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Was she right?

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she's never going to fuck you, bro

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I would think not, she's dead! And a lesbian for that matter!

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>being this unselfaware

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and butt fucking ugly

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As a heroic, virtuous, and honored man, I talk about myself!

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>*yawnnn* im so bored!
sit down and shut the fuck up cunt
fucking detestable

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Says the whore who killed herself.

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modern production are shit because they doesn't emulate. That is to say they are feminine

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she was cute when she was younger

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No. :3

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the female point of view is infinitely more boring

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This is like saying “Greatness is bad” because you are not capable of it.

Women and Jews are literally one and the same.

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sure she was

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she is right, but, if she were to elaborate more, i'm sure i'd end up disagreeing with her

t. pragmatic realist

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Which sort of greatness? I've seen vitalist "penis-poets" deride certain sorts of greatness while upholding others, painting an incomplete picture. It's a problem on all sides; the "Jew" is not eternal, but rather a certain pervading spirit.

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you mean Ms. Lovecraft inbred jaw?

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i like wolf, but what else is there? what does she like? is a passive, transitory, and cowardly a more compelling thesis?

what is there past talking besides the listening of that talk?

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picrel far left
not exactly postmodern but certainly an argument against overplayed modernist mores. It is a quote best interpreted within its own contemporaneousness.

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Self depracating or whatever gets boring way quicker imo. Would she like reading the same fucking sob stories this shithole shits out all the time?

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You would do well to read her novels before wasting calories on pointless posting.

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Heroism, virtue, and honor gave us World War I.

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Yeah pretty much.

God I fucking hate dudes who are like "I'm a male writer" and they jack off to dudes like Thompson or Kerouac or Hemingay or Bukowski or Wallace or whatever shut the fuck UP peacoats are naruto headbands for men who think American Spirits and typewriters are personality traits.

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More of a marlboro red with a 2B and spirax myself.

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Like I fucking hate these people they're literally weaboos for literature and it's unbearable. There are great male writers, but also it's birthed this genre of human being that deserves to be put in a gas chamber

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My brother likes typewriters, it's just a thing he has.

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Men typically dont have to think about "being a man" when they write.

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Women shouldn't really comment on masculine issues or concepts, they don't really understand them and when men follow feminine advice it usually leads them to taking hormones and cutting off their penis

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Woolf touches on this in her essay A Room of One's Own.
It's pretty easy to to read even for you.

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In general I don’t like her but I find that quote kind of refreshing actually. Most women ultimately suck their thumbs and look up to men when you get right down to it. Even the most intelligent ones do it, in fact they are often the worst, though they find ways of sublimating this tendency rather than doing it outright. So for her to take a hard stand against that is nice.

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weak bait, overcooked

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Women have it so hard right now.

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I find quite funny that 4chan brainlets meme this nerd so hard, considering that his entire theory is just a "my twisted world"-like projection. Men who hate women are not men, but homosexuals and inferior beings.

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Wallace? Why him?

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It's not bait, women create weak and defective men. The more intelligent ones accept that masculinity is beyond them and don't comment on it.

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Men can tend towards obliviousness, self importance, blowhardiness, posturing etc. "Guys" can be tiresome, I see where she is coming from.

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>Men can tend towards obliviousness, self importance, blowhardiness, posturing
I'm sorry. Women don't do this?

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well, nobody ever claimed self-awareness was a feminine virtue

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English "people"

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I am never going to read your vaginashit. Cope, you dumb bitch.

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Yes women can be tiresome too. In a different way. This thread was specifically about male douchiness.

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Imagine coming from the WW1 trenches after seeing all your friends slaughtered and hearing this ignorant cunt drone on about how oppressed she is

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Kind of. She's describing cape shit

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literally can't even spell honor right

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Men who respect women live better lives and are happier. Prove me wrong

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The more I learn about Woolf the more I'm convinced she was the most obnoxious cunt in Britain, glad she removed herself

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I agree but it's even more true of the opposite, misandrists always go full psycho cunt and kill themselves

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And you would do well to follow your own advice

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One must imagine Sisyphus happy

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roasties getting toastie

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Your biggest retard award should arrive in 3-5 business days

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She is right.
Instead of talking all that, we can DO those things. Let people watch and talk all they want.

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He seems angry that no-one likes him and he's with no girls with vagina to slide inside of. I wonder if his dad or uncles raped him into this.

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You're right, he forgot the second one

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Toasty roastie hates her dad
Toastie roastie, why so sad?
Toasty roastie mad at all
Toasty roastie hit the wall
Toasty roastie cheats and lies
Toasty roastie screams and cries
Toasty roastie throws a fit
Toasty roastie hits submit
Toasty roastie gets her (you)s
Toasty roastie still feels blue
Toasty roastie knows deep down
Toasty roasties are all clowns

Projection, cope and seethe pervade
The toasty roastie's sad tirade

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Virginia Woolf was raped as a child.

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waste of time trying to be happy
what really matters is nonsuffering

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>t. femcel

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>have to
yeah nether do woman, but they love to point it out

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Woman are incapable of understanding men, and comments such as hers are cope for the fact that no woman will ever understand the pull to becoming greater than what you are, to almost touch the divine and be like a god or great hero from mythology and fable. By the same token I will never understand wanting to completely rearrange my living space every ten minutes. The difference between me and someone like Virginia Woolf is that I accept my ignorance of women and as she should have accepted the fact that she would never be like a man.

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pathetic samefag

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Yes it's just larping anyway
>look I am as good as this person from history
Ok buddy :) Your also a rapist

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Heroism, virtue and honour are essential values for the ideal male experience. Of course she wouldn't get it. No woman does.

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and? is the pure injection of dopamine in a vegitative state good? what is there besides ideals that is worth much? in fact, isnt everything we care about downstream?

what is the alternative?

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They literally don’t though, I’ve seen so many of my friends that genuinely respected women, get their hearts broken, a lot of them realized you have to treat them like fucking children and they’ve gotten way more successful now

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Reminds me of that HBO series on the Chernobyl disaster. There were so many men who made horrendously terrible sacrifices in order to prevent the meltdown getting worse and wiping out most of Europe that they had to make composite characters out of some of them.

The heroic female doctor was a fictional character. No such woman existed.

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More info on how the series eschewed history to appease wahmen?

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There is a part in Gravity and Grace where Weil points out how fictional good is as boring as it is interesting IRL, and for evil it’s the other way around.
Do not confuse real life and world of fiction. Books are all fairy tales.

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Woolf was an anglo and thus a soulless bug

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A man's opinion of women or any of his perceived moral shortcomings have no real effect on how successful he is with women. Women either love him nevertheless or detest him even if he was a saint.

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>Woolf was an anglo and thus a soulless bug
Mrs. Dalloway is better than Ulysses.

>> No.18239506

>The heroic female doctor was a fictional character. No such woman existed.

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You wish cleton von uppington-shire

>> No.18239584

Yes her nauseatingly derivative attempt at writing an anglos Ulysses was better bro. Lucky for her she came into her own with To the Lighthouse

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Well she's a woman so by definition she can't be right.

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Go outside.

>> No.18239776

Warning! Steep learning curve ahead!

>> No.18239781

Thank you.

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>heroism, virtue, and honor
Well those are certainly things women cannot relate to in any capacity.

>> No.18239798

Heroes don't write about themselves, they are written about by men who aspire to heroism, so no, she's wrong.

>> No.18239837

>vagina to slide inside of
you described the main point of women, maybe that's why he said what he said

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>manic depressive
>married a nebbish Jewish man and became a nudist
>drowned herself in a river
A woman full of great ideas I'm sure.

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None of those things mean she's somehow a bad writer. The fact that you do proves your stupidity, though. Have sex, incel.

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>i hate virtuous men
>omg why won't men stop cheating on me

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Never have, doubt I ever will.

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>Have sex
Have some value other than the hole between your legs

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Yeah you've obviously never read her, because her writing is nothing like that.

>> No.18239878

you're just a fool. no other philosopher has reduced the infinite variabilities between man and woman to their individual masculine/feminine principles, and linked the platonic ideals of those principles at the same, even mananging to lay a not-insignificant amount of the true groundwork for psychological field. weininger was like a demigod

>> No.18239882

In what way are nihilistic, amoral degenerates like kerouac or bukowski connected to literature about virtue and greatness? Chanson de Roland, Tirant lo Blanc are books about heroism, not whatever those mentally ill modernists wrote about.

>> No.18239887

I have, she's very boring and your bog standard spoiled upper middle class feminist that you can find anywhere

>> No.18239892

Yeah, you definitely don't understand Joyce.

>> No.18239898

It's the lit-bro meme, twitter feminists and trannies group together all these writers that are popular with men under some vague chauvinist umbrella even if they are very different in content

>> No.18239902

I understand Joyce fine but I don't care for him because I'm not a pretentious undergraduate

>> No.18239907

Hahaha, I'm loving the self-ownage.

>> No.18239936

God modern literature “scene” is so fucking stupid. Thanks for enlightening me about how pathetic it all is.

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I often remind myself that we’re all puppets trapped in a decomposing cage of flesh and bone, with a million desires whirling around us at all times like sirens attempting to lure us to our doom. That these desires are nothing but the conjured demons of economics, society, and evolution and while they promise fulfillment they will only use you to their own ends, increasing their strength over you, leaving you a slave and a broken human. The world of phenomena is a test, projected by the noumena, and to conquer it you must conquer yourself.

Although I might try to convince myself that life has some external value, after a night drinking with “friends” or a sexual encounter with woman, it quickly becomes apparent that most friends are not worth having, and that woman’s sexual desires are so perverse and banal that their even having desired you bears the weight of a bad conscience. What man does not disgrace himself by submitting to a woman’s desires? He becomes a fool, a brute, a scoundrel, a cuckhold, all at once— and looses himself in the process. What man benefits from society? He devoured his life’s work to the machinations of warfare and industry, he trampled the earth, he becomes bound up in stories told to gullible children, he is sold slavery and like an idiot wears his chains with pride.

Service originates in the Latin word "Servi”, meaning slave. That’s what society, friends, woman the whole world, asks from you, your slavery. In English, the familiar for of “you”, “thou”, has long since died from the language. For those lonely men in Anglo countries seeking company, this should be (with honest reflection) enough proof that you will never find it. We live in a civilizational world-spirit which lacks even the words to express friendship, closeness.

There are two things in life worth their weight in gold: freedom and silence. How many men exchange these treasures for paper? Or for a soft touch of flesh? Or for some false sense of meaning to disguise their emptiness?

In books, there is the peace of forming a genuine connection with another person. If you cannot read, write. If you cannot write, read. If you are still lonely, hire a whore; it is less demeaning and less expensive than going to clubs. Logos is the breaking free of the soul from the flesh, embrace this and turn your eyes from the treachery of desire.

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Man-hating women are just as pathetic as women-hating men.

>> No.18239972

Nobody should care what a bitch says

>> No.18239975

>tumblr hates men
>4chan hates women
Yeah, who would have thought that both of these shitholes are two sides of the same coin.

>> No.18239976

Depends, do you like Houellebecq? We are in no shortage of manlets who talk about their vices, mood swings and hate of others (especially women). I'm at à point where some old bearded greek ranting about virtues is now refreshing - Guess I'm becoming old, bitter and reactionary.

>> No.18239994

who is this nigga compared to Virginia Woolf???

>> No.18240002

Reddit is calling, it wants you to return

>> No.18240009

She's right.
>literal who who killed his self

>> No.18240012

Albert Camus was also "bored by heroism, virtue and honour"
You don't need to "detest to masculine point of view" in order to reject these things.

>> No.18240013

Cringe and gay. Go read Carmen in victoriam Pisanorum instead. Only 11 pages, so ideal for burnt-out zoomers with the attention span of a goldfish

Read ab Urbem condite, Tirant lo Blanc, Gerusalemme Liberata, Orlando Furioso, Chanson de Roland, os Lusiadas, Don Quixote, and then talk about male virtue, heroism and greatness.

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Why does /lit/ hate women so much? It's like a personality trait for some of you. I mean I dislike the majority of them, and so does my girlfriend, but I dislike the majority of men as well and some (rare) women are fine and I might even enjoy their company for a few hours. I don't think it's reasonable to waste my energy being negative about a specific half of the whole earthly population when I don't like 99% of people either way.

>> No.18240064

It is not that /lit/ hates women, it is that everywhere else worships them. Contrarianism is all it is.

>> No.18240076

Yes and stupid people who never think in the abstract about anything are also much happier.

>> No.18240225


I wish women shut the fuck up too. They talk about the most mundane things in life and talk about it as if they affect the very fabric of society. Feelings matter too much and are always quick to over share. I feel this way, this is why. Women are vain and hold grudges. Too quick to cry and also laugh. While women smile at those whom they loathe and would slip poison in at every opportunity she gains, they critisize men who get over things with fistfights. They say they detest violence and yet they are the ones that whisper in the ears of men that destroy. I think the best women can do is actually start doing things rather than blame everything on the opposite sex. And if 2000-3000 years have passed so that you are called inferior by the other sex, it is less on the so called the cruelty and bigotry of the other sex rather the actual lack of ability of the whole women sex who lacked the courage and strength to stand up to the other sex.

>> No.18240232

They're too earthy. It leaves a bad taste in my mind

>> No.18240274

It's sad how her opinion is the norm now, it will take centuries for the West to recover from all the subversive hatred it endured during the 20th century

>> No.18240283

Absolute brainman. Thank you Anon

>> No.18240295

hardly, the opinion Woolf held was correct, but got contorted in all shorts if weird shapes by the woke brigade

>> No.18240296

Female literature is sheer domesticity and Virginia Woolf is a mediocre writer.
No wonder she killed herself.

>> No.18240299

Be silent, tranny filth

>> No.18240303

Wow, what a retarded cumdumpster.

>> No.18240312

Would it hurt you very much if I was a chad who gets up a 6 every day, do my calisthenics, after which I read, eat my breakfast & go to uni to fuck your bitch?

I will be your canvas to project your feelings on; do it.

>> No.18240321

No because Chad doesn't brag about those things, he just does them

you're a tranny/ugly female with a small soul, stop posting

>> No.18240334

My soul might be small but my biceps are bigger than your mammalian brain, clearly. It does help when I'm holding down your bitch to fuck.

>> No.18240337

Chad doesn't agree with you bunkerchan faggots, he just doesn't start arguments with women because fucking them has nothing to do with it.
The fact your mind even went to Chad (the guy who works hard and has aspirations) is a direct refutation of Woolf's point and the reason why it has been warped into resentment from the progressives.

>> No.18240339

cope bugtranny

>> No.18240345

You're high on internet fumes, lay off it for a bit, your mom & dad won't be angry at you if you can't get a wife to marry.

>> No.18240352

Why do trannies hate /leftypol/ more than /pol, kek?
Due to this constant hate I am starting to think that /leftypol/fags are based.

>> No.18240353

Happiness is irrelevant.

>> No.18240360

>uhhhhh yikes sweaty nobody wants to hear about your exciting adventures and heroic deeds you should listen to women drone on about their feelings
femcel in dire need of a good dicking

>> No.18240365

She used to get dicked a lot but still killed herself, she was a defective femoid

>> No.18240368

Under rated

>> No.18240435

I haven't read her bio but let me guess, she got arrangemarriaged to some manlet who couldn't satisfy her?

>> No.18240551

She can't complain about the (very based) arranged marriage traditions of the aristocracy and high bourgeoisie after trashing much better writers than her for being of a lower class.

>> No.18240569

>if you hate women you were anally raped as a child
That's quite the projection, good sir. How about some reddit gold?

>> No.18240576

yes, but what is the essential quala that seperates male douchyness from fem douchyness, since if there isnt much of a distinct difference, its kind of hard to claim something as male.

>> No.18240590

cery good post, and i understand its somewhat literary but
>Service originates in the Latin word "Servi”, meaning slave.
is not necessarily true. the term is more of an overterms that describes any level of service to a higher authority. both a servant and a slave could be servi, it is simply about degree.

>> No.18240693

She married a Jew. From what I've read was a good man who did a lot to support her writing career and nurse her health (she was a psycho bitch who constantly threatened to kill herself and do other ridiculous things)

>> No.18240702

I just cant women serious on the kind of men they want since the ones that are the opposute of what shes saying there they often resent anyway. You really do just have to stop caring what females think as much of a meme it is.

>> No.18240732

This bitch is a fucking meme drowned herself like a pussy

>> No.18240735

>claimed to have been raped as a child
>mentally imbalanced
>upper middle class snob who despised anyone from a lower social class
>married a beta orbiter that she resented
>had lesbian relationships throughout her life
>hated Christianity, got into paganism and nudism and all that other new age bullshit
>never had children
>committed suicide
She really was every silly feminist stereotype wrapped up in one package, and other women actually look up to her as a role model!

>> No.18240740

What do you think he was right about?

>> No.18240763

Only women can write incessantly about men like those niggers do about being oppressed. It never occurs to them that a sane man is attracted to a woman only as a cook or a prostitute, and he certainly does not care what she thinks of him.

>> No.18240863

But even the best of women are pretty cunty

>> No.18240885
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>> No.18241155

Truly powerful.

>> No.18241204

>married a beta orbiter that she resented
who was a jew lmfao

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>I hate men more
>nu uh I hate women more

now kiss

>> No.18242046

t. homosexual

>> No.18242087

Don't know, I'm not sure anyone has a good answer, except to say that if ideals lead to the Somme and Stalingrad, not to say Hiroshima and Auschwitz, then they're not worth having.

>> No.18242123
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if you can't see the beauty in war you aren't human

>> No.18242128

Tell that to Septimus Smith.

>> No.18242147
File: 881 KB, 2994x1871, 1427556592396.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can't even name a real anti-war veteran? Weak. Regardless, many people will be anti-war because war ruins their lives but that doesn't mean war in itself isn't beautiful and you aren't respecting veterans by erasing all the humanity out of war. An anti-war attitude among the civilians makes returning veterans into pariahs. It makes it harder for them to adjust to a a society that despises war and sees soldiers only as brutal beasts rather than heroic men.

>> No.18242158

What even is the "feminine point of view"? Is there even a single great work that is notably feminine?

>> No.18242175


>> No.18242176

Since we're discussing Virginia Woolf, it is apt to talk about her characters. But I'm not interested in respecting veterans; they ship to war full of delusions, and come back babbling lunatics, invalids, or murderers and rapists. Maybe there was something honorable in war in the past, but since World War I at the latest it's been nothing but vanity. It's for good reason that modern society discourages "extremism": not a belief system in itself but rather a mode of believing. We've learned that believing in things too much just leads to people being maimed and killed.

>> No.18242519

Was she right about having an opinion ?

>> No.18242545

Nah. She got her literary education from her father, who was one of the top literary critics of his time, and the people who flocked to their home. Then she goes on to lament on the under educated mass of women are despite the prestigious library she was raised in. And then she goes on to rip off Russian writers like Dostoevsky for her entire literary work or Proust that focuses on the psyche of the characters.

>> No.18242881

Modern society doesn't discourage "extremism". in fact sometimes it is highly encouraged and validated by established powers when it's convenient and some powerful influential figures have "extreme" views

>> No.18242924

I come here for posts like these.

>> No.18243367

>There are two things in life worth their weight in gold: freedom and silence. How many men exchange these treasures for paper? Or for a soft touch of flesh? Or for some false sense of meaning to disguise their emptiness?
this is actually a god tier aphorism, good work

>> No.18243383

I'll start


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>> No.18243421

All my friends who have shacked up with women are turning into soulless ghouls

>> No.18243476


>> No.18243527


>> No.18243873

The board was invaded by incel tradcaths at least 2 years ago.

>> No.18243881

19th century elliott rodgers

>> No.18243882

unholy newfag lmfao

>> No.18243924

Do you have any examples?

>> No.18243937

very nice, I was aware Schopenhauer was high on silence but wasn’t aware his outlook on freedom. i’m assuming that’s who you’re communicating?

>> No.18243944

Spoken like a true bitter lesbian.

>> No.18243959
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You faggots are a plague. I've been here for several years and the quality of posts has plummeted dramatically since COVID started.

>> No.18243965

if you have no principals worth fighting or potentially dying for then you really may not be fit to live. Perhaps I misunderstand you though.

>> No.18243970

sure you have christcuck lmfao

>> No.18243994

Going schizo, anons.
First it was at least two years ago now it's covid.
>several years
Should have kept lurking. Wojakposting on top of that.
The other post is not even trying to make sense.

>> No.18243999

go suck on yohav's dick lmfao

>> No.18244001

those were only real concepts for the propagandized. those propagandizing know the score.

“We marched a long time. There were streets and more streets, and they were all crowded with civilians and their wives, cheering us on, bombarding us with flowers from caféterraces, railroad stations, crowded churches. You never saw so many patriots in all your life! And then there were fewer patriots ... It started to rain, and then there were still fewer and fewer, and not a single cheer, not one.”
- Celine

>> No.18244010

back to /r/RedScare

>> No.18244011

The World Wars have shown that having principles worth fighting for threatens to destroy human life altogether. You're right that it seems that we should have some principles, but how do we stop those principles from killing us all? That's the problem that we've been confronting since 1945.

>> No.18244014

>prove a negative
Thoastie hands typed this post

>> No.18244020

Nobody who simps after clairo has a healthy relationship with any woman or even themselves.
Given the products of women talking about themselves in literature in the last century, both sexes are self interested and conceited.
Based but weiNIGGER was a virgin

>> No.18244052

And fairy tales are reflections of human nature

>> No.18244059

This is bloody amazing.

>> No.18244061

my dick is a reflection of human nature lmao

>> No.18244069

Don't you dare equate men and women. One just has to spread it's legs to fulfill it's biological purpose, the other has to do literally everything required to sustain the world.

>> No.18244089

Don't disagree but someone can love and respect a woman without thinking deeply about them.

>> No.18244445

You don't. Conflict is older than written human history. All thats changes is the scale and methods.

>> No.18244934

>considering that his entire theory is just a "my twisted world"-like projection
no it's not, you retard.

>> No.18244953

A truly vital writer requires such strongly felt and expressed sentiments. It would have been inauthentic for Woolf to have held or pretend to hold any other perspective in our work, and most likely helped her to attain the confidence to follow her own path. We cannot expect someone such as her to value the solider, especially when her point was not to write political philosophy, but the artistic phenomenology of her class position.

>> No.18244960

Whether you value this perspective is another matter, her own perspective could be the one you react strongly against to gain confidence in your own work. Many have.

>> No.18244986

Good point

>> No.18245047

Lmao, ever since she got btfod by an American autist for using the wrong bird in the wrong location in her first novel she had to autistically revise her works with the aid of her husband.
>Value the soldier
Lmfao even academiccucks agree that Servius was the doppelganger of her own unhinged psyche. She even admits that creating such a character had her going through a mental crises in her own diary desu
>Artistic phenomenology
Lmao pseud way to state that a bourgeoisie cunt who spit on the working class had any artistic insight on the human condition outside of her pampered life. A true disciple of Marx lmfao

>> No.18245067

I didn't say I liked her anon, I just don't why people are suprised that she held such an opinion.

>> No.18245096

And what do you sustain besides your own fatass while shitposting all day on a Turkmenistani goat herding site?

>> No.18245267

You are saying that we might as well kill ourselves because, with our current technology, a global war of extinction is inevitable. Are people like Virginia Woolf who want to find a way for humanity to survive wrong?

>> No.18245482

virginia woolf is no one, anon. if her entire corpus somehow never existed, literature would be exactly the same.

>> No.18245510

because women are stupid and vapid

>> No.18245519

it's very rare that a woman has been able to write of something higher than themselves. If you take all the "important" female writers, the vast majority of them wrote about domestic affairs, being a woman, romance, or some such thing. Going from the quote in OP, Woolf probably sensed this and knew she was incapable of writing about higher things, so just like incels, rationalized her indadequacy by innverting the values.

>> No.18245520

It’s her valuation. The chauvinistic point of view is probably what she means, so I agree with her.

>All this seething from bad writers

>> No.18245527


>> No.18245531

Good book.

>posts in a Woolf thread
>I’m not gonna read it
Why so American?

>> No.18245534

You will never bring me down by trying to equate me with something I am not.

Go get one of them to blow you already. Stop bringing your stupid fetish here every fucking day.

>> No.18245552

Are you butterfly

>> No.18245574


It's called a shit test, OP.

>> No.18245582


>> No.18245585

Good morning I hate women.

>> No.18245588

>you will never blow a whale
Not on the list. True enough.

>> No.18245594

Deeds, not ‘men’ as such

>> No.18245626

Are you butterfly from 2012 who played a cool clay game from the 90s

>> No.18245640


>> No.18245672

Do I go back that far?
I posted a soundtrack for Neverhood in /mu/ a few months ago. Is that what you mean?

>> No.18245901

including the picture really adds the necessary context for that quote

>> No.18246291

This anon is right, though.
I used to lurk here 4-6 years ago, but left because life got busy. I've recently come back and this board is filled with tradcaths and /pol/tards.
I wish /pol/ never entered the mainstream, because none of you would be here

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