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Capitalism causes Schizophrenia.

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It’s more like obsessively thinking about capitalism causes schizophrenia.

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Damn capitalism is pretty based then. Schizos are the gift that keep on giving

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its not like that; the correct take is:
>capitalism is the sociopolitical portrait of geocosmic schizophrenia

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no it isn't

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Can we create a term for the disease that creates NPC’s? Cause that’s a lot more worrisome than schizophrenia

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>capitalism invented 300 years ago in the Netherlands
>Schizophrenia rates rise in past 50 years
Can we please stop doing this

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More like
>world population has been violently increasing
>increased probability of schizophrenia
>stop population stop schizo

This is what we really need to do

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Bro, the other day I was looking out my window and saw all these papers blowing around but I couldn't feel the wind. And then I was like what if what makes me move is like the wind on those papers and I just can't see it. What if everything is NPCs?!

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lmao, the whole series is dedicated to criticize the modernist-antropomarxist account that makes from Capitalism something produced "inside" the sociopolitical strata; and on the other side, the freudo-familialism that makes from Schizophrenia a disociation from psychological social structures.
The conclusion is made explicit in both books: capitalism and schizophrenia are not produced from within the spacio-temporal modernist strata --they are the irrational mutation that the historic paradigm captures as "evolution" or "development".

>Can we create a term for the disease that creates NPC’s?
There is one already, its called "Rationalism".

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And all the trails you can follow on from there beckett, burroughs, wr bion, gregory bateson, and john c lilly, leroi gourhan, rd laing levi strauss, bergson, lacan, carlos castaneda, lewis mumford the point where high literature becomes indistinguishable from 60s counterculture dubiousness.

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I thought they were hacks but no I'm convinced that capitalism leads to a form of schizophrenia that is not only accepted, but promoted by all.

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false, schizophrenia causes capitalism, capitalism is not a prioi schizo.

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