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Why do you guys waste money on books when you can literally read anything you want online for free?

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why not both, and i like to read physical books ideally. bonus points if it’s a nice hardcover, so classy!

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it can be comfy to read a physical book
that being said like 95% or more of what I read is pdfs

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Retention for digital reading is shit.

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i do both. i buy physical books because sometimes i like to go support local bookstores. plus when browsing you sometimes find books that you didn't know you wanted/needed

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>t. brainlet

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if what you're reading is at all important to you you will be writing about it anyway as you read it so the retention rate doesn't really matter

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according to what study that will no doubt find itself in a replication crisis?

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Reading on a kindle is easier (with ePub since I can expand fonts) but I like collecting them so my shelf looks nice, and they can survive a EMT strike as an added bonus.

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Because I'm not a nigger

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I'll be honest, I didn't know about zlib for the first four years of my reading career. Pretty embarrassing.

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Physical representation of the works I have conquered

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I live near a couple of pretty huge libraries, so for every book I buy I can rent 2-3 or free .

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I don’t want to stare at a screen any more than I already. Stare at screen for classes, stare at screen to shitpost, stare at screen to watch films (which I do NOT pay for, because indeed, I can watch anything I want online for free). If I could get a physical copy for free I would, but having a pdf of a book becomes associated in my mind with staring even more at a screen, with sitting even longer in my uncomfortable chair. I’d much rather have a book that is physical, mobile, notate-able, and has a spatial element which is important to me and they way I remember things spatially. There’s no sense of depth or left/right on a screen, there’s only vertical space, identical page after page.

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This, I work in IT and spend all day around computers, when I have free time I want to get away from them

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I used to buy physical books, but to read books in english, italian, french and spanish, I bought a Kindle, because to buy the books in the language that they're written would be painfully expensive.

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Based. If you read an ebook, or listen to an audiobook, DON’T claim that you read that book.

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I like to turn on a warm light and read Greek literature on my sofa while listening to lyre recordings. Reading on a screen breaks the immersion.

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I just take notes while reading so spatial remembrance isn't important as I never have to refer back to the actual book for information.

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I wonder if ebook/pdf book people have the same problem I do with downloading movies. Just download more and more at a much faster rate than I can actually watch them and many just sit there going unwatched gathering virtual dust. When there’s actually money going into, I pace myself with buying books, and so there’s a much higher ratio of Things I Have to Things I Read and Actually Will Read.

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why waste money on toilet and running water when you can literally shit and piss anywhere you want in the woods for free?

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oh boy

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You kind of have a point

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back to /tv/

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What should I use my money for instead?

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t. poojeet

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