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what the fuck is going on today??

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Just ignore them, report, and move on. By the time the Jannies get around to deleting this thread hopefully they'll have deleted the others too.

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It's the same as everyday. /lit/ has more froposters than any other board on this site for some reason

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I have been busy with the Friday night vidya, did a 12 man and then a bunch of 4 men maybe 6.

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It's a samefag. He once bragged to have nine threads up at the same time in a /QTDDTOT/ thread. I didn't screenshot but you can look for it in some archive if you want. What I don't remember was if he did it while using a frog picture. But he probably did

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i'm two of those so not all onefag

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imagine coming to 4chan and complaining about frog images

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No, I believe you. This site is full of pure-bred autists. There's an anon on /vr/ that's been making the exact same thread for two years.
I guess they need the dopamine hits from the (You)s.

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>There's an anon on /vr/ that's been making the exact same thread for two years.
what's the thread?

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There are ways to post the same image multiple times but it is dangerous knowledge

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dude? doesn't take a genius to figure this out

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>what the fuck is going on today??

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Do you enjoy animé!

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You and your frog poster buddies need to be murdered

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One or two is good. Fucking 10 or so, come on.

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>mfw I see a frogposter

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now freeze all basedjaks

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The one about the price of physical copies of Silent Hill, it has a cat as the pic. I've been seeing the post since at least 2018, I think. When they let 6th gen in, he's changed it to Silent Hill 2.

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The ideal would be zero with an exception for Londonfrog.

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No, freeze them all! Every blowjack there is!

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why is frogposting condemned but gigaposting celebrated?

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gigafags don't flood the board

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I mean, we have London Frog

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because it's funny

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lol i only respond to frog posters

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We had it would seem. Only imposters of late.

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I haven't seen a genuine londonfrog post in months. Probably a year.

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Something might be missing.

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That's a bit too gay.

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that looks painful

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/lit/ needs to slow down and filter these threads. These threads bump the actually good slow threads to the bottom faster than they should

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He disappeared in 2019 didn't he?

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Will the frog posters keep posting? Can /lit/ show restraint and not comment in those garbage threads? Find out next time on DBZ!
spoilers the bad guys win

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This board is extra shitty today

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He had one last binge before offing himself

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Or speed up and reply to every post with shitposting and sage the shit out of it until bump limit.

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This. It's just the lazy mans epic reaction image

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You can determine a board's quality by the number of frog posters.

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Aristophanes season. All the frogs come out. It stops when you backhanded compliment Euripides enough. I recommend getting drunk in the meantime.

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Peepee ruined 4chan.

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I hope Jannie deletes this thread before any other fuck meta-posting faggots I wish you would go back to plebbit and talk about reddiquette over there.
>what’s going on today?
There is no conspiracy against the catalogue of /lit/ everyone forgot to tell you about it’s just normal shitposting.
Also at least two of the pepe threads look legit.

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This. People seem so dead set on debating faggot posters but end up benefiting them.

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I literally made a pepe thread just because of this thread.

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>only Dionysos can hear their arguments

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more like thorough-bred

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Apu on the other hand is pure SOUL

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I think Pepeposting is fine. Consider the fact people are getting raped and murdered in the World right now and you're more worried about a stupid frog.

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Theres quite literally nothing wrong with using pepe imagery for a thread.

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In time you will come to accept Pepeposting. Appreciate the discourse we have provided and learn to love the frog.

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Don't be afraid of pepe

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4chan isn't your personal blog retard. You don't get to make qualitative judgements on the aesthetic of the catalog. Go back to redddit where you belong.

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What's Pepe ever done to you?

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I kneel....

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>You don't get to make qualitative judgements on the aesthetic of the catalog.
I just did. What are you going to do, frogfag?
>Go back to redddit where you belong.
The frog is reddit. In all the other boards they call it the reddit frog.

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>. You don't get to make qualitative judgements on the aesthetic of the catalog.
Actually he does. You need to know this.

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thank you based redditfugee

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Literature discussion>offtopic shitposts>Neetdom>misc pop-culture>academia>meta/complaining

Is the heirarchy of the main categories of posts to be found in the catalogue

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That bedroom definitely smells like swamp ass and doritos.

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Why? It looks fairly clean to me. Unless you're just making that assumption based off smelly fat nerds, which is a fair gamble.

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The more plastic crap from the 90s someone owns the more likely they smell.

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You are a nigger

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On topic > off topic > offer topic > offest topic > thot posting > frog posting

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