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Post-apocalypse Edition
Previous Thread:>>18293331

>Recommended reading charts (Look here before asking for vague recs)



>A link to the ultimate colossal science fiction and fantasy collection torrent.

Never going to be created

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I don't know what is going on but Zak is cute

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I'm torn. A lot of fantastic sci-fi has been written in the 50's and 60's, well before they could fathom what computers would turn into.
Have the futuristic machines in your books improved in books written, say after 2006? Even Star Trek had handheld devices that detect this or that, but now we know what personal device we have at all times, the internet.
I know a lot of the writing in those old books are better but I can't get over the fact of thinking about their space ships or command centers or whatever it might be as those big ugly computers with lights the size of your fist and everything is this fucking color.
So I'd like to read modern sci-fi but looking at the last 2 threads, it seems it's all turned to shit and I'm better off just reading a good story rather than one with more modern machinery (that may have advanced by a hundred or so years in their universe).
But when I hear "Asimov". My brain paints everything mint green and plastic browns and eggshells. I wish it didn't.
I wish I weren't so stupid.

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Fantasy Romance

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We pretty much knew what computers would be and do in the 50s, even if it was all in the theoretical side. What we didn't know is how they would effect society, and that's why old scifi, at least the stuff written by engineers reading those theoretical papers, is still good

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Repeating request
What are books written from POV of ruling kings and lords.
Similar to Game for Thrones and Ivanhoe?

ATM were suggested
Kings of the Wyld
the second apocalypse by r scott bakker

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Yeah. Sci fi was knocked down by future shock

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I don't have much experience there, but The Hallowed Hunt is a fantasy romance. You might like that one. The book works on it's own, though I think you'll be able to appreciate it more if you read the first two books in the series. So you have a better understanding of the magic involved.
The first two books are Curse of Chalion and Paladin of Souls. Both of which have romantic aspects to them. Though to a lesser degree than the Hallowed Hunt. Still, one can say that all three books are at least in part romantic. Two appetizers and then the main course.

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Does the series have a name?

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I guess it's technically called "World of the Five Gods". But I just think of it as Curse of Chalion. Or simply Chalion. As Curse of Chalion is the first in the whole series.

The five gods refers to the 5 gods that play a major role in people's lives in that world.

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does it follow a single MC, even vaguely is fine

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Finished a Maze of Death. At first it seemed like a a copy of Galactic Pot-Healer, but then it really got crazy. Definitely worth reading.

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aw shucks

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The goblin emperor

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The first three books change MCs. But don't worry about that, because each story is self contained. Coming to fitting conclusions.
The first book follows Cazaril. A nobleman who was taken as prisoner of war and made a slave. He manages to return home, and seek aid. inadvertently becoming the tutor of a "royesse"(princess) and her handmaiden.

The second book follows Ista. A noblewoman who suffered an emotionally debilitating affliction for the last 2 decades of her life, and has finally come free of it. Now she's ready to actually do something with her life. She gets caught up in a strange situation involving two princes.

The third book follows Ingrey. A nobleman who is tasked with investigating a murder and transporting the accused to trial. The accused being a noblewoman who claims she was defending herself. Things of course go awry on their travels, and they find that the situation is far more complex than they imagined.

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Fuck E William Brown
Fuck pay pigs
Fuck pay walls
Fuck incommunicado
Fuck delays
Fuck excuses
Fuck lazy authors
Fuck starting other series and leaving the one people want unfinished
Fuck you

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any hitchchiker's guide to the galaxy readers been seeing the number 42 a lot lately?

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Seems that modern sci fi, at least outside manga/anime, went either dystopian or has become afraid of fantastical. I mean, one of Clarke's laws is that sci fi should step into impossible in search of limits. Instead:
>Oh look, contemporary world but with humanlike robots or VR
>Oh look, humanity has colonised the solar system but people treat interstellar travel like driving a truck and look and behave like modern truckers
>Oh look nanomachines, but modern social issues are the same for cyborgs
Expanse, Altered Carbon, Westerworld, etc, etc, are cut from the same gritty/dreary cloth. Valerian and the city of thousand planets are literally the best sci fi movie of the last decade, even if it's last part was terrlible, just because it tried to do an upbeat adventure.

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If you are talking about any other author but Bakker: then stop posting in this fucking thread. /sci/ is a Bakker general and thats all there is too it.

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Impossibly based.

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Over a decade and still no fantasy tops PoN. Dead genre.

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Is there an earlier western novel about getting trapped in a video game? .hack cane out the same year in Japan, wear there something significant that made people think we were on the cusp of VR being fully immersive?

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otherland came out in 1996

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Help me a little, anon.
I'm paralyzed by choice. I just got back into reading and I feel like an hourglass with a dump truck on top of it. I can only read so fast and even though I enjoy it, years of watching youtube and vidya and prejudices from when I was a kid tell my brain "You expend effort to read, it's boring" even though I enjoy it and love whenever the "neat thing" happens in a book, like maybe our first message from aliens and it's been translated and it's terrifying.
I like the fantastical but I don't wan the characters to just, say, pull out a box and it does what the story needs them to do. Maybe they're in a chase and it's some sort of fantastic weapon or escape device. I like when the stories can explain the futuristic things they're using and they have purposes and it's well thought out as opposed to a magic trick of sorts. I'm probably not explaining that well.
But give me a few stories, anon. Because I saw commercials for that movie and the first thing I thought was that it was a stupid title and that they probably didn't think of a good way, or any way at all why a thousand planets would be "a" city. Maybe I'm just too pessimistic and I need to put in work and not be afraid of reading something I will finish and decide that I hated, but I'm also afraid that such thing would put me off from reading for a while again, and by a while, I mean years.

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there's probably a lot more considering VR has been a thing since the early 80's

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I enjoyed it at the time -- did it hold up?

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My bad for actively avoiding tad Williams i guess

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I'm usually a fantasy person, but the Mass Effect remaster and my own research have got me interested in AI lately. What's a scifi story you've read with a big focus on interesting, AI-related philosophy?

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I have no mouth and i must scream

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What are some AI romance books

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what are some romance

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the first chapter of dune

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The movie is an adaptation of the adventures of these two
As for recommendations that are written well enough to avoid deus ex machina, Maybe Amber Chronicles, or M.Y.T.H Inc. Or something by Simak or Larry Niven. Or Edgar Burroughs's Master Mind of Mars, although what was fantastical a century ago is almost possible right now.

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Of one of the adventures*
Because Valerian is a long running french comic book series.
And speaking of french comic animated adaptations, Wakfu is on yt as well, I think,

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>Oh look, humanity has colonised the solar system but people treat interstellar travel like driving a truck and look and behave like modern truckers
Any examples?

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Anon, he posted examples two sentences later...

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Don't read Kings of the Wyld. It's fucking terrible. I bought into the meme and gave it a try, and the setting is a shitty generic MMO, the characters are pure trope, and the writing is, at best, bland.

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B-but he didn't specify which is which!

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thanks for this, anon. I loved the mix between readability and diamond-hard SF concepts, so I think I'll be okay with more of that and less "oh my god, how could you betray me?" theater dramatics. I didn't find his characters to be the most compelling part, so I will probably be down with his more psycho and alien perspectives.

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Honestly, they merged into a single gritty=contemporary=realistic=better image. I think Expanse had that, Zone of Enders Dolores had that despite being anime, Firefly was smugglers instead of truckers.
Dolores had sentient mechs inspired by Egyptian gods and the focus of the show was on deadbeat space trucker reconnecting with his kids after a decade of separation.

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Modern Setting, with Fantasy Element?

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is twilight even good?
Also I can't read any book that follows a female lead

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Harry Potter.

Or more seriously, most of the early stuff by Jim Butcher.

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It's a very sweet romance, but it's very obviously Y
A. Also, if you seriously can't read that big a portion of good books you have a problem

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I do have a problem and it's called autism, I can't remember last time I read a book that followed a female lead

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Are you female?
I find it very hard to read romance stories if the MC don't match my gender.

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what do you do in books like game of thrones with multiple pov characters? just skip the female chapters and hope they're not important?

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None of the women in ASOIAF are the protagonist of the story

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I'm not a woman, I just legitimately don't get self-inserting. I don't think I've ever done it for any piece of media, I am always cognizant of being an outside observer to the story.

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Where's the fun in that?
you don't want to be able to FEEL the story as you read it?

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Arya, Sansa, and Daenerys are clearly protagonists. It's silly to try and identify any one character as The Protagonist of the series.

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I do feel the story. I don't have to be somebody to feel empathy for them. Do you have to imagine yourself as your friend when they tell you how sad they are that their mom died or whatever?

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Bakkerbros, I just finished The Unholy Consult and I'm wondering how/why did Ajokli hijack Kellhus and for how long? It seemed completely out of the blue, and there doesn't seem to be any implication of it besides from the end of The Thousandfold Thought

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I cannot empathize with women, simple as

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Answer this anon. Will Tolkien be passed in our lifetimes?
>Inb4 he already has
He hasn't

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tolkien has definitely been surpassed in any given metric you want to measure, except for linguistic autism

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Jesus Christ they are gonna rape Wheel of Time

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Each book has a protagonist

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since the plains when the no god died, but more fully after he hung on the circumflix remember time does not exist on the Outside.

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No it's not "a very sweet romance", it's a horrific insight into the mind of a teen girl's dreams. He has the body of the fittest teen, the wisdom and wealth of a 100 year old, the strength of 100 men, his desire is absolute yet he can't touch you...it's disturbing. They want things on axes a man doesn't even consider. It's like when women whine about body image and male demands but in every imaginable quality, not just boobs. It's shopping run amok, decadent, sick and disgusting. And the kicker is her guy has all of that and is still not enough.

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You've never had a girl move first in a relationship, huh?

>> No.18313403

Did you not realize that was what she really wanted from you?

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That you're imaginary, don't you understand that?

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we're all imaginary anon
there is no me or you

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Well there's near and far and in Stephanie Meyer's late capitalist universe any reality is very, very far.

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come on, it's self indulgence
as if a teenage boy wouldn't love the idea of powerful women fighting for your love

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Your post reminded me of my deep secret.
I liked the first Twilight movie. I've only seen it once. But that part about the wealth and wisdom of a 100 year old but still being fit or young... That's what I liked. Even the part where he wants a hot high schooler (if it never became a movie then we wouldn't associate the character with what's her name, we would have our own versions of the girl, remember) instead of some bimbo.I hate all the modern faggy shit about vampires but that's the stuff I love about them. They're old, they've seen shit. As time passes, everything gets easier so these are the only creatures that know or remember true horror. They're wealthy, castles aren't cheap. They were probably nobility.
Any books with that feel?

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We can mostly agree porn corrupts a man's ability to relate to a woman. But a woman has a sphere outside of porn's ability to touch that gives her the tools to interrupt that. But the man has nothing that Stephanie Meyer hasn't subjectified and colonized in the female imagination.

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What was Cnauir doing walking into the whirlwind?

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Damn. So we've ruined that word?
I would love if we used apocalypse to describe technological leaps.

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>But that part about the wealth and wisdom of a 100 year old but still being fit or young... That's what I liked
Same, except that Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and probably every other vampire YA that came out recently has really stupid vampires.
Like holy fuck, you're unimaginatively rich, and yet you keep going to high school over and over just to go to college? Why not just learn by yourself from books, correspondence courses, the internet?
Or just walk into a college lecture without signing in. I'm guessing in burgerland that wouldn't fly since college isn't free, but in many western countries you'd have no problem.
I could go on and on about the stupidity, so I'll just stop.

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I now demand vampire particle physics researchers.

>> No.18313673

What did you think of Blindsight's vampire?

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fantasy scifi is simple the logical conclusion of EVERY GENRE

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>It's shopping run amok, decadent, sick and disgusting.
If you think what female side of rape instinct would be, it's this. From evolutionary viewpoint it makes perfect sense - the goal antagonism of desire to rape vs rape anxiety is the perfect storm for the dynamic of damsel in distress ("rape culture") and to compel women to elect men (rapist) best fit to protect her from gang rape.

These drives are now manifested in our dreams since we're long past the Grug phase, I don't think there's much point to contrast em with modern morality.

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incredibly based

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Chad here, I need a fantasy recommendation. Most of the shit I've read has been really gay.

>game of thrones
>first law
>black company
>book of the new sun

Dropped/for fags:
>wheel of time
>storm light archive (I really liked the first book, it kept getting worse)
>malazan (might give this another shot)

what else do I read? Bakker is apparently cuckshit which is definitely a non starter

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it's the logical conclusion to any fantasy story with intelligent races to eventually evolve into scifi

>> No.18313780

I would also like to ad name of the wind to the fag list

>> No.18313820

>there doesn't seem to be any implication of it
When the Assassin was dumbstruck "for no reason" at the end of The Great Ordeal
there may have been a reason, at least that is my take

>> No.18313821

Imagine being as popular as Tolkien.
>Oh shit oh fuck, all I did was rip off the bible and add white supremacist elves, shit fuck play it cool man, play it cool

>> No.18313824

Everyone gets cucked even the Gods.

>> No.18313860

I bet the 4 year old scifi /t/ thread got bumped off for someone asking for a specific camgirl. A popular one who was in every single of the 5 camgirl threads.

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I did it. >>18313831

>> No.18313896

I thought that was because Kelmomas distracted him, and since Kelmomas becomes the no-god, whom the gods are blind to, this would allow him to ruin both of the white luck warrior's attempts to kill Kellhus

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Will Tolkien be passed in our lifetimes?

What happened to /wsffg/? Anyways, I was here about a week and a half back looking for some input on what to read as I haven't been reading fantasy for over a decade. I was curious about A Court of Thorns and Roses, as the premise appealed to me despite some trepidation on my part. Got some helpful feedback which confirmed my suspicions, so I avoided that one. I did pick up The Darkness That Comes Before, but don't plan on starting that for a while. Also picked up two other books, which I've since finished, and figured I'd share my thoughts...

The City of Brass:
The premise looked very similar to "Court of..." except with Djinn instead of Fae (but really, same thing, just within a different cultural context). The reviews were all be solid, but I still had some red flags... Woman author; WHITE WOMAN author; WHITE WOMAN CONVERT TO ISLAM author.

But I decided to go through with it anyways, and... I liked it. Well written, kept my attention rapt, and with an intriguing plot. One thing I might say, which isn't an objection, but it wasn't as "magical" as I'd have expected. Not to say it isn't suffused with magical elements, but the Djinn themselves are not what you might be expecting- their powers limited and behaving not all that differently from people. There is an explanation for this given in the book, and I suspect the 2nd and 3rd volumes may change this.

Early on, I thought "oh shit, I've stumbled into an SJW /"muh oppression'" novel... but it was a false alarm. Almost everyone is operating on a scale-of-grey morality, with the partially-blooded Djinn/humans (who possess no real rights) having their negative aspects, and with their "oppressors" operating from a position of pragmatism rather than evil.

A few complaints would consist of a mutual love interest that wasn't convincing (which is not to say that the author can't write romance, as there does seem to be a compelling love interest taking place, albeit unstated and possibly unfulfilled). The reviews of it which I saw or read mention the final chapters as being the strongest, though I thought these may have been the weaker point in the book. The climax is eventful, but there's a few storyline decisions that I thought could have been better handled. Most notable is a sequence which doesn't seem to make any sense logically the boat-escape sequence and what follows... how did that even happen? If anyone's read this and can explain it, lemme know.. It was also odd how the protagonist, Nahri, was such a sceptic regarding the supernatural despite her obvious paranormal traits. Anyways, minor complaints.

As mentioned, it's a 3-part series and I intend to read the other books as well. I haven't seen it mentioned in the thread before, so I'll give it my recommendation.

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>Since all men count themselves righteous, and since no righteous man raises his hand against the innocent, a man need only strike another to make him evil.
–Nulla Vogneas, The Cynicata

>> No.18314350

You need to wean yourself off of digital media sounds like anon.

Try putting yourself in a space with no distractions when you read. Out of your pc room, or go outside.

Remember that reading is about the journey, trying to consoom the book as fast as possible is counter to what you want to be doing.

You WILL enjoy reading again- but you need to dispel yourself of the notion that you are missing out on something on the internet/vidya/etc. Your mind is tricking you into thinking reading is a waste of time over the temptation of infinite browsing/e-content. But in reality you end up scrolling pointless shit for hours and hours and what meaningful interaction do you have? Not a lot I would guess.

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Dammit, didn't mean to spoiler the image.
Anyways, #2

The Name of the Wind

Apparently this is the most highly-regarded fantasy book since it was published, though it seems to have a mixed reception on /lit/. Most of the objections that I was given on here were about Patrick Rothfuss himself, or that he is a "total soiboy" or something like that, which, after some investigation... I won't deny. But, I try to distance a work from its creator.

I began this right after City of Brass, and from the beginning, had mixed feelings. The opening chapters (all in 3rd person) I thought were very poor, and I was thinking "What's the big deal? This is supposed to be the great fantasy work of our times?" But once Kvothe's story began, it picked up. Rothfuss has been both praised and criticized for his (purple) prose... and I can see both sides of it. For the most part, he pulls it off, and there were a few sequences of writing I really enjoyed. All told, the guy can write (I would have liked more actual song lyrics or poetic sections, though).

The 3rd person interludes were solid, and not a regression. The story did decline again with the Tarbean chapters, which I thought were boring compared to what they could have been, but it picked right back up once he left. There's a section of chapters near the end which were seemed unnecessary or a letdown compared to what they could have been exploring the hills after leaving the ruined house, or which just came off as dumb and slapstick the destruction of Trebon with the draccus. But once again, it picked up and ended well.

This is a more negative-sounding review than it should be, and all considered, I liked it a good deal. Definitely fun, and some nice characterization. There are weak sections, and the setting is kinda meh, but I'm looking forward to following-up with Wise Man's Fear in a week or so. Glad I read it.

>> No.18314435

Can people still write Adventure Fantasy without feeling cliche? I have a story I've been wrestling with since the setup is a pretty standard Hero's Journey. I like to think the setting itself is unique, though I'm iffy on having a plot open with "young hero whisked away from monotony of daily life via mysterious figure who transports the lad to a new and fantastical setting"

>Answer this anon. Will Tolkien be passed in our lifetimes?
Yeah. By me. BOOM.

>>storm light archive (I really liked the first book, it kept getting worse)
What were your problems with the latter books and how did they compare to your experience with the first? I'm reading through the first right now, enjoying the world building but the plot is taking forever to get rolling.

>> No.18314654

You're right.
One night /pol/ sucked me back in and I've even caught myself going "I've browsed this for 5 hours now and after the first couple of threads in the catalog in the 1st hour it's been all the same shit. I'm refreshing for something exciting, but it won't show up."
Instead of playing a game I liked progressing in.
Luckily my most comfortable chair is in the corner of the house farthest from my PC. There's a TV but I haven't watched TV on purpose in 10 years or so (not that I don't watch shitloads of my favorite guys on youtube though...)
Even now I've been browsing /lit/ when if I had just started reading Blindsight I'd have been able to finish it some time before morning. My kindle says I can apparently finish 300 pages in about 10-12 hours.

>> No.18314729

Been there.
Browsing can be ok but you need to do it not at the expense of things you know you will find more rewarding.

Try Three-Body Problem.
It’s a first contact story written in an old sci-fi style. Really good, the sequel is great too but the first book isn’t too long so if you don’t like it it’s not too much of a commitment.

>> No.18314765

Finished it last night, lol. It's kind of why I was in a tizzy. Because the last book I finished was The 3 Musketeers, but it was about 9 months ago. Loved it, but then I got into a space where I wanted to read the Count of Monte Cristo to directly compare it, but I had already read it and I was finding myself wanting to read some fantastical space stories like the 3 Body Problem. So I broke what feels like the unwritten rule of never starting a book in the middle of a book (even if it's been months) and was unpunished for it.

I think I need to go back and find some infographics I saved from about that time from here and look for the short stories or whatever you call something that's 150 pages or less. Maybe even 50 pages. Sometimes a neat slice with fun ideas is all you really need.
tl;dr I was afraid that something invisible in my head would stop me from continuing my book journey.

>> No.18314925

>white supremacist elves
I hate this life. Please don't waste air and kys

>> No.18314965

Sounds like you need a short story collection.
Author of 3body has a collection called “wandering earth” that’s nice.

Also Orson Scott Card has a couple “Maps in a Mirror” and “Keeper of Dreams” that I both really enjoyed.

>> No.18314969

They were pretty cool in Llorwyn

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Oh. Let me assist. The Silver Metal Lover, by Tanith Lee. Not quite AI, but I am looking into that.

Here's a weird cover.

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>Curses filled the silence, some murmured, others spoken quite out loud. Such was the monumental delicacy, the profusion of figure and detail, that the forms seemed more revealed than rendered, as though the sheeted cliffs were naught but mud rinsed from the stone of ossified souls. Even half-ruined, there was too much, too much beauty, too much detail, and certainly too much toil, a grandeur made wicked by the demands it exacted on simpler souls. It was a place that begged to be challenged, overthrown.

>> No.18315179

All of Asimov's robot novels/short stories deal just as much with the robots' minds as their actual presence and function as a robot itself.
Murderbot diaries is fun and easy, it's from a rogue robot's 1st person POV.
Bobiverse is another fun and easy one from an uploaded-brain AI's POV. This AI is on a self-replicating ship, so it goes into a lot more detail what he's actually experiencing.

None of them are strictly AI per se but they do sort of deal with the same stuff. None of them are particularly long or deeps reads I have to admit

>> No.18315204

Give me some famtasy/Sci fi that has plenty of sex that isn't fucking terrible.
>inb4 coomer

>> No.18315224

All coomerlit is fucking terrible

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What happened bros? The first two books were so comfy, but this .. this is a total letdown

>> No.18315387

Stop worrying about cliches. People will accuse anything and everything of being cliched. They will also continue to love cliched stories - which is how they become cliches in the first place.
Write whatever the fuck you want.

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Ironclads was surprisingly good. Front Mission meets MGS4.

>> No.18315426

What are some good wheel of time theories?

>> No.18315443

I need a new series with good plot twists.

Any recommendations?

>> No.18315468

I just finished The Three-Body Problem Trilogy. What could you recommend next? I liked the aspect that everything was linked to real technology.

>> No.18315477

Every book should have a romance subplot

>> No.18315502
File: 58 KB, 394x576, Fang Yuan swordart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know what this thread needs.

>> No.18315517

This is now Chad Fang Yuan thread.

>> No.18315530

I know what you need.

>> No.18315543

Monitoring your post...

>> No.18315557


>> No.18315566


>> No.18315708

We need Fang Yuan and Mermaid romance spin-off.

>> No.18315945

I'm always amazed by Tchaikovsky's work ethic. He has the output and creativity of 10 authors. I was convinced Adrian Tchaikovsky was just the pseudonym of a group of SFF writers until an interview a while back where he answered random questions about his work in great detail.

>> No.18316262

Link to interview?

He's definitely great at writing a whole range of styles.

>> No.18316519
File: 20 KB, 220x311, 220px-Eternal_Darkness_box.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Little over halfway through Hyperion now. Just realized what it reminded me of.

>> No.18316548

>What were your problems with the latter books and how did they compare to your experience with the first? I'm reading through the first right now, enjoying the world building but the plot is taking forever to get rolling.
The books degenerate into cringy cape shit. You have to stead it for yourself. He’s not very original after books one and two.

>> No.18316848

GRRM has assistants that know much more about his world than he does.

>> No.18317097

Fantasy that is so reactionary it is currently banned/almost impossible to get your hands on?

>> No.18317288
File: 126 KB, 452x308, 1213888233814.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We've got at least the post-genZ generation to get to before there are any people who have even middling talent much less that level of culture-changer. And they'll still have to deal with the notalent cowards and bootlickers before their gen holding them down or kicking them out of the public eye, so most likely it'll have to be the generation that are their own kids, so... forty years min? Fuck...

Don't care about cliches. Cliche bitching is for notalents who don't know how anything works, so they deconstruct and subvert and never amount to anything outside their little circlejerk.
It's about good delivery and connecting with the reader. It's always been about that.

>> No.18317502

>We've got at least the post-genZ generation to get to before there are any people who have even middling talent much less that level of culture-changer
>Cliche bitching is for notalents who don't know how anything works, so they deconstruct and subvert and never amount to anything outside their little circlejerk
The duality of man

>> No.18317521

I couldn't say. One of the hour long interviews on YT from 2020.

>> No.18317527

I'm convinced all the people who worship Tolkien out of some misled notion that he's the arch-tradfag author who epitomizes everything good about old school fantasy either haven't read Tolkien or have a piss poor understanding of his work

>> No.18317683

Or perhaps they contrast his vision of the world with contemporary fantasy writers and find these contemporaries lacking?

>> No.18317786

Tolkien has more to do with premodern epics and the old crop of British fantasists like Lord Dunsany or even very early sci-fi writers like H.G Wells than he does with the subsequent fantasy/sci-fi community, which was substantially a marketing phenomenon. People claiming Tolkien is the father of modern fantasy are kind of missing the point, because as far as Tolkien knew he was working, maybe not within the bounds but at least in discourse with, several literary traditions that far preceded his work. Tolkien was also a stuffy well-to-do professor who wrote all that stuff as a hobby and was already known as a Beowulf scholar before becoming more famous as a writer, which is a very different background than that of other fantasy writers even then - BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT PART OF THE SAME COMMUNITY

There's very little action or explicit violence in LotR and not even hinting at sex, the books are extremely slowly paced and don't really work as adventure thrillers, and the protagonist is a helpless fairy tale person who gets caught up in epic and ultimately only survives by leaving all his arms behind and practically surrendering himself to divine grace. People talk as if he was the writer of Conan

>> No.18317846
File: 93 KB, 620x796, 1121 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

good post. retards will try to include Tolkien in the canon of "modern fantasy" not realizing he belongs to an older literary tradition and the imitators that spawned in his wake are a symptom of marketing.

>> No.18317875

>I enjoyed it at the time -- did it hold up?
IMHO it did - the mix of fantasy in VR and scifi in reality is pretty kino

>> No.18317895

>Modern Setting, with Fantasy Element?
"Chase the Morning" by Michael Scott Rohan is exactly that, especially if you like pirates and voodoo too.

>> No.18317940

Imagine it's a bunch of crazy vampire girls and a werewolf girl fighting for your dick

>> No.18318086


>> No.18318287

Facts: Tolkien fairy faggotry almost ruined real gritty and superior fantasy

>> No.18318462
File: 214 KB, 1200x1200, isaac-asimov-9190737-1-402.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wonder what he would think of absolute state of us today

>> No.18318472

I loved Curse of Chalion, but Paladin of Souls is somehow even more perfectly designed for me. I am absolutely in love with this spooky Gawain and the Green Knight castle setting.

>> No.18318480
File: 17 KB, 330x500, 41A7Wgbj3IL._AC_SY780_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based Steph giving us exactly what we want

>> No.18318504

The second and third entries of the Mistborn trilogy are pretty political. You should probably read them anyway.

>> No.18318564

Which scifi/fantasy books have motherhood as a major theme/subplot? It seems like that angle is mostly explored in other genres.

>> No.18318728

>Front Mission
Oh boy. Those first 2 games at least are emotional roller coasters.

>> No.18318760

Book about underwater mechs?

>> No.18318790 [SPOILER] 
File: 142 KB, 825x1200, 1621972108412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Started reading this at the recommendation of a friend, not bad but I'm not crazy about it like the reviews told me. I do think it gets better as it goes.

Also read Three Body Problem, it was very fun.

>> No.18318796

giggled like a fucking retard while reading this

>> No.18318802

Speaker for the Dead and Xenocide sort of?
I hate the queen and piggies in those books because she's a cunt and they're ugly respectively, but Ender is like some big mommy to xenos after he grew up.

>> No.18318819

do the xenos want to fuck ender?

>> No.18318900

>spend hundreds of hours autistically building a fake world
>put main character in prison
throw in the trash.

>> No.18318909

I'm reading the Cradle series, does the main character ever stop being a bitch?

>> No.18318956

The way the piggies breed is different from what we know.
But the word sperm is used a lot in that book.

>> No.18319096

No, the stronger he gets the bigger the bitch he becomes. At this point in the story someone could fuck his girlfriend behind his back and he'd just apologize to them upon finding out.

>> No.18319209

>I was convinced Adrian Tchaikovsky was just the pseudonym of a group of SFF writers
Did you write to FBI about it?

>> No.18319491

ok it

>> No.18319541


>> No.18319601

I've read them.
Its close. But still leans very heavily into Adventurer type of of setting.
"Or look just as we became kings our kingdom falls apart no to much of comfy sitting in the throne room lets pick two-hander sword, hit the road again and personally bash every our enemies into pulp. Our scheming sucks but whatever time to bank out our fighter focus of character creation again."

>> No.18319636
File: 42 KB, 398x525, 2111131321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>retards will try to include Tolkien in the canon of "modern fantasy" not realizing he belongs to an older literary tradition and the imitators that spawned in his wake are a symptom of marketing.
Thing is Tolkiens popularized template of: "assemble team of adventures and go on road movie trip in the medieval setting" which became staple of fantasy genre. This is very solid bridge that connects his work and "modern fantasy"

>> No.18319639

Gonna do a reread of WoT i think. It's been a few years now since i last read it. Comfy fiction is what i need now.

>> No.18319661

Can modern western writers write lolikino? Is it impossible simply because Amazon/Patreon would ban them (even though fictional murder, torture and rape are accepted)?

>> No.18319694

I've been thinking about doing this too, it's been long enough that I don't think I can even remember all of the characters that turn out to be Darkfriends.

>> No.18319721

Anita Blake.
But its fucking terrible.

>> No.18319749

>Can modern western writers write lolikino?
What do you even mean by this?
His Dark Materials and Fever Crumb series have young grils as protagonists.

>> No.18319773
File: 79 KB, 626x740, Dark Lord of Derkholm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone read this book? Know if it's good?
She complaining has to mean it's great.

>> No.18319809

Say an ancient fantastical creature such as a shapeshifting dragon that uses a small form to rape the MC (to make this experience even more humiliating for him). Or maybe just a realistic medieval fantasy where girls can get married as soon as they can bear a child.
I'm not picky.

>> No.18319818
File: 62 KB, 640x640, 2weqweqw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Or maybe just a realistic medieval fantasy where girls can get married as soon as they can bear a child.

>> No.18319819

>She complaining has to mean it's great.
I made that mistake with Thomas Covenant.

>> No.18319836

Was she supposed to be young in the book? The actress certainly isn't all that young, then again Hollywood even has balding men pretend to be HS kids, so maybe it's just another case of miscast.

>> No.18319858

But Thomas is shit. People don't complain of the rape, they complain of the repetition.

>> No.18319890

I picked it up because someone was posting pics of SJWs bitching about the rape, only to find out that it's boring (at least after the leper part, which was admittedly not bad at all). That's why I'm cautioning you, just because idiots complain only about some virtue signaling bullshit doesn't mean the novel has no other issue.

>> No.18319891
File: 679 KB, 1757x1757, 213123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Daenerys is just 13 years old when she is married off to a Dothraki warlord named Khal Drogo
But shhhh, don't tell anyone. Yep the book has rape scene of 13 years old girl.
And she liked it .

>> No.18319909

as nature intented

>> No.18319982

/sffg/ i just realized I accidentally re-wrote Rise of the Planet of the Apes except the role of Caesar is played by a housecat who is also a power-hungry sociopath.

i dont know how to process this

>> No.18320024

Everything has been done already. As long as it's written well it doesn't matter that it shares some similarities with other stories.

>> No.18320096

Blow it out your ass

>> No.18320100

I refuse to believe faggots like you actually exist

>> No.18320111

This gook apologizes

>> No.18320143

I bet you dress up as faggot hobbits an go to cons.

>> No.18320205

He is a slave, and there are a lot more pov's

>> No.18320245

>one is led to the inescapable conclusion that the inefficient Bene Gesserit behavior in this affair was a product of an even higher plan f which they were completely inaware
How many books until this is explored?

>> No.18320466

Sanderson already did it

>> No.18320640

theres one pov in another location and she spends it all at a library. not saying much.

>> No.18320840
File: 191 KB, 1440x810, wn6Vwopdbmz7tBKhaoTnWe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Space opera noirs, like in Attack of the Clones?

>> No.18320906

There's a fantasy series with 3 books i'm looking for, it has a dark theme and it's set in a castle also it was released like pre 80's maybe.

>> No.18320970

man I picked up wandering inn from the recommendations images and I'm glad I did. feels damn good having a long running series to sperg through like I did with practical guide.
actually had a dnd session loosely based on a few of the chapters, went fairly well.
really hate one of the characters though, gives me an actual headache when one of her chapters rolls around.

>> No.18321106

Asimovs “The Gos Themselves”

Similar vibes- very science ideas focused.

Probably more on the “Deaths End” side of things rather than 3Body and Dark forest- but I really enjoyed it.

It’s a stand-alone and not too long so no big commitment.

>> No.18321110

Alien, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, and some others I can't recall

Even though I like some of those stories I also think it's pretty limiting when they take an incredible concept for a sci-fi setting but tie it to a mundane premise and then try to translate our era's idiosyncrasies into it.
It feels less like a sci-fi story and more like a contemporary drama with a different coat of paint.

>> No.18321217


>> No.18321226 [DELETED] 

Been reading fluff fantasy lately, and just a heads up to not waste your time on Peter V. Brett's Demon Cycle books.

The first book, the Painted Man/The Warded Man was alright, but it's all downhill from there. I'm halfway through the fourth, and I'm done. I can't do it anymore.

The pacing is all over the place, and you get less and less of the MC as the series progresses, and more and more POV chapters about shitty characters that nobody cares about, especially the totally-not-muslim Krasians.

Also, his secondary character Leesha, who gets tons of chapters, is absolutely insufferable and everything she does will piss you off. She's a hypocrite, a liar, a fucking whore.

>> No.18321236

Been reading fluff fantasy lately, and just a heads up to not waste your time on Peter V. Brett's Demon Cycle books. The first book, the Painted Man/The Warded Man was alright, but it's all downhill from there. I'm halfway through the fourth, and I'm done. I can't do it anymore.

The pacing is all over the place, and you get less and less of the MC as the series progresses, and more and more POV chapters about shitty characters that nobody cares about, especially the totally-not-muslim Krasians.
Also, his secondary character Leesha, who gets tons of chapters, is absolutely insufferable and everything she does will piss you off. She's a hypocrite, a liar, a fucking whore.

>> No.18321372

Both her and her mother are stand ins for the author's cuckold and interracial fantasies. I gave up when he had her lusting after and then banging the leader of the desert nomads, despite the fact they were raping, murdering and enslaving her own people. Fuck that writer.

>> No.18321375

Make sure to read Dark Forest as well. Much better than 3bp imo

>> No.18321386

The Gods Themselves is excellent. Probably my favorite Asimov book because it felt like he was having a lot of fun writing it. Also there's alien masturbation

>> No.18321415

>Also there's alien masturbation

>> No.18321501

Part of the story is told from the PoV of some alien creatures, who come from a trigendered race capable of phasing through matter for whom reproduction is done as a byproduct of three partners merging to form a more solid whole. Masturbation in this case is two out of the three genders attempting to merge alone. If that sounds like your sort of thing then dig in.

>> No.18321503

I don't think my hummie mind is based enough to get off on that, sad

>> No.18321795

>Ista paused, exhaled. Murmured, “So I pray the gods may hear even me, and let my whispered yes tower above my shouted no and mount all the way to their fivefold realm. As I would be heard, so I hear you.”
Ah, i love this

>> No.18321804

When, long ago, the gods created Earth
In Jove's fair image Man was shap'd at birth.
The beasts for lesser parts were next design'd;
Yet were they too remote from humankind.
To fill the gap, and join the rest to Man,
Th'Olympian host conceiv'd a clever plan.
A beast they wrought, in semi-human figure,
Fill'd it with vice, and call'd the thing a Nigger.

>> No.18321879


>> No.18322034

>stop masturbating and watching anime
>start reading fantasy books instead
>convince yourself you're not wasting your time still

>> No.18322056
File: 88 KB, 737x1018, Anomie6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Question. Does it count if the Apocalypse is in progress?

>> No.18322068

True. Stories set in the past can be light, dark, or in between. All the ones set in the future are dark, or just plain banal. AR-15 laser rifles, really? You can make handheld energy weapons and not new weapons platforms?
Says a lot that no one is all that optimistic about the future. The most optimistic one I've seen has people fighting for survival constantly, but it's positive because they thrive under adversity and conflict.

>> No.18322093

The Gone-Away World by Nick Harkaway

>> No.18322095

what is shit cannot be raped

>> No.18322098

Ghost writing isn't illegal.

>> No.18322099

looks like our tastes are well aligned
i'll suggest getting into KJ Parker's stuff

>> No.18322120

Entirely depends on how much it is emphasized and how many salty females notice and how much you show.
If it's an explicit sex scene, it will only last until it's noticed. If it's an acknowledgement that people are considered adults at age 13-15 instead of 16-18, and that marriage is the norm... there will still be triggering, but it probably won't deplatform you.
It also heavily depends on what side you take. A story where pale skinned, blue eyed humans are the highest social class tier is acceptable if they are portrayed as the bad guys (hi Sanderson).

>> No.18322153

Fuck this book, sent me down a spiral of depression and pain

Really hope there's more book like this
just absolute self indulgent wish fulfillment, but for juvenile men

>> No.18322159

That's it, tyvm anon.

>> No.18322160

I thought Twilight was gay porn.

>> No.18322171

the movie is gay porn, the books are just harem for teen girls
and that one, Life and Death is the first book gender swapped, so you can imagine

>> No.18322223

don't read teen romance novels anon, they are crack cocaine

>> No.18322339

Watch it, mister.

>> No.18322342

Never thought I would be convinced to read Twilight.

>> No.18322345

not twilight, specifically Life and Death

>> No.18322358

>Really hope there's more book like this
>just absolute self indulgent wish fulfillment, but for juvenile men
They're called visual novels

>> No.18322425

>190 pages
>1750 locations
>104 pages
>2450 locations
Pages were a mistake.

>> No.18322430

Amazon Kindle is amateur hour. The most common Lovecraft collection has like 480 pages and 20000 locations.

>> No.18322497

I dropped The Painted/Warded Man. I found the MC a bit too much of an edgelord, though he had his moments, but it witch girl's mum being such a badly written, unrealistic cunt that really irked me. Also not a fan of rape and there's a lot of it.

>> No.18322511


>> No.18322516

Female protags can be good. When written by men.

>> No.18322537
File: 31 KB, 256x389, Vampirates-DemonsOfTheOcean-JustinSomper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only thing I think I've ever read with a female protagonist is this piece of shit when I was a teen.
>we're pirates and we're gonna' board this ship but we don't kill we just scare them with our swords and corral them into groups so we can take them prisoner

>> No.18322548

>Xe doesn't own the collected Lovecraft in two volumes by Gollancz which is 1460 pages

>> No.18322567

there's quite LITERALLY no YA novel with a male protag that isn't gay or something

>> No.18322576

Same thing. Kindle is just fucked. An entire novella is packed into 20 - 25 pages.

>> No.18322631
File: 69 KB, 481x500, Severian and the man apes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got offered another 2 free books from Audible if I sign up for a free trial. As you probably know, they're yours to keep even when you unsubscribe. I was about to cancel the subscription and they're like "wait, if you don't unsubscribe we'll give you one more free audiobook!" Dumb Jews, still 3 audiobooks for nothing, that's not bad at all. I spent my credits on Book of the New Sun (I already had Shadow of the Torturer). I've read the series twice already but I wanted to listen to it in bed as well.

>> No.18322752

Take your meds

>> No.18322754

Sounds awesome. Keep on trucking.

>> No.18322773

Sword of Truth

>> No.18322911

I take all my audiobooks for free

>> No.18322942

Soldier of Mist made me understand the importance of using conditioner in your pubic hair.

>> No.18322948

Any SFF novels in which a woman consumes a man's smegma?

>> No.18322956

The masturbation is actually when one of them phase through a wall or something the same way they would phase through their partners for procreation

The way it's told isn't explicit at all. It's not even called masturbation, but the way its talked about you can kind of infer it

>> No.18322963

The Way of Kings

>> No.18322968


>> No.18323895

Your diary.

>> No.18323931

Your diary, ma'am.

>> No.18324012

How often should a rape scene occur in a fantasy novel? Every 100 pages? 200? Trying to plot out my story.

>> No.18324040

Basically once a chapter, it's the only organic way to move a plot along

>> No.18324049

Rape is a social construct. Consent literally isn't real.

>> No.18324065

>"rape" is so prevalent in fantasy because it literally is fantasy
ayy lmao

>> No.18324074

Don't worry, the protagonist is an antinatalist who understands that rape is only wrong if a child is conceived.

>> No.18324226

There will come a day that you will remember having written this sentence and understand how deep in the hole you once were. I hope.

>> No.18324448

>he doesn't know

>> No.18324475

Ghosts aren't real you retard

>> No.18324514

Do you have a single fact to back that up, darkie?

>> No.18324518

what was that series where the guy watched his wife fuck another men so he could become an ultimate incel wizard? soemthing tower?

>> No.18324522

The Call of Cuckthulhu.

>> No.18324534

The Prince of Cuckoldry, by Bakuck

>> No.18324552

Heirs of the Cuck

>> No.18324581

Sounds like Scott Lynch writing about his own life.

>> No.18324585

This. Bakker has some weird cuck fetish and he puts it’s in all of his novels.

>> No.18324617

do you reckon you have what it takes to write a 300 page long rape scene?

>> No.18324791

When I have sex a play-by-play description would easily take up 300 pages per session. When I rape? Fuggetaboutit.

>> No.18324819

The portal wars saga. Man, Bakker really lives rent free in some of your heads.

>> No.18324964

did that actually happen?

>> No.18324971

give me some Sword and Sorcery recommendations; I'm putting together a reading list/digital library

>> No.18324981

Yes. Him catching his wife cheating is what pushes him past his mental block to go from a good to a legendary sorcerer

>> No.18324983

The anon is exaggerating the events.
He was beaten like a dog by everyone since a kid, when he got his wife, the chad gaurd cucked him, after he found out he stopped trusting people.

>> No.18324987

yo what was that book about the wizard kids who go into an autistic kid's head to help him fight the demon that was giving him autism? and then later the author rewrote the book because it made the """"neuroatypical""""" crowd mad

>> No.18325005

Not this by chance?

>> No.18325007

I recently finished Name of the Wind. And any time I see anyone say things like "the most highly-regarded fantasy book since it was published" I am dumbfounded because while it is a great story. Nothing about the world or the magic felt new or groundbreaking.

The setting for the story is definitely unique "Retired innkeeper is the hero of the land, and he is telling his story". And the idea that "the stories you heard about the hero are not exactly how it played out, or were nowhere near as heroic as they actual happened." Is a grim and realistic take on the genre.

But I found the pursuit of the draccus to be especially lul I subverted your expectations of the hero slaying a dragon. The sequence plays out a bit clunky and then it is suddenly over and our main character doesn't get the girl or the treasure. And the way the Kvoth finds out about these loses felt like someone busted in to the room while I was reading and was like "YA DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING EH?" Then Kvoth just kind of goes home and doesn't seem to internalize or grow from the experience at all. He sort of just goes on to the next thing, which felt so unsatisfying since it is basically the climax of the fucking book. "JUST ANOTHER WEEKEND FOR OLD KVOTH EH?"

>> No.18325011
File: 55 KB, 577x382, FE2252E0-D072-4C69-A708-E5AE547BCB6C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

r e n t
f r e e

you bitches are cucked mentally by the prince-imperial of modern fantasy.

>> No.18325017

No, it's just one book midway through a series I think. I remember that in another book a girl turns a silicon planet into a bunch of robots who worship her as a god

>> No.18325020

rothfuss is pure shit, everyone knows this

>> No.18325060

>book of the new sun
Should I bother reading the second one? I wasn't planning on doing it any time soon. Because ya know... He isn't going to finish the series.

>> No.18325072

the most you can say positively about Rothfuss is that, he is actually technically more skilled as a prose writer than most other people writing fantasy. Outside of that, nothing else is really going for him, he embodies that redditor-centered kind of fantasy literature that most of the people here hate

>> No.18325087

Any books about secret societies hidden among the world and the protag slowly working his way into it?

>> No.18325107

>"Retired innkeeper is the hero of the land, and he is telling his story".

If only he actually was.
The story in the book, is being told as a story in a book...
Innkeeper Kvothe is a very separate entity, that doesn't really colour story being told in the past at all.
I get that we as the reader have this forgone conclusion that things will end poorly, but I never got the point of all that, when the book doesn't do anything with it. Doesn't use it.

Present Kvothe offers no insight on his past actions or motivations, no reflection. (I think), I can't recall there ever being an instance of present Kvothe offering us information that pertains to past events, or even commentary.
It bothers the heck out of me, basically just a set-piece, a trick.
All the clout the books got, about having "an unreliable narrator" and such, is a fucking MEME, and Rothfus deservers to be mocked.
They don't have that, it's just dressing, cheating. huck!

In contrast to another book I recently read Shadow of the torturer, which is also being told in the style of a fictional biography.
But here it's actually being utilized, Severian offers up a LOT of elaborations with the knowledge he now has, and how he views past events currently Vs. at the moment they happened.

>> No.18325112

Please for good wholesome books.
I have urges to nut deep in thick asian pussy. I don't want to be horny anymore.

>> No.18325125

The 'Harry Potter' series, by UK author, J. R. R. Rowling.

>> No.18325128


>> No.18325131

I knew I should've said no harry potter
I've already read them

>> No.18325153

Redwall series, Narnia series, Chronicles of Prydain series, Shadow, Memory and Thorn series

>> No.18325173

A book in which the society sees wizards/elves/some other fantasy shit as normal or at least beneficial, but to the protagonist they're the ultimate evil and he tries to destroy them?

>> No.18325184

The only two interludes where Kvoth comments on the part of the story he just told or was about to tell was to say, "I didn't go back to save the story teller in the pub because this story isn't a fairy tale" and when he has to work himself up to describe Denna "because no words can successfully describe the most perfect woman that was actually pretty much a whore".

The former supports my lulsubverted issues with the book, and the latter reads like a virgin's description of the woman he is currently stalking.

>> No.18325192

the second apocalypse by r scott bakker

>> No.18325227

I do get the impression that characters like Denna are the result of men taking seriously all the conflicting descriptions of a virtuous woman in the feminist structures. The love interest in Ashes of the Sun had all the same issues, and I was so happy whenever she got fucking rekt. Although somehow the shy, bookish lesbian love interest was worse. Django Wexler needs to stop writing romance.

>> No.18325393


>> No.18325858
File: 840 KB, 1686x2530, awizardalone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I found it

>> No.18325873
File: 115 KB, 1200x675, siol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We are the dwindling light …
The darkling soul …
Walkers of the Ways Beneath.
Beseechers of Wisdom.
Haters of Heaven …

>> No.18325940

Interesting observation. I can see it.

>> No.18325945

I read something similar to that premise decades ago, and it wasn't that book. Now it's nagging me to find it.

>> No.18325974


>> No.18325979

Your question is fairly broad, and I don't have all the answers. But I can tell you that Patreon doesn't allow what they call "sexual violence". And that's pretty much rape, or anything rape-adjacent. Forced or dubious consent or anything like that.

Also, oddly enough, Patreon doesn't allow incest. I don't know why that's their big taboo, but it is. So even if you took the rape out of Game of Thrones, it would still get banned for Jaime and Cersei fucking.

>> No.18326067
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There is something in old sci-fi and fantasy stories that is missing in modern sci-fi and fantasy.
I can't put my finger on what it is.

>> No.18326125

does anyone here actually read scifi or it's just hobit fans

>> No.18326156

Lord Dunsany.

>> No.18326178

I came here because I like Mass Effect erotic fanfiction

>> No.18326206

It's just not fun, dude.

>> No.18326240

I'm a very casual reader.
I started Dune recently and just came here to lurk and see what you guys talk about.
Why don't you just split up into separate generals for Sci-fi and fantasy? The two seem like polar opposites imo.

>> No.18326246

>Why don't you just split up into separate generals for Sci-fi and fantasy?

>> No.18326298
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I'm about to read this. What did I think?

>> No.18326302

I don’t know. Read it and find out?

>> No.18326392

I read a mix of sci-go and fantasy. I like to switch things up a bit.

>> No.18326406

Fun and whimsical. All the fantasy I read now has some edge to it, not to mention cynicism.

>> No.18326410


>> No.18326414

Then why are you here?

>> No.18326416
File: 2.64 MB, 3500x3500, 1561589251388.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18326426

I actually bought super sales on super heroes recently. Don’t know what to expect.

>> No.18326428
File: 261 KB, 2048x2048, 2g8ap4lc6qy41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

most of you guys have shit taste desu

>> No.18326432

This list is fake. There's no erotica in them. Except for morningwood.

>> No.18326441

Dune is boring.

>> No.18326447

The Everyone loves large chest isn't even erotica.

>> No.18326451

Terrible. At least add Between Two Fires, /lit/ had two weeks of good posts about that one

>> No.18326457

New thread

>> No.18326461

Threadbare and dungeon core were free webseiral before being made into books. I wonder if that actually helped the author or fucked him over.

>> No.18326466

This is false.

>> No.18326475

It's kinda true anon.

>> No.18326504

I got into the whole "feints within feints within feints" thing because I'm an anime autist and keikakus are familiar and therefore comfy to me
(translator's not: keikaku means plan)

>> No.18327635


>> No.18327898

Arlen gets worse as he goes along as well, and like you said, he was never great to begin with. He becomes nearly unreadable once they introduce Renna, who becomes his wife.
He starts talking like a backwoods hick for some reason. ie "I ent the rippin' Deliverer! Ent gonna tell you 'gain. ent ent ent fuckin' ent."

It got old, real fast.

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