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>excuse me, is that a copy of Infinite Jest?
>that's my favorite book!
>do you want to play tennis with me sometime?

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she's sucked 80 cocks.

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Worst meme book in the board, kys

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>Wow anon I love your shirt!

Thank you miss. Now go away. I hate women.

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>I don't know how to play tennis. We can play badminton, but I don't have rackets or a shuttlecock. Please don't take that as a pun, I currently have an ingrown hair cyst on my crotch and genital warts so I don't want to engage in any sexual behavior.

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And all of them were mine

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Holy based

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so? I'm a cuck

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nice dood

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Fuck off. I already have a gf that even cosplays, I have no need of your inferior vagina.

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yes. i brought it back here to return it because no fucking way an i reading a thousand pages the first of which reads "i am surrounded by heads and bodies".

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in a row?

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No, I fucking hate sports and I want to be home alone online, don't speak to me unless we're both drunk and you turn into an ethot archetype

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Actually, no I'm not, you vapid strumpet. I would never even ordain to read such dribble as Infinite Jest. Life is short and my books are cheap, so instead of soliciting men at the book store into playing--and I use that term lightly, as you are a woman and thus inferior to even the weakest of men in all physical endeavors--tennis with you.
If you are looking to expand your horizons beyond your childish desires, then you'll check out my Call of the Horror series, only .99 right now and free with kindleunlimited.

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gardner posting at 2am? bold move cotton.

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I think she's so cute and it physically pains me when my mind works against me and conjures up an entire fantasy where me and this girl meet and live out a happy life until we part one another on our deathbed.

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This scenario would never, ever happen in real life

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>be me
>match with girl on tinder
>we start talking about books
>her favorite book is IJ
>I’ve read it (thought it was ok)
>we connect and she wants to hang
>I never thought this app would ever work for me but ok here we go
>I go over to her place
>typical art hoe aesthetic
>she has alcohol which I have little experience with since I’ve never been to a party
>I drink a little
>she has a huge ass and huge tits but she’s a little chubby. You couldn’t tell this from here profile
>I’m at times turned on by this or turned off
>I’m probably two inches taller than her but she probably weighs more lol
>our conversation flows effortlessly
>we’re flirtatious but I don’t pursue sex because sex kinda scares me.
>I leave confident we’ll hang out again
>I message her the following week but she grows distant and dodges my proposals to hang out
>last messaged a week ago

That’s probably the end of it. I think what she was primarily after was casual sex which I’m kinda uncomfortable with so I guess it wasn’t meant to be. It’s tinder so I shouldn’t waste time being upset about it. Still, I think it’d be healthy for me to loose my virginity and have some sort of sex life. I’m still conflicted about it idk

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Dude just get laid. It's not sacred until you make it sacred, and sacred sex is the kind you have repeatedly with a long term gf. At this point it's social credit is so far down the rung that it's really, at this point, a shame that you hold these life experiences as something to be anxious about instead of just getting them over with. Drinking and fucking feel great, but they are a waste of time and you hate life with or without them. I'm sad you missed a chance to have a girl who read IJ to walk you through getting fucked. She probably would have been far more considerate than others you'll meet in the future. Life sucks, roll with it while you can. Eventually you won't be able to.

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Honestly I’ll be fine, I’m not an incel or anything, I just find drugs and casual sex shallow.

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i deduce from your post that you are 17 or 18, there is no way you are any other age

stop being a giant pussy

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>casual sex which I'm kinda uncomfortable with
then don't use tinder. use hinge, or coffee meets bagel or something

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Yeah sometimes that happens, when they start giving the
>hey sorry I'm just really busy
Then just give up on that shit, get back on tinder

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I am down bad

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stop indulging in fantasies.

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What like, do I want to play tennis against you? Or do you have two other friends who also play tennis and me and you will be on the same team?
I'll be honest I'm gonna be a pretty huge handicap if I'm on your team so you gotta carry ok?
Is this like Kennedy-style tennis where we drink the blood of the team that loses?

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what an infinite pest. best not to worry about it dear anon and take it in jest - leave her in your memories - with her fat ass and big chest.

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imagine getting her pregnant lmao

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can't even imagine

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This is exactly what I think everytime a girl attempts to engage in coversation with me (which hasn't happened in years because NEET now but still).

Not that demand I pure virgin tradwife, that's a deluded christcuck cope, but my own limited sexual experience and skill just gets in the way. How could you even please a girl who has already had dozen Chad dicks fuck her brains out, plus another dozen mediocre betas slobber all over her pussy? That's basically a standard for any 6/10+ girl.

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Hitler did nothing wrong.

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"Let's cut the bullshit. I am a very unpleasant person and it is extremely unlikely that you would find me tolerable in the long run. Have a nice day."
>turn 360 degrees and walk away

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*shits and pisses all over her*

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Nice, she's probably good at it.

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No, it's not, you obtuse skank. I don't pollute my superior mind with meme tomes. How utterly horrific that you've mistaken this copy of 'Get Your F*cking Life Together' for 'Infinite Jest'. Everyone knows Wallace is a pseud. Oh, haha, I'm actually reading this ironically. I wouldn't have expected you to realize that.

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This, you can guarantee that if a girl is attractive, she's has lots of relationship experience and lots of sexual experience. She probably has tons of orbiters who are willing so throw money at her and betabuxx (using the incel terms because it is kinda true) for her, so what's the point? If any attractive girl starts showing interest in you, you should be immediately suspicious bros

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that's not an universal thing
she may be beautiful but she may also be fucking deranged with 0 orbiters because other people can tell she is crazy and you're smitten and cannot at first, and when you eventually catch on you're four months in and in debt (well, mental debt, she is giving you money the moment you say you're thinking about buying something, a book, a videogame, whatever) and she's been working on cutting you off from first your girl friends and then your guy friends and sort of nudging in the direction of marriage, oh my parents will like you so much, you're smart and educated
don't fall for that trap, this is how your life ends in a murder suicide because you're either fed up with her bullshit or she saw you making eye contact with a female for more than 0.002 ms

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I don't care how many cocks she's sucked, if this happened in real life I'd check I wasn't dreaming. Now I'm going to go and waste 2 hours of my day cooming.

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How realistic is this? I don't really care about the pussies; it's the mouths I'm worried about...

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This sounds perfect desu

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. AAAAAAAAH.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. I want to kms, I don't even look human when compared to them. There's no way to cope

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*kills her in a single strike*

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it is when you fit, it's not when she asks for a pepsi when you're on your way to the store, you see there is a lime pepsi on discout and think "heh, lime pepsi, never heard of that one before", you come home and start unpacking the groceries and hand her the bottle and she goes "but I have a lime allergy" - which is bullshit, she does not, you sort of let it slide but she can tell from your face that you know and starts giving you the cold shoulder so you throw the pepsi out of the window and the bottle explodes ten stories down and NOW she goes "well you didn't have to do that I would have drunk it anyway"
it's the little things that grate your soul each and every day - I come off as an asshole but it was never about the fucking pepsi if you can't tell

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80 is turbo whore tier, but honestly you should expect the oral dick count to be in the 20 - 30 range for moderately attractive girl. She'd never admit more than 7 - 8 though.

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I've met girls that looked like turbo whores but had fucked 5 guys and were pissed I had fucked 20+ girls despite being over 30. On the other hand I've met completely average looking Staceys with a body count above 200. It really depends on the person.

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How the fuck do they get over 200? That's prostitution level.

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t. virgin

Do you know how gay and naive you sound

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The sign is a subtle joke. The shop is called "Sneed's Feed & Seed", where feed and seed both end in the sound "-eed", thus rhyming with the name of the owner, Sneed. The sign says that the shop was "Formerly Chuck's", implying that the two words beginning with "F" and "S" would have ended with "-uck", rhyming with "Chuck". So, when Chuck owned the shop, it would have been called "Chuck's Fuck and Suck".

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Imagine just looking her straight in the eyes as you advance on her and her eyes seem to deepen into some kind of primal response while alternating propriety, shame, and pure lust, and then you grab her Jean jacket by the shoulders and pull it down to the elbows so she can barely move her arms and she's looking off into the distance as if in complete, absent, bodily surrender when you pull her shirt up and then her bra so her neotenous tits are peeking out at you below, begging for the warmth and vigor of your grasp as you...


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One or two guys every other weekend. There's 50+ weeks in a year, so after 3~4 years at that rythme...
Worst whore I've met was a fat disgusting black girl who had, and I kid you fucking not, gotten the guys who fucked her to sign around her bedroom door frame. There were 2 and a half columns of names going all around it. And this whore was so lost she invited work colleagues in her home and was put in a position to have to explain that...
Otherwise I knew an arthoe who had a painting which represented every guy she fucked and how (was kinda abstract). She was so committed to it that her boyfriend once figured out she had been cheating on him because she had kept adding to the painting.

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Tinder is a quasi-prostitution platform. Women will actually meet up with guys, and the charge the ones they're not that attracted to for sex.

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>boyfriend once figured out she had been cheating on him because she had kept adding to the painting
Top kek

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>Top kek
Arthoes are the best. Actual conversation with the painter arthoe...
> "So, yeah, why does that girl at work hates you all of a sudden, anon?"
> "I don't know, yesterday she started chatting me up super casual about how she cheated on her boyfriend last weekend and I'll be honest, I don't really know how to handle that kind of conversation...?"
> "Anon, take if from a girl, if she tells you she's cheating on her boyfriend, that's because she wants to cheat on her boyfriend with you."
> "Oh... really? Oh well she's not really my type, regardless of all the cheating thing..."
> ...
> "So did I tell you I ended up cheating on my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago? Yeah... Kinda sucked too, was with a friend, thought it would be better, but he had such a tiny dick"

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lot of semen particles from Jamal are stuck between her teeth
think about it anon, on a molecular level

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>She was so committed to it that her boyfriend once figured out she had been cheating on him because she had kept adding to the painting.
That's pretty based on her part. boyfriend could be a played by michael cera in some coming of age movie

>> No.17858236

>boyfriend could be a played by michael cera in some coming of age movie
Nah, more like a manlet Jay Baruchel. The dude was a 40 years old sculptor for a loser miniature wargaming company... I *was* going to cuck him until I met him and realized his gf was literally the only thing of any value in his life...
There was also the weird thing that all the men in her life had my name. Her father, her bf, her sister's bf, they all had my exact name, which isn't that common anyways. Probably just sheer luck but still, gave me a weird vibe when I realized.

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Probably the best course of action you can take in this whole situation.

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Got advice on how to stop? I tell myself how retarded, pathetic, and unhelpful it is but I always have fantasies of everyone on Earth being subservient to me.

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Sure thing, just let me release smelly ghost from my bum BBBBRRRRRAAÀAaapppp. Now we can go and you can play with my balls.

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This is why I don't trust women

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>I don't really know how to handle that kind of conversation...?
Tell her that you don't respect her and then inform her boyfriend of her behaviour.

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One thing every single man with substantial experience with women learns is to not trust them.

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Why do women always want to talk about identity. "I've read book X and it {liked,disliked} the {feminist,black,asian,autistic,memegender,blablah} perspective. That's all. Fucking always. My conspiracy theory is that they learn that at uni, just take whatever work, say that it's sexist/racist/antifeminist/blablah and bahm there you have your paper. I have never managed to get a conversation going with a woman that talks about genuine universal experiences, not in any museum, not in any library, why do they only talk identity?

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ironical you are saying this on a site which has /pol/.

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Females primary desires are attention and acceptance. They've learnt (liberal academia, social media propaganda) that social justice narraties are the norm so they're parroting them.

It's naive to expect women actually appreciate works of art (or any hobby) for any value other than social capital.

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You people are so weird.

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Tripfagging is female by nature. Do not feed her the attention she’s desperate for.

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revssquandus is that you

>> No.17858786

I only see it as a way to achieve specific goals, that is, getting recognized more easily if you're happening to simp for butterfag just by any chance and for means of communication.
Then you realize tripfagging is stupid and sign off.

t. signing off

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Now I'm anon again, rip dommy mommy
Didn't he have a website

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Now what in the Sam Hill is a Blarty Hongo?

>> No.17858827

>Blarty Hongo
Sounds like some fucked up slang for a vagina

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>Dude just get laid. It's not sacred until you make it sacred, and sacred sex is the kind you have repeatedly with a long term gf. At this point it's social credit is so far down the rung that it's really, at this point, a shame that you hold these life experiences as something to be anxious about instead of just getting them over with. Drinking and fucking feel great, but they are a waste of time and you hate life with or without them. I'm sad you missed a chance to have a girl who read IJ to walk you through getting fucked. She probably would have been far more considerate than others you'll meet in the future. Life sucks, roll with it while you can. Eventually you won't be able to.

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>>Dude just get laid. It's not sacred until you make it sacred, and sacred sex is the kind you have repeatedly with a long term gf. At this point it's social credit is so far down the rung that it's really, at this point, a shame that you hold these life experiences as something to be anxious about instead of just getting them over with. Drinking and fucking feel great, but they are a waste of time and you hate life with or without them. I'm sad you missed a chance to have a girl who read IJ to walk you through getting fucked. She probably would have been far more considerate than others you'll meet in the future. Life sucks, roll with it while you can. Eventually you won't be able to.

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I never went to university but I worked somewhere that had a lot of academics. I met a surprising amount of young women there who told me explicitly that they did not believe in Marxism and Feminism. Many or most are just silent on it while they are in the company of those ideologues to survive socially. Unless they are temperamentally very assertive.

>> No.17858897

Anon likes to make shit up

>> No.17858899

You are the most useless tripfag, ya'now.

>> No.17858914

>sacred sex
what kind of pathetic retard do you have to be to worship your own dick

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get newer jokes people jfc

>> No.17858932

That pic... that's exactly me...
What do?

>> No.17858945

Thanks, no one wants to be second best.

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I'd love to kiss her and taste the flavor of a chad's cock in her mouth

>> No.17858980

Lmao is that really the first line?

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No, it's true. They were college age though, which means they will never make the mistake of revealing their power level again once they have a career.

>> No.17859006

and you sucked 81 who cares

>> No.17859013

Anon btfo

>> No.17859030

no it's "I am seated in an office, surrounded by heads and bodies"

>> No.17859046

>tfw never truly loved someone romantically
>im doubting if i am even capable of love
What do I do, bros?

>> No.17859055

stop watching porn

>> No.17859077

We're going to hit 200 replies, INFA 100%
Every single time. This place is pathetic

>> No.17859080

i dont watch a lot of porn, max 4-5 times a month. I have a friend who's got a gf and watches a lot of porn and seems happy enough.

>> No.17859100

good work anon

>> No.17859108

It's my name. (Obviously "Blarty" is a nickname.)

>> No.17859110

>not knowing that /lit/ is /r9k/ Pretending to Read Edition

>> No.17859122

I watch porn and I'm deeply in love with my gf

>> No.17859207

They are.

>> No.17859280

is infinite jest a meme

>> No.17859353

that you had to post that leaves me with doubt

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you're on the nose with the uni thing
women pursue a facade of intellectualism in order to maintain some level of sexual attractiveness

>> No.17859374

No it is legit.

>> No.17859408

>everytime a girl attempts to engage in coversation with me which hasn't happened in years
>continues to make general statements about women eventhough he hasn't even talked to one in years
stop spending all your time on 4chan it messes with the way you perceive reality

>> No.17859419

says who? What evidence makes you think that?

>> No.17859453

>imagine even acknowledging the presence of this 3D pig with a nose ring
I would just turn 360 degrees and walk away

>> No.17859460

Was "lucky" enough to enjoy extensively social and sexual life in late teens and early twenties, once you peek behind the veil and learn about girls' behavorial patterns it's hard to have any positive expectations or respect for them.

>> No.17859680


Im so fucking horny for art hoes. I want to fuck a coked-out tumblr hipster DIY aesthetic astrology thot in her lip gloss DSL mouth. I want to cum all over a girl with thick frame glasses and edge dyed bobcut bangs. Everytime I hear a THICK, waist-high-jean-clad braindead slutty wiccan minx say "yikes," "y'all," "big mood," "this is a bop," or "gay disaster" I get an uncontrollable urge to run up to her and fondle her d cups and sweaty thighs. I want to pour ropes onto their contoured cheeks and neotenous faces and rhinoplastized nose. I want to finger an art hoe thru her jean overalls while pretending to be interested while she talks about van gogh and arctic monkeys and how david foster wallace fans suck and gilles deleuze and VICE news and 'union pool' in williamsburg and steven universe and homeopathy and saveur magazine and taking adderall to pass exams. IM SO. Fucking. Horny

>> No.17860079

I got confessed to by one of those types, but I turned her down. Many of them are emotional wrecks. I think she still has a small crush on me, but she found another guy.

>> No.17860224

same, I need help hhh

>> No.17860267

If you're not a manlet then start lifting and be fit/lit, but if you're short then it's probably over for you anon. Become a monk or something at that point.

>> No.17860289

I'm 184cm but way too skinny

>> No.17860349

That's decent height. Just start lifting, get thick frames/contacts instead of incel glasses and avoid /pol/ like the plague.

>> No.17860390

>decent height
"Decent" doesn't sound like the right adjective, he's definitely above average.

>> No.17860433

Yea but the problem is average is not enough if you are also a lanklet and have incel tier face genetics. It also depends on country, 184cm is not very tall in places like netherlands or balkans.

>> No.17860487

One once approached me in a bookstore, gave me her number, and asked me out on a date to a coffee shop, then spent the entire date talking about how she was madly in love with a vague acquaintance I barely remembered from high school. She was very confused when I told her I had to go and later that I didn't want to hang out again. I remain baffled by the entire scenario to this day.

>> No.17860522


>> No.17860529

Imagine being so gay you see women and think of other men's cocks

>> No.17860582

Keeping cocks on your mind 24/7 is the only way to avoid being gay, anon. The second you let your guard down, boom, dick right in your mouth, and you're a cock-sucking sissy slut for life. I am literally constantly visualizing at least a big meaty bulge at all waking hours of my life and I honestly think it's gay by virtue of negligence if you don't.

>> No.17860902

>first date
>drinks at her place
>anon doesn't close
>wonder why he's ghosted
Anon are you retarded she wanted to fuq

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>No kidding. I don't play tennis, but maybe I can make time for coffee next week.

>> No.17861079

Works every time

>> No.17861158

>Anon are you retarded
Yea I am retarded when it comes to women

>> No.17861189

Possible scenario here is that she felt rejected which is quite a blow for a woman, meaning she has to rationalize that in a manner that leaves her ego intact, making you insufficient and not worthy in some manner. You could fix that by pursuing her in a bold way. This analysis of course depends on the accuracy of your own perception, you might've just acted like a total sperg and she lost interest.

>> No.17861212

Why exactly do women do that? They’ll be all over you and if you don’t reciprocate it quickly enough you’re dead to them.

>> No.17861251

>You could fix that by pursuing her in a bold way.
Hmm I guess I could try that, but how do I do it without looking like a jackass?

>> No.17861318

I knew normalfags were degenerate but this is next level. Is this common behaviour in the outside world?

>> No.17861347

>I project my insecurities on others, the thread

>> No.17861399

>dude nothing matters just hedonism lmao
You're actually garnering negative karma by spewing this vile garbage. Could have kept your mouth shut since nothing matters anyway.

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because not reciprocating makes her feel unattractive, and due to a woman being a woman, she will blame these bad feelings on you. She is then extremely angry at you for making her feel bad and that's the end of it.

>> No.17862495

This. I simply feel dishonest if I talk to a girl for too long. If I sense that she is interested in me, I know she's stupid because I am generally not interesting, and anything I say that may be construed as interesting is just me lying through my teeth.

>> No.17862501

Kino reference.

>> No.17862514

Women are not smart, so they use other people's views as their own. Media, college professors, whatever. Not hard to understand.

>> No.17862561

>turn 360 degrees to end up facing her again and walk towards her
Fucking retard.

>> No.17862570

I would say lurk more, but it's a pretty old meme.

>> No.17862583

maybe it's a metatroll

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>Is this common behaviour in the outside world?
Yeah, pretty much.
/lit/ hatred for modern women isn't based on wrong factuals, it is just (imho) the wrong cope, and a highly selective representation that erases the role of men as general and anon's as individuals in this reality. Women *are* overwhelmingly whores, hypocritical, vapid... But most men want them that way.

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>he's terrible, isn't he

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Feels like I'm looking at the thread's noumenon.

>> No.17862708

If she likes you, she will be patient and show you what she likes.

>> No.17862756

>How could you even please a girl who has already had dozen Chad dicks fuck her brains out
Lots of Chads are surprisingly bad in bed. Check shit like NebraskaCoeds on pornhub, or any similar "attractive guy fucks" video that's essentially a young college dude fucking a Stacey. A lot (I hesitate to put a number, but I'd say nearly half) are really fucking bad.

>> No.17862772
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thats a fetish I can get behind

>> No.17862847

you people are fuckin brain damaged

>> No.17862860

I miss my ex anon.

>> No.17862869

I always find it interesting. Feminists disgust me because they're just hedonists in disguise, but many of the men who react to them by going "uh, men are like fine, and women are whores" stun me with their obliviousness. I know many men. Of those, a huge chunk are, with no equivocation, huge losers. They're nice, but they have no direction, no ambition, no hobbies, no sense of fashion, they never work out, they can't cook or the food they can cook is throwing random shit in a pan and seeing how it turns out, they have never done manual labor that requires any planning on their part (because your dad asking you to hold some fucking beam when you were a kid doesn't count), some don't have licenses or any plans to learn to drive. And I suspect the majority watch porn but that's not a thing I have any interest in talking to people about. I also know many men who have their act 100% together, so it's not some crowd I surround myself with and I know it's not most men who are like this. It's just this thing that a ton of men are utterly directionless and have no backbone or even life outside of a few minor timewasting activities.

How can anyone look at a woman whose exposures to men are all these wastes of oxygen they will have to date, and be stunned that Stacy would rather fuck Chad 10 billion times until he marries someone? Either I'm completely deluded on the state of young men, or these people have no concept of introspection.

>> No.17862887

Same goes for a lot of attractive women. They're starfishes.

>> No.17862912

Anon, just move on. Sulking on what to do and what could of been will just make you feel worse.

>> No.17862915

Oh yes. But if she's at least willing to lift her legs up a bit or arch her back I can work with it.
Some huge chads simply lay there and do nothing and seem too heavy and dazed to even lift an arm, while some others are entirely fucking oblivious to the fact that the girl is clearly not enjoying his 15 minutes of doggy where he misses the mark once every three trust.
Anyways, the point is, incels shouldn't worry about the fact that no girl are gonna want to stay with them because of poor sex skills. First worry about getting a girl to have sex with you enough so you can have skills to speak of.

>> No.17862943

this guy look like he is funny and cool irl, ngl

>> No.17863119

Really, that shitty sport, go lift weights.

>> No.17863141

You missed an easy fuckbuddy anon. You were supposed to dazzle her with your wit and fuck her good so she never forgets you. Rookie mistake.

>> No.17863226

Yea that platitude of being unable to respect others unless you respect yourself is definitely true. Therefore you must work on yourself until you have self-respect, only then can you work on attracting women.

>> No.17863239

like this motherfucker has better ideas.

>> No.17863256

She was checking out Puzo

>> No.17863260
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>> No.17863269

>Rookie mistake
Yea I guess so, but now that I had that experience I can learn from it. I’ve for the most part moved on. There was one more interesting thing tho, after we hung out she locked her Twitter and Instagram. I wasn’t following her, but I wonder if this was a coincidence or not?

>> No.17863525

Not with that attitude, anon...

>> No.17864179

This post kills the incel.

>> No.17864204


>> No.17864215

you are putting chicken before the egg here, of course a lot of men wont bother improving when 90% of women are colossal whores. Why should you invest thousands of hours in meme hobbies you dont care about? Why should one bother dressing well if the best he can get is 30 year old single mother? Why learning /diy/ skills if you arent going to have family anyway?

I personally reject this defeatist attitude but I can at least see where they are coming from

>> No.17864258

You will never be a woman.

Keep practicing tranny.

>> No.17864271

Haha you think girls care if their fuckbuddy can cook or put together their ikea furniture? I'm sure they'd like their future betabuxxer to have those qualities but in the end what matters for acquiring casual sex are your looks.

>> No.17864280

Nah, fuck off whore

>> No.17864290

I peed and pooped in a container of tennis balls once. The container was covered in a full label so no one would have known what was inside until they opened it.
So devilish.

>> No.17864492

speaking from experience with chads?

>> No.17865766

bump ;)

>> No.17865862

Kinda, I grew up in an upper bourgeois setting, did lots of sailing and skiing and that kind of shit. Nearly everyone beside me in my village hometown (a rich french summer retreat town) was a chad or a stacey, I was pretty much the only virgin due to being a manlet, but since I was good at sailing and our house was the best positioned on the beach, I was always part of that group. They obviously fucked a whole lot more than I did, but I also learned not to worry too much either. I've lost count of the number of times I've heard a variation of "but he looked so sexy and hot and fit, how come he sucked so bad in bed?".
The kind of stuff /lit/ would know if they had ever engaged with Chads or Staceys instead of just resentfully envying them from afar.

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