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post the author that made your years of searching / studying through literature worth it.

not trying to meme but all the suffering and false paths were worth it for me after I finally found cioran. He is my literature soul mate and I honestly doubt anyone could replace him for me. But who is yours?

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For me it’s Hart Crane.

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For me it's F. Gardner

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For me it's Judith Butler.

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For me it's F Gardner.

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I would expect more words from those who are so lucky as to have found true love

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Oh fuck that’s incredibly based. Yeah I’m gonna have to second this one chief. Call of the Crocodile was just so good it was unreal. How does he do it?

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>How does he do it?
He doesn't. God writes through him.

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Another one.

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And just why has God chosen him?

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And another.

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And these two, of course.

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a friend of cioran. why do you like him so much?

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>And just why has God chosen him?
He didn't. God was chosen by Gardner.

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>a friend of cioran. why do you like him so much?
Because he borrowed Cioran with cash when he didn't have shit to eat.

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Because he writes a very reduced kind of literature, freeing words from the burden of exaggeration. He is an influence on my own writing, because I find that I am often apt to exaggerate, to write too much. Beckett taught us the poetry of restraint, the poetry of silence and immobility. George Steiner once said that Beckett makes the prose of other writers sound like flatulence, and this is true, to some extent.
Curiously, another influence on me, and a more natural one given my inclinations, is Nabokov, who is a different kind of author. But I try to devise my owns ways of bringing all of these voices into accord, filtering them through my own personal perspective.

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That makes me want to read him. I don't really enjoy fiction or poetry these days though

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What can you really say of your true love? Only everything and nothing. And I opted not to try and say everything here, understandable I think.

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You'll probably enjoy his novels. Read Molloy. Needless to say, it's not fiction in a traditional sense. It's a very unique kind of writing.

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I will give it a try, thanks for the recommendation

Okay, now this is a man in love

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oops, THIS is a man in love

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I miss this little fella like you wouldn’t believe

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F. Gardner

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Beckett ruined his friendship with cioran because of Cioran’s nationalism

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No Cioran ended his relationship with him because he got severely sick and Cioran didn't like seeing him in that condition.

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Bolaño and Pynchon
and this dude >>18333792

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my lit soul mate is u anon :3 i feel the same way about nabby and the
>poetry of restraint
other than nab my favorite is gordon lish who edited carver in such a way that he elevated his stuff into what he is today and its all thanks to restraint. can i see your writing if you dont mind?

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Meme tier choice

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Junger is the only person I have ever put on a pedestal, I always keep going back to him. Everyone should read eumeswil.
I'm also a big cioran fan, just starting history and utopia and bought a copy of all gall is divided.

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>tfw this is the first book I picked up as an adult
no time wasted

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My Sloterdijk shelf continues to grow and it's quite the wild ride.

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I honestly do not read anyone who i do not enjoy immensely, if I dislike an author I see no reason to continue with him beyond 10 or so pages. Other than the Bible, the only author who has ever been able to make me cry was Dante, and Dunsany is a perpetual inspiration to me, his worlds are like if you opened the mind of a child and bejeweled it with gems mined from folktales and world religion.

There are many others of course, no one has matched the depth of personality that goethe can produce for example, but the beauty I see in Dante and Dunsany constantly forces me to continue writing.

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How Cioran and Jünger have helped you?

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>“Freedom is based on the anarch’s awareness that he can kill himself. He carries this awareness around; it accompanies him like a shadow that he can conjure up. “A leap from this bridge will set me free.”
Wow this feels like Cioran quote. Now I will read Jünger.

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this part has stuck with me long after reading it

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though I'm Muslim, his writings are very visceral and essential to me.

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