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Utilitarianism BTFO
>>Here we show that six patients with focal bilateral damage to the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (VMPC), a brain region necessary for the normal generation of emotions and, in particular, social emotions12–14, produce an abnor�mally ‘utilitarian’ pattern of judgements on moral dilemmas that pit compelling considerations of aggregate welfare against highly emotionally aversive ehaviours (for example, having to sacrifice one person’s life to save a number of other lives)7,8
Do you know what activity is damaging to the prefrontal cortex? That's right - watching porn.
>>Porn use has been correlated with erosion of the prefrontal cortex — the region of the brain that houses executive functions like morality, willpower and impulse control
Utilitarianism is only prevalent because we've raised an entire generation on a diet of porn and quick gratification and short-circuiting their reward mechanism. If people had to work hard for their rewards they'd quickly forget about utilitarian babble. Any books that criticize utilitarianism (beside Nietzsche)?

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You got filtered by Based Bentham

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>muh sstudy
you're trans, btw

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Nice poo stain, I would also wipe my ass with this book

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Autopunk Lives

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It's sad to see all this grunting and straining to link Utilitarianism to porn. It simply doesn't convince.

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The best argument against utilitarianism is not supporting utilitarianism and telling its supporters to produce a justification for it or fuck off.

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