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>Good House: Gryffindor
>Evil House: Slytherin
>Asian House: Ravenclaw
>Misc. House: Hufflepuff

What did Rowling mean by this

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>asian house is the blue one instead of the yellow one
Yeah mate I don't know what the hell she was thinking

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Ravenclaw is the smart house, not just Asian. Hufflepuff is le quirky and funny house. What she mean? I don't know.

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Hufflepuff is for third wheels, second fiddles and spares

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Hufflepuffs ride the short boat to Hogwarts.

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>Ravenclaw is the smart house, not just Asian
What house is Cho Chang in

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more like
Alpha house: Gryffindor
Sigma house: Slytherin
Beta house: Hufflepuff
Theta house: Ravenclaw

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God I hate frumpy women

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This personality typing system is shit.

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Gryffindor: Socially adjusted kids who are protagonist material, normal kids whose interests range from beating a dead squirrel with a stick to playing ball. This is where the average joes are placed. This house is constantly favored because it is the "face" of the school, normal dudes and dudettes go here.
Hogwarts Propaganda: They're like... Brave and shit.

Slytherin: The place to fit the trust-fund baby, wealthy members of society who are socially engineered from the womb to be entitled cunts and proto-Patrick Batemans, also equally genetically engineered to be cunts since they are spawned from the ruthless strategists at the top of financial institutions and the opportunistic gold diggers who suck their cocks. They pay to receive priority treatment and acceptance in the school and this is what they get.
Hogwarts Propaganda: They're like, cunning strategists and great business leaders!

Ravenclaw: Reserves of the best intellectual and academically competent kids who are capable of bringing formal academic glory to the school, also a great way to contain the more "eccentric" and mentally unstable kids, since intelligence is strongly correlated with batshit insanity, in one same area and keep an eye on them
Hogwarts Propaganda: They're just smart! (This time, it is correct)

Hufflepuff: Dumb, developmentally disabled, untalented, simple-minded, Lenny from Of Mice and Men, Ralph Wiggum, way too naive for this sinful Earth, ultimately good-hearted individuals who are just not made for the cunning speed-chess of life
Hogwarts Propaganda: They're kind and friendly!

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>/lit/ discussing childrens books
Grow up u niggers.

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>tfw no retarded Hufflepuff gf

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I don't know anything about Gryffindor or Slytherin or whatever the fuck. Do adult Anglo-American men really care about this crap?

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>is feigning ignorance of the media that I'm surely aware and familiar with since I consumed it as a kid make me look like a cool adult yet

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>since I consumed it as a kid make me look like a cool adult yet
No I didn't.

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>ablaaa bloo blooo *shits diaper*

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>please keep anything popular among normies away from me, as it reminds me of my social incompetence and incapacity of connecting with the rest of society due to immense self-isolation driven retardation. I must continue to pretend to have read Blood Meridian and discuss my one dimensional surface level understanding of Evola in my cool secret club and feel really edgy to rationalize my many failures

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>continues typing like a reddit tourist
Not even /sffg/ would want you. Fuck off.

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Look I just saw the films, I know Harry’s a wizard and has to stop an evil pea man, is it worth literary discussion, friends?

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Hufflepuff is the fat house

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Continue being obsessed retard, I've never been to reddit but I bet my ballsack you have or had an account there since you know so much about it apparently.

Contain your sperging, this is a respectable board, back to r9k nigger

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More so than most novels discussed around these parts

>le lonely man feels tfw no gf
>thinks a bunch of schizophrenic thoughts
>gets crush on girl
>is rejected
>has philosophical thought
>the end

Thanks Dosto/Dazai/Sartre/Every fucking novelist

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>this is a respectable board
You don't even believe this yourself, hence your abhorrent Redditorism.

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Nothing on 4channel is respectable anon, you’re quite deluded if that’s what you think.
t. Not the person you were replying to

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>Nothing on 4channel is respectable anon
It is that way because we so allow it

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This is the literature board.

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There is better literature than that, by the same authors too

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Kids read Harry Potter shortly after growing out of Captain Underpants. Why are adults reading a book that's only slightly more mature in content than Captain Underpants?

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I don’t think this sites overall reputation will be changing in a hurry, so maybe we do allow it, but no one is making plans to change outsiders outlook, or even people on here. But being a largely gatekeeping community doesn’t help either

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Captain Underpants is pretty patrician ngl, so what’s your gripe?

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Why are you typing like a nigger?

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>Cho Chang

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Sheiiit get offa ma bord wyboi Or imma suck yo dick nice and slow nigga

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Ravenclaw is the /lit/ house lmao, I'm pretty sure they mention the Gryffindor dorm's bookshelves being covered in dust.
No one here is socially competent enough for Hufflepuff (as that is the house for the well-adjusted, warm, and good looking kids. You know, the happy ones, since your social standing is actual what determines your happiness in the material world) and the majority here aren't sociopathic and confident enough for Slytherin (the tripfags all are though.)

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Get bucked.

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>intelligence is incompatible with social capacity
>/lit/ is remotely intelligent
>hufflepuffs are well-adjusted or attractive
lots of retarded assumptions

>muh social standing is happiness
spoken like a true social retard trying to grasp the world from behind a cage

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>/lit/ is remotely intelligent
That's fair

I'm just trying to stir the pot here before I leave my house and rejoin the world.

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I took the official test. I can't believe I tested as Slytherin.

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Condensed to a tl;dr
>Griffindor: Aryans
>Slytherin: Jews
>Ravenclaw: Autists
>Hufflepuff: Downies

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The last harry Potter book is better than the portrait of an artist as a young man unironically

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Give me a valid argument for that, I’ve read neither, but I want you to explain your opinion

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>Asian house isn't evil
what a blunder

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Cho is not the only student

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I had a book idea that basically follows this exact outline

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Albus Potter is the result of an affair between Ginny and Neville. That's why he sucks at magic, can't fly a broom and is such a pussy.
Harry knows

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