by chad muslims and there is nothing you can do. Go on crying about live being bad and evil you faggots

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>Don Quixote then asked him how many children he had, and observed that one of the things wherein the ancient philosophers, who were without the true knowledge of God, placed the summum bonum was in the gifts of nature, in those of fortune, in having many friends, and many and good children.

>To all this Don Quixote said in reply, “Children, senor, are portions of their parents’ bowels, and therefore, be they good or bad, are to be loved as we love the souls that give us life; it is for the parents to guide them from infancy in the ways of virtue, propriety, and worthy Christian conduct, so that when grown up they may be the staff of their parents’ old age, and the glory of their posterity;

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Do you think even half of /Lit/ has had sex in the last 2 years?

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That's right. About 15 minutes from the Denton county line. It's cheap and bigger than my old apartment. Plus I like the aesthetic. I feel like Suttree

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Absolute bottom of westerner: still being an antinatalist despite mentally opposing views this philosophical view because he's to beta to spread his semen. Inshallah you will vanish. Cope

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The first post of this thread... that's my infant kid.

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I honestly wish the best for you and great health for your child. But you know that this will become more seldom and maybe even the exception in the near future when it comes to Westerns. Most of you have at least unconsciously internalized anti natalism. Not because of deep philosophical thought but rather because your either too beta or this lifestyle seems rational on surface level and short term thinking

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>"My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
>Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!'
>Nothing beside remains.
Even if it outlives white people, Islam will die. And thank god for that!

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You didn't get me. The Westerner will vanish. Not the white man. Islam is the only chance for whites

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Trailer parks are actually pretty comfy

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On a long enough timescale, ALL will vanish. So what if the West goes first? You will soon join us.

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Antinatalism would be based if it fully embraced misanthropy, as it is it's mostly just "think of muh poor unborn children's suffering" pussy shit. Therefore I am not an antinatalist but antihumanist.

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A misanthropist has to be a natalist by definition. Causing more pain by making more life

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What would you call somebody who wants the global population reduced to like five or ten millions total.

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a pragmatist

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>a natural course for the human race
You know the word "natural" has lost all of its original meaning when someone uses it to describe humans not having children as a result of them having the philosophical belief that having children is bad.

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A LARPing moralfag

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Its tied heavily to economics and infant mortality. As infant mortality goes down you don't need to have a bunch of kids. And as our economic conditions get worse its a bad idea to have kids young. Of course as you get older having kids gets harder. I think if we lived under a different system or even a less brutal capitalist one we would be having more kids but as it stands medical and economic reasons push away from many children

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If you had children you'd think different. Having kids is GREAT!

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Where exactly did I deny the pleasures of being a father?

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Only if all of Zapffes works were translated to English we'd already be extinct by now

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Why Norwegians aren't extinct then?

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Sterilise yourself
Take Cyproterone Acetate 50 mg each day with food, add estradiol if you like and reduce the cyproterone acetate dosage

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Good question.

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>Implying the masses read deep literature
Total baboon

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True. Someone needs to create a Netflix appropriate series, video game or coomer anime that exposes Zapffe's ideas in an easily digestible way. Only then we will human populations drop
>but True Detective did it already
It pussied out at the end with the whole "light is winning" bit.

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this already presupposes natalism as a good you brainlet


samefag from earlier trying to incite moral panic when antinatalism sidesteps the whole 'problem' of white demographic decline


brainlet take

a Malthusian brainlet

this has nothing to do with genuine antinatalism

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At least True Detective popularized Ligotti a decent amount, even his fiction got a boost in sales

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