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Literature about the social forces and dialectics that give rise to pic rel?

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>social forces
>give rise
go back

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The extroverted nature of americans.

t. Jung

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S. K. Bain

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>i have seen the world-spirit

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vanity of vanities all is vanity

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Das Kapital

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Guess what cocksucker? I hate commies AND billionaire CEOs. You will be lined against the same wall as Bezos and Gates

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I'm not a schizo but this guy is a paid actor and practically every high profile media case comes down to political mafia money

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Turning impressionable young men into race traitors with left-wing propaganda!

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looks exactly like the DVD cover of JFK the movie

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So you’re an anarchist or what?

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ryan trecartin videos would be better

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This guy's lawyer came out and said his client is "fucking retarded" and that most of the people that stormed the capital are "short bus people" and that they'd all been brainwashed lol

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Race > Class
Surely a Jew like Marx would understand this

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Propaganda by Ellul

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I like your frog's top hat. Very nice friendo.

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I sincerely believe Biden should pardon this guy. Anyone who wears a Viking hat and American flag facepaint can't be all that bad. Give him a job as a mascot of America or something

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