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why are so few writers nowadays maniac, schizo drunkard chads? what line of work did all these nutcases go into? all writers working nowadays are milquetoast normalfags and boy does it show in the quality of their work.

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Welcome to the society of total control
Don't worry it will collapse eventually
In the meantime, make the best of it

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In the age of formulaic demographic-pandering, nobody really wants to take a chance on a genuine eccentric. Eccentricity is "not-normal" and normal sells to normal people. Social media presence is almost obligatory these days, and an eccentric is essentially a loose cannon for an industry obsessed with image and outreach, as if they could save their failing medium by just putting forth the correct image and publishing the correct people who can be trusted to hop on Twitter with regularity to comment blandly and positively on some hot-button issue with tons of opportunity for exposure. All of this is a streamlining process by which they facilitate most easily their preferred lifestyle of sitting back as the business prints money for them.

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Pynchon has long since had it made. Name a contemporary author under 35 who is a recluse.

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I just want to add that Pynchon has it made for a good reason. He is my favorite living (I think) author and one of my favorites across any era. But he made his bones when the current publishing structures were still in their infancy.

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Because writing has become a profession, hence inherently undignified and meretricious as per Schopenhauer's excellent essay, and it's become more "diverse", making quality drop even further.

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>why are so few writers nowadays maniac, schizo drunkard chads?
Because it's very stupid to be like that.

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name literally one good non degenerate writer

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I‘m writing my diary desu right now, have been for a while, but it’s pretty difficult so it‘ll probably never release.
People hate eccentricity and even someone like Murakami is seen was pretty radical; you feel that with every paragraph you write: why am I even doing this?
They‘re kind of all letters, and letters and speeches and poetry, or fake history snd philosophy, are the best ways for me to write, but no one really wants to read that. Especially when it’s from today and not some old, secret tomb written by a blind scholar on the other side of the world, or some eye patched nomad.

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Why yes, I did write a scatological ghost story about the haunted bathrooms of a boys only boarding school.

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probably just having trouble getting attention and isolated from each other
considering how zoomers and later generations are being raised there is unlikely to be a shortage of mad eccentrics in our age
This is just a remnant of the pre-internet cultural dark age dominated by passive centralized information consumption. We are headed towards an artistic golden age as the generation gap widens and the dominant world order breaks down.
t. schizo zoomer

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Because they take their meds

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Hate to burst your bubble fellow schizo, but consider the following factors:
>zero tolerance school policies
>pharmaceuticals fed to children to treat boredom and sadness
>lack of physical activity
>low testosterone
>mimetic behavioral stimulus
>financial poverty leading to low agency and limited responsibility

All of this adds up to the most docile and homogenous generation to ever grace the planet. The real pacifier is not the early childhood conditioning factors, but the voluntary consumption of other people's fabricated lives in 30s doses. Vicarious addiction goes hand in hand with financial hopelessness. Your generation literally cannot afford to actualize and exercise agency so you cope by living through icons who have zero substance and merely appear as the image of your unobtainable desires. Tik tok stars are propaganda posters come to life.

The "dark age" is purely a result of the image triumphing over the idea. Once technology progressed that the image could be spread as quickly as an idea it was all downhill. The internet is just the latest piece of technology to facilitate the spread of image and even worse video.

There's no golden age at the end of this phenomenon, you vastly underestimate the broad appeal of the image. An image obsessed culture is not capable of an attention span long enough to produce any artistic work of meaningful quality. It just infinitely shits out propaganda depth copies of its ideas. You best start believing that the memes have come to life, son, because that's all that will ever exist in your lifetime.

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Fuck this is grim, but compelling.

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To be fair a bit too grim. There will still be great works created, but they won't receive attention and they won't catalyze change. The biggest factor working in the favor of image>idea is voluntary laziness and that is not going anywhere.

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You're underestimating the power of a generational gap. Boomers recoiled so hard against their WWII-era parents that we got the hippy movement. You will always have an element of people who want to define themselves against the conventional. My generation recoiled so hard against the free love liberals that we horrified them by signing up in droves to fight pointless wars in the middle east, because as children of those movements we were in the best place to see all its flaws without a rosy tint. The social media zoomer generation might not be the one that recoiled, since social media is essentially brand new in the scope of our development as a species. But their children might grow to hate it, or their children's children. Nothing is lost for good. If you disagree with the way things are, do your best to be the change you want. Speak your mind as often as you can. Know that even if nobody replies or seems to care, that people are reading and they are listening, and you are performing a valuable societal function by providing a rational, healthy alternative to the people capable of listening.

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Excellent posts, thanks Anon

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Just wait for the war like everybody else.

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people are less self reliant so going full schizo could mean getting ostracized from society with everyone knowing you from the internet. in the past you could be a local weirdo and keep moving

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Those guys only sold their books after their inevitable OD/suicide.

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> don’t worry you just have put up with it and keep going to the office until it collapses after you die trust the plan

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shut the fuck up you fat twitter browsing loser.

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1. I was kicked out of 12 schools
2. I was in a mental hospital for 3 months as a kid due to "ADHD"
3. I lifted constantly as a teen
4. Very high testosterone
5. Found my own way through life(both good and bad)
6. Sold porn online and made 10k+ a month for 15 years until I quit after I had my first child

I'm the schizo that /lit/ has no idea exists, 2nd book, "The Shitkickers" coming out as soon as my fucking hot glue perfect binder shows up!

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Naturally, I'm completely seen a a pariah, to be someone so liberated from the wagie-cagie mindset and lifestyle... there was a ton of fun, drugs, personal growth, women, and societal infiltration I did...

Then I finished my 1st book in 2013 that predicted the social fallout from the hedonistic nihilism washing over our culture. In 2021, no DOUBT it has come true.


Vancouver in particular does not produce any of its own culture... we are under the boot of globohomo because, as explained, people have had the adventure, testosterone, and agency beaten out of them over several generations.

My own father is the most extreme beta-male, he would never question the CBC and is a die-hard liberal voter. His real estate keeps going up, up, up!

I wish I could find some other insane maniacs like myself on this site. I have lived a truly bizarre life.

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we didn't go anywhere, we're just spending too much time shitposting on /lit/ and not writing. social media has been terrible for schizo-drunk's productivity.

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I think you're right about the generation but you're generalizing and your take is kind of reductive. You also need to consider that:

>High art has always only been produced by a small amount of people and the masses are always doomed to consume trash.
>The people who produce great art rarely conform to the norm, a significant amount of intelligent people and capable artists will be able to see the negative effect social media has on the masses and break away from it and consume older media, and possibly even form communities online.
>Great art is often not appreciated in the lifetime of the artist, the artwork has to stand the test of time.

The problem as I see it s rather that there is so much noise on information-sharing platforms. An artist has to build a following on social media to even have the chance of someone discovering their artwork.

For there to be a golden age a movement producing good art with a high standard has to become popular enough for talented people to discover it. I think talented people will be starved for good art in this age and that such a movement is plausible.

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this might me truer than most of us are ready to believe it to be

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it’s not as if you faggots read anyway

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Not all of us!
>In a couple weeks, my hot glue perfect binder shows up and I can start selling my 2nd book

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Literally all it takes to kickstart a genuine literary movement is one single actually-good novel to come out of /lit/. What we've gotten so far are just desperate cashgrab shitposts. My own plan is to self publish my novel and market it exclusively on /lit/. Even if/when it doesn't actually end up being good enough to be much of anything, I hope to show other anons that we do actually write here and that we can reach for greatness. I want to become the change I'm looking to see.

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I am completely banned off all social media for wrong think... no hate speech.
>Last Twitter account was banned last year for saying "women don't have penises" with the International Women's Day hashtag.
I'm going to shill the ever living shit out of my book when I can finally print and bind quality copies. Binding without a machine produces too much variance in quality, don't want to sell a book where the pages fall out.

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nice crib, anon

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There is no grandeur in being a second rate Gardner.

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Its less total control, and more just a passive life. Less go out and do something, and more, we kind of have a number of routes you can take that are pretty set. And its not that these routes are forced on you so much just as they are very easy to find yourself in. a passive stream.

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I don't think it's possible to be a second rate Gardner. He is genuinely one of the worst writers I've ever read in all possible aspects of the craft.

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Due to the culture of Canada being so extremely anti-masculine, anti-white, and anti-male, I am condemned for living my life on my terms.
>99% of dudes are extremely cucked and beta
Can be hard for me to get along with others when I've lived such a different life compared to most people...

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honestly really sweet place, wish I could hang out there.
are you any good as a writer, by your own honest assessment, do you think?

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yeah dude, Canada sounds extremely cucked according to all non-retarded people who live there. with a decent government it'd probably be nice, I'm sorry for your loss

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I'm getting better and better, my 1st book in 2013 was an incoherent story, more like a series of flashbacks and nightmare visions of the future wallowing in nihilism with but the faintest hope to escape. I did escape, and I have my kids as a result. Thank God I did not end up 43 and childless...


I upset both men and women when I explain how I've lived... the conformist culture in Vancouver / Canada is EXTREMELY strong.

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>market it exclusively on /lit/
Please don’t. We really don’t need more twitter authors shilling their shit here.
If your book finds its way here organically, fantastic; if not, try not to pay some Indian fuck to shit up the board.

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Dude... come on... as a social outcast, I need places like /lit/ to reach out to fellow oddballs.

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I won't make a single thread about it myself. You can mark my words. I hate Gardner and Waldun and everyone else who forces their mediocre writing with incessant threads as much as you do. My plan is simply to buy ads. If it catches on, it will be because people have seen its merit for themselves. If not, it will quietly fade away and never be seen here again.

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i don't care about the writer
i care about the work


Also, that American dude with a gun had no talent. His Vegas book is highly mediocre at best.

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Funny because publishers care about the IDpol of the authors... I mean, look at CBC books, find a single straight masculine white male anywhere?

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fuck off retard, go make bargain-bin /pol/posts somewhere else

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Dude... if you don't think there is a massive, massive push to erase straight white men from culture... have you even been paying attention?

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dude... my own views are specifically and conspicuously absent from this discussion because this is not the politics board... have you even looked at what board you're posting on?

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if you consistently keep to this principle, you're doing God's work, anon. sadly it won't make much difference

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give the Rum Diary a read, I think it's much better.

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Jesus Christ

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Sup fellow vanbro. I think vancouver is extremely good at procreating "corporate culture". Its been pumping out TV stars like crazy since all the foreign investment started to come in. I totally agree the "culture" isnt really there, its a staggered portrayal of portland,LA, etc. The best people you find in the city are almost always from a small town and theyre the sole thing keeping the morale up.

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Politics are DIRECTLY related to what authors are promoted in the mainstream and which books are pushed by traditional publishing.
>There is no way a straight white masculine male is going to ever get traditionally published in Canada
Why even write if I can't speak my truth? The whole reason I HAVE to write is because I MUST push back against the cultural wave that seeks to drown my voice and completely wipe out any trace that people like me existed.
>I'm guessing you're not Canadian
The culture here has been suffocated and is being actively replaced with communist NPCs.

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No culture here is organic at all. It is all foreign.
>"Organic" culture in Vancouver is protest culture, anti-pipeline, pro-BLM, anti-flavour of the day...
You will meet so few actual artists here, everyone is a corporate NPC... like how often do you actually find anyone popular here with a mind of their own?

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I used to be friends with the blonde star of "The 100" because she used to be a bartender at The Blarneystone... when I used to follow her Twitter, as soon as she got into Hollywood her attitude COMPLETELY did a 180 and she started with SJW and complete nonsense that she never mentioned when she was a based bartender.
>Oh I'm accepted by the corporate world!!!
>Better spew globohomo constantly...

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Technology encourages standardization when used as a medium for human interaction. Take for instance the barely literate ipad and corporate app-raised zoomer who immediately uses schizo as a thought-terminating cliche when faced with literary writing as opposed to the language of used in web apps.

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i don't know what CBC books is but i doubt it's harder to get your book published these days no matter who the fuck you are ..white brown pink yellow...there's tonnes of garbage out there

good luck

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I mean. This guy basically called it.

I think Ted k wrote something similar about his generation coming out of the great depression and why they were so obedient and militantly normie.

Of course like I said when mass technology is employed it becomes less practical and materialistic and more about signal and psychology as a group. If any good writer actually wrote something these people would be posting smug anime girls, telling them to take meds for the crime of making their ossified mental gears try to turn.

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That's only 1/10th of the issue... the entire mainstream media, radio, social media, TV, movies, publishing... it is all so heavily controlled on what messages you can talk about. As is, I'm filling my book in with a few more ridiculous things so that nobody in the news can accuse my book of inciting violence. My biggest worry is that my book will do well, and someone will see it as an excuse to beat up a homeless person or a bike thief. That's a risk I'll have to take though, to tell the story...

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>My plan is simply to buy ads
That's completely fine. I just don't want to see more twitter book threads anymore. It's shills talking to shills, a complete waste of money.

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Ellulpilled post

>> No.18539398

Your story changes every thread you fucking shill. You were on the verge of being penniless with enough money for 3 months of rent a few threads ago and now I'm supposed to believe you made 10k a month for 15 years? And now you have a kid? And you've been writing for 8 years.

I don't deny that you are a schizo, but fuck you are pathetic. Self admitted graphomaniac and a pathological liar.

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Yes, I blew all my money on wine, women, song, cars, and Gastown lofts
>No regrets
2nd book coming soon!

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acting like it's not the opposite problem with too many drunk maniac schizo's out there busy constructing narratives on how to destroy every other writer/hater out to get them because of the lgbtbbq sauce + black pepper

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I've been writing for far, far longer than 8 years.
I was on this website when I was 19. I worked at a place called "Thoughtshare.com" that was a desktop app for sharing bookmarks. During this time I was supposed to be going tech support, I was on Clubvibes.com constantly posting.
>Massive flame wars, same with on corner-carvers.com and revscene.com
We used to banter constantly. It was great practice. Massive 3+ paragraphs of epic disses. Very creative.
>Back further
When I was 12, I wrote a book based on this gold-box RPG D&D game, Hillsafar. It was like 200 pages long! I was too shy to show it to anyone and it got lost.
You want a full timeline of my insane life? After I quit porn, my income went down to like $500 a month and I had no savings. I ended up moving to Ladysmith, B.C., and driving trucks at night and driving disabled seniors around. It was very humbling but at the same time, a very rich and spiritual experience.

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Riddle me this leaf. How can someone who has claimed to live such a wild life write such boring banal shit? Putting aside all of the bullshit, I'll leave you alone here and in all future shilling threads (you can't help yourself to stop) for a single time stamped written pic of your alleged room from above.

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Dante was a simp.
Jesus didn't write anything

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I know it has only been a day, but I'm shocked that this thread isn't filled with more schizos like me?

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Oh for fucks sake, I'm back in prison with my pathological liar next door cell neighbor. Why do you pathological liar fucks always out yourselves by digging the hole deeper? The second an ounce of critique heads your way the timeline grows like Pinocchio's nose. At least this explains the quality of content and your imaginary opinion of yourself. I know how to help a schizo because I was one. I've got no such wisdom to dispense to someone like yourself. You can't get anywhere with dishonesty.

Too bad for you that you ran into the one schizo on the internet who spent 4 months listening to a pathological liar's yarns and fed him to keep going out of boredom despite his contradictions. Invent a new persona and a 3 minute seat of the pants backstory and try your luck on reddit (if you aren't already doing this).

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What boring and banal shit are you talking about?

I don't live there anymore, I was living in the Gastown loft from 2009-2015, then I moved to Marpole. After a year there, I moved in with the mother of my child in West Vancouver. Then I moved to Maple Ridge briefly before moving to Ladysmith B.C. for some isolation and to figure out the next step of my artistic career beyond porn.
>Had to live like a wagie-cagie for awhile
Then I got a job offer at a company in Langley, so I moved BACK to Maple Ridge and into the same building as the mother of my child... I can't share my space with anyone, I need isolation.
>Been in Maple Ridge for 1.5 years now, it is a soul-crushing place with zero social life, zero art, no culture. It is a place where wagie NPCs are mixed in with crackheads.
I know, my life sounds too crazy to believe. I even filmed porn in Costa Rica...
>My mother killed herself when I was 19, so that heavily influenced my path in life
I think all of my varied life experiences, drug use, romances, jobs, suffering, highs, etc... they have made me a better writer because I can empathize more. IMO.

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>why are so few writers nowadays maniac, schizo drunkard chads?

most of these writers came from the counter-culture of the 60s and were heavily anti-establishment

and nowadays it´s like the opposite of the 60s

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Also, I rest my case Pinocchio. One day you'll be a real boy.

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I'm not lying about anything!


I've had more creative periods in life where I documented more of it. I do have the videos of the porn I filmed in Costa Rica, can prove I was in the adult industry, "afterworkfreeporn.com" check the who-is and registration date.

Maybe you're just pulling my leg to get me to sperg out and try and "prove myself" haha.

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How much did you even read my man?

>> No.18539553

so you have literally no arguments. Why make grand statements if you have shit argument skills?

>> No.18539565

nobody cares about the diary of some random incel, we already have Elliot Rodger's book to scratch that itch and his life is much more interesting than yours could ever be. You are literally npc tier, why not take an artistic/creative risk and write an actual novel?

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If I had put the money I spent to film this trailer for my 1st book into Bitcoin, I'd have a lot of money now!
>But I wouldn't be a writer...
I would just be a regular wagie-cagie, or still be a degenerate porn dealer... probably would have overdosed by now with so much fent in the coke these days.
>Worked at a pallet repair yard for .50 cents per repair. My first week or so I made like $5 an hour!

>> No.18539625

Initially 6 pages very carefully before I got totally disgusted and sniffed you out as a graphomaniac. I had no idea that you were a pathological liar yet. I just skimmed another 15 pages and it fucking gets even worse, so congrats, another pathological liar got me. I never should give you fucks the benefit of doubt. You don't deserve it.

You can't hide in written text. The shallowness of your fabrications shines through. You obviously have the gift of fabricating a million fantasies that are all an inch deep. That works for social situations because intrigue is limited and others are self absorbed. That doesn't cut it for novel writing. People crave substance in this medium and you are literally incapable of producing a substantial narrative.

>> No.18539644

Hey man, I'm not sure how someone sharing their work for free somehow offended you, or why you're so angry and coming at me with vitriol, but can't you read the entire first act before you pass judgment?
>I've spent a ton of time crafting a great 3 act story and you tear me a new one for no reason at all. You didn't even give me a chance to finish the act 1.
Hope whatever you get tearing me down is worth it dude.
>"People crave substance"
>Doesn't even finish the first act

>> No.18539677

bro you can't even into tenses, this writing shit isn't gonna work out in a million years. consider getting a life. i recommend grad school

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Oh no a very minor thing that doesn't even effect the story... care to finish the first act?
>I could easily go back and "fix" then tense to one or another, but why? What exact "rule" is there that you have to stick to a single tense?
Still yet to have one person in this thread to actually finish the first act and give their impression. Got an email recently from a /lit/ person who gave me a great review!

>> No.18539785

My favourite part about this is how if I were a good looking woman, I wouldn't even need to be on /lit/ and I would be encouraged to write no matter what it is.
>Be straight, masculine man who generates a lot of jealousy
Wow, people tearing into me without even discussing the story... how predictable!

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this could have been a good thread, shame the narcissist ruined it

>> No.18539836

Not true. Most authors are still coming out of the sixties counter culture. Only difference is that now they are the establishment.

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>be maniac, alcoholic, drug addict author
>see post on /lit/
>"where are all the maniac schizo authors these days? are they all btfo and marginalized or dead or in jail?"
Oh oh! Finally I can be me
>Post a bunch of stuff describing how fucked I am and how I self-express through writing
>Told I'm a narcissist ruining the thread where ZERO OTHER MASCULINE CRAZY SCHIZOS HAVE POSTED
Oh... so I'm not even welcome in a thread about maniacs?

>> No.18539878

>Oh... so I'm not even welcome in a thread about maniacs?
one post would be enough. leave some room for actual discussion and keep the blog posting somewhere else and kys

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Sounds like jealousy faggot. I bet you don't even have a single photo of a cool place you've lived. A nice car you've owned. A hot girlfriend you've had.
Oh yeah, I'm going to kill myself because some jealous fucking nerd on /lit/ hates that I lived so much bigger than him.
Fucking faggot bitch pussy, I would fucking end you in person.

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you seem upset, why don't you reply to this post with another wall of seethe? it might calm you down

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How about a smiling face instead?
>Where are all the masculine schizoids like me?
>Why is this thread only me
I never hear about anyone else like me in Canadian culture. I suppose my personality type generally ends up dead or in jail after a life of excess and short-term pleasure chasing.

>> No.18539978
File: 31 KB, 373x307, 1611668428549.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you are posting your shit on a literature board and your writing is bad. fucking unreadable, blud. me finishing the first act is not going to change that. you flaunting this self-perceived secret schizo genius persona or whatever has zero to do with the quality of the sad document under review. sampling pages all over i can see that this unbearable style of yours – the airball cliches, the embarrassing onomatopoeia, the dogshit dialogue – persists. not even high school freshmen turn in slop like this

i suggest you get into some serious sentence-by-sentence analysis before going over this pile of trash again. rip it up and start over. and cut redditisms like "ginormous" if you want more than a cursory glance and a wee chuckle from anyone even remotely literary minded. at least pretend that you're standing on the shoulders of giants here

or turn it into a screenplay. because it clearly is one, screaming to burst free from this 'novel' it finds itself grafted onto. penned by a sorry cunt who just had his first bong rip during a boondock saints showing

(watch this fag taking everything i just wrote as a compliment because he's an epic bacon outsider artiste)

>> No.18540000
File: 255 KB, 1125x1734, review-lit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bro I'm living my best life at 43, every day I wake up with EXCITEMENT and VITALITY counting down the moments until my hot glue perfect binding machine shows up.
>Some no-photo loser on /lit/ tearing me down
Bro, you don't even have a photo up. You could be some massive geek in mom's basement, or a paid chinese shill, you could be anyone and from every message you wrote, none of it was constructive.

Bettet get used to seeing me around here buddy. :)

>> No.18540009

THe only good post in the thread, the Internet and social media in particular have every retard a platform and an audience to spew their inane opinions on, just look at Twitter.

>> No.18540021

>Bro I'm living my best life at 43, defending my brain-damaged novel on 4chan.

>> No.18540035

Reading this thread makes me happy that prudent Chinese intellectuals and Punjabis raised on Degrassi reruns are pricing all the maniac, schizo drunkards out of Vancouver.

>> No.18540047
File: 1.38 MB, 1280x1920, E's butt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Bro is attacking the only male author on /lit/ who is openly proud of his masculinity
>Bro hasn't even written a book of his own or done anything creative, has no photos of hot chicks, sick cars, or porn sites they've filmed
>Bro has 0 creativity and attacking a guy who does

>> No.18540067
File: 503 KB, 983x571, hook4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Digits don't lie

>> No.18540074
File: 135 KB, 1600x1208, Chilton.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, he's an oblivious retard. A Porn Parody Chris-Chan. So rare to capture one alive.

>> No.18540090
File: 91 KB, 800x774, 10407185_10152830241550465_5925612975268297194_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Had a lot of fun, about to have a lot more once my 2nd book is ready for sale!

>> No.18540096

Check out mike ma. He's got two based books out and is a total chad

>> No.18540131
File: 23 KB, 316x306, fake-reviews.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Faked / bought reviews.

>> No.18540212

Stop astroturfing your books. Its obnoxious.

>> No.18540250
File: 100 KB, 679x763, redpill-crowd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I read some of his first book and it reminds me of my nihilism from 2013. Luckily, I flushed that out of my system BY writing the book.

>> No.18540263

/Lit/ is filled with fucking redditors. People here don't want that either.

>> No.18540288

You've just described most people on this board

>> No.18540291

Brother, I know exactly what you mean. Living in Vancouver is like living through a protracted spiritual death. I’ve got a few books out there, too. Let’s link up.

>> No.18540297

You go shit kickers guy. I read some of your stuff. Do you make the main character sound naive or innocent on purpose?

>> No.18540333
File: 1.95 MB, 1746x1182, File0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have so much to say here about this, but you need to read act 2 and act 3 to see why. I grew up EXTREMELY naive living at 22nd and Cambie. Very sheltered in some ways, and very innocent. So much of what my writing is about comes from my heart, which has broken at the thought that the lovely childhood I had is no longer possible. Breaks my fucking heart. The world is on the precipice of a very dark future.

>> No.18540347
File: 2 KB, 191x39, email.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would be humbled to have any local pen-pals who see things in a similar light.

Godspeed anon and hope to chat soon!

>> No.18540358

The only reason anyone knows you're a white male is because you've fallen all over yourself trying to make sure everyone knows. Nobody here actually gives a shit who or what you are. We care about the quality of your writing, which is subpar. If you want to write, try having a little respect for the actual craft.

>> No.18540365

I'm about to put Van on the fuckin' map, bois. I'm not interested in writing about our godforsaken city, 'cause every faggot who contributes to the magazines around here already does that. But it's time someone from here actually broke through.

>> No.18540375

He doesn't stick to one tense? I've recently caught this in my own writing. Unless it's deliberate, it shouldn't happen in good. Shitkickers guy needs to pay some beta readers.

>> No.18540381

It's okay bro. People are going to be assholes here. I think all of us /lit/ people should give each other's stuff a try. If we won't, who else will.

>> No.18540388

What do you know about masculinity? What year did you deploy? Iraq or Afghanistan? You DID fight at the peak of the war, right? You're certainly old enough.

OEF 09-10 here. Kandahar and Helmand

>> No.18540390

It's coming sooner than you think, too.

We live in apostolic times friends.

>> No.18540399

My thing is... when I envision the movie scene in my head, the way I write it is how it happens in the universe. I could go back and correct it. I'm very interested in seeing someone finish the act 2 and act 3.


>> No.18540413

Not sure fighting wars for jewish bankers is masculine to me...
>Masculinity, to me, is carving your *own* path in the world even if it is extremely painful, difficult, and isolating.

>> No.18540419

is this not every thread on every board?

>> No.18540426

You don't know what pain, difficulty or isolation even are.

>> No.18540432

>accuse my book of inciting violence.
do you live in some African country? you have my sympathies

>> No.18540437
File: 898 KB, 3260x2446, unnamed (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are any of those magazines popular?
>Look at the owner / editor of Scout magazine
The dude from Scout magazine or whatever, the long-haired guy... he is this biggest s o y onions dude in Vancouver. His Twitter is IDpol nonsense constantly. Every single "cultural outlet" in this city seems to be 100% IDpol... there is no counter-culture. I feel so alone, like I'm the only one trying to rebel.
>Behold my paper choppa!

>> No.18540439
File: 30 KB, 333x499, 51ISvw-8VqL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>If a can of Axe body spray that spent four years underneath a shelving unit at an adult bookstore and a mildewed trenchcoat sealed inside a garment bag filled with Ben Shapiro’s hair got together and raised a child in the wilderness of West Virginia, and that child wrote a book, that book would be significantly more entertaining and infinitely more well-written than this.


>> No.18540484

I know three veterans. One cheated on his wife and ruined his marriage, another beats or screams at his kids every day, the third is in constant knee and back pain. All of them have uncontrollable anger issues. Enlisted guys never regain their identity when they get out.

>> No.18540496

Geist and shit have good circulation. The Capilano Review, too. I've met many of the editors, contributors, etc. The thing is, they're all very knowledgeable and very, very polished as writers and poets, but they're also fucking cancer to spend time with. It's as if they all received the same programming to write about AR-15s (they've never shot guns in their lives; hate to hear that I own one), Aboriginal struggles, homophobia, sexism, blah, blah, blah. I usually just challenge them to fight if they annoy me too much.

>> No.18540510

sure you do bud

>> No.18540529

>43 year old man challenges some undergrad art-fag to a fight because of something they said on twitter
Woah you're so cool.
I hope I'm as cool as you are when I'm in my forties.

>> No.18540546
File: 33 KB, 640x640, 915e9926140da93864a9ad718f7174b9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bro I spent every last time of the millions of dollars I made in porn on alcohol, fast cars, loft rentals, and drugs.
>After my mom killed herself when I was 19
Before that, my parents split when I was 11
>Parents had a huge fight over me quitting my paper route after the shack owner, a flip, molested me. I blamed myself for their split.
I went to 11+ schools, dropped out, worked shitty jobs, got in lots of fights. I stopped writing and got into selling porn.
>Sold porn for 15+ years where I was constantly battling my morality over just what the fuck I was doing in life and why. Going to trade shows and meeting some of the stars. Some of the women were such broken people and I developed so much sympathy for the whores. The exact caricature of the "evil semite" /pol/ has I met several times. The worst being the owner of meatholes affiliate program. He hired street hookers at AVN one year to suck the dicks of every man they could for like 4+ hours.
>I did NOT partake at all. Would never.
I heard from my dutch friend that one gal's jaw was in major pain and she was crying, and the owner said he wouldn't pay her if she didn't go the full 4 hours. So she started just letting random men have sex with her vagina and ass.
>I felt horrible being a part of that business, but the money and pleasure-seeking it enabled was too great at the time. Writing my book in 2013 was the thing that helped me escape that mindset, by putting it into a character and setting it adrift from the real me, like taking the bad elements of my life, putting it into a character, and letting it smoke away on the horizon like a mythical norse ship-burning burial.
>Pain, difficulty, isolation
>All of those emotions are relative, I guess, but I would say I've had very deep valleys of sorrow and high peaks of pleasure.
Currently, I'm in a state of dolor over the fact that more and more people are wearing masks, outdoors, and becoming even greater COVID-npcs than before. This country is so fucked.

Have a nice day!

>> No.18540566


>> No.18540576
File: 176 KB, 1920x1280, 1624730009474.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

See... I would probably trigger the living fuck out of these people and they would never want to publish or promote me.

>> No.18540579

I'm sure you will never be cool since you haven't even added anything wild to this thread. Where are all the maniac, narcissist, drug addicted, alcoholic schizos like me?

>> No.18540593

Don't forget to make fun of the trailer too!


>> No.18540594

Nta. you're possibly the most navel gazing self-pityer I've ever seen on this woeful board

>> No.18540596

hey I’m an alcoholic schizo Chad I just haven’t written anything yet. Give me time

>> No.18540597

If you cared half as much about writing as you do about your ego you might be able to write a decent book.

>> No.18540603

Mr. Bryan's best bit is the one about "Canadian culture." Ha ha ha!

>> No.18540612

Thanks... still going to publish my 2nd book while you remain a nameless pseud hater on the sidelines.

Only thing I regret in life is selling my 5.0 Mustang swapped E36 BMW. Ugh!!!

>> No.18540616

>where are all the maniac narcissist blah blah blah like me?
They're creating a subsidized housing bubble in your head

>> No.18540625


huge difference :-)

>> No.18540645
File: 2.82 MB, 5472x3648, 50bmw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How would you know? You haven't read either of my books. You haven't even finished act 1 of my 2nd book... I'll send you all 3 parts if you read them and give me your honest take.
Turn on any fucking mainstream writer, musician, etc etc and they are 100% about their ego. This is why you have never done anything "cool" and have no images, stories, or anything to contribute to a thread about whacky maniacs like me.
>Goddamn I miss that car bros

>> No.18540654
File: 1.67 MB, 1285x1215, i-have-no-chance.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You would have to be completely insane to believe a straight white masculine man with any sort of opinions or balls would EVER get trad pubbed in 2021.

>> No.18540663


>> No.18540665

do yourself one better and post an excerpt right here

>> No.18540670

Based and ellulpilled

>> No.18540676
File: 1.26 MB, 4032x3024, shitkickers1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I already posted the entire first act... I mean, you have to read the entire story to judge it.

>> No.18540698
File: 1.29 MB, 4032x3024, 38igtl0dw4251.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am coping with the fact that the culture I grew up in has been suffocated to death and replaced completely by globohomo.
>Everything is:
There are no representations of masculinity in Canadian culture and anyone who has a job in the public eye here has to watch EVERY SINGLE WORD THEY SAY or the media would completely annihilate them until they were groveling on TV or social media, on their knees, like bitch ass faggots, begging for their jobs and careers back.
>I can't do it

>> No.18540717

ah yes, the shit hot trad and masculine culture of 80s canada. how could i forget

>> No.18540755

He cute

>> No.18540761
File: 2.83 MB, 2094x1410, File0005a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

90's Vancouver was masculine as fuck... SO many good nightclubs too!
>Vancouver & suburbs used to have AWESOME nightclub nightlife. Amateur stripper night at the Wild Coyote? (h)Ozone? Steel Monkey? Purple Onion? The Roxy? Level 5?
If you drove like an asshole in the 90's, you'd have a VERY high chance someone would come up to you at a light and kick your car door.
Crime is rampant and thieves will steal shit openly and brazenly because nobody ever stops that shit anymore. If you used to try and steal a bike, random people would beat your ass.
>Vancouver was awesome

>> No.18540775

One of the /lit/ posters did saw it read like a screenplay. Fix the tense switching dude. That's genuine criticism. Take it and improve your work or else guys here won't take you seriously. I like some of the first act, I told my gf to read it and she said it sucked. Idk what to tell you man. Usually it takes several novels to get good.

>> No.18540790

>"She said it sucked"
Like you have a girlfriend dude, lol.

>> No.18540797

Your betrayed by white males. White males have to fucking read and give a shit about reading contemporary shit but they don't.

>> No.18540798

S-s-s-stop s-studering it makes y-y-y-you sound l-l-like a t-tard.

>> No.18540808

I-i-it's part of the c-c-character

>> No.18540814

Whatever bro, I am trying to be honest with you. I think it was a little goofy but I don't think it was trash like people said it was. Decent effort man. Keep trying.

>> No.18540830

"The elites" have the white male's mind entangled in netflix, porn, and mainstream garbage. Capeshit has fucking destroyed so many brains.

>> No.18540847

Bro you didn't even read the first act. You have no idea what the story is.
>Imagine if Tolkien posted here
>1/10 too many meadows idiot
Like if you don't finish the entire act, how would even want to be interested in the rest? That's the point. So what if the fucking tense switches here or there? Are you going to stop fucking a model because she's got a mole you didn't see on her shoulder?
>How can I take your review seriously if you don't criticize the fucking story. Holy fuck.

>> No.18540857

It's not the elites dude, it's the unaware white men themselves. Generally, the populace at large. People want instant gratification. People who like money are finding way of giving the masses that dopamine rush. It's the natural order of things. No one is doing it to you. People are doing it to themselves and then fucking whining about it. Until westerners learn to take responsibility for what they give their attention too, we will only continue on our path toward complete degeneracy. Silver lining, it's fun to watch.

>> No.18540863

so you've basically participated in the grand cucking of the white male

>> No.18540876

I didn't finish read it because it didn't grab me. I shared a story on here, people didn't ask for more. Maybe, I didn't show it to the correct people, maybe it didn't catch their attention. A book, when it's good, hooks you from the first page, you are interested in what's happening next. I was trying to be nice anon but I don't that some pussy wants to renew his insurance or some bullshit and go pick up his girlfriend. Then some faggot tries to steal his bike. Your character sounds like a fucking pussy. It's fucking boring.

>> No.18540887
File: 47 KB, 418x213, stats-all-time.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I couldn't stay on the path of degeneracy, I had to listen to my conscience.

>> No.18540897

That's it? That's as far as you read you absolute fucking faggot? Fuck you bitch. I'd fucking deck you for being such a fucking pussy ass faggot fucking wasting my time busting my balls when you didn't even read the fucking story faggot.

>> No.18540898

You know just as well as I that my diary desu is a meme and just means whatever book you're writing.
also, projecting much

>> No.18540905

Character development you fucking homo?

>> No.18540918

You a forty year old man ranting on the internet. Stop pretending you can fight. You cant write or even listen apparently. This is why your work is bad. You apparently already know everything and have nothing else to learn. All that's left is to push your garbage out there. ITT, never gonna make it. Like I said. It was too boring to read for more than five minutes. Sorry bro, get good.

>> No.18540924

how about this: provide us with a synopsis or a rough outline of your fabulous "story" before we take the 127-page plunge

>> No.18540925

Lmao yeah, your character is fucking pussy who needs insurance to drive. Good development. Gotta go pick up my gf lol

>> No.18540929

You're a fucking fraudulent pseud. You have nothing to show for yourself and no respect to give anyone who DOES try.
>Cannot even respect an author enough to finish the 1st act and judge the work based on the story
Get fucked loser.

>> No.18540948

Bro, all your doing is throwing around accusations. Imagine being this butthurt because someone didn't read their story in one sitting. It's fucking boring anon. I was going to give it a shot overtime but looking at you spazzing out, I won't because honestly, what could such a massive faggot like you have to say? Nothing. Anyone on here who gives your shit a read is a saint but it's not me.

>> No.18540961

nigga who blew $250,000 smackaroonies on coke thinks he's gonna Make Vancouver Nightclubs Great Again if only sheeple would euthanize the homeless and read the first act of his novel but all he'll get at this rate is his very own kiwifarms thread

>> No.18540971

127 pages is like an hour or two?
>Mild mannered Vancouverite gets his bike stolen and tries to move on. After a few unfortunate events and witnessing a local business get robbed, he takes action. Using a phone camera, he records his vigilante efforts to recover his bicycle and uploads it to social media. This inspires a mob of well-organized copycats funded through online donations and the violence snowballs out of control.

>> No.18540973

Bro, this guy lacks self awareness. I honestly was going to give his shit a try but people with no awareness like that. What can they have to say? Idk, he's giving me lolcow vibes.

>> No.18540976

The hot glue book binder is coming. Unlike you, I'm actually creating and living my best life.

>> No.18540977


>> No.18540981

>Mild mannered Vancouverite gets his bike stolen and tries to move on. After a few unfortunate events and witnessing a local business get robbed, he takes action. Using a phone camera, he records his vigilante efforts to recover his bicycle and uploads it to social media. This inspires a mob of well-organized copycats funded through online donations and the violence snowballs out of control.
lmao thanks, definitely not reading this goofy shit now

>> No.18540982

"It's fucking boring" dude... it's called development. You have to show the process of the character going from one point to another.

Again, you're not a creator, you are a hater.

>> No.18540989

What did you think a book called "THE SHITKICKERS" was about you fucking retard?

Why am I surrounded by losers who don't write and sit on /lit/ hating those who

>> No.18541000

>I'm actually creating and living my best life.
a lot of talk about masculinity but you express yourself like the most basic 'live laugh love' white girl

>> No.18541002

Whatever man. Plenty of books are attention grabbing from line one. No excuses, good luck.

>> No.18541009

We know we don't have talent, and we know you don't either

>> No.18541011

What this guy is doing is a prime example of how you don't shill your shit on /lit/ at least Gardner is somewhat honest and doesn't fucking reeee, everytime someone says he's bad.

>> No.18541026

I've been on /lit/ long enough to tell there are an abundance of people who will hate on anyone who is doing and creating.

People like you who do not create are simply here to tear others down. This gets you off.

>> No.18541027

Lit has talent man. Some of these guys can write. This guy has no talent though.

>> No.18541031

it's kinda amazing lol. there's gotta be some residual coke left in this guy fueling this misplaced confidence

>> No.18541035

Lit always collapses in on people who don't listen and insist their work is worthy.

>> No.18541039


>> No.18541040

This thread will die as soon as I stop posting, the do-nothing haters will have nobody left to anonymously swipe at.

>> No.18541050

Nah you got the wrong idea about me. I've written enough to fill a book, revised it many times, but I'm not schizophrenic enough to believe that my writing is some suppressed work of genius.
I mean sure if you think L& magazine contains "talent." Agree tho that this dude is worthless

>> No.18541052

You brought it on yourself.

>> No.18541057


>> No.18541061

Definitely. Crazy. It's true what they say. Old people can't change. He should have spent his 20s writing instead of filming porn directed by glowies to ruin the minds of white men.

>> No.18541063
File: 421 KB, 1020x836, ready-to-print.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've had positive responses from people who have finished the act 1.
>People here are not reviewing in good faith. Just haters because I self-express and reply with ferocity.
Still going to be AWESOME when I finally get my hot glue perfect binder and start selling these fuckers!

>> No.18541067

Sooner you eat the humble pie, the better

>> No.18541075

He doesn't want it lol tastes gross. It's what separates those who have a chance and those who don't. I give Waldun even more of a chance, at least he wants to improve.

>> No.18541082

Places like this contain losers who have never created, never fucked hot chicks, never lived cool places, never lived a life of adventure... then they see someone like me talking about my life and releasing my 2nd book and they're like:
>How does this 43 year old fucker have so much confidence and drive to control the entire process of writing from beginning to end while I'm half his age and cannot do anything in my life
This is the root cause of the hate. I'm not your enemy, I will teach you how to turn your ideas into a printed book that will make you money. Just watch me do it first.

>> No.18541093

Okay dude... in a culture where fat fucking black asses are "high music" while you set the bar for white male writers at some fucking incredibly high arbitrary level? I mean... you're a fucking joke if you try and review my shit without even making it to the end of act 1. Like... you're not acting in good faith.
>I would gladly read 100+ pages of someone's shit to give them an honest review. I would never quit at 1-2 pages it because it hasn't hooked my short-term, instant gratification brain in a fucking moment like the way a thumbnail page of naked female bodies does.

Fuck your humble pie faggot.

>> No.18541097

this b8 is getting boring and i've only been here 10 minutes

>> No.18541098
File: 3.41 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20210627_182524631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This might help you scrub. Flip through it, study it, try again.

>> No.18541099
File: 243 KB, 700x467, 6937994.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>When I get my hot glue book binder it's OVER for you hoes.

>> No.18541105

Meanwhile music:


>> No.18541109

Lol okay.

>> No.18541123

I've never read much of the magazines, though sometimes anons write posts are piercing insights or that are just really good prose. That's why I say /lit/ has talent.

>> No.18541124
File: 24 KB, 220x330, 220px-50ShadesofGreyCoverArt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18541229

So, you admit your writing is trash? Okay. /Thread.

>> No.18541238

Better than anything you do!

>> No.18541365

didn't read most this shit, just wanna say that Vancouver anon has a cool apartment

>> No.18541392

Good God this thread made my brain melt. And I have seen a lot of dumb of fucked up shit in this godforsaken place

>> No.18541881


>> No.18541894
File: 825 KB, 823x534, 1612169406870.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You will notice the shills will promote trannies but bash manly men?

>> No.18541920

Stop making excuses and learn to take genuine criticism. He's not shitting on you, he's just pointing out that your book is boring. I was rooting for you until you started acting like an immature child itt.

>> No.18541927
File: 558 KB, 1000x1000, 1611696340713.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Trannies have discord teams to promote contrapoints everywhere they can
>Trannies are a hostile community of the mentally ill, wolves in sheep's clothing, any resistance to their agenda in the mainstream will result in being cancelled, job / career loss, social media banning... there is a concerted effort to push trannies like contrapoints as celebrities to the younger generation.

>> No.18541933

Fuck off geek, you didn't even finish the first act.

>> No.18541944

this, it's over, we're culturally dead and eternally slaved to invisible chains of technological dominance

>> No.18541959

Roll over like a bitch you fucking faggot.

>> No.18541994

OK loser. While I was living my best life as a star bottom and smoking crack cocaine and going to nightclubs and driving cool cars you weren't even porn. And now that a forty year old man has written a book, AND published it like a fucking beast all you can do is hate. Typical hater.

>> No.18542007

Post some examples. If I'm in any of them I'll write a book and show this boomer faggot what good literature is like.

>> No.18542038

I've fucked hotter women than you
I've driven faster cars
I've lived in cooler places
I've pursued everything fun with reckless abandon
And I continue to do so, 2nd book coming baby, woo!
I ended up on 4Chan and /Lit/ because most people are milquetoast faggots who do not dare to dream. I'm still living mine!
>Are you?

>> No.18542040

Because it's boring you drug fiend old fuck. Nobody is going to read an entire book before they decide weather or not they want to read it. They flip through the first ten pages and if it grabs them they'll read the rest. All I saw in the first ten pages was some stuttering pussy get his bike stolen right in front of him.

>> No.18542057

I'm half you age and even I think you're immature. Fucking crack whores isn't impressive and when the hell are you going to start a family?
You seem like an insecure washed up drug addict who's throwing a fit because not even random impressionable teenagers on the internet think he's cool. I'm happy enough with my life that I can focus on my hobbies without making it about me and handle basic constructive criticism without getting anally prolapsed about it.

>> No.18542073

Do you think that "stuttering pussy" could evolve into something else?>>18542057

>> No.18542075


>> No.18542105
File: 539 KB, 2320x3088, IMG_0052.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I make very photogenic babies.

>> No.18542115

Cute kid. You're alright boomer.

>> No.18542122



quarter billion views.
>Imagine wanting to be popular and cool in mainstream clown world

>> No.18542147
File: 97 KB, 300x300, 1605380709894.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Most of what you see has been categorically standardized BECAUSE of the maniacs and drunkard chads. It's not their fault, but a lot of those people during the 40s-late 60s actually started to pose serious problems to the power structure because of their cultural influence. Fuck, Thompson almost got elected as the mayor of the town he lived in.

That's not saying that these past people were so edgy and dangerous, it's just that back then, there was less of a handle on what people decided to follow, so any artist that began to emerge as a cultural force was actually something to be reckoned with, rather than someone who could just be bought off, or was already owned.

>> No.18542178

Fucking hate all this "schizos" on these threads. It's all tracing, they're just taking the preconceived idea of the hypermasculine badboy artist and trying to imitate it. It's tracing, none of these guys have truly ventured into the dark or innovated. They've just ran to the light of streetlamp to streetlamp.

>> No.18542186

No it was only destabilizing because it was something new. It's no longer new, it's integrated into the system. Nobody cares about these fags in the thread bragging about theyre hedonism because it's been seen already, it's been consumed, digested and shit out.

>> No.18542187

You go through losing your mom to suicide at 19 and then start making 10k USD a month when you're 22 years old and let's see how you'd live?

>> No.18542322

Bro I'm sorry your mom killed herself, but that doesn't give you a spine, or make you a unique individual

>> No.18542327

Yes I am totally a normal and average guy... just like you, just like you.

>> No.18542337

you're a funny dude

>> No.18542384

Bro you really jerk yourself off about how subversive you are when your "lifestyle" is easily one of the most overdone tracings in pop music right now. That hypermasculine doushebag aesthetic is like every other rap song in the top 40. Like a said you've reduced yourself to a mere tracing, your the most oedipalized faggot on this board

>> No.18542433
File: 901 KB, 3209x2105, thanks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For every guy like me who is balls-deep in posting their own shit and impossibly confident, there are 10 writers who visit here who would never post their shit out of fear of being ruthlessly attacked.
>Time to start organically building a place where free thinkers encourage each other to self-publish and read less traditional sources
The mainstream media is completely and totally pozzed. If you want to actually hear and see what real people are producing, you have to actively seek out the culture-makers; not the globohomo writers who produce exactly what the social engineers prefer.
>But who the fuck has the time for that?
That's why 4Chan is awesome, if enough good lit can be produced, someone will build it. They will come.

>> No.18542450

I was ahead of the curve in 2013, and my book City of Singles ultimately REJECTS that culture if you had fucking read it you stupid fucking tranny.
>Fast forward to 2021
Singles culture exists because big business like Tinder, Bumble, and co work with others to make sure relationships all become transitory.
>You will not own property
>You may be in a throple
>You may be polyamorous in a queer house co-op
>You will eat the bugs
>You will like it
Everything I saw coming in 2013 has already happened in 2021.

>> No.18542513

I've never seen anybody with their head this far up their own ass. What the fuck is this "singles" culture? You know how easy it is to get a girl? Litterally I've been to 3 marriages this last month.

>> No.18542529

And they're were all cis hetrosexual marriages too lmao. Dude you need to open your mind and go outside, the world's not what's presented to you on the internet

>> No.18542557


Look up the crash of births. So many marriages now are for money or for convenience. People are having far less kids, and less sex, in general.

You fail to understand just how frisky we were back in like the 90's and 00's, the sex has been dropping off as it has become MORE AND MORE MONETIZED since about 2010...

>> No.18542561 [DELETED] 
File: 934 KB, 960x1048, 1624675411796.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Authors are alcoholic white fags who hang out with niggers and trannies and do a bunch of drugs and bitch about Nixon and how conformist their Ivy League school is or whatever.

Authors are a bunch of prozac addicted niggers and trannies who hang out with white fags and do a bunch of drugs and bitch about Trump and how conformist their Ivy League school is or whatever.

Same shit different decade. Develop some real standards for art instead of flavor of the month id-shit.

>> No.18542583
File: 934 KB, 960x1048, 1624675411796.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Authors are alcoholic white fags who hang out with niggers and trannies and do a bunch of drugs and bitch about Nixon and how conformist their Ivy League school is or whatever.

Authors are prozac addicted niggers and trannies who hang out with white fags and do a bunch of drugs and bitch about Trump and how conformist their Ivy League school is or whatever.

Same shit different decade. Develop some real standards for art instead of flavor of the month id-shit.

>> No.18542597

It’s a genre that gets thin and tired very fast. does anyone read Thompson, then say themselves, “I need to find another writer like that! This is truly a genre I want to spend years exploring!”

>> No.18542611

Some people spend years reading beast porn?

>> No.18543021

The problem with gonzo anything is that retards read it and think that’s what they need to imitate to become great writers when in fact that gunslinging baldie read the classics to create a style of his own

>> No.18543148

I have seen literally no evidence of anything at all that would suggest you have any capacity significantly above the norm except for your willingness to promote yourself. Your writing is bland and featureless, and it will literally never improve because you want to blame everything but your writing itself. You whine about how you can't get published because you're a white male who has opinions, but the real reason is because you are a poor writer with an ego. This is deeply objectionable in and of itself for anyone who genuinely cares about writing, since it shows your "confidence" – which seems to me to border more on something like narcissism – precludes you EVER actually improving in the way someone who'd take a chance on you would like to see.

This whole narcissistic shtick works well in real life, where you can use things like charisma and pressure to make people more likely to buy into whatever it is you happen to be selling at that moment. It's ironic that you've chosen to try to translate this approach, which probably works for you in person, into the literal one single avenue where it has no chance. When you write, you need to write well. There are marginal cases where people get lucky, sure, but if you want to write well you actually need to write well.

You don't write well, and you probably never will.

YWNBAW (you will never be a writer)

>> No.18543156

Blah blah blah attack attack attack.
Until you actually finish my 1st act and give legit input, you are just yet another faceless, non-creative, NPC hater.

Don't you have some netflix to watch, faggot? Maybe your nintendo switch? Perhaps it's time for your hormone pills, tranny?

>> No.18543217

What do you expect when you try to post your poorly written drivel and pretend you're the second coming of Joyce? People are going to tell you it's nowhere near as good as you think it is. They are going to try to help you realign your perceptions of your own grandiosity with the reality of the situation, which is that you need a lot of work as a writer. Here's some legit input. Get your tenses right. Make sure you're using the correct dialogue tags. Watch out for your noun-adjective pairs. You see this sort of thing a lot with new writers.

>> No.18543231

I will polish that shit up before printing the final version but I need some mother fuckers to finish the book and judge it on the story. This cherry-picking faggotry where the story has not even begun is fucking queer as hell.
>A man puts on a dress and immediately is a woman with no questioning allowed
>A man writes a book and because a tense switches on a page it completely invalidates the entire story
Uh huh... clown world.

>> No.18543245


>> No.18543246

Hey faggot, did you see the fucking title of this thread? You fucking absolute dipshit, I want to choke you, I really would like to fucking grab you by the throat and ask you just how fucking much crazy is in your fucking head, and how much creativity it fucking spawns to have some anonymous nincompoop shit all over you without even dunking on your plot or characters. Go fuck yourself bunker tranny.

>> No.18543267

>I need some mother fuckers to finish the book and judge it on the story
Why would I do that? Even if I didn't think your narcissism is incredibly obnoxious, I didn't like the prose. It felt amateurish, like an F. Gardner "book". I actually genuinely enjoy helping people with their books, but that's only when they're teachable. You show no sign of being able to make any concessions on your writing at all. For you, if you want me to edit your shit, you can pay the market rate.

>> No.18543274

>plot or characters
I don't give a shit about plot or characters. I care about writing.

>> No.18543278

>but I need some mother fuckers to finish the book and judge it on the story
Nobody wants to do this because your writing is dull. Its not a bad book, but its not a very good one either. Why should anyone read hundreds of pages of mediocre prose just to feed your narcissistic ego?

Judging from your total inability to take the constructive criticism offered to you, the story itself is probably lame too.

>> No.18543295
File: 671 KB, 2320x3088, IMG_2404.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm crazy right, a delusional narcissist... I mean, what other reason, other than mental illness, could an old loser like me actually have to believe in himself?

Meanwhile, if I put on a dress and called myself a woman, I would have tons of supporters cheering me on and saying yes, you are a woman.
>Write two books
"You're not a writer, you'll never be a writer! You suck! Kys!"
/Lit/ is full of those who are afraid to live and hate those who dare to not let their memes be just dreams.
I'm going to stick around here and shill my shit and call you all faggots until Gardner and Walden do a book together.

>> No.18543300

Dude... what in the fuck is going on inside your head when you read then, faggot? The fuck...

>> No.18543303

They get taken out at the kneecaps early in life now by antipsychotics, amphetamines, antidepressants. By the standards of any power structure, the traits that you are talking about are not useful in any way and now that they have the means to suppress them, they do.

>> No.18543315
File: 194 KB, 351x394, brah.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I lived like a mother fucker for 43 years, they haven't got me on the pills yet!

>> No.18543349

I have noticed the image>idea thing before but never connected it to the broader culture. Tarantino is the best example I can think of of this trend in how his movies are 100% aesthetics and pretty much zero ideas. Porn is another big thing that I think connects to this somehow. There used to be porn and there used to be entertainment(or at least it seemed that way). Now so much of what people consumes is basically porn whether or not it is by definition porn.

>> No.18543359

Why are you so fixated on trannies? Nobody here is a transvestite. You're the one who did gay porn for years, not us. And most of the criticism in this thread is actually good advice. I personally thought your writing was amateurish but probably would have bought a copy just to support you until I saw this shitshow of a thread.

But lets take a direct example from your book. Second page, because I don't have time to wade through that much crap.
>"Creme, sugar?"
>Suzanne had walked up with a tray of coffees and put one down for Ken.
>"Aw, thanks, that's so kind," Ken remarked with a big smile and taking a couple of creams and one sugar.
>"You wouldn't believe what I had to do to get these, okay- first- the interact machine was down, so I had to take out cash, which- naturally- there was a lineup. This is after I had to step over a guy passed out on the sidewalk. Then, when I was in the lineup, there was a save-the-old-growth march that went by- everyone yelling, waving signs- the baristas stopped for ten minutes to watch. Okay, so- I order the coffees, pay, leave- it's been like thirty minutes for my break. I walk outside, and there's this lineup of shiny pickup trucks and guys leaning out windows, horns honking- I turn my back for a second and a huge train horn gets blown and- I drop my frap!"
>"Coffee down!" Ken says, taking a sip of the rich and perfectly hipster coffee. Even the cardboard ring around the hot cup had an exquisite texture, like a well-worn rug.
>"-so then, I wait in line and get my frap- I finally get out of there and get back to my desk- no caramel."
>"No caramel?" Ken raises his eyebrow and smiles.
>"Stop messing with me, Ken, you know it's Friday, it's my routine- I need it to work in this shithole- I can't believe I still have to come in at all!"
Its like you went and wrote down an actual conversation you had with your girlfriend. Great literature isn't supposed to capture reality in all its monotonous details, it presents a story. Ken raising an eyebrow flirtatiously at Suzanne means absolutely jack shit to the reader because we don't know who Ken is, we don't know who Suzanne is, and most importantly of all we don't give a flying fuck about either of them. Does this dialogue tell us anything about these characters? No, its just a rambling paragraph about how Suzanne dropped her coffee because a horn honked. Like you're a teenage girl rambling about her day. Does this dialogue advance the story then? Unless "perfectly hipster coffee" is a set up for a major plot point I doubt it. So why did you include this at all? Ken saying "Coffee down!" isn't endearing, it isn't thought provoking, it doesn't move anyone emotionally. It seems like you just wrote down a conversation you had with your girlfriend and for some reason assume we care.
And the whole book is like this. Long, rambling, amateurish back and forths between characters we don't care about. You're writing a book, not a diary, so try to justify the content.

>> No.18543377

>We don't know who Ken is
Did you skip the entire act one you stupid mother fucker?
Do you realize, dipshit, that you're reading from chapter 10 you absolute fucking queer?

>> No.18543393

I got dosed up pretty early and heavily ~7. I was an asshole and couldn’t care less about school, but that is pretty much the whole reason why. My iq dropped 15 points from a decade of amphetamines and that among other things is hard to come to terms with.
I’ll keep an eye out for shitkickers whenever you release that.

>> No.18543397

If you talked to me like this in real life I'd smash you teeth out you self important fag. I'm offering you good feedback here, so grow the fuck up. Pathetic junky. Nobody wants to publish you because you're a strung out hack who is too busy being defensive on an anonymous website to actually improve your shit writing in any capacity.

>> No.18543409
File: 63 KB, 640x513, 1606777187661.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok faggot, so in chapter 10:
>Ken chats up his co-worker, friendly conversation to show what kind of person Ken is. CHARACTER FUCKING DEVELOPMENT YOU ABSOLUTE FAGGOT.
>He's kind and thinks of others, so he decides to go get his co-worker her favourite coffee after she dropped hers
>Ken finds downtown Vancouver full of protesters and comments on them in a humourous way. Find the Dark Knight easter egg here you loathsome AIDS-case.
>Ken is cornered by his boss and comes up with a unique solution for a problem at work, showing he thinks fast on his feet
>Ken watches the news reporting on his vigilante actions and spots the propaganda they show to the public on TV
>Another character is introduced, an investigator, a fed sent by the Prime Minister, who gives a speech on being Canadian
>He reads a leaker on Plebbit who posts about what the Canadian government is up to and why they haven't already caught the tent city terrorist.
Like bro... you're such a fucking faggot that all you are doing is attacking what is normal character development. Showing what kind of person Ken is. He's not a psychopath, but he's pushed over the edge through a series of poor choices.

>> No.18543419

Thank you. I feel your pain. A friend of mine was put on anti-depressants at 19 because he had a bad bike accident and broke up with his girlfriend over the same summer. He couldn't ever get off them and was never the same. Killed himself at 22. Another buddy I know went on effexor after his dad died suddenly, he had "brain zaps" trying to come off it and gained like 60 lbs. I don't know many people who have had good lives after being on some of these serious meds.

>> No.18543421

I'm in Vancouver faggot. I would fight you bitch. I'm a fucking rage-filled 43 year old who takes shit from NOBODY FAGGOT and I'm 6'3 and 250 lbs and would love to fucking make you bleed you fucking absolute bitch. FUCK YOU. Email me faggot, come to Vancouver you fucking pussy ass mother fucker.

>> No.18543453

most friends I have are on that shit now. So many people get tricked into lobotomizing themselves it is unreal. It’s like honestly just fucking drink instead at least you know what it is doing to you.

>> No.18543478
File: 175 KB, 1280x720, F2F6F275-D726-4640-BE26-D753BA4DE015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>make thread
>go to bed
>wake up
>skim thread
what do you tranny jannies get paid for.

>> No.18543485

Congrats OP, today you are not the fag

>> No.18543486
File: 2.24 MB, 2282x1620, 1606956892452.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One of the reasons I want to be a recognized writer so bad is to tell the youth and the young people that their sadness, despair, mania... all these things are tied to the horrible, ineffective, and soul-crushing lifestyle of modern life.
>Grew up in the 90's and 00's
People have no fucking idea how good things were 20-30 years ago.
>I'm 43, I remember
People were much happier, life was more serendipitous and organic. When you left your front door at night to go out, you never knew what adventure you'd go on, or who you'd meet.
>The algorithm has replaced serendipity, life is a canned hunt, everything is gamed.


We have 11-12 year olds overdosing on fucking fentanyl. There was a horrible video of a 14 year old overdosing and died on ecstasy in Langley. So many young people are going to be mind fucked, the situation for kids is horrific. We haven't even begun to talk about housing, either...

>> No.18543490

Fucking faggot would want jannie trannies to moderate me? I'm the maniac you asked for you fucking retard.

>> No.18543689

>Your generation literally cannot afford to actualize and exercise agency
Good, maybe they can finally start taking responsibilities instead of constantly individualising. Self-actualisation is literally a product of consumer culture. Before the 60s nobody talked about it. Great art isnt born from self actualisation. Its built from duty and suffering.

>> No.18543702

The fuck do YOU know about great art? Show ANYTHING you've ever fucking done? What ART have you ever created?

>> No.18543721

I can say the same for you monkey.

>> No.18543752
File: 945 KB, 4032x2937, IMG_5602.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've written two books now, made various pieces upcycled from various materials, even sold my LED-light up cross made of Lucky beer cans for a few hundred bucks back in like 2014.
Also, I dabble in design and did the cover for my own book...

Let's see what you've made on your own, or do you just tear on creators?

>> No.18543810

>trust me, I made $200 off some junk I sold eight years ago, I'm basically Andy Warhol

>> No.18543818

Said by the anonymous faggot who doesn't create, doesn't plot their own course in life.

>> No.18543844

You've been doing this since literally 10am yesterday morning.

>> No.18543884

>exercise agency
The whole point is that there is a financial roadblock preventing the young generation from acquiring responsibility. You actualize through taking on responsibility. No opportunity, no agency, no actualization.

>> No.18543930

Honestly I think a lot of it has to do with the continuing postmodern cheapening of the human experience. With the advent and following ubiquity of modern psychology, we have killed the mystery of the human condition. Psychology has facilitated this kind of faux-objective stratification of the human mind, where we now feel almost unconditionally justified in attributing to certain people normalcy and to others psychological aberration. "Oh he's just mentally ill" and statements like it have had a deleterious effect on the perception of the human experience. Where madness could prior have been seen as potentially a cost-benefit analysis with downsides and upsides, modern scientific psychology now sees things overwhelmingly from a pathological standpoint, with the overarching goal being to allow a human being to fulfill a role in an ill society. Even if the pills kill your dramatic mania or quell the voices in your head to the point where you can hold down a 9 to 5, it also kills the creativity which is part and parcel to many, many of the greatest artists throughout human history. It's important to remember that in the scope of our evolution as a species, the idea that you can take a pill to make things better is very new. It has literally just started happening.

>> No.18543958

This is compelling as well

>> No.18543970

What duty is there for this generation? Drift from one job to the next while not having the resources to start a family or even form long term friendships?
There's no duty its just suffering.

>> No.18543976

Ding ding ding... wow it is almost like The Shitkickers is relevant to 2021

>> No.18543984

>allow a human being to fulfill a role in an ill society.
Who are you? I like you, you can fuck my dog. (Legal in Canada)

>> No.18543997

Your analysis is somehow right, but perhaps already outdated. Liberalisation and Foucaultism actually led to a new situation in which less conditions are seen as illnesses. Mismedication, mistreatment, and misdiagnosis are predominant in modern mental health issues. The drug crisis makes a big portion of US Americans not more, but less functioning.
Day of the Rake when?

>> No.18544080 [DELETED] 

>the realization or fulfilment of one's talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone.
It doesn't take any money to self actualise, I'm reminded of the recovering alcoholic from Infinite Jest who spent his time luring cats into doubled garbage bags, tieing up the end of the bag then watching as the cat suffocated. It would be hard to argue that that was not a potentiality and talent of the dry drunk, and that it was not realised.

>> No.18544098

Boring LARP thread.

>> No.18544105

my diary desu

>> No.18544116

Don't get me wrong, there exist a number of people who genuinely just want to be able to function. The fact of the matter is that within the scope of our society and if we take its mores and structures as moral bedrock, anything that gets in the way of your societal "contribution" can justifiably be seen as an illness or aberration. My problem with modern psychology is less the methodologies than it is how it stops at this social utility and uses it as an objective bedrock for its pathological diagnoses. If you take a step upwards or "outwards" on a meta level, it starts to become obvious that this isn't actually objective at all and subsumes entirely its pathology under the grand social rubric, as if the rubric itself isn't at least as much a problem as the individual. The more I think about this stuff the more radical I start to become, but I don't think it's a stretch to see this dynamic as a symptom of overcapitalization across way too many applications. If you can't work you can't generate currency, which means you can't house yourself or feed yourself. You can't survive. And it's not even your fault since the world you were born into didn't prepare you to develop those skills by virtue of your upbringing. This is the standard to which modern psychology is beholden, and a lot of the time it doesn't even seem to be aware of its position as an insidious arbiter of the system which is actually making its patients iI'll.

The whole thing just leaves a rotten taste in my mouth. Now, in defense of modern psychology we are just now starting to entertain this idea of neurodiversity, by which large amounts of people currently pathologized by a litany of abstract labels and disorders could be seen as within the normal range of human variance. All of this in the hope that by eroding the faux-objective bedrock, which I talked about earlier, there could be a trickling down to the layperson a broadened standard for normalcy which would then hopefully radiate outwards. I'm pessimistic since there are many highly qualified psychologists against the idea even before you get to the general public, but here's hoping. We'll just have to see how it all pans out.

>> No.18544190

I can't tell if I'm on /lit/ or /gif/ anymore. Why do we have a fucking hot glue thread?

>> No.18544284

The duty of becoming men and women once again.

>> No.18544307

What is a porn dealer? this look like an interestig job

>> No.18544322

I made the connections, got access to the content, threw a domain watermark over it, "SLUTZ.COM" and uploaded it everywhere with some funny descriptions.
>Made $10,000 a month for about 15 years
Very happy to be out of the adult business and working on writing instead. Much, much more fulfilling to live my truth.

>> No.18544325

Can't get that shit published anymore cause of identity politics.

>t. Drunk Chad genius

>> No.18544339

learn a trade faggot

>> No.18544366
File: 68 KB, 427x640, B3236E7F-0752-4507-9D3D-A75FF3E6E5A4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>failson fluffer who begs dad for coke money parties like a mad cunt for 20 years, sustains brain damage, eventually turns old and cringe and out of touch, stumbles upon trumpian reactoid worldview right in time and employs it to shit on young people doing the exact same thing he did a decade earlier in the name of freethinkerism
many such cases etc

>> No.18544368
File: 392 KB, 421x450, 1624654357610.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

IDpol completely runs all our media and entertainment.
>Blacks shoot up Toronto and hit multiple children
Not terrorists
>Whites organize online
>Music, books, TV, social media...
All of it is 100% catering towards fags, trannies, blacks, indians, fucking feminism. Everything is so pozzed here it is insane.

>> No.18544375


>> No.18544392

unironically a better story than whatever the palooka itt shat out lol

>> No.18544399

you apparently have a kid so yes, it’s not that far-fetched to demand that you grow up dude

>> No.18544402

This place is full of chirping faggots who have never done anything, taken any risks, lived at all.

>> No.18544404

Grow up? As in... wagie fucking cagie? That's not growing up... that's GIVING up.
>Kid is set for life with rich grandparents and wealthy family
You seem to have the old mindset of being someone else's bitch. Perhaps you need to look down the front of your pants and check if you have any balls you absolute fucking faggot.

>> No.18544414

Maybe I should be wearing two masks as well, right faggot? You're a fucking bitch. I guarantee you are a complete fucking wimp. Zero balls, you've created nothing, you've never taken any risks, lived in a foreign country, said "YES" more than fucking "NO", and I bet in one year of my life I've had more beautiful women than you've had in your ENTIRE fucking life. Dude... why exactly would I follow your advice?
>Look at all the queers on SSRIs or whining about their anxiety and problems
It's called self-actualization. Try it sometime pussy.

>> No.18544415

i can tell that your least favorite word in the world is ”responsibility”

>> No.18544418

What's that saying again you little bitch?
>Alpha fucks
>Beta bucks
Don't you have some e-whore to send your donation to, faggot?

>> No.18544419

I'm here

>> No.18544423

Why would I do that? I make $16 an hour working nights. I do almost literally nothing at work and get to work on my writing and get some reading done too. I used to have a trade though. I was a soldier and my trade was death. Not much use for that in the civilian world.

>> No.18544428

>It's called self-actualization.
bro if your 43-y.o. ”self-actualization” journey led you *here*, seething at the world and trying to push a text that would get thrown out by an elementary english teacher…lol

>> No.18544429

These people are complete NPCs, totally out-of-touch with their creative sides. To them, a good day is waking up early, going to their 9-5, coming home, watching Netflix before going to bed and repeating it. They are filler people.

>> No.18544432

Doing drugs, fucking whores, and refusing to mature mentally beyond an 18 year old's male power fantasy isn't "taking risks". It's pathetic. You're almost 50 dude, my grandfather had eight kids and a household by then. You're trying to impress random strangers half your age (you've been at it for what, 20 straight hours now?) and even they think you're pathetic. Stop caring so much about what random people on 4chan think about you and start caring about what your children and your wife about you.
>>Kid is set for life with rich grandparents and wealthy family
Be honest is this all just some sort of immature reaction to being born into a privileged family? Most people settle down with a wife and kids and a steady job because that's genuinely the most pleasant and dignified way to live your life, because they aren't trying to prove something to mommy and daddy by lashing out and doing coke in expensive cars.

>> No.18544434

This is a GREAT place to be. 4Chan is the last place on Earth where you can freely express yourself.
>Anon has never expressed himself so he doesn't appreciate 4Chan
I guarantee you are a complete fucking limp wristed faggot who has NEVER expressed yourself. I'm happy to be here. What's the alternative, getting praised by some brown mystery meat queer on the CBC? Being in some faggy writer's ground full of women and bald beta faggots? Like give your head a shake bitch, I've done shit in my life you could never even hope to do after 2021. You're a fucking faggot is what you are.

>> No.18544442

You clearly have no fucking clue retard. Considering I was so far ahead and saw the future of dating in 2013.
Dude... you have never done anything. You are never going to do anything. I'm 43 and still have so much more to do and progress in life. It is an amazing feeling to wake up and know my 2nd book is coming out and faggots like you are anonymous wall-sitters with your little dick and tiny balls jealous as fuck that someone is motivated and working on shit that you couldn't even fucking DREAM of doing.
You'll never do shit buddy. Never.
>You will see my finished book being plugged on here, and the sequel...

>> No.18544459
File: 64 KB, 620x465, B2B53008-3504-4ED2-A3B8-013DCBD37840.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

See this thread is a good example of how books like Bronze Age Mindset are truly noxious. Not that they work as recruitment pamphlets for cyber-Freikorps Discord servers, like nervous conservatives would have you believe, but that they boost the confidence of the dumbest people alive and work as legitimacy fuel for their petty grievances. BAP is just the beats/Ken Kesey/Bukowski for another generation of smug shits who think they’re the smartest person in the room.

Beware of anyone boasting about their outsider status. They’re the biggest grifter psychos of all.

>> No.18544467

this could very well be the worst shit i ever had to read.

>> No.18544468

Half the writers here don't even post because they already see writers getting attacked so hard.
>I don't give a fuck because the hate comes from jealousy
The fact that I have this energy at 43 and how little I give a fuck is amazing when you are SURROUNDED by conformist faggots and limp wristed fucking bitches who can't even walk up and talk to a girl they like let alone speak their mind without FEAR of being on the wrong side of an argument.
>These faggots on /Lit/ can learn from me.
Geeks like you can shit talk me as hard as you want, but I don't even see it as shit talk. They are just attacks coming from people who cannot create and have never self-actualized.
>t. wanted fast cars, hot women, fun life... AND I GOT IT ALL... and now I want to be a writer... AND I WILL HAVE IT.
Pussy. You will never have shit that you want. Fucking bitch.

>> No.18544473

>Didn't read it, just snipes.

>> No.18544475

god, if this was at least funny-bad or legit incomprehensible it would be something, but it's bad in such a fucking mundane way that it's depressing.

>> No.18544480

>totally out-of-touch with their creative sides
The issue is that your creative side isn't even that good. Your writing is subpar at best, and while it would be acceptable for an amateur who's still honing his craft you have none of the humility necessary to actually improve.

I write, translate, publish, paint, I've lived on several continents, can hold a conversation in half a dozen languages, watched people die, have gotten arrested, trafficked drugs internationally, once beat up a whore, have written copy-pastas which have touched the hearts of dozens of anons, blah blah blah. None of that means shit and I mostly keep it to myself because the point of an anonymous forum is that it isn't about you and your ego, its about having actual discussions stripped of all that superficial crap. It doesn't matter what kind of car you drive or how much money you made selling porn on the internet, your book is still poorly written and will always be poorly written unless you actually take the time to exam your work with a critical eye and ask yourself why it sucks so bad and how you could improve it.

And for the record the best people I've ever met, and I've traveled all around the world and known all types of people, have been the ones who marry young, never leave their home town, and don't compare themselves to other people. The next best people are the ones who find a career and excel at it. The worst people are burned out junkies who think drugs and sex are a proxy for having a personality.

>> No.18544484

nobody will ever get to the "arc" because the moment-to-moment experience of reading your shit is so awful. i don't know if you really have interesting "experiences" to share or not but it's irrelevant because you're just not really a writer.

>> No.18544493

why won't you fucking get it. if the first page of your 10 000 page novel sucks, then your fucking novel sucks. period. nobody is ever going to read through 50 bad pages in hope for a good 51th page. polish every single sentence or kys

>> No.18544496

>Half the writers here don't even post because they already see writers getting attacked so hard.
there is literally a constant writing general thread up here where people post stuff that is leagues ahead of your collin andrew yost runoff AND are humble in the face of advice and criticism. you are an insecure little worm

>> No.18544507

>Half the writers here don't even post because they already see writers getting attacked so hard.
Idk I posted my writing here a couple weeks ago and there was nothing but praise and encouragement. Maybe your book just sucks.

>> No.18544508

You literally make zero comments on the story. You didn't even read any of if.

>> No.18544513

Dude if you said "kys" to my face I would knock you the fuck out pussy bitch.

>> No.18544519

The story you faggot. Dude, you're a fucking bitch ass faggot. You will never create. You will only hate on those who do what you cannot.

>> No.18544526

You talk about "writing" like it's some sort of cake to bake. How the "writing" looks at first glance is the most important thing to you?

Fucking faggot. It's the fucking story that counts. Again, you lack any sort of depth or experience in life to understand that. You just want to criticize someone who does what you cannot do.

>> No.18544536

i understand that you’re on a perpetual coke binge and just blowing thru dozens of pages at the speed of light with no problem, but us actual readers need something more than just words lazily assembled

>> No.18544542

>4.30am Vancouver time and he's still seething because people won't wade through 300 pages of his shit prose to fully grasp the "story".
Its pretty sad that you think this is what living your best life is. Especially when you consider that you're 43 years old.

>> No.18544544

This is awesome. All of these no-name, anonymous faggots trying to tear down someone who actually lives their life. Try growing balls, faggots, and perhaps you will have the ability to chart your own course in life like I have.
(You won't. You'll live in mom's basement, or you'll get married to the first or second fat chick that fucks you, you'll work your wagie-cagie job and drive your 1991 Honda to work. Then when you see a guy who has fucked his way to 43 and even has kids without playing by any of the rules that your faggot masked ass plays by, you'll hate him so hard because in a million years you could never be the same guy, while that 43 year old could STILL marry a fat chick, get a 9-5, and easily do whatever shit job your faggot ass does.)

>> No.18544545

have u ever read a book. do u even know what a book is

>> No.18544548

Not a single detractor has yet made fun of the plot, characters, or any particularly "horrible" passage I've written.
>All jealous 5'4 virgin geeks

>> No.18544550

you have a very very limited, almost child-like understanding of "literature"

>> No.18544556

lol bro, in literature it is about the style of the writing, the use of language, and not about the story. you are like a retard from 300 years ago

>> No.18544563

It could be far worse... I could have a fat wife, a shit 9-5 to go to, step-kids who hate me, I could be fat, have no goals, no hobbies, just exist to serve the wife. Hell... imagine if I were 43 and divorced, had to sell the house, pay the ex-wife alimony.
>Instead, I have:
>My health
>My hobbies
>A whole lot of BALLS to keep going!
It's still fucking hot at 4:30 AM, I'll sleep when *I* choose to.

>> No.18544566

they heralded the age of the individual but now it's here they serve no purpose, reading these guys now is just signalling your specific brand of individuality

>> No.18544567

Your story is clichéd and unremarkable. On a level with something I’d expect from That Kid who just discovered new wave cinema and weed. A finger-painted Steppenwolf.

>> No.18544569


>> No.18544573

This post was made 18 hours and 23 minutes ago.
Let that sink in. For all the talk about "NPC"s working their "9-5" and "coming home to watch Netflix", I'd sure as fuck rather go to work and come home to watch a movie with my wife than spend 18 hours chimping out at people on 4chan over a crappy book.
Face it, you're a sad old man trying desperately to impress random strangers on the internet. And you can't even do that. Grow up already, I just feel bad for you at this point.

>> No.18544576

You haven't even read it. You have no idea what the plot is. You are a complete faggot trying to tear down someone who does something that you cannot do. You cannot imagine. You cannot create. You have no ability to put your hallucinations into words.

>> No.18544578

You are a faggot. I guarantee you have never accomplished shit.

>> No.18544584
File: 273 KB, 419x419, DBD030BD-06B7-4B35-845B-73B139322507.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw literally one page in and it’s apparent that this clown doesn’t know how to spell ”respiratory” but had to have it pasted in from somewhere

>> No.18544588

The duty of making a society where you arent a lonely drifter and have the power to defend and help your community.

>> No.18544600

Oh dude I misspelled something... holy shit it is the end of the world! FUCK ME RIGHT?

>> No.18544602


>> No.18544603

Where you work?

>> No.18544607

When people talk about the perils of railing marching powder this is what they actually refer to.

>> No.18544608

You could also have had a wife you've spent the last twenty years building a relationship with, a family who loves you, a fulfilling career you can be proud of, and a position in society worthy of admiration and respect.

Freedom doesn't mean crap after your teens, because at a certain point it stops being potential and starts being wasted time. Nobody admires your Peter Pan syndrome or your inability to form a normal relationship with women. You've wasted your life and all you have to show for it is a shitty book.

>> No.18544612

>Being in some faggy writer's ground full of women and bald beta faggots
Thats where you exactly are. Except a bit questionable woman. You reek of cringe.

>> No.18544613

no, you just can't write. you can't spell, you have no feel for the language, no rhythm, no great ideas, no poetic use of the language, no surprising or interesting metaphors, no innovative form, nothing. it is just a bland text full of mediocre ramblings. nobody in the world would read the first ten pages and then say, wow this is good

>> No.18544621

>a position in society worthy of admiration and respect.
Are you Canadian? Is there anything about this society that I WANT to participate in? I quit the porn business because I was tired of the degeneracy, I write because I'm constantly imagining and coming up with ideas. Always reading something.
>Guy suggests I could be fitting into a society that is a COMPLETE clown world.
In Canada... if I put on a dress and called myself a woman, everyone would agree, I'm a woman.
>If you disagree and say I'm not a woman... you could go to JAIL.
In this same Canada, I can spend 6-9 months writing my 2nd book, and people will make fun of me and say I'm not a writer.

>> No.18544628

The cringe here is from all these faggots like you who are afraid to live your life. You will never create, never do.

>> No.18544634

You can't even attack the story, you are such a fucking faggot.

If the story sucked, you'd be able to quote it and make fun of it.
>You don't know the story because you're only sniping like a bitch from the sidelines where you never create anything.

>> No.18544641

but you do realize that we are the people you hate? we fuck the hot leftist blm art hoes you could never get and we get our poetry published by the literary magazines you could never get into.

>> No.18544647


>> No.18544649

Hey jason do u have a twitter or something

>> No.18544653
File: 711 KB, 1135x1867, 1610412554435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I thought /lit/ is better than other media board.

>> No.18544657

Dude I have had more threesomes than you've had art hoes

>> No.18544663

You are a pseud who is simply saying "you can't write" because you are jealous of someone who does what you cannot do.
>Why don't you read the full act 1 like a faggot and try making fun of the story.
You can't... because the story is fucking gold, bitch.

>> No.18544667

I am banned on all social media platforms.
>Will probably create a brand account soon... once my hot glue perfect binding machine gets here.

>> No.18544670

Except i am desperately trying to create. Working a part time job, supporting my family, and at the same time trying to make art in virtually all the free time i have left. The difference is that I know this site is shit. And also that i dont run from responsibilities. Grow up boomer.

>> No.18544674

>I don't run from responsibilities
You've been conditioned your whole life to serve others like a fucking bitch ass faggot.

>> No.18544683

It's unironically worse because it thinks its better.

>> No.18544685

You ever hear the saying that you reap what you sow? If you were twenty years younger you could have joined a church, married a decent woman, cultivated good relationships with good people, and built the kind of society around yourself that you would actually want to participate in. Instead you became an internet porn dealer and a drug addict.

>Why don't you read the full act 1
Nobody is going to do this because reading even one of your pages is painful. The reader doesn't owe it to you to read your entire book, its your job as an author to actually pull them in.
You have the mentality of a spoiled child and it shows through your complete lack of skill or attention to form.

>> No.18544691

"Reading it is painful"
You are not even trying to review my shit in good faith. You are literally a fucking random loser nobody who is attacking a creator.

>> No.18544698


>> No.18544718

Up on a mountain in the rocky mountains. Don't want to be all that much more specific.

>> No.18544729

Its the reverse, people tell me to not take up those responsibilities. "Go travel for a year dude", "Focus on your career not your senpai, you got your own life now", "Why dont you make your passion your job", "Aren't you neglecting your social life". I am much happier than all of them together, and the only one not seeing a shrink. Only thing left is to leave this goddamn site.

>> No.18544732

i can spend six months coating my car’s engine in butter every day, that doesn’t make me a mechanic

>> No.18544737

fucking hell he's still at it. he's going to be haunting this board like the ghost of someone nobody ever cared abt, isn't he?

>> No.18544740

Anon wasnt asking for location, just the occupation itself, since it seems nice to be able to get writing done while working.

>> No.18544743

>I am banned on all social media platforms.
Quelle surprise!

>> No.18544758

this. at least /tv/ knows it’s room temp iq

>> No.18544763

Every board has its own schizo.

>> No.18544765

Based. You're a good guy anon.
My parents actively try and sabotage me from forming meaningful relationships with people, settling down, staying in my home town, etc. and its absolutely hellish. Being a lonely drifter isn't a way that anybody should live. Hold onto your duties, they're all you have in this world.

>> No.18544792

There is a company I work for that has assets up in the mountains which require 24 hour surveillance. I work security for them. It's mostly mounted patrols with good camera coverage and takes me about 20 minutes every two hours to fully drive from one end of the facility to the other then back again. It gets slightly more busy during the day, but most of the time at night I am the only person around for miles and miles (hopefully).

>> No.18544810

Thank you, life is though on a young adult without a good family or community. I wouldn't know what to do in your situation. But I can tell you for a fact this place isnt helping you. Find some physical group to be part of if you can, wish you the best anon.

>> No.18544833
File: 17 KB, 480x360, schneider.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He appears to have been banned from Reddit and almost everywhere else for this shit. /lit/ is the last chance saloon to drum up interest in his inanity. Contrary to OP, most self described schizos write in a pretty boring way. He is an interesting character though, reminds me of pic related. Might put him in my own novel.

>> No.18544870

one of his reddit threads is pure gold: dude from wealthy family with a $250,000 coke habit suddenly becomes Concerned for Society and asks, humbly, what should we do about the homeless addicts if they’re unable to simply pick another lifestyle?

>> No.18544901

Post a link, I want to read this.

>> No.18544942


”it is a moral choice to be homeless” is an all-time gigabrain soundbite

>> No.18544981

RIP Jason Bryan of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, who died falling headfirst into his adult diaper.

>> No.18545013

It's kind of sad to see /lit/ the "intellectuals" of 4chan never contribute anything other than some meme books. /v/ has Minecraft, /a/ has katawa shoujo, /sci/ has the haruhi problem. They have contribution and deep appreciation for subjects they enjoy, /lit/ on the other hand... only people shilling their meme books.

>> No.18545055

>You literally make zero comments on the story. You didn't even read any of if.
nigger you are like a parody of every bad writer out there. you have this very important "story" to tell, which seems very good and interesting in the privacy of your own head in much the same way every shitty mother thinks their baby is special, but there is no reason why anybody outside that private delusion of yours would care. having had a wacky life doesn't make you a writer, you have to be able to actually construct writing that will produce the desired effect on another person, and you can't, you very obviously can't based on the results of showing your trash to people. you can't even figure out how tenses are supposed to work in narration, how greentext is supposed to work in 4chan posting, absolute basic shit gives you huge trouble. you will never meet the gap between what's in your head and what you put on the page, you don't even seem to realize the gap exists. you have no sensitivity to language, you will never be a writer.

and then there's pathetic shit like calling reddit "plebbit" in your fucking novel to try to fit in with 4chan after you've been run off from everywhere else. it's just fucking embarrassing.

>> No.18545069

Finance. Option traders, day traders, ecoin traders.

>> No.18545071

There were some great posts and posters on here in the early days, with a genuine interest in literature and some semblance of a connection with the real world (academia, media, publishing, art scenes, etc), but somewhere along the line /lit/ turned into another Sheltered White Boys Arguing Over Nietzsche board.

>> No.18545076

The fuck are you talking about? Early /lit/ was a bunch of trhipfags circle jerking each other.

>> No.18545087

Someone didn't pay attention. Even so, tripfags are preferable to frenposters and doomers.

>> No.18545093

Every baby is a Divine being on a spiritual journey. Joseph Conrad put us in the head of a beautiful girl who's father wanted her to be a British princes and who's mother wanted her to be a Head hunter chief's queen.

>> No.18545109

So does /a/,/ v/ and /sci/. Hell IIRC the one to ask for haruhi problem is a tripfag.

>> No.18545113

Happiness is feeling good about yourself. Homeless are generally happy. Public policy could change so they would accept public assistance. Salvation Army and others are doing all they know how to do. Homeless are harder to herd than cats.

>> No.18545120

It never was, but it certainly is a frustrated male nietsche board now

>> No.18545126

>They have contribution and deep appreciation for subjects they enjoy
Lmao, have you seen contemporary /a/ and /v/? Funny shit anon.

>> No.18545174
File: 378 KB, 680x697, 1555262950373.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Lmao, have you seen contemporary /a/ and /v/? Funny shit anon.
Don't get me wrong, both have deteriorated but they still have contribution to the industry. /a/ maybe not a fansub powerhouse like back in the day but they still do great stuff from time to time like fan art for tkmiz (picrel) and while /v/ has been regressed since forever they are still 4chan OC machine.

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