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What are your controversial or unpopular /lit/ opinions?

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I think Dostoyevsky is better than Tolstoy, as the impact Dosto had on people and his grasp on the human condition far surpasses Tolstoy, even though Tolstoy was probably a better writer.

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burger lit > bong lit
not anglo btw

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Guenon was right

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Most anons here don't agree.
With Vasconcelos' ideas we can become better than what we currently are.

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I think it would be great if every poster on /lit/ would die a slow, agonizing death.

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Mark Fisher is smart. I am filtered by Mark.

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Harry Potter is a weird fucking book series about little boys riding broomsticks like it’s their dicks.

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Dutch literature is better then Russian literature, because the Russians only produced a few novelists, while the Dutch though without talent for literature, have been writing it for about 800 years and have written in such genres as knightly romances, renaissance plays, biblical epics and lyrical poetry.

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The funniest parts of every novel is when the characters whine about their inconvenience with something.

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The french revolution never happened. It's commune of paris revisionism.

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at least 3/4 of high school recommending in the USA is perfectly fine and good material.

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It is better to suffer harm than to commit it.

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>because the Russians only produced a few novelists
My sides. Nigga, are you serious?

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Shakespeare is only mediocre.

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I mean it holds up really well today when performed. On a scale of all modern works it scores surprisingly high for something so old.

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That's because modern works are worse than mediocre.

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I know what you mean, but if you can find a way to get through the olde English, he really is incredible. The amount of jokes he was making at the human condition, as well as all the sexual innuendo that I can guarantee goes right over your head, is actually quite remarkable. I’d be hard pressed to name even one writer who truly is as good as Shakespeare. I honestly wish I could’ve met him.

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The logic of this doesn't even make sense. This is like saying, "Canadians are better filmmakers than Americans because America has only produced a few great filmmakers, while Canada has produced ZERO but has been making films for 100 years."

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Blood Meridian would be significantly better if it had FUCKING quotation marks.

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I guess that makes sense then, with a book like Harry Potter being a 5/10 I would put Shakespeare at like an 8/10. Depends on what you call "average"

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Only a small percent of society should be allowed to read

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Who are the great Dutch novelists, my friend?

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Camus is the perfect empathy filter.

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You are stupid.

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What are the results you are hoping to reach with this policy?

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keep the rest easier to control

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You are based

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Hope you win the birth lottery then

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Capitalism and neoliberalism are good, there is no god and even if there were he would be unworthy of worship, and Bertrand Russell and Ayn Rand were good philosophers.

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That this book is an avant garde masterpiece

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I legit think all women writers are mediocre, even Clarice Lispector can’t hold her weight against a decent male writer

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Flannery O'Connor? Jane Austen?

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I think everyone here should run out to a book store or just randomly find a book online and read it. There's tons of books that never get a chance and you see tons of the same old stuff.

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Lispector is arguably the best female writer and my point still stands

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It certainly has the most unconventional twist I've ever seen in anything. Literally like Infinite Jest combined with a Goosebumps book.

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I agree

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Hemingway is overrated, and Nabokov was right about him. The sun also rises is mediocre.

20th russian literature is trash because marxism can't produce anything worthwhile.

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kys yankee

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Weininger achieved ten times as much as Wittgenstein.

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The vast majority of books are bad.
Most "good books" of old are only good in the sociopolitical framework of the era they were written in. There is little relevance for their ideas in the current zeitgeist.
There is little sense in reading philosophy outside a setting where you can discuss the validity of the premises and their relevance to the conclusions.

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Nietzsche was a better poet than a philosopher and aside from TSZ his best works are aphoristic in nature

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How do you figure?

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Anna Karenina displays a far more mature understanding of the "human condition" than Dostoevsky's crappy moralism.

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No one cares about Russians before or after the 19th century.

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Infinite Jest is actually one of the best books to come out in the past 30 years. It has deep character studies, interesting plots, a fantastic world, truths to uncover, interesting expressions on the human condition, and predicted oddly specific technological advancements that wouldn’t happen for another 20 years. None of this would be as moving if the book wasn’t one giant filter in length, footnotes, gramatical complexity, obtuse vocabulary, and a particular prose style that turns many people off. I am happy that it makes Twitter faggots seethe and I’m happy most of /lit/ hasn’t read it.

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Esoteric opinion

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This. People should regain simplicity

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Isn't that what everyone here thinks?

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shigalyovism is inevitable

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Aquinas hasnt really been debunked, in particular his argument of a required primary cause.

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The Rebel > The Myth of Sisyphus

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Only the people who have actually read it. Which is no one, because /lit/ doesn’t read.

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Catcher in the Rye is a great book

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this desu. same with Call of the Crocodile

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AK is boring

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I really liked it when I read it in high school, and it was a major reason I kept reading more and more. Maybe I should give it another go.

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cringe and socrates pilled

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There's no need to, since Aquinas uses 'God' as a semantic note for things he did not understand.

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Medieval lit is best lit.

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I don't like homosexuality

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it's unironically my favorite book

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This. The masses learning to read has a direct correlation with the decline of literature and high spiritually.

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And what is the cause of the universe then, anon?

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I'm so greatful I go on this board. I don't think I would have ever discoverd this book otherwise.

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OP said controversial

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God being unknowable and infinite Aquinas said he is incomprehensible in his nature.
Any christian worthy of two pounds knows that.
I suppose you don't, thinking you "understand" God or the cause/substance of the universe.

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It is lol, sometimes I feel like Guenon is more hated than the nazis

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>everything is bad
Alright, Timmy. Now go sit down.

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Genius is atemporal

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best of all is to do both

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because doing harm to others ultimately does harm to your soul.
cringe and nietzche pilled
best of all is to do neither.

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tolkien is one of the better 20th century writers

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That implies the soul is a weak and fragile thing that's harmed by any life experience. Experience teaches us that the opposite is the case and the soul is enriched by struggle. That's why it's best to do both.

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Charles Dickens is perhaps the most evil man to have ever lived.

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The pandemic is real
Women are people
God doesn't exist
Science has improved our lives
You should wear a mask
Charts and author flowcharts are bad
Starting with the greeks expecting to get to contemporary literature or philosophy is largely a waste of time (not because the greeks are bad, but because you will read a lot of things you will never use or won't even remember well enough)
You should write and talk about literature with people outside of this website
Having a /lit/ approved taste should be looked down upon

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Well.... fair enough. To be alive is to experience, which involves being shaped by harm. I still hold that committing harm is a net drain on our soul, though.

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It's more complex than that. If you want to reduce the burden on others, sometimes the most merciful thing you can do is to cause harm first instead of letting the burden fall on someone else. There's a reason ultra-passive people are considered very difficult to live and deal with.

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>The pandemic is real
>Women are people
>God doesn't exist
edgy.jpg; there's no way to prove this even if you believe it.
>Science has improved our lives
>You should wear a mask
Especially when committing crimes where people might recognize you. Don't forget gloves as well.
>Charts and author flowcharts are bad
Nope, many are actually helpful in guiding how someone might approach a particular subject or author
>Starting with the greeks expecting to get to contemporary literature or philosophy is largely a waste of time (not because the greeks are bad, but because you will read a lot of things you will never use or won't even remember well enough)
Starting with the Greeks doesn't mean you exhaust all of Greek literature before moving on, it means you build your foundations with the classics. Nobody's going to bitch at you if you haven't read all of Aristophones or Thucydides or even Plato, though being familiar with them is generally helpful.
>You should write and talk about literature with people outside of this website
>Having a /lit/ approved taste should be looked down upon
Only if you arrive at that taste simply by accepting what /lit/ tells you without question. If you instead read widely and still arrive with a set of preferences that overlaps with /lit/'s, then more power to you.

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>your controversial or unpopular /lit/ opinions

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And pretty boring author too. Did he get paid for pages like those Russians, or is being long winded just his style?

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my library thing account desu

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F. Gardner was right.

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Anon I can't quite make the argument. I will sit down and pen it out someday. But he just seems to me to be a turning point in moral self-aggrandizement where not only action and story but also aesthetics and the entire nature of the world support the reader's elevated opinion of himself. He was the JK Rowling of his day, the Jesus of midwit sanctimony.

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Wrong on all counts.

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Not on /lit/ though. He’s one of the patron saints (PBUH)

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It is painfully obvious you have not read a page of Aquinas. This view might, if anything, be the strawman of some Averoists.

>controversial or unppular
>lists things that you can't contradict in public
Anon, I...

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This isn't an opinion on Lit, as much as it's on /lit/, and it might be a popular opinion already because I don't really lurk here, but this place is full of insufferably elitist assholes, and encourages people to turn themselves into assholes.

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Gatekeeping and "insufferable elitism" are positives.

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>The pandemic is real
Viruses are probably not even a thing, I am suspicious of 'cells' too, I mean look at this shit
>Women are people
They are women, they are not men, 'people' is a satanic generalization
>God doesn't exist
oy vey
>Science has improved our lives
Science does not exist, there is only technology and bird signs
>You should wear a mask
It depends who you are
>Charts and author flowcharts are bad
somewhat agree with this, never found them useful. Lists are a better way to separate titles
>Starting with the greeks expecting to get to contemporary literature or philosophy is largely a waste of time (not because the greeks are bad, but because you will read a lot of things you will never use or won't even remember well enough)
you have to read Homer, the tragedians, Plato, Aristotle for context for later literature
>You should write and talk about literature with people outside of this website
you should never under any circumstances admit that you read books to anybody, if you can give off the impression that you aren't even really literate that is ideal
>Having a /lit/ approved taste should be looked down upon
I don't even know what is /lit/ approved. Moby Dick and Thomas Pynchon? Kind of a meme

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leave then fgt

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Pynchon is cringe. His zany antics just make me roll my eyes.

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I care about Russians

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If you're ok with being a piece of shit...

>> No.18244046

This is a popular opinion and a really bad one too.

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Vineland and Lot 49 Pynchon is cringe but the rest is good imo

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I'm 80% convinced her books sold so well because she could actually practice witchcraft

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>you should never under any circumstances admit that you read books to anybody, if you can give off the impression that you aren't even really literate that is ideal

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Fortune is a strumpet.

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>t. ignatius

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Literature is not a substitute for real experiences
God exists
Heaven and Hell exist
All postmodernist lit sucks
Joyce wasted his time writing Finnegans wake
Borges is for midwits who think they are intelligent
Japanese fiction is more personal and more beautiful than western fiction
The only non fiction worth reading is history, maybe philosophy
The demystification of the world has led to the depression pandemic
Sexual revolution has destroyed our souls
There's no hope for our species going past 2200 unless God shows up, quite literally.

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>the olde English,
Shakespeare is not even Middle English.
Shakespeare is Modern English.

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i fucking hate joyce so much it's unreal

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Okay here's how we're going to do it my bros:
Go to the beginning of a section of a bookstore you like and look at the last three digits
Third last is the isle/shelf number from the start of the section.
Last two numbers are the book number in the isle.
Clear as mud? Lets explain it in terms that actually make sense!
So you like the scifi section of the store? Great.
Go to the scifi section
Now lets use #18241157 as an example
Last 3 digits are 157
He will go to the 1st isle/shelf of scifi and find the 57th book counting from the very first one in that isle/shelf.
That is the book he will read.
Now roll!

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All the shitposting about this book. Got it on audible as a goof. It's a bit pretentious but still very enjoyable I was shocked.

>> No.18245207

I hate Lucifer's Hammer. The characters were weird and fake to me. What is wrong with them bunch of assholes. They should all have died. I also hate reading about rich people because their environments are full of boring rich people decor and furniture. Sit your ass on a comfy little couch in a tiny, cozy room made of creaking wood for once in your damned life.

>> No.18245234

>Borges is for midwits who think they are intelligent
>Japanese fiction is more personal and more beautiful than western fiction
A weeb with trash opinions? Not very surprising.

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Cèline was not a nazi

>> No.18245761

VERY true and extremely bastε

>> No.18245767

Unbelievably based

>> No.18245770

>reading a book written by two authors
Never do that again

>> No.18246018

Both minimalism and maximalism prose are good and arguably better than the in between.
Racine is the best playwright and Moliere is second.
Renaissance epics (in particular Ariosto and Tasso) are as great as the more well known ones.

No one among Céliniens will contest that. The NSDAP wasn't based enough for him.

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All wrong desu

>> No.18246052

High school and Middle school English courses should include more Sci-Fi. Most of what kids are reading these days are either dystopian fiction (Hunger Games, Divergent, The Giver, Maze Runner, etc) books that target a certain minority demographic (racial, sexual, socioeconomic or a combination of the three) or books based around video games, which are mostly to placate the kids who's minds are so burned out from playing shitty app games on their mom's iPad since they were old enough to use their hands they can't pay attention to anything that isn't plastered with Fortnite or Minecraft for more than 3 seconds.

This generation has been given no future to look forward too. Indirectly, we have taught them that we are just on an inevitable death march towards a totalitarian nightmare state and the only thing left to do is wallow in our differences and electronic distractions.

With science fiction, we can at least show them a future world fighting for.

>> No.18246067

>just teach kids that more technology=good

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Y35! 4nd 4n 3v3n 5ma113r p3rc3n7 70 c0mpr3h3nd!

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>dude escapism lmao

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Novels, metaphor, analogy, artistically intuitive themes and stories >>>> Philosophy, Intellectualism, Idealism etc

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File: 291 KB, 731x684, Robert Burns is literally the greatest bard to ever exist and will never be bested.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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You are all fools. I'm not.

>> No.18246201

DANGEROUSLY based, every answer.

>> No.18246346

>It has deep character studies, interesting plots, a fantastic world, truths to uncover, interesting expressions on the human condition, and predicted oddly specific technological advancements that wouldn’t happen for another 20 years.
all atheist themes, so it's garbage. thanks for telling me it's a crappy book.
Like the hi IQ said here >>18242105
a book about sociology and politics is inherently flawed, will become deprecated in a less than 2 decades, and only interest atheists.

>> No.18246348

what is the cause of the bigbang

>> No.18246352

>>God being unknowable and infinite Aquinas said he is incomprehensible in his nature.
all spooks by rationalists. Perhaps one day you'll think for yourself, instead of larping as some intellectual in the atheist academia who keep dreaming of having much critical thinking.

>> No.18246353

>sociopolitical framework
>current zeitgeist.
>validity of the premises
Pseud leftist detected.

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>>With science fiction, we can at least show them a future world fighting for.
completely false, and also humans are shit at building alternative worlds, especially the atheists because those subhumans are torn apart between nihilism+hedonism and their fantasy of being an enlightened despot

>> No.18246387

This has to be bait

>> No.18246389

Lol women are definitely not people

>> No.18246393

Yeah, well what's the cause of the cookie monster.

The big bang, like natural selection, is entirely unobservable. You have no direct proof it exists, moron.

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The initial state of the Universe was an isotropic configuration of interacting, fundamental strings in the high-temperature Hagedorn phase with maximal entropy density, which therefore cannot be described by a semiclassical spacetime geometry. The bound state of strings ultimately decayed, by a process akin to Hawking radiation, and underwent a transition into a phase of hot radiation. Small quantum mechanical fluctuations in the initial state led to scale-invariant temperature anisotropies in the radiation, ultimately seeding local gravitational collapse and structure formation.
t. /sci/

>> No.18246437

Unprovable conjecture

>> No.18246659

But what was before the big bang, and how did the laws of physics apply before there was any physics?

>> No.18246661

reading for enjoyment is better than reading for knowledge

>> No.18246670

Paperbacks are best

>> No.18246853

Jesus Christ this is embarassing and I'm actually Dutch. Great unpopular opinion though

>> No.18247024

I've always thought that Dostoevsky was the better writer but Tolstoy had more compelling plots. Like Hugo to Dumas

>> No.18247027

Ding ding ding retard alert

>> No.18247034

I think he is underrated in lit circles. His prose was wonderful at times

>> No.18247037

Tranny pseud

>> No.18247053

Marlowe is better than Shakespeare. If Marlowe hadn't died the entire backbone of the western canon would be massively different. Each of his plays has an inferior Shakespearean counterpart

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File: 1.04 MB, 1350x2190, 2BE1330E-5787-4A7A-8515-320CF327E13E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As far as fantasy goes, the content is kind of stupid but Name of the Wind is pretty enjoyable in terms of prose.

>> No.18247388

Name fucking any of them

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Paris did nothing wrong

>> No.18247438

Drama is trash and reading plays is stupid.
There is not a single work of fiction longer than 50 pages worth reading.
Nearly every book written after 1950 is awful.

>> No.18247448

I'd say that only a small percentage should be allowed to learn reading/writing past elementary school

>> No.18247453

Dutch literature is so great that nobody talks about it because they know of it greatness.

>> No.18247497

All great books are written by white men.

If the smartest brown person on earth had 1000 years at their disposal to read the western canon, get influenced by the best white male writers, the absolute best book they can produce would be a 7/10.

>> No.18247723

Gabriel Marquez is a bit brown

>> No.18247730

Starting with the Greeks is wrong. I think it’s better to start with the present or more modern era then work your way back. You don’t need to read the Greeks to read simulacra and simulacrum to understand the insanity that is the 21st century.

>> No.18247732

George Eliot isn't a man. White though

>> No.18247742

Edward and Richard. Jew of Malta to Merchant of Venice. Shylock is a poor man's Barabas from Tamburlaine. I haven't even got to Faustus, and i'm not even the guy you replied to

>> No.18247770

Anon, I don’t read to understand the insane world we live in; I read to take refuge from it.

>> No.18247779
File: 56 KB, 371x387, 4fd9de931341baa4abb65f3d4c69bd6a.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if you don't like mccarthy you probably have low T

>> No.18247808

Your brother saying "you're not biologically female but I will treat you with respect if you stop breaking down" is more than anyone here would even do. You talk back to him because you have zero self-awareness and don't realize how good you have it with people kissing your ass and putting up woth your bullshit. If you had to spend even a minute with that Polish man you would never speak that way again.

>> No.18247825

Mein Kampf is a great book. Full of penetrating insights and humor.

>> No.18247833

Yes, I am antagonizing you. I want to show you what people think of you when they aren't virtually being held at gunpoint.

>> No.18247953

Reading sci-fi is mental masturbation, and thus should only be read in small doses.

>> No.18248039

Anon... I...
That's the opposite of rationalism, because it says God's nature can't be grasped by reason. The perfect and absolute being can't be measure and thus rationalized. It's a basic truth of all the christian revelation. Only God can know God, only the infinite can encompass the infinite :
>John 6:46, NIV: "No one has seen the Father except the one who is from God; only he has seen the Father."
The nature of God, that the Son of God know, is unfathomable for the human mind. Only by the divine itself revealing Himself through and by Himself can we know Him.
Why by Himself ? Because as eyes must be fit to see light, the soul must be to "see" God. And the only one capable of seeing God is God himself.
The last point might be complicated to understand.

I would suggest you to read the fathers of the church, who wrote extensively about that, even the scolastics knew that. it's the concept of nescience (Duns Scott), of the divine obscurity supra-luminous of God (Saint Gregory of Nyssa, saint Dionisius the areopagite,...).
Dionisius the areopagite is very good for this.
It's classic theme of christianity, without any link with university. You may have thought I said "there is no dogma" or "there is no theology", but that was not the point I were making.

>Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised, and his greatness is unsearchable. (Ps. 145:3)

For this reason, at the end of his life as the history says, Thomas Aquinas, after a vision, tried to burn his books. Because the nature of God is beyond common measure in comparison to what we say about him.
Through detaching ourself from the reason we can obtain, because of God, the "knowledge" of what is beyond everything.

Hope I helped you.

>> No.18248055

Not unpopular, nor rare.

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Only a small percentage of society can ACTUALLY read, that is to say, read and understand fully what they're reading.

>> No.18248127

Reading is for faggots.

>> No.18248141

LOTR is unironically nonfiction. Tolkien had access to a wealth of books documenting ancient European oral histories.

>> No.18248163

Stack threads are pointless and useless.

>> No.18248283

you sound like those pseuds who attempt to sound smart by saying Meshuggah is in 4/4

>> No.18248306

This is only unpopular on lit. Being forced to read a book destroys its enjoyment. I always think everyone should reread those HS books that they hated once they are older. A bunch of them can’t be appreciated until you have life experience

>> No.18248315

Borges and Marquez are the only two authors that could possibly dispute this.

>> No.18248323

Actually thinking about it now, borges is pretty fuckin white and I often forget that Argentinians are considered white typically. Lol.

>> No.18248385
File: 186 KB, 584x572, Honorary whites.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Depending on whether you take a few Iranians, Chinese or Japs as >white (Borges and Marquez are certainly white), this shouldn't be controversial.

>> No.18248417

Lmao string theory, what's it like to be a retarded faggot anon?

>> No.18248427

String theory????????? What results have actually come out of string theory and why are you using it to try and say you know something, when clearly you're trying to blow hot smoke up someone's ass who you think you are smarter than? Midwit.

>> No.18248448 [SPOILER] 
File: 35 KB, 314x500, 1621106717167.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That this book is an avant garde masterpiece

>> No.18248457

>I don't understand god and neither can anyone else
>but i know for sure that this collection of jewish text is approved by him

>> No.18248571

Do you see how retarded that shit sounds?

>> No.18248574

dosto's prose is overrated.
t russian

>> No.18248597

no one rates him for his prose. hes a great dialogue / joke writer though

>> No.18248637

Borges was mainly spanish and English. Dunno about Marquez but almost all good latin american writers are white.

>> No.18248653

>Being forced to read a book destroys its enjoyment.
This is just sophomoric posturing. It's not unique to /lit/, but it's fairly damning to see it here.

>> No.18248659

>latin americans
Stop this shit.

>> No.18248666

>Capitalism and neoliberalism are good
These aren't unpopular opinions on /lit/ or anywhere else.

>> No.18248688

>Only if you arrive at that taste simply by accepting what /lit/ tells you without question.
Yes. That's exactly what people here do.

>> No.18248706

im doing this but for grocery shopping at tesco

>> No.18248721

I never will again ever in my life.

>> No.18248727

He’s a hack who writes absolute dogshit literature

>> No.18249027

God is beyond any rational explanation of Him.
>Nevertheless, we ought not to neglect the
mystical dimension of Thomas’ life. In his early
work, The Commentary on the Sentences of Peter
Lombard, he writes, ‘We know God most perfectly
in the present life when we realise him to be above all that our intellect can conceive; and thus we are joined to him as one unknown.’
>Sentences 4, 49, 2, 1 ad 3, translated Rocca, p. 56.
>In the Commentary on the Sentences, he wrote: When we proceed into God through the way of negation, first we deny of Him all corporeal realities; and next, even intellectual realities as they are found in creatures, like goodness and wisdom, and then there remains in our understanding only that God exists and nothing further, so that it suffers a kind of confusion. Lastly, however, we even remove from him his very existence, as it is in creatures, and then our understanding remains in a certain darkness of ignorance according to which, in this present state of life, we are best united to God, as Dionysius says, and this is a sort of thick fog in which God is said to dwell. (Sentences 1, 8, 1, 1, ad 4, translated Rocca, p. 65.)
>At the end of his life, when he stopped writing following an experience presumed in the tradition to have been mystical, Brother Reginald tried to persuade him to return to work to complete the Summa Theologiae, he simply said, ‘All I have written is straw.’
>Andrew Murray – Unknowability of God

Thinking you understand or really know God's nature is a proof of ignorance, of confusion between some human knowledge and His infinity. God's nature is beyond human comprehension.
That's what I was responding the infatuated rationalist that were thinking he understood the origin of the universe. Because that would imply this cause is determinated and thus can't be the first uncaused cause.
Not sure if you will understand though.

>> No.18249038

Asimov does not deserve to be in the big three of Sci-fi authors. Even PKD's prose looks like Joyce compared to him.
Tarkovsky did for Roadside Picnic what Kubrick did for the Shining. The book had one of the least likable protagonists I've ever read, and the plot is not compelling at all. Tarkovsky gave us poetry and philosophy absent from the book.
Dune had no subtlety whatsoever. It's supposed to be a novel for adults but reads like a YA book.

>> No.18249062

>>18248457 read
You can't grasp the infinite essence of God but you can understand or acknowledge his relation to the universe (because it's by them that he makes Himself knowable)

>> No.18249094

Burgers and their deluded concept of race never ceases to amaze me

>> No.18249096

What's the reading list for US high schooler?

>> No.18249186

Here's an opinion that's board specific:

Butterfly is not a bad poster by any means other than being a tripwhore. People have just trained themselves to have a visceral reaction every time they see her post.

>> No.18249208

Whether God exists or not doesn't seem to make any difference. People who believe in God seem to want some reason and meaning for existence and why things are rather than not, but even if God and heaven would be real, then what would we go in heaven for then? What comes after that? Would we just be praising the lord for all eternity then? Any scientific explanation sounds way more pleasing.

>> No.18249211

A good idea for a short story is the plot of The Sixth Sense, but Haley Joel Osment is a youth volunteer at a halfway house and Bruce Willis has Down Syndrome. The twist comes when Willis picks up a book Osment put down and it's open to a chapter about The Dunning Kruger Effect (of course, Willis can't read it and just scribbles over it with a red crayon).

"I see dumb people. Sometimes, they don't know they're retarded."

>> No.18249255

I'm a relative newfag (only been posting for about a month). The first time I saw one of her posts I thought it was decent. However, I soon ended up on a board where people were discussing religion and realized she's actually a total retard and the best she has to offer are midwit opinions. She also isn't witty enough to BTFO anyone so seeing her around is more annoying than anything and she generally deserves the derision.

>> No.18249272

how about you just shut the fuck up about her. tired of hearing you cringe lords discuss her. how about you discuss Frater or whatever the tripfags name is

>> No.18249284

>Asimov does not deserve to be in the big three of Sci-fi authors.
The "big three" aren't very good so Asimov fits nicely in there. Dick, that you mention, is already far superior to all three.

>> No.18249303
File: 650 KB, 499x699, 1611278021172.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The unpopular lit opinion would be along the lines of what you wrote there.

>Agnosticism is the only correct answer and reductive arguments in line with New Atheism are compelling (i.e. disregard anything related to thinkers like Jung because it's too complex--I Love Science says "We're made out of stars!" and that's a simpler way to blow someone's mind).

>> No.18249313

I doubt he does. Judging by how he put ITT sci at the end, he seems to have genuinely thought he BTFOd the other anon. I visit sci, they are knowledgeable but they aren't any less retarded. In fact, they are more retarded than lit, they just have deeper knowledge about certain subjects.

>> No.18249327

They do this because they want to feel special without ever actually accomplishing anything. It's really entertaining to watch. The libs and their identity politics are retarded but so are these other morons.

>> No.18249333

>would we go in heaven for then ?
Results of action. You go to according to what you live, only the noble soul goes to heaven.
Because he loves everything that is good and reject what is bad he will be able to admire the Good according to his level. He contemplate the good, as in his life. The wicked will contemplate the bad they liked.
>Would we just be praising the lord for all eternity then?
You can't imagine what you don't know yet. You could not imagine the smell if your nose didn't work, or the light if you didn't have eyes. If you are blind you can't fanthom sight. The same here for God and the spiritual realm.
You will know possibilities of being you cannot envision yet, being still blind to the senses you don't know, to other modes of being and ultimately the infinite mode, qualitatively infinite, as if you had an infinite amount of sense and without any limitations in themself (spatial, temporal, material). Pure bliss.
For this, you must open to these new senses, through work on yourself (traditional religion).

Scientifically explanation is the easiest, it's reassuring. It still doesn't solve anything, and leaves the most important questions for latter. It's normal and rational to question yourself about death.

>> No.18249347

lol try humane working conditions

>> No.18249359

Some (a handful) light-novel series can be entertaining reads, if read in jap.


>> No.18249360

have you read it in russian? i think theres much missing in the poetry and emotion of the story thru translation.

>> No.18249373

>Results of action. You go to according to what you live, only the noble soul goes to heaven.
>Because he loves everything that is good and reject what is bad he will be able to admire the Good according to his level. He contemplate the good, as in his life. The wicked will contemplate the bad they liked.

That sounds much like how capitalism works, only a bit twisted and reversed.

>> No.18249380

riding roomsticks is such a small part of the story wtf are you talking about

>> No.18249387

No because everyone has his chance to be a good person.
What is searched is not an external result but an internal goodness.

>> No.18249398

what the fuck are you on about schizo

>> No.18249400

Clarke and Heinlein are pretty good though. They don't hold a candle to Gene Wolfe or Matheson, but they are leaps and bounds above Ellison and Asimov.

>> No.18249423

How are these weighted in? If you have a chance to save lives through sinning, would that then be a sin?
>''If you're harmless, you're not virtuous you're just harmless. If you on the other hand have the capacity to be a monster, but you choose not to be - then you're virtuous."

>> No.18249443

>>controversial or unppular
>>lists things that you can't contradict in public
Retard, OP asked for unpopular >/lit/ opinions.

>> No.18249483

good post tbf

>> No.18249775

>How are these weighted in?
Inner joy, peace with consciousness. Externally you can measure it by what you do. But ultimately you will know it when you will harvest the inner fruits of what you cultivate, bad or good. When you are good you are at peace with yourself, God and other, you are happy, not anxious and/depressed. There is joy from the moment you join the path of inner purification, but then there are levels of blissfulness and passages for progress to progress towards the infinite bliss. Passage that can be hard to take.

>If you have a chance to save lives through sinning, would that then be a sin?
Life on earth is not the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is God, beyond life and death. Nothing is above this goal, everything serves it, nothing, like love of men, should hinder it.
For example warriors are permitted to kill or sacrifice their life to protect other, it does not mean it doesn't hurt them, but that it's a permitted way of purification that has its own difficulties.
If something that is normally considered a sin is permitted in some exceptional occasion, it means it's not a sin in this particular moment. Searching what is good and what is wrong is part of the process of purification, of the search of goodness.

>> No.18249778

while I respect his reasons for trying to ideologically aid his nation in a time of their ideological racial depression, his work is, just that for the mestizos of Latin America, to use and aid them. And he makes his case rather poorly, though that may be his framework rather than his cause.

why does he speak of Atlantis so much and its relation to India.

>> No.18249999

My politics are milquetoast. Basically all of online politics and its focus on either tanky commie nonsense or neanderthal ethnostaters is disturbing.

>> No.18250337

young kids should be encouraged to read eragon (just the first one) because it's an easier entry point that can hook them into a reading habit than other popular kids books like HP which is slow in its first book. eragon is paced fast enough to hold their attention

>> No.18251085


Welcome to /lit/, Satan, enjoy your stay. As you continue to spend time here you will become somewhat better versed in what people claim to like and dislike here. You can use this to become a more effective deceiver.

>> No.18251120

Russian literature in the twentieth century is better than the one in the nineteenth. Life and Destiny is the best book in Russian literature but /lit/ is not ready for that discussion

>> No.18251145

Bravo anon, by far the best midwit post I’ve seen in a while

>> No.18251162

He’s not cringe so there’s nothing to discuss

>> No.18251190

What books are you reading that are less than 50 pages kek

>> No.18251651
File: 89 KB, 792x545, an apu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Books suck and I only come onto this board when I don't feel like posting on /an/

>> No.18251700

>My sides. Nigga, are you serious?
Give me an example of a great Russian biblical epic or a rennaisance play.

>The logic of this doesn't even make sense. This is like saying, "Canadians are better filmmakers than Americans because America has only produced a few great filmmakers, while Canada has produced ZERO but has been making films for 100 years."
America is older then Canada.

My whole argument is, that the Dutch are making literature much longer then the Russians, so the total amount and quality ends op being better.

>Who are the great Dutch novelists, my friend?
Thats a pseud awnser, the Dutch are better because of their much longer out put of poetry.

>Jesus Christ this is embarassing and I'm actually Dutch. Great unpopular opinion though

Name a Russian writer who can compete with Vondel or Bilderdijk.

>Dutch literature is so great that nobody talks about it because they know of it greatness.

Because Dutch literature falls right between the popular pseud writers like Tolstoi and elevated rennaissance literature like Dante.

Doesnt mean Russian literature is better, it just suits the working class much better.

>> No.18252089

The best novel the uk has produced is Middlemarch. The best novelist the uk has produced is George Eliot

>> No.18252098
File: 479 KB, 754x596, 1438238248129.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Books are nice though

>> No.18252110
File: 11 KB, 203x285, 32e77eb7209f7532b5ca1a358170ced1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Universal literacy was a mistake.

>> No.18252387

No women

>> No.18252438

'But the effect of her being on those around her was incalculably diffusive: for the growing good of the world is partly dependent on unhistoric acts; and that things are not so ill with you and me as they might have been is half owing to the number who lived faithfully a hidden life, and rest in unvisited tombs'

She was a genius mate

>> No.18252986

There's Slovo o polku Igoreve that pretty much serves as the Russian Nibelungenlied. Saying the Dutch are better due to their participation in the Renaissance is akin to say the Syrians are better than the English or French due to their participation in the Second Sophistic or something - it's retarded.

>> No.18253028

I want a government issued remastering of a list of books for core learning.
I never get very far with this idea for many reasons which people are more than happy to yell at me endlessly. But most never stop long enough to note that people wouldn't be limited to the list, nor would it be required. I see it more as a way to put down a cultural reference which we badly need for communication. Even if everyone reads the same bad book and is universally hated and laughed at, the point is it still works as a reference for communication merely be many people knowing of it. Top sellers don't work like this anymore as there are too many categorizes to be meaningful and people are just getting further apart. My search results for a new book to read are so individualized that even books are becoming an echo chamber for me and that's not good.

>> No.18253052

>There's Slovo o polku Igoreve that pretty much serves as the Russian Nibelungenlied. Saying the Dutch are better due to their participation in the Renaissance is akin to say the Syrians are better than the English or French due to their participation in the Second Sophistic or something - it's retarded.

Let me break this down, first the Dutch language has several medieval type epics, the most well known being Reinaert de Vos and has produced several large works of poetry the following centuries. These include for Example Adam in Ballingschap by Vondel or his Lucifer, which Milton latter adapted as Paradise Lost.

Compared to English, Italian or French literature, Dutch rennaisance literature is mediocre, sure but compared to Russian literature it is miles superior.

The same with Bilderdijk, who is basically a mediocre Dutch Goethe, all very nice, but there is no Russian Goethe. There isnt.

If you start reading Dutch novelist of the last century. Yeah its not very good, few good Dutch writers, but if you read poetry, go back to the rennaissance, read historians, or nonfiction.....

Dutch literature is inferior compared to French literature, but not to Russian literature.

>> No.18253056

I'm the smartest person in the world. Heh, funny, seems to me only I think so, but what do you dummies know anyway.

>> No.18253060

you mean like humans do

>> No.18253096

Catcher in The Rye fucking sucks its just about a whiny faggot that cant get any pussy

>> No.18253294

I feel like there have to be fast paced books for children that aren’t garbage.

>> No.18253404

I read The Hobbit when I was about 7 or 8 and that is where I started. I'd suggest that, Peter Pan, Charlotte's Web

>> No.18253413

"Pseud" and "midwit" are not good insults.

>> No.18253415

Wish there was a 4chan board where you could just post about books

>> No.18253465

Video games have already outclassed a large majority of literature in terms of being a narrative artform.

>> No.18253569

better than HP, Percy Jackson, Alex Rider, or that piece of shit Artemis Fowl

>> No.18253607

My controversial opinion is that The Picture of Dorian Gray sucks. That's it.

>> No.18253622

This is actually super interesting

>> No.18254001

Shut up, this doesn't pertain to shit here, nor does it add to the conversation in any way.

>> No.18254043

What is this from?

>> No.18254649
File: 891 KB, 480x700, Luís de Camões.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Camões supersedes every anglo, or WASP, writer that has ever existed.

>> No.18254834

Being a pretentious elitist asshole is the only thing that keeps this turning into r/books because it pushes away the YA contingent, and it also pushes away (some) of the retards that post on this site. You have no idea how bad it can get, inevitably there will be a time when this board is 90% weebs waifu and rage posting about light novels. The only thing preventing this is arrogance and hostility.

>> No.18254909
File: 63 KB, 600x600, 1577423001883.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I must say Based, Your mindset is what I want my children to grow up to be.

>> No.18254954

This guy gets

>give off the impression that you aren't even really literate that is ideal

>> No.18255526

Unpopular on /lit/ but I have little interest in philosophy or larger themes and just like to appreciate books for having good writing and bringing me some joy.

Also an opinion probably not unpopular here is that House of Leaves just sucks. If it was not for the formatting it would never even have been published. Plus its formatting is less extreme than the typographic experimentation even in real books like many of Irvine Welsh's. Basically it's trash.

>> No.18255545

I like fiction way more than non-fic

>> No.18255615

First truly unpopular take ITT, and a pretty based one at that

>> No.18255622

understandable. I don't dislike him, probably because my dads name is Fraser and its similar

>> No.18255641

excited to read Grossman. life and fate is my fathers favorite Russian novel

>> No.18255853
File: 44 KB, 399x384, bear pool.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

animals are cooler

>> No.18255881
File: 82 KB, 673x762, chad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18256242

aren't we already?

>> No.18256271

agreed, the democratization of literature has done nothing but significantly lower the quality of it

>> No.18256292

Hemingway being considered mediocre is not really an unpopular opinion at all. Only Americans really consider him among the greats and even then, it's always those who don't really know much about literature other than what they are taught in high school.

>> No.18256316

maybe you are ok with letting retards in lowering the general quality of discourse, but I would rather be a piece of shit than having faggots like you here

>> No.18256319

Everybody but me misunderstood Catcher in the Rye

>> No.18256336
File: 65 KB, 1068x601, giga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So the Universe emanated from the One which transcends it, I see, very smart, makes sense

>> No.18256348

I've tried to read Crime and Punishment several times and it is just too fucking boring for me to finish.

>> No.18256354

why don't you just skip to Faustus then and tell us? And those are not particularly some of Shakespeare's strongest plays.

>> No.18256370

isn't that a very popular opinion?

>> No.18256374

you are a latin american larping as white, no real white man would ever consider you white, think about that

>> No.18256375

That's what we have now except it's voluntary and it's shit

>> No.18256382

Wittgenstein completed and overcame philosophy with the Tractatus. The Investigations and all other later work is simply regrettable sophistry.

>> No.18256388

Once upon a time he was rated for his prose, Joyce was a big fan for example. I don't think Joyce could read Russian however so he was just talking about translation

>> No.18256406

Read Seneca

>> No.18256425

Your life story

>> No.18256439

I think you should read what you want. Those that are interested in knowing about philosophy will inevitably read Greeks. They are referenced all the time.

>> No.18256452

We don't have a capitalist or liberal society. We live in a Marxist socialist society, we just took the long way.

>> No.18256480

t. smooth brain

>> No.18256488

Cherub is pretty good if I remember. Diana is a slut though.

>> No.18256495

Read Montaigne

>> No.18256562

I prefer middle grade and kidlit. I don't give a crap about all these pretentious Russian writers or the Greeks.

>> No.18256641

>maybe you are ok with letting retards in lowering the general quality of discourse, but I would rather be a piece of shit than having faggots like you here
You're the epitome of enlightened discourse and exactly "not what I hate about this board".
I hope you never get a grip, because it's not like you need to.

>> No.18256667

Haha epic. Have an upvoat my friend

>> No.18256741

I think his point was that Shakespeare answered each Marlowe play with a poor imitation and that while of course Shakespeare's collective body of work is greater, he did not ever write anything as good as Faustus

>> No.18256749

Would you mind explaining it?

>> No.18256756

Have you read Karamazov? I thought crime and punishment was better though I didn't love either. I really don't see why people wank over the philosophical elements if his books, I thought it was pretty basis. They are good for the plot but that's all

>> No.18256763

>La Raza Cosmica
>The Cosmic Race

What did he mean by this?
Oy Vey!

>> No.18256826

I'm pretty sure this isn't an unpopular opinion

>> No.18256957

If a work's original language is Russian or French it's a waste of time.

>> No.18257016

shut the fuck up bitch

>> No.18257642

Can you find me a single source explaining that Dickens was paid by the word/page? It's the midwits ignorant take because they wanna justify being too dumb to like something

>> No.18258759

>The only thing preventing this is arrogance and hostility.
In the end of the day, its they who are arrogant and hostile and not us.

>> No.18258763

call of the crocodile is unironically good

>> No.18258766

Any philosopher who isn't also a poet isn't worth reading.

>> No.18258770

tea nigger

>> No.18258782

Smoothbrain is good though. It rolls off the tongue and does little to engage in self-reference. Pseud and midwit are aesthetically ugly words. Instead of referencing biology like smoothbrain does, the insults are purely comparative. When you call someone a pseud or a midwit you are trying to say that you are a TruIntellectual™ or whatever a step above midwit is. Using either of those words signifies a complete lack of self-awareness, which detracts from the insult. Nobody is going to just agree with you when you essentially say "trust me bruh ur dumb and I am smart." It just doesn't work like that.

>> No.18258962
File: 215 KB, 1000x1000, 1616430705377.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> /pol/ being a containment board should be enforced much stricter. By that I don't mean the Evola threads, but all the "seething discord tranny" posting is for low iq subhumans
>same goes for /r9k/ incelposting. No one cares about your bitter misogyny
>people that shit on Camus only ever read the stranger
>Christian literature and philosophy is based, but the orthodox preacher larpers should neck themselves
>Islamic literature, philosophy and especially classical poetry (i.e. 13. Century) is also extremely based
>posters on this board have no idea what postmodernism means 99% of the time, and especially Foucault is criminally underrated
>speaking of Foucault, ad hominem arguments should be a bannable offence

>> No.18259001

Animals are gay as fuck. You're full of estrogen.

>> No.18259008

I concur. It's a grotesque deconstruction of language, fake internet lingo.

>> No.18259020

>>posters on this board have no idea what postmodernism means 99% of the time, and especially Foucault is criminally underrated
>>speaking of Foucault, ad hominem arguments should be a bannable offence
foucault is another subhuman frenchie intellectual and even a worse a follower of nietzsche. fuck your AIDS ridden pedophile, cocksucker.

>> No.18259026

*even worse

>> No.18259031

Me río yo del Michel Foucault que dice que el autor es una función social. ¡El autor no es una función social, hombre! El autor es el que construye las ideas que usted y yo leemos, objetivadas en obras literarias... que nos sobrevivirán a todos nosotros. ¿Qué coño de una función social, qué coño del autor ha muerto? ¡Si Cervantes está más vivo que Dios!

>> No.18259046

> 4chins should be a gay estrogen onions faggot safe space
It doesn't work that way, sweety.

>> No.18259075
File: 119 KB, 1024x631, 1620249673241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Excellent reading comprehension

>> No.18259243

kinda related to this point, I haven't read any adult-targeted fantasy feature a world I enjoyed nearly as much as the world in Edge Chronicles

>> No.18259307

>retard gets filtered by the Greeks
What a surprise

>> No.18259327

Actually it looks like it kind of does. Shitty /pol/bait threads are getting shoah'd in droves lately and no politics brain is safe. Leftists and rightists alike are getting sent back to /pol/. It's amazing, and it's really improving the quality of the board. I think the mods could still do better about cleaning up the constant glut of one line political shitposts (like yours), but at the same time I'd imagine they'd just toggle airplane mode and evade anyway.

>> No.18259330

>tranny is angry he gets called tranny for being a tranny

>> No.18259332

>newfag janny complimenting herself

>> No.18259344

Sorry, I've already got a job and it actually pays me real money. I pay my taxes, /pol/tard. I contribute to society. When I'm done doing the job and making the contributions, I like to relax with a book. Sometimes I like to discuss that book. People like me deserve to be kept apart from people like you who need to make everything into some political/tribal war. I am just better than you are.

>> No.18259358

Didn't read tranny

>> No.18259380

>can't read

>> No.18259405


>> No.18259685
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