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RIP FilthyFrank

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don't care. not literature. sahgayed and deported.

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lol go read some books nigga lol what a faggot.

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shoud've been Martin

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We all knew this was coming but I really didn't expect this. I mean the fact that he just randomly died though kinda confirms that his hiatuses weren't him just being lazy he probably did have serious ailments but being a private dude didn't feel like divulging it (not that he owes us anything). This seriously sucks, like most people Berserk was my first manga after the usual shounen and while I don't hold it as highly as I used to this still feels awful. RIP

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I guess I am lucky I didn't wait as long as some people did. But horrible news regardless.

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The best of all possible worlds according to Leibniz

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Fuck, at least the story ended at a good note? Casca's mind was healed, Guts is mostly over his revenge, Griffith has a kingdom.
But goddamn man. I only got into the series relatively recently but this still hurts

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F for the man...

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/a/ is having a heart attack.

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Well, if God is dead, then every headcanon is permitted.
For me, Guts dies

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I read a bit of Berserk but stopped. It was pretty good though I should continue where I left off.

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RIP to the artist
Is it worth reading, even if there won't be an ending?

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absolutely yes.

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The creator of Dragon Ball

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Depends on what you look for in a manga, but overall I think it's definitely worthwhile. The art alone is legendary at many points

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>it's real

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Had literally just finished a chapter and said "what the heck I'll just check /lit/ before bed".

Fuck me. I was getting close to the end, but I never thought it would be THE end.

No more sleep, only liquor.

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Holy fuck you beat wikipedia to the punch and I thought it was fake :( (they've updated it since)

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I mean't image source. From what manga is that image?

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I hope this gets deleted

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i hope you grow a pair and hang your self from the nearest tree so everyone could see how pathetic you are even in death, you fucking nigger

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Berserk. Chapter 71

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Yeah I miss Filthy Frank too

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Living is hard. I guess this was my response to Kentaro Minurta whom I've quarreled with.

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>tfw no matter what happens now you will be on the list of people who died before Berserk ended.

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good lad

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you have no fucking idea how disappointed i was to learn that the person in that picture is not, in fact, filthy frank

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Grow up.

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Goddammit bros. Why is every day just a constant barrage of shit nowadays?

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I refuse

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Haha wtf fuck off muh drawings le
Ricegook wtf bro

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We are getting older.

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No my nigga papa franku

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F Tao Lin

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Damn, /lit/ of all places to hear about this first

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Fucking this for once I wanted to see the normies seethe

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I don't get how this fat fuck is still alive. Being fat at his age is death sentence. Miura wasn't even that old, what the hell?

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This is a literature board you stupid fucking weeb, I don’t give a fuck who that jap retard is, now fuck off back to /a/

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>Being this much of an uncultured swine.
Pseuds are a cancer that must be eradicated.

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Berserk is fucking trash. I am not cruelly mocking a dead man, I sincerely think it's fucking shit.

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As always.

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>passive-aggressive tranny
As always.

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As always.

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Rice gooks moshi moshi convention fags manga is art ART I tell you

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If this is the best then I'd hate to see all the others!

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I must concur with the other poster, you're fucking trash and your taste is shit.

Even here nobody likes you. Just shut the fuck up when you have nothing to add.

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Hopefully this will inspire him to fucking finish GoT

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i thought this was a meme about how le berserk never finished :(((((((

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Not literature, but yea rip, and let's be real, we all knew Berserk won't be finished.

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Shut up you stupid faggot

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Opinion discarded, you filthy Satanist.

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holy kek i thought it's the Filthy Frank guy

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Let this be a reminder:
Don't take tomorrow for granted, work on your manuscript today, always leave notes.


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Well we knew he was probably gonna die before finishing the shithshow known as Berserk. 54 is pretty young while Japan's average life expectancy is like ~80. Rip though.

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Berserk is immensely overrated and kinda garbage, but it's still sad that he never got to finish it.

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God fucking dammit I'm so pissed. I bet there's not even going to be another Pynchon novel.

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If retarded French philosophy that has nothing to do with literature is allowed on this board, then so is this

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>Berserk is immensely overrated
>and kinda garbage

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If Pynchon died would we even know about it? He's probably been dead for years.

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Cope. This faggot died at 54 and all he produced are some shitty comics. Shakespeare died at 52 and Percy Shelley died at 29 yet both managed to make infinitely greater contributions to culture than Miura.

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It was acute aortic dissection, apparently

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>Being this much a fucking pseud.
There’s no saving /lit/.

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RIP, just discovered Berserk a few months ago and it got me into anime in general, makes western film/tv look like shit

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Berserk has always been more about the journey than its end. I know a lot of people read things just to know how it all ends, but there's far too much richness in detail, art and thematic messages to reduce that work to a single final point. It's definitely worth it, as a fan and manga appreciator, and now in deep appreciation of a man's lifework.

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I hope he's having fun drawing in Heaven. F for him

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I bet Griffith did this

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Lmao. I thought the same when I first discovered it.
Then I passed age 14 and came to my senses.

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Everything after Black swordsman is edgy version of a shonen sold as seinen. It's garbage

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damn this looks like a thread for >>>/a/ that's crazy

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True true

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You're misusing that word retard, they're pretentious midwits not pseuds. Pseuds would be wanking over Berserk.

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fuck you motherfucker, not knowing miura instantly reveals you as the newfaggot you are

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Anime webpage, double nigger

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I just went to /a/ and found out this is the last page of his unfinished magnum opus. Truly an incredible loss to culture worth posting on unrelated boards about.

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Hope the devil fucks him in the ass

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>Griffith killed his own creator to make sure that Guts could never get his revenge

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btw he is overrated

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mangas that are almost art/lit:
> vagabond

>> No.18279037

vagabond is great. REAL is kino aswell

>> No.18279038

yes, it's like the lotr movies
the start (fellowship) is godtier, and it's all downhill after that
but as the other anon said, it's about the journey, not the destination

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>he read the anime
>he thinks it's superior to the best of western television and film
good lord i hope for your sake that you're underage

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You can read only the Golden age arc and get the one of the best writing a manga can ever offer. It's basically a completed work on its own.

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RIP Miura you fucking legend, thank you so much for Berserk

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>he died before he could finish his life's work
is this a sign for the rest of us?

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Nullifying this sage with a bump

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This is not /lit/. Weebo fags

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