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picked up a new book :3

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Ok tranny

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Thought it was a dick at first... but its just hagrid

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Olá, gostosa, posta os pezinhos.

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post penis or gtfo

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Why are your books the wrong way round

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This is real

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isso, solas de preferência

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Read a better philosopher hottie

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i-is that a woman?

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I litterally just muted you on Twitter for posting this. wtf?

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I just got 5 new books.

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erin_bering on tw*tter

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Are you a girl? Take a pic of you with the book covering your penis/vagina

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Are those pictures drawn with chalk?

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Idk. Looks like it.

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"My last refuge now is to remind him that he knows of
various ways of using a book without precisely reading it. It can,
like many another, fill a gap in his library, where, neatly bound, it
is sure to look well. Or he can lay it on the dressing-table or teatable of his learned lady friend. Or finally he can review it; this is
assuredly the best course of all, and the one I specially advise."

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what zero pussy does to a mf

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how are you supposed to know if it’s a tranny if it doesn’t have the tranny flag and ideology word salad in its bio??

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você se parece com minha ex wtf. amanda, é vc?

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why would the publisher choose such an erotic cover for kant?

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>those fingers
who do you think you're fooling?

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Your cock probably

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To provoke questions like yours

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