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Looking for stuff like this that will make me give up

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Why are communists so emo and pathetic? If every single communist died; what would we lose? Nothing of value. Life isn't miserable; but communists seek to make it miserable - that's the only way they can appeal to people.

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I probably make more than you. Life isnt miserable for me, the world is

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please get patched by your overlords, i'm getting tired of seeing this post over and over again

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>Life isnt miserable for me, the world is
then you'll love perlman. he soars higher and sees farther than fisher.

if you want something short and sweet, read Those Who Walk Away From Omelas

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Look no further

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this book really reads like a talented undergrad essay--but nothing more.

Jameson writes...
Zizek claims, referring to Lacan...
Wendy Brown argues...
Deleuze says of schizophrenia...

it just strings together basic critiques of neoliberalism/economic materialism and adds a couple of dangling points here and there. its like a "connect the dots" almost exclusively for neophytes and people who, in another era, would probably have purchased "economic critique for dummies" had it existed

there is hardly anything original here at all, much less anything in terms of a practicable "alternative" or real plan of action. just self-torturing whining.

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I agree. It wasnt a good book but the point still hit

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Persuasion and Rhetoric
Trust me

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>I probably make more than you.
Yet, you're still a miserable, whiny bitch. Just more proof money isn't everything. Maybe socialists should realize that?

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You're literally an NPC patched by the Jews in academia

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>muh commie bogeyman
get patched retard

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>Communist thinks he gaslight
Its not working, heeb

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I hate this place sometimes :')

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Stop shilling this it’s not even good

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Agreed, he references pop culture and other philosophers way too much.

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Holy based rapture (pbuh) BTFOs Fisher
Agreed, by the way

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>zero books

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Out of all of these that I've read, Capitlist Realism is the worst so far.

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This is actually a really bad idea, semen causes heavy eye irritation.

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>a talented undergrad essay
It doesn't. There is no discernible argument. Adornofags really are the fucking worst. Being as capable as Adorno of writing essayistically while still maintaining philosophical rigor is a talent found once or twice in a generation, and anyone else who tries their hand at it just end up producing Adam Curtis tier non-sequiturs and schizophrenic apophenia-babble.

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What else have you read?

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Read the sticky. Stop clogging up the catalog with these unnecessary threads

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Shallows, BNW, Society Spectacle, Manufacturing Consent. Working my way through the lighter stuff before I get into the heavy reading

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Bruh! You should totally read my fictionpress book, it is so dark edgy, really fancy black pill right there.

Ouh, main character is so philosophical and edgy oouuh!


such a treat, like a dickgirl, who isn't trans. Just has one of them things, like in anime! Like foot fetish!

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Fucking moron lmao what socialist doesn't think that? They would be capitalists otherwise.

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>book is called "Why hope"
>makes you even more hopeless despite the halfhearted attempt at getting your spirits up on the final chapter
Bravo Zerzan you've done it again

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same reason catholic girls are so dark/horny. the institutions that support them are "too big to fail"

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>gets BTFO by Ted and ends relationship

What did he mean by this?

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any math book
the NEET fears the math book

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>Life isn't miserable; but communists seek to make it miserable
that's interesting, what do you like so much about the modern world anon?

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Socialists think material wealth is the most important thing and that's why they're mad about its distribution. People who are neither wealthy nor socialist tend to derive meaning from something beyond their material conditions; socialists deride this as false consciousness.

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Socialists are resentful over wealth; they literally think having money makes you evil; they value money just as their Christian brothers do - as the "root of all evil." They are obsessed with money from an infantile moral dualism. To them, production, money is everything - that's the product of their decedent ideology.

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My intermediate family, the anons I can mock for my self enjoyment and roguelikes

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I wish they would start something so we could just start killing them. And I'm not kidding. I genuinely believe there is no discourse to be had with commies anymore. They are completely brainwashed, uncapable of independent thought, only can think with the collective. They need killing. Commies, especially commies in America deserve to learn to live in fear.

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Federal agents? On the literature board? It's more likely than you think.

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holy based.

t. Pole and i approve of your message

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are communists really so far up in their asses that they needed to wait till like 2007 to discover this?

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That person isn't a fed - that's generally how most people feel about communists, and you can't really blame them. Communists are the most subhuman people imaginable - just stay on lit long enough, you'll understand they just need to be massacred

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How do I KYS myself lads?

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Here u go anon

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>I wish they would start something so we could just start killing them. And I'm not kidding. I genuinely believe there is no discourse to be had with libertarians anymore. They are completely brainwashed, uncapable of independent thought, only can think with the individual. They need killing. Libertarians, especially libertarians in America deserve to learn to live in fear.

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Nobody actually thinks that way about libertarians. People actually like libertarians, because unlike communists, they don't advocate for violence. Violence against communists make much more sense they advocate for violence and confiscation. You have to be retarded if you think such a false equivalence is in order.

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The point was that this idea that communists are just hysterical brainwashed idiots could be very much applied to most, if not all ideological groups, especially american ones. I'm very much aware that americans are much more anti-communist than they are anti-libertarian (how could anyone not be aware of this given the decades of anti-communist cia sponsored propaganda?). So what exactly is it that you're trying to tell me? That americans like libshits more than commies? Big shocker.

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ah, monsieur, how can you give up, when you never gave down in the first? i've read your homosexual diary to your friend ben. he told me all about your filthy eggs. might want to consider redownloading irc if you want to settle this like men, even though Alice told me you're considering transitioning (again).

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Again, this is an incredibly stupid point. Libertarians are no where as bad as communists. Libertarians respect human rights such as property, and life, and communists generally don't - we're talking about whole other level of insanity when it comes to people like communists. Communists complain about the "CIA", yet, defend all the atrocities carried out by the NKVD, KGB etc in Eastern Europe where's libertarians are consistent critics of statist forces like them.
>decades of anti-communist cia sponsored propagand
Its not "CIA propaganda" - you are just a gaslighting communist degenerate, and you need to fucking die.

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I don't understand this critique at all, except for the last part that it doesn't give a concrete alternative (which to be fair he discusses in post-capitalist desire). Most theories are referencing other theories (or theorists). The idea that your theory has to be 100% original is just stupid. The people you mentioned referenced a lot of other philosophers in their works as well. That's how it works when you try to give some ground to your theory. Otherwise your work would ground on presumptions that you give no source for which would then result in a not-so authentic and academically not very acknowledged ramble.
Fisher's book gives imo pretty good insight as to how this idea of cr manifests itself in pop culture, institutions and our everyday lives. You could read it as an introduction to these other authors too.

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So preferably, you would want a bipolar world with a strong communist alliance of resource rich nations and then protectionist and isolationist western capitalist countries?

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I want a world without communists. Just as Nietzsche cheered the suppression of the Paris Commune for making "Hope possible again!" I cheer the the Fall of the USSR, and wish to live to see China suffer the same fate. Man will never has his freedom guaranteed as long as communism remains on the minds of men. Christ died to make men holy, and I hope to die make men free of communism.

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Make up your mind, do you believe nations shouldn't interfere with the business of other nations or do you believe communism needs to be crushed.

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Communists interfere with the business of capitalist countries though, you retard. They have to - communism calls for a world revolution. So, yes, they need to die.

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Give one example of this.

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North Korea and China's cyber warfare attacks on the United States. China's interference in Hong Kong. Historically, the Soviet Union's forcefully annexation of the Baltics, Eastern Europe. Communist China's annexation of Tibet and Xinjiang. China's expansionist actions in the South China sea. China's unprovoked attacks, invasions on Indian soil.

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>thinks libertarians are anti-violence because they defend the right to property and are anti-state
>ignores violence against communists and communist regimes perpetuated by western liberal democracies
>ignores capitalist expansion into other countries which results in slavery, genocide and exploitation
>ignores the fact that most of workers' and people's rights in the west today were brought about because the oridnary people fought with violence agaisnt the status quo
>ignores the fact that communist violence is mostly a reaction to western capitalist violence
>ignores the fact that this is literally not only the case in marxist theory but also in historic practice
>ignores the fact that libertarians support a system that inherently roots in expansion and exploitation
>ignores the fact that america hunts down individuals who leak information about western war crimes
>still shills the idea that violence is inherently bad
>still shills the idea that "state = bad" because states cause violence and libertarians are anti-state and therefore good
>ignores the fact that the cia has put in great effort to brainwash americans into thinking that anything to the left of their neoliberal ideas are communism
>ignores that all this isn't just leftist consparicies but actually well documented historic practices
This is too much for me. I don't have the nerves to deal with burgers today.
don't even try. He is the ideal american man as imagined by every cia official. According to him communism means big gabament, and capitalism means smol gabament, so therefore capitalism good, communism bad because vuvuzuela no iphone 100 trillion dead. It's just a waste time to deal with these puppets.

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Shocked you didn't mention the USSRs invasion of Afghanistan. Did you know that the CIA colluded with the mafia in the 70s and 80s to bomb italian civilians in false flag anti leftist attacks? 100s of people died.

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Violence against communists is self defense. They want to steal property, lives they don't own. And yes, the state is a threat to liberty - we have enough blood shed from history, especially communist history, to see what such decadent individuals will do once they have such power - they will use it to carry out their sadistic, murderous game of property denial from the hardest working and most deserving of people. The "CIA boogeyman" is just communist non-sense - Communists love bringing up the CIA to hide the fact the CIA was stopping Communist tyranny when they attacked them. Killing Communists is one of the LEAST bad things the CIA ever did. Not sure why communists complain about them being mass murdered when communists are perfectly okay with doing it towards innocent people because they are resentful of the fact they don't have the skills, uniqueness, or creativity to gives their lives value. Communists are brutes, and beasts that need to be put down. You don't deserve any profits because you're a bum, workers don't run society, consumers do, and you don't care about the workers because Communists killed millions of them for no reason, and it was workers who overthrew their terrible regimes.
The Soviet Union was involved in plenty of third world coups
They also interfered with Finland/ Italy's elections after the Cold War. Communists have always been imperialists. It was Poland, the Czechs who saved the world from communism during World War I because they blocked the Bolsheviks from invading Germany.

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>communist thinks a voluntary contract between employee and employer is "theft"
No, you're just a bum who doesn't want to uphold your end of the bargain. It isn't "exploitation" because you're too incompetent to find the skills for a better job. You better get used to pushing shopping carts for the rest of your life because that's the only job people like you deserve.

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>ignores capitalist expansion into other countries which results in slavery, genocide and exploitation
Holodomor, The Great Leap Forward Famine, The Great Purges, Pol Pot, Ethnic Cleasings the Baltics, and the gulags didn't happen in the United States - you're describing socialism, not capitalism.

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>"Just learn to code sweetie"

>> No.17842694

>Has all the time in the world be a cracker ass Sovietboo on 4chan
>Doesn't have the time to learn how to code on free websites
You're a lazy bum. Capitalism isn't the problem, you are.

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I don't understand how you could be so blatantly stupid. Communism did not exist before capitalism. It was and still is a reaction to capitalist violence onto workers and exploitation of resources all around the globe. If capitalism were so peaceful and democratic then there would have been no reason for communist violence to rise up. You're living in a spiral of contradictions and you don't even realize it.

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The issue here is that liberals always want to invoke the "muh real communism hasn't been tried" as a way to insult anything left wing, but when you show the laundry list of war, atrocity, ((foreign intervention)) and interior repression by capitalist states it's perfectly fine to say, well that's just crony capitalism! The real free market would never impose violence!
At least have the balls to admit that capitalism has had a total ideological victory, and that that victory has been built on massive amounts of bloodshed.

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>that that victory has been built on massive amounts of bloodshed.
Oh no, someone finally learned what civilization is! What is your point? Why the fuck would anyone bleed for a utopia such as communism - a proven failure - when life already gives you everything you need to succeed? You just want an easy way out the complexities of life by just leveling everything you hate against capitalism. Also, your critique of liberals having a fundamentalist view of capitalism is just wrong on so many levels - apparently FDR and LBJ, the activist court justices such as Brandeis ( a man fucking Milton Friedman praised in his book Free to Choose) , were somehow the greatest proponents of unfettered capitalism to you. You just make all sorts of caricatures of your enemies, just as fascists do, because it feeds into your dogmatic and black& white thinking.

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What do you believe in.

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>Make something of yourself.
I don't have to, I come from money and will never have to work a day in my life.

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Marxism is itself a religion leading to destruction and anti-tolerance, as their various 100-million deadly atheist revolutions and their two fucking world wars prove, whose only goal was to deify public servants lol.

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Nah, nothing you've said is true. You're a retard. Capitalism works by contract. Socialism is the deadliest system imaginable because it defends senseless violence no matter what the cost in human life. You are just gaslighting because you are an apologist for communist mass murder. You're the violent one, and people have every right to shoot you because you demand property you never will own, and never should have. You will not rise up, and if you ever do, you will fight a war on harsher terms than you will have ever imagined because nobody will ever surrender their hard fought freedoms to a communist dictatorship. You will be massacred just as every tyrant who dare put his hands individual liberty. Communism is not a "reaction capitalism." Communism is product of Christian morality making paupers resentful towards wealth. Its a reaction towards wealth, and its a trope as old as civilization itself. When communists level these charges against capitalism, they are no better, because you are willing to defend slavery, genocide, and mass murder on the behest of socialist regimes and you will carry out these acts for your own murderous cause. You don't care about human rights - you are an opportunist who gaslights, manipulates people for the sake of power. Civilization will always be plagued issues you complain about because humans are irrational creatures who can not be constrained by any ideological consideration. Capitalists are the most honest about this because they acknowledge this fact of life and adapt to it. They don't call for the new man; they make the most out of man. Unfortunately for you, most humans are smart enough to know better.

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Then you have no right to complain.
>The Greek poet Simonides sings: “Health is the noblest good for mortal man, the next after this is beauty, the third is wealth acquired honestly, the fourth the enjoyment of social pleasures in the company of young friends.” These are all the good things of life, the joys of life. What else was Diogenes of Sinope looking for if not the true enjoyment of life, which he found in having the least possible wants? What else Aristippus, who found it in good spirits under every circumstance? They are seeking for cheerful, unclouded courage to face life....

>> No.17843731

What would Simonides say about the current state of the west? Do you find things becoming more beautiful? Are we headed in the right direction?

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>What I do every day Is nothing special:I simply stumble around. What I do is not thought out,Where I go is unplanned.

>No matter who tries to leave their mark, The hills and dales are not impressed.Collecting firewood and carrying water are prayers that reach the gods.

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Lmao imagine being a stoic and working yourself into a fit writing paragraphs about communism.

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You reek of white trash who will never escape the orbit of his class background.

>> No.17843858

>"The lion's roar shatters the brain of the jackal.”
>Class background
I don't give a fuck about the workers. Class is a spook, an ontological mystification by commies. Consumers, demand run society, and they will never demand communist dictatorship that limits their choice and freedom.A boot is going to be stomping your face forever. Get used to packing my groceries, Jamal.

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What do you parents do for work?

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They dox communists

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This is the funniest possible commie response to someone attacking their religion. Shows how clearly the entire thing is motivated by hatred and envy 'well ur white trash'

>> No.17843914

Communists love showing much they hate white people; yet they don't seem to realize in order for communism to succeed they would need white majorities. They really are schizophrenic.

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I'm not a communist. But you clearly are from a poorly bred background.

>> No.17843921

I'm old New England wealth :^)

>> No.17843926

>Im not a communist
Just someone who gets enraged on their behalf...

>> No.17843932

>rejects Marxism for killing people
>probably upholds the Bible as the source of morality, which literally promotes genocides

>> No.17843934

Kek the boomer ellipses

>> No.17843935

>Communist who is rich, sheltered, and enjoys capitalist wealth
You really do care about the plight of the working class with your Ivy League education

>> No.17843940

do you think this was the point of the book

>> No.17843952

commies are inept. imagine needing to continually construct dictatorships by force to enforce your so-called values. you know you can start a co-op, worker owned company, live on a commune. it's because it's not about any of this you just want to control others by force.

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I thought you like white culture

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>probably upholds the Bible as the source of morality, which literally promotes genocides
Wow, it almost like Marxism has something in common with Christianity... I wonder who pointed this point.

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How is being rich, and from a Ivy League school "white culture" you cretin? We're talking about whites, not Jews, idiot.

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>Nah, nothing you've said is true. You're a retard. Capitalism works by contract. Socialism is the deadliest system imaginable because it defends senseless violence no matter what the cost in human life. You are just gaslighting because you are an apologist for communist mass murder. You're the violent one, and people have every right to shoot you because you demand property you never will own, and never should have. You will not rise up, and if you ever do, you will fight a war on harsher terms than you will have ever imagined because nobody will ever surrender their hard fought freedoms to a communist dictatorship. You will be massacred just as every tyrant who dare put his hands individual liberty. Communism is not a "reaction capitalism." Communism is product of Christian morality making paupers resentful towards wealth. Its a reaction towards wealth, and its a trope as old as civilization itself. When communists level these charges against capitalism, they are no better, because you are willing to defend slavery, genocide, and mass murder on the behest of socialist regimes and you will carry out these acts for your own murderous cause. You don't care about human rights - you are an opportunist who gaslights, manipulates people for the sake of power. Civilization will always be plagued issues you complain about because humans are irrational creatures who can not be constrained by any ideological consideration. Capitalists are the most honest about this because they acknowledge this fact of life and adapt to it. They don't call for the new man; they make the most out of man. Unfortunately for you, most humans are smart enough to know better.

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What is your ethnic background?

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Accused Share

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Anybody know where I can get a copy of his "Anti-Therapy" essay online? It was unpublished before the K-punk book but surely it'sbeen posed online somewhere at this point?

>> No.17844840

>brooo youre just jealous of people being rich
>they worked for it dude you need to respect them
>fucking commies are so violent and hate people, they killed 2 billion of them
>we should massacre commies in the street
>actually, most big corporations are cultural marxists who want to destroy the west
every single god damn thread tangentally related to anti-capitalism gets the same handful of responses. its so tiring.
PLEASE read a book.

>> No.17844879

there will never be a stateless classless society lel

>> No.17844895

And having the gall to complain about contemporary society as if we aren't living in the absolute victory of capitalist ideology.

>> No.17844901

What is capitalist ideology?

>> No.17844902

You don't have to be a communist to be critical of capitalism and its absurdities.

>> No.17844928


>> No.17844935

You're making the mistake of thinking of ideology as explicit doctrine.

>> No.17844955

It's a bunch of things that aren't related to believing private property, freedom of association, and wage labor are OK isn't it

>> No.17844965

>brooo the rich are so easy bro they hurt the workers bro omg :(
>what do you mean they reach a wage agreement according to contract - employers stole their value :*(
>fucking capitalists do slavery, genocide, imperialism they killed millions :*(
>omg stop repeating CIA propagnada about Stalin, Mao they DIDN'T NO NUFFIN!!!!
>actually, the bourgeois is this monolithic institution that exists that all work in the same room plotting a nefarious scheme against the workers wake up bro! Read Marx before its too late
You should read a book, like Adam Smith, and drop your pathetic, yet utopian anti-capitalist non-sense. Learn how to think for yourself, and examine reality for what it really is instead pussy-footing with books.

>> No.17844967

you're the fucking moron

>> No.17844978

What makes capitalism absurd - giving people too much food to eat? Not having man-made famines? Giving hard-working individuals money for their talents? Awarding creative people instead degenerate college students with no vocational skills?

>> No.17844994

>absolute victory of capitalist ideology
>communist parties on the rise globally
>increasing disdain for capitalism shown in polls
>explicitly anti-capitalist media gaining traction
>people are starting to see through liberal pseudo-democracy
i wouldnt be so sure about that. young people are growing up with free access to information and dont get raised exclusively on propaganda anymore like their parents did.

>> No.17845002

Well it's precisely that, the elevation of private property, freedom of association and wage labor above all other values.

>> No.17845010

>Learn how to think for yourself
it is clear from your post that you have never engaged with any marxist literature, yet you expect of yourself to be a free thinker and understand your "enemy"

>> No.17845013

Idk man, why is the west a pressure cooker. Are you going to say "not enough capitalism"?

>> No.17845015

Why do communists think that everything happens is the fault of capitalism, or that just because capitalism is omniscient, there won't be technical complaints on making capital more efficient? What communists don't seem to understand the total victory of capitalism has made transcendental philosophy irrelevant because there are no longer any philosophical to solve or worry about.

>> No.17845020

>Giving hard-working individuals money for their talents?
Is that what we call using the electrical output of a small nation to mine electronic tokens which have almost zero real world value, and then speculation on said tokens?

>> No.17845026

Well this is what 60 years of capitalist victory looks like I agree. Degeneracy, crumbling public infrastructure, frayed social fabric, ect

>> No.17845027

It's not the elevation of it beyond all other values, it's the assertion that they are the best economic system and shouldn't be outlawed. It's only economically that they are elevated, there are other political and ethical dimensions. And even economically many capitalists support compromises, they just don't want to outlaw those things.

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Reword this, it doesn't make sense.

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>Its clear you haven't engaged with my Marxist religion
I support burning Marx's books. Marx should never be taken seriously. He was a failure, his ideas have been failures - we've seen his horrific, terrible and detestable ideas in practice. Communists deserve to have their ideas disrespected with all the results of their philosophy in full display. No amount of gaslighting done by you pious atheists will make me waste my time with your religion.

>> No.17845049

chuj to kogo kurwa

>> No.17845067

Stop using twitter
>They have zero real world value
They're a threat to government, statist currency domination by opening way for a black market - how is that not valuable?

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Crypto is based actually and will eventually lead to borderless, stateless global economy with free movement of capital and individuals

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>> No.17845087

They can't happen, communists don't like it when you disobey the state because they love national banks and the social control of them

>> No.17845093

It will lead to warfare over controlling the physical hardware that controls crypto. I mean if it were actually going to happen, in reality crypto will be shut down if it threatens anything.

>> No.17845099

Furthermore, we should abolish intellectual property

>> No.17845101

>Thank god, we've found a way to turn the energy output of Argentina to further help trade drugs, arms, and child pornography

>> No.17845104

Communists, Liberals, and every form of statist is doing that as we speak

>> No.17845112
File: 39 KB, 415x512, Xi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Time's running out Gweilo

>> No.17845116
File: 82 KB, 1200x900, tn1oqxk1zhq51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Delusional commie thinks prohibition by government works, and doesn't create the same black markets they seeth about
>People shouldn't have freedom because they may use it in a way that hurts my feelings
Kys, commie

>> No.17845118

No. Force will be private. With crypto corps can transact business without the need of states, they basically become microstates. We are headed to ultrahell technology edition.

>> No.17845123

I'm genuinely curious-- and you don't have to be shy about seeming utopian- what does your ideal world and political climate look like?

>> No.17845140

Why would I have ideals when the world has never been ideal? There is no "ideal" world, nor does there have to be. You just live until death dissolves you, and you make the most of what you have, cuck.

>> No.17845143

That's right. Let's open the borders and also let down all barriers to entry for foreign capital to flow into the west.

>> No.17845159

>what does your ideal world and political climate look like
>Libertarian Police Force.jpg

>> No.17845160

Great, then take the zen pill and go live in a mountain cottage

>> No.17845162

depends primarily on the technologies of warfare, not currency

>> No.17845163

I don't give a fuck about the "west.", and also, there little evidence that immigration is harmful for capitalism, nor does preventing immigration prevents racial dilution. Free trade is good, free movement is good you should learn some basic economics. I recommend Adam Smith.

>> No.17845189
File: 82 KB, 1200x1200, machiavelli-promo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm arguing with communists, and reactionaries at the same time, and they don't seem to realize I don't care so much for either of them, and I'm willing to use them for my own ends, and eliminate them when they serve no purpose.

>> No.17845191

>Merchant perplexed by concepts that don't involve GDP graphs

>> No.17845193

getting awfully close to professional quotemaker territory here anon

>> No.17845208

Adam Smith was based in his general disdain for the rentier class

>> No.17845221
File: 89 KB, 1000x600, Foucault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The CIA funded and encouraged the modern left.
Sure they weren't explicitly communist and are largely post-Marxist (not marxist) but they appropriated marxist and leftist language.
The CIA had an incentive to expand the State and socialism in general.
Even Modern art was encouraged by the fucking CIA ... just ask yourself "why?".

>> No.17845223

>Communist degenerate perplexed by concepts that require evidence, and not sociological sophistry

>> No.17845229

>faction A of leftism denounced faction B of leftism as has happened approximately since leftism came into existence c. 1780s
>nooooo we could've had a heckin spunky communism if not for the frickin' CIA man... workers of the world unite!

>> No.17845235

>The idea that your theory has to be 100% original is just stupid.
No theory is 100% original. But you can take the broad outlines of someone else's thought and weave them into your work. You don't need to make someone else's ideas a core concept of your work, you take the methodology or implications and create something new. Modern academia is the most schizophrenic shit with a dozen references and quotes on every page, you find yourself skipping through incoherent reference summary babble trying to find the original thoughts worth reading. The stigma around plagiarism has stamped out originality. When you read an old book they might tell you who they are influenced by or if they don't you can often infer their influences. The draw of the book is never going to be who they're building on but how they synthesize ideas. This necessarily involves some level of plagiarism. Egon Friedell has a really excellent essay about this. it is why I will never call myself any variation of an "-ist". it is giving yourself up.

>> No.17845237

Isn't that your entire understanding of the world

>> No.17845251
File: 348 KB, 445x631, Henry_George.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Right Geo-Libertarianism is based in general.

>> No.17845253

>the CIA stopped communism
Communism must be retarded if an organization as incompetent as the CIA could stop its every attempt. How come the KGB, Cheka, NKVD couldn't bring down capitalism? How could they be so pathetic

>> No.17845257

So, libertarianism, but you ban rent seeking?

>> No.17845265

I'm not a communist or even a leftist at all, I'm just reciting history retard.

>> No.17845267

Enjoy your Brazilification anon

>> No.17845270

You just eliminate all taxes besides land tax

>> No.17845282

Yeah, thereby making rent-seeking ineffictive and speculation in general.
Holding onto land becomes impractical unless you are actually improving it.

>> No.17845290

Capitalism is based like that - its so appealing it gets rid of racism because people are no longer measured by their race, but by their utility. That's why it always wins :)

>> No.17845311

>it gets rid of racism because people are no longer measured by their race, but by their utility
That must be why Denmark had just announced a law to break up ethnic enclaves. What about the people who judge anther's race as part of their utility shitposter-kun?

>> No.17845337

No, a notion of getting paid always comes before making war.

>> No.17845375

That's the state, not capitalism. You might want to learn the difference between the two.

>> No.17845410

'getting paid' depends on systems which are decided by warfare

>> No.17845425

So again, how does Capitalism magically change people's human nature to stop them viewing others by race?

>> No.17845451

So you think people make war without any incentive?

>> No.17845462

I think I already gave you the answer, and you responded by saying the state is the same thing as the anarchy of transactions outside of it. Are communists generally this stupid where you think laws prevent utility from prevailing? If that was the case, all the laws in the Soviet Union would have stopped the overthrow of "socialism" there, but that didn't go as planned. Prohibition would have ended the utility of drugs sales. Ironically, the US mafia was notorious against other races in the 1920s, but dropped it because they realized being racist blocked them from untapped markets. Nowadays, corporations are the biggest promoters of racial equality because you can make so much money off of a larger consumer base.

>> No.17845489

Historically naive. Read some books about race, capitalism and colonialism and why "Race" grew out of capitalism

>> No.17845514

of course not, but gaining power and taking resources by force =/ getting paid. trade follows rule of law

>> No.17845526

Because it opens your employment and consumer base to more people so you have more profits and productivity. You have to be stupid. I don't even know why you bring Denmark up, and ignore the fact that corporations, business by in large overwhelmingly support free trade, immigrantion and racial integration for this very same reason. Slavery against blacks, in Great Britain, largely ended because it became unprofitable. Even in the United States, this is largely why industrialists sided with the union over the South because it opened up the untapped labor of former slaves to be factory workers. I can keep going with this , but you'd just look even more stupid, but you're already snowballing here. We can even talk about how disinvestment from South Africa was crucial in ending the Apartheid there. All of that is examples of utility, fostered by capitalism, can end racism. If you want me to keep burying you, keep going.

>> No.17845561

Colonialism predates capitalism - you might want have a better thesis. Also, the Soviet Union, Communist China both did active colonialism and racism. Do you want talk about that subject too because you probably so uninformed about even their histories you don't even know what happened ethic minorities there.

>> No.17845585
File: 62 KB, 746x500, 1616370496419.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> why "Race" grew out of capitalism

>> No.17845599

Uh actually, did you know that, colonialism predates capitalism? Capitalism drove the great colonial expansions of european empires. Boy you're an exceptionally smart retard

>> No.17845609

Gaining power and taking resources by force = getting paid for the bodies participating in the activity doesn't it? I see crypto as the way trade becomes rule of law by being able to pay for force with currency that isn't dependent on a state system.

>> No.17845625

Can you keep going?

>> No.17845631

It doesn't but it incentivizes people to see each other as inherently useful and worth something, outside of race or class or gender or what-have-you, which moves people towards a reasonable love of each other despite those things which make them different.
If it so happens that people stay away from each other, or naturally segregate, I see no problem with this; as long as the government doesn't stop people from mixing when they want to and associating (or not-associating) with whoever they want to.
Any attempt by a private citizen to stop people from mixing, such as through an act of hate crime or harassment of an interracial couple, should be policed like all other crimes instead of ignored or even encouraged like it was in the old south.
Through these influences people will, of their own accord, trade and work and live in a way that's conducive to a sort of social harmony, without the friction that things like affirmative action would cause.

>> No.17845633

Nope - colonialism is not connected to capitalism, and socialist countries took part in it. Mercantilism isn't capitalism. Imperialism wasn't even that profitable because it takes money to maintain garrisons, and supply routes with such low return on investment. You're an idiot relying on outdated, moralistic theories and not ones that use a concrete basis.

>> No.17845664

>Imperialism helps capitalism
That explains why the British Empire was so unprofitable right and collapsed because imperialism strengthens capitalism. You commies are very stupid; nobody takes the Marxist view of imperialism seriously because its only used to argue that anything capitalists do is imperialist, but its okay for the Soviet Union to invade Eastern Europe, and China to annex Tibet, Xinjiang

>> No.17845669

It's the difference between hitting a guy in the head with a stick and taking his apple, and trading him your orange for his apple. Maybe you had to trade someone something for the stick, but it's still a different sort of interaction. It's basically the difference between interaction between and within societies, in an idealized sense obviously, world doesnt in fact work quite like that.

>> No.17845726

You're entering "real communism hasn't been tried" levels of delusion buddy.

>> No.17845739


I just don't see how having Amazon also own the water, power, and police seems like an outlandish proposition. It's not like illegal markets don't already function through private enforcement, what's preventing that from just being how markets work in general?

>> No.17845747

Nope, you're just gaslighting, but its not working because this isn't discord, twitter or reddit, nobody is coming to defend you.

>> No.17845756

:^) you are utterly delusional and simply need to look at any attempt by resource rich third world countries to nationalize commodities and then what happens to said countries.

>> No.17845763

>Capitalism is this pure thing that exists outside of the actions of states

>> No.17845769

So would an individual always stop holding racist views just on the basis his profit margin? When we reach full Capitalism would each person relate to another solely by their utility value to each other?

>> No.17845776

Racism is necessitated by the capitalist need for cheap, replaceable labor.

>> No.17845780

I think you need to look into the Soviet Union's history of overthrowing governments in third world countries, and understand the context of Cold War to understand why that happened instead of having an infantile ad reductionist argument that hinges on being a simp for socialism :)

>> No.17845782

There are a lot of people with a lot of power that would tell Amazon to go fuck itself, that's what's preventing it lol. These people in a sense already 'own the water, power, and police' I guess so the point is maybe moot, but you seem to be envisioning like a bunch of tiny city states which is probably not a plausible configuration of power networks given current technology, seeing as we see a very different configuration of power in the world today.

>> No.17845789
File: 101 KB, 500x558, 47tkzs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Everything I don't like is capitalism

>> No.17845792

No, according to this anon, racism is a barrier to transforming each person to an interchangeable, profit generating cog

>> No.17845795

And here we see the classic strawman argument that someone is pro soviet union because they criticize capitalism

>> No.17845798

That's pants on retarded logic. Cheap, replaceable labor necessitates the end of racism it requires immigration and assimilation to use and train workers to make them productive.

>> No.17845808

This logical is applicable to the argument that capitalism has nothing to do with colonialism or racism. It's the same as a tankie looking past the repressive stalin government

>> No.17845814

It's not a strawman at all. You're acting as if imperialism goes away when socialism happens, and you completely ignore the gaps in your logic such as imperialism existing even before capitalism. You just hand wave these things, and just reduce imperialism to being capitalism. Its just a stupid argument nobody takes seriously.

>> No.17845815

I hope you're right anon...

>> No.17845841

You're not being logical though because you argued capitalism causes imperialism, and then you ignore the evidence that contradicts you such as imperialism existing before capitalism, ignoring socialist countries that have done imperialism, and you ignore that imperialism was largely unprofitable in real world examples such as the British Empire. Anytime these points are brought up; you are silent, and you refuse to engage these rebuttals to your argument. You demonstrate your inability to grapple with this because your entire facade is using anti-imperialism as a crutch against American interests and nothing else.

>> No.17845885

I'm not saying capitalism "invented" imperialism, but to say it hasn't been the primary driving force for imperialist action over the last 200 years is delusional

>> No.17845896
File: 15 KB, 241x386, Novatore.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>They want to steal property, lives they don't own.
Yeah, and?

>> No.17845904

>say it hasn't been the primary driving force for imperialist action over the last 200 years is delusional
Its delusional to believe otherwise; only socialists make this argument, and its not based on facts - its a moral argument that's unfounded by any evidence.

>> No.17845915

Novatore wasn't a communist, and more so, unlike the communists - he is honest about his claims. He doesn't use morality to conceal his egotistic intent which is the underlying critique here. If you're a completely nihilistic individual - more power to you.

>> No.17845935

I don't need to address socialist countries doing imperialism. We are talking about capitalism. Imperialism existing before capitalism is also an irrelevant point. My argument is not that imperialism was born out of capitalism, but that capitalism was and is the largest driving force of imperialism in the modern world.
>The british empire was unprofitable
Maybe for the state. Certainly not for the capitalist class. I suggest you read about the hundreds of examples of states commiting acts of violence on behalf of private interests. It's all out there for you to read, and isn't opaque or conspiratorial.

>> No.17845965

>British liberal economist John Atkinson Hobson. In his seminal study, Imperialism, a Study (first published in 1902), he pointed to the role of such drives as patriotism, philanthropy, and the spirit of adventure in advancing the imperialist cause. As he saw it, however, the critical question was why the energy of these active agents takes the particular form of imperialist expansion. Hobson located the answer in the financial interests of the capitalist class as “the governor of the imperial engine.” Imperialist policy had to be considered irrational if viewed from the vantage point of the nation as a whole: the economic benefits derived were far less than the costs of wars and armaments; and needed social reforms were shunted aside in the excitement of imperial adventure. But it was rational, indeed, in the eyes of the minority of financial interest groups. The reason for this, in Hobson’s view, was the persistent congestion of capital in manufacturing. The pressure of capital needing investment outlets arose in part from a maldistribution of income: low mass consuming power blocks the absorption of goods and capital inside the country. Moreover, the practices of the larger firms, especially those operating in trusts and combines, foster restrictions on output, thus avoiding the risks and waste of overproduction. Because of this, the large firms are faced with limited opportunities to invest in expanding domestic production. The result of both the maldistribution of income and monopolistic behaviour is a need to open up new markets and new investment opportunities in foreign countries.

>> No.17845987

>I don't need to address socialist countries doing imperialism
You do, because you're making the argument if capitalism was gone imperialism would not happen. You're not being coherent, and taking your beliefs to their logical conclusions, and we both know this because you're a communist using a moralistic argument for imperialism to conceal your political intentions. You must be stupid if you think your arguments come off as anything less than opportunistic.
>I suggest you read about the hundreds of examples of states commiting acts of violence on behalf of private interests
I suggest you read the history of states committing acts of violence in general, especially socialist states, because states through out history have been just as vicious as any individual will do things for whatever cause they see fit. Now, this pivot you're doing is interesting - are you now going to argue that violence would not exist if capitalism went away? Are you now going to argue that capitalism causes violence even though we have data to show that world is becoming less violent over time, and that this correlates with the rise in capitalism?

>> No.17846012

Nobody cares what Hobson says; Lenin just plagiarized him. He doesn't provide any evidence for any of the claims he makes; he just makes statements without evidence.

>> No.17846063

You're shadowboxing and making large, presumptuous leaps. Good luck with all you do.

>> No.17846076

pathetic reply tbdesu

>> No.17846085

>expecting communists be anything other than pathetic
I'm literally talking to a bunch of stupid ass college kids who will eventually grow out of it as they get older.

>> No.17846089


>> No.17846107

Don't worry we will get true, free markets any day now. Freedom is just around the corner

>> No.17846144

there have already been and are plenty of markets that capitalists can point to as models of what they would like. There will however never be a stateless, classless civilization as commies imagine

>> No.17846179

Everyday I don't live in a socialist country I experience freedom

>> No.17846280

At some point a war has to be fought. You can just say this about any violence but you can't, at some point you either fight back or just lose.

>> No.17847026
File: 31 KB, 1128x480, 20210312_130726.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Came here for book recs
>buncha nerds/nobodies arguing

>> No.17847033

>Life isn't miserable
life should always be seen as something to improve.
edgy individualism into selfish decadence through capitalism and conservatism is not humanitarian.

>> No.17847099

I'm not a humanitarian nor do I need to be.
>life should always be seen as something to improve.
According to whom? Since when do you tell me what to do, buddy.

>> No.17847119

edgy liberal. its always the softest people who make these posts. please start shooting so i have the excuse to push my thumbs into your eyeballs

>> No.17847131

Try the Ego and It's Own. This guy fucking hated Stirner, he even equated his philosophy with Market Thatcher.

>> No.17847143

>Communist hates Stirner
Sounds about right. What's even more cringe is when Communists attempt merge him with his thought, especially anarchists.

>> No.17847234
File: 40 KB, 640x481, 2fc0e886a6b057c9a54301bdcf3318212d33d3551c4efa1de8c60993f44f1307.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You need to read entire books to get the feeling of giving up? Psssshhh, haha. Get on my level and do it organically

>> No.17847338

The agony of Eros

>> No.17847416

How does it feel to be a product of state department/CIA mind control?

Reminder, every single "based" fascist regime you jerk off too was bankrolled and backed by major financial institutions because they were good for U.S. capital. Yes, those same institutions which you conflate into an easily digestible 'other': da jooz. ACTUAL populist/nationalist movements that sought to subvert the World Bank/U.S./EU domination happened to align under the broadly 'socialist' banner. You're hatred for the commie boogeyman is literally a result of decades of propaganda to convince you that liberalism is good and just. You're a retard. A smooth brain dumb fuck.

>> No.17847432
File: 1.83 MB, 3240x2400, 2032021192035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.17847445

Yeah nobody is scared of butterfly name fag who spends all day on this board. I would break you in half. You're nothing.
I don't care about fascist regimes. I don't like them either. But I do hate you filthy fucking commies even more for poisoning discourse, and brainwashing a number of the youth. Fuck you. Nothing has changed, and we haven't forgot. Liberalism is 100x better than what you retards peddle, it's fundamentally incompatible with the western world you're right about that.

>> No.17847448
File: 1.97 MB, 3240x2400, 032021192122.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.17847463

Which side are you putting nsdap on here? They were pretty clearly detached from the financial structures you're talking about

>> No.17847466
File: 1.96 MB, 3240x2400, 22032021192237.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.17847473

Hey, leave my lesbo lefty dommy mommy alone >>:(

>> No.17847474

You know the most cringe of all is anons who know absolutely zero about any of this and feel entitled to spout off about it all day and night.

Do you need me to explain what’s been happening the past two hundred years with this thing called socialism?

>> No.17847477
File: 1.98 MB, 3240x2400, 032021192301.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.17847488

You probably could break him in half.
I don’t talk like that. Fyi

>> No.17847495
File: 704 KB, 2160x2400, 2021192318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.17847502

I remember you pissed off the jannies so much years ago that they enforced anon. It was pretty funny.

>> No.17847507

liberalism literally lead to fascism you fucking retarded cunt


>> No.17847537

Of course it's a woman. Why am I not surprised? The ones who will never have to deal with the consequences they wring. Because no matter what it will always be the man's job to clean up the mess in society. They'll have to endure nothing, save for their husband, and children dying in some battle. Oh wait that's right they don't have those anymore, they don't need any of that. How convenient. What are we waiting for? I think I'm ready to take the accelerate pill at this point.

>> No.17847538

>According to whom? Since when do you tell me what to do, buddy.
according to other humanitarians, its the job of the community to cull shitcunts like you.

>> No.17847542

Not opening. Don't care. Kys scumbag.

>> No.17847562

How new are you? I'm relatively new on /lit/ but butterfly has existed for ages and for 3 years I still have no idea what is she on about. In regular conversation she's decent.
I kinda want to know what she's been on about for all this time that made her get despised in several places.

>> No.17847571
File: 211 KB, 1920x1080, 1615161746092.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17847612

CIA niggers get skinned alive

>> No.17847618
File: 3.78 MB, 4032x3024, 9603A892-EA63-4660-8C32-97045BBEA5D5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My edition has some pink ghosts

>> No.17847617

ignorant twat

>> No.17847638
File: 749 KB, 888x686, glory.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Feel bad for you OP. You can always find a way to be better

>> No.17847642

Just another attention whore namefag, hard leftist. I don't really keep a close record. Probably spends half it's day spreading Stalin and other gommunism memes online, probably utters "communism is a stateless classless.." at least 2 times a day.

>> No.17847649

I like the hidden ' it's ' under the first U in unique

>> No.17847666
File: 195 KB, 1200x675, pinochet wholesome 100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Never forget that Pinochet did nothing wrong

>> No.17847682
File: 39 KB, 640x481, butterfly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even if I don't give half a fuck about politics I'm kinda glad I found her here for nostalgia's sake.

It's a nice read. Feels nice to the touch. Other stuff I'm reading mandatorily just needs to be listened to on audiobook format because it's not engaging. This book is quite engaging.

>> No.17847729

Is that really her? Ahahahahahahahah it just all makes so much sense.

>> No.17847734

look at this bullshit. this dude simping for nature. HAVE YOU EVER CLEARED A FUCKING FIELD OF INVASIVES? one summer with me and you will never look at nature without an internal critique running of how fucked it all is. GET THIS SIMP SHIT OUT OF MY FACE.

>> No.17847754

Yeah but this pic is old as fuck, about 3 years old, I don't know what she looks like now.
>simping for unattainable
Not only incels, also the religious

>> No.17847780

>Zero books

Isn't this the guy who went on cumtown to cry about getting banned?

>> No.17847784

Hello 8 chinman

I don’t like Stalin. Wtf?

What? It says “its” ¿

Strands of silver hairs, deeper lines, but pretty good so far. My family have great genes and I never had children

>> No.17847785

It's more about the fact she's a small woman. I don't care what she specifically looks like. Any idea if she's american?

>> No.17847796


>> No.17847817
File: 52 KB, 610x604, 1615757807113.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

stop reading there are better things that will make you better off (that, coincidentally, get you off)

>> No.17847825

What's cumtown
I never knew what you were on about back then but on forced anon you were basically killed off. I just remember you were older than me and actually posted that pic when we all asked for it. Or something like that.
Of course you'd be on /lit/. I never knew what you talked about back then and I still don't. We agreed on some things but you had to explain first.
No idea, ask her

>> No.17847829

>What's cumtown
lurk moar

>> No.17847846

Sounds like something I wouldn't listen to

>> No.17847851

>Sounds like something I wouldn't listen to

>> No.17847863

Yeah thats right sweetie, now denounce Marx and communism.

>> No.17847874

life has is challenging enough, why would you actively spend your time trying to feel worse lmao

>> No.17847908

Alright ngl that was so bad that it was kind of enjoyable because of the simple humor and making a sexual mockery out of the pious. I'd enjoy it more with alcohol but it was fine

>> No.17847910


>thinking any anticapitalist media isn't just trompe-l'œil critique – the appearance of critique which doesn't really threaten the system.

'Anticapitalist' today is merely arguing about who manages capitalism, and why it should be more blacks and women. Nothing to challenge the system.

>> No.17847917

Yes but I'm talking about the hidden one beneath the U

>> No.17847932


>> No.17847946

>giving people too much food to eat?
Why do pounds of food go to waste while there are people starving in America, the richest country?
>Not having man-made famines?
The largest famines in history were caused by the British empire; every famine is man made dumbass
>Giving hard-working individuals money for their talents?
Why are the richest people inheritors who sit on their ass all day? Surely you aren't dumb enough to believe meritocracy exists

>> No.17847953

>no mcluhan
sage and hide

>> No.17847970
File: 177 KB, 500x500, mfw Yoshi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


And I'm not a leftist, but every criticism of capitalism and capitalist ideology is met by people and /pol/tards who thinks capitalism will fuck them if they simp for it hard enough. In this way, the e-girl is the ultimate expression of capitalism and its ardent defenders.

But to reiterate: Even self-professed 'leftists' have no alternative. Nobody does. Anybody who thinks anybody with power wants communism, or will let actual communists take power is sorely fucking mistaken. Anybody who thinks socioeconomic class is coming back right now is also very sorely fucking mistaken. Intersectional theory is a pure divide and conquer ideology, it's literal false consciousness to allow Haves to wag their finger at, and claim equal, if not greater, victim status as Have-Nots, and have the Have-Nots at each others throats.

You can agree to the necessity of capitalism without simping for it so hard. It has given many wealth, lifted many out of poverty, but also recognise it also concentrates vast wealth (and hence power) to a select few, has given unaccountable private corporations and financial institutions immense power over our lives .

>> No.17848500

The only thing communists got wrong is not killing enough piggies. Viva La FARC, Glory to CCP, Vietnam 1, USA 0. USSR defeated fascism and saved the world from its evil.

If you want a blackpill, read Capitalism and Freedom. When you want to see the light, read the Communist Manifesto and the Bible (jesus was a socalists)

>> No.17848566

Thats what the book in OP is about lol

>> No.17848583

>Jesus was a socialist
Except he never discussed economic policy in any meaningful way except for rendering to what is Caesar's, but that was only in the context that the political and economic are trivial and temporal affairs when it comes to the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus was apolitical at best and stated multiple times that you shouldn't worry about worldly problems.

>> No.17848610

I agree with you in a way, e-girls are a perfect symbol for capitalism, and people love it. Everyone loves it. The people are cumming. They need capitalism. We're hungry for it.
Did you know the original 'Kawaii' movement in Japan was actually a youth-pro capitalist revolt? It's true, it's even on wikipedia, look it up

>> No.17848624

>at best
Meant to say at least.

>> No.17848631

The people in power are going to be dragged from their beds, screaming. Sooner or later. Just an FYI.

>> No.17848670

While this is true, and of course a correct Christian perspective, Jesus was far closer to "anarchist" and "socialist" in his actions and philosophy than anything else. It is unnecessary and ridiculous to discuss the potential political persuasions of Jesus, what matters is what would Jesus do if he was here. And most likely, he would be rubbing shoulders with the communists and anarchists of the world. I could see, I DO see, Jesus at a Food Not Bombs stall far more than at any Republican, liberal, or other right-wing gathering.

>> No.17848868

I agree, he would associate with the downtrodden, but he would never encourage them to rise up against their oppressors nor advocate any revolution, but rather tell them to lead by his example of accepting whatever violence and suffering the ruling class gave them as a means to raise a mirror against them to reveal their wickedness and repent. Now, if communists heard this, they would call Christ a counter-revolutionary and have him crucified all over again.

>> No.17848896

>PLEASE read a book.
all the books are the same

>> No.17848912

banning rent (from lands) is classical liberalism 101