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Did anyone else feel like author was trying way too hard when he wrote this?

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However hard he tried, he delivered.

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White Boy Summer /thread

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hard at what?

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I think it's the exact opposite, he stopped using punctuation because he stopped caring about trying to appeal to people

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William Faulkner damn near ruined this man's prose.

This is still a good book.

Child of God is his best though.

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His first 3-4 books are his most faulknerian. After that he's on his own. BM is his own thing.

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Maybe in a hunter Thompson sort of way

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Cormac the hack. Pretentious, shallow and empty af

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Literally just a blood thirsty savage with a pen

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back to twitter, nigger.

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everyone says this word here. /pol/ is for faggots.

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I just like baiting cunts like you. And don't call me a nigger, faggot

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Then don't be.

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It's okay to not like stuff, but you're in the minority here. I wish it was a TV show

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I think there were times they made a movie production attempt but the directors and producers pulled out because it was too violent. Corncob says it has potential, just needs the right director

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Only his first is Faulknerisn prose wise. The other share some thematic ground but he is moving towards his signature extreme, apocalyptic style

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White boy summer!

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You’re brown!

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I made it about 10 pages in. I couldn't get past the writing style. I will give it another try at some point though.

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I've read Child of God and The Road. Reading Child of God by chance was actually what kick-started me diving back into reading a lot. The next book of his I'm going to read is Blood Meridian. What book of his would you recommend outside of the 3 I listed?

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Outer Dark

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Why was Caramel MacArthur such a reclusive Arthur?

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All of him is worth reading save perhaps the first one.
CoG, The Road and Ncfom are his sparest ones (Ncfom might even have more dialogue than Prose).
The Border trilogy is one of his masterpieces. It's not as spare as the above 3 but McCarthy has really dialled down his 10 dollar words, but replaces it with untranslated spanish.
BM and Suttree are his best regarded. This is his vintage style, linguistic excessive.
Outer dark is very underrated and is the first true McCarthy book.

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Judge Holden approves!

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But that's just American authors desperately trying to prove themselves amongst the effortless genius of European literary giants.

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Judge isn’t racist; Glanton is though.

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>Literally just a blood thirsty savage with a pen
I wish more authors were like this, this is what makes the literary tradition truly interesting. I don't care about pampered nerds writing postmodern or genre crap.

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Holden is a whiteboy himself and he loves to party.

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>I made it about 10 pages in. I couldn't get past the writing style. I will give it another try at some point though.

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You can try minor McCarthy to get used to his style. Outer dark is relevant to Blood meridian and really short too.

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>Outer dark
ok might give that a read, since i have an incest fetish thanks

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