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I'm addicted to getting erotic commissions.

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Let me guess. It's gay shit.

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My life is an erotic commission given to me by God.

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This post made chuckle. Thanks.

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Are you?

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Intelligence is knowing women are the true coomers

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>white iq

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Fug I didn't see that my meme is ruined fuck I'm a laughing stock

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Didn’t weininger recommend celibacy? Do you think he was right?

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I think I can agree with this. When a man references sexuality, he puts is aside as something that's beneath his real character and something he merely dabbles into not unlike a hobby, whereas a woman defines herself entirely by sexuality.

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Rec some good artists who can draw my vidya waifu

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I want to commission a piece but I want to see how good of a writer you are first. Write an erotic scene about picrel in your best prose that has to do with feet

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