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ITT: Draw yourself in MS Paint and others recommend you books based on your drawing.

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Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

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You look like some insufferable pseud lesbian

Look like some half breed 13 year old white trash

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That’s not a book recommendation.
He looks like the white cousin of Moss from The IT Crowd


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The Crying Of Lot 49

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Anneli the Art Hater
Anna Karenin
El Filibusterismo

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The Motorcycle Diaries

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any article by the onion

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well I did it. haven't read one of those in probably a decade and it's gone to all hell. gay hell. the worst kind.

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An anatomy textbook

Clifford the big red dog

Infinite jest

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You were not born from the bladder, fool.

Three Musketeers
Begging for Proust this hard?
In Search of Lost Time

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Thomas Ligotti - In A Foreign Town, In A Foreign Land
Comte de Lautréamont - Songs of Maldoror
Lafcadio Hearn - Glimses of an Unfamilar Japan
The Bible

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Just finished "The Gallows Pole" and "V." which were both excellent reads.

Practical Demonkeeping by Chris Moore

Love the art, try the Nova Express trilogy.

Anything by Turgenev

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suicide by Édouard Levé

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Oblomov by Ivan Goncharov

The art of worldly wisdom by Baltasar Gracián

Heinrich Heine

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Literally me

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I'd give you +1 recc if you can tell my ethnicity from this scribble

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Street of Crocodiles
Invisible Cities
Dream of the red Chamber
The Unique and it's property
Sonnets to Orpheus

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Death in Venice
The Misanthrope
The Carpet Makers
I'm not wh*te
Invisible cities, nope

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Catcher in the rye nigger

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Wizardrous. you look like the author and the both of you look like Shaggy.

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>I'm not wh*te
neither are finns

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Only one I haven’t read is Lafcadio Hearn

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Meditations on First Philosophy
Naked Lunch
Björk: Archives

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lucky i don't have my gore folder

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notes from the underground

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me irl

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the one good book they had in the psych ward that week I almost offed myself! great read, and apropos to the shit I was feeling.
thanks for unique recos. going to try to read most / all
Shaggy with wavy or almost curly hair is exactly me.
you should read something by John Fante. just pick one.

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the stranger
picture of dorian grey
crime and punishment

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I don't even have fucking MS paint fuck you for reminding me of this OP

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that's Bjork, not you. every reply will be shot down.

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I remember Anneli the art hater! I used to love Anne Fine as a kid.

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I dont look that good

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Confessions of a Mask
Eyeless in Gaza
Taras Bulba

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Your brain on porn

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (part 7)

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A beautiful mind

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Can't draw, so I'll use a picture I took of me.

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you all look clapped desu

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draw tits

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im male (male)

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I really tried anons

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You're a cutie (girl).

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I dont even watch porn

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y-you too

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Naked Lunch

William Blake

The Three Musketeers


The Castle

The Dharma Bums

I do love Heine.
For you I recommend The Visit

The Deluge

The Lover From the North

The Stranger

Arcades Project


Catcher in the Rye

The Trial

Essays of Montaigne

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10,000 years in ms paint.

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Hello Kantbot

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I wish. I'm but just an anon who writes random poorly formatted garbage.

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The Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson
Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig
The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut

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close enough

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Plato's Republic. If you've read it, The History of Philosophy by Hegel.

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Italian Folktales by Calvino
or the Decameron
The Name of the Rose by Eco
The Prince, Machiavelli

ps sorry if the picture is scary

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Bufo Alvarius: The Psychedelic Toad of the Sonoran Desert
Science and Metaphysics
Schopenhauer's On Women

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Your just mad nobody wanted to finger your urethra all your life, you obese, miserable, nigger piece of human garbage

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Rec me and my gf books, we decided to take a pic for this

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>Bufo Alvarius: The Psychedelic Toad of the Sonoran Desert
Well that was quite the delightful read. Shame I live in frigid fuckland, away from hypnotoads.

Got it. Will do, thanks anon.

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Critique of Pure Reason by Kant.

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the man who fell to earth

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Failed attempt while everyone else makes picassos

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Sneed's reminds me of "As I Lay Dying", don't know why
Something by Aleister Crowley I guess

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Why are you avatarfagging as Bjork?

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huh i'm actually listening to bjork rn

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huh i'm actually listening to pussy galore rn

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The Engineer: Reconditioned by Neal Asher.

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Industrial Society and Its Future

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I look exactly like this

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This is a very skilled drawing

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Well, you're already on 4channel, so keep at it I guess ;)

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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have fun

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life for sale
the maimed
turner diaries

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books for learning to draw?

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Joseph and His brothers
Zibaldone, Pinoy
Transgender Industrial Complex
Studies in Pessimism
Diary of a wimpy kid

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I recommended this myself so I have already read it. Thanks for replying tho.

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meant to reply to OP

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the secret diary of adrian mole

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The Conspiracy Against The Human Race

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How come so many people are that quick and skilled in drawing with a computer? Would you be as good if you had to draw on paper?

I'm puzzled

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you wish you fucking stupid mentally ill tranny
you will NEVER be a woman

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Can someone tell me what's up with butterfly guy/woman? Saw a thread where someone posted pictures of this tripfag. Why does he do it? What's his backstory? Is he trans?

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>Why does he do it? What's his backstory?
attention. look how many (You)'s he gets
>Is he trans?

>> No.18088984

I remember someone posted pictures of him in another thread that got taken down before I could see them. How do you know he's trans? Did he admit to it? Are there actual pictures of him floating around? Not trying to doxx here, just curious.

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As far as I know she is not a trans. Just very annoying commie. Who’s also a dyke

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>Is he trans?
No, she is a lesbian terf.

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Not trans, just a bland 3.5/10 woman aged well past her prime

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not a ms paint drawing but oh well

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>The Lover From the North
Which author?

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do u like Kafka :P

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner from Azkaban

The Origin Of Species

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People that are into drawing use digital pens with an artificial pad

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Are you a gay dude or a lesbian? Either way read the Bible.

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How about no

>> No.18090557

100% woman. Any anon says otherwise is a scabby misanthrope that wants a safe space to wag his dick in other males faces

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I can’t tell, but I really like your style anon.

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They probably have wacom tablets or touchscreen computers. Also basic drawing skill usually carries over from paper to digital since the fundamentals are the same.

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White Nights - Dostoevsky

Nightwood - Barnes

Poems - Vallejo

Tempest - Shakespeare

Island - Huxley

Treasure of the Sierra Madre - Traven

Running with Scissors - Sedaris

High Fidelity - Hornby

Notes from the Underground - Dostoevsky

Kek. Something by Dennis Cooper.

Hollow Men - Eliot

The Red and the Black - Stendhal

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - P. K. D.

Wuthering Heights - Bronte

Middlemarch - Eliot (particularly Bulstrode's character)

Neuromancer - Gibson

Brideshead Revisited - Waugh

Dharma Bums - Kerouac

Cicero's Rhetoric

Housekeeping - Marilynne Robinson

Poems - Shelley

Pride and Prejudice - Austen

American Language - Mencken

A Thousand and One Arabian Nights

Sadly can't remember the title or author but it was a Belgian novel about alcoholics.

Without Feathers - Allen

Waiting for Godot - Becket

A Scanner Darkly - P. K. D.

Gulliver's Travels - Swift

Alice in Wonderland - Carroll (nice trips)

Harry Potter - Rowling

Catcher in the Rye - Salinger

Madame Bovary - Flaubert

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Literally me

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On The Road

>> No.18091880

Discourse on metaphysics - Leibniz

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Not far from who I used to be and still sort of am. I like the outdoors and traveling and still dress like a noughties hipster. But I don't do drugs anymore and am more of an occasional drinker now. Still like Bukowski, Plath, and the Modernists.

Looking a bit at the wiki and find the subject interesting. I recently reverted to Catholicism so the subject concerning scholasticism is interesting. I wasn't aware any modern philosophers wrote approvingly about them but I am not educated well in philosophy beyond the very basics.

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I don't have a tablet, so a laptop touchpad is all I can draw with

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>I recently reverted to Catholicism
Good, anon. I'm glad to hear you returned to the true faith.

Now that you mention Catholicism, I have another recommendation if you'd like to check it out; it pretty much only mentions faith in its prologue, but if you take the idea that the entire book conveys, it is rather a true Catholic one. Pic related. "The Cosmic Race". By: J. Vasconcelos.

>> No.18091996

Same anon here, I mean he brings Catholicism when he explains his ideas deep into the book; I meant to say that the prologue is a nice nutshell, but you definitely should check that book out.

>> No.18092002

Same anon from >>18091996
"Society of the Spectacle". By: Guy Debord.

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>> No.18092044

Interesting that he became a traditionalist Catholic after publishing this work, considering now it seems his ideas have been coopted by many leftist groups. It would seem such an idea of one mixed race is inevitable, but quien sabe? I will consider giving the book a read to see it distinct from the baggage the idea carries with it now.

>> No.18092052

You already knew about him and his work? Give it a read wey, a mimir.

>> No.18092066

Nah, just wiki again. But I will check it out. I know wey and mimir cos I am from SoCal.

>> No.18092079

Same lol. Let's go grab some in n out or what.

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rad pic

>> No.18092110

Thanks, I thought these drawings were made on Paint

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Something quick I whipped up, recc me a book, nerds

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I do, just started reading the castle

>> No.18092591

Canterbury Tales
Chad Camus
The Shunned House
White Fragility
The Ego and Its Own
On Synchronicity
A natural history of hell
The Federalist Papers
The Republic
Liber Ghomorianus
White Fragility
Thomas Metzinger
Discourses by Epictetus

Ooo finally. Too bad you got no painting anon. I'll recc you two pieces anyway. Ibong adarna, and Mist by de Unamuno

Giordano Bruno
Zhan Guo Ce
Modern man in search of a soul

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>Liber Ghomorianus
What is this?

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I can't draw for shit so I'm going to cheat.

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Nice Greek foot but there's something wrong with your penis

>> No.18092677

Kek was supposed to put Liber Novus

>> No.18092764

I can't get the foreskin down so it causes the bellend to swell

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I unironically look like this

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Read Hamlet again.

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A Hero of Our Time by Lermontov.

>> No.18095865


rec meant for >>18092628

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Here's me from the last time we did this thread.

>> No.18096802

der gita

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>itt: symbol drawings

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last book I read was People Mover by JDC btw

>> No.18098427

That sounds pretty good Anon. Do you recommend a particular translation?

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