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Is there anyone else who never had an edgy atheist phase and just slowly distanced themselves from religion until they realised there was no point in it anymore?
Like many people I don't think we will ever get rid of it and a prospering society always needs one but I just don't see any benefit from believing.

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In the contrary i had a edgy atheist phase and long afterwards drifted into Buddhism, became a devout buddhist, and then realized that the buddhist teaching is not about "becoming a devout buddhist", and now i just chill

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i slowly distanced myself because of a fear of hell but consciously avoided an edgy atheist stage. now i see lots of value in it but believe any attempt to engage with it again will be tainted by my fear of hell being such a big reason.

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Well like many non-americans, I simply wasn't raised religious. My society is secular and does just fine.

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>My society is secular and does just fine
I doubt it if you're from Europe

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I did. But then I realised Atheism is the easy way out. It's for lazy people who aren't bothered to think about where we come from or finding any meaning in life. Just my opinion.

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>a prospering society always needs one
People say this all the time but I've never seen why that must be the case

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Giving yourself over to faith is the cessation of thought

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Because most people are sheep who need something to believe in

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I see what you mean, but I'd argue it's the other way around. Religions will give you this over-arching narrative in which you can become a persona and will give you many answers, while atheism will sit you on a fence where you keep living despite the unknowns.

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I went from a monotheistic to pantheistic interpretation of my faith, but I still consider myself religious.

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my parents were edgy atheists so i had a cringy spiritual phase. i guess im still in it. but at least i learned some cool stuff along the way and now i have books with nice pictures in them

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No, Giving yourself to faith mindlessly is the cessation of thought. There is a difference.
I agree with you but personally I think I am much more interested in exploring those unknowns rather than sitting on a fence and being content with my "superiority" over religious people

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>where we come from
>finding any meaning in life
there is a big difference between these. religion just bundles them together for people who want there to be a connection. both are better pursued outside of faith.

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I agree, keep in mind I'm talking about the "edgy" atheists who just say there is no god and leave it there. I should have clarified that a bit better. I think if somebody is actually trying to explore topics its grand but the majority of people I meet who are Atheists are literal reddit IQ retards.

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You should delve into real ideas of what hell is. The Hollywood fire and brimstone concept is hardly a punishment compared to the turmoils that man can conjure for himself. Your fear of hell can literally become your hell if you don't confront it.

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I think it’s pretty telling that you’re the one bringing up atheists being ”superior” to religious people.

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I'm honestly puzzled how can anyone consider being an atheist edgy at this day and age, "God is Dead" was perhaps edgy for 19th century, but nowadays everyone and their mother are atheists. If anyone is "edgy" today, it's these catholic/pagan larpers, think Breivik or Varg, or their somehow even more retarded brothers on the Internet.

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perhaps i will. i have tried to at least a bit. but even if it's not literally fire or brimstone it's really the eternity that scares me, the finality. and the idea that once you're scared of that you can't have genuine belief

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