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Guys, duplicate something? Something duplicate ? My balls? Duplication of my balls , 6 of them? Duplication? Anime!? Balls?

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I hecking love vtubers yeah!

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Which anime is this?

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That's a nice pic and I don't watch anime

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Bump for reasons!

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What's on my mind? "a" same desu! Vtubers are on my mind!

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bump for reasons and Vtubers! I'm thinking about Gura right now!

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>anon forgot /lit/ can out autism anybody

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"a" same desu! I hecking love vtubers! Gura is anime! Hecking love anime, vtubers are anime! Gwar Gura Desu!

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I wish I could train myself to not care or look up news about geopolitics. I can't control anything that happens on the world stage, and reading about how China is planning to invade places like Taiwan or Japan makes me worry greatly. But it's like a powerless kind of worry, because I can't do anything to stop these things from happening. I don't want to be an ostrich with its head in the sand, but I also don't think reading news and the like has been good for my mood/mind.

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>and reading about how China is planning to invade places like Taiwan or Japan makes me worry greatly
what's there to worry about? is there a strong reason you think they'd be worse off than they are under the americans?

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You're a good drone for America propaganda

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I'd say watch hopeful documentaries about development projects— most major news stations have some— but you'd probably find yourself swayed the opposite way and convinced you should join a solar power factory in Haiti or some shit. Read the stoics instead.

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Because there's a 100% chane the USA would go to war with China if they invaded Japan, or SK. People even think they will try to conquer Guam or American Samoa, and that would be an attack on the USA which would mean war.

I don't know what you mean

Oh, I do watch hopeful stuff from time to time, but 'll admit the only time I ever joined something I saw on the news was when it was in my local area.

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I hate myself and want to die

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Yes, vtuber is /lit/

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I’m terrified that I’m really losing grip on reality. I disassociate often, more than I think is typical. I can’t recall a point when it really started but I’ll give you an example.

I work at a government building. Essential workers are given the vaccine early. I don’t want it and don’t trust it. I don’t have evidence for my distrust, it’s just a bad vibration. Family hassles me into getting it. They think I’m paranoid. I partly agree with them. I begrudgingly schedule to get vaccinated. On the day of my vaccination, I walk down a long hallway and get in line. I hear staff collectively cheer intermittently. I get another bad vibration. I sign the papers they put in front of me. I wait in a chair in a large board room converted into a waiting area. My nurse starts small talks but then she gets down to business. She tells me this rehearsed legal disclaimer about the vaccine. I knew everything she was going to say but her delivery gives me more bad vibrations. I acknowledge the risk. She sticks me. I get out of the chair and all of the other nurses cheer in this really forced way. The bad vibrations come again, like I’ve been tricked.
Im required to wait 15 minutes before I can leave. I don’t get most of the side effects that were listed off to me. There was a tenderness at the point of injection but it subsided after two days. I leave but carry these bad vibrations with me. Months go by. I’ve had the 2nd injection. There were no bad vibrations. However, I drive to work and by chance hear an advertisement for the vaccine. The voiceover artist’s voice is so phony and the ad is written in such a pandering way that I get the exact same bad vibrations from months ago. It’s hard to exactly articulate but these incidents were on the same frequency. It felt like a fog was erased or like my 3rd eye opened and I could see this sliver of an evil scheme that I had some role in.

This is just an example. I experience many incidents like this.

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Why though? It's a video.

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what does vtubers have to do with this thread? i don't see any vtubers

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Eat nigger shit schizo spammer vtubers are lot

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I'm so starved for female contact I would be more than willing to become a girl's literal punching bag.

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Watch Kiara right now mc

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You have to pay for that. It's called femdom session and you can book at your local dominatrix.

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Just accept that everything is going to shit and you can't do anything about it.

I've done it and I stopped worrying.

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It is a series of video games from the genre called "Bullet Hell", where the main objective is to avoid all the bullets the enemies shoot at you. This particular piece of art, which the Original Poster posted, is a rendition of all the characters from all the games. The games are known under the umbrella term "Touhou" The Author is a Japanese programmer named Zun. He is also composer of the musical pieces for each game.

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Bitches seriously think “everything is going to shit” when the last century had two world wars, innumerable smaller wars, and the threat of nuclear apocalypse for a good fifty years lmao
Grow up lol

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I'm becoming a metalhead bros, wtf.

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wars are good though?

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I used to be big into femdom myself but I can't get off to it anymore. Not only is it an instant turn off but femdom fags are kinda repulsive. Maybe it's some compensation but normal dom is my juice now.

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For me, it's:
>Violent femdom: CRINGE
>Bantering/romantic femdom: CUTE

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>bantering/romantic femdom
Like gentle femdom?

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Is it antisemitism to avoid Jewish writers?
Is it sexist to avoid women writers?
Is it racist to avoid non-white writers?
Am I literally Hitler?

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That's just common sense.

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>wise man tells me he became immortal through a scooter accident that damaged the part of the brain that makes you want to sleep
What did he mean by this?

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>Like gentle femdom?

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Я cкopo бyдy ecть пeльмeни

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I'm 24 and just made out with my 32 year old cousin. Based or cringe?

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Based. Did y’all fuq?

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Just fooled around a bit. Might do it next time she's in town lol.

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I gaze about the ruins of my life and realize they are not ruins. They are unconstructed potentials. Behind the entropy is all latent possibility,; all possible states are contained within maximum disorder. I see what I have let gone to rot and realize that, in my depression and hatred of life, I lost the capacity to see the good hidden behind layers of work beneath it. I grew to view work as something imposed on me externally than a choice to better myself (probably with good reason). I have so much to work with but I have let it gone to waste: why? All this time I have looked at what life gave me as an end rather than a beginning. Growing up in poverty teaches you this and trains you early on to view the world in terms of constraints rather than opportunities. In the end I chose.

I chose to think it over rather than to act to change it. Thus passivity sunk its soporific venom into my veins, launched its fatalistic poison into my bloodstream, stunning me into zombified inertia. The depressed will seek to invent reasons for them to be depressed in order to at least have the small satisfaction of knowing the truth. If you believe nothing is possible nothing is possible.

After many long years of this, scribbling bitterly in my journal, I have decided to end it. To move past it. To write with my actions, not just with my words.

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I've got two midterms on Tuesday, and just trying to take a small break from studying. Engineering is hard.

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No path is working out. A year ago it clicked that all I am essentially doing is looking at good looking girls and hoping they smile back. That's as far as it gets. Most of these women I know they hate men. I am a nuisance to them. And yet for my whole life its been beaten into me that they are the pinnacle of life and I can't escape it. Men are running around chasing women they might not even like, who certainly don't like them. So, am I just left without company forever.
I'm miserable and all the constant rejection I face makes it worse and worse.
I could never convince myself to become Gay and its too much work, just to spite the women who treat me like a nameless passenger in their lives. Even if I was to earn enough money to become very alluring, I wouldn't respect them or myself. I would just be a worker in the hive.
What can you do with money that's not women and isn't essentially a pointless death drive. I've never had that much money but when I've volunteered, I've spoken to some nice old men before they died and the corporations are corrupt, it's more pain.
Anytime I find myself enjoying something there is always a movement I find of women who look down on it. None of the popular tricks of the trade look rewarding enough to chase after either.
Even the church, if I went that way, I can't imagine myself ascending. I would just be a regular church-goer trying to convince myself that it's rewarding. I can't find a reason to share or create anything because my mind is swamped with negativity. Even if I was to create something optimistic, there are thousands of people who have said it better and more genuinely before, so it means nothing. I want to an hero, but that's not entirely true. I want to escape. I want to live in a world where I feel genuinely free.
All these 1st world countries are becoming hellholes. I want to feel life. I think I'm going to be in purgatory until I die.
I used to be against hard drugs but now I get why the opiate crisis is so big. What is there within the system worth dying for anymore?

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Don’t fight it. It will come and go in waves.

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Based if you write a novel about it. Cringe if you don’t.

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what actions can you take to arms with to the end? So much of the constraints are based in real fears. Dying. Jail etc.

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Weren’t you grossed out that’s she’s past her prime?

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>go to /pol/
>more insightful thoughts than /lit/

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How to get over my anime and manga addiction. I’m going to be 28 years old soon.

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If a woman falls in your lap then you shag her regardless of how old she is. Weird that there are males out there who think otherwise.

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You don’t.

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Some of us have standards.

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How do you usually spend your weekends?

I hole up in my apartment alone and waste my time.

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reading books, laying in bed shitting away my life. went down to the cliffs by the river and just laid in the sun watching the glisten on the water. I just want to sleep, soon I can. Writing because what's on my mind is writing in this thread.

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I read all day because my gf cannot travel to me.

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Eh. Sperm is cheap. You're just low T.

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There have been a lot of Kierkegaard threads lately but not too much discussion in them. I think it's because he's not very easily accessible and most people don't know much about him, unlike people like Nietzsche and Marx who pretty much everyone knows the basics about without having to even read them. Meanwhile Kierkegaard is much less popular and his most popular work, Either/Or, doesn't really serve to help you understand him much on its own. I'm reading through him right now so I think I will make a general Kierkegaard thread to try and explain how to get into him

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>I'm reading through him right now so I think I will make a general Kierkegaard thread to try and explain how to get into him
No one needs that shit. Make a thread with useful insights to stir discussion, not a retarded chart.

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Am I really the only person who finds life just so unbearably boring and unsatisfying? I can’t be the only one but when I look around, no one seems to feel this way.

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you need goals

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The world is a mockery of me.

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You are not special. People feel like that all the time. Helpless and hopeless. The issue is that it’s just a phase, but someone trapped in that mindset doesn’t see it as such. You believe you are the smartest person in the world and your logic is sound. You have not been through it. The world is nothing but stimuli and data points constantly there to change and modify your logic and emotions, yet you are trapped in the belly of the beast of belief that you alone are the keeper of the true secrets to life. This is your folly. This can be the hill you die on, but everyone around you will see it as a waste.

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How to into kierkegaard?

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Depends. Is she hot?
1st grade cousin?

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for a while I knew that the absolutely only thing ther eis to do is to be loving. then I came to the belief that being as loving as you can be requires method. then I came to believe in a form of determinism, where the task was to do the only thing that breaks the chain of causation by inviting Gods light in, which was the love against a love-less order of the flesh. My point is: what was an altogether quite simple injunction became a more and more convoluted method for cultivating mysterious love in the chest. I don't even know if it was wrong. But love became something to be cultivated indireclty, not a choice, not something you do but the result of your efforts. I feel like it would have been right to hold on also to that simple verb.

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what a wealth it would be
to meet people
with a simple curiosity

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Where do dreams come from? Why do you get precisely those dreams and not different ones? Are they really the messages waiting to be interpreted and used as a guide or just chemical reactions?

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You read Either/Or and then Fear and Trembling. You won't read anything though so why ask.

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according to islamic tradition they can be related to prophecy, although I don't think that all dreams are seen as such. Generally it is understood that when you are asleep your soul is taken back to God, who then grants its return as you wake up.

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It's your brain defragging shit. They're mostly things your brain thinks you should practice, like learning how to deal with forgetting what cheese is on an important test or how fast you should be running if a Cyclops chases you through lower LA

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Goals of what? For what? Why?

You’re off the mark.

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They come from random movements that reproduce previoulsy seen images and lead to pseudo-arbitrary associations guided by automatic reasoning and imagination.

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the first people who left africa must have found the new wildlife really boring

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They come from the BFG. I read it in a book once.

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I read an alarming article the other day about the alarming drop in sperm counts. In just two generations the young man today has 30% less sperm in his jizz than his grandfather. The main culprit for this steep decline is thought to be the environmental diffusion of toxic plastics, which have spread absolutely everywhere is absorbed into the soil that grows crops, the water we drink and the meat of animals that are consumed. These plastics interfere with male sex hormones and cause infertility and small dicks too. And given the laws of entropy, there is very little that can be done to reverse this. If current trends continue, we'll be living in the movie Children of Men by 2045 and there will be zero human sperm left on earth and the species will go extinct in a generation.

All because Porky wanted to make a little extra money selling disposable plastic plates rather than ones made out of reusable materials. Plastic is fucking stupid but now that I'm thinking about it its everywhere I look.

Sperm Lives Matter!

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Sounds like fake alarmist news from click-hungry "scientists". Bet the actual story is much more nuanced and less interesting.

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Big fucking guy?

>> No.17831092

Being Fucked Gayly

>> No.17831096

Separate countries or just traveling difficulty?

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I'm so lonely. I wonder what it feels like to be loved by someone else.
I give up, I'll never find someone.

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When i was a young boy my father took me into the city to see a marching band
he said
son when you grow up
would you be the savior of the broken, the beattened, and the dammed

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we didn't carry on

>> No.17831143

Would you?

>> No.17831146

same here anon. I guess love wasnt meant for me.

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Nothing ever goes as projected, but sperm counts are getting much lower, and in two generations it will likely be much harder for the average couple to conceive a child. There are already too many people in the world so that's not the worst that could happen, but it's entirely within the realm of possibility that in several generations the ability to conceive offspring will be considered a rare stroke of fortune.

>> No.17831183

they'll probably figure out a treatment in that time

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making these prematurely is just as bad as avatarfagging, OP is what's killing this board

>> No.17831209

all of this just goes to show that if you want to be an animefag, you can really change the world. doesn't afraid of anything.

>> No.17831217

Maybe. I mean anything could be technologically possible twenty years from now. I don't think this is the biggest issue in the world but it deserves to be on the radar at least.

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I want to die.

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I did a work-rehabilitation-thing a couple of years ago. kind of "get back in the habit" thing after illness. There was a woman there I talked to a lot. not romantically at all, she was a lot older and very, very overweight. We got along ok enough. when it came time for me to finish there and move on, the last thing I did was that I came in one last time just to have a good-bye lunch with them all. I had been there two years. In the end it was just her, me and two others. At that time I practiced guitar and singing a lot, and I had actually brought my guitar because she had never heard me play and I thought that would be a nice good-bye. What ended up happening was that she spent the whole lunch talking shallow work-shit with the others, and when I tried to talk about my time there and summarize and sort of complete my time there, they didn't really give a shit. No one even noticed I had a guitar. The only reason I came in was to have a finale, lord knows if it wasn't the only reason I'd gotten out of bed. Then as I was leaving her and me were talking a little and she said I had to come visit and the words slipped out of me "yea good luck with that" and she looked at me with shock. And I made the split second decision that it would be the easiest thing in the world never to see her again, and therefore not to confront her about having been shitty at lunch. I don't remember what I said, but I pretended/explained it away, waited out the situatin and never went back. I would have wanted to go back, I still think about it but it feels completely off. It would have been a lot straighter of me to just take the conflict. It makes me sad to think that she thinks I let her down by not visiting. That's on my mind.

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Yeah, First cousin. Very fit. Not bad to look at overall.

>> No.17831345

I actually thought I found someone who I loved and loved me and we dated for 4 years before she told me “actually, I don’t love you anymore”. That was a tough pill to swallow.

>> No.17831364

You don't sound like you're losing grip on reality at all, quite the opposite.

>> No.17831466

I've spent £350 on books today, and I'm going to spend more. I'm spiraling out of control. Even though I've been managing to keep a pace of an average of 2 books a week, I've got enough books to last me for over 2 years, and that would be fine if I knew that the books that are on my current shopping lists were the last that I would be getting for a long time, but I know they aren't. I know in a couple of months I'll just buy more. I'll "unhaul" (sell, exchange, gift) a dozen or so books I don't want to hold onto and immediately turn round and buy 20 more.

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Describe the bad vibrations. What do you actually do for a job?

>> No.17831576

I think it's purposeful. Did you see the conspiracy theory floating around on this site claiming that authorities are fully aware that their narrative of the pandemic and the vaccine rollouts doesn't seem credible to dissenters, to people who on that gut feeling level are wont to question authority. The conspiracy theory claims that the vaccines are actually to protect people against a future bioweapon that will be released once the elite and the fluoride stare sheeple are vaccinated, and that the bioweapon will kill those with a higher proclivity to political dissent.
Whether that conspiracy theory is credible or not, doesn't matter. The vaccine literally could just be to protect against COVID-19, it could be safe, it could be effective, but the fact of the matter is, there's scarcity in the supply of vaccines, and authorities who believe that COVID-19 poses a danger are more than happy to allow unruly, renegade communities of dissenters to dodge the vaccine, leaving more vaccines for everyone else, and if COVID-19 kills a few of those unruly dissenters, what do they care?
So perhaps they're leaning into the act, playing up the uncanny cultish vibes so that the population self-selects for/against the vaccine depending on how prone they are to buy into groupthink.

>> No.17831594

how many different kinds of currency have existed throughout the worlds history?

>> No.17831619

It's a weird feeling when you fuck up badly but there are no immediate consequences so you just have to carry on with life until they come and smack you in the face.

>> No.17831625

Loads, but they generally fall into one of 3 categories. Money which holds commodity value itself (eg gold, silver), money which acts as a deposit receipt and promissory note for something which holds commodity value, and money which neither holds commodity value nor represents something with commodity value (eg fiat).

>> No.17831764

It's easier to believe the cult-like vaccine propaganda is just the result of authorities being out of touch than it is to believe that they're running some kind of complicated double-bluff.

>> No.17831777

It's more unsettling to imagine we're surrounded by people who've been sipping their own kool-aid for so long that they're completely disconnected from reality.

>> No.17831855

This reminds me of a great PKD story. Around when Watergate and all that other weird CIA shit was happening all over the country, someone broke into PKD's apartment. Now, it looked like junkies who just wanted to steal shit. Which was common since junkies were everywhere because of bad US foreign policy bringing half the opiate belt back from the proxy wars of the Cold War.
But PKD didn't buy the break in story. Maybe they only made it look like junkies taking the opportunity. The CIA must surely be behind it. He plotted things out, ran different scenarios, and for over a decade tried to solve an unsolved, unwitnessed b&e in california from the 70s. He tried to work out if it was related to Ellsberg. He tried to find out if it was related to other CIA plots. He tried to find out if similar burglars had been apprehended.
Eventually he ran out of leads and came to the only conclusion he could which still blamed the CIA: he decided the CIA has brainwashed him into breaking and entering and stealing his own stuff, and forced him to forget this fact to drive him mad and keep him quiet.

>> No.17831868

When I'm having a good day I can enjoy pretty much anything, but most of the time whatever I do is flat and boring. If I could just find a way to stay in that state of finding stuff a little interesting normally, I would be kinda happy, but I dunno if it's possible. The traditional solutions didn't help with this at all, it just happens randomly sometimes and I feel better for a while before it returns to normal. When I'm in that stage, I suddenly have ambitions, I want to join communities and chat with people, I want to make friends, but once it ends I'm just left perplexed, empty, feeling hollow and bored by everything, and I slink back into doing nothing all day.

>> No.17831884

So much conspiracy theory shit just boils down to "I'm special and smart, everyone else is dumb"

>> No.17831895

It was a radio ad you retards, no matter what they're pushing it sounds corny and fake

>> No.17831971

Yes, the vaccines contain mind altering Jewish nanobots.

>> No.17831975

>Jewish nanobots
The image of millions of nanobots having nano bar mitzvahs before being left into anyone's bloodstream is going to stay with me for life

>> No.17831979

AstraZeneca cuts you off from God's grace and turns you into a Rothschild golem.

>> No.17831989

Sad desu

>> No.17831990

AstraZeneca is inspired by the work of Swedenborg and is the only way to pass the final judgment meted out in 1757

>> No.17831995


>> No.17831999

I thought that was Pfizer

>> No.17832006

Not they're just dick pills

>> No.17832017

Which one makes you a bat? I'm getting that one.

>> No.17832079

The Chinese one I think.
The scare stories I've heard for the other ones - Pfizer makes you infertile, AstraZeneca makes you mentally ill and gives you blood clots, Moderna gives you Bell's Palsy.
The Russian vaccine is probably just a palliative solution of morphine and vodka.

>> No.17832091

Lol leave it to 4chan for my facetious shitpost to be taken seriously and agreed with.

>> No.17832099

My job makes me miserable at the best of times, but now my girlfriend has broken up with me, I don't know how I'm going to survive the week. I might go postal.

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Someone spent hundreds of hours making that image. Hundreds of hours they will never get back. Someone’s son.

>> No.17832162

In 4channel terms I was a bluepilled idealist as a teen. I had a oneitisis view of women but I never actually pursued any of them because I had an instinctual understanding any relationship would fall short of my ideals. Plus, to be honest, cowardice.
Anyways, now that I’ve ingested some of the blackpill 10 years later it’s surreal going through my old IPod and listening to those songs. I feel like a emotionless husk compared to my teenage years. I’m a dead man walking. The truest thing Franklin ever said was men die at 25 but aren’t buried until 75. This is how I am feeling tonight.

Bonus: I can’t look at my old college ID without getting depressed. I was actually decent looking and there was life in my eyes. 10 years of anxiety and life itself took a massive toll on me. I aged terribly. My only way out is a monk/otter mode hybrid which is nothing but a cope.

>> No.17832169

lol leave it to you to think I was being any more serious than you

>> No.17832179

Franklin? The cartoon turtle?

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And you know what’s even better? Someone actually paid the artist to do it. So he got handsome reward for it.

>> No.17832227

why are touhou weebs loaded

>> No.17832258

They're just drawings.

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File: 703 KB, 1536x2048, FBB1C870-00B2-4924-BF21-218A6AEF6BF8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because they’re the last line of culture this world has. One shudders to think what this world would be without them. Animefags are all that’s left that produces anything with soul anymore.

>> No.17832287

I’m really determined to get lean and trim.

>> No.17832300

Quit. I’m about to quit mine because I can’t take it anymore.

>> No.17832306

Asuka is presented with the figure of a fully grown woman and I don’t think Kaede is really fetishized all that much.

>> No.17832319

Why the FUCK would China do something to cause a war when they are already on track to rule the world as it is? The USA is terrified of fucking trade deals (???) and whining about healthcare and wages, in spite of having some of the best healthcare and wages on the planet, while China making moves across the rest of the globe particularly in Africa. The “war” is already over, there will be no war. It will be slow and steady and most people won’t notice it and you’ll be dead by then

>> No.17832333

do you have some particular issue with it? i think it has a beauty to it - it captures well a lively and rowdy scene. the dutch angle and slight fisheye effect lend itself to a chaotic atmosphere, the composition manages not to be too busy or crowded despite actually depicting a crowd, the characters are well-drawn for their simplistic style, the palette's warm and muted inside colors exude coziness which is both contrasted with and heightened by the brighter colors of the afternoon sunlight, it's full of cute characterizations and little details. i think it is actually a rather good piece of artwork, in that it has a lot in it and what it tries to do is well-executed
i absolutely cannot for the life of me see what shame you seem to think is in the authorship of a work like that. i would consider myself rather lucky to have that level of proficiency

>> No.17832341

>Why the FUCK would China do something to cause a war
it would be a shame if someone from China pulled a 9/11

>> No.17832349

when it turns out all of china's economic numbers are phoney and the whole thing starts to collapse, they'll start a war to try to revive the economy and distract the masses. watch for it.

>> No.17832350

Oh no, someone made a picture of girls from a japanese videogames, such a travesty, truly a crime against humanity.

>> No.17832360

why demolish what’s already yours? causing chaos is too unpredictable and uncontrollable. there’s no reason to 9/11-2 over just continuing to win the globe

>> No.17832395

Just because they build buildings and don’t use them does not mean their economy is a sham. It is thought like yours which is a virus holding the west back and letting China take the globe for free with the Belt and Road Initiative. They are doing exactly what the US should be doing but instead you have China approved populist idiots like Bernie and Trump trying to win over people with isolationism and american “jobs”

>> No.17832396

I'm probably never going to have an intimate relationship with anyone. I don't really understand how to get close to others or let others get close to me without getting hurt or burdening others.

>> No.17832402

Does anyone else find these kind of anime girl things strange and unnerving? There's something less pathetic about it if they're boys. At least the artist was, at some point, a shota. But these are alien beings. Some fantasy universe of cute girls. Evil./

>> No.17832429

>But these are alien beings. Some fantasy universe of cute girls. Evil./
if you think that's evil you should try going outside, and interacting with the actual universe of real girls

>> No.17832436

reminder that we are being raided by weeb/vtuber fags who have admitted they are coordinating

>> No.17832444

redpill me on the jew/vtuber connection my based and redpilled fellow goy

>> No.17832452

Anon, you need to seek Psychiatric help. Your are no joke a schizophrenic and I don’t want you to hurt yourself.

>> No.17832477

It took me a minute to figure out that you are obsessing over calling everyone who criticizes the vtube spam a schizo because you were doing it to me in several other threads like a week ago

Have you amalgamated everyone who doesn't like vtube spam into one person? Why do you keep saying they're psycho and schizo and meds? I've never said "projection" on 4chan before but Im tempted

Are you a real tranny? Is that why you got so upset about the tranny thing

It's a deep rabbithole apparently

>> No.17832498

I went outside for a walk and saw a family with a small kid. She was wearing a mask, and while the idea of small masks designed for kids is cute, I also wonder if these kids will see stuff like wearing masks as totally normal. They might not remember life before COVID and masks, and for them, this is how life is, with masks and Zoom classes, etc. A sobering thought I guess.

>> No.17832508

My name is Kenji-san Master Samurai of Kawasaki Dojo

>> No.17832512

Is that what you want or is that what you feel is inevitable?

>> No.17832514

I’m actually convinced that early 2000s garage bands were the last initiatic ritual in the United States and the last expression of manifest destiny or the Faustian spirit. Rather than seek it laterally out West or vertically on the moon, it was done in music.

>> No.17832531

>I also wonder if these kids will see stuff like wearing masks as totally normal
They will. There were a group of kids playing in my neighborhood and their parents all make them wear masks while they play. We live in the middle of nowhere and we have no cases. One of the kids ripped his mask and had a full on panic attack. At first, he was panicking because he thought his mom was going to kill him and never let him play outside again. Then, it turned to horror when the parents’ brainwashing set in and he realized he was now exposed and naked in front of the terrible virus. It took 4 of the other boys to get him to calm down. The whole scene was ridiculously sad because you know it’s not that kids fault but the watching him go to panic and horror like that made me realize just how deep the hooks have gotten to him. A normal, healthy kid would say “Oh no. My mom will be mad.” maybe and keep going on playing. A kid that’s fully indoctrinated will actually stop the kid impulse to play to participate in the delusions of his parents.

>> No.17832579


>> No.17832602

Isn't that all of us? The refuse of this generation just wasn't punished, and the reasons are complex. We failed to engage in pro-social development, but it's okay because social media made everyone else autistic as well. We failed to have consistent middle-class jobs, but it's okay because the baseline of wealth is so high that we're subsidized by the avalanche of profit. We failed to gain romantic experience, but it's okay because there's constant HD on-demand violent fetish porn to fill the void... and so on. This is the age of anesthesia. We'll only have to face the consequences when we're about to die, and until then we can just numb the feeling.

>> No.17832604
File: 1.60 MB, 1080x1920, Marine 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I will say that there is unfortunately a subsection of anons on this board who use literature as a form of distinction. When they see people who watch what they consider a low-culture—or even degenerate—for of media like anime, it devalues their own position of perceived superiority as someone who participates in high-culture literature or philosophy. In essence, they don't like the idea that "peers" with "manchildren". These poseurs can be readily identified by their love of renaissance/baroque/counter-reformation/neo-classical statues and romantic-era paintings in the OP they make, in their quest to LARP as aristocrats.

>> No.17832615
File: 53 KB, 800x409, anime-yes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17832618

i am an aristocrat precisely because i like anime though

>> No.17832621

Finding an empty hole in the ground, I realize this is the reward of my efforts. Three decades of laboring stupidly have yielded me nothing. What I have learned merely serves as a testimony against my failure.

>> No.17832627

I take exception to the word refuse. How many hoops do you have to jump through do you need to not be considered refuse? We did no less than past generations. Good post otherwise.

>> No.17832639

The human race will be ultimately destroyed within the next hundred years. Ride that tiger, chum.

>> No.17832652

The answer is simply that things have been going to shit for a very long time.

>> No.17832671

It feels like a forgone conclusion to me, though there might be a bit of self-sabotage or self-fulfilling prophecy in there as well.

>> No.17832698

I’m an Aryan hierophant. I’m going to make it.

>> No.17832711

I feel that I shouldn't be sad as I am. But I have an utterly empty social and romantic life. Despite having attractive qualities I am utterly incapable of forming lasting intimate relationships. I have friends, but they are scattered across the country rather than concentrated in a single group that could serve as a kind of node from which I branch out. I rarely have any thing in common with those who I flirt with, so the chemistry is always shallow and skin deep. I can't talk about philosophy or my ideas, or the things that really inspire me, because they just won't relate.

Nights like this are the apex of dreaded loneliness, when it becomes more than just a dismaying day to day background noise and reaches a screaming, shocking, crushing crescendo.
Then, to compound the damage, I just assume that I have nothing in common with people on the street or who I might have a chance, spontaneous encounter with, I shut them out because I hate being continually reminded of my distance from others. So I grow more entrenched in my pain, drift further apart, hate the world in ever more intricate detail.

>> No.17832745

Don't use anime pictures as avatars faggot.

>> No.17832750

The sticky now tells us where to find ebooks. It also talks about something called #books. But how do we get there? Do I need to download an IRC client? And which servers do I need to find any book?

>> No.17832752

i'm so fucking lonely. i haven't felt lonely in years but i've been pretty miserable for the past few weeks and it's starting to get to me. is this why people make friends, to retain them in the event of catastrophe? it never even occurred to me, i'm normally fine on my own

>> No.17832753

You give me hope, fren. Keep the fire alight.

>> No.17832782

i haven't gone on irc in while, but i think there was a good book channel on nullus.net. you can use mirc on windows, or xchat on gnome, or bitchx on unix console

>> No.17832788

sometimes i imagine what it would be like if something unexpected happened in the world, a big catastrophe and how suddenly people's consciousness would change and mass hysteria would break out. then everyone would notice that we have only built lies around us all our lives and that we have started a mistake in treating people so unworthily. and although many knew that something was wrong in the world, only very few dared to say something and then only anonymously on 4chan, where this information was lost with many others. Maybe it will happen on a normal day, maybe some cosmic event will occur, something from another world that exceeds our compensation, maybe you will sit at home and be on 4chan, while outside the first screams will be heard and maybe you loud bangs and abruptly one is dragged back into reality and cannot believe what happened, and one would look at his computer and only see what it is, a lifeless object, just a worthless object. life is a big secret and nobody knows what will happen.

>> No.17832813

Thank you! I guess you can't download anything off an online IRC client, can you?

>> No.17832822

a web client? idk maybe, but probably not

>> No.17832824

just use libgen

>> No.17832841

There is just one book that I want to read for some time but don't find on libgen. Or don't IRC clients have anything more than libgen?

>> No.17832852

there might be some different stuff on the bots on irc, but the quality and formats can be pretty random, like i think some of the books might even be word docs and shit, but there is a chance they do have some stuff that was getting scrubbed off the web by copyright cops

>> No.17832855

Everyone uses literature as a form of distinction. Whatever drive you think you have is circumscribed by a larger drive you aren’t aware of to signal to others how cool you are. Yes this is convenient but it is true

>> No.17832866

Oh, I don't actually care much about the format.
If anybody is kind enough to do look: I'm looking for Etre the Cow by Sean Kenniff.

If anybody finds it on there, I'll do the work to download the IRC for that book.

>> No.17832868

>Dedication is necessary to a fulfilling life.
>Struggling against the flow of time is what gives life purpose and meaning.
>The reason people hold athletes in such high regard, even though they produce nothing, is that they have dedicated themselves entirely to their sport and put on display to the world what is possible with effort and struggle.
>Perhaps what they produce is inspiration.
>And yet, in the end, they too will age and fade away, which gives the struggle of today even more meaning.

>Presently, what is your life dedicated too?
>Are you dedicated to waking up in the morning, getting up as soon as possible to start another day?
>Dedicated when eating, making sure not to gorge on garbage?
>In your job or study, putting in maximum effort and struggling against what is reasonable?
>Or is everything half-assed, taking the easy way out with minimum effort for an easy and boring life?
>Is it any surprise everything seems so dark when your eyes are half closed throughout the day?

This is probably obvious shit other people have already realized but I felt like writing it to give myself some motivation to stop being a lazy fuck.

>> No.17832896

it's part of maturity. good work.

>> No.17832916

Based 2hu poster.
Just incredible bait OP.

>> No.17832970

Does anybody know of any good resources to find literary agents and small presses? I know that some places like that exist already, like that MSWL website, but every fucking agent on there is atrocious and the things they say they want make me cringe. I'd like to find agents and small presses that are actually good.

>> No.17833062

So if I get the Chinese and Russian one, I'd be a happy bat?

>> No.17833112

>when it turns out all of china's economic numbers are phoney and the whole thing starts to collapse,
Oh anonkun. Way back in the long ago, like the nineties when you weren't even aware of currency valuations and cell phones still had buttons, China was reporting phoney numbers. And I don't mean "slightly fudged" or "optimistic", those motherfuckers were blatantly lying with things like 22% growth. Do you have any idea wtf you have to do to get 22% growth in an economy that's got electricity in any of its cities? You have to do some shit like produce a magical goose which produces solid gold eggs at a rate of a howitzer, and clone it. 22% growth is a lie so fucking big that Mao would have the decency to blush. Everyone said they'd have to admit currency devaluation. Do you know what happened? We gave their currency special drawing rights because they promised to lie only half as much.

>> No.17833475

Check out local, independent bookstores if you have any nearby, they usually have links to publishers.
Also try writers fairs or sci-fi/fantasy conventions if you're into the genre.

>> No.17833598

damn you were that anon from last thread werent you? your girl called you on the way home? that honestly fucking sucks. If my gf said she didnt love me it would unironically end up in a murder suicide

>> No.17833612

youll find someone anon. I used to think this until my current gf just sorta fell into my life unexpectedly. Things just happen

>> No.17833666

It’s okay to be a monoglot

>> No.17833674
File: 31 KB, 400x300, 1616238848981.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how did the passengers on 9/11 make phone calls when phones did not work on airplanes at that time

>> No.17833684

two words: George W. Bush

>> No.17833730
File: 203 KB, 524x396, 1606522779057.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that's two words and a letter

>> No.17834042

It’s just an anon who suffers from schizophrenia and labels everyone who doesn’t support him as an animefag/Vtuber.

>> No.17834044

Kek I had a dream that I got permanently banned from 4chan.

>> No.17834064

I think the girl I've been talking to is shit-testing me. Why are women like this?

>> No.17834085
File: 897 KB, 224x233, 1596403563468.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my life is completely and utterly dominated by my bad habbits, it feels like its impossible for me to exert any sort of willpower. im unironically going to have to kill myself eventually because ive basically fucked up any chance i have of being a functional human and inevitably becoming homeless scares me

>> No.17834150

I don't have another job to go into if i do quit

>> No.17834152

Even if you're not full on conspiracy woth regard to 9/11 there's definitely shit that is being kept from us

e.g. what was Cheney doing for those unaccounted minutes in the bunker

>> No.17834198

Just trying your character, typical women behavior.

>> No.17834219
File: 13 KB, 657x527, R14kkDj.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't like it anon. I just want to have a comfy time with her.

>> No.17834261

Women are women and its unrealistic to expect for them to act like men. Enjoy the ride.

>> No.17834352
File: 823 KB, 622x592, 1614570255524.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i like cute cats

>> No.17834384

OK hylic

>> No.17834402


>> No.17834422

So what are dreams?

>> No.17834698

in broad strokes that's a very good theory as far as conspiracy theories go. very clever, and realistic to the point where it's barely even a conspiracy theory. letting the nonconformist-inclined weed themselves out and encouraging it seems like a thing that's probably happening to some degree

>> No.17834710

>in spite of having some of the best healthcare

>> No.17834780

how do I stop my misanthropy?

>> No.17834796

read the greeks

>> No.17834806

Ok schizo

>> No.17834899
File: 13 KB, 528x424, spaghet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The vast majority of my reading used to happen on the Internet, in the form of posts and comments, and my brain was constantly being bombarded by poorly written drivel, created by STEMlord NPCs.
Recently, I bumped into Mark Twain's essay "The Awful German Language", and it reminded me of how high quality writing can be. I remembered how a well written text is entertaining in in of itself, regardless of it's content.
I've started reading again for the first time in a while, and now I don't use the internet as much as I used to. This is mostly because I now know that I can read higher quality, more entertaining and more informative things in books.
I know a lot of people post here but don't actually read, but you can pick up an easy text and just work your way up. Attention-retention is a skill you can develop, and while posting on the internet mostly just burns your time, books can enrich your life. If my zoomer brain, rotted by internet marketing and social media, can do it, so can yours.

>> No.17834924

people like you usually got eaten by the lions/wolves back in the day, but now modern society keeps you alive. if you can't add to it, just enjoy it's fruits as long as you can, and clock out once you've had your fill.
the only life worth living is a life spent happy.

>> No.17834932

I wish I could muster up the will to sit down and read more, let alone write.

>> No.17834964

Writing unironically needs less will than reading, when reading you need to decipher the thoughts of the writer and then decipher your own thoughts, as opposed to writing where you only have to manage your own thoughts. Reading is thinking with the minds of two people, the author and your own.

>> No.17834970


>> No.17835075

People think "populism" is a bad thing but populism is all that ever is in a democracy by design. Either scrap away democracy or what the fuck are you complaining about that people use populism for a populist governance system

>> No.17835098
File: 48 KB, 600x600, pepto.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Democracy is flawed.
Noocracy is the only valid form of government.

>> No.17835105

why did 4chan butcher my post's formatting

>> No.17835109

Democracy is noocracy. The wise should be able to guide and manipulate the crowds or they're not wise enough.

>> No.17835115

>>Is it any surprise everything seems so dark when your eyes are half closed throughout the day?
I love this sentiment/idea

>> No.17835136

I disagree. I believe that democracy isn't noocracy by default, it is noocracy only if 51% or more of the actively voting population is educated enough to listen to rational arguments. Democratic systems tend towards deconstructing education as an institution, because it's against the interest of the populists who seek to gain and maintain control to have an educated population.

>> No.17835194

What's up with modern erotica? The stuff that is actually published is often very soft, most of them are just women's fantasies about some strong guy and bdsm. If you want to find something more hardcore, you have to go for sites like literotica or archive of our own, but majority of works there is laughably short, like below 10k words.
But then I found a site called royal lib and there's almost everything. Short stories, long stories, soft stuff and hardcore stuff. The thing is, it's really difficult to find them somewhere else and if you look them up, most of them were written before the 90s.

>> No.17835198

honestly my sexual tastes have been warped so much by porn that I don't think I could ever masturbate to text

>> No.17835234

I'm realizing that I have far more nuanced and careful opinions than the average person and this is what sweeps me aside and renders me irrelevant. History is decided by the clash of herds. The character of an age is determined by the average thought or belief that appears in the minds of its subjects most frequently. Stupidity and ignorance are the causal agents of history; not the most prudent or wise attitudes. My refusal to sort myself out into either a right wing or left wing camp makes me incompatible with the format of politics as mediocre requires.

Contrary to what common sense says, the people who thrive most in a society are those who have a certain safeness, unoriginality, and conventionality to their ideas, attitudes and values. Such typicality enables them to transact frictionlessly and with minimal conflict with the culture rather than critique or struggle against it.

>> No.17835240

In other words society has no place for innovators or free thinkers, they will ultimately be pushed to the margins until whatever they suggest's time has come. If ever.

>> No.17835243

Eat, Pray, Love for American men

>> No.17835252

Read Jünger, become the anarch

>> No.17835281
File: 29 KB, 500x286, pnaid7fn4qg61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw just finished cleaning my whole appartment

>> No.17835295

>Mookie Wilson
this is one of the classic names. of all the names this was probably one of the first ones

>> No.17835363

Guacamole aztec, premodern idk what to write this is too stream of consciousness oooooOooooOOoOOOOOoOOOOO don't think it don't say it don't think it don't say it AMOGUS AAAAAAaaaAaaaaaaaAAAaaaaaaa

>> No.17835462

Nothing significant. I’m 3 pay grades above a janitor. Imagine the bad vibrations as a stage before the sensation of fight or flight.
I’m not an anti vaccine guy. I typically avoid conspiracy theories as well. However, I do have an inherent distrust of government and an immense fear of half truths. These feelings are based on bias and instinct.
I tried to not come off as frantic but this stuff really keeps me up at night. I feel like the pattern recognition in my brain is faulty. It makes associations that my lucid mind fights with.

>> No.17835484

I’ve spent most of my life being fat and ugly. That is profoundly hard to come to to grips with. It was actually anime which red pilled me on this because I used to justify if by thinking “It’s okay because I’m a man” or “Women don’t care about looks” or “At least I’m strong”. It’s all a cope and it was anime that made me realize that. After watching enough shows, reading enough manga I just realized that even the loser, loner MC is always still trim and handsome. If you’re fat or if you’re ugly, you can never be anything more than a side character or a device for comedic relief. The fact that I didn’t realize that before my youth was over, is pretty much suicide fuel.

>> No.17835496

You sure it’s not anxiety? I used to feel random flutters like that and sometimes my ears would get hot, noise get very loud. It turned out to be anxiety.

>> No.17835522

How do people keep up with manga since so many are being released at the same time. I wonder how many good ones are being skipped because of the high number of releases.

>> No.17835605

It very well could be. I take small doses of xanax and that keeps me level for most of the day. I was medicated for that moment with the radio and it truly felt like a glimpse into something horrifying. I did let go of that feeling eventually. I want to tell my doctor but I think I would have a frothing mad panic attack if he tried to put me in any kind of institution.

>> No.17835614

bon appetit

>> No.17835660

>not ceм

>> No.17835756
File: 74 KB, 490x539, 1612259296818.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only manga I've read start to finish is Beastars, I don't like the medium.
It was okay/good overall, but I'm still mad about the author dropping the ball on Juno's character and having them go from a legitimately interesting villain and antagonist to a HERRO I AM ZE FURBAIT WAIFU :D!!! SUGOOIIII !!! WHOSE DICG AM I GONNA SUCG TODAY?? :DD

>> No.17835757

Whats the point of living? Even if i'd somehow manage to unfuck my current situation and improve the mindset, i wont relive those years. Pointless.

>> No.17835759

Yeah I'm not native Russian
It would have been better to say
Tuoj valgysiu koldūnus

>> No.17835791

neither am I, I took a class for a while. I think the implication with ceм is tha tyou will eat pilmeni *to completion*, which is clearly the bader move

>> No.17835800

testing butterfags trip

>> No.17835875

Oh I get it. Yeah Lithuanian has verb aspects too. Suvalgysiu.
It's spelt cъeм

>> No.17835899

>It's spelt cъeм
right, my bad

>> No.17835915

What do you do with the mad that you feel
When you feel so mad you could bite?
When the whole wide world seems oh, so wrong…
And nothing you do seems very right?
What do you do? Do you punch a bag?
Do you pound some clay or some dough?
Do you round up friends for a game of tag?
Or see how fast you go?
It’s great to be able to stop
When you’ve planned a thing that’s wrong,
And be able to do something else instead
And think this song:
I can stop when I want to
Can stop when I wish
I can stop, stop, stop any time.
And what a good feeling to feel like this
And know that the feeling is really mine.
Know that there’s something deep inside
That helps us become what we can.
For a girl can be someday a woman
And a boy can be someday a man.

>> No.17835932
File: 126 KB, 1486x836, ca-times.brightspotcdn.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Know that there’s something deep inside
>That helps us become what we can.
based man of God

>> No.17835945

Being able to read any manga on internet is ruining the medium for me because I feel like I'm treating the medium as some fast food and I don't take the time to appreciate it ? dunno if it make sense lol

>> No.17835955

Most manga is originally published in big magazines that usually carry at least a dozen different stories at the same time. It's supposed to be fast food.

>> No.17836001

Nu ir valgyk tuos koldūnus

>> No.17836089

anything subjective,
glows in darkness

>> No.17836111

I feel like posting in /adv/ is pathetic so sometimes I come here and write about the thing I want advice on in the WWOYM thread hoping someone sees it and responds. This isn’t actually that thing. I’m just being really self aware about what the thing is today. I haven’t posted it.

>> No.17836138

There is no shame about posting in /adv/, if anything it was made for that. I hope whatever problems you have will be resolved.

>> No.17836141

I’m not going to tell you what to do but I’m just going to share my experience. I took either Xanax or Ativan for about 4 years and in that time, I actually got worse precisely because I experienced highs and lows from it. The drugs would improve my acute anxiety but my baseline “normal” got more and more severe to the point where I’d get more anxious and just a mental wreck without even knowing it. I never really liked that I took pills and spent like a month trying to titrate off them but when my girlfriend suddenly broke up with me, I threw them away in anger and just went cold turkey. That was like 3 years ago now and I actually felt myself go back to normal within a few months. It was like night and day and today, yeah, I still get anxious sometimes but it’s nothing like it was back then. I don’t get the hot ears, fluttering, loud noise thing ever anymore. Don’t go cold turkey like I did but maybe you could take a good look at the pills.

>> No.17836165

What’s the point of not living? Really though, I tend to hope that there actually is someone out there who needs me to live, even if I haven’t met them yet and that kind of keeps me waking up every morning. I think people like us, who are kind of lost, are often lost for different reasons though. For me, it’s always been a sort of despondent boredom, rather than genuine pain, which I did experience early in my life but it transformed to this. I just kind of floated through school and work, you know? It wasn’t like I was a miserable failure. Ultimately, I think it’s possible to find a reason in others but you have to come to that on your own. Only you can give yourself a reason to keep going.

>> No.17836192

How do you cope with not knowing who you are or what you want until you’re almost 30 (I’m going to be 28 in a month)? These things I’ve started pursuing now are things I really should’ve done at least 6 years ago at the absolute latest.

>> No.17836211

Stop worrying about the time you wasted and just get on with it. Lamenting your misspent youth is only gonna waste more time.

>> No.17836212

you are lost because you are not looking for the lost sheep

Yeshua said,
The kingdom is like a shepherd who had
a hundred sheep.
One of them, the largest, went astray.
He left the ninety-nine and looked for the one until he found it.
After so much trouble he said to the sheep,
“I love you more than the ninety-nine.”

>> No.17836221

what is it about these songs from the 70s / 80s / sometimes 60s that sounds so melancholic and gives you a strong nostalgic / melancholic feeling / a feeling of longing / craving. i dont know, i cant describe it properly. and its not just this song or this band. its in american / english songs from this time period too. i could post more songs for clarification if you want. i mean these songs were "pop" music back in the day so to speak, as in popular music. yet it sounds so vastly different from popular music today. its like they use the instruments differently or something. i cant put my finger on it. i dont even particularly like these songs yet i feel this strong melancholic feeling. anyone know this feel? what is the explanation? is it just mkultra or what?

>> No.17836230

It helps to realize that you are not alone in that respect. I think it's quite common, maybe even typical.

Our culture deprives young people of formative experiences and a sense of cultural belonging, instead leaving them to rot on social media online. As a result many people 30ish or young do not know who they are, because who you are is partly how you relate to your culture and community, which for many is nonexistent.

Also, it's simple advice, but the answer is now or never. If you don't start now, you will be telling yourself the same thing another 6 years from now. . You can't go back and time to fix it so focus on what you can control which is the present.

>> No.17836239

Someone gave me relationship advice saying "you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable" which struck me as foolish. Does this make sense to anyone?

>> No.17836255

it does. I don't know why but that's how you forge real bonds. it has to be something to do with trust, knowing that you can trust the person. but also just knowing you don't hav eto put on a mask.

>> No.17836263

I am on with it but I still have insecurities and regrets over it. How can you not? So much of why people feel despair is because they feel like the future is damaged or something and if you find yourself looking up at the starting line realizing the race started 10 years ago, it’s hard to feel good about your finishing place.

I know it’s extremely common. I think it’s especially common here in the US. It’s a combination of feeling apathetic without any formal expectations placed on you I think. Ultimately, it falls on you but you don’t know that until you’re much older. As for now, or never I’ve already reconciled that and I’m moving along. It’s just coming to grips with what’s behind me that’s hard.

>> No.17836276

It makes sense to me, but the problem is it’s very vague and misleading? What does it mean to vulnerable? How vulnerable? These are important distinctions. I think ultimately if you ever want to have a meaningful relationship with someone then yes, you’ll have to be vulnerable together at some point but like everything, there’s lines that are drawn. No one wants to be with a mope or a sack that can’t hold themselves together or won’t at least try nor should they.

>> No.17836289

I don’t get it.

>> No.17836300


>> No.17836310

the life of our senses is the 99 sheep: it is the many things. the lost sheep is the One, the Absolute. Life is a journey toward knowledge of it, and that knowledge is wha tis truly and in a lasting way deserving of being loved, as all but it shall fade. The unrest inherent in the human condition is the separation from the Beloved. The meaning is not in the many different things that take our attention and come and go. There will not be rest until the lost sheep- the hidden element, unlike all others, is pursued.

>> No.17836312

Everyone has insecurities, of course. But I think you should recognize them for what they are: unhelpful distractions that ultimately only keep you from your goal. There is a kind of comfort in looking at your life and saying, "Oh, if only..." But that's just another way to procrastinate, to shield yourself from the possibility of failure. Life isn't a race. Start doing what you want now or in 10 years you'll be feeling the same things, only worse.

>> No.17836318

this is the truth that is shared among all traditions

>> No.17836340

True it's vague. It could mean: to open up about your true self and your secrets. Or it could mean: be needy.
I know from experience that every time I show the a single sign of neediness they disappear instantly. And because I don't feel like opening up makes me vulnerable, I can't see how it would mean anything but seem needy.

>> No.17836342

As convenient these wireless headphones are in that I can move around freely, they can be quite frustrating when for some reason the sound I hear well, like for example video with sounds of rain, just doesn't register with them properly sometimes, and they turn off after few moments as if nothing is playing.
Thanks Sony, you overpriced shit.

>> No.17836347

Cringe post
Based trips

>> No.17836356

You're getting in the way of yourself

>> No.17836358

Ok, I guess when you put it that way it does make sense. But when I think vulnerable I think weakness. The proper advice should then be: be transparent.

>> No.17836381

I think that's fair enough

>> No.17836390
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>> No.17836430
File: 126 KB, 630x800, Repin-portrait-of-Garshin-at-met-e1508337758106.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just... don't know how to get a fianceè...this thought sometimes is really off putting, expecially in the last days. Years pass, I improve, grow, I feel more mature- but still, I can't solve this equation that everyone IRL seem to figure out. Sorry if this is something you've read a lot of times in this forsaken website, but it's literally the unsolved question of my life. I mean, sometimes I may be a little weird, I grew up as the shy kid, but I feel that how I'm right now should grant me something. But still, I can't see the end of the tunnel, while others, despite their flaws, have much less problems than me. A few days ago I had one of the very few dates of my life, with a Tinder girl. But I don't feel she's the right girl for me. I have a current crush, a nice and smart girl who I feel a connection with. But still, she has a bf, like the latest girl I felt something to. Always like this, every girl I like has a bf and the ones "free" seem scraps. And no, I'm not even exaggerating it. I've met a good number of girls, in the past years, but none of them was suitable for a relation, or even "fun". In the meantime, some of my friends, that aren't exactly rich models, got in relationships with decent girls. I don't really know what I should do, I even saw a therapyst a few years ago but he didn't really help me.

>> No.17836459

Migrations are usually the results of big stressors on a population so that's probably not what they were thinking about

>> No.17836476

Stop it! Talk to me instead anon, I have struggled with the same thing myself, but eventually I got over it. Now I'm (relatively) free!

>> No.17836488

Depends, there isn't a universal formula, but that advice does resonate with me. Except it's not even a solution, it's just naming the problem - lack of vulnerability. But it doesn't help you be more vulnerable just by thinking so, you'd have to find why you don't want to be vulnerable.

On one hand, for me vulnerability seems like a weakness and I don't want to be weak, hurt etc. so it's difficult to even decide when it's worth being vulnerable and that I won't regret it. On the other hand, without it, my relationships feels forced and awkward and lead to nowhere. I'd love to have meaningful relationships, but if I am not vulnerable it will be forced and shallow, and if I am vulnerable, then I'll be second-guessing myself not only whether my trust was correctly placed, but if the other person will accept me (with a mask on, it doesn't matter).

From this I concluded that, obviously, the only way to have a meaningful relationship (in my case) is to be vulnerable, but I haven't figured out how to resolve the "side-effects" yet. Perhaps it goes away when you get used to the person enough or when they gain enough of your trust.

>> No.17836501

dude just get an ereader and pirate stuff like holy shit
the whole "wahhh i can't read on phone screens it hurts my eyes and also i like le smelle :^) of books" thing is a huge meme, it's fine, you'll save money and you can accoomulate as many books as you like without fucking your life up or feeling particularly guilty when you fail to read them

>> No.17836503

I can't help but find myself agreeing with this take.

>> No.17836510

Jesus fucking Christ, can't that Lofficier guy do a single chronology of popular work without inserting all the fanfiction?

>> No.17836517

I have extreme dandruff in my eyebrows, to the point where it sticks to my skin in clumps and I have to rip it out, which is slightly painful..

>> No.17836519

post an example. I was there at the time but I don't remember any trend I'd cal "garge". it was emo and nu-metal and maybe britpop/indie where I'm from

>> No.17836535

Try rinsing the spot with diluted vinegar, but make sure to protect your eyes. My mom uses this method to treat my father's head from similar ailment.

>> No.17836558

How would you help my buddy out? He and his ex of two years took a break couple of months ago, but kept in touch every week. He had another girl until realizing he still loves the ex and until a few weeks ago she claimed she loved him too. That is, until she got an older, more wealthy boyfriend who even bought her a ring (apparently, she asked my friend a couple of times to buy her a ring). Thing is, few weeks ago she was telling him how unhappy she was in that relationship and how the new bf could never satisfy her emotionally like he did. Is it possible for her to fall out of love so quickly?

I gave him a couple of options and some advice, but he is completely distraught. Either she really was so shallow (hard to imagine he wouldn't notice in two years they were together), or she's trying to make him jealous somehow or she is lying to herself by telling him all this, trying to convince herself that she moved on. Why would she even tell him all this? Serious advice please and no incel bs. Thanks.

>> No.17836588

I think some are allowed to be vulnerable and others not. The person who told me this is used to being the one who can be babied. These types have no use to someone who shows vulnerability--a lack of confidence in themselves, a lack of control. The ability to be vulnerable and not be judged for it is a privilege.

Perhaps, the trick is knowing at what time to play your hand and show vulnerability. Do it too soon or with the wrong person. You're toast.

>> No.17836600

stupid fucking melodrama shit, tell them they're all retarded

>> No.17836606


>> No.17836609

>have no use to someone
no use FOR someone

>> No.17836618


>> No.17836622

Yeah, I mean it's easy for me to say that from the outside. I told him it will seem stupid to him too after some time passes. I don't really care about the chick, something is obviously up with her, I just want to help my friend somehow.

>> No.17836652

you're a girl, I know how girls write

>> No.17836711

I don't know why you assume I don't read the books I buy. I do.

>> No.17836721
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>the shoe comes off

>> No.17836759

Thank you for sharing your experience, anon. I’m happy you were able to quit the pills and get a hold on your anxiety. I went through something similar with vyvanse/adderal about 6-7 years ago. I don’t want pharmaceuticals to be the answer to my problems but people notice the difference. I’m going to keep taking the pills for now but I intend to get off them.

>> No.17836783

this is categorically false - you can assert that you will, but you cannot say you already do, because you have a large backlog that it's obvious that you buy more books than it is possible for you to read before you buy more

>> No.17836945

It’s been quite a wake up call realizing just how deranged and brainwashed by movies and media my Gen X parents are. The things they do are genuinely crazy and they see themselves in the most bizarre image.

>> No.17837046

Holy shit I want a fag, I quit em with no worries, and only 8 months later do I experience cravings. I have the great temptation to re-review the scientific literature so I can convince myself they're actually healthy
Such as? I've found mine quite sane

>> No.17837121


>> No.17837140

new thread is up, bump limit

>> No.17837148

Why did you make the thread before the bump limit?

>> No.17837162

i didn't, just linking. always feel bad for anons who write a 5 page post as the thread dies.

>> No.17837315


i feel truly alone in this journey of life. Everything i feel and think is only know to my inner mind, noone else sees me in the deapth of what i am. My true excistense is within myself, so why do we exist in a world which is seperated from reality as i precieve it? Is this only the dualistic view of the ego, and itself just brings me more sadness? Is the ego simple the key element to my drive to depression? Why think, why bother, when thinking itself gives no meaning in it. All deep thinking are useless? Why do even bother when it all will fall back to what once was?

>> No.17837335


>> No.17837375

>Such as? I've found mine quite sane
Just the way they see themselves and their life and the world. My mom thinks she’s like a movie character. Her life is enraptured with drama. In a single phone call, she’ll tell you all about how terrible her childhood was, present this picture of herself almost identification to a Devil Wears Prada character, before moving into into a mystical experience she had and all of her life lessons. My dad on the other hand, treats Warren Buffet as his prophet. He’s more normal as he is a pretty stereotypical boomer but even the stereotypical boomer has an outlook on life that I just find bizarre. Both of them are in their 50s and have burned through multiple relationships, divorcing multiple times, but they’re perfectly happy to give me relationship advice still. It’s just strange.

>> No.17837391

call the judge and get some fudge

>> No.17837401


>> No.17837413

u know twitter?

>> No.17837423


>> No.17837897

read models mark manson

>> No.17837929

i will share what i have in my vaults

Vulnerability: The practice of being upfront about your desires and flaws
-Some aspects of Vulnerability = -Puttin yourself in a position where you can be rejected
-Saying a joke that may not be funny
-Asserting an opinion that may offend others
-Joining a table of people you don´t know
-Telling a woman that you like her and want to date her (first put on action: strategy for flirting)
-Being comfortable about talking about yourself (what i feel, think,thoughts, etc...too)
-Calling girls and ask them to dates
-Flirting and teasing women (also escalating with her)
-Showing direct interest (stating that you´re attracted to them)

-Other aspects of Vulnerability =
-Your passions and favorite things to do
-Your dreams, ambitions, life goals
-The Best/Worst things that have happened to you
-Your childhood, family life, and upbringing

other: Work, Hobbies and Interests, Travel, Goals and Aspirations, etc..

Note: this can only be done by consistently exposing yourself and opening up your emotions and true thoughts first to yourself
and then those around you

Maintaining some form of self-awareness is the key for this process

>> No.17838250

anything cia,
glows in darkness

>> No.17838265

and the 99 sheep ran away while he was gone and he lost his livelihood and starved and then died

>> No.17838326

If you're not in a position where it's possible for someone to hurt you even a little, then you haven't placed any trust in them.

A dog may roll on his back, displaying his soft underbelly to someone he trusts. This is being vulnerable.

>> No.17838357

willingness to put your vulnerabilities in the hands of others is actually a sign of strength because a weak person would never survive being hurt

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